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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 24, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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. hi, i'm beth troutman. let's take a look at great videos "right this minute." voter discover a majestic creature trapped at sea. >> you can see they whip out a blade. >> how his rescuers used it to free willie. >> a woman watches by remote camera as burglars invade her home. >> and that's where the story gets even more terrifying. >> how the nanny hid inside with two small children. a guy with a medical condition sets out to prove -- >> yeah i can play the guitar.
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♪ >> why he made a video to convince all of the doubters. >> when you look at me you assume i'm blowing smoke out my [ bleep ] i guess. >> a dude tries to pull a cool stunt. >> with his pants down new yoo >> a big nope. >> interesting time. this is a big one. we're talking about a whale rescue. this is in two rocks, near australia. you see the whale is tangled up by a fishing net and there are buoys attached to the net and the rope from the net is wrapped around the whale's tail. so at this point it looks like the whale's trapped, can't go anywhere. luckily this crew was out there on this particular day. and they start going to the rescue. you see each of them has a go-pro attached to their head and the appropriate tools. but very careful about getting too close to the whale. >> back off. back off. back, back, back back.
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>> once they get themselves close enough they whip out a blade, something you take down a tree brancwith. >> stay in the same spot. you've gotgeth bween the whale the rope and you've got to start sawing. you can see they're starting to make progress here. part of the rope is cut there. now things tangle up around the whale's tail. fish out the buoys and part of the rope. a few parts of the rope remaining. one guy takes the blade, is able to pull it in. you see he gives the thumbs up. they're able to get the rope completely off of the whale. the whale looks safe. looks like it's starting to swim off. it's slowly realizes i'm not connected to this anymore, i'm free. you got busted videos. first china. pay attention to that red bmw.
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>> oh! car turned right into him. >> an accident or intentional? the driver of the black car gets out of his car, starts chasing the guy in the other car. they both take off running on foot. and here's another angle. >> oh. >> see what happened there, right. >> something's going on, right? this is a bad case of road rage. but it's not just a bad case of road rage. the man in the black car is the father of the man in the red car. >> get out of here. >> no. >> this is a family dispute on the road and they cause quite the traffic jam. now they've got two busted up vehicles in the middle of this intersection. >> this is like assault with a deadly weapon. the way he rammed into the guy he could have killed his own son. >> a few shots of the black mercedes and the red bmw afterward and, yeah, look at that. he really smashed into the car.
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after the run, these two ended up being stopped by authorities. this other video starts at an intersection at a red light. for some reason this girl has decided to exit and feel the air through the sunroof of the car. >> doing choreography to they are favorite song. >> this is her jam. her jam. >> when the light turns green she keeps going but her jam was quickly stopped. >> aha, someone with a siren saw this antics of the girl and ended up pulling them oven. busted. you're seeing two men captured on surveillance camera outside a home in houston, texas. later these two men are inside that home. rummaging through items, looking for items to steal according to police. now this was all caught by a nanny cam inside.
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the homeowner actually watched this go down live on her cell phone while she was stuck in traffic. and that's where the story gets even more terrifying. the nanny was home with the homeowners' 5-month-old baby. and the nanny's own 3-year-old son. the nanny was upstairs with the children when she saw these men outside. they heard glass breaking, these men break into the home. the nanny with the 5-month-old baby and her son hide in an upstairs closet. as these men rummage through the home, leave the home, come back with a different man, and end up stealing jewelry, a safe, cash, they got way with more than $8,000 in cash. this all happened in about a five-minute time period. >> no one was harmed in the incident. the nanny cam captured the moment police arrived on the scene. kprc in houston spoke to the
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mother. she did not want her identity revealed. >> i'm watching the video on the phone, two men in the house, my baby's in the closet with the nanny, i was freaking out. >> video outside the home. we got a good look of what the guys looked like, what he had on. >> police did release the footage hoping someone will recognize them. >> how horrifying. the best thing that is the nanny nor the kids were harmed. >> what would you be willing to do to get free clothes? >> that's a loaded question. >> people in madrid decided, sure, we'll strip to get free clothes. >> i don't know. >> it's a semi naked party that the people throw. they throw it in three cities in europe, madrid, barcelona, paris. video from the madrid party. people show up in underies to get free clothes. >> i don't want to look at her people's butts and guts. >> eyes on the prize, free
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clothes. >> start out on the party bus. takes you around madrid, you get to wave at home. and then they take you to the store. and then you get your free clothes. >> this makes trying things on easier. when i try on clothes you get hot, you've got to take your clothes on, put new clothes on, doing the switching, it makes you hot. >> this woman, she's not even going into a dressing room. throw it on, look in a mirror in the department store, toss it back off, put put it on the hanger, you're right there. you don't have to walk back and forth. >> what's neat they give away free clothes a couple of times a year. they done do naked parties all the time. they've been doing this since 2009. it's a devon super tramp wakeboard party. who cares if you can't wakeboard. we've got a deejay. you're going to have a good time. >> how do to up the right way at the lake. dad gets a book from his daughter that comes with more than one story. what is this? he starts flipping through the
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pages. a family freak-out when he reads what he's reading.
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♪ who we're watching is trevor kelly, performing his original song "let me lie "s. trevor has an unwororthodox plag style. he has a musculoskeletal disorder. they said they didn't believe he could play the guitar. he made the video, yeah, i can play the guitar. ♪ we've got trevor kelly joining us "right this minute" from provo, utah. tell us how this song came about. >> i wrote it about four years ago. put it online on a women whim.
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i figured it would be surprising. yeah i play guitar and they blow it off. when you look at me you assume i'm blowing smoke out my [ bleep ] i guess. >> how did you learn to play the guitar? self-taught? take lessons. >> self-taught. people in my life said i wouldn't be able to do it. i like proving people wrong. >> how is it different for you. >> i tune my guitar differently. the rests a dapting to my situation. >> there is some dude in a chair. what's going on there? >> he's heard that song before. it's amazing for you guys and people who don't me, but i've hung out with him since 13. you see a miracle every day, it's not a miracle. >> tell me there are not people super inspired. >> well-received. people are like, that's amazing. i didn't expect people to enjoy the music. >> one person wrote that if this was available on itunes i would buy this. >> well. >> you've got your guitar there.
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do you have another favorite of an original song? >> you want me to play one? >> yeah. >> all right. this is probably the first song i wrote "all things aside." ♪ to love you love you love you anytime♪ yeah. >> [ applause ] >> well done. if you want to see the version of the song that trevor performed for ushead to "right this minute."com, click on rtm or watch on the mobile app. if it's a beautiful day and lots of people are having a lot of fun doing something awesome, we know devon super tramp is involved. this time with spectacular wakeboarding. the entire video to the song "scrape the song" by can't stop, won't stop by fresh big mouth.
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♪ of course, it looks like more fun than anything you've ever seen in your life because that's just what devon super tramp's videos looks like. >> he can make even a bowl of oatmeal look fun. ♪ >> you notice there's cool aerial shots, cool movement up in the air? that was shot by one of devon's friends. pi name is chris newman. devon is getting other directors involved to kind of get in on the fun. >> how many boats were lined up there? >> you see the dance party going on, who cares if you can't wakeboard, show up, we've got a deejay, you're going to dance, have a good time and get a great show in the process. well done, devon super tramp, as always. somebody went to the zoo for extra credit and got an extra show from the ape. >> look it!
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>> and apparently not a fan of the decor. >> just starts redecoratinredec. >> why is this one mad? >> i think he's mad he's in an enclosure. he's stuck in there. can't get out. doesn't have a lot of freedom. >> a caged beast. >> sometimes an elephant needs to hear the blues. >> gets to shaking the booty. ♪ >> this video comes to us from paul barton, he lives in thailand and at a place where you can stay with elephants. you see peter here likes the blues. ♪ >> what they said is that usually in the evening, that's when elephants are kind of mellow and that's usually when you can have a little fun with them. >> elephants got junk in the
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trunk. ♪ >> thank you. it's time to check in with matt to look at real or fake videos. >> what's up? >> a plane coming in for a close landing. >> no way! >> and -- >> might as well move now. >> a dude that does the unthinkable. >> yeah. real dumb too. >> watch and decide, real or fake? next. >> no, fak
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you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof.
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some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> it's matt monday. real or fake videos of the folks. hey, matt. >> what happens up? >> that is a photo of your mullet. >> it's a vine. a big battle, instagram versus vine. i'm sticking with vine. >> glad you didn't stick with the hairdo. our first video. >> yeah, no. >> fake. >> no way that happened. >> yeah. i have to say that's fake. >> i think they're trying to claim this apartment complex is in the path of the airport. >> the uploader is claiming that this is filmed in russia, so it's not as crazy. >> no markings on the plane either. looks like everything's blotted out. >> when why vow seen a spot the -- >> i will give him one plus for
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creating a shadow. >> part of me wants to say real but i think it's fake, too. >> they did a good job, halfway there to believable. the lack of details in the plane really give it away. it's a fake. >> what do users say? >> majority say fake. >> video number two. [ speaking foreign language ] >> real. the planes fly out in front of the reporter, back across the screen, and the explosion comes off the screen. >> it's real. an animation that they made look like -- >> i want to see what the tank does. >> that's cool. >> what? >> no way. >> vladimir in the control room? >> what was putin doing there? >> russia today. this is their central news station and putin was actually visiting the news station that day. so they were trying to wow him with their impressive 3-d news casting technology.
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>> unanimous, real? >> real. >> i like it. i think there's a future with, you know, incorporating a 3-d technology with the news. >> video number three. >> this is dangerous. i would not do this [ bleep ]. train's honking at you guys. oh [ bleep ]! oh [ bleep ]! look at this [ bleep ]. look at this. >> wow! i think that's real. unfortunately. >> yeah, real dumb too, but it's real. >> so dumb. i think people have seen action movies like climbing under the train and think, it's probably safe. >> sometimes the chains that hang between each of the cared. >> he made it out. he's lucky. he's an idiot and we don't condone such things. real. >> real. >> real stupid. >> this is dad. his daughter next to him is pregnant. she handed him a book and he's
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like, what is this? so he starts flipping through the pages, reading. yeah, this is very informative. >> something's cut out of there, though. >> inside the cutout is a pregnancy test. >> oh boy. he's like, this is a period giveaway that come with the book. >> so then this lady comes over, they start giggling a bit and both of them, after she puts his glasses on, read what this is. pregnant. >> oh man! >> of course they figure out pregnant, everybody starts screaming. >> that was quite a surprise because he had no idea. once he figured it out he like freaked.
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>> dad is obviously very moved. hugs his daughter. cheering and celebrating goes on for a really long time. >> a lot of hugs here. a lot of hugs. >> it's a while ride on a russian subway because the doors did not close. and these are walking right up to him. what are they doing? the take-off that could take you out.
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i'm going to say, you're welcome. >> oh. >> what a beautiful shot. oh! >> this is 10-week-old charlie and charlie has discovered a dand il lion. and it is mesmerized and having a play time. awesome. >> dan dill lion versus dog. >> you know what it is? he says you look like me. >> they look like dand dill lions. >> maybe charlie thinks it's a long lost sibling. swatting at it, barking at it swatting at it. >> is he going to blow on it? >> oh. >> oh. >> oh! >> very dramatic, right? >> oh! the horror. >> he eats it. he eats it at the end.
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well, dog wins. >> dog wins. we've seen a lot of russian dash cam videos that make you say maybe i'll take the subway, it's safer. not so much. alexei was on the subway. watch what happens when the train takes off. >> the door didn't close? >> the doors did not close. alexei set his camera to rolling at next stop. they still didn't close when the train took off. >> get in, get natural air conditioning. >> but it's not safe. >> girls are walking up to it. what are they doing? and it's not like these trains are slow. >> don't peek your head out. you don't know what's coming? >> alexei wanted to give us a bird's-eye view of what it's like to stick your head out the train, like what a dog would do. >> they like to live on the edge in russia. >> this is not a standard practice. >> they didn't want to interrupt the subway schedule.
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>> keep running doors -- >> the two girls get up, look around. notice the guy at the end of the train. his girlfriend's like you better sit down. she messed up all his fun. >> beth, two videos that both end in a big fat nope. first one, it's at a car show. you see this guy clowning around, standing up and decides, watch this, i'm going to moon the crowd because i'm a funny guy, ha, ha, ha. and then -- >> with his pants down no less. >> totally embarrassed. tries to play it cool. >> fixes his shades and walks away as if he meant to do it. >> nope, into the funny. >> nope. >> i love it. it's almost like this was set up but it's so good you can't plan something like this. cart wheel goes into complete
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nosedive, runs into a fountain. fountain hits into the wooden fence. fence knocks over the mirror, flowerpoter thing. >> you hear it break. he broke the mirror doing a cart wheel and this mirror was at least 15 feet from it. >> if he only knew when he says, what's about to happen now is this. nope. nope. nope. >> that's it for rtm. see you next time.
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next up on "the wendy williams show," grammy winner kelly rowland opens up about "x factor" and beyonce. plus kelly performs her sexy new hit single. and wendy has the latest in the paula deen controversy. here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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