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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 6, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. let's look at the best videos the web has to offer, "right this minute." are you going to throw rocks? >> a woman unloads on a tv news reporter. >> then sicks her dog on the crew. >> no. >> the story behind one unwelcome reception. surveillance captures a thief at -- >> sticky lips pit barbecue. >> now a message for the most wanted man in new york. >> dude, leave it. this guy lost 200 pounds
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on -- >> the 99 cent diet. >> now he shares how to shape up when you are broke. >> chips bad, fruit good. keep it simple. >> the worlds fastest clapper. and we know what the crew said when this happened. >> oh, crap! somebody blew up the boat! >> talking about this video. i want to see what you guys and our viewers think about it. it's from abc 6 in providence, rhode island. we are watching a news crew going to the home of melissa lawrence. her teenage daughter was shot at a graduation party. she has been released from the hospital and recovering from a wound to the back. the 16-year-old suspect turned himself in. the crew is going to the house to get a reaction. >> a 16-year-old turned himself in. >> she said oh, that's good.
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watch this. >> are you going to throw rocks? >> she threw a rack. the reporter is abbi. >> we are about to leave and lawrence comes out wielding a baseball bat. >> then sicks her dog on the crew. [ bleep ] including the reporter. the dogs chase the reporter up and down the street. one of the dogs bit her on the forearm. she had to run a few houses down to get away from these things. melissa lawrence calls the dogs off but before the news crew has a chance to get away -- >> get away from my house [ bleep ]. >> they were on public property. the news crew had to seek medical attention. the reporter was treated for a dog bite. they have since filed a police
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report against melissa lawrence. she was arrested and charged with felony and assault with a dangerous weapon. >> i know her daughter was shot, but that does not give you the right to sick your dogs on people that ask you a question. you don't send your dogs out to attack somebody. >> we want to know what you think. weigh in on facebook, a serene day. the sun is low in the sky. oh, crap! somebody blew up the boat. watch it again. boom! it was a misle strike that came in and blowed u tbo what's amazing to me, the size of the explosion barely rocks the camera on the boat.
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it's part of a new technological missile attack they are carrying out. the boat is unmanned. they are careful to be clean. the boat had been drained of all fluid and oil. here is another angle. you can see where the missile was shot from. see the missile take off from that angle and another angle way off in the distance? boom. wow. >> that looks more terrifying from that angle. the close-up angle looks like a small explosion from the front. this looks like the whole boat is going to go down. >> i thought it was going to be at the bottom of the sea. no, they were careful to go in immediately, clean up as much of the debris as they could and tow the ship back. they don't go back out and make a mess of things. >> these really bad parkers you are seeing here in this
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surveillance video, they are about to do the unthinkable. >> this couple is about to walk into sticky lips pit barbecue. >> say it again. >> sticky lips pit barbecue in rochester, new york. as they walk in, you notice this lovely cast-iron pig, piggy bank doorstop. this couple set eye on that pig. they go in, get their order, happy as can be. suddenly we see the door close behind them. the dude carrying his take-out bag looks down at the pig and says i want that pig myself, and he takes it! >> of all the things to get busted on camera stealing. >> this is the second time they have lost a cast-iron piggy bank doorstop. watch the woman. she's like dude, are you
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serious? you took that? it's not yours. >> dude, it's not yours. >> watch how he treats it. how do you show your face at sticky lips pit barbecue after you have stolen the doorstop. they want this pig back. they have offered $100 in dinner gift certificates to the person who brings the pig back. bring it, we won't press charges. the owners posted this video. they have gotten tons of calls about who this guy might be. they think they have the phone number for him. they are going to wait to see if he does the right thing. we have seen a lot of institution rescues on this show. usually, it's something in the water, something daring. this is different for them. yes, they are in their lifeboat. they are headed to a cliff
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because some teens and their pooch are stranded, on a cliff. not only do they have to go over the water in a lifeboat, they have to climb up a very steep cliff. i know you are wondering, why were they hiking on this cliff? they said they we hiking with the dog. the dog ran down the hill, so they went after it. they had to rescue it. and they get down okay. the cool thing is, they get to ride in the lifeboat. >> it looks like they walked down. after they marched up with rubber boots on. i think they wanted a free ride in the boat. >> have you been the to cliffs of dover? >> he's wearing skinny jeans. >> hey, hey, hey. >> you can't hike in skinny jeans. >> thanks to rnli, they are safe. way to go, guys.
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>> maybe they called them and said are you busy? if you are, cool, we can do it on our own. a baseball team puts on a pitching contest. but, there's a catch. >> the myrtle beach pelicans had the contest to so a girl could throw the firs pitch. skydivers make the jump -- >> from the basket of a hot air balloon. >> see the peaceful way to plunge, "right this minute."
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a cameraman from myrtle beach, south carolina, showed up at a myrtle beach, pelican game. >> what's happening? >> on this night, a high school cheer leading team was invited. they had a little contest to see
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who could throw in the first pitch. the myrtle beach pelicans rigged it so one specific girl could throw it. in the catcher's uniform is staff sergeant richard palmer, who is also -- >> hey, what's up, baby? >> dad! >> ahh. when in myrtle beach, as a civilian, he's a firefighter. he teamed up with the fire department to pull off this very special welcome home surprise. the folks of wnbs talked to the father and daughter. >> we got on the bus last night at 7:30, 14-hour drive to get here. >> she thought he was still in afghanistan. >> called my number, i answered to those in the states. so we pulled it off. i didn't think we would. >> a lot of moving parts there. a lot of people had to
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coordinate to make it come together. beautiful. >> every day he's away from his family. itis hard for him and hard for us. >> i'm happy my daddy is home. if i ever get the chance to go sky diving, i think this is the way to do it. from the basket of a hot air balloon. this is in colorado. early morning hours, getting everything set up. a basket full of skydivers. >> get me in a hot air balloon, you have to strap yourself to it. >> the fastest skydivers. a couple people hanging by their knees. a couple of them stand on the rim of the basket before they take a beautiful plunge. ♪ >> i think it's the way to do it. imagine the serenity.
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the wind rushing. i agree with the noise. when we watch a sky dive video, it's so loud. it's got to be stressful, too. >> oh, my god! that was the most terrifying experience. it was so fun. >> this guy has a pinstriped suit. >> my favorite. i like his suit. >> everybody pulls off this dive perfectly. i love this landing. a nice pasture field with a bunch of cows. look out. >> would have been cool if he landed on a cow. >> rode off into the sunset. >> let's get them. >> star trek into darkness, a big hit. it's time to slow jam. >> what? >> seems to be going through fun. every seven years, they go into
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heat. if they don't find a suitable mate they could go mad. >> they go in heat every seven years? is that what you are telling me? >> sometimes the call of nature is powerful and you need to take a leave of absence, so he does. >> our nerves we are stimulated? >> yes, your hand is on my thigh and i enjoy that very much. >> hees logical while explaining to her his phases. >> with every step your take, your desire grows stronger. >> i don't think she could take it much longer. ♪ together we will calculate ♪ and repop late. >> for trekkers like me, you have to love a good "star trek" spoof. if you want to check out this whole video uncut, go to
9:45 am and click on best of rtm or check out our mobile app. a couple gets trapped by a swollen river. >> if they read the sign, it says flooding in german. >> those darn deer. see who comes to the rescue. and this woman proves even with advanced alzheimers -- >> there are some things the heart and fingertips
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it's summertime. that means people are heading to to beach. people want to look good in their swimsuits. gym memberships, food, diet is costly. papa joe to the rescue. he's an l.a. based musician. a song called "last night" showed up ton the billboard magazine charts at number six. he had a video. when he saw that, he said what? is that me? he realized he needed a change. >> i got up and started walking and haven't stopped since. >> it happened a few years ago. he's trending online. people are calling his lifestyle choices the 99 cent diet. he says he was broke. he went to the 99 cent store and
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found all the things your body needs to fuel itself. he's lost more than 200 pounds. >> what? >> no gym. no gastric bypass surgery and no pills. just will power. >> he spends 50 bucks a week on food at the 99 cent store. >> it's impressive. >> we have him via skype "right this minute" from los angeles. welcome to the show. >> thanks. >> how long have you kept the 200 pounds off? >> 18 months now. >> wow. >> when i saw myself, that was my wake-up call. i said what is the easiest exercise i can do? walk. i was 450 pounds. now i do five miles a day. >> there are so many people that need to drop weight but think they can't do it. what do you say? >> i felt comfortable being heavy and thought it was a life sentence for me.
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>> what can people buy that will get them started on a healthy diet? >> chips bad. fruit good. apples. oranges, raisins. trail mix. the snack size peanut m & ms. i'm keeping it real. i have a sweet tooth. water. i'm taking a nationwide tour. it's the goal, the mission. i feel electric. i want to help others. i know you can do it. you have to have the will and desire. it took 37 years to gain the weight, two years to get it off. i have a new track out now. music is what motivates me. it's what i want to use to help others. >> awesome guy. such an inspiration. thanks for spending time with us. ♪ >> the woman at the piano is a 78-year-old, janet quinn.
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she had advanced alzheimers. she can't remember her late husband. he can't remember the names of kids or family members. but, there are some things that the heart and fingertips never forget. ♪ >> she has this piano for what? 35 years? >> crazy. >> beautiful. >> i know. >> never had lessons. >> the people around her are amazed at how great she can still play. >> you can see her granddaughter helps her out a little bit. ♪ >> she can't play off of it, but you can see why everybody is so amazed. >> alzheimers is such a
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debilitating disease. to sit and do this, it has to make her feel good. there's a reason medical professionals use music for therapy. how fast can you clap? >> nowhere near as fast as this dude. >> how many claps does it take a break a record in one minute? take your guess. >> start the clock.
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lots of cool comes at 1500. studios put a cool video together. >> oh, wow. they are doing all kind of stuff. spilling coffee. that girl had cinnamon in her mouth. a bunch of people participated. it's a traveling happy hour. they are having an open house. everybody participating in this, doing all kind of things. a beer on their head. the cinnamon challenge. >> that guy is going to get punched in the face. he's really got punched. with a bare fist. >> people slapping each other. the cool thing is at parties we often see the photo booth.
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photos and you'll have a good time. this is that plus slo-mo. the rivers have swollen because of heavy rain. it's caused problems in austria. these deer had to be rescued by volunteer firefighters. you can see they can't get to where they are going because they can't swim across. volunteer firefighters pick them up and carry them. >> wow. >> how often do you get to hug a deer? you don't. he's hugging him. the door does not look happy. >> you can see one deer is like okay, i'll be cuddled a bit. as soon as he gets on land, he doesn't wait for his partner. the other was fighting. the firefighter is like let me put you in the water and guide you by the neck. once it gets to shore, hi stops
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like to say hey, man thank you. shakes then walks away. >> right now the three of you clap as fast as you can. nowhere near as fast as this dude. brian. he's trying to break the world record for claps in a minute. this is his warm up. start the clock. >> it's like humming bird wings. >> in just over ten seconds, 140 claps. >> i can't figure out how he's doing it. >> he's so fast, you can't see it. it's like he's rubbing his hands together, but they are clapping. >> they are vibrating against each other. >> the current record, 720 by a guy. brian is trying to break it. boom. >> oh, he did it. crushes the record and tacks on
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a ton more. gets 802 claps in one minute. watch the end. his hands are doing so fast, he has to slow them down. watch. are your hands numb after that? >> i would imagine. this happened recently. not officially recognized by guinness just yet. he's going to be the new record holder. >> if he has the clapper in his house, does it get confused? >> it's like a strobe light. >> what do you do after a performance if you are watching something and you want to clap? >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. [ man ] get the 20 piece mcnuggets.
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