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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 22, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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no. to be honest with you, i was worried that you'd gone to the... to the police. no. i came straight here. so, what happened with calvin? did he give you any more information about amelia? i-i got a call from avram. his name is guillermo ortiz. you were right. he's been killing people. avram's worried he's coming after jake. oh. so-so what did calvin say? what did he tell you? tell me what he said.
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he... he didn't show. jake: and when these perfect storms hit, you have to recognize them for what they are. (thunder rumbles) i'm sorry. acknowledge their awesome power. and hold on tight. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox captioned by media access group at wgbh
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parties, drinking, drugs all those kind of different things. they lost their daughter now they're sending a message so others can avoid a similar type of fate. tonight their simple message. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. from a teenager's death, the message for teens to buddy up. deborah villalon is live. >> reporter: we're at the phoenix theater it's a popular club here for young people. tomorrow's show a rap line up will be a benefit for buddies.
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>> hey you're going out tonight who's your buddy. >> reporter: that's the question, bernie and alan ask. >> if someone would have left with her, they would have known she was going the wrong way. >> reporter: she left her friend's at a concert and tried to walk back at a hotel. they had all been partying and her friends didn't report her missing until the next day. >> we want them to be together. we want them to not leave somebody off by themselves to know when they goo out of that group that's part of their responsibility being with that other person. >> reporter: like a designated driver, a buddy. kids learn it in elementary school. >> be with your friends, when you go out with your friends, you leave with your friends and you go home with your friends. >> the first 300 sold out
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within i don't know a week. >> reporter: taylor came up with the wristbands. >> we should just, it should be an automatic thing when we're out. never be alone, ever. >> reporter: the bernstone's don't blame their daughter's friends. in fact, they are now closer. and her father is upset that he was not aware the concert was a rave, a place where drugs are used frequently. >> that conversation parents have to know. someone can give you something and say this is what it is. there's no way for you to know. >> reporter: tickets are still on sale for tomorrow night's benefit show. and the burnes hope to get the always buddy program into local middle schools sometime this
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spring. we're live in petaluma, deborah villalon ktvu news. the obama administration called for the -- the legal brief usuals -- urges the court to appeal the doma vote. the voter approved ban on same- sex marriage. now the south bay where santa clara county sheriff's deputies say they seized 70 pounds of marijuana and hundreds of marijuana plants. the department's marijuana agency says it uncovered the operation yesterday. deputies arrested 32-year-old tran. they say the total street value for all of the marijuana is about $600,000. a bay area man who spent seven years at san quentin is enjoying his first taste of freedom tonight after a judge determined that he had been
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wrongfully convicted. ktvu's jana katsuyama live in oak l and and tells us he could have served the full 25 year to life sentence if it weren't for the perseverance and advocates. >> reporter: this was an emotion day for ross and his family. ross walked away at last a free man and the sun was shining. >> today is a lovely day. a lovely day. it's past a good day, it's a blessed day for me to be out here again. >> reporter: ross spent nearly seven years at san quentin penitentiary. he was convicted of attempted murder. after witnesses pointed to his photo in a line up. but lawyers at the innocence project felt the facts didn't add up. at the time ross had no criminal history and they set out to bring the truth to light. >> god blessed me with the
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dream team. an angel that brought me this far. >> he didn't know the victim. he didn't know anyone else involved. there was no physical evidence linking him to the shooting. there was no fingerprints, there was no dna, there was nothing like that. they never found the gun. >> reporter: finally a key witness who was a child at the time admitted he tried at the trial. today at superior court, his mother finally got to hug her son. >> i am so excited i didn't know what to do. i've never felt like this in my life. i am 77 years old and i have never felt like this in my life. >> reporter: for those who convicted him, ross says he's not angry. >> i just hope they do a better job. look deep inside themselves and see if it's the person committed the crime or haven't committed the crime. >> reporter: i spoke with ronald ross tonight at his home
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where his mother was making his dinner. he has four children in louisiana and he says he just hopes he can take a vacation with his family and then just move on with life. and tonight at 10:30, a common problem in cases of wrongful conviction. and the big challenge for those rejoining society. >> las vegas police say they are working around the clock to track down the gunman who opened fire on a massaroti in last vegas last week. killed was a passenger in the cab now identified as a 48-year- old tourist from maple valley, washington. as i first told you last night, the massaroti driver had roots in oakland and was an aspiring rapper. more details now on the search for the suspect's vehicle. it's a range rover sport and appeared to be brand new. the vehicle had paper plates and dark tinted windows. police in four states are
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looking for it. they say they've received a lot of tips and are asking for more. a national day of action was called today to end gun violence. in palo alto this evening dozens of people participated in a candlelight vigil at a plaza there to remember victims of gun violence. they held posters with the slogan protect children not guns. the entire movement is about pressuring congress for more action. >> we the citizens want protection from guns and we specifically are asking that they authorize background checks for all gun saleless. >> a similar group gathered in front of congresswoman's barbara lee's office this morning. they thanked her for her efforts and encouraged her to forge ahead with more of her ideas for gun reform. with that deadline looming, government officials are now sounding an alarm.
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ray lahood warn had the the cuts could have a large reaching impact on commercial flights. secretary lahood says the automatic cuts could cause the federal aviation administration $600 million. this is word that smaller municipal airports are also on the hit list. >> reporter: there may be turbulence ahead for the people who rely on buchanan field for their livelihood. >> it's going to have a big impact if they do shut down the towers. >> reporter: buchanan field and the airports in liver mother, napa -- livermore are on a target list. >> we are beginning today discussions with our union to
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close more than 100 traffic control towers with fewer than 150,000 flight operations per year. >> reporter: specific states aviation provides fuel parking and other services to planes here. without a control tower, air traffic would plummet. corporate jets make up about 80% of his business. >> it's really dangerous to operate without the tower. and a lot of our business jet carriers will not surf the airport if it's shut down. i might be faced with having to lay employees off. >> my concern is the safety. >> reporter: his 35 students rely on the tower for their education and well being. >> you learn radio communications and plus it's safe because you're in the hands of tower, they direct u -- direct you, so you have another set of eyes looking out for you also. >> reporter: this airport would still function even without a control tower. but pilots would have to rely solely on their radios to
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communicate with each other. in concord, allie rasmus. bay area attractions such as mere weeds, fort point and alcatraz would see cuts and some employees could be furloughed for more than a month. here in the bay area, the golden gate national recreation area says its making plans for reductions but still hoping for a quick resolution. wall street reversed a three day slide. the dow was up 119 points to close a fraction above 14,000. the nasdaq was up 30 points. strong earnings from several big companies drove the markets higher. one of those companies is palo alto's hewlett packard. its earnings report yesterday beat all expectations and today the stock was up 12%. chief checktive meg whitman has cut cost as the company tries
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to rebound. but analysts says hp still has more challenges to overcome. in 90 seconds. >> we'll take you behind the scenes of chinese new year parade. and show you all the preparations that are under way tonight. >> plus -- >> i heard a woman screaming, he's got my purse. >> this off duty police officer jumped into action even though he was on his way to get a marriage license. what happened after that warmed his heart. >> and we'll have your weekend weather.
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and we're live at union square where there's an awful will the of gold glitter. >> reporter: come over here i'm going to show you across the street workers are right now installing bleachers for the public. at pier 54 this evening workers were putting the last minute touches. on 25 floats that are designed to dazzle to celebrate the lunar new year of the snake some floats featured the snake in some fashion. >> it is the replica of the lombart street. >> these are light bars that are going to hang on the edge of the pagoda.
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>> reporter: students used paper plates to put together this float. >> every year i come and see thousands lining the street of san francisco. >> reporter: those lining the streets will also get to see the miss china. she hopes to be a role model for other young chinese american. >> i want to show people that chinese culture is a big part of my life. >> reporter: katherine chu is the runner up. >> i grew up as a tomboy so this has helped me grow more into a woman. >> we have over 100 units coming down the street into telecast zone. it's a terrific family affair. >> reporter: no parking signs are already up. the rout is different due to
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the construction of the new central district at union square. police say there already extra officers monitoring the event. >> any type of event that has large crowds, just be aware of your personal belongings. >> reporter: organizers say if the weather remains dry they estimate more than 1 million people will line the streets to see the parade. reporting live here at union square. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and you can watch the chinese new year parade live right here on ktvu. it starts at 6:00 hosted by our julie haener and ben fong torrez. if you're away from your tv, we'll also be streaming live on the pentagon grounded the new and very costly f35 fighter jet after a crack was found in an engine blade. three branches of the military are currently using 64 of those f35s fighters each one cost about $137 million. an inspection today revealed a crack in a turbine blade in one of the planes. this comes as the military is
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trying to convince congress not to cut its spending. executives with boeing went to the federal aviation administration today with their proposal for the troublesome batteries in the new 787 dream liner. one battery caught fire in january, another overheated. boeing wants to add ceramic dividers in the lithium battery to prevent overheating. any decision by federal authorities is not expected until next week at the earliest. a political shocker today in sacramento as a state senator suddenly resigns. central valley democrat marco rubio stepped down after two years in office sighting family reasons. that means democrats only have 65 senate seats. they are one vote short of a 2/3 supermajority allowing them to raise taxes without any republican vote. >> i think a balance of power is important and i think that's something that the citizens of california would actually like. >> rubio said he would be
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working for chevron back home. a police stand off in west oakland came to a peaceful end today. officers were called to the 900 block of west mcarthur boulevard about 1:40 after a resident reported an intruder inside his apartment. when they got there they say the man was hold up inside and was saying he had a weapon. police evacuated near by homes, the man finally surrendered about an hour later and officers say he was not actually armed. also in oakland a woman may now face charges for shooting a handyman she thought was trying to break into her home. the resident of the home on 79th avenue opened fire on an intruder during an apparent home invasion project. now they say that the man had been hired to do work on the home but the woman was never told. katrina fritz is accused of
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taking part in a deadly monte cerrino home invasion that led to the death of a busy man. she did not enter a plea today and is expected back in court on thursday. an off duty police officer who is the son of a well known actor was taking b.a.r.t. to with his fiance to get a marriage license. when a woman started screaming that a man was trying to take her purse. >> reporter: san jose police sergeant cotta was riding b.a.r.t. with him was his fiance. >> we were headed to san francisco to get our marriage certificate. >> reporter: when the train got to the oakland b.a.r.t. station the couple heard a commotion. >> i heard a woman screaming, he's got my purse. >> i asked fredrick not to get involved. >> i don't really want to get involved. >> reporter: but cotto the son
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of acro cotto did get involved. she grabbed her arm and held her down. >> i applied a little pressure and the person screamed so i said okay, just be calm, calm down. and we're going to get through this. >> i'm scared, i'm terrified. it's my partner. >> reporter: police charged davis with strong armed robbery. cotto stayed on the train. he still had a marriage license to get. >> after that, the whole train stood up and clapped. i was glad i was able to do this. because this might be my last arrest. kind of a nice way to go out. >> the couple did make it to their marriage license appointment with four minutes to spare. in san jose, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. an overnight student sit in at city college of san francisco came to an end peacefully this morning.
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more than two dozen students spent the night in the administration building to demand more communication from the school. the students came out of the building at about 9:00 a.m. after five of the students were granted a meeting that meeting is set for monday with the school's interim chancellor. welcome to your weekend. tracking this weather system that is falling apart. it's not doing much. it's impressive looking it's dropping some rain up around redding and up toward the duke county area out near chico. just light sprinkles falling out there. the main impact for us, cloud cover. maybe a little drizzle in the next maybe hour and a half, two hours then that's it. temperatures tomorrow will be cooler than they were today. so right now it's 47 degrees outside 50 in napa. not as cold tonight because of the cloud cover in this weak system rumbling through. as we get into the weekend it's going to warm up. i'll let you know how warm it's
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going to get on your warmest day on the weekend we'll see you back here at 10:45. the city of los angeles is asking for help. . tb is on the rise among the homeless there. the centers for disease control and prevention along with those who work in homeless shelter are asked to help identify and test people with tb symptoms. new legal trouble for lance armstrong, plus a major expansion at google's mountain view campus. we'll show you what it will look like. >> she claims she found a finger in her chili. now a south bay woman is back behind bars accused in a new hoax. >> she has a history of manipulating the system for her own game.
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>> lance armstrong is facing a formittable new foe, the justice department announced they are filing a lawsuit against armstrong. it alleges that armstrong used muscle enhancement drugs. police say she's done it again. the woman who went to prison for claiming she found a severed finger inside a bowl of chili is back in court. she's now accused of another made up story. >> reporter: it is apparent that ayala was not happy to be back in court and back in the public eye. ayala hid her face while
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appearing in court. ayala became known after claiming she found a severed finger in a bowl of chili. she was sentenced to four years in prison. >> all i know she's a good person and she's my sister and that i love her and i will support her till the end. >> reporter: now ayala is accused of lying to help her son guadalupe reyes. he claimed he was shot in the leg by one in a bicycle. ayala told detectives that she was a witness to the shooting and event said it was a neighbor. >> she held fast, no i'm going to stone wall you. i don't know what you're talking about. similar things that we saw in 2005 with the chili case. >> reporter: the prosecutor also acknowledged he asked for high bail. $150,000 each because of ayala's conduct in the chili case. >> she has a history of manipulating the system for her
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own gain and we feel she's a flight risk. >> reporter: ayala and reyes return to court march first to plea in the case. you can add microsoft to the list of prominent technology company that is have now been hacked. microsoft acknowledged the hacking today in a blog posting. and also found they found no evidence that any customer information had been taken. all three of those companies now say they are investigating. google is preparing to expand and tonight we have a glimpse of what the new 42-acre campus is expected to look like. here it is an artist rendering of the mountain view complex called bay view. google says it'll be the largest office complex with all radiant heating in the u.s. flashes break out in a holy site. the catalyst for today's
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violence. >> a wrongly convicted bay area man is free tonight in part thanks to the help of the innocence project here in the south bay. still to come, the most common problem they say can lead to a wrong conviction. atever you want, baby.
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let's just share a 20 piece.
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[ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? she's beautiful smart and sensible. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's extra value menu. the simple joy of having more to love. ♪ santa cruz police have released the name of a second suspect wanted in a robbery. police have released the name of esteban. they tell us they were able to tackle one of the suspects who were eventually arrested. lopez got away. continuing coverage of that man who was wrongly convicted and released from jail today. maureen naylor is in oakland
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and tell us why the wrong people sometimes end up behind bars. >> reporter: this is the office of the innocence project. attorneys here in san francisco for the past half dozen years have been working to overturn this area and they're calling it justice delayed not denies. today we sat down with linda star, she was in court today when a judge overturned the charges against ronald ross. >> everybody knows that there's a presumption of innocence before you are found guilty. after you've been found guilty, there's a presumption of guilty. >> reporter: the oakland man was wrongly convicted in vision of attempted homicide after a shooting in oakland but star says the facts didn't make sense. >> he had absolutely no motive to do this and no connection to the people that have been involved in this and no violent criminal history at all and he was well into his 40s. >> reporter: the only reason ross was brought into the case was within an investigator randomly chose ross's photo to place in a line up. and he was unidentified.
10:33 pm
the problem is, when someone is showed six photos they start compares the photos to each other, instead of the imagine in their mind. >> never been there, never knew about the place. didn't know anything about it. >> reporter: he's one of the 15 people the innocence project has helped free since 2001 but that new freedom can present its own challenges. >> they have serious reentry issues. if you think about it, he's spent seven years in jail as an innocent man. >> reporter: the innocence trial gets hundreds of cases every year, they are only able to take a handful a year and say they are about to complete
10:34 pm
two others. convicted killer shermantine said he tried to help the agency but was put off when they ignored him. this comes one day after the agency announced the end of its excavation of an abandoned well without finding any human remains. shermantine says he could have helped. >> they're digging in the wrong spot. they wouldn't take my phone calls. i tried calling them five different times then i finally said crew it. i'm done with it. >> last year invest investigators found the remains of two women and a fetus. today in jerusalem the pelestinians were rallying in support of four prisoners who are in a hunger strike. dozens of people were treated
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for tear gas and rubber bullet wounds. in cuba, president castro is raising the possibility he may resign. he made the comments during an appearance with russian president. mr.castro is scheduled to be granted a new term on saturday. but castro says he is 72 and has the right to retire. the rallies were held today ahead of voting on sunday and monday. current polls show a center left is the lead and the party of silvio belasconi is in second. whoever wins will have to deal with an economy deep in crisis. more than 1/3 of young people are unemployed. state senator jerry hill is pushing a new bill for the
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electrification. the high speed trains would share caltrans's two track system. the fda today approved a new type of drug for advancing breast cancer. south san francisco based genentech developed a drug named casala. it more effectively kills cancer cells. the drug would cost about $10,000 a month. it appears this flu season has taken a real toll on american's productivity. the bureau of labor statistics shows 2 million full time workers called in last month. that is the highest number of sick calls in nearly five years. bls officials say more people typically call in sick during the winter months when illnesses like the flu are more common. oakland marked an aquatic
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milestone. a 750-foot section of the lake merritt channel was open in 45 years. it's part of a $47 million project to connect lake merritt to the oakland and eventually to the bay. >> it's going to make a central place where people will come. >> reporter: the next phase involves demolishing culverts. new information tonight about yesterday's crane collapse. in eight minutes the damage that wasn't revealed until today. and why part of that project is now on hold. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a trend in our weather. he's back at 10:45 with a chance you will notice this weekend. >> he was arrested for murder. why a judge allowed olympic athlete pistorius out on bail today.
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an east bay performer is facing charges for allegedly abusing girls. jason pedroza worked for a ballet company. pedroza appeared in court this
10:41 pm
morning but he did not enter a plea. the california judge association is endorsing a plan to lower the number of members of the jury. that would save the state more than $5 million a year. some defense lawyers are against the change. saying that smaller jurors are less likely to convict. >> in south africa, pistorious was released today. greg palcock is reporting on the case that grabbed so much attention. >> yes we are relieved that the fact that oscar got bail today.
10:42 pm
but at the same time, we are in mourning for the death of reeva with her family are. >> they've been granted bond at pretrial. we're looking forward to seeing the case when the time comes. >> reporter: pistorius was arrested in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steamcamp. but pistorious says the shooting was an accident thinking he was shooting an intruder. with testimony and evidence presented throughout the process. just yesterday the orangal lead detective on the case hillton bota was removed after it was revealed he is facing attempted murder charges for an incident in 2011. bota gave testimony in the pistorious bail and botched his
10:43 pm
appearance. he to some degree admitted to losing evidence and possibly contaminating the crime scene. the presiding judge granted bail to pistorious because he said he did not represent a flight risk or danger to others. he did slap a bunch of restrictions though, the trial is set to begin in june. greg balcot. a dance school is in need of a new roof after a big snowstorm pounded the region this week. take a look you can see the roof at pricilla and dana's dance school because of the weight of all that snow. luckily no one was inside. the building has been condemned. that same storm created icy conditions at the airport in cleveland. that's when a united airplane slid off the road in the morning. >> what this teen was trying to
10:44 pm
do that left him dangling from a ski lift. and the damage found once the dust settled. >> temperatures will be back in the 50s. see when in your five day forecast. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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we have new information about that crane that collapsed yesterday underneath the new eastern span of the bay bridge. ktvu's consumer editor john vacar tells us how long that work will have to be on hold and the damage that has been discovered. >> reporter: what we learned is when the crane collapsed, the bridge was not unscathed. investigators from u.s. osha, caltrans and the contractors are studying the collapsed steel. >> the various parties will be
10:47 pm
looking at both the crane and scaffolding. >> reporter: the crane was also being barged to pier seven as well. >> the main dismantling of the truss is going to pause. >> reporter: do you know how much time? >> right now they are estimates the investigation will take one month. >> reporter: because of the collapse the removal of all this reddish false work will be delayed by at least 30 days. meaning when the bridge opens a lot of it will still be in place. >> construction of the east span is continuing as planned and the bridge is still scheduled to open on labor day weekend. >> reporter: precisely how the steel support and crane actually failed will tell if it was a mechanical failure or human error. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a leak in the washington state nuclear waste site is now bigger than originally thought. we've learned six tanks are
10:48 pm
leaking. washington's governor says there's no immediate risk to public health. he also added that the tanks cannot be fixed so the highly toxic content must be removed. the site used to play a major role in the country's plutonian production. crews this morning lowered a wireless robot into a transmission line on cala place and jane way. that robot was created by pipe tells solution. it has a camera attached to allow crews to inspect the condition of the pipes without turning off service. food truck vendors recently removed from the uc berkeley campus are now taking action. berkeley says the city is not obligated to find the trucks alternative locations or compensate them for their losses. in the south bay, environmentalists made the
10:49 pm
pitch to ban polystylene which is used to make styrofoams. activists opened up a storm drain. a restaurant group claims that the change would be costly to small business. you have to take a look at this because it was all caught on camera. that's jacob gutierrez says he was trying to throw a snowball at friends in front of him. he held on for a couple of second before falling 45 feet. the good news he only had to stay three days in the hospital and he is expected to recover. temperatures today a bill warmer out there. we had some numbers 64 in santa rosa that was one of the warmer spots. napa 65. 66 in antioch. temperatures today came up a couple of degrees. a little cooler out along the
10:50 pm
coast. tomorrow we're going to drop a few degrees. temperatures come down into the upper 50s, maybe low six -- 60s. you can see some rain coming down in the sutter buttes then you see the clouds coming through. the big impact for us clouds. cooler tomorrow. this is cold air, this cold front and as the cold air comes in behind it. i think you are going to do well in the mountains in the next 24 hours i think you will get a few inches of snow. fresh snow that will be nice. any precipitation helps. as far as rain for us not happening. if we do see something it'll be in the next few hours and it'll be drizzle at best. by the time you and i wake up in the morning it's starting to clear rapidly. it'll be breezy tomorrow. temperatures will be a little cooler as i mentioned and they'll be clearing rapidly. mostly sunny on your sunday. your bay area weekend is
10:51 pm
staring you in the face. sunday is your best day. 37 in santa rosa, 36 in napa. those are the overnight lows. maybe not as much frost tonight because of the cloud cover. here's the computer model, drizzle, something is going on out here. then we go into 6:00 a.m. down here around san jose. got to really stretch right in there. it's just a nonevent. there's just nothing really big. the big impact is the clouds as it goes into the day tomorrow it clears out. the cool air is in place. forget the mid-60s, nice looking day over all. just not as warm as today. that low pressure center goes this way, the dynamics the strength of it goes off into the alturas area. and we just get gusty winds out of it. it's been dry, staying dry for the rest of february. as we go into next week all the way through thursday and friday it looks dry again. so not looking at rain any time
10:52 pm
soon. forecast highs tomorrow 60s in the fairfield area. 69 in santa rosa. 60 in concord. nice looking day tomorrow. as we head into your bay area weekend we have the chinese new year parade. that happens tomorrow. it'll be a little chilly out there when the parade gets going. dry but 40s, upper 40s. you will need a jacket. we'll all be there. julie is going to be there she's going to be announcing it and it's on channel 2 at -- >> 6:00. >> parade starts at 5:00. >> our coverage is from 6:00 to 8:00. >> it's going to be a great parade. and the weather should be great. frank and i were talking about how many people you get at this thing. the weather is going to be one of those things where you can get a lot of people out there. if you're watching it here, watch it there. hundreds of people are preparing to take the plunge tomorrow in san francisco. the annual polar plunge is taking place at noon tomorrow at aquatic park. we're showing you sráeud owe from last year.
10:53 pm
the event raises money for the special olympics. and john sasaki and mark tamayo are taking part. a show of support for renaming sfo. also the warriors show off their new uniforms. a big brawl at this opening baseball game in northern california. look at that. the move that touched it all off. >> and a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. watch all our newscasts live on your mobile device. map
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this city owes this to harvey milk. owes it. >> reporter: a rally on the steps of san francisco city hall today calling for renaming san francisco international airport to harvey milk international airport. several city supervisors are backing the name change and they hope to put it in the november ballot. milk was the first openly gay man elected to office in california he was then assassinated along with mayor masconi. the name change is meeting resistance to some saying it would cost much and cause
10:57 pm
confusion to travelers. and fred, we're talking warriors. >> the warriors played without center boga. maybe he just didn't want to wear the warriors new uniform. but considering what the rest of the team did to san antonio they might just wear those jerseys always time. they hoped it would help snap a six game losing streak. 20 different lead changes, curry with a three to make it 80-80. warriors led the best team in the nba. all star david lee had 20/20 vision, 25 points. lee gives the warriors the lead. and jared came off the bench. curry steals to thompson to jack. jared jack, this game is done. warriors beat san antonio for the first time since january of
10:58 pm
2008. 107-101. the sharks put their names on the bad side of the nhl history books tonight. san jose let the blackhawks place a record. it happened in chicago this woman showed the sharks how you do it. made the shot for some serious cash. san jose scores. marlon gets the second goal and it was a nice big one by marlo. and antiniemi gets beat hear. then in the third period, san jose allows the first goal of the season. burns acquires the put from niemi that's all. sharks have won just nine games this month they visit dallas tomorrow night. both cal and stanford women won basketball games tonight very easily. they are both 14-1 in
10:59 pm
conference play. some full contact baseball today for sacramento state. the hornets on defense. infielder aires tags out the runner. that's young. young just slugging at aires. will takes young down. it's bench clearing free for all. this is just the third inning of sack state season home opener. now three players are ejected with uc river side's young and sacramento's aires drawing a four game suspension but the highlanders still win the game tonight 2-0 these two teams play a double header and single single game sunday that is if they have enough players. and the warriors game, beating san antonio the team in the league. they just won last night against the clippers. this is just big. >> warriors, who knows. >> they're looking good. what do you think? you like the jerseys. >> i like them. >> 3-0. >> thanks, fred. >> thank you


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