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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 20, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web and is the stories behind them, "right this minute." a formula 3 race turns into -- >> one violent crash. >> see what happens on the road to the finish line. after a bull breaks loose on a city street, there is one guy -- >> who thinks he is going to save the day. >> well, he has another thing comi coming. new video of the fiery crash that killed a journalist leads some to wonder -- >> whether or not his death was actually an accident. >> and now meet the photographer
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who may hold a crucial clue to all of the conspiracy theories. >> when i look back at the footage and low a and behold, te it was. >> and chuck from the bronx takes on his toughest challenge yet. >> and i mean, literally the toughest. >> why eating a whole beef tongue isn't as much fun as it sounds. >> it is the biggest tongue i have ever saw in my life. here's a remarkable example of how far technology has come in the world of safety and racecar racecars. this is the formula 3 australian drivers championship in hidden valley and now you can see the racecar pull off to the right in the pit, and the rolling start and the cars are about to open up, and they tap and cross the finish line and here they go. heading into turn one, incredible speed, and this car is gaining on the leader and -- >> oh! >> -- boom! >> ooh!
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>> violent crash as that car in third place tried to overcome the car in first place and basically misjudged. you can quickly see him come to the stop and give the thumb's up and you know he is okay even after that horrendous crash. >> it looked like the right tire folded up. >> it did. look at how it happens. the left front clips the rear tire which busts out, and then hits the first tire barrier and then hits a second tire barrier and he is completely out of control now, and the debris all over the track, and the other drivers avoiding the debris. he goes off into the grass, and here he nearly rolls over, but he doesn't. the car now basically, the cockpit is left. that cockpit is designed to stay intact and keep the driver safe from injury, and in this case, it seemed like it worked the way it is supposed to.
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the running of bulls in barcelona, spain, is common, but this one -- >> this is not part of the running of the bulls. where did it come from? >> well, according to reports he escaped from a transport vehicle and who knows where he was transport transported to, because maybe he was running for his life. >> i have a guess. yeah, run. set him free to pasture, and if he has escaped he has earned the right not to become a burger. >> and look at the car coming up. he starts to ramming into it with his head, and then it turns around once he is done with the white car, there to a pe des den with the white shirt who believes he is going the save the day, and then the bull charges at him, and they wrestle to the ground. >> whoa.
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>> where believe it or not, the man with the red shirt does in fact grab the bull by the neck, and then a bunch of people as the pe des tdestrians come over wrestle the bull and apparently two of them are police officers and one of them was one of the people from the transport vehicle that was helping to move this bull. >> i can't believe this. >> two more steps of freedom. >> and at least one of the police officers was injured, but nobody seriously. it is believed that the bulls belonged to a cattle ranch nearby and that is where he was eventually taken to. >> run, ferdinand, run. media outlets everywhere have been reporting on the untimely death of 33-year-old journalist michael hastings who was killed on tuesday in a fiery crash in los angeles. now, hastings is well known for the 2010 "rolling stone" article that brought down general stanley mcchrystal, and now days
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after hastings' death, conspiracy theories are around the web and people are speculating whether or not his death was actually an accident, but we have found a video that seems to disprove some of the conspiracy proves. this is dash cam footage shot by freelance reporter scott lane. according to lane, that is michael hastings' mercedes-benz speeding through the red light just before he was killed in the fiery crash. this changes the idea that maybe somebody was chasing him. to learn more about the video we have scott lane via skype right this minute in los angeles. first of all, you are certain that this is michael hastings' car that we see going through the red light. >> 99.9. and the math adds up from the time of the passing my dash cam to the accident. i leave the parking lot 2:00 after that, and 30 seconds after
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that is when the call hits the sc scanners and arrive at the scene a minute and a half after that. >> what made you go back to look at the footage. >> i was in the area and then i ran through the night in my head and i said, wait, i was in the intersection a couple of blocks north of the crash just before the crash and i look back at the footage and lo and behold, there it was. >> have you been in touch with investigators about the video and have they been interested in the footage? >> no, not as of yet. >> since you put it out, what has been the feedback? >> i had to turn the phone off. i didn't believe that there were that many people who believed that theovernment mote ontrled the car. >> even r video, people still believe that there is a conspiracy theory? >> well sh, i thought it would
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help, but it brought up more questions, and it is a mess. if you know somebody in russia a package, chances are it could be damaged. look at this, notice what is thrown out of the train car. packages. this person throws the boxes out and does not care. he does not even try to place them. throwing them out of the train cars. and the person filming this says, i have to get closer to make sure that you are seeing what you think that you are seeing. >> are we sure those are not empty cardboard boxes and taking out the trash? >> good question, because the russian postal service got involved after this video was uploaded to the internet, and they made a statement. they said that they are trying to get to the bottom of it, but this train is not carrying a postal service logo so they have to make sure if this is a postal logo or a third-party package handler and they don't know if they are truly postal packages. >> it looks like they may be falling beneath the tracks. those guys are just creating a
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giant mess. after you offload them, you have to pick them up and take them somewhere. last time i send something to russia. the police are called out after a driver gets pretty irate and pretty combative with the people inside of the burger king at the drive-through window. >> see how the fast food trip ends with a trip to the slammer. and a video -- >> just to remind us how beautiful the world around us is. >> see art from the eyes of these be
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a close call for police officers at a burger king drive-through and this one is coming to us from our friends at wxyz and this is happening on valentine's day this year. the video released of robert and a passenger at the burger king. they were getting irate and combative with the people inside of the burger king at the
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drive-through window. they called police and when the police called up, they wanted him to get a wway from the drive-through window so business could continue. but that is when he mashed the gas and struck this police lieutenant. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> close call and glancing blow and knocks the police officer off of his feet, and then he tears off down the street, but the police station is down the street within view of the burger king and the officers boxed him in quickly. >> not a smart move and now you are dealing with a hit-and-run here. >> what is this guy thinking? >> well, not surprising they say that he was drunk and the blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit at 2.5, and he has a history of driving drunk. when the police got him into custody he pleaded guilty of multiple crimes including operating under the influence and felonious assault and sentenced 2 to 5 years and the officer is back on duty. >> all because he got into in a argument at the drive-through.
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>> well, thank goodness he got into the argument, because he is off of the streets and with the history of driving drunk, people in detroit are safer, because this guy is not on the roads anymore. it is so easy to get caught up in the everyday lives that we forget to just take a moment to see the beauty in everything we do. so the guys over at cool pancakes did something cool. they put different frames on this wall with three frames that said, choose one, and find beauty and frame it. so people took the frame and they started to walk around town. >> i want to go find the most beautiful thing that i can possibly find and frame it. >> i want to find things that some people may not think it is beautiful and make it look beautiful. >> all of the different people looking at things like street signs, trees, buildings, the sidewalks, street art, the moon against the backdrop of an urban landscape. >> our lives go so fast that we
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miss the beauty and the simple thing, but it sound -- surrounds us everyday. >> there are so many beautiful things on the streets that i don't take time to notice. >> i'm an artist and i like to see things in different way. >> beauty is everywhere. >> i like the older man's face, because there is beauty in age and wisdom, and that is what i would have done. we have seen this fellow before and who is it, nick? >> well, he is chuck from the bronx. >> hey, it is chuckrom the bronx again. >> that is right we him t, and i mean literally the tough eest. >> cow tongue. not cooked. >> yes, he is eating beef tongue and going to eat it raw. you can see the whole tongue on the plate. >> that the biggest tongue i have ever seen in my life. >> and beef tongue is very, very toug
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tough. >> i have eaten it, cooked. >> he is french kissing a cow. >> you know, i have never french kissed a cow before. >> are you kidding? >> i hope he washed it. >> it is now his time to start. >> what is the challenge? does he have to eat the whole thing? >> i don't think that he is trying to eat the whole thing, but he is just trying to eat it. but he has not had the first bite yet, and he starts to gag. first, he picks it up, and tries to bite it, but he is gagging. >> it looks like a shoe. >> it takes a few minutes to get the piece off to bite it. >> it is so tough, and he says tough repeatedly. >> it is tough. so tough. it is so tough. it is extremely tough. tough. so tough. >> he has a tough time getting this thing down. >> it is so tough, i dont n't k how to eat this thing. >> why can't he cook it? why can't he say chuck from the bronx and i have a cooked beef tongue. >> he is realizing that this is maybe too tough for chuck from
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the bronx. >> he gives up, because you cannot eat a tongue like that, and i call it a fail. >> hey, anybody who wants this, i will send it out to you. >> the dude takes all of the instagram photos and turns them into a rap. ♪ i'm a girl ♪ i'm a girl ♪ sometimes in the videos ♪ i dress like a girl >> he didn't need a rap song, because the photos are entertaining themselves. >> meet the guy behind the snapshot beat. >> and swimming meets cycling. >> it keeps you cool while you are
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it is the best of the rtm time, and we will tell you about a bonus video you can find on the website. >> a lot of people are talking about the new dap punk album and now the cover of the song "get lucky" and not one, not two, not three, not four, but five pianist all playing on the same piano. talented people from collective credenza put this together. >> and if you want to watch it head over to the website right this and click on best of rtm. >> or you can watch it on the mobile app. and not that instagram feeds
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are boring, but alex thought his was so to make his more interesting he made a video about it. >> they call me the king and fun is what i bring -- >> it is funny. ♪ i'm a girl ♪ i'm a girl ♪ sometimes for videos ♪ ♪ i dress like a girl >> he didn't need the rap song, because the photos are entertaining. >> especially as a girl. >> the photos would only be entertaining to people who know him, but now everybody gets a sense of this man's -- >> yeah, the song makes it. ♪ when i was younger i dyed my hair ♪ ♪ i didn't care what i would wear ♪ ♪ i do my thing ♪ and try to dang >> i like the lyrics, and when he doesn't know what to say, he goes with the shape of the mouth. >> he does a good johnny depp.
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>> you want me to turn your instagram into a rap, put me on your instagram and maybe i will choose yours. >> i have one picture on the instagram account. >> it would be, oh, oh, oh. that is my rap. cat in a fish bowl. the concept of spin class is simple. you get into a room with a bunch of people in a stationary bike and pedal like crazy and sweat a bunch. this is a change-up, and it is aqua studio, and aqua cycling. new york city's first underwater spinning class. you can see that the bikes are in the water. >> i like it, because it keeps
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you cool while you are sweating and it washes the sweat away. >> but i think that it is more difficult to pedal a bike underwater, though. >> yes, it is like going uphill. >> we saw this, and the instructor explains the benefits of it. >> i think that the biggest difference is that you are supported by the water, so you don't have gravity on the joints and your body is buoyant, and so if you have any joint issues or try this, you will be able to do that. >> and cycling or sitting are low impact as it is, but this is less impact, because you are underwater. >> and when you watch the video, too, you are able to do the arm movement, and the water creates resistance so you are not only toning the leg, but you are do some arm toning. >> and if you are tired, you can go for swim and swim right back and keep pedalling. >> you brought up the sweat factor and that is a big one, because you are drenched and want to jump in the pool, and you are there. >> wouldn't it be fun way
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underwater and snorkel. an optical illusion creates confusion. >> what! >> you see the legs clearly, but then a little boy pops up. >> no, no, no
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there's something really cool about taking something really old and worn out and giving it some new life. that is exactly what is happening here. the video is called the
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resurrection, because this guy is taking these 1996 army boots to refurbish to give new life to the 2007 derby shoes. >> this guy is a cobbler? >> yes. people tend to throw out the shoes and get another pair, and bring them to a cobbler and give them new life. >> it gives them so much more kas character which is what is happening here, because eventually what he is going to do is to merge the shoes and the derby shoes into one. >> he took the souls from the boots which is what he is going to use to put on the shoes that he is working on, on the left side. >> this is the part where they are finally bringing the two pieces together. the sole and the shoe. >> that's it. >> got a little optical illusion for you guys. this video was put together by a professor of physics at the university of rochester. >> what!
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>> i'm confused. >> yeah, let's see it again. you've got the guy in the plaid shirt who is the son of the physics professor at rochester university, and you can see him in the mirror, and the legs clearly, but then a little boy pops up. >> there is another mirror off to the right. is that how he is doing it? >> you are absolutely right, nick. this is an old trick and it has been done for at least 150 years, and you are right, there is not just another mirror, but several other mirrors. the professor is john howell, and he goes through basically step by step how this was created. >> but you have the light rays coming off of the object and hitting off of this mirror, and being reflected off of that mirror and being reflected off of that mirror and coming to this mirror and then going to the viewer in the distance. in this region though, it would appear that nothing is here, because of the fact that light just gets guided around that.
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that is the basic idea of these devices. >> so the little boy was crouching between the two m mirrors, right? >> exactly. so once you figure out what is going on, you can pay closer attention and not just looking at the optical illusion, but the whole process. >> next time i see a magic show on tv, i am going to be paying attention and looking for this. >> when they say smoking mirrors, it is smoking mirrs or in this cas jt mirrors. this african parrot that you are looking at, he is dig dog and he is 20 years old. this bird happens to be in my friend's backyard named jason pimrose, and he called him over to do some paving, and he takes the big dog with him. and so he spills the paint, and he decided to do the rest. >> the best part is how they are watching the parrot go the work. >> and now for your moment of total cuteness, this is a 2
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1/2-week-old kitten getting bottle fed. >> look at the ears. >> that is the thing, when it sucks on the bottle, the ears go up. it is like dumbo the cat. it is a foster kitten, so whenever the cat eats, wiggle the ears. >> okay. a little milk mustache. >> that is so cute the little milk mustache. that is so cute. that is it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for spending time with us, and we will see you next thanks for spending time with us, and we will see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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