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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 12, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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n't talk to me like that. he's going out the door. a quiet community rocked by allegations of sexual assault on a 15-year-old girl. tonight we're hearing from the suspect's attorney for the first time. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener. we're hearing about an alleged case of sexual assault. it led the 15-year-old victim to later take her own life. new details from maureen naylor. she's live with the first statement on behalf of the
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three boys charged in this case. >> reporter: the three 16-year- old boys are expected to be here until their first court appearance early next week. tonight the close and quiet community of saratoga so rarely in the headlines is trying to grasp the allegations. the three are accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year- old, and then distributing pictures of the assault. >> in the case of audrey she was terrorized. here's a 15-year-old dealing with being sexually assaulted by many boys who are her friends. >> reporter: tonight the attorneys for the accused boys said in a statement in part much of what has been reported over the last several day social security inaccurate. most disturbing is to try to link aubrey's suicide to the actions of these three boys. tonight i spoke to one of their family members who says it's been rough. >> i would like to see
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everybody who's part of what happened that justice gets done. >> reporter: the lawyer for pot's family says the d.a.'s office plans to try to judge to try the boys as adults. tonight we learned that the boy were sited in november but were released. investigators seized pictures of the crime. >> first need to get smarter first of all what's right and wrong and second of all this kind of crime. how would anyone think it was right to share photographs from a crime. >> reporter: audrey pot's parents are scheduled to speak on the case monday and the boys are expected to make their first appearance. and tonight we tried to
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find out whether the owners of the property where the crime took place could be charged. a $350,000 fine is imposed on a first offense to both parents and party organizers depending on age. repeat offenders face fines of up to $1,000. three of the boys were arrested in saratoga high school and the second boy was arrested in gilroy. his arrest came as a surprise to parents and students there. the message friends of that suspect wanted to send -- >> have a good weekend. >> okay. >> reporter: as students walked out of christopher high in gilroy they said staff urged them not to talk to us about staff. >> i like him. totally out of character. >> reporter: but friends wanted to come to his defense. >> plays football, basketball. i've seen the guy, we used to
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lift weights. he's my spotter. he's an awesome kid. my parents loved him. >> reporter: the boy transferred to christopher high from saratoga about one month into the school year. they say they didn't know about the allegations of sexual battery until he was arrested during first period p.e. on thursday. >> i spoke to his dad and he said, he's not guilty of what he's accused of. i take his word. >> i asked my daughter this morning do you know this person. >> reporter: denise teage says she's still stunned that one of her daughter's classmates is accused of such a crime. >> there's too much stuff going on with computers and these phones, it makes me sick. >> reporter: in a statement, he called the 16-year-old boy a good kid and a good student. in gilroy, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. in canada, police reopened a rape case that is very similar to the one in the south bay. friends of ratea parsons held a
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vigil in halifax. parsons was allegedly raped two years ago. then pictures of the assault were posted online and she was bullied for months. this week the girl hanged herself. now they say they have new information. new video tonight a fire in a fourpelx has displaced the residents of all four units. the fire started about 6:30 in one unit and it was gutted. another residence next to it was damaged. >> we had one person complain of smoke inhalation, they were treated at the site and chose not to go to the hospital. >> reporter: the two adults and two teenagers in the burned home got out safely. the red cross is providing lodging for all of the affects residents tonight. oakland police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a
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5-year-old boy in front of an elementary school. the attempted kidnapping happened just about 2:30 in front of burke halter elementary. the stranger approached the boy and tried to pick him up which is when a school class member intervened. the gunman then ran away. he is described as an african american men in his mid-30s, 170 pounds with a short buzz cut hair style. new information on the new eastern span of the bay bridge and the company that made those failed bolts. more than 30 of the bolts have snapped and need to be replaced or repaired. the dyson corporation has been sited for problems in the past. the sacramento bee say it is caltrans flagged the company for various deficiencies in manufacturers and in paper work. the bee reports some dyson
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parts failed tests. nevertheless, dyson was given a contingency pass and ordered to make improvements. the construction group was the lowest bidder offering just under $1 billion. however the link from mad era to fresno is expected to cost up to $1.8 million. the california teachers fund is selling nearly $10 million of stocks and two gun manufacturers companies. today the california state teachers retirement company announced plans to sell shares of wesson corporation and kruger. both make guns that are illegal in california including one of the weapons used in the connecticut school shooting. the republican committee
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held their national meeting in california and they issued their opposition to same-sex marriage. jonathan winters was 87 years old. winters died last night of natural causes in his home in montecito surrounded by his family. winters performed stand up at san francisco's legendary hungry eye in the 50s before breaking into television. amber lee is live now in the city with how local comedians are marking the passing of a legend. >> reporter: fans say this night of laughter will be
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singed with sadness. >> waney, waney, wackey. >> reporter: jonathan winters was a guest on mornings on 2 in 1998. he was the spokesman for california fresh eggs. he was interviewed by ktvu personality pitta. >> i've layed a lot of eggs have you. >> a couple. >> that's part of comedy, to lay a lot of eggs. >> you know how there's presidents of mount rushmore. picture a rushmore of comedians and jonathan's face would be right there. >> reporter: he would perform on the spot even when not on stage. >> he was a clown. >> reporter: price saw a different side of winters when he interviewed him.
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>> he had a very traumatic childhood. and it stayed with him. >> reporter: knockman says winters stood out from comedians. >> they loved him because he did something others didn't. he was a very traditional comedian. >> you want to roll down those windows, those new electrical windows. >> he did characters, he didn't do jokes. he didn't do one liners. he did characters. he was more of a performer. >> this is like the best present i ever got. or is it. >> reporter: robin williams worked with winters on mork and mindy. williams said today that
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winters his was idol. and in 90 seconds. >> it's supposed to shoo, birds away but instead it's killing them. >> plus your weekend forecast. i'll show you which day will be the warmest and a change in temperatures you can expect.
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a freeway expansion project is having an unintended
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consequence killing swallows. deborah villalon is live, she joins us with why outraged bird lovers says caltranss is breaking the law, deborah. >> reporter: ken just look up. these pillars have net strung around them to discourage birds from nesting inside those holes but the nets have become death traps. arriving from south america, the swallows have returned to the petaluma river bridge. to nest in it nooks with the wetlands below. >> i think on sunday there were 13 dead birds in the net. >> reporter: this year a manmade hazard trapping the swallows. >> they die a slow terrible death. some of them literally bake in the sun. >> reporter: advocates have been documenting the deaths. >> this season it seems they should have been prepared for it. they could have done a much better job. >> reporter: caltrans wants to discourage the swallows as it
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start as three year widening project on highway 101 and the bridge. but driven by habit, the swallows continue. >> they've achieved nothing. >> reporter: nothing but dead birds. myers now has workers remove at night. >> they've been trying to go nightly trying to repair the netting, pulling the rds and discarding them. so essentially they're discarding evidence. >> reporter: a few dozen have died. critics claim they counted 60 in just days. >> hundreds. is anybody going to come out here and do something. i'm watching a bird die out here. >> reporter: we knocked and called caltrans to see what's next for the birds. advocates want the net removed
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and if a barrier is needed that it's a smooth sheet against the concrete something a next will not stick to but a bird won't die either. deborah villalon, ktvu news. today a father was arrested for leaving his two children inside a hot car. it's the second time a parent was arrested for leaving a child in a hot car in the last three days. the man arrested today was shopping while his three and 4- year-old children were unattended in the car. on wednesday a woman was arrested for leaving her 4 -month-old infant in a hot car. it is now official in california a commonly used product in plastic has been declared a reproductive health hazard. the chemical known as bpa is used to soften plastic such as water bottles. according to the state's environmental agency bpa can cause birth defects.
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bpa is already banned from baby bottles and sippy cuts. days after george arakawa said he was seeking help for a gamble addiction, he went gambling. according to the san jose mercury news, three days after he turned himself in, he went to a casino near sacramento where he reportedly lost $200. a hearing is set for later this month to set a date for sentencing. he faces up to a year in jail. after four days of gains, the stock markets closed narrowly down today. the dow dropped a fraction but was up 2% for the week. nasdaq lost four points. next week analysts will be
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looking at numbers. so far the facebook phone reviews have not been great. the reviews online give the new program one star. some don't like the way it takes over the home screen. it appears facebook is losing some momentum when it comes to teenagers. fewer teenagers are using the site. grower in popularity among the coveted demographic redit, vine and snapchat. it's kerry's first trip to asian as the nation's top diplomat. kerry brought a stern message for yang. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry touch down in south korea armed with a message for the north. >> the united states will if
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needed defend our allies and defend ourselves. >> reporter: but he's also leaving the door open for negotiations. >> we are prepared to work with the conviction that relations between the north and the south can improve and they could improve very quickly. >> reporter: meantime there are more questions about whether yang can deliver a nuclear weapon or not. the question comes after a portion of an assessment report that was supposed to be classified was mistakingly marked declassified and then read aloud at a hearing on capitol hill this week. >> dias with moderate the north currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missells. >> there could be millions of the casualties, millions. >> reporter: michael knot worked as part of the defense for president obama. >> there were 25 million people in north korea, there are 45 to
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50 million in south korea. there's a new war and a lot of people get killed. >> reporter: white house secretary, jay carney. >> what they have not done is show a capacity to deploy a nuclear head missell. >> reporter: secretary kerry will also be traveling to china on this trip. china being one of the few allies of north korea. mike mibach, ktvu news. california democrats are gathering in sacramento for the state party convention. the kick off was the reception with the main business this weekend. democrats say they have a major business to address and educational spending is one of them. >> reality is we have to continue to make college affordable for the middle class. you're going to see a lot of focus of not just stopping cuts but expanding opportunity through education. attorney general camela harris, gavin newsom and house minority leader nancy pelosi are scheduled to speak. governor brown is not at the
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convention because he's in china on a trade mission. these are the high temperatures from your friday. nice day, 81 in antioch, 78 in fairfield, 80 in 80 in livermore. we're looking for numbers tomorrow very similar to today. there's some coastal fog that will show up at the coast. daytime highs are easily going to make it into the 70s and 80s. it's mild, 62 in the antioch. 54 in livermore. that's your friday forecast. as we head into sunday we're looking for more clouds. a little bit of wind and just kind of a different kind of a situation. when i come back i'll break it down for you. tomorrow forecast high specifics and sunday as we go into the weekend i will give you an idea of what you can expect the big changes we'll see you back here. the oakland a's may be the hospitallest team ár -- may be
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the hottest team in baseball. >> they're coming on just like last year. now they're getting used to it. >> i like it. they're playing good ball. they don't usually play this good early. >> reporter: a's fans say they hope the team will make it to the play offs this year just like they did last year. coming up a little later in sports, we'll have the highlights of tonight's game against detroit. coming up, we remember a boy who was killed while playing a game of chicken on the train tracks. the promises a refinery is making to a community.
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chevron released a new statement today on its investigation into the richmond refinery fire in august. in it the company admits it
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made mistakes and promises improvement. ktvu's john fowler explains to us what is laid out in that report and the message that chevron has for that community. >> reporter: chevron's refinery a small leak in crude unit number four suddenly exploded injuring six. toxic smoke sent 16,000 people to doctors. today we showed the chevron newspaper message, its promise to do better. >> this is the talk and we've heard the talk for all of my life here for the past 30 years. >> reporter: chevron promises to improve analysis and worker training. among the systemic chevron failures that led to the explosion. at 10:00 this morning, chevron put out this 58 page detailed report admitting mistakes for a decade. investigators found 11 serious and willful allegations. >> meaning the company knew and didn't take steps to correct.
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>> reporter: state senator lonnie hancock says she is filing a lawsuit. >> reporter: trust today was hard to come by. >> aside from any improved guidelines or technology we're still going to suffer the consequences. >> reporter: all this today, in the background of chevron asking for an extension to refine more crude that caused this fire. ktvu john fowler. >> we have posted the entire report from chevron. san jose police announced
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the arrest of a man accused of the death of a couple. medina is accused of shooting them in their home, the three children in the home were not injured. police say one man was standing on the corner when two people got out of a car and one of them shot him in the shoulder. the man's injr. reus -- injuries are not considered life threatening. he was targeted and so far no arrests have been made. a chain reaction accident in san francisco sent one woman to the hospital. one of the historic streetcars rear ended a car then three other cars collided. the accident happened on market street and sanchez in the castro district. a munni spokesperson said the
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driver of a car stopped suddenly at a light then the streetcar hit it. hundreds of rail passengers evacuated in news of the world, the explosives found on a railcar and what triggered the alarm. friends and fellow students honored a 15-year-old classmate killed last night. we'll bring you some of the touching tributes. and a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live right on our mobile device.
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some east bay students are coming to grips with a lesson one that cost the life of one of their classmates. students are remembering a 15- year-old who's dangerous game ended in tragedy. cara. >> and students are telling us it was a tough day on campus
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tonight. the marquee outside the school is cycling through about a half a dozen messages including one that says, in loving memory of a lost rebel. >> it's heartbreaking. >> we're going to all miss him. >> sad and scary. >> reporter: a few dozen friends brought flowers and wrote messages to remember 15- year-old austin price. >> he was friendly with everyone. he didn't care who you were. he would come up to you friendly say hi, and give you a hug. >> it's tough. it's seriously not the same without him. >> reporter: the sophomore had been with two friends early yesterday evening. deputies say they were playing chicken with the amtrak train when austin was hit and killed. a second boy suffered abrasions he was treated and released at the hospital. several parents accompanied the kids saying they wanted to keep the kids safe. >> i talked to my kids about safety. horseplaying, about the consequences of their actions.
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and how we could you know how we could turn bad really quick. >> reporter: these tracks run right by the school. they are a popular shortcut for students. >> we talk a lot about staying off of the train tracks and the safety around the train and it's so close to our campus. >> reporter: about 100 students also took part of an impromptu memorial before classes this morning. >> he's still my friend and i'm going to miss him. i'm going to miss him a lot. >> reporter: the school principal says counselors were available on campus today and services for austin have been scheduled for wednesday. live in san lorenzo, cara liu. a bicyclists died this afternoon after he fell into the path of a truck and then was run over. it happened about 12:30 on sir francis drake boulevard near point ray station. the highway patrol says the truck driver was passing the bike at a slow speed when the
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bicyclists lost control. that's when he fell, and was hit by the truck. the bicyclists was riding with two other cyclists at the time. the chp says the driver stopped and cooperated. keeping pedestrians safe. coming up in eight minutes the multi million plan unveiled today that aims to cut pedestrian deaths in half. hazardous material groups reported to two incidents in the bay area today. the more serious one happened in newark this morning. an unknown substance spilled when a bucket was tipped over. a worker got dizzy and passed out. he was taken to the hospital and said to be fine later. a sample of the substance has been sent to the lab to be identified. firefighters responded to the transamerica pyramid this afternoon because of a hazmat scare. the building's security staff reported getting a letter with some sort of substance in it. hazmat crews determined that whatever it was it was not a
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threat. a transamerica spokesperson said the building was not evacuated. they have arrested two transients for killing a man who's body was set on fire. police identified the two men as steven burns and christopher james as 25. burns stabbed the victim and james was an accessory. a man's burning body was found on highway 85 tuesday night. his identity has not been confirmed but it is believed he also is a transient. there was an argument. the victim was stabbed and later set on fire. a high school baseball game and lacrosse game are cancelled this weekend along with several special classes because of a threat against a bay area high school. today classes at scotts valley high school were called off after police were alerted to a threatening poston the school's facebook page. the threat posted last night promised a shooting rampage today at the school. investigators said the postwas made from a fake facebook
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account. >> he was just harassing a lot of people on it. and said whoever is at the high school tomorrow he's going to come and shoot them. people were not too happy about it. >> most parents and students we talked to said they think the postwas a host but they all agreed it was better to be safe than sorry. classes are expected to resume on monday. police evacuated 200 passengers from a high speed train after explosives were found in a bathroom. they said containers of gasoline were attached to a timer and were close to detonating. passengers had reported a smell of gas. police say at least one train could have been destroyed. in india, a fire swept through a slum on the outsecurities of new dehli. two 5-year-old children died. some of the residents attacked firefighters for their slow response.
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witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion before that fire started. many of the residents of the slum make a living from recycling trash. and in mexico, the government is calling on its citizens to cut down on assault. many people who live in mexico consume three times the recommended daily amount of salt. and high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity are growing problems. restaurants are being asked to take salt shakers off tables. starting next week, la balange bookstores will be available at starbucks stores. in order to meet the demand, la balange plans to double its south san francisco head quarters with 30,000 more feet of warehouse space. starbucks bought la balange last year. joshua trees are producing
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extra large blossoms. this may be their response to climate change. the theory is trees are producing more flowers and seeds in order to survive. just three days until your tax return is due. the tens of millions who will wait until the very last minute and how much the obamas will pay in taxes this year. >> bill martin is updating the complete bay area forecast. he's live with when will rain will return. and back in the spotlight. steve job's wife is throwing
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her support behind a product.
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the widow of apple cofounder steve jobs broke her silence tonight on national television. laureen jobs broke her silence. >> what he wanted to do in his life was create tools that allowed people to work at the highest levels. and i think he did that. and so that legacy is beautiful for me to live with. >> powell jobs wouldn't
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publicly comment on her husband's death. she was speaking out for the immigration system. according to the irs, 50 million americans wait until april to start their tax filing process. if you can't make the april 15th deadline you can request a six month extension to file. president obama has released his 2012 tax returns. the president and first lady paid a little more than $112,000 in taxes on more than $608,000 in adjusted gross income. that's at a federal income tax rate of 18%. the president earned more than $349,000 in salary and 258,000 in book royals. san francisco mayor ed lee revealed a new multi million dollars plan to decrease the
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number of pedestrian rates. rob roth has the story. >> reporter: about 1,500 people put their foot forward for walk to workday. >> it's about 4.2 miles from home to work. so that's an hour and a half i thought. >> reporter: okay, okay. >> i'm excited to do it. >> i have walking shoes. >> reporter: mayor lee walked to work. san francisco has had 17 pedestrian fatalities since 2011. 20 last year and six in the first month of this year. including a 50-year-old woman killed wednesday on a crosswalk. >> if we can narrow the roadway, widen the sidewalks, calm traffic and tame speeding we can save a lot of lives that way. >> reporter: the ten year plan includes retiming lights to give pedestrians more time to cross. reengineering streets near schools and improving 13,000
10:42 pm
curb ramps. they are changes that won't come cheap. >> the total package is about $363 million we found about 175 million which is a great start but we have about 200 million left. >> reporter: pedestrians must take a greater role in their safety too. >> don't assume anything before you put yourself out into a street in san francisco and for god sakes do not walk and text. >> reporter: 50% of pedestrian fatalities happen in crosswalks. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. sunday was the last day i heard of my brother. >> police found his rental car but have not heard from him. and the u.s. spent $80,000 of your tax dollars to save a stranded cruise ship. hear why the cruise ship
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company says it doesn't have to pay back a dime.
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friends and family members of a missing hayward man are calling on the public for help. the man hasn't been seen or heard from since last weekend. the mysterious circumstances surrounding his disappearance -- >> so sunday was the last day i heard from my brother. >> reporter: and hazel jane misses him. >> he's a wonderful guy, father, a great uncle, an awesome brother. >> reporter: it's been five days since 34-year-old nigel jay disappeared. >> everybody that speaks to him on a regular basis hasn't speaken speaken -- spoken or heard from him. that include myself, my brother, my sister. >> reporter: he went to drop
10:46 pm
off keys at their workplace. jay's sister says he was planning to return a rental car to this hertz lot but for some reason never made it. hayward police say oakland police found the car abandoned near 98th avenue on wednesday. >> opd mentioned the vehicle was unlocked but it was not rummaged through or nothing suspicious. >> reporter: no sign of nigel jay. >> brown eyes, black hair, brown eyes, we just want to find him. >> reporter: he was also scheduled to deliver medicine to his father on sunday and that never happened. >> i said well maybe he just needed togo some where and just escape. but even with that he would want to, he would postthat on facebook. >> reporter: his facebook account hasn't been updated since he disappeared. anyone with information about nigel jay is asked to call
10:47 pm
police. in alameda, i'm john sasaki. crews found the body of a missing ship worker. the worker fell into the water after the triumph's moorings fell into the water. it cost almost $780,000 to bring the crippled ship to shore. carnival released a letter today saying the government is under obligation to assist when there is trouble at sea. the cruise line also noted its boat participate in rescues at the coast guard's request. a mountain view postoffice is to be renamed after a fallen soldier. during his service he received three bronze stars and a purple
10:48 pm
heart. anna ishue asked to name the postoffice under the soldier. and a pretty nice day around here today. temperatures were warmer than the day before and they're going to stay on the warm side across the country things are kind of quite. some storms out in colorado. but for us we're looking for a clear sky. some clouds out there. coastal fog comes into the forecast. and you can expect some cooling right along the area beaches there. the bay area weekend looks good. as i mentioned before but your sunday is going to be slightly cooler than your saturday. that sets you up for the numbers instead of the 70s, upper 70s and low 80s, sunday you're going to see upper 70s. 47 in antioch and 46 in
10:49 pm
concord. forecast lows tonight kind of on the chilly side as you get going tomorrow. the forecast daytime highs and yellows are 70s, oranges are 80s. that's tomorrow. so lots of mid-70s, upper 70s tomorrow and low 80s. the grasses are down there and the weeds. but right now the tree pollens and you can see them right in front of your house. these three are there. whatever you have blooming in front of your car this is nice. if you're bothered by pollen it's likely tree pollen. sunday slightly cooler. because this weak low comes in. it could generate winds sunday night but it most certainly cool things off on sunday. the weekend is going to be nice. we're splitting hairs on sunday. it's just going to be cooler by five or six degrees. 77 in san helena, 75 in napa. 68 out there in richmond and 79 in richmond.
10:50 pm
i think you'll get a couple of 80s out there. you'll get 80, pleasanton you could see 80 degrees as well. mid-70s upper 70s down toward gilroy and along the peninsula you have a nice day. a little bit of fog. a little patchy fog showing up along the coast. the five day forecast with your area weekend in view. shapes up like this, we get that wind because if you remember last sunday if you remember that far back sunday night monday we had monday morning we had big winds. this has sort of the same potential as that. right now they're not forecasting 40-mile an hour wind. so we could see wind gusts at 35 to 40 miles per hour. >> looks like a nice day tomorrow. uber the san francisco online car service says it will now offer ride sharing in chicago and other cities. uber is known for its blacktown cars. now the company says it will offer ride sharing that links passengers with every day drivers. those drivers will have to get
10:51 pm
background checks. but uber is facing opposition by chicago taxi companies who say uber violates law. the public got a chance to see the new baby tiger at the san francisco zoo. there she is. visitors watched the 5 -week-old sumatra tiger venture into the enclosure and they watched mom carry the baby around in her mouth. she is 14 pounds now, getting big. for more video of the little tiger head to and look under hot topics. >> look how she cares them. >> no name yet. i guess there's a contest for that. >> that's so cute. mom is showing i'm boss. the a's they are continuing to hold on to that win streak. >> speaking of tigers. detroit tigers in town and the win streak is on the line. and the a's fit to be tied right now as in 3-3 bottom of the 11th. had to put a little ot if they were going to extend the vibe.
10:52 pm
josh redick honored receiving the gold glove award for his work last year. but there's nothing they could do off this 3-run shot by andrew. the a's scraped their way back into it. one of the keys in the streak, 2-out hitting. how about coco crisp in the seventh. going to score josh. victor martinez sends a bullet to right. and josh redick shows why he won the golden glove. we have 3-3. this one is going to sting for a while for the giants and their band back at wrigley. they were down in the ninth. now 2-down. brandon belt rifled it. two runs are going to score. his first rbis of the season.
10:53 pm
hunter pence with the slide the go ahead run. you just bring in sergio romo game over. no. the bomb to right, maybe wind aided, hit it pretty good though. 3-3. starling castro a goat in yesterday's game of the big era. a tone deep center. angel pagan cannot make the great catch. de jesus scores the game winning run and the giants mini four game win streak does come to an end. some of golf's greatest moments have always come at the masters, maybe more in store for this weekend. will tell you about that andset goes off against the lakers but it doesn't do all that good and a serious injury to kobe. details, sports part two after this.
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down south many fans may have come to see kobe but they left talking about curry. yet some things never seem to change. lakers have now beaten the warriors 33 of the last 38 meetings. curry had himself a nigh. -- himself a night. 47 total, he hit nine of 15 threes. the warriors led for the most part throughout this game. but we come to about 2-1/2
10:57 pm
minutes left. kobe already had gone down once. they say he has torn his achilles heel. he might be out until tomorrow. lakers by two, and look they have free throw and curry from 80 seed at the buzzer. nearly hits an incredible shot that would have topped off his night. instead the warriors fall shy. for those who think of the masters as pretentious, tim languan had a day. even though at warning he was penalized for slow play. your leader is jason day. that's the sporting life for tonight. we're out of time. >> all right, thank you mark.
10:58 pm
>> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> our morning team will have all the night's development followed by the giant's game against the cubs. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. good night. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around.
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safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls. and dryer's ice cream is just $2.99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.


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