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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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two distinct explosions seconds apart near the finish line of the boston marathon. who's responsible and why. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the fbi has taken the lead tonight in the investigation of those two explosions that turned the finish line of the boston marathon into a scene of chaos own carnage. this video just came into our
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newsroom, it was posted on you tube and shows the point of view of a runner approaching the finish line. after the two explosions broken glass and debris littered the area. some say it looked and smelled like a war zone. tonight four people are dead, 140 injured. we have a team of reporters working to bring you the very latest on today's attack and the reprocautions being seen here in the area. our coverage begins with eric rasmussen. >> reporter: investigators are starting to go through video
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and debris. police, and even the president have vowed to find those responsible. two explosions at the finish line turned the boston marathon from a scene of devastation to all out panic. the blast about 100 yards apart knocked some off their feet. more than 140 people were injured many lost limbs. among the three killed was an 8- year-old boy. as police tried to divert thousands of runners still on the marathon rout, there was real concern about the possibility of more explosions. >> we are asking that people stay out of crowds and calmly make their way home. >> reporter: it appears the bombs were left inside garbage cans. and possibility crude devices with ball bearings as projectiles. late this afternoon the fbi took over the investigation. >> it is a criminal investigation that is a
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potential terrorist investigation. >> reporter: president obama promised a resolution. >> we will find out who did this we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> reporter: fox news and investigators are talking to a saudi man, but he is not being called a suspect. there are not many leads. >> what i can assure you is this is a very thorough and active and fluid ongoing investigation. >> reporter: in fact, late tonight massachusetts state police confirmed they served a search warrant related to the bombing in the boston suburb of revere but they would not give
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any details. tonight they announced they are making progress. >> we heard conflicting reports of other bombing being found and being disarmed. what have you heard about this. >> reporter: earlier tonight there was word of two the bombs found. but there's questions about whether they were truly unexploded. they may have had to detonate some to clear the situation. and there's no word on who is responsible, or whether it was a lone wolf.
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the virginia tech massacre also occurred on patriots day. two other bombings happened today. the oklahoma city bombing and the columbine school shooting happened in april of 1999. the first explosion at about noon just before the finish line. the second explosion occurred about 10 seconds later just about a block away. ken wayne is here with the frighting moments after the explosion. >> reporter: many thought that it was part of the celebration. but the festive atmosphere quickly turned chaotic. >> everybody started running. >> reporter: as people lay injured and dying a second blast. emergency calls went out.
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>> cries of help from the sidewalk. >> we need help here. we need help. >> reporter: a reporter on the scene realizes the severity of the blast. >> oh my god, they are dead. >> reporter: a barricade is torn down to gainaccess to the victimless. >> they tore down those fences, they jumped in, they helped the people. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: medical personnel ready to help weary marathoners suddenly had a much more urgent task. >> one woman had lost her leg, lots of bleeding. some children were involved as well. >> i think what really surprised me was the number of people and just the really the amount of blood. the amount of injuries. >> we are all trying to put pressure on all the wounds for everybody. tourniquets and whatever we could do. it was chaos. >> reporter: some victims were hand carried to ambulances. others taken away on stretchers
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or gurneys or wheelchairs. police quickly ordered people to clear the area. >> stop walking, run. >> reporter: a man carrying a baby did just that. a woman being escorted away expressed worry over a loved one. >> reporter: for a time police shut down cell phone service in the area making it difficult for some people to find each other. those who did reunite have reason to be especially grateful tonight. many others face a more painful future. reporting live ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. a 12-year-old boy from martinez is morning those injured in today's bombings. we're told he was struck in the thigh with shrapnel. tonight his mother said he is in stable condition but remains hospitalized in intensive care.
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a family friend said that aaron hern was running to meet his mother after she had crossed the finish line. he is expected to return for a second surgery on wednesday. she said the family will remain in boston for at least a week. family friends say the boy's younger sister and father were with him at the time of the blast but aaron was the only family member hurt. the fact that the bomber targeted a sports event wasn't lost on thousands of fans following the teams in the bay area tonight. our live team coverage continues with deborah villalon. she's at the site of two games tonight, side by side, deborah. >> reporter: yeah the a's and warriors both at home tonight and both getting extra security because of what happened in boston. >> reporter: kick off tonight and a sold out crowd. they don't realize bomb sniffing dogs were scouring the seats just a few hours ago, up
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and down every aisle. >> you have to go into the mind of someone who wants to be damage and search those areas. >> reporter: which meant a complete sweep of the parking lot too. including trash cans where the boston bombs lurked. >> we got a special briefing. just be alert of everything. don't let nothing slip past you. >> reporter: some fans said it seemed the bag searches tonight were more thorough than usual. and the passage through the metal detector a bit more rigorous. andy akai's family said they were more concerned about performing the anthem than the safety. >> i feel safe. i guess because of the security checking in. >> reporter: and the city doubled the number of police officers usually at the game. more to assure the public than
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anything. >> we want you to come out. do normal things people have been doing. >> real life stuff. >> reporter: seeing bomb detection dogs made the danger real for players and coaches. >> when something like that happens, realization kicks in. you realize what it's all about. again our hearts pour out for the people in boston. >> as we remember and mourn the lives of those that were taken. >> reporter: at both the a's and warrior games crowds were asked to pause for a moment of silence to honor those suffering in boston and their families. reporting live in oakland, deborah villalon, ktvu news. stay with us in seven minutes we talk to bay area runners. in 13 minutes we sit down with a contra costa county woman who's husband had just finished the race.
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her thoughts in the moments after the bombings also what he's telling us tonight. how the city of san francisco is stepping up security as it prepares to host the beta breakers and the america's cup. strong winds are gusting tonight and causing problems in the area. a tree came crashing down on an apartment. fremont firefighters say the 16 unit apartment complex had structural damage. that means residents can go inside to collect belongings but are not allowed to stay there. in san francisco, the wind caused a power pole in visitation valley to take on a  rather tipsy sort of look. ktvu sent out a crew, we're told only 15 customers lost power for about 15 minutes before the problem was fixed and that pole returned to its proper up right position. now we want to bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin, he's tracking where the strongest winds are this morning and what we can expect
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overnight. >> that wind advisory has gone down for much of the bay area today. we had that wind advisory it's down. the wind gust got going today. take a look at the numbers around the bay. the winds are dying down at this hour. it's not as windy. check out that 55-mile an hour wind by ocean beach in san francisco. point rays up to 40. the weather system is moving out of the area but as it does, it's bringing in some cooler air. it's also bringing in that look at a few showers showing up on the east bay. very light shower activity. when we come back we'll dial this in for you. it's going to be a really, really cold morning tomorrow morning and there's still wind out there. all those details coming up here in 10 minutes. their daughter committed suicide and they said it was because she was sexually assaulted by three friends. >> she just said, i can't do this. >> who else is responsible and why they say they intend to make them pay. >> and in 90 seconds, a girl shot right in front of a youth
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organization. the chief that may have saved her life. -- the added feature that may have saved her life.
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new video tonight of a shooting that injured a 13-year- old girl. she was shot in the pelvis shortly after 6:00 this evening. it happened at the youth uprising office on mcarthur boulevard. she planned -- managed to run inside for help. an ambulance took the teen to
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the hospital. still no word tonight on her condition. new at 10:00, remembering the former mayor of corta mad era and his nephew that were killed in a crash over the weekend. students held a candlelight vigil tonight for their classmate dillan barry. the teen and his uncle were killed saturday when their ferrari crashed into a tree off highway 1 near salt point. >> it's one of the toughest kids i've ever known. on the football field, he was fearless. had a great heart. >> it is not clear who was behind the wheel or what caused the crash. don served as the mayor of corta mad era in the early 80s. the parents of a teenage girl spoke out for the first time about an alleged sexual assault and the pictures they say drove their young daughter to take her life. the parents had tough words for
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the three boys accused of the assault. >> reporter: the parents of audrey pots spoke out publicly about the suicide of their daughter and their plan to seek justice. the student committed suicide after a labor day party last year when they say three teenage boys, fellow classmates sexually assaulted them and took pictures of the incident and distributed them through e- mails and text messages. it brought years of bullying. >> she said i can't do it anymore. i've been doing it for two years. i can't do it anymore. >> she was sweet, she was kind. she's missed every day. >> reporter: today the parents announced a civil lawsuit announced against the boys boys and their families, and the family of the girl that held the party. the buys are up -- the family is upset that they have down
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played the case. >> that is the only connection. >> these individuals calculated their assault, harassed the victim with the photos then took steps to cover up. >> reporter: the boys wrote messages on her body. >> it was like, haha, look what we did to you. you're not going to forget us. >> reporter: in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. two afternoon shootings in richmond left one man dead and another wounded. the first happened around 4:00 this afternoon on ripley avenue near harbor way. that's where police found a man wounded. a second gunshot victim showed up at the hospital. police are now trying to figure out whether a second victim was shot at a separate instance. the second victim was shot in the arm and is expected to
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survive. continuing coverage now. a local running club had four athletes participating in today's race. christien kafton is in san francisco where he met with their trainer and found out just how close those runners came to those two explosions, christien. >> reporter: one of the runners sent a message back to their friend saying he was close enough to feel the blast. the runners are safe but they are telling their friends here about their brush with the bomb attack. five of the athletes he trained for the boston marathon survived today's blast. he learned about the bombing from his father this afternoon. and his first thought was of the athletes he trained to be there. >> it was 2-1/2 hours worth of tracking down people and just patiently waiting. >> reporter: as we've heard all
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day, communication with runners was difficult: runners cut off from their phones left many worried. the only way to find out people were safe was through e-mail or text. >> i'm safe i'm still looking for a friend, it's crazy here. >> reporter: one of those e- mails shows just how close his runners were to the blast. >> this is from mike. we're safe we're in our hotel. i was one block past the blast. awful, awful, awful. >> reporter: he says today's blast won't stop him from competing next week. >> if anything it's more of a statement to make sure that, we're not going to be intimidated by people that do stuff like this. >> reporter: those runners who were in boston are set to return to the bay area over the next few days. many of them spent a long weekend in boston before the marathon. i've been told that it's one of
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the traditions before running the boston marathon. we are live here in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. in the south bay more tense moments as friends of people running in the boston marathon waited for word that their friends were okay. those runners used facebook to let their friends at the team training headquarters in san jose know that they were safe. also, an athletic shop owner received good news that his business partner had crossed the finish line half an hour before the explosions. we had showers showing up in parts of the bay area and eastern portions of the bay area. just light sprinkles as best as the system moves through the area it's creating those winds that we're experiencing out there. the winds were not as strong as they were this afternoon. that's when they peaked. you got a 26-mile an hour wind. 15 in santa rosa. the winds are still going
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pretty strong. it's going to get pretty chilly overnight. over the 30s in some places. tomorrow less wind, a warmer day. you're going to be dealing with allergies. tree pollens are trending high. but you know the deal, if they're blooming in your front yard those pollens are probably bothering you. specific forecast highs for tomorrow and the rest of the week. because things are starting to warm up, we'll see you back here. stocks suffer their worse day of the year. >> plus -- >> in the next few minutes when i didn't know, i just couldn't move. >> thousands of miles apart, tonight we talk with the contra costa county couple about the moments right after the bombing.
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now to our continuing coverage of the two bombings today at the boston marathon. among the thousands of runners taking part of the event is a
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man from alamo. he heard those bombs go off just minutes after the finish line. >> reporter: we're at monte vista high school where the runner trained for the event. tonight he's recovering from the event. >> reporter: stan roland spoke from his hotel room in boston to his wife who's at her home. >> i have to say that i was shook up. >> reporter: roland tells us he had just completed the race when he was at the cool down area. >> they were at their vulnerable. it was a deep deep sound and two explosions right after the other. just a mountain of smoke billowing out from that area. >> reporter: roland describes a
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horrific scene. >> i can't get that off of my mind. >> reporter: she said she was in contact after her husband not long after the bombings. >> i'm fortunate because i didn't have to wait too long to find out. but in those few minutes that i didn't know, i just couldn't move. >> reporter: kelly says she knows how hard her husband and others train for this marathon. she and her husband tell me it's unthinkable that someone would deliberately sabotage and event that draws people from all over the world. >> sadness for the people that were injured, people that i was running with just minutes before. >> reporter: roland tells me he plans to fly back to the bay area tomorrow. his wife tells me she and their children will be anxiously
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waiting for him at the airport. you see one of the marathon runners falling down during the first explosion. and tonight, we found out who he is and what happened to him. he is 78-year-old bill ifrick from washington state running his third boston marathon. ifrick says he only remembers hearing a noise and found himself laying on the ground. he was knocked down by the force of the blast but fortunately he only suffered a scraped knee. the 26th and final mile of today's marathon was dedicated to the 26 children and educators who died in the newtown massacre. this photo shows a ceremony today before the marathon attended by family members of those killed at sandy hook elementary school. they were seated near the finish line close to where the first bomb went off but none of them were injured. the dow industrials lost
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265 points. nasdaq fell 78. the declines were sparked by a series of negative reports in manufacturing and home building. gold prices also plummeted today in the biggest one day drop in 30 years. the price dropped to $1,361 from a high of $1,900. and the mercury news has occupied a building since 1865. the paper has not yet secured a new location for its offices. but the printing operations are being moved to concord and hayward where the bay area newsroom has printing facilities. prestigious awards. what motivated one woman to make a difference.
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new video into our newsroom from boston of today's second explosion. plus late word of events there being cancelled tomorrow.
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continuing coverage now, we are just learning the celtics game scheduled for tomorrow night has been cancelled due to security concerns. this is amateur video taken just after the first bomb went off which captures the second blast. following the blast. state troopers and national guard members were called in to help patrol the city. many of those patrols are expected to remain in the downtown boston area tomorrow. as we have been reporting, three people are confirmed dead including an 8-year-old boy. 140 other people were injured. more than one dozen critically
10:31 pm
and early reports indicate almost 1,000 people have had to have their limbs amputated. security has been stepped up in the wake of the boston bombings. secret service shut down pennsylvania avenue. it was done out of an abundance of caution but not due to any threat. officers with bomb sniffing dogs searched airports and other places where a lot of people would be congregating that includes penn station, grand central station and madison square garden. there will also be patrols in hotels in boston. the boston bombings scrambled security patrols all over the country. what event san francisco will now reevaluate in the wake of those bombings. >> reporter: in a city that depends on crowds of tourists,
10:32 pm
today's attack at boston put san francisco on high alert. >> i just want to reassure everyone in san francisco that we are safe. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee and police chief greg suhr this afternoon said security in the city was stepped up within minutes of the bombings. >> here in san francisco when something happens any where in the world, or here in this country we have protocalls that we introduce immediately. >> reporter: the city's emergency operation center this afternoon went to alpha levels standing by to coordinate agencies in case of an attack. the public will see more officers on duty particularly in areas where crowds form. the boston bombings are prompting a security review of several major events including next month's beta breakers race. >> the beta breakers draws tens of thousands of not only runners but visitors here to enjoy our city. so we are concerned for any event. >> reporter: with so many
10:33 pm
potential targets, police are asking anyone who spots a suspicious item to call 911 immediately. >>er -- error on the side of caution. we rather dispense of it quickly and it be nothing than someone getting hurt. >> reporter: the chief is asking for the public's alertness. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we asked people running or walking around oakland's lake merit for their reaction to the bombings in boston. many said they were struck by the over all violence in our country. >> that's how it is. every place you look at there's something happening. schools, churches. >> people coming from around the world, 92 different countries are respected. so what does that say about our country? >> the boston marathon is a time honored event. it's like when they bombed the olympics. it's like, why? why? why do we need to live in a culture that has so much
10:34 pm
violence? >> and stay with us for continuing coverage. we'll bring you the latest development from boston, both on air and through our mobile apps as they happen. a berkeley firefighter may owe his life to a tiny device after he came under fire during an emergency medical call. berkeley police say firefighters were called to a home on dwight way at around 1:45 this morning. he was greeted to a 45-year-old man. one firefighters came close to being hit but was saved by a small pager like device used for a dispatch communications. >> the bullet apparently struck the swiss phone and was deflected so he didn't have any injuries that he needed to follow up with. >> that firefighter was not hurt. the elderly man was taken into custody and will undergo a mental evaluation. prosecutors today charged a 66-year-old man with murder in connection with a fatal shooting in san francisco over the weekend.
10:35 pm
robert graves is accused of killing 24-year-old richard gear at an apartment building early saturday morning. police have not released a motive but witnesses said the two men were involved in some kind of dispute prior to that shooting. graves could be arraigned as early as tomorrow. a notorious marin county killer is dead in what appears to be a suicide. 41-year-old justin helser was found hanging in his cell at san quentin last night. he was sentenced to death in 2005 for the killings of five people in marin and the east bay during an extortion scheme. the prison lieutenant says helzer tried to kill himself at least one other time by gouging his eyes with a pen. in venezuela madero took his oath despite protest. the difference between the two
10:36 pm
candidates was 262,000 out of nearly 15 million ballots cast. and in north korea people paid tribute to the kim dynasty. there was no hint of the tensions with much of the rest of the world. many north koreans don't have access to international news and are probably not aware of leader kim jong-un's threat to launch a missell and attack the u.s. in san francisco, six men and women received prestigious environmental award. kimberly wasaman won the north american award for her efforts to close down two nuclear plants. he says it all started with her son. >> our community was faced with an ever growing community with
10:37 pm
respiratory issues. my son at two months had his first asthma attack. >> reporter: she said that she plans to use some of the 150,000-dollar prize money to go back to college. an order from the faa, the problem that has prompted inspections of some of the busiest aircraft models in the air. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking a change of the weather. he's back with the complete bay area forecast. >> up first developing news, the ktvu camera has just arrived at the scene of this house fire. what we learned from firefighters about a woman pulled from inside.
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♪ [ engine revs ] [ female announcer ] small... [ engine revs ] wicked... ♪ and now... ♪ topless. ♪ the fiat 500 abarth cabrio. ♪ we have developing news from san jose at this hour an elderly woman has died in a
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three alarm house fire tonight and another person is missing. these are live pictures here from the home on south daniel way located near highway 17 and interstate 280. authorities say firefighters pulled the woman out of the house but unfortunately were not able to save her. another person may still be inside. the strong winds are making it difficult for firefighters and they had their hands full trying to keep the flames from spreading to other homes. >> the federal aviation administration has ordered inspections for all 737s nationwide. that plane is considered the workhorse of the airline industry. boeing makes three different versions of the 737 and more than 1,000 of those jets are currently in use by u.s. carriers. the faa says there's a potentially faulty part in the tail and that it could cause pilots to lose control if it failed. the order does not require the planes to be grounded. the deadline for filing your 2012 tax return is now a
10:41 pm
little more than an hour away. ktvu's jade hernandez talked to some pro procrastinators who waited until the last minute to file their taxes. it wasn't so long until since two dozen postoffices stayed open late. more than 80% of taxpayers file online. but-- >> it's guaranteed it will be crazy like it was the last several years since i've been doing this job and people will be rushing in at the last minute right before midnight handing us their tax returns? >> why? >> procrastination. >> some filers want to have extra money now. >> usually people get their taxes back and they spend all their money real fast. the last minute thing i kind of like that because now i'm going to have a little extra. >> reporter: at the h & r block office, this procrastinator is
10:42 pm
hoping to take advantage of a cancelled appointment. there's always a reason to wait in these lines. >> i think most people get antsy because usually you have to pay and they don't want to give up their money. >> reporter: jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. many of those lost in a filers ran into some unexpected problems during the past 24 hours or so. the turbo tax website went down for more than an hour yesterday causing frustration for thousands of people. then that website for the california franchise tax slowed to a crawl which caused problems not only for people doing their own taxes but for tax professionals trying to process returns. late today the state's website was reportedly working normally again. oakland police say they are searching for a man who reportedly molested 7-year-old
10:43 pm
girl while posing as a plumber. investigators say the man was led inside an apartment on tenth street on saturday by claiming he was there to check for leaks. once in the apartment police say he was left alone with the girl in a room and began to molest her. when the girl screamed a family member came into the room and the man ran off. he's described as a white man in his early to mid-50s. 6'tall, 160 pounds, with light brown hair and a white beard. an 8-year-old boy's heart stopped after he was hit with a pitch during a little league game. >> he was gasping for breath. >> in two minutes hear from the people who jumped into action to save him. also portions of a national park in california shut down. why social media is being partially blamed for this. >> i will show you when it will finally die down and temperatures will begin to warm. ♪
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attending their son's baseball game on saturday sprang into action when another young player was hit by a pitch stopping his heart. ktvu's rob roth tells us how their special training helped save that boy's life. >> reporter: anne and sue faren are parents who actually happen to be par medic -- paramedics. they were watching their son's team when his teammate matt henry was hit in the chest by a described as not especially fast pitch to the chest. >> we field. >> reporter: they said matthew got a few steps to first baseline then collapsed. >> he had a ball mark right there in the center of the chest. >> reporter: the farens went into paramedic mode. >> we were helping him while they were calling 911. >> reporter: a paramedic gave the boy mouth to mouth
10:47 pm
resuscitators arrived with a defibrillator. matthew's heart started beating again. >> he would have either been badly brain damaged or possibly dead. >> reporter: he's now in good condition at oakland's children's hospital. the ball struck him in such a way it interrupted his heartbeat. the baseball league says they hope to get four defibrillators, one for each field. >> for each player there's a parent. >> reporter: the parents call the farens heros. >> we were just here at the right time. it's as much of a blessing if not more for us. >> reporter: the paramedics say that everyone can and should learn cpr. that it really does save lives. in ronert park, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. federal investigators slammed chevron for failing to replace asian equipment at their richmond refinery before last summer's massive fire. the investigators say the walls
10:48 pm
of the pipe that burst had thinned to about half the thickness of a dime. they say chevron repeatedly overlooked the problem and has a culture of quote waiting for things to break. ktvu has posted the entire report online, you can find it by looking under today's hot topics. california lawmakers are proposing a plastic bag ban. if approved the bag would -- the ban rather would go in effect at grocery stores and pharmacies and convenience stores. there are already dozens of cities including some here in the bay area with similar laws. the fda issued a warning. the stimulant is known as dmaa. it's promoted as a natural way to enhance athletic performance and speed up weight loss. the agency says dmaa can cause
10:49 pm
increased blood pressure, shortness of breath and other heart related problems. the fda has received 86 reports of illness and death with products that contain dmaa. the winds are dying down a bit out there. we have a few showers at least it looks like showers on the radar. we made a few phone calls out in the area and checked around. we're not getting any reports of it hitting the ground but some of it may be. the motion is like that, the system kind of works its system. this area of instability works its way south. but for the most part it's moving out of the area. you can see a stray sprinkle tonight. the story tonight will be the winds that will be dying down. you notice it's colds out there right now. it is going to be downright cold tomorrow morning one of the coolest mornings we've seen in a while. with temperatures in the east bay in the 30s. i wouldn't be surprised if you picked up some frost in some of
10:50 pm
these areas. it's kind of late for these cool temperatures. you're just going to notice it as you get going. kind of chilly out there for your tuesday morning. this low pressure is the reason for the showers i showed you in those areas of green in the radar. today was definitely gusty winds, cooler than yesterday. tomorrow will be a little bit warmer but not before tonight. temperatures being on the cool side. lows in the upper 30s and 40s. low 40s. the forecast highs tomorrow yellows are 70s. i think we're going to see mostly 60s tomorrow but a 70 could pop up. as we go into wednesday, thursday and friday, things will start to get warmer. forecast winds tomorrow it's breezy but that's what you expect. maybe a little breezier than average for this time of year but not like today. this is tomorrow morning, this is tomorrow afternoon. let's just hit pacifica. tomorrow afternoon there's about 34-mile-per-hour winds, a little high but not like the 50, 45-mile an hour wind we saw
10:51 pm
today. the forecast high tomorrow, upper 60s. tree pollen mostly high. be ready for that. then the five day forecast is going to show you no rain, but a gradual warming trend as we go through the week. and by the weekend perhaps some mid-80s so we'll see how that goes. the five day forecast, bay area weekend is going to pop into view right here. dry, dry, dry. but a little warmer each day as we go toward the weekend. >> look at that weekend. >> creeping out, thank you, bill. well rampant graffiti has forced the city to close tree park. vandals face a $30,000 fine and three years in jail. a piece of aviation history has landed in the bay area.
10:52 pm
the liberty foundation brute the b17 spell to the bay area known as the flying fortress. the current bell was built during world war ii to fly missions. you can look at it up close by taking a flight in it for a donation or you can see it on the ground. a's winners, the warriors so much in sports about timing. and the time was just right for the warriors tonight. the immensely talented san antonio spurs tuning up for the players. janobli and parker all stood out tonight. they better take advantage of that. curry playing with a swagger. this guy is just feeling it of late. the moves, the pop, to back it
10:53 pm
up. there are other collaborators as well like the rookie harrison bart heading to the bucket. and streaks and slams and the warriors break three for the 19- 0 run. he had seven threes he's just one off. the single season nba record. he had 35 all told and he's got one more regular season game wednesday. trying to wrap up that record and while the warriors aren't sure of a postseason trip. the sharks close in on punching their ticket for the play off. airtight position tonight, you'll see it, sports part ii. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. you can call it the baseball pure for all the ails. that would be the houston astros who would be a sure fire feel good pill for a lot of teams all summer long. oakland goes to work early. yeah good night for a beer out at the coliseum too. astropitcher eric badard. brandon moss a 15 slump with a two run single to right. then the rookie nate griman ticket to ride. his first big league homer. watch him in the dug out. they kind of give him the silent treatment. hey guys i just hit a home run
10:57 pm
no one one congratulates him until they put him through that tunnel of love. the kid. 34-11, they've outscored. cincinnati won 4-2. you don't know night tonight -- night to night what you're going to get out of the sharks, but complete blanket. it's 1-0. we pick it up in the second. 2-0. joe plavenski owns the rockies. goes shop shelf here. they had another anti niemi his fourth shut out of the season. 37 saves, the kids love it
10:58 pm
that's the sporting life for a monday night. >> bay area victory. >> mark thank you, and thank you for joining ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktv you can morning news starts at 4:30 with more on today's fatal fire in san jose -- the ktvu morning news starts at 4:30.
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