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tv   France 24 News  FOX  June 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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one. >> we have a 20 gang suppression cars going on throughout the week. each car has two officers. we have 40 additional officer above patrol that are out there hitting hot spot areas. >> reporter: while the family we talked to is glad. they also worry will it make a hot spot hotter? >> some of them will move or they'll take it somewhere else. but some of them they'll just like do it when cops ain't around. >> reporter: and that's the main reason police say they plan to have a constant presence. coming up at 6, more on the overall plan and how some local businesses are reacting. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. new details now on a story we've been following since early this morning about the search for a suspect wanted in connection with a deadly shooting in richmond. the shot spotter alert system picked up gunshots about 12:30 this morning at an apartment complex. when officers arrived they found the victim, 41-year-old stacy marshall. police have now identified 38-
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year-old clarence keith bailey as the suspect in the killing. witnesses say he and marshall were arguing before the shots were fired. police tell us this killing is not the first at this apartment complex. >> that apartment complex is one of our more active l areas in the city. we have had several -- we've had a few homicides there in the past. >> investigators have not yet determined what the men were arguing about, but they say bailey is believed to be armed and dangerous. morgan hill police are looking for a man who robbed a citi bank branch. in this photo you'll see a man pointing a handgun at a teller. this happened about 10:00 this morning. another man backed a stolen jeep up to the door and both men got away with money from the bank. police aren't saying how much. it was a tense scene today in west oakland after a burglary suspect led police on
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a chase and barricaded himself inside a house. it started just before 11:00 this morning between 5th and 8th streets. noelle walker is on the scene and has video you'll see only on 2. >> reporter: we've been able to move closer to give you a close up view of where this all happened at that complex behind me. that's where a man report to be armed had barricaded himself. if you can see that bike out front, that was his get away vehicle. oakland police are very happy that this ended with the arrest of a suspect and no one hurt. this is the barricaded burglary suspect calling for his mom minutes after surrendering to police. ktvu was the only news crew there when it happens. >> that guy we saw on the lawn with his hands up, was that him? >> yeah, that was him. >> reporter: the drama started this morning when the suspect stole laptop computers out of the oakland public schools building. police followed the suspect.
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>> asking someone to come out. >> reporter: for the last half of the four hour standoff, police ordered the suspect out of the his home. police with long guns and the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the complex. >> cars in the line of fire. the white car over there surrounded by the police cars and the rifles. >> [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: s.w.a.t. fired two bean bag rounds. the neighborhood watched and waited. >> worried he wouldn't do anything to get himself hurt or injured. >> reporter: right before the suspect surrendered a woman's voice took over. >> walk out of the front door with your hands up. >> reporter: >> we had him surrender. it's worth it. >> reporter: friends and neighbors were relieved it all ended without anyone hurt. the suspect now faces a long list of charges but was making promises to family from the back of that police car. >> i'll call you when i get
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downtown. >> reporter: so you can see police are still here wrapping up their investigation. that suspect faces a list of charges. that include evading police, burglary, weapons charges if police find a weapon in that front unit. he might also face kidnapping charges. he was ping-ponging back and forth between some of the units here. at one point he went into a unit where people already were. he could face kidnapping charges as well. reporting live, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. you're looking at today's stock market closing bell not ringing on wall street but in emoryville. the staff from pixar. makers of monsters university. they were helping to close out a pretty monstrous week for traders. stocks were flat today. the dow gained 41 points. wall street was walloped this
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week. new jobless numbers brought good news for california. our state saw its lowest unemployment rate since 2008. two areas in particular are showing strong job growth. >> reporter: this bully tin board is full of -- bulletin board is full of notices. a career center helping the unemployed. >> i have friends who have been unemployed as well. i think this is a time to be creative. >> reporter: still out of work after two years in the biotech industry, virginia has come in every day looking for a job. she considers today's news from the california employment development department promising. a nearly half a percentage point drop in the state unemployment rate to 8.6%. employers added more than 10,000 jobs in may. >> this day and age you have to be flexible. you go to areas where there might be transferable skims. >> skills.
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>> we've seen strong growth in construction, professional business services. >> reporter: bars and restaurants are hiring. that industry is thriving with a rebounding economy. people have more money to travel and eat out. >> the sun is starting to come out. >> reporter: vice president of the bay area council institute says another area lies in big city construction. that is if the job growth remains stable. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a driver says she is very embarrassed after she accidentally crashed into a star bucks this morning. it happened just before 7:30 this morning. five employees and about a half dozen customers were in the store when that honda civic smashed into the front door. the driver told us she accidentally hit the accelerator. shattered glass, coffee and
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food were scattered across the floor. no charges will be filed. that starbucks reopened this afternoon. there is new opposition to the warriors plan to build a new arena in san francisco. it's coming from the bay conservation and development commission. the commission voted 12-6 yesterday to oppose the so- called warriors arena bill. that legislation is making its way through the state assembly. the legislation would undermine its regulatory authority. it's calling for a two year bill to slow down the fast track approval process. we have new developments about that grass fire we reported last night. two people have now been arrested on arson charges. the fire started yesterday afternoon near highway 1 and highway 17. one person was hurt, but crews quickly contained the fire. mitchell swinton and kelly hawkins are accused of setting fires. hawkins was angry her car had
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been towed. firefighters are still trying to determine the cause of a motel fire that sent two people in the hospital. it happened at the studio inn. talked to a firefighter who rescued a woman who was trapped and had jumped into a bathtub to keep from being burned. >> reporter: the time, 10:00. a.m. a >> they went into rescue mode. >> reporter: the studio inn was the spot. two trucks, three engines was the response. the victim was in room 111. >> kicked in the front door. heavy smoke down to the floor. you could see flames in the back across the ceiling. >> reporter: battling through the charred out 111. they searched for a victim who was on the phone with 911. >> she was going out of consciousness or in and out.
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she was semiconscious. we just grabbed and her drug her out. >> reporter: the victim was taken to the hospital, as was this woman who was hurt evacuating. firefighters say both are in stable condition. >> another minute it could have flash over and we could have been maybe too late. >> reporter: a quick fire and a quick response. about two hours ago, firefighters wrapped up a controlled burn. the dry grassy field is plagued by illegal dumping, teenage parties and bonfires. so they entered into a partnership. first the property owner cleared out all the garbage, then today fire crews burned off the brush. >> it is beating them to the punch that we can mitigate the hazard before it becomes a problem. especially nowadays with the lack of resources. we want our resources dedicated to actual emergencies.
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>> today served as a training exercise. bill martin here now with what we can expect tonight. bill, are we still looking at rain down the line? >> rain in the forecast. a nice weather pattern. part of the weekend looks great. other part looks cloudy. current temperatures, 84 in concord. numbers have warmed up. overknightless tonight, 50s. low 50s. upper 40s out in the napa area. look for patchy coastal fog as well. i have a little fog showing up right now in the avenues. fog, patchy in the morning. temperatures begin to warm. coming up at 5:30 i'll break out the forecast. we'll see temperatures near 90 tomorrow. i'll show you which areas those are. sunday we're looking for big changes in the forecast. that is that opportunity for showers. then next week, rain returns. how much rain are we going to get? you'll need an umbrella. i'll have all that dialed in.
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>> thank you, bill. a fundraiser is raising eyebrows. how a planned event to raise money for september 11th memorial in the north bay has some people offended. mounting trouble for paula deen. the blunt announcement about her tv show. it happened just an hour after she issued a tearful apology. a gas station so popular drivers can wait up to 30 minutes to fuel up. the plans to make it easier for drivers to fill up. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back.
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show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. some drivers are experiencing every single day at a gas station that constantly has long lines. now there are plan to make changes to help that station meet all that demand. >> paul chambers live from that gas station to tell us what's
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in the works. >> reporter: small line behind me right now. they're going to add more pumps. to do so they'll have to temporarily close down this gas station. if you need to fill up your tank in contra costa county, this safeway gas station seems to be the place to be. if you don't believe me? take a look at this line. >> it's the cheapest place to go for gas. right across the street is $4.09. this is $3.85. >> reporter: safeway knows that crowds can be a headache. that's why they have these fuel ambassadors to keep things flowing. >> can i have you pull into lane number three. here's the current problem. you can see the back of this -- >> reporter: almost out and to the roadway. their remedy is to add two lanes. there's still a long wait. >> it is kind of a long wait. but to me it is worth it being a college student. saving as much money as i can
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it's worth it to me. >> reporter: to show you how long it can be, we started the clock when the white corvette got in line. when they pulled away we blocked it at more than 15 minutes. >> since i'm here and going to save 30-cents a gallon, yes. >> reporter: you have to be a member of safeway's reward program. how much you save depends on how much you spend inside the store. >> 50 cents off a gallon, i'm here. >> reporter: this gas station has become so popular that safeway is adding eight more pumps and expanding and moving the entrance. sundays like a good idea, some say it may cause more headaches. >> it might help get more people through, but it might bring more people. >> reporter: the plan includes eliminating parking spots and closing the gas station for about seven weeks. construction is supposed to begin before september 12th. more details now on gas prices as they have inched up from a week ago.
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in san francisco the average cost for a gallon of regular gas is $4.11. in san jose, it's a little cheaper at $4.04. in oakland it is $4.03. a couple who ordered items from banana republic got more than they bargained for. emily dreyfuss says her fiance ordered a tie and pocket square online. they received files of former employees. dreyfuss, who is the daughter of actor richard dreyfuss said she found it crazy and scary. gap inc. said it would review its mailing process. san francisco police are looking for two gunmen. a man was shot twice at about 10:00 last night at 6th and natomas streets. police found multiple types of shell casings at scene. police say he is not
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cooperating with the investigation. new details about a horrible killing earlier in month inside a sports authority. it all played out in front of stunned shoppers. police have now identified the im as 31-year-old carlos carloca of san jose. the suspect chased him through the store and then as the victim was on the floor, hit him 11 times in the head with that baseball bat. the suspect is 26 years old. he is being held without bail. he says the victim threatened him with a knife. police say they never found a weapon. the city of oakland has asked a federal judge to -- federal proximate results want to seize the building that houses the medical marijuana dispensary. the city sued to stop the action. the judge ruled oakland doesn't have standing in the case. oakland wants the proceeding stopped while it appeals.
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no word on when the judge might rule. a man armed with a shotgun went on a shooting rampage in north carolina. police say the man shot at officers who then returned fire and managed to subdue him. police say he shot one person in a car, then wounded three others outside a nearby walmart. it's unclear if any of the wounded were deliberately targeted. the alleged gunman and the four victims are expected to survive. a vote on immigration reform could come as soon as monday after a major break through on the deal. senate democrats are offering republicans beefed up border security. it would include the completion of a border fence. this would come in return for giving millions of immigrants a chance to become u.s. citizenst. harry reid says this should win over enough republican support. >> we finished here late last
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night. we had a lot of issues that were unresolved then. we have just a couple this morning. >> even if the deal passes next week, it's not guaranteed to be taken up by the house. house majority leader john boehner has said he wants a vote on the plan by the end of this year. recently exposed top secret surveillance programs and the use of drones came into sharp focus as president obama nominated a new fbi directors. why those spy strategies are facing tough scrutiny. >> reporter: president obama has chosen james come as his nominee to become the next fbi director. he is known for blocking a reauthorization of a warrantless wiretapping program in 2004. >> we aren't judged solely by how many criminal wes bring to
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justice. we're judged by our commitment to the discussion. >> reporter: his nomination comes as more questions are being asked about recently leaked nsa surveillance programs. just this week current fbi director testified the bureau has used some drones for surveillance on u.s. soil. including an operation in alabama during a hostage situation. it's fuel for confirmation questions about how he will handle current high profile fbi investigations. >> i think he'll get through. the administration is going to have to give a lot of information. >> reporter: president obama is being asked about the nsa's domestic surveillance. >> these are issues that are extremely important. they go beyond the kinds of disclosures we've had recently. but go to the age we live in and the digital era. >> reporter: the oversight board has never met because of
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disputes over its duties. president obama urged the senate to quickly confirm come for what he calls a 10-year assignment. an entire town surrounded by fire. why fire crews in colorado have a slim chance of saving it. also man's best friend in danger. the changes being suggested to keep pets safe when traveling by plane. some young women are leaving their mark on the bay area. julie haener is in the news room with what we're working on new at 6. the prominent place you'll be able to see youth artwork for years to come. >> i think it's awesome. >> it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: this epic chase scene was shot on bay area streets 45 years ago. so why is it important today? how it could be a major help to a group of kids. these stories and more are coming up. ♪ roundup
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wild fires continue to scorch parts of southern colorado. forcing hundreds of residents from their homes. one town surrounded by fire tonight is empty now. the 400 residents of south fork got the word this morning it was time to go. the so-called west fork fire moved closer to town. the west fork fire is just one of more than a dozen wild fires in colorado which collectively have burned through more than 50,000 acres. the way that airlines handle traveling pets. our washington bureau found many animals get sick, injured or died in the hold of the
5:25 pm
plane. >> when they're flying there is no relief until they land. that might be hours after the animal experiences that stress. >> last year 29 animals died traveling in the cargo hold on u.s. commercial airplanes. two while flying into san francisco. kendra hayes says her 6-year- old almost died of heatstroke on a flight to seattle. >> it was such an ordeal. he just -- he never wagged his tail. he was just in so much agony. >> every airline or bureau contacted said they have a policy to protect animals. the u.s. department of transportation is proposing stricter rules requiring airlines to produce more detailed reports on the safety of pets on their planes. breaking news out of san francisco. a car has gone into the water off of marina green. people are trapped inside that car. rescue teams are on the way.
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we also have a reporter heading to the scene. news chopper 2 is flying there to bring us pictures of the rescue efforts. we will bring you any new information and pictures as soon as we get them. an autopsy in italy has confirmed the death of actor james gandolfini. the autopsy in rome determined that gandolfini died of a heart attack on wednesday. there was no evidence of substance abuse or foul play. it could take up to 10 days before his body is allowed to be flown back to the united states. plans to raise money for a 9/11 memorial raising eyebrows. this is that memorial here in napa. a fundraising flyer for the project has risen eyebrows. easy enough on electronic devices. the push that will allow passengers on airlines to put power on during takeoffs and landings. back after the break,
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weekend weather forecast that will include some umbrellas. see you back here after the break. look at 'em.
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[ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. clear skies welcome the start of summer here in the bay area. these are live pictures looking down towards san francisco. you can see it's spectacular. the first full day of summer and the weather warmup is here.
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>> and bill martin here to tell us how the first full week of summer could feel more like winter. >> winter. >> we're heating up right now. the weekend, the first part looks great. as we get towards the tail end of sunday, it's going to rain around here. how much is still in question. but some areas could see up to an inch of rain. that's unusual. we get rain in june, but not an inch of rain. 88 in santa rosa right now. these were the highs recorded today. morgan hill is the hot spot. 87. 83 up in napa. 88 was the hot spot in santa rosa. highs tomorrow will be right here. so numbers about the same. i think we'll see a couple of 90s. places like santa rosa or morgan hill. this looks like march, maybe late february, early march. active pacific pattern for coming up late june, early july. we're into summer now. we have a pattern that's going to deliver a


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