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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 17, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. take a look at some of the best videos of the day "right this minute." two brave dudes take on a tall tower. three-hour climb, y'all. >> what they scaled all for one quick plunge. >> three, two, one. see ya! >> devastation from the black forest fire continues. but this video -- >> shows a different side. shows firefighters standing their ground, saving a home. >> see what goes in to saving a home as the fire comes creeping
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in. plus -- a fox who needs a hand. this fox comes straight up to the human for help. how taking a chance can pay off big time. and it's a brocation vegby plane. >> not only taking them to his destination but gi t a scenic experience. >> see how that nice friend broing around and gives them a thrilling experience. >> no! >> oh! >> no! >> you're watching the moment this base jumper is getting to the tip of the tower. he's about to use for his next jump. >> sweet, huh? >> yeah. >> holy molly. >> apparently took him under three hours to get to the very top. >> how do you get up to climb up the thing? after the first hour, you know, i'm not going to climb that now. >> never mind.
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>> you're getting close. >> yeah. >> once they get to the top, there's not much contemplating very much we're at the top, it's time to jump. >> three, two, one. see ya! >> you see the first guy pull the chute and shortly thereafter the second guy does well. we see his descent which relative to the climb itself was a split second. >> whoo hoo! >> had a solid free-fall. must have been really high. easier to go up higher in a plane and takes less time. >> you see the guy land safely. we immediately get the view from behind him. >> good grief. >> three-hour climb, y'all. >> didn't what to do that again for three hours? >> whoo-hoo!
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black forest fire in colorado has burned thousands of acres, destroyed hundreds of homes but the video from the colorado fire department shows firefighters standing their ground, saving a home from the devastating fires up there. >> you see the fire's trying to creep up into the trees. >> narrated by a specialist for the colorado springs fire department and takes us through the technicalities of what these guys do to effectively protect a home. listen. >> saw patio furniture, stacking it up here, it's not spread out all over the place and catches on fire. you'll see the fire starting to creep to them. >> imagine being in that position, just holding your ground, watching this fire march towards you at about six inches a minute. notice, though, they're not spraying water all over the place, they're preserving their resources. here's why. >> what we're trying to do is allow the fire to burn out all of the fuel around the house and
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let it blow right on by and then we don't have to worry about that reigniting. we're saving water resources for when we really need them. >> also, a good, healthy fire burning. down low in the grass, not reaching up into the crown of the trees. >> the firefighter's applying a small amount of water where the fire has met up with the mulch. >> and worked exactly like they were expecting it to. >> the fire has nowassed through and burned around the house, and leave the house intact. >> wow. >> wow. >> right? >> crazy. >> unreal. >> the firefighters' tactics worked perfectly. credit goes to the homeowner for keeping the tree limbs cut above ten feet. did a lot of good things. only thing wrong, they had a lot of mulch around the outside of the house which is nothing but fuel. so that's what the firefighters were trying to protect? >> 5:30, you've seen what it took approximately 2 1/2 hours to do and that's structure protection at the black forest fire. >> a truck and a tanker collide
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on streets of turkey and it is not good. you can see here, that truck is making a turn. here comes the tanker. >> this was captured on surveillance camera on the highway. watch what happened. >> oh. >> full of crude oil, nick. as you can see, a huge fireball, plumes of smoke and fire went hundreds of meters in the air. sadly the tanker driver and his son were severely burned in the accident. >> oh, that's heartbreaking. >> took workers about two hours of intense work to get the fire out. here you can see other footage of the fire while trying to put this out. >> wow. you can see how quickly it started spreading from get-go. it's huge. >> you can see the tanker's turned on its side. the truck that hit the tanker did not catch on fire but it did get a banged-up front end. >> how do you pull in front of a giant tanker? i don't understand. i'm thinking, no, no, he's not going to pull out. >> i have a couple of really
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adorable animals for you that don't seem to be afraid of humans. we have a brave little fox in need. >> got his hand caught in the jar. >> i thought that was his tail. >> this fox comes straight up to the human for help. >> and watch what this man does. >> look at this. pulls it right out. runs off into the brush. but he does a little th turnaround. >> so preshcious. i love it! i didn't know for a fact that's a thank you for saving my life. >> yep. >> i interpret that as, quick throwing your trash all over my neighborhood i get stuck, so clean your litter up. >> i'm astonished it went up to the human. >> gail, you're going to be astonished by this as well. a fawn in our presence and this fawn not scared of humans and not scared of human-built
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structures. >> he learned how to walk. i need to challenge myself a little more. >> listen to the folks behind the camera. >> her little boy's growing up so fast. >> hoping it's the last time. he doesn't belong on stairs. belongs out in the field somewhere. >> so cute, though. it's a robot that can kick your robutt at air hockey. >> that's a problem. >> mean defense. does he have any offense? >> why this machine is a real game changer. >> and man's best friends are in big trouble. when man spots something nasty on the floor. >> who produced this delicious salad for me tonight. >> they know who ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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this guy here walked into the looky of a bank but not there to start a new account. he's there to start a fire. tears down the poster, balls it
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up. try to light that on fire. that doesn't work. leaves the lobby. grabs a bag of trash, starts that on fire, and kicks it into the poster. this dummy, of course, was caught on multiple cameras. prosecutors say he stuck around to watch the fire. police were able to identify him and able to arrest him. pretty much immediately. cost about $1,000 damage to the lobby. atm had to be replaced, that cost $23,500. you know there's going to be a camera in an atm lobby. >> why would they stick around to watch it? >> because you're a goofball. >> witnesses watch wad was going on and called police and fire. he was go'ing through a difficult time. going through a financial breakup, turned to drinking and may have been intoxicated during the event. he also claimed he didn't remember doing this. he was like, yeah, now i remember.
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ordered 16-month suspended sentence for two years and be under 12 months of supervision, 180 hours of unpaid work. and a curfew of six months. imagine that's not going to help his financial situation. i have a couple of videos with a couple of accidents. both of them riders. the first is a bicycle rider. if notice the truck's waiting to make a right hand turn, a quick glimpse of a bicycle ride somewhere as the truck makes right hand turn, you see that same cyclist is struck by that white truck. you see that the cyclist is stuck under the tire of that truck. >> god, the guy's trying to come around and see what's happened and the dude's trying to tell him to back up. >> the rider did survive but did suffer head injuries and back injuries. here's another dash cam video. th guy driving the scooter is pulling up to the right of the black car in front of him. just as he's going to pass him
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on the right the driver of the black car decides to make a right hand turn and takes him down. >> guy has a blinker on. car had a blinker on. scooter rider looks like he was a little impatient. >> the scooter rider was abltog. i'm going warn you, robots are going to take over the world. >> warn us now? you've been warning us since the show started. >> but now you're going to believe me. now robots are winning at air hockey. >> that's a problem. >> okay. he plays a mean defense. does he have any offense. >> nicholas, this robot has it all. this was all put together by some folks at the university in japan. this robot is made up of a four
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axis robotic arm, two high-speed cameras and an external pc, and it tracks the game at 500 frames per second. and this robot can change its strategy based on human performance. so it kind of analyzes what the human is doing, changes its strategy, accordingly. and forces the human to have kind of a psychological game with the robot. people who have played against this robot say it is challenging, even though they know they're going to lose to this robot. they like the psychological challenges. and tests have shown that this robot is successful in detecting players' behaviors, forcing them to change strategy. >> can you score on this thing or is it a total brick wall? >> in this video we don't see the human actually score against it. i don't know if anybody's ever scored against this thing. >> wow. >> but the crazy thing is, it in essence almost thinks. >> that is really freaky.
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right? >> monday. >> it's real or fake time. this week we've got magical snack making. >> you're seeing things. i didn't see it. >> manly mishaps. >> oh! >> the question is, real or fake? >> totally real. >> real. >> real. >> real. >> you decide, next.
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let's dive into the favorite part of everybody's monday. matt, the real or fake videos of the folks. >> mack on monday. >> start with video. video number one. >> surveillance video. >> what heck? >> someone's breaking in the door. >> he fell. he went in there like the tasmanian devil. >> that fall looks awfully suspicious. like i'm not a very good actor and fell down fall. >> i have to disagree and say real because you'd have to bust an expensive door. you're involving a child with a handgun. >> i say real, too. >> i am saying fake. that fall is not believable. >> can i say weird? >> video number two. >> looks like a man at a makeshift cotton candy stand. >> good move.
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>> he's got the moon walk down. >> oh! >> cotton candy magic. >> that's fake. >> there was a face inside the cotton candy. >> now you're seeing things because i didn't see it. >> like a cloud, though. you can see whatever you want. >> yeah. >> i would buy cotton candy from this tiny makeshift stand because this man's got style. >> agreed. real. >> real. >> real. i wonder if this is him at 9:00 in the morning and slowly gets worse and worse. >> eats cotton candy all day. that's what keeps him going. >> video number three. oh! >> what's happening? >> ouch. >> what we need. >> it's a nail. >> using a wrench. >> you go to the er. you don't do it yourself. >> [ bleep ]. >> you're twisting and turning. that thing is in the bone. >> i think it's slipping underneath the bone. if you're a construction worker
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you don't go to the er, you yank that out. >> this is real. >> real. >> you pop that thing out and put super glue in it and it sticks. >> real. >> i feel like i'm not able to type the rest of date. >> be thankful you have jobs typing on the keyboard. >> who works in the video warehouse finding this stuff. >> you have little hafmsters doing that. >> or interns. >> if you want to see the unedited version, head to "right this minute," check it out on our mobile app. hot summer day, the big cats like cool treats. >> i'm showing you joseph. he's a very hungry lion and he's also hot. they're giving him va nell la list cream. >> look at him. >> i like the way they're giving it to him with a big long pole. distance. >> i love it attached to the pole. >> you get the close-up view of the lovely little cat.
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>> licking his paw like they dropped a little. i have to make sure i get everything. >> very good ice cream. >> i have another video, this one is a who done it video. the guy goes to open his video, it's sunset. and as he's walking up sees this messy grassy salad that one of his dogs has produced. >> as i recall, the dogs were eating grass. >> that is vomit? that is vomit? >> it is vomit. as the camera pans over and he asks, who did this, look at their faces. >> pro who produced this delicious salad tonight. >> einstein and rito. >> they know they did something wrong. look at them. >> who did it? who made the salad? >> i think it's pretty easy to tell who the vomiter is of these two. >> who do you think it is? >> i think it's rito. einstein's wagging his tail and winking at him. >> maybe he's a good actor,
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trying to blame rito when in reality it was stein stein after all. >> a band of solidarity. i commend you on that. you're both going to be punished. >> darn cute pooches. time for a trip to vegas. this time, though, the guys get together in a small airplane. and the pilot is pretty good. he figures, i'm going to give my good buddies a little bit of a show. >> if you're bad ass, if you fly your friends to vegas. >> you want to have that friend. the pilot starts to do some banks so the guys can get a good view. the nice gentle banks start turning into nice hard core banks. but it ain't over yet. how about negative g? you see the plane drop swaul al the stuff up in the air. water bottles, log books, things in the back up in the paper the guy up front is loving it.
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you would have lost your stomach. i think you're about to now. >> this is not a good friend. i thought it was a good friend. cool, he's flying his friends to vegas. he's making his friend in the back -- >> some dudes head up to the rooftop. what do you think they do next? hey, look what's up here. water and really long flat surfac see if the rooftop slip and slide is fun or a fail on "right this minute." [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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looking at gullies on the surface of mars. this fascinated people at nasa and they thought, gullies are similar to ones on earth. the onesn eth end differently. you see debris aprons that widen at the bottom pop on mars they kind of end. let's fix out why that happened. >> frozen carbon dioxide accumulates on the surface and some of the accumulation will compress down and form ice slabs and ice blocks. we bought frozen carbon dioxide, dry ice blocks and saw what happened. >> first start with a piece of ice. not very far. piece of wood, not very far. watch what happens when they use frozen carbon dioxide. it keeps sliding. when the block of frozen carbon dioxide hits the warm sand, a cushion of air is formed and lifts the block of ice and
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slides it like it's lubricated. >> the only reason it stopped is because it hit the brushes. >> i can guarantee you you've never met somebody that absorbs life as much as chris dude mcdougal. a crazy guy. he lives life to the fullest. base jumping all over the world with his friends. a trailer for his new web series called bay stream, traveling to over ten different destinations all over the world. off of high mountains, off of cliffs, off of tall buildings. jumps into the chrrystal blue water. from the video. shot in greece. it's a shipwreck in the middle of the blue cove. look at that water. >> wow. >> you can see the big smile on chris' face, loving every minute. look at that view. >> wow. >> chris has been jumping for 16 years. he's logged thousands and thousands of jumps. he runs down a rock part of the
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way. that is the most incredible thing. >> i think i change where i want to go next on a dale list basis watching the videos. >> if you want to see the entire episode, go to "right this minute."com and click on our mobile app as well. cat bugs the dog. ♪ this one comes out of our crazy things guys do file. brian and randy on what i'm assuming is a very hot day. decide they're going to have a rooftop water slide. >> oh no. [ laughter ]
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>> and obviously, it's very slippery. >> [ bleep ]. >> i don't think they planned this. >> randy probably went up to the roof to fix something and went, bri, look what's up here, water and long flat surface. we should slide. >> maybe that's why you're hvac people when they go up to fix stuff, they're having a good time and that's why it takes two hours. >> all of that thumping around on the rooftop. >> that's it for rtm. have a fantastic rest of your day. we'll see you tomorrow. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce?
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i use bounce outdoor fresh sheets because fresher is better. everyone knows that. and me and mine are just crazy about freshness. breakfast is ready! [ cow moos ] [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ woman ] mmm, mmm, fresh.
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