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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 4, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got the videos that you've been looking for "right this minute." >> don't do it. don't do it. >> a cop warned him, but a driver takes off anyway. and that's when -- >> things take a dramatic turn. >> the chase that came to a high power ending. do you have your head stuck in the fence? yes, you do. >> as a baby deer and a baby goat found out -- >> pefky fences just get in the way. >> why raising a racket got them both rescued. >> a guy enjoys an outdoor
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concert a little too much. >> i think the music really got him. >> how getting his rock on threw him offcourse. and a boy searches animal shelters after a tornado took his dog. >> this was the last place. >> why this is definitely a case of saving the best for last. >> the solon police department in ohio has released video from an officer-involved shooting that happened on st. patrick's day. this video may be very disturb to go watch. this begins as a traffic stop and the officer, steven davis, and the driver of the car, 22-year-old kevin bailey, have a pleasant exchange. >> that was a long drive, huh? >> then the officer says he smells something. >> is there anything illegal in the car? >> no. i don't smoke. >> i'm getting a whiff of it out here. >> the officer walks back to his car. he call necessary and says -- >> got a bunch of weapons.
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>> so officer steven davis and nicholas cline approach the car a second time. >> any weapons in the car? step out real quick. >> now as both officers are talking to the driver, things take a dramatic turn. >> you don't have to roll your window up. you're not going anywhere. don't do it. don't do it. >> the officer shouts don't do it and the guy drives off. so the officers get in their car. the guy is trying to execute a u-turn. he's having a problem because another car is in the roadway. the com cops block him in pep backs up, turns around and a chase ensues. but it's not for very long. here, the driver runs over the curb and he comes out firing. multiple shots fired in this incident. this was a deadly shooting. you could see in this image there are at least eight bullet holes in the window. they were stuck in their cars. they had no time to unbuckle seat belts or do anything to get out of the way.
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officer davis was hit in the chest and the left arm. both of them were taken to the hospital, but treated and released. >> i don't know how you could call this unjustified at all. the guy gets out and is firing close range on these officers. so i mean, they had to defend themselves. >> steven recently state and local officials ruled that the shooting was justified. >> so this school of rock house band was invited to perform at the time witch dau tau river festival. kind of a big deal. they're on the floating stage and grooving to black savage war pigs and they're doing such a good job with this. they're captivating the audience so much that this captivated man starts dancing over towards the stage. >> he's stumbling just a bit. >> yeah. i think the moovt music really got him.usic really got him. >> oh, he wevent for a drink. >> i thought maybe he was going down to do like a break dance
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move. >> no. the best part, though, notice the ban, they never stopped playing. >> the show must go on even if a man falls into the water right in fron t of you. >> who needs security? just put a mote in front of your stage. that keeps out all the creeps. a dangerous and volatile situation at a gas station in vietnam. a gas tanker caught fire while filling up the gas stations. you clearly see the tanker on fire. blasting flames and smoke out of the top. but itroleasily. you can see the water and foam that they're using have very little effect on this fire. they're doing nothing.
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>> and it seems like normal civilians are running in with their cell phone cams ra and et going awfully close to this tanker. >> about a thousand people were did i deployed to help fight this fire over the course of five hours. that includes everything from fire and police and even some military people to help out. at one point, they thought that they had the fire extinguished and they tried to offload some feel from the tanker. that spread once it hit the hot parts around this fire scene. it erupted again in flames. the fire did spread through some buildings, destroyed some other small buildings nearby. as many as ten firefighters were hurt, two seriously injured, two seriously burned by the fire. two videos that prove sometimes pesky fences just get in the way. this first video, you have a guy walking through a field. he has his camera.
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>> i think it's stuck now. >> he's talking about a baby deer. >> do you have your head stuck in the fence? yes, you do. >> well, of course. who put a stupid fence there and hid it with all that grass and vegetation. >> listen to the sounds of this deer. it will break your heart. >> hold on, hold on, hold on. easy, easy. >> it almost sounds like a baby, a child crying. >> easy, easy. there you go. there you go. >> it was pretty easy. he got his head unstuck, but then watch. the deer keeps trying to get on the other side of the fence, so he keeps running back into the fence. >> you can't go through the fence. >> this little baby figures it out. >> i just rescued a baby deer. >> we get a nice zoom in shot of the baby deer trotting off into the forest. now, remember, i said i had a couple of videos that show you that sometimes pesky fences get in the way. this time, not baby deer, but a baby goat. >> oh. >> oh, man. >> and his baby horns got stuck.
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did you hear that snap? >> what was it? >> it was the little horn coming loose from the fence. it was the horn that got him stuck. and then watch. >> he's fine. >> he's doing just fine. runs back over with the rest of his herd and he's going to nibble grass elsewhere. >> whoever came one that style of fence should rethink things. it doesn't seem effective. >> do you have your head stuck in the fence? yes, you do. >> all aboard the angry train. >> this guy in the red shirt just sucker punched this dude in the blue. >> see how this drain ride got off track. and this guy is using a speech jammer app. now watch what happens when we put it to the test. >> the app used in this --
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okay, everyone. it's best of rtm time and ta means you get a bonus video on our website and see what's going to tell you all about it. >> apparently youtube has an automatic closed captioning feature where you can say stuff and it will automatically figure out the words. faorite songs into the closed captioning tool and these are the words they got. ♪ i knew you were trouble when i walked in ♪ >> a little different than what taylor wrote. >> if you want to check this video out, head to our website and click on best of rtm or -- >> watch it on our mobile app. ugly scene aboard a new jersey transit train out of hobokin station. this all happened around 2:00 a.m. which we know strange things can happen at that hour. you see this guy in the red shirt sucker punch this guy in the blue. what we know of this incident comes from the guy who shot this
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vid video. you see this girl here tried to step in and resolve the situation. that's when the guy in red got mad and punched that guy in blue who apparently had nothing to do with it. he was just standing there. >> but -- >> i've got to point out, as severe as that punch was, the guy in the blue kind of is unphased by it. he sort of just takes it. watch it again. and the guy doesn't even go down. he's just kind of standing straight up. seconds later, though, you do aest this ansit police come the guy in the blue kind of starts talking smack back to the guy that hit him. and he has a point. >> how do you feel? i took that -- >> he kind of did because that big punch which was a cheap shot didn't phase him at all. >> this is such a strange interaction. after the punch, you see this guy come in and starts interacting with the guy in red. but she has a huge smile on her face. >> the dude in the red is all jacked up and the guy that took
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the punch has his flip-flops on. it's jersey shore meets the hill. little 4-year-old gabby is not happy about something today. >> what happened? >> they did that and that. >> uh-oh. >> so she gets to the playground and the equipment has been tagged. there's graffiti on it and she is not liking that one bit. >> i love when a 4-year-old has righteous indignation. >> she's really mad about this. i like it that she's mad because she's right the. >> right there, right there, right there. look at the pole. >> they ruined it for you? >> no, for everybody. >> she's not just concerned about herself. >> i like that, too. she's like, a lot of people use this, not just me.
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and you ruined it. >> how does that make you feel? >> pretty mad. >> really mad? >> yeah, really -- >> she's everything she says with all her arms, too. she's mad, they ruined it. >> they're convincing. she has me fooled. i want to go clean that playground. >> okay. well, we'll see what we can do. guys, this is aaron hogue. he does a lot of youtube videos. mostly they arrevie n s. with this particular video, he decided to go a different route with the gun review. so he used a little app for his smartphone. it's called a speech jammer. basically, it gives you the inability to string together a comprehensive sentence. >> he put ear phones in, starts this app and this is what happened. >> you'll know when it's working because my -- is going to change -- a lot. none -- none -- >> this app feeds back almost like an echo. creating the inability for you to actually speak because you can no longer hear yourself in
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realtime. >> i -- >> now, people were skeptical. aaron says, look, i'm not an actor and i'm certainly not that good of an actor. so i downloaded the app. the app is 99 cents. it's called the speech zapper. >> he's wearing a plaid shirt and there's a symbol over -- >> wow. >> you guys are laughing, but i can't figure out why because i am only trying to talk really slow. >> so far, i'm not impressed with the speech jammer. it just made you sound like you've never done this before. >> the app used in this -- >> we should find somebody is in the office who has a hard time putting sentences together. >> so we thought we would try this out on one of our editors. this here is doug. doug has no idea why he's here. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> you have to find the frequency that works best for you. ambient noise will have a
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negative effect on -- >> that wasn't bad, either. >> weird. i felt like i was yelling. >> you were. >> oh. >> it's a different kind of avalanche. >> my first thought was ride down that, right, if you're going slow, it doesn't look too dangerous. >> see what makes this one chill -- >> and it's the new exercise that's traipsing all around the web. >> i think this might be the next internet means because now we have the unicorn
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welcome ck to the show, everybody. check out gom. great videos all day long. summer months can mean more people traveling and out there on the road. if you're out there on the road, you hope you don't run into one of those people. this is a compilation of people running red lights all throughout missouri at this intersection. you see that guy there, right, almost hit those people, almost got hit by another car and, oh, just keeps on going. these aren't lights that are just turning red. like these aren't yellow to red. they're solid red lights that these cars are approaching. watch this one here. a guy speeds through a right lane, hits into that suv. a complete mess. if you're the other driver, you're totally mad because you're going through a green
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light. >> you know why this is tough to watch? we see the lights red. we know was coming. >> it looks like they're completely distracted. they're just not paying attention to it. >> you're actually right. in a lot of them, you don't see brake likes coming on. here, this one from chippewa street, the cops can catch up with these guys, issue tickets for blowing the light. watch how fast this car is coming. this is really bad. it blows through the light, hits the suv. ats released this compilation video to kind of remind people, hey, be careful out there on the roads this summer when you're traveling, when you're going on vacation. you don't want to ruin your time by doing somethinging like that. spring has spring in austria. you have all those beautiful green mountains and still a little bit of snow. this is a pasture near innsbrook. someone was trying to cross the pasture and they got a little
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stuck because this avalanche kind of interrupted their travel flow. >> that likes like an avalanche of marshmallows. >> it does. your packing materials, you know those packing peanuts? >> it almost likes like it's organized following like a straight line, not getting too far off the beaten path. and this beaten path is documented where it was used by farmers to take their livestocks to and from wherever they were going. >> doesn't it make you want to grab a sled, though? >> my first thought watts you could ride down that, right? it's going slow and doesn't look too dangerous. it's probably inadvisable, but it still looks fun. >> grab one of those saucer shreds and have at it. >> just float on down. >> a few months ago, a video was posted on youtube called prancer-sizer. a new fitness program. it just recently, like last week, it started going viral.
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>> my ankle weights in place. let's stop talking some doing and walking. >> tight pants on. >> is she has that top and moves to go with it. >> that's not necessarily a top you would want to work out in. >> the reason i'm showinging you this video now is because i think this might be the next internet means. now, we have the unicorn prancer-sizing. >> his pants could be a little tighter. other than people making fun of her exercise style, does she continue to exercise like this? >> oh, absolutely. she has a book that she wrote about prancer-sizing. she was inspired by the way horses prance around. >> it's brilliant, because running, boring. sometimes you get tired of power walking. pretty boring. this way, you get to dress up a little bit, prance around town, get fit and sweaty.
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it's kind of like dancing like nobody is watching. >> you are in public sfp. >> this was posted to the youtube channel of archie mcvee. he sells this unicorn mascot. >> 30 bucks? good deal. a tornado tears a family and their dog apart. so they go out searching. >> this was the last place they were going to. he found his dogs there. >> yq mçó4+y?i
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i have learned on this show right this minute tha beth ed food, don't you? >> i do. >> then you're guaranteed to like what i'm about to show you both. >> i give you ping flats. these are plates for your finger so you could hold a glass and a canope when one is at a cocktail party. >> so like hors d'oeuvres. >> hors d'oeuvres. >> you're always forced to eat those in one bite. >> this is the solution for this. >> so you'd have a free hand. you could grab that delightful treat off the plate. but you could not take a sip of on your drink. >> while the hors d'oeuvre inhabit tess place. >> or a straw. >> these reusable plates were created by fred and frans. a box of ten costs about 10 bucks. >> you could put them on all your fingers and have all sorts of delightful things.
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>> you could still hold your drinks, hold your food and still have a free hand to wave at everybody. >> ten chicks. >> kind of like, oh, my goodness. ten baby chicks were adopted by bailey this morning. we don't know what happened to the mother. but they showed up in our yard this morning and she adopted them. so that's that. right, bailey? that's what i'm talking about. ♪ >> it goes without saying that a lot of people lost a lot of things during the tornados in oklahoma, especially a lot of pets. what you're seeing here is a scene from the central oklahoma humane society on the wall are a bunch of photos of dogs that the humane society has been that are missing their owners. this clip is coming to us
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courtesy of the world animal awareness society. you see a young boy in a hat. this is his grandfather here in the orange shirt and they're ie ify their two lost dogs. dexter, a little chihuahua kind of on mix. and repo, who is a pitbull. >> that's repo, that's repo. >> they're there. >> and watch how he reacts, immediately gets very emotional. >> oh, buddy. >> apparently they had they had searched everywhere. this was the last place they were going to. >> i thought they were dead, really, i did. . >> you do see a picture that the grandfather shows on his phone of what was left of their house. then the cool moment where they start to take the boy into the back to meet his dog. here he is, going to see dexter. >> oh. >> yeah. bunch of kisses right off the bat from dexter. and then the boy goes to see repo who they said was an escape
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artist. so they had to put her in a separate container because she kept escaping. you can see repo, she's very excited. she's like, where is the door? i'm happy to see you, back up let's get out of on here. an awesome moment. what's even better -- he has a trailer out here full of supplies. >> the central oklahoma humane society provided these guys with dog food, dog beds, meds for the pets, supplies, all kinds of stuff that you need to take care of a dog because his family, like so many others, lost everything in the storms. what a comfort, too, to have your pets back after losing everything that you had. you also hope all those other dogs in those photoses get found. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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