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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 11, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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they ended up in a chase and the car ended up here on vanness and union. you can see that one lane is closed to traffic and it is still very early in the morning so there is not a lot of cars going by. we just spoke with a neighbor but he said he didn't hear the crash but he heard the fire hydrants spewing water and police this morning are looking for two suspects who stole a vehicle, lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we certainly had gorgeous weather yesterday -- >> it was a hot day yesterday. >> i don't think brian is used to this yet. yesterday was way above average but it is raining right now up in reno and also in chuck e., light rain and that system has
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a westerly breeze and it will certainly collapse but we have more coming up in about 7 or minutes or so, here is sal amount. >> you can see traffic looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza but is not bad, also the commute looks good coming into san francisco, less go back to the -- let's go back to the desk. four people were wounded in a rolling gun battle on the streets of vallejo. joining us live, tara moriarty will tell us what led up to the gunfire, tara? >> reporter: police are processing all of the information and there were two dozen bullet casings, just to give you an idea of the intensity of this shooting, police were able to find at least 24 casings as we mentioned and the rear window of a white car was blown out by
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gunfire and at least two bullets pierced the side door and officers say gunfire erupted and the two cars crashed. >> we discovered four victims at the shooting, two fled on foot but collapsed around the block. multiple casings all different sizes and injuries were nonlife- threatening. >> several different caliber casings were used in the shooting and of course we will bring you anymore updates as the morning progresses. there is an update. police have found the gunman after the officer was shot. the office duty santa clara
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paramedic was off-duty. he died from his injuries two days later. police are revealing the car was located near horse man university school. parents are angry about how an investigation was handled. police shot the young man three times in the chest. they disagreed whether he had a gun in his hand at the time and the police department determined the shooting was justified but the investigation was handled by a former oakland police officer. the attorney said a police officer and not the proper person wrote the final report. and it is happening in washington d.c. and we want to go to where they are placing
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100 grave markers one for every person killed for gun violence since sandy hook elementary school. and just over three hours from now, two senators and a democrat are looking into expanded checks on background checks for gun controls. >> i don't consider background checks to begun control. it is just common-sense. >> the national rifle association said they will not prevent the next shooting and they are also considering banning large magazines. we will have more later on today's live senate debate. >> stronger, better, tougher, stronger better tougher.
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>> and two years after suffering a gunshot wound to the head, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is talking about recovery. her right arm and right leg are both paralyzed. she understands what is going on around her and she and her husband have become out spoken about gun control. >> time now 4:34, police have now eye accident paid to a homeless man -- identified the homeless man who is the subject of an intense manhunt. this video of storm was shown last month shows him trying to steal a car a few days ago and he also stole a car last friday. deputies had to use a taser on him twice. he also stole a car linked to a
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church. contra costa health services is testing anybody who recently came in contact with a student who had tuberculosis. another student contracting the disease is only about 10%. and information on the new bay bridge span, they believe hydrogen got into several steel bolts and could have caused it to weaken. until they know what caused the problem, they can't say whether or not the new bay bridge will open on time or even months and the proposed opening. >> we are going to try and get open on labor day. >> project workers said they will try to open it before the
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bolts are fixed and if it is fixed, it should be stronger than the ones they are using now. the jackpot is still up for grabs. the state's first drawing was held in sacramento. the jackpot was estimated at $60 million. last night's winning numbers 1, 36, 40, 52, 53 and 20. we learned nobody won so the next drawing is saturday and the prize is now up to $70 million. >> time now 437, here is your first look at traffic, sal? >> well, i have a well, the of information, brian, claudine? >> traffic is doing well around the bay area and for the first part we are doll well headed out to the mcarthur maze some of the work has been pulled to
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the side. also this morning's commute looks good right through downtown getting up to the valley, let's go to steve. well, if you are watching you will raining, that will guy rye right is causing a big difference and the door is opened for that sea breeze. it will be cooler and yesterday was a warmer day by a lock shot. it is finance degrees cooler, a few overall clouds but mainly the low clouds. 14 on the temperatures and we have a little drop. fso to oakland 30 west and yesterday at this time, oakland had a northeast wind and i am
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getting it is a little more northwest, so overall tell use it, it mud be giving you a hugely warm pattern. our system is now monday in the middle of the country and it is a big rain and at last checkup in reno, much different air mass but that's cooler and much cooler by the coast. i spoke to vanessa and she said it was really warm on the coast. another low will drop down and that will give us cooler and more wind patterns on monday. a horrifying scene unfolds at a home depot as customers
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watch a man take a saw to his own arm. and a stungun used against a passenger on a part train and why the woman who pulled it out is being called a hero. the morning traffic looks good and we will be back with more, stay tuned. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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. yes, there is a little bit of rain, temperatures will cool down, 50s, 60s and 70s out of those 80s. john kerry will meet with government leaders in seoul to discuss troops on alert. north korea is getting ready to launch a medium range missile
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and western sources say it could happen at any time. they have the right to pose a threat to many in guam. rallies for immigrant rights were held across the valley and hundreds marched in san francisco. they are worried about deportation if lawmakers cannot agree on immigration reform. >> whether you drive or go to school, he everybody is trying to make ends meet. >> organizers were protesting detention it, people accused of low-level nonviolent offenses. they earn them to travel and
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people were bussed in all over the country including students from oakland and arc ily, postal services will continue to give saturday mail because they are ensuring 6 days of delivery. they wanted to stop six day delivery in august and that would he have lyle wait -- that would alleviate $20 million a day. they are trying to stop a whose and situation -- hostage situation with a gunman. the homeowner met them a gun and held them hostage. his house was in foreclosure and wanted his how tim tis --
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utilities turned back on. it is still not clear whether he died from of his gunshot wounds or if police killed him. he tried sawing off his own arm and when officers arrived to the man was already unconscious. a man shopping nearby helped to save the man's life with between you. the man a period to be in his 30 -- the man appears to be in his 40s. a little girl saved her mother by calling 911. >> she can't she is throwing up. sometimes she was like falling and fainting. >> wow, 8-year-old alexis called for help when her mother got sick. oleksiy helped her mom regulate her breathing and today
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lawmakers will recognize oleksiy in a special ceremony. a series of armed robberies and now suspects have been caught on tape. the surveillance video needing your help. >> it happened on march 10th. police say the man was sleeping on top of the elevator when other passengers went into to use it. medical examiner has identified him. zackary mckay had taken up two seats on a packed train yesterday morning when a 62- year-old passenger tried to sit down, witnesses say mckay became aggressive and attacked
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the old man. another witnesses zapped him with her stungun. he was arrested on a transit passenger and could face up to a year in jail. the woman with the stungun will not face any charges. let's take a second look at our traffic this morning. how is it looking out there. >> we are getting word of a car that has gone off a ditch over between napa and sonoma county and a woman has gone off the road and does not know exactly where she is but she knows she is near that golf course and police are driving that road, looking for her along with the police and fire department so we will let you know what is going on out there.
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no no major rob chills, no major problems into -- no major problems into san francisco. looking at the pass, 35 to 40 and it is due west, northwest of 48 and it's a riff roaring -- rip roaring turbo sea breeze, held in check by a northeast wind and that's out of here. yesterday was a warm wind and we'll see temperatures tumble, but when you get a sea breeze at testimony s -- fso, than sea breeze from fso to oakland no doubt about it, gusts are up to
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39 and up to the delta bay, even napa has one and everything is in place for a cool down and yesterday was way above average on the temperatures and that little system if you are heading up to the sierra nevada it will be a quick mover and be out of here in a couple of hours. 50s and 60s, one system clips us right there and a westerly breeze or wind, much cooler by the coast and in fact that 20 degrees drop, finance oz and 60s, we will be on a holding pattern and it is very similar to what we had last monday.
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aa man has an encounter with an animal and facebook is making sure facebook is more accessible.
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. check it out, it was a tiger shark, this was a rare thing caught on camera, marine biologists said the 10-foot shark likely sensed the fish and made a "b" line for the kaiak. it is unusual to catch that on camera and ice zack said -- eye zack said he is happy he lived to tell the tale. a family is taking up an area along this area and it's heavily used by beavers and cyclists. it is the first time in more than 38 years that a beaver
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moved in to this family and it includes a female beaver pregnant with two pups. and the video was taken at an outlet, and you can see two gentleman walking to the store, one man goes behind and points a gun at his head and demands cash. >> i don't know what he said but after that he shot up at the air and asked for money from the ridgester. >> -- ridgester. >> police believe the two men are responsible for seven armed robberies and there is a $20,000 reward in this case. they have filed a motion for a man accused of crashing his car into a wal-mart. he faces charges in connection
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to the wal-mart crash on east every sunday. they want to consolidate the case with the december 16th incident in which he is also accused of slamming into a mini- mart. thank to a feature called partner categories, advertisers can target their audience. advertisers do not have access to personal information. let's go back out. >> highway 12 near the napa sonoma line, a woman is trapped, she went off the road and once had slow traffic in this area and traffic is still light in the area and you will see a lot of emergency vehicles there. let's move along and see amidst here but the traffic is not well, 4:45, let's go to steve.
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>> some light rain up in the sierra nevada and point rays lighthouse, around parts of the bay, east bay, 0s to 50s -- 0s to 50s and that will give us a significant cool down especially by the coast. still some 70s, inland, temperatures are dropping a good 10 to 15 degrees and although late in the weekend, there is a wind event earlier in the week. we first reported this a few minutes ago. four people were wounded in a rolling gun battle, stay tuned. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant kind.
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who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? ah, this gal. boom! with the right soil, everyone grows with miracle-gro. . we are live in vallejo where four people are wounded after a rolling gun battle, we will tell you what we learned from police about the suspect's car. and san francisco's police chief reportedly made a big
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decision. also the recall affecting millions of popular cars, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is thursday, april 11th, i am claudine wong, let's get a look at your traffic and speed. how are we doing? and let's have weather first. just a howling sea breeze for some, parts of san francisco out to the pass and there is rain in the sierra nevada, 50s and 60s, here is sal. the morning weather is good, nice looking drive and the morning commute looks good on the golden gate bridge as you drive


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