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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 8, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: strong winds overnight have caused damage all across the bay area. we'll tell you how many people are waking up in the dark this morning. some of us slept. some of us were dealing with very strong gusts. in fact, 70 miles per hour along the coast. early-morning gunfire in a san francisco doughnut shop. the suspect is still on the loose. >> reporter: an early-morning fire breaks out here in sunnyvale, we'll tell you how the wind spread those flames. "mornings on 2" starts right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2."
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i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, april 8th. we begin with a weather alert this. this morning's high winds are causing problems across the bay area. those winds have toppled trees and knocked out power to thousands of people. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live from foster city to tell us about some of the problems. >> reporter: good morning. as you head off to work this mornings, hang onto the steering wheel. we just came across the san mateo bridge not that long ago. you can see the warning is up here. high winds on the bridge and there's a high wind warning in place on all of the major bridges around the bay area this morning. also these strong wind gusts are causing a lot of damage everywhere you look. this was the scene in newark early this morning where a large street toppled on spruce street. it landed close to cars but no damage. firefighters were called in there and they cut up the tree
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fairly quickly. one man i talked to said he woke up to howling winds. >> the noise of the wind, it was very strong. but i didn't hear anything else. >> reporter: a large tree in pleasant hill was blown down on top of a pickup truck causing some damage there. this happened at 2:00 a.m. at a condo complex on ridgeview road. the building was not damaged. no injuries there. here on the peninsula, pg&e is telling ktvu roughly 20,000 people are without power this morning. that includes montera and half moon bay. want to send it over to steve paulson in the weather center with more on the strong winds. hey, steve. >> thank you, very much. some locations, it's been
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very, very windy. for others not too bad. strongest gusts were about 1:00 to 3:00 a.m. around 65, 7 miles an hour. still some gusts over 30 miles per hour at sfo. the area -- i'm not trying to confuse you. but that area in pink there -- that's 50 plus along the coast and then the blue you can see the scale up there right underneath the stormtracker. the wave heights off bodega bay, 20 feet with gusts, 54 miles per hour. here's sal. >> good morning. the traffic is going to be busy this morning. a lot of people are back from spring break. we have gusty winds on all of the bay area bridges. a rather large display at the toll plaza. if you are drive ng on the san mateo bridge -- driving on the san mateo bridge, it will be gusty. if you have flights out, we'll
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have information about that. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. high winds have knocked out power to thousands in the bay area. we just checked a short time ago with pg&e. here are the latest numbers. more than 8,000 customers are without power on the peninsula. 970 customers are without power in the north bay, more than 1200 have lost power in the south bay and 190 are without power in the east bay. 75 have lost power in san francisco. we would like to see your weather pictures. send them to or you can upload them to our facebook page. new this morning, an early- morning fire in sunnyvale forced families to run for safety and also two buildings were damaged. it started in a garage on angel avenue near mathilda and evlen avenues. christien kafton is live there and you talked to the families
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forced to run. >> reporter: they tell me they are very fortunate. [audio not understandable]. >> we're obviously having you yoproblems with the -- aud -- having aud audio problems. we'll get back to that in a minute. margaret thatcher has died. she was the longest serving prime minister. she served three consecutive terms. she was also known for her very strong partnership with ronald reagan. now, she had been in fragile health for a long time, for at least a decade, she was 87 years old.
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want to check back in with sal because we've been keeping a close eye on the commute this morning morning. you said people back from easter break, holiday break, strong winds to deal with. >> there will be more people on the road for sure. there's also going to be -- you are dealing with the winds. it will be a tough commute. you might want to consider using transit. we checked in with b.a.r.t. and b.a.r.t. has been doing very well with no major issues. there's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic looks pretty good. it's backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. san francisco, northbound 101. this traffic is okay coming up to the 80 split with no major problems. again, the high winds, going to be causing some problems all over the place. 101 and 280 -- san mateo and dumbarton bridge. pretty gusty winds. the chp says it's gusty winds on all of the bridges. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a very good morning.
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hold on here. jenny out in benicia says i just went down the street, three doors down to retrieve our garbage can. jose in pinole said the same thing. sunshine, breezy to windy. fairfield has not been that windy. usually that's a tunnel for wind. strongest gusts were on the coast. ocean beach down to about -- down to about 65, 70 miles an hour. are you ready in 83, 84, sunny and warm this week. dave, you looked at me twice. cooler on the weekend. maybe some rain on sunday. although the forecast models have backed off considerably on what looks to be a cold week next week. now they are saying it's not happening. the low over us last night is in utah. that's the source of our wind. anything in pink would be 50
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miles an hour and that's what we're seeing along the coast down to half moon bay. lesser amounts in the inland areas. in facts the sierra nevada locations hardly any at all. there goes our system. it will be into colorado probably by noon. high pressure says i just don't -- i don't like it. it's called a tight pressure gradient. 40s on the temperatures. it will be clearing and cold. there's enough of a breeze holding the temperatures up. northwest, the direction is coming from. tonight it will turn northerly and decrease by sunset. 36 in reno. 38 in u eureka -- eureka. the rain's cloud, the cloud's out, high pressure is building in. today is the tweener day or the transition day. it's a windy day for most. chilly to mild, the temperatures, -- 10-degree
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spread on one location or two. it's kind of like a tossup -- it was really tricky to forecast today. tomorrow will be easy. after a cold morning, it will be sunny and warmer. we'll continue that on wednesday. cooler by the latter part of the week. the ski resorts in the tahoe area, they are very excited this morning. they got snow overnight. brian hickey, you are out there in blue canyon. i saw you out there and i know some of the drivers were caught offguard by this. and you said it's not blustery and windy. >> reporter: you can't blame them too much. it is spring. it's pregot a couple of inches of snow sheer at the 5,000 -- here at the 5,000-foot level. no wind yet. we've sort of just seen the wind pick up, occasionally blowing the snow out of the
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trees. i would say in the last hour temperatures have dropped. my forecaster agreeing with me that definitely colder here in the last hour. that's that cold air mass. sugar bowl ski resort reporting about 4 inches of snow. that's right at donner summit. chain controls are required to donner lake interchange which is over the summit. you can see here behind us at blue canyon 5,000 feet. the roadway is clear. conditions improvingen 0 the road -- improving on the roadway. but definitely come prepared. a springtime powder day who can complain about that? certainly not this guy. [laughter] >> all right. thank you. you can get the latest information on changing weather conditions and flight delays at and on our mobile
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applications. 7:11. president obama continuing his push for gun control legislation. he will be in connecticut today. connecticut's governor lashing out at the critics of universal background checks. two announcements about oakland's municipal i.d. cards. how the cards are being changed and how users could benefit. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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very windy today. temperatures, 60s and 70s. great visibility. >> all right, steve. 7:14. we told you about an early- morning fire in sunnyvale, forcing some families to run for safety. two buildings were damaged. it started in the garage right there on angel avenue near mathilda and evelyn avenues.
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christien kafton has more. >> reporter: we did talk with the families. they said the wind was blowing so much last night it kept them up. you might be able to see crews spraying water on the burnedout garage and on the neighboring building. it just spoke with the about tal yun chief and you can see them in the -- battalion chief and you can see him in the white shirt. he says the reason they were doing this, so the wind doesn't re-ignite the fire. the fire original greated in the garage. firefighters say the -- originated in the garage. firefighters say the wind pushed the blames into the neighboring home. >> the rear garage was only ten feet from the next door neighborhood resident. >> reporter: they watched as
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the wind whipped from the flames to the neighboring duplex. neighbors living in that duplex tell us that the fire caught -- that caught fire tell us they were awake bed by somewhat -- awakened by what sounded like an explosion. >> we were sleeping inside the duplex and all of a sudden, there was an explosion and a bright light in the bedroom. and looked outside and the garage of our neighbor had exploded. >> reporter: firefighters said no one was injured and everyone is accounted for. coming back to our live picture, you can see again, firefighters still putting water on the fire trying to make sure there's no hot spots and then they will be on stand by for a fire investigator to figure out how this fire started in the first place. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:16. south korea is backing off a statement that north korea may
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be planning more nuclear tests. a top south korean official said there were indications that north korea may be preparing for its fourth nuclear test. he says there are no unusual signs of a test. in the meantime, north korea said it would withdraw workers from a factory that's jointly operated with south korea, the north also threatened to close the factory. how should the u.s. react to all of this? a national security expert will be talking about korean intentions at a free town hall tonight in san francisco. dr. gloria duffy is a former nuclear arms negotiator and she will be speaking at the commonwealth club at 6:00. 7:17. secretary of state john kerry is in israel trying to restart those middle east peace talks.
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here's a new video of kerry. this is in jerusalem at a wreath laying ceremony at a holocaust memorial. yesterday, kerry met with mahmoud abbas in the west bank. today he's scheduled to meet with israeli leaders. this is kerry's third trip to the middle east since taking office in february. osama bin laden's son-in- law is due to appear in a new york courtroom this afternoon. authorities say he acted as the chief spokesman for al qaeda at the time of the september 11th attacks. he was captured several weeks ago in turkey, then was handed over to the united states. last month, he entered a not guilty plea to a charge of conspiracy to kill americans. 7:18. in new hampshire an escaped inmate who took hostages at a hillary clinton presidential campaign office back in 2007
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has been found and arrested. 52-year-old lee land icenburg walked out of a minimum correction facility and was found and taken back into custody. he faces two years for walking into her office claiming to have a bomb. he was sent back to prison in 2010 for parole violation. the city of oakland is getting rid of some of the fees for the its mun isal -- mun isal i.d. card -- mup is pal i.d. municipal i.d. cards. a new card office will open in may on intersection boulevard. 7:19. the wind, the big story today, strong winds causing major problems in parts of the bay area. look out the window.
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these are live pictures. steve's coming back. he will tell you where the strongest wind gusts are being reported. here's slaughter for 3. yes! >> a history-making season for cal women came to an end. what happened last night in the final showdown. good morning. the golden gate traffic looks good. we'll tell you more about the bay area weather.
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west virginia want background checks to cover online sales. they were expected to stop
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short of including sales between relatives and temporary transfers for hunters. this plan is watered down, compared to what president obama has been pushing for in the nearly four months since the deadly shooting in newtown, connecticut. the president speaks about 50 miles from sandy hook elementary to drum up support and took put pressure on congress to act. >> 92% of the american people want universal background checks. i can't get on the plane as the governor of the state of connecticut without somebody running a background check on me. why should it be different for funs? >> reporter: some say this new legislation might not make it to a vote when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. attorneys for the nfl and former players will face off at a hearing today on concussions.
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nfl lawyers will try to convince a judge to dismiss a class action lawsuit. former players and families sued accusing the league of hiding the dangers of long-term concussions. some have suffered brain injuries, some have committed suicide. tonight is the big night for basketball fans. the louisville women are playing tomorrow night but that's bad news for cal bear fans. they are flying back to the bay area. louisville beat them. the bears had made it to the final four for the first time
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in the school's history. >> it means everything. just the fact that they are making history by being there for the first time ever. that makes it exciting. >> we've had a couple of games that have come down to the very end. you can't quite give up on had team. >> yeah. the louisville women will play connecticut for the national championship tomorrow night. 7:24. want to check in with sal who is keeping a close eye on the commute and starting in the south bay. sal? >> it's windy all over the bay area. not just in the north bay, but the south bay and east bay. starting off with a look at 237. a lot of people are back from sprick break. 880, you see the -- spring break. 880 you see the cameras shaking. you will feel the winds almost everywhere you drive. 101 and 280 still look good.
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let's go to steve. most locations had .10 of rain. it will be sunnyside up. just really windy. the low-pressure system is visiting nved. it's on its -- nevada. it's on its way to the four corners. there will be a whopper of a system. 30s, 40, half moon bay has had up to 50. sfo, gusts to 50. generally around 20 to 30. some areas are just not in on the wind. 40s on the temperatures and still the breeze out of the west or northwest. 20 at oakland. windy conditions, high pressure to the north and low -- the low into nevada. sunny and windy. it will be a beautiful day for visibility. i mean chilly to mild.
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i say strange temperatures they are all over the place. anywhere from 50s to 70s. the extended outlook has warmer weather with 80s. as melissa said it's time to do the yard work. that's correct. >> thank you, steve. 7:26. new details in the search for a missing inmate. what we're learning about the man who walked out of a contra costa detention facility overnight. check out the sand drifts on the great highway. we're live where the wind is causing problems for commuters. >> reporter: and the owner of this doughnut shop is recovering after being shot at by a robber. we've give you more details on exactly what happened and who police are looking for.
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we're tracking the effects of a high wind advisory on the morning commute. tara moriarty is live in san francisco's ocean beach neighborhood where winds have toppled trees and the -- forced the closure of the great heir. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. i'm closing my eyes because the wind is so strong. you can see i'm on top of the sand pile where the wind has blown the sand.
7:31 am
into three-foot high piles along the great highway. we're right near sloat if you know where that is. around 4:00 a.m., my photographer and i were getting pelted by the sand. it was simply a sandstorm out here. we want to show you some video from earlier this morning where crews shut down the great highway from lincoln to sky line. cars were getting stuck in the sand and spinning their wheels. a giant eucalyptus trees toppled on 48th avenue. crews are just arriving to try to clear that out. the bus stop nearby is temporarily shut down. the gus is gonna pick -- bus is gonna pick up commuters one block away instead. it could take hours to clean this up. there are trees and downed power poles all over the city. >> for us, we're just busy. we have so many calls. we almost can't handle them. but we're doing the best we can. as you can see, we got cars getting stuck over here at the great highway, hopefully we can
7:32 am
get it completely closed down before anybody really gets stuck. >> reporter: in the crocker amazon neighborhood on mission and geneva, trash bins were  knocked over. let's take a live look at -- [no audio] [no audio] ush. >> all right. we had tara moriarty bringing us the latest on the weather and the traffic. steve is coming back. how are we looking? >> i hope so, dave. that gust 65, 75 miles an hour. visibility is outstanding although we do have a wind advisory, temperatures, 60s and 70s. it's the wind that's been the big story. the wind advisory for the bay
7:33 am
area. there's gusts ato 50 along the coast. it will be a sunny but breezy to windy day. here's sal. steve, good morning. right now the traffic is going to be busy on bay bridge bridges. we're looking at the westbound here -- been here. it will be very crowded and slow on the bridge. it will be windy. people are slowing down on the spans, as they should. if you are three flying out of sfo, you may want to check the status of your flight. airport officials say delays to the wind are possible after 8:00 this morning. wind is expected to result in changes causing planes to take off or land on different runways than usual. strong and gusty winds are expected at the airport until at least 5:00 p.m. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we'vbeen asking our viewers to send us their photos. this is from carlos ortiz in san jose. a tree came crashing down on a
7:34 am
carport hitting cars. this is at beatrice court. if you have weather photos we would love to see them. just send them to photos at or upload them to our facebook page or you can tweet them to us. be sure to include where the photo was taken and we may share some of your photos later on. 7:33. san francisco police busy, searching for a gunman behind an early-morning shooting and robbery at a doughnut shop. brian flores is on bayshore boulevard right now. brian, you have new information. >> reporter: that's right, dave. good morning to you. police left some time ago. as you can see here in front of the happy doughnut, business as usual. customers going inside there. but that certainly was not the case about four hours ago as there was an attempted robbery, stabbing and shooting here at this doughnut shop. police say at 3:00 a.m., a male suspect tried to rob the owner. instead of the owner backing
7:35 am
drown, he got into a confrontation. i just spoke with the wife of the doughnut shop owner. she tells me that she opened the door at 3:00 a.m. that's the usual time that they opened. then a man about 5'8" or 5'9" pulled a gun out, put it to her head, told her to go on the floor and then demanded money. but instead of mack backing down -- but instead of backing down, the owner stabbed a suspect. there was yelling, a confrontation that led to the front of the store and that's when the suspect fired shots. according to the wife, her husband was shot at least three times, once on the arms and then his ribs. he was taken to the hospital where he's treated and he's expected to be okay. in fact, he said he may return to work this morning. the bad news, the suspect remains on the loose after he fled the doughnut shop on foot and that has made some customers we talked with this morning a little nervous.
7:36 am
>> oh, my god. that's just right down the street. that's where i go in the morning. i was just there the other morning getting my breakfast. it is scary. >> reporter: at this point, police have not released any official suspect description and according to the employees that we talked with this morning, the suspect didn't get away with anything. if you saw or heard anything, you are urged to call san francisco police. we're live here in san francisco, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:36. two men remain in critical condition after a police shooting in conviction. it happened yesterday morning near the miss district police station. police say one man pulled out a weapon. police say they were forced to open fire to protect the crowd. a gunman and second suspect were wounded. the weapon turned out to be an air-powered gun. this was the second police
7:37 am
shooting in the bay area, the past few days where the police officers fired on suspects who had fake guns. these sort of replica guns are causing major problems. in many cases, it's almost impossible for the police to tell the difference between a fake gun and the real thing. that's especially true when police are forced to make a split-second decision. here's quick look at the numbers of the shootings in the bay area. five in alameda county, four in san francisco, four in san jose, two in contra costa county, two in napa county and then one in sonoma county. 7:37. today woodside elementary school is honoring a concord father and daughter killed by a speeding driver one year ago. a bench at the school will be dedicated to the little girl. this comes after 100 people showed up for a vigil on treat
7:38 am
boulevard. that's when a teenager hit and killed solaiman nuri and his daughter. they were riding bikes. >> i don't think you are ever okay. how can you be okay? there's many moms here. there's many wives. you are never okay. >> the driver, david rosen, pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter. he was sentenced to more than seven years in the juvenile facility but will be released when he turns 21. the contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating a sidewalk accident that seriously injured a pedestrian. the chp says a car drove onto a sidewalk and hit a man on alvis lane in baypoint yesterday afternoon. that man was taken to a hospital in critical condition. we don't know his condition this morning. the driver is reportedly cooperating with investigators. 7:38. right now, contra costa county authorities are searching for a
7:39 am
missing inmate. upt dos say coleen to -- deputies say colton quinnman meant missing from facility in clayton. he's described as a white man, about 6 feet tall, weighing about 165 pounds. he has brown hair, hazel eyes and deputies say he's probably wearing gold pants and a white t-shirt. if you have any information, call the contra costa county sheriff's office immediately. well, graffiti is an increasing problem on san jose freeways and the rail crossings even as they were making progress as they were removing from it -- removing it from neighborhoods. the in petaluma, city schools
7:40 am
plan to bring in drug-sniffing dogs on their campus starting this month. the petaluma paper reports that k-9 units will randomly come in and look for drugs at empty hall rooms, classrooms and in the hallways. now, the program will start at kennelworth junior high school. 7:40. want to check in with sal. keeping a close eye on the commute. a lot of drivers still having a lotle with the wind. >> that's right. it's been windy all morning long. it's still windy. let's start off with the toll plaza. you are gonna be waiting in a lot of slow traffic. it's a 35 to 40-minute delay. that's worse than it normally is trying to get into san francisco. you will be waiting for a long time. i think a lot of people are back. kind of a rough commute.
7:41 am
also had some rough commutes in the city and some windy conditions on bay area bridges and causeways. be careful about that. we have a new crash reported. southbound 680 at highway 24. walnut creek, we've had a traffic hazard there as well. 242 is slow. this morning, so is 680 in contra costa county. as we move over to the east shore freeway, we've had some slow traffic this morning from pinole to richmond, definitely seeing a change in the pattern from last week when a lot of people had the week off. today, not so good. probably gonna stay this way for the next -- well, gonna be back to school, back to work for everyone. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a very good morning. we had rain overnight. about .10 to .3. the most i saw was dublin. .3. in livermore, .25. ben lomond, santa cruz mountains, .25. about .10 or less. the wind is the big story. 65 to 705 miles an hour along
7:42 am
the coast. right now we're seeing about 15 to 35, occasionally gusts at 40 miles an hour. sfo gets into the vicinity. a lot of reports of garbage cans all over the neighborhood. it was a very windy morning. ronald thompson in crescent city said that's a cool map. what was that? can you show that again? >> this is showing the windfield in this area. the pivl or the -- the pink or the -- fuchsia? something like that. that's 50 miles an hour. that's what's going on on the coast. inland, not that bad. but the strongest gusts have been from the bodega buoy to the half moon bay buoy. the low is right there. now, that's what's responsible for it and it's still giving some -- cindy in reno said
7:43 am
there's off-and-on snowshowers. some rain or snowshowers. i kid you not. storm prediction center is already painting nebraska and kansas for tomorrow. this will be a major severe player. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. tonight will be clearing and cold. the wind is out of the north and northwest. it will die down and turn more northerly. the high pressure to the north, low pressure to the nevada area. kind of chilly to mild on the lows. really strange on tough temperatures. really tough. i work on these very difficult this morning because there were 10-degree differences for certain locations. 80s by wednesday. still looks pretty good by the end of the week. it will be cooler by the weekend. 7:43. sad story out of north carolina where two children died at a construction site. what investigators say happened just moments before the children maim trapped under a pile of dirt. and the new lottery game
7:44 am
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stocks opened slightly lower on wall street as major u.s. companies prepare to start recording their first quarter earnings results after the closing bell. telecommunications and healthcare stocks had the biggest declines. >> the dow is down 49, the nasdaq is down 4. s&p down 1. you can buy a powerball lottery ticket right here in california. the first tickets went on sale at 6:00 this morning. lawrence vonn is live in --
7:47 am
lauren vonn is live in los angeles. has the fever hit yet? >> reporter: i have come down with a face of it. 5:30 this morning, i bought the first powerball ticket here at the farmer's ticket newsstand. the fever is affecting my speech. it's so exciting. powerball finally here in california. you no longer have to go across state lines to get your tickets. tickets go on sale, the first drawing is on wednesday. i'm here with the owner of this newsstand. what does this mean for you and your business. >> we expect some really healthy sales. a lot of excitement. bigger jackpots. i think had will be really big. six out of the ten biggest jackpots have been powerball. but california has been left out until now. have your customers been asking for powerball. do you think they will be excited about it. >> i think so. i think the customers respond
7:48 am
to the jackpots. powerball is gonna deliver it. >> reporter: they've already sold -- >> 10,000 in the first hour. amazing. >> reporter: amazing. i was the first to buy a ticket here. >> yes, the very first. >> reporter: i hope that's a lucky sign. >> i hope so, too. >> reporter: this will bring in $100 million for california's struggling schools. so that's good and the jackpot right now for wednesday's drawing, $60 million. so paul, let's say i win this jackpot, you get about -- 300,000? >> yes. half of 1%. >> reporter: let's open it's a win-win for everybody. >> absolutely. i hope you win. >> reporter: tori, back to you. >> thank you, lauren. the san francisco international airport is celebrating the arrival of sand naveian airlines' new nonstop flight from copenhagen. the first flight is scheduled
7:49 am
to arrive at 2:45. the airport division of the san francisco fire department will perform a water-cannon absolute in honor of the occasion. passengers are becoming less happy with airlines as flights are getting fuller and seats are getting smaller. federal data on airline performance show the customer complaints went up to 20%, despite on-time arrival and mishandled baggage is better. mike rice, this video shows him hitting, kick, taunting some of the players. there will be a meeting to organize the education system. but a lot of people plan to
7:50 am
focus questions on the basketball scandal. some want the university president to decide after he decided to put rice on suspension rather than firing him. as congress gets back to work after a two-week recess, immigration reform is high on its agenda. the bipartisan gang of eight senators are due to released proposed regulation -- legislation sometime this week. reportedly it will include a path to sit denship -- sitsenship. it will -- sitsenship -- citizenship. undocumented workers would be fined. they would have to pay back taxes and also pass a background check. a border security commission would be established. no undocumented workers would be eligible for citizenship until the border is secure. immigration reform activists are planning a major rally for
7:51 am
wednesday in washington. ten minutes before 8:00. rescue crews in north carolina did everything they could to save the lives of two children trapped under a pile of dirt but the operation was so difficult, it was just too late. early this morning, crews recovered the bodies of a 6- year-old and a 7-year-old from a 24-foot hole. authorities say the two were helping one of their fathers at a construction site when the dirt collapsed, trapping them inside. >> these are very horrific circumstances that this happened with these children. not only the family but this community and these responders mourn the loss of these two children. >> investigators are now trying to figure out how the dirt collapsed, authorities say the father had been digging with a backhoe earlier in the day. 7:51. putting california on the fast track. what governor jerry brown is hoping to do during a very
7:52 am
special trip to china. construction has started on the new merge lanes along 680. what the engineers hope will make it better out there and how your commute may be affected. blam exwhrap is it wrong to buy an entire outfit to match your mani-pedi? shop like a fashionista. not if you find something amazing for less than the price of it. save like a maxxinista. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx.
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7:54 am
governor is headed to cheaun -- china. he says china wants to invest billions in the u.s. he will ride the train being joined by the high-speed rail authority. amtrak train service in the northwest will be affected until tomorrow after a muslide derailed the service yesterday. no one was hurt. tracks will be shut down tomorrow so crews can make repairs. construction has started on 680 adding some new merge lace. but you drivers have to deal
7:55 am
with nighttime lane closures. construction will cause lane closures weekdays from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. once it is all finished. drivers will have more time and more space to merge on and off the freeway. the traffic engineers say accidents should be reduced, traffic should be flowing better out there. this may take until the middle of next year to finish the work. 7:55. want to check in again with sal. really the big story is the wind. one of the things that we've noticed. a lot of people driving more slowly as is prudent across bridges, causing a little bit of a delay out there. you should factor that into your commute time. let's look at 237. it will be okay here. a little bit windy. gusty on all of the bay area
7:56 am
causeways. traffic will be busy. bay bridge we've had a big backup. stretching out to macarthur maze and the metering lights. just got word of northbound 680 at el serrow coming out of danville. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. >> wind advisories out are now. we've had -- are out. we've had -- dan, says man, the visibility is great. no kidding. we'll be able to see forever. unlimited. 40s on the temperatures to 50s. tonight clear and cold. tomorrow morning will be very cold. sunshine and then warmer weather. still a northwesterly component. a north wind can be really warm for some. 31 tahoe. 36 reno. off and on rain showers. 41 eureka. that's pretty chilly.
7:57 am
rain last night about .10 to .3. the low is in nevada. clouds move out. strong winds behind that. but generally, the 75-mile-an- hour gusts seem to be winding down. that was early this morning. really tricky temperatures. tomorrow will be easier after a cold morning. we'll go for a lot of 60s. if a north wind hits santa rosa, they could easily go to 78. and then mid-80s. thursday and friday pretty good. it will cool down. a lot of people talking about the death of margaret thatcher. >> we've lot a great prime minister, a great leader. a great -- a great britton.
7:58 am
you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the new hazelnut macchiato from starbucks. crafted by hand & heart. [ male announcer ] the new hazelnut macchiato from starbucks. you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. a weather alert. we've been telling ut about the
8:00 am
winds -- telling you about the winds. let's go first to meteorologist steve paulson. tell us about the winds now. >> well, they are not too bad. they were a lot stronger. between 1, 4. it's sunny and going to be a great day for visibility. that's for sure. but the low gave us light rain. it's swinging into nevada. still some snowshowers, rain showers. it will be gone by tonight. the gusts at sfo, 50, 75 near ocean beach. but still about 25 to about 35 although things seem to be calming down for a few. it will still be a breezy, blustery day. we have a wind advisory. here's sal. traffic is going to be moving well on the golden gate bridge. it's very windy across that span and other spans as well. the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge.
8:01 am
you will feel the wind. and people may be driving slower because of it. 8:00. let's go back to the desk. the wind is causing power outages as well, knocking out power for thousands of people around the bay area. more than 8,000 customers still have no electricity on the peninsula. 970 customers have no power in the north bay. more than 1200 lost their power in the south bay and about 190 have no electricity in the east bay. 75 have no power in san francisco. now, you can get all of the latest information on changing weather conditions and also flight delays at any time at and also on our mobile applications. new this morning, an investigator is trying to find the cause of a wind-whipped sunnyvale fire. it started in a garage and then spread to a duplex on angelview
8:02 am
and mathilda. christien kafton has more. >> reporter: the chief tells me the firefighters are on the scene monitoring for hot spots. you can see one of the homeowners getting a first chance to get a look at the damage up front. crews are also waiting for a fire investigator to arrive on scene to see if there are any accelerants in that garage back there which is believed to be the source of this fire. >> that will be part of the investigation. we have a fire investigator who will talk to the homeowner to determine what sort of activities he does in the garage and try to determine that. >> reporter: we were on scene at 4:10 and watched as the wind whipped the flames from that unoccupied garage to the neighboring duplex. the owner says the wind drove the flames into his neighbor's homes. >> the way the winds were blowing, unfortunately for my
8:03 am
neighbor, it blow right into their place. -- it blew right into their place. ours is nothing compared to what they have. >> reporter: now, firefighters have told us that despite the early hour and the fact that people were living in all three of the homes involved. no one was injured and everyone is accounted for. coming back to our live shot, you might be able to see that battalion chief. he's still on scene. he told me at this point, they are waiting for a fire investigator to arrive here on scene to help them determine exactly how this fire started in the first place. we're live in sunnyvale, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:03. we're following developing news this morning regarding the death of former british prime minister margaret thatcher. reportedly, thatcher died of a stroke. she was not only britain's first female prime minister but loss the longest serving. she served three consecutive terms from 1979 through 1990
8:04 am
through the end of the cold war. she was also known for her strong partnership with ronald reagan. david cameron reacted to news of her death this morning. >> and the real thing about margaret thatcher is she didn't just lead our country. she saved our country. i believe she'll go down as the greater british peacetime prime minister. >> within the last half-hour, the white house released a statement from prime minister. the president says that margaret thatcher "showed our daughter there's no glass ceiling that cannot be shattered." she retired after a struck in 2002 after a stroke. she was 82 years old. happening now, these are pictures of the fans and friends lines up all morning to attend roger ebert's funeral. ebert's family wanted the service to be open to the public. the memorial is just beginning. ebert was 70 years old when he died last week after a ten-year
8:05 am
battle with cancer. ebert became a household name from his television show and was the first to pin a pull lits prize for film criticism -- pull its prize for -- pulitz prize for film crit crit -- criticism. luckily water in the lake was shallow when a pilot and his three passengers were able to wade out of there after their plane went down. >> very lucky. >> yeah. minor injuries. let's check in with sal. the wind still an issue for drivers? >> it is. northbound 680 at el sero road -- let's try this again.
8:06 am
el sero boulevard. boulevard. in danville. there's a crash there. that's a very busy area to get to the freeway there. you will notice delays not only on the freeway but some of the side roads. people will try to take some of the roads to get around. you might see some slow traffic as well. it's been busy on highway 4 in antioch. highway getting to 2242. let's -- 242. give yourself extra time. the bay bridge has been picked up for a 30-minute plus delay. i think that's worse than usual. i think a lot of people are back from spring break. add to the fact that people are driving a little bit more slowly across bridges that's causing extra delays. here we are in san francisco as we look at the commute, northbound 101 approaching the 80 split, you will definitely see some slower traffic. let's go to steve. sal? >> yes, sir.
8:07 am
>> hello there. i haven't had a chance to say hi to you yet. >> hello, steve. >> you know cassie jean. >> yes. >> big spray, high surf, sand blowing over the high. brisbane, nice and sunny. it will be sunny -- well, first the rain and then the wind. we had etwo events and -- two we had -- we had two events. by wednesday, 80s are likely. chloe in clearlake said really? yes. that will probably be concord, livermore, some locations will not be that warm. cooler by the weekend. what? you have to do that to us? that's the way it looks. now, the forecast models, they were forecasting a pretty cold event. they backed off on that. they are all over the warmup for this week. this is a windfield map in the area. steve wrote me and said that's
8:08 am
salmon colored. okay. that's fine with me. that's 50 miles an hour. right there. off the coast we're still getting 50-mile-an-hour gusts. half moon bay buoy and -- not so bad and then the bodega bay, 19, 20. it's been kicking off the coast and also some of the higher elevations. there's still gusts 60 to 70. all associated with that low which came zipping by. there's still off-and-on snowshowers. you can see it scattered. it's still there. this system will be a huge -- will be a huge severe weather player as it moves across the country. tomorrow it's painted for nebraska and kansas. the next day, it will be in the plains. it will fire up big time. this is a really dynamic system. 40s and 50s. the main is mainly westerly to northwest. tonight will be the northerly
8:09 am
breeze reno is 35. possibility of some rain on sunday. possibility. we'll see. sunny and windy today. chilly to mild. i say those strange temperatures because the forecast projections, there's about four of them. they were all over. there's a 10-degree spread. some was like 60. others was like 70. i kind of split the difference on these. it will be warmer tomorrow and definitely on wednesday. friday will be okay. it does look like a pretty good cooldown with clouds rolling in. 8:09. those winds, they are causing big problems all over the bay area. trees have been toppled and power has been knocked out to thousands of people. ktvu's alex savidge is in san mateo county right now. you know some of these trouble spots around the area. alex? >> reporter: well, good morning. yes, here in san mateo county early this morning, the high winds brought down some power lines along highway 84, near
8:10 am
the woodside area. that forced a road closure that was in effect just a few miles up from where we were. we just drove up in the area and checked out the situation, it appears that the crews have taken care of the problem there. but across the bay area, strong gusts have caused a lot of damage. i want to show you the scene in newark. that's where a large tree toppled on spruce street. firefighters were called in there to cut up the tree. over in pleasant hill, a large tree was blown down right on top of a pickup truck ge there. this was around 2:00 this morning at a condo complex on the 400 block of ridgeview road. the building itself was not damaged. the truck was. the good news, no one was injured. here on the peninsula, downed trees have triggered a series of outages. pg&e says at this point, still roughly 20,000 homes without power in -- in montera and
8:11 am
half moon bay. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. sheriff's deputy say a cock- fighting ring has been discovered in patterson in stanislaus county. deputies went to an old building sunday afternoon. they saw more than 50 men running away from the building. some of them jumped into the san joaquin river. inside, deputies say they found three dozen live roosters and 50 dead ones. so far, no arrests have been and the investigation -- have been made and the investigation continues. more violence happening in afghanistan. the new attacks and also how a young diplomat killed over the weekend is being remembered.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
very stronk winds along the coast. but up in the sierra nevada, you can see the rain and snow. for us it's sunny. it will be in the 60s and near 70. in afghanistan, a roadside bomb killed nine people and wounded 22 others on a public bus. more than 100 people have been killed there. 20 people including 11 people were killed. the air strike came on the same day that six americans died in
8:15 am
an attack on a military convoy in another part of afghanistan. 25-year-old diplomat ann was among the dead. she died in a suicide bombing attack while delivering books to school children. >> we're consoled by the fact that, you know, our daughter was really doing what she loved and making an important contribution. secretary of state john kerry has condemned the attack. he called her death a grim reminder of how important and risky work is in afghanistan. 8:15. in a couple of hours, president obama travels to connecticut. he will be pushing for tougher gun laws.
8:16 am
here's more. >> reporter: more than a dozen senators say they will block a vote on any new gun laws legislation. but eadz say others like pat toomey want to expand the background checks to include gun sales and online sales. president obama speaks in connecticut this afternoon. he wants a limit on high- capacity magazines and an assault weapons ban. a debate could happen later this week. >> this is big issue. there are deeply felt convictions on both sides. we certainly should at least be allowed to get on the floor and have a debate. >> reporter: the push for gun control continues tomorrow. vice president joe biden is scheduled to host law enforcement officials at the white house. then on wednesday, first lady, michelle obama is supposed to
8:17 am
head to chicago to discuss ending gun violence. back to you. >> thank you. president obama is scheduled to release his proposed 2013 budget plan. this includes new spanding for public -- spending for public works projects and job training. it includes $580 billion in new taxes, something republicans oppose. the president is proposing a cut in social security payments. >> the president is gonna propose taking a little bite out of benefit increases down the road. he's gonna propose that the republicans sign onto some more revenues. after president obama releases his budget proposal on wednesday. he's scheduled to meet with a number of senate republicans for dinner. a prosecutor's union is accusing santa clara county jeff rosen of misusing public funds. the san jose her rueky news reports rose -- mercury news
8:18 am
reports that he's accused of giving extra time off. rosen is not commenting on the allegations. 8:17. well, this week, voters in san rafael, you will get ballots for an election in the mail to renew a 24-year-old public schools parcel tax for eight years. ballots will ask voters to review a parcel tax for grades 9 through 12 and a 194 per parcel tax for grades k through 8. exemptions would be available for homeowners 65 and older. a state takeover of schools ends today. almost nine years after a $60 million bailout. officials say the bailout came about after auditors found the school district faced a deficit
8:19 am
of tens of millions of dollars back in 2003. auditors found the school district greatly overestimated the enrollment and revenue and underestimated the cost. that bailout was the second biggest in california history. 8:18. members of last year's giants' team were given some hard- earned hardware during a world series ring ceremony. >> matt cain! >> larry bear handed out championship rings before yesterday's game at at&t park. here they are. they are made of white gold designed by tiffany & company and they represent the organization's seven championships. replicas were handed out to about 40,000 fans. and the as were smashing home runs. oakland finished a three-game series sweep in houston and
8:20 am
they did not leave unscathed though. jod reddick sprained his -- josh reddick sprained his hand while trying to catch a ball. the as won 9-3. big ball there. >> yes. 8:20. did you know that las vegas went country over the weekend? >> all right. ♪ >> i'm not kidding. we're gonna show you the country music awards and who took home some of the top honors. >> powerful winds have been battering the bay area all morning. meteorologist steve paulson will tell us when the winds will die down. good morning. highway 4 is a huge mess getting out to 680. we'll tell you what's happening there and how you can avoid this big mess.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
welcome back. after years of losing lots of money, the newspaper industry is not losing as much money as they used . the newspaper association of america says revenue fell just 2% last year compared to 2011. the slowest pace in six years. newspapers earned about $38 billion in 2012 compared to $39 billion in 2011. the newspaper association says
8:24 am
publishers turned to new businesses and raised more money from online subscriptions. more people seem to be canceling cable in favor of watching movies on the internet or their cell phones. there are now 5 million households without tvs which is up from 2 million in 20007. as a result, tv ratings company, the nielsen ratings are changing the way they track information to include broadband usage. singer carrie underwood got the fans on their feet last night at the country music awards. modesto black cadillac♪ -- black cadillac ♪ >> she was nominated for singer of the year and album of the year. but miranda lambert took it
8:25 am
home. luke bryan who co-hosted the show took home the top prize. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, one of the busiest men in the bay area this morning. the wind and you. >> that's right. we talked at 4:30. we knew it was gonna be here. let's go out -- we go on the air at 4. a 30 -- at 4:30. westbound highway 4 has been a mess. we had an earlier problem near 680. it has not recovered. if you are driving on highway 4 out to 680, it will be a mess. you might want to think about kirker pass road if you know your way around there. let's take a look at the bay bridge. let's gn very slow. it's obvious that spring break is over for many people.
8:26 am
the traffic has been slower than it was last week. hayward freeway, southbound 880 slow. i've drawn on the map here industrial at mission, that's a good area to avoid. hayward police are looking for someone they want to arrest apparently. this area is -- has a lot of police presence. avoid the area. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. crystal clear here. a lot of clouds and winds kind of roaring down the coast. cloud cover with snow and rain showers up in the sierra nevada. it will be a perfect day for visibility. numerous reports of people having to go around the neighborhood. lynn asked me to remind people this wind freaks out pets. that's true. we had strong, gusting winds. some of that should relax. the strongest gusts were around 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. we're getting some of the
8:27 am
higher elevations. generally, it looks like it's around 25 right now. i was just looking. san jose has calmed down. 40s and 50s. tonight will be clearing and cold. especially in wind-protect the ayaur -- wind-protected areas. oakland, half moon bay a north wind. that strong dynamic low went zipping in the sierra and it does not like the low. it's kind of a windy day. strong high pressure to the north and that strong low in nevada. 60s to near 70. tuesday, wednesday, sunnyside up and warmer. i think we get a rapid cooldown on thursday. we'll carry that into friday. there's hints of maybe some rain coming in on sunday. a topsy-turvy roller coaster week, dave. a man is in serious condition after being shot in richmond three times in his
8:28 am
grandmother's driveway. what we now know and how it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: we're seeing the aftermath of high winds. we'll tell you about some high wind advisories next. >> reporter: we're live in visitacion valley where the owner of a doughnut shop behind me is recovering at home after being shot at. we'll tell you who police are looking for as "mornings on 2" continues. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
8:29 am
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8:30 am
happening now -- the high winds steve has been telling you about, causing problems all over the bay area. ktvu's tara moriarty is live in san francisco's ocean beach.
8:31 am
wow, the winds have knocked down trees and even closed down the great highway, tara. >> reporter: that's right. check out the damage here at park merced. this is near san francisco state, a couple of miles from ocean beach. the wind's so strong in parts along the coast, daly city, up to 75 miles an hour. they toppled trees. in this case, it was enough to rip the sidewalk up off the ground. in sutro heights, wind gusts knocked over a giant eucalyptus tree on 40th avenue and geary. crews are trying to clear it out. the bus stop is temporarily shut down. they will be picking up commuters one block away instead. along the great highway, officials have shut down that road from skyline all the way to lincoln. >> the wind has blown sand into three to four-foot high drifts. >> we went through a couple of big sand dunes, we were about 40 miles an hour and set off the alarm.
8:32 am
my knee hit the key, the car alarm was buzzing. it was pretty exciting. but yeah, sand all over the place. >> reporter: in the crocker amazon neighborhood on mission and geneva high winds knocked off trash bins, spilling gather bige everywhere. -- garbage everywhere. right now we'll take a look at the bay bridge. all bay bridge bridges under a high wind advisory. that includes the carquinez, san mateo, golden gate and campers, trailers, definitely not recommended this morning. the wind has died down for now. it is expected to pick back up again a little bit later this morning. high winds should be lasting until dusk. there are downed trees like this one and power poles throughout the city. police and city crews have their hands full for the next several hours. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel
8:33 am
2 news. we're gonna check in with steve paulson and find out exactly when all of this will die down. is it around 8:00, 9:00. >> tara, you didn't do anything to style your hair this morning, did you? >> i wanted to show how the wind was blowing. >> it's a blown look. >> gusts 75 miles an hour near ocean beach. it was howling for a while. things have comed down a little bit, all associated with a rapid low. look at the low spinning into nevada. we had rain here last night. you were not dreaming but then the rain kicked up. we still have a wind advisory. there's still gusts over 60. overall, about 25 to 35 miles an hour. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. it will be sunny but the one thing, we'll clear it out. calm down. it will be chilly. we'll take a look at that in about five minutes. >> reporter: good morning,
8:34 am
steve. we're looking at the commute and it's very windy. if you are looking at the tv right now. i know a lot of you just listened. if you are looking at it, you can tell that our camera that's across the coliseum on a high building there is being blown around by the wind. that's gonna happen to you if you are driving as well, especially if you are driving a high-profile vehicle. if you are flying out of the sfo, check the status of your flight. airport officials say due to wind, delays are possible. wind is expected to result in changes in the runway configuration causing plains to take off or land on slightly different runways than usual. that adds delays. long lanes are expected. strong and gusty winds are expected until about 5:00. it affects sfo the most. at 8:34. let's go back to the desk. >> we've been asking you our viewers, send us your wind and weather photos. this is san bruno. you can see the picture shows a fallen tree on top of a car.
8:35 am
now, we want to show more of your weather pictures. send them to you can just upload them to our took pablg. tell us where the -- facebook page. tell us where the photo was taken. a man is recovering after gunshot wounds after he and his wife were attacked at their san francisco doughnut shop. brian flores is live with more. brian? >> reporter: good morning, tori. police left the scene around 4:00, 4:30 this morning, but returned about an hour ago to try to gather more evidence. as you can see, business is back to normal here at happy doughnut on the 2600 block of bayshore boulevard. customers are going back in. workers a little bit shaken up. but that certainly was not the case r earlier today as -- case earlier today as police continue to investigate a robbery attempt, stabbing and shooting that happened here. at 3:00 a.m., a male suspect
8:36 am
entered the doughnut shop and tried to rob the owner. we understand the owner got into some type of confrontation with the robber. and he actually stabbed the suspect. i spoke with the wife of a doughnut shop a short time ago, she told me she opened the door at 3:00 a.m. then a man about 5'8" or 5'9" wearing all black pulled a gun out, put it to her head, told her to go on the floor and demanded money. but instead of backing down the doughnut shop owner grabbed a knife and apparently stabbed the suspect apparently trying to protect his wife. there was yelling and some type of physical altercation which led to the front of the store and that's when the suspect fired shots. according to the wife, her husband was shot at least three times. in the arm, near his ribs as well. he was taken to the hospital where he was treated. he's expected to be okay. i talked with his son. he said he's resting at whom comfortably. the bad news you, the suspect remains on the -- the bad news,
8:37 am
the suspect remains on the loose. that's made some customers loose? that's right down the street. that's where i go in the morning. i was just there the other morning getting my breakfast. >> reporter: at this point, police have not released any official suspect description. in talking with employees of the doughnut shop, they say the robber did not get away with anything. but if you heard or saw anything from the robbery or shooting, you are urged to call san francisco police. we're live in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. a sacramento man who was shot three times outside of his grandmother's home in richmond is rekoffing this morning. police rushed to the house on south 20th street about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. police say the 33-year-old victim was standing in the driveway with two other men when an unknown suspect walked up and started to shoot. the shooter ran away towards florida avenue. those two other men were not
8:38 am
hurt. so far, no arrests have been made. 8:37. advocates for affordable housing are scheduled to rally today at san francisco's city hall. they are protesting a plan to allow thousands of ten anse in common apartments to convert to individualley-owned condos. those allow neighbors to purchase a building and share a mortgage. con-- converters say many of those people are stuck in bad mortgages and are at risk if one of the neighbors cannot pay. construction growing is attracting thousands of workers. the chronicle reports construction workers are coming here from colorado, texas, washington and nevada to get jobs. the state employment development department says california has added 53,000 construction jobs over the past two years. there is a bright spot for
8:39 am
some colleges. prop 30 is making it so many bay area colleges can bring summer classing ba. registration at many schools begins this month. chabot is adding about 50 more classes than last summer and several other colleges are doubling courses this year. sal, you've been talking a lot about the wind but you can tell spring break is over and you are watching the bay bridge right now. >> that's right. there is a big delay. westbound. much worse than last time. westbound as we go and take a look at this for you. the traffic is still backed up way out to the maze. 880 is slow. we're definitely seeing a change in the traffic pattern now. this week is probably gonna be this way until people adjust. you can see the traffic on the bridge will be okay but it's very windy on the spans all over the bay area. it will be that way for the rest of the day.
8:40 am
san francisco, northbound 101, the traffic there is okay. but it slows down on the skyway eastbound. this morning if you are driving on mission boulevard, mission and industrial, police activity, it's a good area for you to avoid. 880 southbound is slow as you drive from union city to fremont. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. things are blustery, not as bad as they were a couple of hours ago. don't forget the pets, some of those gusts can scare them. our system responsible, right there. this will be a big-time system. it comes out of the rockies. we'll be hearing a lot about this system. for us it gave us rain and really cranked up the breeze with high pressure building in behind it. the wind advisory, the strongert gust was 75 miles an hour, near ocean beach. that was around 2:00 a.m. now, things are about 40, 50 for some.
8:41 am
i'm still seeing gusts. temperatures are 40s to 50s being held up by the breeze which is mainly west to northwest. if it would turn northerly, temperatures would warm up. i think it's enough of a west another where you just kind of ease into it. the pattern is changing this week. we'll see a rapid warmup into wednesday. i think we cool it right back down. today, clouds move out. it's kind of interesting. still up in the sierra nevada we're getting reports of rain and snow up there. for us, it's going to be great visibility, sunny, breezy. kind of a chilly pattern. it can be very warm. i leaned on a lot of 60s and 70s. today is the transition day. tomorrow will be warmer after a chilly morning. we top it out on wednesday. mid-80s definitely possible. i think we turn things around. cool it down. it looks like clouds roll in especially on sunday for a big cooldown. 8:41. new this morning, an early- morning fire in vallejo has
8:42 am
left one person injured, treated for smoke inhalation. this all happened around 7:30 right here at this home on ventura street. firefighters think the fire started in a back bedroom. the cause of that fire still under investigation. two young hikers, lost for days in the santa ana mountains. one of the teens describing the terrifying ordeal. a bizarre check scam making victims think they won $300,000. who is getting these letters and why the fbi is getting involved. >> reporter: powerball fever is starting to grip california. we'll take you inside one of the popular lottery destinations right here in sunnyvale. [ male announcer ] you think you know me.
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[ seagulls squawking ] investors are turning their attention to u.s. corporate earnings. alcoa will be the first company in the dow jones to report its results after the close of trading today. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 40. the police chief from sacramento state is issuing a warning about a new scam
8:46 am
involving letters supposedly sent by the university foundation along with a check. according to the letter, the recipient must send a personal check to handle financing before cashing that 300,000 check. >> do not know how many of these letters went out. the ones we've become aware of are all out of state. >> the chief says two checks surfaced last week, one in connecticut. no victims have been reported. the foundation has not lost any funds. both the fbi and the u.s. postal service are investigating. boy, those high pedz winds, they've knocked down trees and power to thousands of bay area residents this morning. wind advisories are in effect for all of the bay area bridges. blowing sand there forced the closure of the great highway.
8:47 am
former british prime minister margaret thatcher died this morning at the age of 87 from a stoke. she was britain's first female prime minister and also the longest serving. thatcher served three consecutive terms between 1979 and 1990. pack here at home, a couple of hours ago, powerball lottery tickets went on sale in california for the very first time. ktvu's christien kafton joining us live. he's hoppy's food mart in sunnyvale. are people showing up to get their tickets. me and you as well? >> reporter: yes, they are starting to filter in and pick up the powerball tickets. we're inside hoppy's food mart. this is one of those lucky locations. you can tell. all of these tickets represent previous winners. there are probably close to 100 of them right here. now there's a new game in town. californians can now get in on the multistate powerball lottery. the first tickets went on sale
8:48 am
at 6:00. the first drawing is set for wednesday. that jackpot estimated at $60 million. the tickets are a bit more expensive than we're used to paying $2 apiece instead of a dollar. the odds of winning 1 in 170 million. the powerball lottery is known for having the biggest jackpots in history. in november, californians had to sit on the sidelines or cross statelines to get in -- to get in on the $550 million bower paul jackpot. within a matter of days after sitting that one out, the lottery approved joining the powerball lottery and dave, we are, in fact, not immune ourselves, getting into it -- getting into it ourselves. you can see some of the powerball forms so you can fill it out. here are some of the powerball lottery tickets. this is what they look like and let's hope these are some lucky tickets. i promise to share my winnings
8:49 am
with you if we get a little bit here. we're live in sunnyvale, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for the thought. one of the teenaged hikers who got lost for several days in southern california is now talking about the ordeal. he and his friend kendall jack got lost while hiking through the santa ana mountains on easter sunday. sendoya was able to call 911 right before his cell phone died. before they could be rescued, the two friends were separated and sendoya says he does not remember how. >> i cannot tell you. now that they told me i suffered a trauma, i guess maybe i fell. maybe we both fell and split ways. or i fell and she thought i was dead. >> sendoya was found wednesday night. his friend was rescued thursday. no life-threatening injuries. the coroner is working to identify a body found off the
8:50 am
coast. so far, sheriff deputies have identified the person only as an adult male. 8:49. it may take several more weeks to know what killed a 21-year- old college athlete from the south bay. the body of alyssa salaresa was found by a roommate. the autopsy did not reveal the cause of her death. but police say did not show any signs of foul play. it may take up to eight weeks before the toxicology and test results are back. she grew up in san jose. she was a top volleyball player and track star at whittier college in southern california. a woman who had a heart attack during the half marathon in san francisco is said to be in serious condition this morning. 5500 runners took part in the race. the athletes made their way across and heading back.
8:51 am
runners from 45 states and 15 countries took part in the race. ten minutes before 9:00. a new lawsuit claims the san francisco school district is partially responsible for a fire that severely damaged several western edition families. a total of four buildings sustained more than $8 million in damage. property owners on golden gate avenue and elm street are also named in the lawsuit. wikileaks is announcing the release of what it calls the kissinger cables. a set of 1.7 million u.s. diplomatic records. henry kissinger was secretary of state and national security adviser during the period covered by the collection. many reports were written by him or sent to him. wikileaks' founder said he organized his time in ecuador
8:52 am
where he had been staying to avoid an arrest. some lawmakers want the celebrity couple beyonce and jay-z because of their recent trip to cuba. the ban has been in foecket since fidel castro took power back in 1959. howf, last year, the -- however, last year, the obama administration lifted some travel restrictions. they instituted a people-to- people travel proem that promotes an educational exchange. in orange county, a popular former adult movie star is facing battery charges. police say jenna jamieson, former porn star, assaulted someone saturday evening. after the attack, reportedly, the victim made a citizen's arrest and called the police and then the police arrested jenna jamieson. she was released without posting bail. she later tweeted that a female friend broke into her home and
8:53 am
robbed her. 8:52. the world health organization is negotiating with china to send a team of experts to investigate a new strain of bird flu. the w.h.o. says it has no evidence that the strain is being transmitted to person to person. can china is working on a vaccine and asking its citizens to avoid contact with live poultry. 21 people have been inconnected. sicts of them have died -- six of them have died. a trial about whether baby foods should contain warning labels about lead gets underway. dole, gerber and del monte, the suit claims, are selling products with low levels of lead in them. the fda tested the baby food in the lawsuit and determined that level -- determined levels are below levels that require a warning. the company says the lead is naturalling occurring and does
8:54 am
not oppose a health risk. a company company -- a tori campbell story. fans all over watching him. >> go, go, go! >> calm down, tori. >> you are about to meet the new star at the university of nebraska. good morning. northbound 880, a little bit slow. it's also very windy out there. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the windy bay area weather. today i got these amazing designer heels. save like a maxxinista. what to get rid of this time? designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx.
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8:57 am
we saved the best for last. the university of nebraska have a new football star. he's only 7 years old. >> the midfield. >> he's adorable. he raced for a touchdown in a special spring time gail. the crowd goes wild. he's won the hearts of people across the country. he made friends with rex burkhead who also wears number 22. burkhead is heading up to boys' network has the 7-year-old begins more than a year of chemotherapy. what an exciting year for him. >> we're done. can't beat that. 8:5. we will go to sal. aers there -- there is a police search happening. >> industrial at this ate complex. it's a good area for you to avoid. police have surrounded the complex. i want to he show you the
8:58 am
traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is still busy there. at least 25 minutes. in san francisco, we have traffic that looks good. >> let's go to steve. sunny, breezy, windy. it will be clearing tonight and then sunny and warmer tomorrow and into wednesday. all right, steve. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> be sure to watch the news at noon for this windy start. we're always here for you at facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us. [ male announcer ] you think you know me. i'm just warm weather and beaches. but i'm so much more. i'm movie sets and studio tours.
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