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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 25, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have the best of the videos of the day "right this minute." it's a picture perfect day for soaring through the air, but something is about to go h horribly wrong. what happens when a paraglider is hit headon. and guy decides to do 80 jobs, and then sees a company doi doing the same thing. >> it looks like a company copied turner's idea exactly. >> and now turner barr is
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telling us why he could not believe his eyes. >> i was kind of sick to my stomach. an off duty cop trying to stop an erratic driver. but the man does not immediately pull over. and what the officer discovered about the driver that left him stunned. >> what is wrong with you? and some dudes hanging on the beach. >> they are hanging out and then see this. >> oh, my gosh! >> see the surprise coming out of the surf. >> that's a shark. it is a beautiful day in queensland, australia, and you will see lots of people out enjoying this perfect day paragliding, hand gliding, and we are getting this video from what looks like a gopro camera mounted to the helmet of one of the riders, and he is looking at the scenery, but pay attention to one something is about to go horribly wrong. >> a midair collision. >> yes, a midair collision
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between a handglider and paraglider, and they are immediately entangled and they r are starting to spiral toward the earth. >> reserve deployed. reserve deployed. >> you hear him yelling reserve deployed, reserve deployed and there is a reserve chute that lifted up and this crash happened over a heavily wooded area and they are caught in this canopy of this trees. 7 news was on hand as the two adventurers were rescued. >> when i came down, it was in a vertical arena is heavily wooded and quite treacherous. >> you are see the handglider still in the harness dangling there, and in all, it took rescuers two hours to get to them. once they were able to get up and untangle them from the vegetation, it took minutes to get them down, but believe it or not, these guys only had minor scratches and bruises. safe to say it was their lucky
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day, no doubt. you are looking at the dash cam video from officer dave stewart of the baton rouge police department. he noticed that the car was swerving and going nearly two times the speed limit of 45. now, officer stewart was off duty. he was not in the jurisdiction, but he thought this was a safety issue. the man does not immediately pullover even when he has the light lights on. >> what the hell is wrong with you? >> so the guy eventually pulls over. >> you are acting like you are go ing to hit somebody. what is wrong with you? are you in that big of a hurry? >> what? watch what happens next when the man in the truck opens the wallet. [ inaudible ].
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>> is he showing him a badge? >> yes, he did flash the badge and the man in the truck is i identified adds corporal brian l. harris. >> you cannot pull me out of here and detain me. >> he is saying that he cannot pull him over, because he is not in the jurisdiction, and officer stewart says this is a public safety issue. >> you were going 80. >> well, that shouldn't bother you. >> my kids are on this road. >> i don't care. it worries me with that attitude that he is serving in that position, and he should not have that badge. this incident happened in april of 2012, but the baton rouge police department released the internal affairs incident. stewart eventually lets harrison go without giving him a ticket. >> go ahead. i appreciate it. have a good day. >> both -- both of the officers escape with a verbal counseling.
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>> he pauses in the beginning and looks like a peaceful beach day, and in hawaii, they are hanging out and then they see this. >> that's a shark. >> these dudes were on the beach and heard some thrashing in shallow, shallow water and that is inches of water, and they realize it is a big shark in shallow water. >> that is really big shark. >> is it stuck, because it looks like it can't get back to sea? >> well, jack mullens who we talked to about this video said that the shark appeared injured or disheveled on this day, because it is struggling to get back to the ocean. >> is there a surfer out there? >> yes. you might want to alert him, because he is standing here as the waves are coming in and pushed the shark right towards the camera and looks to me to be at least 6 to 8 feet long and that is a big shark. >> i am glad they respected the situation and kept the distance. >> and this is a situation of worrying to wade into the water.
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>> and in ankle-deep water a shark that side. >> that is a shark. that is a bull p[ bleep ]! a couple of videos where police were involved for different reasons. this first wone in turkey where there have been a series of protests. this is inside of a parking garage, and you can see three young people, and they are there for a while before we see some police officers coming in, and as soon as they saw these young people, they immediately apprehend the people. it does not seem like much of a verbal confrontation before the officers took these men and arrested them, they do start swinging their batons at the people. >> it is a lot of officers for three people. >> we don't know what happened before the video started. they could have done anything. >> and ven xhul eventually, we e taken away, but people in turkey after seeing this video are outraged. the second one is in fort lauderdale airport, and we don't see the woman involved in the case, but the woman did not want
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to turn the cell phone off, and the pilot had to turn the plane around and come back to the terminal where three deputies were in, and you can hear how confrontational she was. >> i am not going anywhere. >> and apparently she was told that she is not complying with the attendant's orders and she is asking. >> what have i done? didn't i follow the orders. >> and apparently on a phone call that she did not want to end even as the plane started to take off. >> and that is what text messaging is for. >> and what is worse is that her 2-year-old son was right next to her, and reportedly heard saying that he was very scared. >> i am sure he was. scary to be on a plane when you are 2. >> watch the little boy. >> there was a little struggle. and the woman reportedly bit and kicked one of the officers. she did end up getting kicked out of the flight, and the flight was delayed about 45 minutes, but did end up making
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it to the destination. she was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, and o other charges are considered. >> if she is convicted she can't fly, and she won't have a cell phone. parts of canada were devastated by severe flooding, but it is a sign of hope when -- >> he is coming with the phone right now. >> they wonder who they are rescuing on the boat and the surprise they are greeted with. and let the parodies
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like us on this minute and stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. the guy you are seeing in the video is named turner barr and since 2011 he's been going around the world in 80 jobs. you have heard around the world in 80 days, but how about around the world in 80 jobs.
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in this video, ru seeing turner doing all of the crazy jobs, and he writes about it and posts the video, and he has harvested agave to make tequila in mexico, and rolled cigars in cuba, and he was driving a tuktuk in thailand and he has been all over the place, and a cool and original idea, right? take a look at the video. >> wouldn't it be great to go around the world in 80 jobs and discover that there are still lots of possibilities out there. >> this is not turner. >> i started to say, this is not the same guy. >> not at all. even down to the point where this guy in this video driving the tuktuk in thailand as well. >> wait, what is going on? >> this is a video released by a company called adeck koeshgscca have since removed it, but reloaded which is why we can see it. but it looks like they have copied turner's idea exactly. and we have turner barr joining
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us "right this minute" from texas. turner, what did you think? >> well, i didn't know what to think, to be honest with you. i was kind of sick to my stomach, and i was in disbelief. it was really egregious to me is the little "tm" in the corner that they are trying to trademark it. it was demoralizing. >> how did the first conversation with adecco go with? >> i worked for a positive resolution, and they offed me money, and it was not compensation money, but hush money, so i would sign some document relieving an endorsing what they were doing. >> it is not just the name, but they copied exactly almost some of the jobs? >> basically the entire concept. i had to give up a teaching job opportunity, and i have had a couple of tv shows contracts where i don't know where they are going, because they are on hiatus, and dealing with the guys and the phones and five of them and versus me, and being
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intimidated. i want them to make it right. first apologize and compensate me and stop using my brand name and lastly, i want them to donate money to charity. >> turner, why did they take the video down? >> they took it down because over 900 or 1,000 negative comments because people were mad at them. >> and adecco says that we understand that there is concern about the term "around the world in 80 jobs" and we are working to resolve this and create a mutually beneficial solution. "right this minute" will keep you posted on how this works out. in canada, we have seen the images of the flooding popping up all over the internet. this is coming to us from the area outside of calgary, this is a post-flood video where we have a rescue in progress. you can see the people wading out into the knee-deep water. >> they are coming with the boat right now. >> you are wondering who they rescue and who is on the boat, and they are asking the people
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around the shorelines to stay put and offload who ho ever -- whoever is on this boat. your heart is going to swell when you see this. >> the people are paddling in and the boat is weighed down and it has heavy cargo on it, and when it gets closer, you can realize it is people's family pets. dogs. dogs that have been lost in the floodwaters and these amazing people went out to rescue them, and the woman behind the camera is one of the people who have lost her dog. her dog is on this boat. >> oh, what a beautiful story. >> sometimes when the natural disasters happen, unfortunately, it is the pets that get left behind and nice to see that somebody scooped them all up. >> we found you! by now, we have all heard about paula deen's troubles because of the use of racial slurs. >> i want to apologize to
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everybody for the wrong that i've done. >> and of course, it was only a matter of time before the pair disstarted to hit the web. >> i'm paula deen, and i want to take this moment to apologize. >> this is richard stevens. he is a comedian and performer, and this is a parody, and he was being very tongue and cheek about all of them. >> i want to learn from this mistake. i want to learn why jay-z, and why kayne west and beyonce can use that wrd whenever they want to, but iayrl in the kitchen any paula deen is a racist. >> yes, this is a sort of -- yes, she did pick up a stick of butter. >> these accusations have hurt a lot of people, but most importantly, they have hurt paula deen. >> knnotice how she picks up th box of butter and starts tapping it like a pack of cigs.
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>> that is funny. >> i don't need this [ bleep ]. you mow my heart my heart -- may heart. something is wrong with my heart. >> yeah. not the end of the video, and something is obviously wrong with her heart. maybe the butter? >> yeah. could be the stick of butter she ate. dude gets stuck on the zip line, and then becomes a player in a game of throw the bottle. >> this guy really has nowhere to go, and it is just now a target, a pinata kind of. >> see who comes out on top, and a shabby bathroom gets a fancy attenda attendant. >> oh, no. >> yes, sir. but no worries. i have seen a
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video from the download festival which is a music festival in england which could cause unintentional carnival game. a fellow is stuck up there on the zip line and everybody decided that we will throw bottles and stuff at this guy. now, he does have a helmet on, and i can't say that this is the nicest behavior, but i have to point out that he does not get hit a bunch. more people on the ground probably got hit, but eventually
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somebody tosses up ropes to the guy, and when he gets the ropes, everybody starts cheer iing. they were able to pull the guy over, and people keep throwing the stuff at him, and he waved to the crowd right there which i do like. >> he looks like somebody who is playing tinkerbell in peter pan, and trying to figure out how to use the flying machine. >> i am just going to stay right here. >> they had to pull the guy with the ropes over to the rescuer, and the rescuer took this guy to safety. as you can see, it looked like the throwing of objects stopped. >> thank you for showing us this video so much. i want to go to the concert with a zip line. i think it is safe to say that most of us have a loving relationship with our alarm clocks. >> i hate mine. >> and just like the text assassin over at rated rr. worst sound later, and ten minutes later off again, and shuts it down, and ten minutes
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after that, it is going to go off again, and except this time, he does not go for the snooze button, but decides to go for the ak-45 next to the alarm clock. >> he touched the gun and it goes off. >> it is a joke to set up what is about to happen. there he goes. he takes the shot. we see it in slow-mo, and there is the bullet going right through the alarm clock and basically shattering it into pieces. >> i feel like they should have plugged this thing in, because the red numbers that get on your nerves. >> yes. you see it. >> yes, and it would have added the extra brush of the alarm clock. >> and then he lost the day job, because he could not get up for work. >> right. he does not have a alarm clock anymore. >> set the mental alarm clock.
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he's a pro base jumper doing the antenna hop. >> wen he gets to the tippy top, of course, one thing to do, and that is jump. >> see how he is in no rush all for the ultimate ru ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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you are about to see a 46-year-old bridge taken out in germany.
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this happened over the weekend and notice, this bridge is next to another bridge, but only one bridge falls down. people were taken to a safety radius of 1,000 feet, and look underneath the bridge. you will see piles of dirt that are about 13 to 16 feet high. you see that right there? >> wyep. >> those contained reinforced steel, because they wanted to make sure that when the bridge fell it would scatter around not the break the other bridge. >> and it broke the bridge into other pieces, so it would make the cleanup easier. >> lit take six to eight weeks to remove the pieces, but the other bridge is back in business. >> hey, guys, i'm at a dumpy gas station restroom in the valley and it is a place where you would never expect to find a
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fancy restroom attendant. >> this positively pranked is on the comedy channel, and he has placed a bathroom attendant in a shabby bathroom. >> good morning. just an attendant here. >> oh, no! >> yes, sir, but don't worry. i have seen a lot. >> you are out of your mind. >> not just going to hear you sh, but watch you do it, right? because there are no stalls, and this is a one toilet bathroom. >> full service restroom, and two rules, if you drop it, i will mop it, and two, take your time, i'm here for you, come on in, sir. >> what? >> he doesn't care. oh, oh. i have to go. i have to go. i'm going to the do it.
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>> come on in. i'm just on break. getting things ready for you in here. >> okay. >> the old match. >> the fragrance? >> jordashe, only the finest. >> cheap cologne. >> do you want some candy? it was a pleasure, sir. have a good day. >> you, too, sir. >> and he used the bathroom and the whole thing with the attendant standing right there. i have an extreme video that is going to make you flip. this is eric roener, and he is a co-pioneer of ski b.a.s.e. jumping, but think time he is not skiing, but jumping, and he is going really high on the antenna, and when he gets to the tippy top, there is one thing to do, and that is jump. >> you don't climb up, but just climb down. >> i don't know why you climb up to begin with. >> not long before he jumps.
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>> oh, no, head-first. he did a back flip. >> you can see that he has go-pro cams all over to get a really nice view, and it was posted on the youtube channel. >> pull your chute. pull your chute! >> he is waiting a long time here. >> yes, he is. you can see the power going up in the distance and the chute is still not out. >> he does finally pull the chute. you can relax. >> and good thing that the chute didn't malfunction or something, because there is no time for plan b. >> he is a pro, and knows what is up, and it was a successful, but yet nerve-racking jump. that is it for us at rtm. but yet nerve-racking jump. that is it for us at rtm. we will see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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it's time for the w"the wen williams show." today, the uncensored kathy griffin. she has a lot to say about her hot topic, unbelievable experience at the emmy's. plus the cupcakes here to a favorite and all the hot topics. now, here's wendy! f [ cheers and applause ] >>


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