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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 24, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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by this a take. >> still today, all i hear is that little girl scream and i am a father so i know the feeling and when you hear a child scream like that, it is terrifying. >> they waited over a week to tell everybody about what happened because of last week's hoax when a woman said a man tried to grab her child out of her arms. they wanted to make sure they had all the information correct. he is described as a latino mail, between 25 and 35 years old. he is 5 feet 10 inches tall and has a mustache. there is a man who lives in this house right here and he actually has some surveillance cameras which he keeps running all the time and he got some footage of this little girl running away. he is going to be sharing that
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with police and we will have a chance to look at it later this afternoon. san jose police are looking for two hit-and-run drivers who struck and killed an elderly man on a freeway, it happened on the 17th on ramp. police say the drivers hit the man but did not stop but a third driver stopped to help. the man may have been homeless. they are talking about the leadership of governor jerry brown. analysts say he survived and success fully campaigned for a voter approved tax hike and now has a chance to establish a legacy. he is expected to talk about high speed rail and a controversial plan to build tunnels to move water through the delta to the southerland.
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you can watch right here and we will also stream it on our mobile platforms. they will start at the shark tank and now in san jose where the tension is definitely building. fans here put up a big sharks' banner for everybody to see. >> reporter: tonight there will be a lot of teal and black for everybody to see and they have not played in the last 3 and a half months because owners and players could not come up with a collective bargaining agreement but since the lock out it has now been shortened only a few games and some fans say there are no hard feelings. >> i am not mad about it, it is business because they have to get it right first.
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they all have to come together and figure out what it is. we are the ones out here waiting and i am not mad but i am excited they are here. >> reporter: the return of the sharks signals an economic boost for those who count on patrons. hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost over this time and now they get back to work and tonight's game is against the phoenix coyotes and it has already been sold out. coming up in the next half hour, the next game is a saturday and we will tell you if there is any tickets left. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. it started just before 5:30 at an abandoned victorrian home. it took a few hours to put the fire out. squatters may have gone inside to escape the rain.
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two people were rescued from a roof next door. >> they were all together and they showed each other which way to go out. >> they were detained and the cause is still being investigates. they called the u.s. quote the sworn enemy of the north korean people. they condemned the recent rocket launch and coming up, what the experts are saying about north koreans carrying out their threats on the united states. coming up, whether to approve expansion plans for the sikh temple. some people who live there are fed up with the traffic and people parking illegally during prayer services and holidays. if approved the temple will
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almost double in size. st. anthonys is building a new dining hall and community and political leaders are expected to help mark the occasion. it will better serve some of the neediest and they have served more lunches and dinners in the last few years and the facility is expected to open next year. back over to sal, what are you keeping an eye on, sal? starting with the commute on 880 westbound and it is not a bad drive, it continues to look good as you drive out to the bay bridge toll plaza. toll plaza is hard to focus today because of the weather but it is backed up for a 5 to 10 minute delay already and motoring lights are on. and as you drive from 380 to
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92, still about 8 minutes so not bad. if you have been driving on san jose not a bad drive and also it looks good from hayward to fremont. let's go to rosemary orozco. we have fog to deal without there this morning and gray skies continue and visibility is down to about a half mile. in petaluma loom one to two miles and inland east bay as well so concord livermore, you can expect that as well. fairly good visibility between 5 and ten miles. 52 degrees in oakland, 48 in napa and novato and we are very similar as to how we started so maybe walk the dog or head out to work and let's find some of that rain. we have to shift to the north, santa cruz watsonville continuing to show scattered showers and this system is
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pulling south and we will continue to pick up the wrap around moisture and you can see the brunt of it over areas as well as salina. if i back it up, i will show you the center of circulation off the southern coastline at this point but the wrap around moisture will continue. we will leave in a possibility of partly sunny skies and temperatures are a tad warmer, up to 50s and 60s as well as hayward and san jose. 59 san rafael, 60 degrees this afternoon in san francisco. the extended forecast there, temperatures will remain on the mild side to cool side for the afternoon on friday, mix of sun and clouds and that next chance of rain will come in time for your weekend and this system is not as wet but cooler dropping from the gulf of alaska and bringing our temperatures to upper 50s for the afternoon. overnight lows upper 30s to
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near 40 degrees expected and partly cloudy skies on monday. back to you. and rosemary orozco, many areas are digging out from a deep freeze. 16 inches of snow has fallen in pennsylvania and 20 below zero in north tax and they -- north dakota and people who have not had heat are taking refuge in tents. >> it's not describable. you can feel the wind biting at your skin and it is really hard to explain. >> the cold weather is raising concerns about hypothermia. frostbite can occur in ten minutes. now there is conflicting information on when 787s can
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fly again. and in just about four minutes, all eyes will be on the scene your senator. that headband looks ridiculous.
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. welcome back, time now 6:14, north korea is threatening the united states and they are keeping a close eye on the test site.
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kyla campbell has more on what is behind all the angry rhetoric from north korea, kyla? >> reporter: just two years ago, united states expanded sanctions against north korea and north korea said today they reject all security council resolutions and it is the most dangerous phase towards the north. these latest threats are disturbing calling the u.s. the sworn enemy of the north korean people. u.s. intelligence experts are keeping a close eye on the test site and they say activity led them to believe more activity will be coming soon and they say a test could happen at any time. we called the department of defense and they have not called back with response to these new threats and we have
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new information on just how far these north korean rockets could reach, i will have more in my next update. back to you. the president will nominate mary joe white to lead securities and exchange commit commission. she built a reputation for fighting white color crimes. this morning, senator john kerry has his first confirmation as secretary of state. he is ready to face mostly strong questioning on a committee he has served on for 28 years and chair for four. he will serve on the foreign senate commission and else expected to be easily confirmed by doll lesion. -- colleagues. the sandy hook advisory commission will hear from
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experts who sat on similar commissions in colorado and virginia. the 16 member panel is supposed to give a list of recommendations with mental health and gun violence prevention by march 15th. senator dianne finestein in just a few hours will introduce a new bill on the floor of the senate. it is designed to stop the transfer and manufacturing of weapons and she delivered a similar bill after a mass shooting in san francisco. they built 14 assault weapons to pretext students -- protect students in the event of an attack.
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some parents are worried students can access the guns and district funs should -- funds should not be used on weapons. >> sometimes students come with plastic weapons or real weapons and does that put them at risk of being neutralized and killed. >> reporter: the weapons cost $1,000 each and they have the ability to peers body armor. >> reporter: today the house of representatives in rode island is expected to legalize same sex marriages and the state senate is unknown and rhode island is the only state that still prohibits same sex marriage. lance armstrong admitted to performance enhancing drugs and now they have a class-action suit against lance armstrong. they say they never would have bought his books if they knew
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his story. he strongly denied doping but last week he came clean during an interview with oprah whimphrey. how is the commute so far, sal? >> we have more and more traffic on the roads but we have not had any major problems. let's take a look at the commutes and we are starting on san jose and 280 looks nicely getting to highway 17 and 880 near the oakland coliseum, that traffic does look good heading to the bay bridge toll plaza and if you are driving to the toll plaza out of oakland, about 10 minutes and if you are driving to san francisco, it is not all that bad. let's go to rosemary. >> one hour into the official sunrise, and it is mainly dry with all of that residual moisture left behind and we will continue with fog and we continue to track that and
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santa rosa is down about a half mile, petaluma, napa, anywhere from concord to livermore, they are working to the south bringing just a few scattered showers into the santa cruz area, morgan hill gilroy showing scattered showers as well. the satellite loop over the last 12 hours is showing it is beginning to shift south, not out of the woods completely and it continues with wrap around moisture and it may be isolated showers and partly sunny skies. i want to back this up because this is the next system that will bring us the possibility of some rain into the weekend. widespread 50s in san francisco, low 50s in oakland and mid--- oakland and mid-to- upper 50s and very similar to how we woke up yesterday and slightly warmer in most cases.
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low 50s around the bay and for the lunch hour we are looking at mid-to-upper 50s to near 60 degrees and under partly sunny skies and again, the possibility of again sunny skies and parts for the peninsular. 63 in hayward, 59 in san rafael, and the extended forecast, drying out and dry on friday, but then the next system dropping out of the gulf of alaska not only some rain but cooler temperatures as well. overnight lows are slipping back to near 40 degrees and afternoon highs will be better as well as sunday. coming up, i have a timeline on when we can expect a few more showers coming up today. the faa says there is no timetable to return 787 jets to the skies. they have been grounded after a series of incidents including
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fires on two jets. but the district where they build the 787s said he has been told planes will be flying again soon. they are thinking about buying $1 billion worth of jets and they want to exchange some of the smaller regional jets for some current versions and delta is looking to cut costs by returning some of its lessee fish then planes. teaming up, what they are together to get input. a sit down interview, what he told us about the controversial stop and frisk policies. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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. welcome back, time now 6:25, it is part of an ongoing series called fire side hang outs and it is a new take on the fire side chats on the radio. he is in charge of coming up with a task force forum, and it starts at 8:45 our time. here is a story you will
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only see on 2. william bratton sat down to talk with us about his first order of business. right now he is in detroit and he will start his consulting job in oakland next month. he will first learn what is not working in the city so he can try to fix it. >> our work will be significantly focused within the department of how they fight crime, how they might improve fighting crime. >> reporter: he will be working in new york and los angeles and his hiring was controversial because of his stop and frisk policies which some believe could lead to racial profiling and he said that is not the case. northbound 280 does look good as you drive to highway 17 and this is a live look from our camera network. also the morning commute is looking pretty good on the
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sunole grade heading south and i just wanted to mention it even though we are not going to see it, the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a 15 minute delay. let's go to rosemary orozco. we will remain with scattered showers forted, areas of monterey has some light ray and i want to zoom in by 3:00 and 4:00, we have bits of moisture hanging on and it will be hanging on into the evening hours, perhaps a sprits and temperatures will remain on the cool side forted and we will have a look at those numbers coming up. sharks will be back in the shark tank and we have growing excitement over the first home game in nine months. and the road in marin county, we will have the latest on the crews coming up. and one big name is taking stocks down right here in the
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bay area, stay tuned.
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. welcome back to the morning news. javelin is where the nasdaq is, they have a big economic summit they are out there ringing the opening bell. here is the opening bell live over on the new york stock exchange cycling for survival, an organization there and we are talking about apple, it is tanking and they are ringing the bell and they are talking about all the business news coming up. thanks for joining us on the ktvu channel 2 morning news, i am brian flores in for dave clark. time now 6:30. crews are cleaning up after a big water-main break. paul chambers was the first reporter on the scene and he
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joins us in green bray with the latest. paul? >> reporter: there is a shift change behind us and it was about four hours ago and we are now told the actual crew will not be able to get out here until 7:00 but things are under control with the water- main break and there is no more water spewing and you can see a fire hydrant, which is what caused the problem and when we got here there was water bubbling out and we are not sure if somebody hit the hydrant or if it just gave way. a fire department got a call about water flooding in green bray. the water was jetting out at least eight feet in the air. there was only one valve and the water was pouring out just not that powerful there. s a chance a sinkhole may
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develop and it may have eroded some of the dirt in the roadway. >> that water will flow at least 1,500 gallons a minute minute. >> just befor 4:00 they will hope to stop it. >> reporter: however there does not appear to be any flooding out in this area because the storm drains have been cleared. they are trying to survey the area trying to figure out what they can do with the buckling behind us. with the work crew, they will repair it and as you can see there is still a crew out here on standby making sure nothing happens in that roadway. this is the drive and that part of the roadway will be closed down and once a repair crew gets out here, between 7 and
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7:30it will take eight to ten hours and we are staying abreast on the situation and bringing you the latest. ktvu channel 2 morning news. the long wait is finally over. tonight the sharks play the first game back at the shark tank in nine months. janine de la vega is there and she is definitely excited because it sold out. that is right, no tickets are left for tonight's game and this is a night they have been waiting for to put on their jerseys and teal and black to train for the team. they have been gearing up for the season and they already won the first two games of the season in alberta and now that they are returning back to san jose to play at the hp pavilion, businesses like bars and hotels were losing a lot of revenue from game nights. even some people who are not
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hockey fans are glad the sharks are back. >> when they are playing, i ride my bike so it is hard to get through. it must be good to have them back, good for people to see a lot of families coming in. >> the sharks are playing a short ended 48 game season because of the nhl lock out that lasted three months. nhl owners and players union finally reached a new collective bargaining agreement earlier this month which finally ended the lock out. they will be playing against the phoenix coyote, no tickets are left but for the game they checked on saturday and there are a few seats available but they are going fast coming up on mornings on 2, you will hear from one lucky fan who gets to go to tonight's game. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, thank you, jeanine. they are trying to catch
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two men robbing drug stores. they robbed the golden gate pharmacy last week. you can see them jumping over counters and holding a gun to an employee while demanding oxycodone. here are photos, you can see them as well and they are believed to be in their 20s. this morning, investigators are trying to figure out why a man known as -- a woman known as the candy lady was killed. they found her yesterday afternoon and she had been shot and later died at the hospital. neighbors say the woman was well-known because she sold candy and snacks out of her apartment to children. police do not have a motive or suspect. police in el cerrito tow are searching for suspects in a shooting that injured two teens. it happened underneath the bart tracks between lincoln and stockton avenues. witnesses spotted several young men immediately after the
6:33 am
gunfire. one teen is listed in stable condition and the other was only grazed by a bullet and watt was not seer yoursly --p -- and was not seriously hurt. they hope to get guns off the streets. the sheriff's office will hold a gun buy back event on south delaware street. $100 for shotguns and rifles and people will not have to give their names and each firearm will have to be checked to see if they are stolen. leon panetta is going to see if they will lift the ban on women in come last. they will open as soon as this year and the others may take longer. the u.s. military may take special exceptions if any positions should be closed to women for years. they have been centered around
6:34 am
whether women have the necessary strength and stamina. >> i think this is forcing the service to rethink what are certain job qualifications, what are physical standards, et cetera. >> the wars in iraq and afghanistan blurred the lines of combat. as of last year 130 women died and 108 have been -- 180 have been wounded serving in iraq and afghanistan. it is grounded more crowded pam and brian and it is getting better in some of the areas, for example, it is a little bit crowded here in lafayette but when up get to orinda, it is getting crowded in the middle of the tunnel. 880 traffic looks good in both directions as you drive through. in oakland to san francisco, it is a 10 minute drive now, but
6:35 am
let's see if we can update this time. it is 11 minutes westbound coming from oakland to the city across that bridge. 6:37 let's go to rosemary. it is a damp start in areas of monterey and we are dealing with fog out there, a little surprise, a lot of residual moisture, areas like santa rosa napa, they are reporting visibility down to a half mile, expect that as you get out your door, remaining with light rain over the santa cruz area, morgan hill gilroy, light showers falling along highway 101, as you get outdoors, you will find it here as well. up over the sierra, we have snow levels rising about 7,000 feet and no accumulation is expected and scattered showers will remain at least until the morning hours and you are expected to have those chains and you will be screened up
6:36 am
over i-80 so be prepared for that. it will take the moisture with it and you can see that wrap around moisture pulling in far enough into the bay area. while we are remaining mostly dry, we will rye main with a possibility -- remain with a possibility for afternoon and evening hours. temperatures are starting out in the 40s to near 50s in most cases and low 50s are outside the door and patchy fog. partly sunny skies forted, isolated sprinkles are in the -- for today, and in the afternoon mid-to-upper 50s are expected. your expected forecast -- extended forecast, a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon and with the weekend in view, not a lot of rain, we will
6:37 am
leave that unsettled weather and notice the afternoon highs, the system from the gulf of alaska will bring the overnight lows to sunday morning and it will be just as chilly monday morning. back to the desk. collin kaepernick celebrated the success and they had the largest collin kaepernicking party and they flexed and of course they kissed their biceps. it is currently free and he is now trying trademark his famous pose. collin kaepernick wants to print it on clothing and he has already authorized a few places to use his product. coming up with a hefty sign, why sony is being ordered
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to pay a hefty fine. police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a 13- year-old girl. we have some crowding now and we will tell you about the traffic times in south bay. jwwñ
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. the storm is continuing to push south today, isolated showers remain for the bay area and patchy fog this morning. here is a look at the top stories we are following. crews are cleaning up after a water-main break and the water flooded an intersection near st. frances drake boulevard and they are concerned the ground could buckle. high speed rail and transporting the delta from southern california and they are just a few topics governor jerry brown is expected to talk about in his address. he could establish a legacy. fewer people filed for new unemployment benefits and first time claims dropped to 330,000 and that's the lowest number in five years. they are asking for your help as they tried to kidnap a
6:42 am
13-year-old girl. tara moriarty is in san jose with the reason police waited nearly a week to tell the public about this case. >> reporter: we just spoke to a neighbor who said they may have a tip regarding the suspect. first we want to paint a picture of what happened last friday. the little girl was walking along the sidewalk and hid behind that wooden fence. he dragged her 15 feet down the driveway and neighbors heard the screams here in the little portugal neighborhood. it is off east st. james and at 6:00 a.m. she was walking to friends house and their mom was supposed to drive them to the bus stop. she called to report a man was following her and she wiggled free and ran to safety. we spoke to a neighbor and she said she has seen a suspicious
6:43 am
looking man in the neighborhood for years. >> if it is who i think it is, he lives in the neighborhood and not on this street but he lives here. he has always been kind of odd, walking around at different times of the day. if i know where he is, stay out of our neighborhood because if i get him before police does, it will not be funny. >> reporter: police waited nearly a week to tell people because of a hoax when a woman told police a man tried to grab her child out of her arms. they have a sketch of the suspect and he is identified as latino male 25 years old, a mustache with black hair and brown eyes. the man across the street here, he has some surveillance video which he can't to youred some -- captured some images of the
6:44 am
little girl running from the scene and when we get our hands on that, of course we will let you know what it shows. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. a woman accused faces charges of gross vehicular injury. a 56-year-old woman died as a result. a man whose body was found along the alameda shoreline has been eye didn't paid to. his body -- identified. his body was found 10:00 yesterday morning and police say there are no obvious signs of trauma and police are trying to determine whether he may have drowned. the voice of charlie brown made his first court appearance on stalking charges. he pled not guilty in a san diego courtroom. prosecutors say the 56-year-old
6:45 am
actor repeatedly threatened to kill his girlfriend and a plastic is your john. -- surgeon. he was cast as charlie brown and was replaced when his voice started changing. he is seen in many specials including the great pumpkin charlie brown. they are a company that makes football helmets and the nfl says they withheld information about the risks of brain damage. he was 46 when he killed himself and he played 20 seasons with the dolphins and patriots. the national institutes of health shows signs of a degenerative brain disease linked to concussion. and security on play
6:46 am
station network, britain is asking them to pay after a hacker broke into the network nearly two years ago. that left information vulnerable and they called the case one of the most serious ever reported if that country. 6:48 let's go back over to sal, we are keeping an eye on the whole bay area, it has been good >> >> one thing i worry about when it is wet outside is more collisions. we have some slow traffic out there though and we will start off with a look at the peninsular. the drive time between 380 and 90 remains and across the bay from 238 down to union city, that will get thicker so we will start checking that drive time soon. looking at 880 heading north out of oakland, there are no major delays and when you get to san francisco, about a 10
6:47 am
minute delay at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moderately heavy. here is rosemary. as i like to call it, friday eve, good morning to you, another half hour until the sunrises and we will remain with mostly cloudy skies. rain is not dropping from the sky and we have some moisture creating some fog for inland spots. this is how much rain which has fallen and we are picking up quite a bit. 3 / 10th san rafael and when you get to the golden gate bridge it sort of dwindles. 7 / 100th in concord and for january we are a little bit below average and thankfully we had a ton of rain in november and december and for the entire season we are still great. the moisture is now pushing to the south and continuing to follow over the santa cruz areas well as morgan hill and
6:48 am
gilroy, this is going to be dry and outside of that, it is mainly dry, and let me show you what happens this morning. as we get into the afternoon we are mainly dry and i am noticing a pocket of rain on the coast over near monterey and the santa cruz mountains near 3:00 some showing up for the inland east bay over parts of the east bay and we have just a slight chance for a few scattered showers. nothing like yesterday where it lasted the entire day once it got started. widespread low 50s along the peninsular, 51 redwood city, 52 in san jose and we watch as we move through the evening hours and rain will begin to taper off. friday looks dry and 60s for the forecast for the afternoon
6:49 am
and it will remain uettled as we get to the weekend. this system is not as wet as yesterday's system and what we are dealing with right now. it will be cooler and notice the afternoon highs and it will be 60s for afternoon on saturday and sunday. 50s and 60s saturday and sunday back to the desk. apple is down almost $56 a share almost 11% and that's in reaction to apple's earnings report after yesterday's closing bell. despite shipping a record number of iphones that definitely disappointed investors. now i am pulling up net flicks, they are up almost $46 a share or 44% and that stock jumped 45% on the closing bell. los gatos said they added
6:50 am
nearly 4 million new customers and that came in almost 3 months after they warned investors that they were likely to report a loss. high school prom season, still months away and they might not be able to help students who might not get to go. and more behind a a celebration, we will explain, stay tuned. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades.
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. welcome back, time now 6:55, frank gore will more attention to his footwear. the nfl fined him for wearing his socks too low during the championship game. this is gore's second uniform fine and he said he was so focused on winning the game that the league's dress code slipped his mind. welshing today is the start of -- well, today is the start of the operation prom dress. all colors and styles are needed. the only qualification is clothes must be appropriate to wear to proms. donations can be dropped off at
6:54 am
any bang in san jose or community center. they came out for the opening of the new san francisco jazz center. sounds good. the state-of-the-art facility is a few blocks from san rafael. the building used to be an auto repair shop. it is now a glitzcy music area. sal is covering traffic, were you surprised about the stocks? >> yes, i was surprised. i heard them do it before but i didn't notice it. i was noticing him running into the end zone. there are no major problems east shore and coming up on mornings on 2 we will be
6:55 am
looking at the traffic in fremont. a few scattered showers remain on morgan hill and -- in morgan hill and gilroy. patchy fog and moisture, upper 50s to lower 60s. we have a mess in one marin county neighborhood. san jose shark fans, we have proof they are very excited, stay with us. we will be right back. jwwñ
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6:57 am
. crews just arrived on scene of a compromised area destroyed by a water main break. >> when you hear a child scream like that it's horrible. >> a neighbor talks about a frightening attempted child kidnapping . >> and a hidden camera scandal at a pizza parlor. how it put the owner in jail. >> the teale and black are back. we are live in san jose where excitement is building over the
6:58 am
shark's first home game in nine months. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome to mornings on two. >> it's thursday january 24th. happening right now crews in marin are busy cleaning up after a big water main break. it was first reported shortly after two this morning. paul chambers first reporter on the scene and joins us now. its right near sir francis drake boulevard. >> reporter: access is really busy. this area is more residential but there are a lot of cars passing through. you can see the repair crews just arrived on scene with in the last five minutes. basically they are getting ready to do a lot of repairing. things are under control with the water main break but there
6:59 am
will be a lot of clean up. let's look at video. this all started at 2:15 when the fire department got a call of water flooding a roadway. once on scene firefighters say the water was jetting out at least eight feet in the air. crews were able to get a handle on the situation by shutting off a nearby valve. it's unclear if someone hit a fire hydrant or if it just gave way. there is still a chance a sink hole may develop. >> it boiled up asphalt. they will have to dig that out and repair the main. >> firefighters say some water was coming out about -- the water was coming out about 1500- gallons a minute for at least an hour and a half. the water is cut off in the area that will leave about a dozen houses without water but the good news is the storm drains appear to w


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