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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 18, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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we have the individuvideos you' looking for "right this minute." a driver faces one heck of a road hazard at a racetrack. watch for it -- boom! >> oh! >> see what came flying out of nowhe nowhere. surveillance catches a woman taking a heavy potted plant without much of a struggle. hear about the search for the super human granny thief. two guys use their feathered friend for a little experiment. >> it did not flap the wings or anything. >> see how to hypnotize a chicken. voila! >> and a famous internet
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character does some fresh commentary. >> look at that. oh, geez. euphoria, fear, laughter. hear the fire play by play straight from the double rainbow guy. >> wow. never let your guard down if you are a racecar driver, lots of things to look out for, other drivers and corners and even animals. keep your eyes on the road and look out for this wayward deer that comes popping out of the woods right here to the right. watch for it right here. whoa! >> that came out of nowhere. >> that is a black alpha romero, and in west virginia at the 24th hour of lemon, and it is a spoof of lemons race, and they get junker cars and race, and here comes the deer again. look at it. it looks like it just clipped the top of the car there, and it
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looks like it cleared the trap. this is another view from a different point of view, and this is one of the other racecars up ahead, and this happens fast. keep your eyes way over to the right, and through the window, and you see him starting to come out, and watch him jump over the wall right there. did you see him it? is quick. the deer jumps out from the woods and from behind of the barrier, and a sneak attack. >> are you sure that is a car? is. >> they say that the deer cleared the back of the boat, and clearly the driver's head. >> so the whole incident is just a really cool video the watch and the deer kept going, and so did they? >> yes. >> great. i like showing up to a place that is decorated nice and has pretty plants laid out, and apparently other people do, too, like this woman who walks up to the lipton brewing company, and likes that potted plant, and
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walks away without much of a struggle. >> that is why grandma needs help getting places in and out of cars and the stairs, because she is lifting this stuff. >> the owner of the brewing company said that he is amazed she was able to do this, because it was particularly heavy. >> you have heard of old man strength, but this is grandma strength. >> well, grandmas do have nice gardens. >> so you are saying they steal them and not just growing them. >> where did you get these rode den drums? >> well, maybe it is the dude with the grandma wig. >> good disguise. >> this is not cheap. that plantar cost $125 and the incident was report ed ed to th stillwater police department, an apparently similar robberies have happened, and they are wondering if they have a grandma thievery case here. >> and grandma is picking up
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flowers before she is pushing up flowers. >> oh, ouch! if i say the name yosemite bear vazquez, of course, visions of youtube classic hit "double rainbow" comes to mind, because he is the guy behind that video. and now yosemite bear vazquez is back with another video from nature. this one from california. >> that thing is wow! >> we have a fire from the same spot he saw the rainbow. same spot, and he is reacting and filming in the same yosemite bear vazquez fashion. >> that is so big. oh, my god. >> it is the same mixture of euphoria and fear and laughter. you never know what you will get from yosemite bear. >> roller coaster of emotions there. >> and in the ireport on cnn, he says he is not going anywhere. >> i'm excited, because i'm ready for a fight.
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i'm a fire science major, and i know what to do. my water tank is installed and putting my computer and most l valuable [ bleep ] in my car and go town the hill. so if it kocomes this way, i wi water this down here, and i will be fine. >> but the winds were blowing the fire in another direction, and his home is safe. in this ireport he says that he does not have fire insurance, and neighbors were take off, but he was going to stay and try to fight this thing off. and this tourist bus did not work like it was supposed to in liverpool in the uk. as you can see, people are starting to climb out of this thing. witnesses said that this thing took about four minutes, and as you can see, people are climbing out. in all, 31 people had to be rescued. >> you can see that the windows
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are starting to go below the surface, and the thing is starting to fill up. >> you have to kind of bail quickly, because otherwise, you are stuck in there and you have to get out. >> yes, you have goat ohave get people are on the top. rescuers arrived quickly, but you have 31 people on board and kids as young as 2 years old. in all, 17 had to be taken to the hospital. everybody survive and those taken to the hospital were released. >> i am happy that everybody got out, because scenarios like this creates pandemonium and i hate to say it, but it is a like fend for yourself kind of thing, so i am glad that everybody including the little kids made it out. >> and going from something that didn't work like it should to something that is where it is supposed to be, and this 64-year-old woman is supposed to be driving and these are the rails in manchester england, and
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she drove this tram, and the she blamed it on the lack of signs. and so people were going to the bon jovi concert, and they got out and shouted epiteths at her. >> and granny was "living on a prayer" driving that thing on the train tracks. she was going to get out of there dead or alive. >> no, not good. >> and the king of awkward pranks puts on an annoying front. >> he's the king of annoying, and i would thoroughly knock him out. >> see how the travelers handle the walk block. and the treat a la commode. >> you are supposed to suck it out with a straw? >> yes. >> the toy t
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9:40 am"right this minute" all day long to stay in touch. now, back to the show. the king of awkward. andrew hale is at it again this time in charlotte at an airport, texting down a hallway and walk walking slowly in front of people. the guy behind him, you can see he is trying to get behind him, and i don't know if andrew has eyes in back of his head or somebody in the ear telling him where to go, and he blocked this guy. him and several others. and this guy goes around him, and says, hey, man, you have to step saside. >> he is the king of aungward and i'm the queen of getting to my gate. i would thoroughly knock him out. i am surprised that nobody would. >> i want to break stuff when this happens, because when this happens, i will freak out. >> you know that people are running late. >> imagine walking behind him. >> i hope he told them that it was a prank. >> she is doing this because
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other people have done this and we have experienced these people who are completely oblivious, and he is mimicking people that we know. >> he is boxing out a whole family and the little girl is like, what is this guy doing? >> here it is obvious he is using the peripheral vision back and forth and speeding up and down and still bugging the hapless traveler. >> you are doing this on purpose, aren't you? >> he reveals it, good. but as i am trying to laugh, it is making me mad. >> andrew figuring out the best way to be irritating. this is undoubtedly one of the weirdest videos i'll show you. this is candy, but it is candy that you eat out of a little toilet. >> what? >> that is like tootsie rolls on the inside? >> oh. >> and you take out a toilet, and you have to put it together. >> it is like a little model.
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>> once you have the toilet all nicely put together, you open the seat cover. >> oh, no. >> and the water tank cover where you put the candy in it. you add water and look at that. then it will zing and bubbling and starts growing into the b l bowl. >> oh, no. >> and it is like you had a bad under the night before. >> this is going to look like you actually just cleaned the toilet. and looks like you put the bowl cleaner in there. >> and ew, you are supposed to suck that out with a straw? >> ugh. oh, gross. that is so gross and it sounds like a toilet flushing. all right. that is funny. >> that is the perfect gag gift though. >> you want to do the straw method gmethod. >> yes, you want to do that. >> yes. >> and the thing about this second video is that it does reveal that it is not particularly good. it is a very bad taste. there are different flavors of
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this one that is brown. >> this is disgusting. >> that is worse. >> i hope this does not encourage kids to go to the toilet, and -- >> oh, no. >> oh, yeah. go headbut. ♪ >> hi, my name is walter duncan and i have been a classroom teacher for 14 years. >> i have to imagine that one of the most time consuming tasks for teachers is grading papers so wait until you see what walter duncan and his team came up with. >> i found out that i need something to grade papers faster and give me access to the data in a way i could use it in realtime, right there that day and turn it over to apply the next day, so i drcreated quick keep.
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so look at how fast you can collect the data. >> he made an app for the phone called quick keep. >> so there is the first one and the second one. >> look at how fast he is grading the papers. >> no. >> this turns your phone into an optical scanner to grade quizzes and surveys and like the old scantron things. >> i remember helping the teachers out, but it is on the phone. >> this is a kick starter campaign and they have less than two weeks to go, and they have raised close to $17,000, and they need only $20,000 to get the thing off of the ground. on the kick start page, walter and his buddy isaac have a race in 46 seconds isaac grades -- >> 300 questions and quizzes. >> i got through 3 1/2 quizzes. >> we have walter the co-founder and chair mman of quickie to ta about this. can you see the quick key across the country? >> we can see it everywhere, and
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the teachers are responding well to quick key, but everybody talks about how fast you grade, but one of the things to miss is that to improve student performance, i have to know how much my students learn today. so using the quick key will help me to figure it out today and that makes me understand that 20% of the students understood the lesson so i need to dress up like a pirate and stand on a table and re-teach it tomorrow. >> and what about the teachers think about it? >> they are happy about saving time, but getting the data to help the student performance. >> have you seen increased test scores because of the daily assessments? >> i use the assessments, because they inform the teaching the next day. these students aim teaching are top 20% on the mla on the mcat. we have turned cream into
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butter before, but now -- >> we are doing it in less than 60 seconds. >> we will reveal the trick to the churn in a moment. now is the time of the show for this -- [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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cream, and you need a mason jar and two hands to shake it up and you can make butter. >> fun and hard work. >> it took a long time. >> it did take a long time, but this guy, dan rojas has it in less than 60 seconds. >> i'm altering the original concept of the plastic bottle, because it is lighter than glass and quicker to grip, an unlike the typical glass jar, the ribs will allow for additional currents to form. oh, my goodness. it worked. >> it did work and in less than 60 seconds, and he did it in 54, he was able to make a sizable amount of butter. look at that. >> and guess what, we are going to try to make butter again. >> with my mark here, i have to try to keep it under a minute?
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is that enough? that is enough. are we going to time this? >> i will get this out. >> when you start to shake and stir, i will start the clock. three, two, one. >> faster! >> 25 seconds in. >> now, we are into the whipped cream phase. >> keep going, brother. 40 seconds. >> can we take a break here. >> that is a minute. >> he's done. keep going. you can't stop. >> it is done. >> oh, there it is. >> there is it. >> you are calling it? >> yes, 1:44. >> that is still a lot less than the last time. >> that is true. >> a lot of butter. >> all right. where are the crackers. >> kitty tail chase. ♪
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now comes the time in the show for this -- >> hi. >> and what they are about to do is something called bang-a-rang. to the song "bang-a-rang." >> is this what girls are doing? >> speak too soon christian, because if you look at this girl, and that is from the youtube channel called hot girls with hot things. this has millions of hits in no time. >> and it also makes the person in the yellow cab really late to where they are going, because the driver has now closed down look at the bang-a-ranging. >> i feel bad for the girl up in the yellow on the sunroof, and who told her she has to stay
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there? you can see the entire video for yourself and be one of the ined evidentable millions. go to right this or watch it on the mobile app. at some point, you are thinking, somebody has to notice. >> see
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you know when you think about it, passenger planes are like flying billboards for the companies they fly for so why
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not make sure that the outside of the plane looks great and has the logo painted up nice and fresh and you can see that this plane as you can clearly see is going in for a fresh paint job. this is a time lapse video of how much it takes to paint a 737-800 and tons of tarps. you see the guys tarping everything out, and they have to tarp everything out every window and hatches and ports on the plane and throwing a nice coat of primer over it. as the video continues, you can see the different steps and now they cover it up again. and yes, another coat of some sort of primer or base layer on, and get it looking like a big ugly piece of yellow or something or another. >> are they painting it the same? it looks like the same colors and it is going to look like the same when they brought it in, but newer? >> yes, it is. i was a little disappointed it is exactly the same. >> this is how you earn a 4.0 on the evaluation.
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somebody was looking out of the airplane seat and noticed that the person working there was not doing a good job. this video was shot a year ago, but it is one of the most shared videos on youtube right now. >> none of them are going on to the belt. >> look at the boxes over there, and look at that. >> at some point, you are thinking, somebody has to notice, but nobody notices -- >> except for the guy ting thede >> and it didn't land on the conveyor. >> and he has to pick them up. >> well, it is not on the conveyor. >> and some people are saying that maybe the guy was suffering from heat exhaustion, but it is suspect when he breaks out the cell phone. >> i am going to answer the phone. >> and the guy has a pretty good summation of the guy's ability. >> tedious. >> and then a second person comes over. and that is when the guy is like, oh, somebody may see me, so i will start to work before they take off. >> and if you do this, you won't
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have this problem. >> it falls off of the belt, and then look at that. >> it hit him on the head. >> and it is broken or never quite works right. >> what a joke. backflips. this is probably one of the coolest tricks that we will have on this show, and not exactly a new trick, and hypnotizing chickens, and these guys, they own a company in the uk, called "get chickens london" and they do all things chickens. they will come the your house and set up a chicken coop, and they heard that you could hypnotize chickens and after perfecting it, this is what it looks like. >> voila, that is a hypnotized chicken. >> she is not moving. >> that is not necessarily a comfortable position for the chicken and the chickens just staying there. >> they tip her over, and she is back on her feet, and she walks
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away, but she is hypnotized further to lay down, because she was calm in the arms. >> and they work with chickens and they know how the handle the chickens. >> when he lays her down, he holds on to the legs so she can't move anywhere and then they draw the line, and takes the hands away and the chicken stays. >> they have been doing this, but they decided to give it their own shot and perfect it, and that is what it looks like they did. >> i like it, but i hoped that they would hypnotize the chicken to act like a dog or something. thanks for joining us. we will see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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