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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 3, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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8:00, 7:00 central tomorrow night. your local news starts right now. goodnight, america. a heavily guarded motorcade whisked president obama through the streets of san francisco. where he's been and what he's up to next. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. president obama arrived about four and a half hours ago and has already attended two fund- raising parties. we have live team coverage. ktvu's carol lew will tell us about the cause that brought hundreds into the streets but we begin with ken wayne south of market. i understand the president is already calling it a night.
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>> reporter: well, it's 1:00 a.m. east coast time so at the present time might be pretty tired right now, frank. if you look behind me you can see 5th street is closed down to howard. that's because the president is staying at the intercontinental hotel down the street. mr. obama's motorcade left pacific heights an hour ago after the president attended a fund-raising dinner at the getty mansion on broad way. despite the high price tag those would attended didn't get a lot of time with him. he was there only about an hour. this is as close as we could get to the getty mansion from a block away you can see the president's limo arrive at the broadway avenue home but the view was blocked before the president left the vehicle. inside the home people paid about $32,000 a plate to dine with mr. obama and raise money for democratic congressional campaigns. >> time and time again the force that is blocking that progress and change in our country are the house republicans and the tea party. so tonight is about making sure
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that house democrats have the resources we need to compete in the 2014 election. >> reporter: earlier tonight the president appeared at a fund-raiser in the city's sea cliff neighborhood where bay area house members mixed with guests who paid from $5,000 to $34,000 to attend. >> it was terrific. the president was very compelling in his story about what he has to do in the rest of his term here, and it was a great event. >> reporter: the president's bay area visit began when air force one touched down at sfo around 5:30. this is mr. obama's first visit to northern california since he was sworn into office for his second term. there are no public appearances scheduled during this visit. most of his time will be spent raising money here in what is often referred to as the nation's political atm. the getty event alone could raise almost $2.5 million. >> how much money due think he will raise on this trip. >> i wouldn't want to hazard a guess. >> reporter: more fund-raising down on the peninsula tomorrow so the only chance you might have to see the president is
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when his motorcade drives by. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. now to kara lew on the large protest and the messages those protesters want to send. cara. >> reporter: right now you can see the metal barricades used to keep the crowds more than a block away. the protesters were out here for hours starting in the late afternoon but in part because of tonight's cold weather the crowds started dispersing even before the president arrived. hundreds of protesters lined the street a block and a half from the fund-raising event at the home of ann and gordon getty. hundreds more marched, chanted, and held signs around the corner on pacific avenue trying to get their messages heard. >> there's better ways of providing energy, and that's why i'm here. without destroying the earth. this is the first time i've protested against anything. >> reporter: a majority of
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those here are climate activists opposed to the plans for the keystone pipeline transporting oil between canada and the u.s., a decision from the president is expected by this summer. >> if he approves the keystone excel pipeline, which means game over for the planet, he will be on the wrong side of history. we want to make sure that the people who elected him want him to take real action and reject the keystone excel pipeline. >> reporter: anti-war demonstrate orsz made their presence known staging by a model drone. >> there's a hunger strike right now in guantanamo. it's been going on 57 days. we think guantanamo should be closed now. >> reporter: there was a heavy police presence out here, starting in the late afternoon here in pacific heights. the demonstrations, however, remain peaceful. live in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu. the white house says
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president obama is giving back 5% of his salary to the u.s. treasury. it's his way of showing support to federal workers facing furlough because of the sequester. the president earns $400,000 a year by law. so a 5% cut works out to $20,000, or about $1700 a month. and stay with us for continuing coverage. tonight at 10:30, the man behind one of tonight's fund- raisers and where billionaire tom styer disagrees with the president. plus find out who is hosting the president for two more events tomorrow. find more video at we are on storm watch tonight with an april rainstorm moving toward the bay area at this hour. and a forecast that calls for a burst of heavy rain overnight. our meteorologist mark is here now with the timeline for the rain especially during the morning commute. >> that's right. for the early portion of the
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morning commute. so the storm we have been tracking racing through the shoreline. right now just lots of cloud cover. as you can see, the green basically up to our north, especially up towards eureka, humboldt county. we could have a few sprinkles across the north bay but mostly just some cloud cover. things will be changing early thursday morning. the heaviest rain expected very early. in fact this could wake you up between 3:00 and 6:00. rainfall as a total not extreme but about .2 in the inland valleys up to three-quarters of an inch in the coastal hills. winds approaching 25 miles per hour. 3:00 tomorrow morning the rainfall rate is going to increase, then at 5:00 as well. notice this is a quick mover so the pattern begins to change bey midmorning. coming up i will detail those changes and also have your weekend forecast, a few more changes, in a few minutes. a man who was shot by napa police remains in the hospital tonight, reportedly in critical
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condition. 37-year-old pablo ramirez was shot in the chest around 8:00 last night during an altercation with a narcotics officer. investigators with the sheriff's department say the officers were conducting surveillance on ramirez and surrounded a car he was in along with two other people. >> when the agents approached the car to arrest the man, a struggle ensued between the suspect and the officer, and a shot was fired, striking the suspect. >> ramirez was wanted on a probation violation avenue pleaded no contest last year to assault with a deadly weapon and reportedly threatened to kill his wife. a second man in the car last night was arrested on a traffic warrant. the third person was released. new details tonight about a man shot by lafayette police. the contra costa county sheriff's office identifies him as 28-year-old michael shot. he is still in the hospital. two officers shot him outside a
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home on woodview drive after they responded to 911 hang-up cause. investigators say he threatened officers with a knife, then picked up a blunt office and approached the officers before he was shot. new at 120rbgs -- new at 10:00, the people of the tibetan association gathered and clantd and remembered a 33- year-old woman who was killed last april. one man told us he worked with her. he called her a special individual, smart, caring, and would never hurt a living thing. >> it's sad, and it's emotional, and i cannot believe that she is no longer with us, you know. she is such a great and nice person. >> she had come to this person from india and was studying nursing at oikos university.
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friends say she was never interested in making money, she simply wanted to give back. >> the disney corporation announced it is shutting down the video game studio here. one website puts the number of employees at 150. >> reporter: the house that yoda built. for decades the force seemed to be with anything that had the lucas name attached to the, but today the disney acquired lucas arts announced it is shutting down operations and canceling its video game projects. some who work in the presidio were shocked. >> there's risks to doing anything. >> reporter: did you think there would be a rink to something that has lucas' name attached? >> i think there's a risk in everything. >> reporter: the company released a statement saying we've decided to shift lucas arts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing risk while achieving a broader
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portfolio of quality star wars games. lucas arts had two star wars games in development. star wars 1313 and star wars first assault after 30 years of video game development the division appears to be swallowed up by the disney death star. the disney acquired parent company. matthew dub was sitting on the lawn outside the campus that day and knew something big happened. >> it was gridlock for appear hour and a half. endless cars coming out of there ?roo. what did you think? >> i thought that maybe like i needed to get out of the area, that maybe they heard some news i didn't know about. >> reporter: today there was no mass ex 0 dussments employees told us the company told them not to talk about the layoff. the company won't say how many people are losing their job. noel walker, ktvu. stocks pulled back on wall street following a weak jobs report. the dow fell 111 points, the
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worst one-day drop since february. the nasdaq lost 36. federal unemployment numbers are due out on friday. home prices showed a healthy year-over-year jump in february, an increase of more than 10%. real estate tracking firm core logic says these numbers indicate a strong housing recovery even before the spring buying season. february's increase was the largest increase in seven years with u.s. home prices climbing in 47 out of the 50 states. a major announcement scheduled here at facebook's headquarters. we'll tell you how it is expected to impact your social life and your privacy. putting on more than a show. using music and spec talk lar moves to change the way bay area kids see the world. plus, our storm watch continues. we'll show what you to expect after the first round of rain passes through tomorrow.
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the founder of facebook says he is planning to make a major announcement tomorrow morning in menlo park. patty. >> reporter: that's right, fans have been abuzz about this new product or platform that facebook is expected to unveil here at its headquarters tomorrow morning but whether or not it is liked could be another story. offering a mobile experience may not be enough for facebook, which is expected to launch a new facebook phone.
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>> a facebook phone? i mean, how would that be used? >> reporter: these leaked photos show a mid-range phone which could allow users to automatically check in and receive updates from their friends. >> it would let you know if they're in close proximity. >> reporter: one analyst says facebook is expected to launch an android-based htc phone that would likely be inexpensive but still pose a threat to apple, already under pressure. >> any one of these phones, if someone bays one, they're it not going to be buying an iphone as well. >> reporter: 82% of american consumers are said to have little interest in a facebook phone but emerging markets may be another story. >> it's fun, to know all the time what's going on and stuff. >> reporter: this group of students said they would buy facebook phones, he especially if they could offer up restaurant recommendations, which the new phone likely will. >> i really like it because i can share everything with my
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friends. >> reporter: but not everyone is sold. >> kind of the old school feel. i don't really like everything being tapped into each other. so from my phone to facebook, instagram, i don't really like all the loose ends being tied like that. >> reporter: we're told that at&t will be the main carrier at least initially, and for the rest of the details we're expecting to get them around 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. live in menlo park, patti lee, ktvu. do you remember life before cell phones? 40 years ago today the first cell phone call was made. motorola inventer martin keeper in new york city made that call. the first cell phone, remember, that was known as the brick. it weighed two and a half pounds and measured 10 inches long. analysts say smartphone users globally surpassed the 1 billion mark last fall. chevron says the damaged unit in richmond may not reopen now until june. that unit was damaged during a
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fire last august. as a result, chevron was issued 25 citations by the division of occupational safety and health and fined nearly a million dollars. now the company says the damaged unit has been repaired but regulatory approvals are expected to delay the reopening. san francisco health inspectors gave a thai restaurant the all-clear following an order earlier this week that it shut down immediately. a crowd of people waited in line for dinner at the restaurant on 9th avenue. on monday the inspector noted cockroaches were running across kitchen prep surfaces and rodent droppings were next to food containers and utensils. today the restaurant met inspection requirements and was allowed to reopen at 6:00. >> the alameda county coroner's office says it appears the death on the bart tracks this morning may have been a a train struck the individual at the 12th street station.
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the coroner will not say if it was a man or woman. bart trains did not stop at the station for three hours during that investigation. boeing says testing on its 787 dream line ser more than halfway done but the work has been going slower than hoped. boeing is work on its proposal to fix the lithium-ion batteries to prevent them from overheating and catching fire. once testing is finished the faa has to give its approval before the 77 can fly with passengers again. new at 120rbgs circus is in town. the universe sol circus did something special for a select group of people. amber. >> reporter: frank, the circus will begin performances tomorrow night but this evening they gave a sneak preview to some families who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend the show. this free sneak preview at the east oakland youth development
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center brought global performers to children whose families can't afford to show them a world outside of oakland. these dancers are part of what is known as the universal circus. >> i enjoy my kids smiling, their face. >> reporter: this five and a half-year-old could barely contain his excitement. his father tells us he's grateful to be here. >> i appreciate that they get opportunities to see something spectacular like this. >> reporter: the circus tells us free performances are one way to help curb street violence. >> it's so important that families are able to go out together and enjoy something together, because it helps the kids develop into young adults and young people who prosper. >> reporter: joshua jones had a chance to clown around at the circus but tells me he never knew his biological parents,
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and at 10 years old he is learning some hard lessons. >> is it tough growing up here in east oakland? >> for me, yeah. >> why is it tough? >> there's not a lot of good friends out here. >> reporter: for a short time this evening these children were able to escape reality and enjoy performances such as this team of contortionists from eat ethiopia. >> i was excited. i was lake, i can't do that but i'll try. >> reporter: performances under the big tent in oakland start tomorrow night and run through sunday. tickets range from $17 to $60 each. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel two news. more than 100 shoes were given away to school kids in oakland. you can see the excitement as the students at lafayette elementary received their
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shoes. the shoes were donated by a program called shoes that fit. well, the clouds continue to march closer to the bay area shoreline. right now most of the rainfall is up to our north but look what happens first thing tomorrow morning at 3:00. the rainfall increases in coverage at 3:00, and this is a quick mover. by 7:00, still some scattered rain showers. by 12:00, basically the same deal. some off and on showers, and that will be the theme right on through afternoon hours. by 3:00, even into tomorrow night. but the bulk of the organized rainfall that is for the early morning hours or the early portion of the commute. that's all reflected in your timeline for san francisco. a wet morning commute between 5:00 and 6:00. some scarted light to moderate showers bey 12:00. still some off and on showers by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. we may even beholding on to some shower chances over the next few days. coming up we'll break down the shower probabilities, and i'll
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let you know when the clouds completely move out of the bay area. and stay with us as the storm moves into the bay area. k t vu morning news begins at 4:30. they will be tracking the heaviest rain and how it affects your morning commute. the waters off maui were reopened after a shark attack yesterday. authorities say there have been no further signs of the shark. the 58-year-old surfer was bit in the right thigh. he was able to paddle back to shore whereby standers helped until paramedics took him to the hospital. back to the bay. [ music ] >> how much you can expect to pay for rolling stones particulars and why the surcharge on some of those tickets is almost $100. but first, escalating threats from north korea. how the u.s. is responding to word the north korean military has clearance to attack the u.s. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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the stakes seem to be getting high we are north korea. today north korea said the military has gotten clearance to wage a nuclear attack on the united states. analysts don't expect that but they are still concerned, and secretary of defense chuck hagel said that north korea's threats are being taken seriously and present a real and clear danger. >> i hope the north will ratchet this very dangerous rhetoric down. >> we are not going to sit and take an attack. and i think that ought to be well understood. >> senator feinstein also told us that she hopes north korean generals understand that. the u.s. is now flying f-22 stealth fighter jets out of south korea, and the pentagon plans to deploy a missile
10:25 pm
defense system on guam that is capable of shooting down ballistic missiles. berkeley police have released surveillance photos of a man they say is responsible for a armed robbery. police say the armed robbery happened near the intersection on march 13th. they say the suspect struck the victim several times with a gun while demanding his property. the victim sustained nonlife- threatening injuries. the rolling stones are coming back to the bay area. all of them are pushing 70 but even so they're going on tour once again, and they'll be playing two shows in the bay area next month. as rob roth found out, the tickets are very expensive, even for the seats that are way up high. >> reporter: for day, billboards have been hinting something was up but today it became official. the rolling stones 50th anniversary tour is coming to town. >> i'm very excited. i've been wanting to go see them as a kid. >> reporter: the last time they were in town was 2006 but the
10:26 pm
band announced they will play may 5th and may 8th. prices range from $172 to almost $666 for the oakland show. that's including service charges. in san hoe say it's a little cheaper. in campbell the stones music played. this woman said she was at the last stones concert and is planning on seeing them again, whatever the cost. >> that's okay. think it's worth it. they were supposed to be done touring, right? so this is a huge opportunity. >> now i can save up. >> reporter: many tickets will likely end up on on-line websites like stubhub. >> we know high-profile tours will definitely drive demand without question. >> the rolling stones? come on. >> reporter: rock journalist ben showed us an article he wrote for rolling stone
10:27 pm
magazine 40 years ago. he said jagger, now 69 years old, and the stones still love performing. >> i think it's like a lot of art whists just cannot stop doing what they do best. >> reporter: the stones are expected to play a lot of well- known songs but a few new numbers will reportedly be included in the show. more details now on the cost of the show in oakland. the cheaper certes listed by ticketmaster at $142.75. however, a $29 service charge brings the cost to $171, and the most expensive ticket is $571.50, but the service charge is $94.35 for each ticket, bringing the total to $665.85 per ticket. a mad dash for free beer in news of the world the scramble
10:28 pm
after beer spills from a truck, and the surprising thing given this theme. live pictures from san francisco where president obama is staying tonight. coming up, we are going to tell you about the billionaire behind one of tonight's fund- raisers and why he is an up and coming star. you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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happening now, streets are closed off in part of san francisco's south of market neighborhood to accommodate a visit from president obama. we are told the president is staying at the intercontinental hotel on howard street. here's a live picture from a block away, 5th and mission, where police have established a perimeter. the presidential motorcade left
10:31 pm
about 90 minutes ago from the second of two fund-raisers he attended. tom styer may not be a household name but's growing force in the democratic party. ktvu takes a closer look at the san francisco billionaire who is an outspoken critic of the controversial projects. >> reporter: police blocked off streets in san francisco's sea cliff neighborhood as guests drove in. >> i think it's a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to hear him speak. >> reporter: some came with a clear agenda. >> i'm so happy to be here. i also want to talk to him about the keystone pipeline so i'm really excited to let him know that we can't have this happen. >> i'm looking forward to hearing the president's plans to address climate change. >> reporter: president obama is expected to decide whether to allow the keystone pipeline to run from canada into the u.s. billionaire tom styer is a
10:32 pm
vocal opponent. he is founder of a capital group and spoke at the 0 democratic national con vehicles. many see him as an up and coming star who has invested his money and energy into politics and environmental issues. >> one of the reasons frankly i'm excited to be here is that i agree with tom styer that the keystone excel pipeline is a terrible idea. >> reporter: this man says styer is likely to become a bigger political player, possibly even a candidate. >> he's gaining some name recognition now, and he obviously has a big bank roll, so those are two of the major assets in electoral politics. >> reporter: guests leaving the event tell me there was a large crowd at the house here in san francisco and it is likely this won't be the last time we hear of tom styer. ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now. president obama is scheduled to
10:33 pm
attend two fund-raisers in attar ton tomorrow. first, a brunch going for $32,000 a head, then he will attend another fund-raiser where the least expensive particulars are $1,000. the president plans to leave sfo about 1:40 tomorrow. tickets went on sale for the 2013 americas cup in san francisco. they range from $15 for grandstand seat to $2,000 for a luxury season pass. along with the boat races there will also be 30 big-name concerts including sting, hart, and the doobie brothers. and that's down from more than 40 concerts that were originally planned. but even so the telegraph hill dwellers association says there are still too many shows. the group wants the concert permit revoked or altered to allow only about 20 shows. >> i think everyone who livers in this neighborhood is used to fleet week and 4th of july and a few times of year either enjoying the chaos or battening down the hatches and living through it. but we're talking about week
10:34 pm
after week after week for months on end. >> top organizers say they are addressing the noise concerns. they are placing an acoustic curtain around the stage and setting up a hotline to take complaints. cal tran says it plans to do more inspections of the eastern span of the bridge following reports of failed bolts. caltrans says the reports will be available it to the public next week. a cal for action on immigration reform went out in the south bay today. members of congress and other supporters spoke today outside san jose city hall. they are demanding that congress enact comprehensive immigration reform when members return to washington, d.c. next monday. they say too many people have to work in the shadows. there is word that an agreement on some major issues will be unveiled in the senate next week. in news of the world
10:35 pm
tonight in the russian republic of chechnya a high-rise fire looked far worse than it turned out. the exterior of a 40-story apartment building burned but the inside wasn't damaged and no one was hurt. officials blamed a short circuit. russia has been rebuilding after two wars in the '90s reduced it to rubble. in mexico a mad scramble followed the collision of a barry truck and train. people rushed to pick up as many spilled cans of barry as they could. there was some pushing and shoving but officials say no one was injured, including the truckdriver. however, the accident did cause a major traffic jam. and at the vatican pope francis showed his independ freeness the conservative traditions of the roman catholic church. he spoke about the fundamental role of women in the church. the pope said they are mostly responsible for passing on the faith through generations. however, pope francis did not call for a greater role for women tin church like being priests. the san francisco 49ers
10:36 pm
announced the team's last season at candlestick park is already sold out. the 2013 season will include a campaign called fair we will to candlestick which will highlight the top ten moments at candlestick park. the niners will kick off the 2014 season sat their new stadium in santa clara. the organization says 75% of those tickets have already been sold. san francisco's famous bay to breaker's race has a new sponsor, craigslist. the 102nd running of the race is set for may 19th. the bay to breakers typically draws tens of thousands of people who show up in crazy costumes. the race runs from the financial district to ocean beach. the race's previous sponsor dropped out after last year's race. california lottery officials say two wing tickets were sold in alameda county. a fantasy 5 ticket worth more than $200,000 was sold on lakeshore avenue in oakland.
10:37 pm
and a mega millions ticket also worth more than $200,000 was sold at the safeway gas station on otis drive in alameda. no one has claimed either ticket. an executive is ousted over an embarrassing recall for lululemon. meteorologist mark is monitoring heavy rain in a matter of hours. he's back with an updated forecast and what to expect in the days ahead. up first, more criticism aimed at rutgers university tonight even after an apology that the coach made for physically and verbally abusing his players.
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10:40 pm
in new jersey the president of rutgers university and the school's athletic director are both under fire tonight over their disciplinary handling of the men's basketball coach. coach mike rice was fired after a video showed him grabbing, hitting, and shoving his players. he's also seen throwing basket balls at his player and using anti-gay slurs. >> there's no explanation for what's on those films because there is no excuse for it. i was wrong.
10:41 pm
>> rice was suspended and fined in december when the university first learned about the video. at the time the school did not explain the reason for his suspension. the critics now say the coach's behavior was so deplorable that the university should have fired him then. a fashion fallout over risque yoga pants is costing the chief product officer at lululemon her job. the fabric was deemed too sheer. the company calls it a production flaw and says it will cut revenue by $12 to 17 million. will you will you lem non says the fabric passed testing but its protocols were incomplete. there's a flap surrounding the nests of once endangered falcon birds. >> reporter: san francisco's pier 80 cargo crane now boom
10:42 pm
down, and without that historic osprey nest. this photo shows a worker where the nest had been. a mating pair of osprey raised chicks here, a first for san francisco. active nests are federally protected but last week port crews moved in. >> they had lowered the boom on the crane, the nest dumped, and at that point there was no way that the port could have known whether there were eggs in there or not. >> the port insists as of last tuesday there was no active nest. maybe one under construction. >> the cranes were operated the following day. >> reporter: the port says needs the train for cargo and that federal wildlife officials agreed. the port promised me it won't use these nearby cranes and will offer them to the osprey. >> by making the cranes at pier
10:43 pm
80 less hospitable the birds will move over to pier 91. >> reporter: officials say the mating season is just beginning. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. in two minutes, another mess for carnival cruise lines. what the company blames for the crash that caused this damage. then, no lights and no hot water in this bay area home after it was struck by lightning. >> basically, it's like camping out in my own house. >> why the homeowner says she has no choice but to stay. plus, your chances for more rain this weekend in your complete bay area forecast.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
. developing news now from east oakland where people are looking for -- or police are looking for multiple people after a man was shot in the chest an hour ago. people living near macarthur boulevard and parker avenue say they heard up to 20 shots
10:46 pm
fired. they also saw several drivers speeding from the scene. we're told the shooting victim is latino, possibly in his late 20s. he was shot tin street. police are now canvassing the neighborhood for clues or information. no arrests have been made. carnival cruise lines says bad weather is to blame for its latest cruise ship trouble. the triumph is currently being moored in mobile, alabama for repairs. it broke free this morning. you are looking at video taken by a dock employee. you can see the damage to the side of the ship. korean automakers hyundai and kia are recalling nearly 2 million vehicles that may have problems with air bags and brake lights. 1.7 million of those are hyundais and kias from the model years 2007 through 2011. another 200,000 are hyundai elans from 2011 through 2013. we have posted more information about this recall on our
10:47 pm
website, just click on the hot topics tab. caltrans says an increase in ridership is behind a promotional video that is designed to teach new customers how to use the system. >> i will show you how to ride caltrans in five easy steps. >> those five steps are planning, getting to a stay, paying, boarding, and arriving. the new video on the caltrans website walks new riders right through all the steps and points out the designated bike cars. caltrans recorded a 12% increase in ridership in february compared to the year before. a new study about dementia says the cost to care for dementia patients is likely as high as heart disease or cancer. the study is the first academic look at the cost of dementia. the study found healthcare expenses for dementia were $109 billion in 2010. as the baby boomer generation ages, those numbers are expected to increase. oakland bay's solar company bright source energy pulled the
10:48 pm
plug on a major solar project today. company filed a document with the california energy commission suspending permit applications for the hidden hills solar they recallal power project. the 500 megawatt project was going to be located near the nevada border. an elderly woman in solano county is still without power. also, hot water and phone service after lightning struck her house last saturday. the bolt hit the corner of patricia willard's home in fairfield. inside, the shot pushed nails out of the wall and may have fried her interior wiring. she says the damage is frustrating. >> it is going to take some time, and i hate it, because i have always taken care of my house. >> a technician worked to restore cable tv today and an electrician assessed the damage. willard's insurance company will pay for her to stay in hotel but she refuses to leave
10:49 pm
behind her five rescue cats. the clouds continue to approach the bay area and the raindrops will as well. as far as today, though, it really warmed up. if you thought it was warm, you are rate object. look at all the 70s and even a few low 80s. 82 degrees in morgan hill. san francisco 74. pacifica 65 degrees. here we go with the changes. as you can see here the it satellite and radar loop over the past few hours so far the rainfall subpoena to our north. but look what's happening just offshore. a good sign our forecast is right on track with those rain bands developing out here to our west and those will be march account on shore early thursday morning with the clouds and the rain. first thing tomorrow morning the rain returns, especially for the early morning commute. things will begin to taper off by midmorning. as we do approach the afternoon. temperatures to start out the day not too cold, mainly low to mid-50s, around 50 to 53 degrees. here's the weather system offshore. high clouds for tonight. rain approaches early thursday morning. so as we mentioned earlier the
10:50 pm
heaviest rain targeting the very early morning hours from around 3:00 to 6:00. then into the afternoon hours, once this front moves through, the rain turns over to scattered showers. that means plenty of breaks in the activity but still m passing clouds and a passing shower. this will also be somewhat of a snow producer out toward the sierra, but it's relatively warm so snow levels are way up there, up above 7,000 feet, snowfall potentially for the highest elevations around two to four inches. our forecast model showing you this. thursday morning at 5:00. here we go with the rain moving on shore. then into the afternoon hours, scattered showers out there. lots of cloud cover. the showers are still unsettled for thursday. for friday, lots of cloud cover. we could stifle few sprinkles but the main activity remains way up to the north of the bay area but still the chance of a sprinkle for friday and even into the weekend. for tomorrow periods of rain especially up until the 7:00 hour. scattered showers at 12:00, and a chance of a shower at 4:00.
10:51 pm
temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, you can count on a cool-down. a noticeable drop-off in temperatures, about 10 to 12 degrees from today's high. san mateo 63, half moon bay 61 degrees. your five-day forecast with your weekend in view, really not a big deal after tomorrow. we're going to hold on to the clouds and a few sprinkles, mainly north bay. the chance of a very light shower sunday, partly cloudy into monday. steve will have the latest on live storm tracker 2 tomorrow beginning at 4:30. mark is in our sports desk. double dose of good news. >> a lot of bay area victory. the giants starters in l.a. haven't given up an earned run yet. if you subscribe to the notion that the only thing that matters victory, then don't trouble yourself with the fact that tim lincecum walked a career high seven and looked shaky, but, hey, who cares. life was good in l.a., but
10:52 pm
maybe not if you're a dodgers fan. pablo whacks it to right. josh beckett over and out, first of the year in the 3rd inning. later, it's hunter over the fence, and his first of the year. that's kind of inside out over the wall in right. the giants do get five innings of work out of lincecum. no earned runs. bullpen nails, including sergio romo. one-two-three night, and his second save. memorable for many reasons. unforgettable for one oakland a in particular and his family. rookie nate right here, first big league at bat. drives in a run. clutch two-out single. mom and dad loving it. why not. that's big league baseball. jed lowrie, newcomer to the a's, two-out double to plate a pair, breaking a 2-2 tie. a's in control but can't off
10:53 pm
with another newcomer, chris young, his first start as an oakland a, hammered it to left, ticket to ride. solo homer, 6-2 victory, their first of the year. the theme is bay area victory tonight. the postseason approaches. the sharks, the warriors, looking game ready. highlights from both teams and another shark trade to tell you about. sports, part two, next. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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oakland tonight, wasn't a beautiful game, but if you want the word playoff team attached to your team's name, did you not lose on your home court to a squad like new orleans, and the warriors do not as they stride ever closer to their second postseason berth in the last 20 years. mark jackson has them up high enough to beat the hornets. david lee takes the lob. 23 for lee. put away in the fourth. up 14. curry to the bucket. but watch him land a little funny, and he kind of tweaked his hip, not his ankle. golden state has won seven of the last ten. sharks continue to bring a mean brand of hockey. six straight victories, closing
10:57 pm
fast, feisty all night. dan boyle, former shark, scored a goal, but he is picked up there. dan boyle picking up dany heatley. sharks now in the fifth playoff spot. they did pick up a couple guys in trades today. meantime the lone bay area bummer in the cbi final series, santa clara throttled in their attempt. game two, george mason controlling start to finish. 73-66. broncos on the short end. another shot at it friday in the best of three, and they will try and win it. that is the sporting life. so all bay area victory except the broncos, and they still aren't out of it. >> all right, good. thanks, mark. and thank you for trusting ktvu. >> the k t vu morning news
10:58 pm
begins at 4:30 a.m. sharp. they'll be following president obama's makes his way to two more fund-raisers. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
10:59 pm
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