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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 19, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. let's look at the best videos that the web has to offer "right this minute." a disturbing theme when cops at a music festival get busy tasing this naked guy. >> what happens when the crowd is not amused. >> why the [ bleep ], why? why? a baby moose is stranded in a swimming pool. while -- >> there is mom up on the hill waiting for the baby. >> how a hero took charge to get them back together. a driver focused on the race fails to see the flames.
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>> oh, no. >> now he notices them. see the great escape from the big bad buick. and these two are loving their new toys. >> also known as rubberbands. >> we have the fun that never ends. yeah, that's the unmistakable sound of a taser, and this time at the sonic bloom music festival and underground e electronic festival in shadow branch, colorado. these officers from the clear creek sheriff's department tasing this naked guy. >> whoa, whoa. >> crazy thing, this is when the crowd was regrouping following a microburst that caused damage knocking over a shed and knocked down some power lines and apparently the naked guy started running down the street, and that is when the police had to come to take care of the situation. >> why the [ bleep ]?
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why? >> however, the big crowd around, and if you listen, they are not so happy. >> why? >> you [ bleep ] sleep at night? >> we should say that the naked guy became violent when the officers approached and he was cited for disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. and five others were cited at the sonic bloom music festival. >> why did they keep tasing him? why did they keep pulling the trigger? >> to get him to comply to the officers' orders. according to one report, the man was possibly on some drugs which could answer the question as to why he is naked. >> if you are streaking and the police show up, something is going to happen to you. they are not going to let you walk around naked like that. >> they tasered him time after ti time, and it should be effective on a guy that is under the influence of something. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> and even though the officers
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question the officers burk people were clearly upset, and the sheriff says it all goes with the protocol. imagine going on a ride along with the missoula county sheriff's office, and you get a call about a moose in a swimming pool. what they think happened is that the young baby moose may have wandered into the pool, because the pool wa covered. and the moose probably you can see the pool cover is gathered around him, but watch how quick this rescue is. >> there you go. nice job, ben. >> the guy drags the baby moose out. watch it again. >> there we go. >> he yanks him up like a little kid. >> when the individuvideo first you see that mom is not that far away, and somebody had to herd her away, and she did charge him a couple of times, but there is mom up on the hill waiting for the baby. they are trying to direct the baby like, listen, pal, go that way.
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so they pick it up one more time and get it going towards mom. >> fortunately a small moose and not terribly heavy for them to pick up and help out. >> robert wetzel who did the ride along with the deputy told krtv, this is a once in a decade kind of thing or maybe not. >> well, in montana, probably once in a week i'd call. >> and in the beginning mom is looking over saying, the swan is diving in to save my kid. >> nice job, ben. yet another amazing lightning strike caught on camera. this is dash cam in russia. look at what the driver sees. >> whoa! what did it hit? >> that lightning strike actually hit a mother and a daughter. they were walking in the rain with an umbrella, and if you look closely, you can actually see their bodies in the video. you theme walking and suddenly the lightning strikes directly
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hitting them. >> all of the trees around, and it hits the people with the umbrella? >> and the likelihood of somebody surviving a lightning strike is low, but the 28-year-old mother and daughter did survive. because of the severity of the weather, people did pull over, but they could not call the police or the ambulance, so they did put them in the car and take them to the hospital. >> can you do that? >> you figure. and the bumper to bumper racing action from the lemons race which is a mock up of the lemans, and here is the pedalling action of where we will see a deer leap iing over e alpha romero, and now new video surfacing from the driver inside of the black alpha romero, and here is what it would look like if you were drive ing thing tha >> oh! >> oh, wow.
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>> he clearly saw it coming from the right. >> it did. you hear the brakes screeching on the car desperately slowing down to try to avoid the deer. you see the deer leaping and you hear the thump. we know it is the hooves of the deer that cracked the windshield and appeared to keep going uninjured off of the side of the track. it did put him out of the race essentially, because he had to come to a dead stop in the middle of the race, and did you pause it right when the deer is over the windshield, and it is close. you can count the hairs on the body. you also have a in-car camera and you can see the driver's reactions too. >> he moves out of the way. >> and take a look in the top left corner of the video, because that is a g-meter and when the green lines go from one side to another, and that is the g-load on the driver. so when he jams on the brakes, watch this. that g-load goes up to 1g, so he felt it.
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a tow truck driver at a crash deemed it more than a loaded bed. >> there is another tow truck driver in an orange shirt. >> watch what he does. >> that is a shovel. >> the story behind one haul of a hit. and nothing like a day at the beach with the pooch or a bunch of pooches, and why this
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i never knew that tow truck driving was a competitive industry. look at this video from 7 news in perth, australia, and with reseeing 30-year-old bud de boer who is in the green shirts here, a tow truck driver at a traffic crash. he is talking to his dad on the mount henry bridge, but there is another tow truck driver at the scene and he is 46 years old and you see him in the orange shirt. watch at what he does. that is a shovel. he hits bud in the back of the
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head with a shovel. >> if it were a little to the right, i would not be here. i have my family and i have everything to live for and out of the blue, whack. >> bud told the 7 news this guy was apparently angry about comments that he made about the towing industry. in the video, you can see that he remains upright, but he is a little bit wobblyn theafov to the back of the noggin there. we are seeing the damage to the back of bud's head. >> i take et it he is facing assault charges, because that is a deadly weapon. >> and the police of course notified and bud is obviously upset. >> well, justice served, because if he does it to me, who is to say he wouldn't do it to somebody else. >> police say that they spoke to the tow truck driver, and he said that bud was abusing his wife at the scene, and making threats. we cannot confirm that. >> it is a senseless attack. >> regardless of the profession, i would say that nothing
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warrants a shovel to the back of the head. this is definitely the super cute video of the day. [ laughter ] two babies playing around with the funniest thing in the world, also known as rubberbands. they take the rubberband and wrap it around the knob of the cabinet door and pull on it, and it is like somebody is tickling their belly. >> they are having a good time and sharing. each have their own rubberband and their own cabinet knob, and they equally both keep falling over.
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time to put the pop in soda pop with gavin from -- dr. pepper gave them a bunch of two liter bottles of dr. pepper 10 which is for dudes we know that. >> because it has less sugar. >> manliest low-cal ri soda in the history of mankind. >> this time, he is going to be using a crossbow and lined up four 2 liter bottles of soda, and they disappear. >> in realtime they vaporize, but of course, it wouldn't be fun to watch if it weren't in slow motion. did the arrow stick in the fourth bottle? >> well, if you look close in
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the spray, there goes to bullet, and the pressure ejected it back out on the first shot. they did it more than once. the bolt on this one sticks right through the fourth bottle and gavin makes it a makeshift straw. getting keyed, not funny, unless it is this kind of car key i keying. >> your keys are in your door. >> see what happens when this prank goes too deep. >> call 911 and call police. and a pro rider's childhood fantasy is brought the life. >> oh, man, he looks like he is in a giant room and as big as the baseboard. >> see how he turned imagin
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it's best rtm videos and i if in philadelphia, born and raised. >> and on the playground i spent my days. >> the theme song to "fresh prince of bell air" and they did a parody of fresh farm air. ♪ this is a story about how our life is spent with the sweat of our brow ♪ ♪ and we'd like to take a minute to say ♪ ♪ we go down on the farm on a typical day ♪
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>> this time it is in central kansas born and raised on the family farm is where i spent most of my days. to check it out go t website and click on best of rtm. >> or get it on our mobile app. nothing like a day at the beach with your pooch. >> or a bunch of pooches. >> these dogs are actually staying at the paw seasons, a dog resort where if your dog gets treated like they would at home. a woman created it, because she thought while i am on vacation, i want them to be treated well instead of a concrete kennel. in may and june of this year, she took the pets from the resort to the beach, and they had fun. >> okay. i thought this was the pet resort, and a beach front pet resort. >> they are running and playing ball and rolling around in the sand like humans. >> at one point, it looked like they were playing volleyball. >> well, it is doggie style, but they are. >> it is incredible that they put it together for dogs.
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the price is not as steep as i expected. per night, it is $47 and to about $80 depending upon the package you buy for the dog. they have several houses around the area. if you have a low key dog that is not as active as these reason the beach, there is another woman who will watch it, and another dog. >> it is amazing that they do this, because the dogs love the beach. >> the dogs have the run of the house, and they can sleep wherever they want. >> who is going to the give the dogs a bath afterwards? i can say right now i can't condone a car keying prank, unless it is this kind of car key i keying, and then it is funny. >> you left the keys in your door, man. they are in your door. >> yeah, these are the guys from ross creations who have had pranks on our show before and going around telling people, oh, your keys. you left the keys in your door. >> hey, your keys are in your
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door. >> really? >> but nowadays, your car key is also your key that you put in the ignition, right? >> your keys are in your door? >> that was a good one. good one. >> and like everybody looks, and people get it after the initial couple of seconds. >> that is hilarious, and for a second, you have to give the person the benefit of the doubt, and that is why those people are falling for it. >> thank you. >> and you know, you might have done that before when you were like locking the door and going into the apartment and you leave the keys and whoop, but not with when you are drive, because when you are driving, you need the key. most people had a good laugh except for this guy in a white truck. >> call 911 and call the police with two drunk kids in the car. >> that is worth calling the police for. >> and after that, the guy got mad and they stopped and the one guy keeps telling him, you left your keys.
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it is incredible how many people fall for it. good stuff from ross creations. >> thank you. >> thank you. lots of little boys, steven, like you and i used to take our toy cars and drive them all over things, and pretend that our world was something that we can play in, and well, now, that world is coming true for danny mccaskill in this new film called "imagine" and he is a trials rider. he had the help of red bull to create this childhood fantasy in full scale so he could ride his bicycle all over. oh, man! it looks like he is in a giant room like he is as big as the baseboard. >> exactly. he made everything huge so he is pretty much like the little toy he was playing with jumping up all over the blocks and using plays cards as ramps. >> my brain can't handle this. i am saying, that is a grown
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man, but he is in a gigantic world of toys. >> like i shunk the biker. there he is on the house of cards and rides it down. look at this. they drive a full-sized real tank into the playland and the army men are there. jumps up on to the real tank, and rides the cannon down, and leaps off. >> whoa! >> and they are real. >> yes, they are real? >> the army men come alive and steal his bike. >> oh, no. >> he gets it back, finally. he goes through a mouse hole and jumps down on the book through the loop to loop and up and over the red bull formula one car. you will want to see the entire video including the bonus scenes at the end. go the right this, and click on rtm, and also use the mobile app. when you have three sheep versus one wolf, you think that the wolf is going to win, but
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not this thvideo. see how t
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ski iing guys is normally a downhill thing, right? but not in the video you are about to see. watch this. from or ttorreys peak in colora
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>> you don't have to get lifted up there by helicopter, but ride it up? >> well, this is fun by itself, and the guy doing this is kevin pathmore and you can see the smooth ride up the mountain. >> you get the fun going up and coming down. >> and uses the wind and right here kind of over some rocky areas no, big deal. pick up the skies and keep it rolling. >> i wonder if i can safe ve mo on the lift tickets. >> they say it is the first time ever that anybody has been wind powered to the top of torreys peak. you see him packing up the chute, and then says, all right, time to go down. that was easy. >> when you have three sheep versus one wolf, you think that the wolf is going to win, and we wouldn't show you that video. >> the wolf is coming over, and the big sheep is like, you need to get stepping. chases the wolf off. the wolf is like, i'm hungry,
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and i'm a wolf and you a sheep, and in the circle of life, i'm ahead of you. >> and could this be wolves in sheep's clothing. >> well, somebody noticed that the big sheep had a bell around his neck and maybe that scared the wolf away. >> hope the wolf's friends don't see it, because he would lose his wolf card. >> and in a world where a mother is trying to protect her kids, this is way out there. >> in this case, the dog wants the play with the cat, and the cat is like, you know what, you have too much energy for me. >> the dog needs to go out sosi or something and needs to walk. >> and the cat is like, you want to play now? you ready to calm down? and he is like, smack. and keeps smacking him like, calm down, calm down. >> it is not his fault. all he wants to do is to play. and if they are not taking him outside for a big old run, of course, he is going to play with the cat. and of course, he is getting the energy out in the circle. >> and 360. >> yes. >> time for some amateur dirt track racing.
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this is a stock car come petiti in canada. this is like the junker racecar s. it is part demolition derby and part race. you can see that basically all the bucyk hick has got is a department. look at that. the fire extinguisher. >> you can see the inside of the track and the other cars blowing by him, but look at the big obstacle in front of him. couple of cars spinning out and crashes, but he makes his way around that. he is doing okay. >> it is like somebody race mig grandma's old car. >> look over to the passenger side there. you see an old whisk? now he notices that lanes and lots of them. look at the flame, and look at how quickly they spread. gets out of his seat belt and jumps out dukes of hazard style. >> he comes back and pulled back
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through the window, and gets the fire extinguisher. >> these are not the prized cars. >> if your car is not set on fire in the second race, you are better. >> at least this guy can say he was on fire in the first race. >> lit the track up. >> thanks for joining us. >> lit the track up. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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