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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 28, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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only at safeway. ingredients for life. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman and it is time for the best videos from the web, "right this minute." cops chase dune speeding driver. >> they soon realize they have an emergency. >> see what is going on inside of that car. >> we are delivering a baby. and an nfl rookie is running so fast that people wonder if this video is -- >> real or fake. >> only arizona cardinal robert gills can answer that. >> it is all of the way real. all of the way real. a fishing team reels in a swordfish, but then comes the
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pr predator. >> look at this thing. >> and see who wins the epic battle on the boat. and the guy behind the -- >> instagram rap. >> now turns his talents to the "right this minute" team. ♪ what you talking about >> officer javier benitez and omar bradley from the milwaukee police department see somebody speeding by, and they make a u-turn to pull somebody over. watch what happens. when they pull over, they walk up and they see they have a medical emergency. >> we have a emergency call here on water street where we are deliver ing delivering a baby. >> right there. delivering a baby. the man was rushing the wife and the 5-year-old child to st. mary's hospital because she was about to deliver a baby. officer benitez says when he looked in, the baby was
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crowning. >> you can look at the moment when they realize, we better do something. >> and the baby was not waiting for the paramedics. >> be advised that the baby was born and. >> and good thing that they pull pulled this car over, because they got help. >> they said she would not make it to the hospital. >> they say when he slammed on the brakes, that is when the baby -- >> and the officer cleared the fluid to make sure that the baby was okay, and they said it is the best thing they did in the career, and more importantly, dad did not get a ticket. the baby was a 6.5-pound girl and her name is isabella. let's hit the water again with the crew from the booby trap fishing team and hooked a
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swordfish, but this time, somebody wants to join the booby trap team, and it is not a swordfish, but a mako shark, and you can see the swordfish struggling up above and cameras below, too, and it looks like the shark is trying tollow this thing whole. here the shark is saying, hey, i'm about ready for it. it looks like it is going to eat the camera. it is always interesting to see the shark go after it. and then here as the guys are trying to almost pick up the swordfish -- >> what is left of the swordfish. >> that shark is thrashing like a dog with a tug of war board. and you hear them say it looks like he got the sword, he got the sword. >> he did. >> not much left of this thing by the end of the video. you feel bad for the swordfish, but i'm glad that the shark got an easy meal.
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a cuple of yahoos up to no good in wilder, kentucky. this is surveillance footage from outside of a local hot spot called bobby mackeys, which is a popular hot spot, and live music and line dancing and the folks sent us this video, because they want the e hehelp of people identifying these two yahoos. >> little afterhours fun. >> yes, you see them running down the street and coming back to start breaking into bobby mackey's. >> bobby is not going to be happy about this. so now once you are in a club afterhours, what are you going the steal? alcohol? >> they quickly go behind the bar and according to police they stole 40 to 50 bottles of booze. >> these kids don't look old enough to drink.
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>> yeah, if i had to drink, speculation, high school kids. >> they are pouring a couple for themselves there. >> they are acting like bar t d bartenders there, and they have the backpacks on and start mixing up a few drinks. one for the road maybe. >> they have the shaker out. >> and the police want the help, and they have a couple of suspects in mind, but tey want to know if anybody el recognis dudeshowed up to your party with 40 or 50 bottles of booze. >> i would say check the police logs for any kind of noise that day. i want to do a little impromptu real or fake. i know nick is not here, but, this guy on the treadmill, you see him one leg at first and then the legs turn into a blur. >> what was that? >> real or fake? he didn't have the hands on the rail, so it has to be real. because if he was holding on, i would say fake, but not. >> is this sped up or his real
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body? is this how fast he was going? how fast is he going? >> this is 29-year-old arizona cardinal rookie receiver robert gill running at 25 miles per hour. >> i really do believe he is doing this. he can't hold this sprint for too long, because obviously, he loses it a little bit and has to grab on. >> and gill has some wheels, because he was a former track star. he knows what he is doing with the feet. this video is going super viral. >> this is unreal. this is amazing. i want to see this man run not on a treadmill but on a track. >> i want to see him with a football in his hand in a cardinals' jersey into the end zone repeatedly is what i want to see. >> a human cheetah. >> to describe the video better, we have robert gill "right this minute" from tempe. i have heard you run a 4.19 in the 40 and how fast is that? >> one second.
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>> okay. >> that is fast. >> that is a new world record. >> yes sh, i am sure of it. tell me about this treadmill, does it go 25 miles per hour? >> we will work out to 20 or 21 and the guys will say, pump it up. >> and this is real, because we were wondering if it is totally real or -- >> all of the way real. all of the way real. >> were you worried about getting hurt? >> at the end, that is my last second to hold on and i have to try to hold on for 6 seconds. >> he went from doing nothing to running 25 miles per hour. >> cars don't do that. >> that is like zero the 25 in one. >> and what are you like on the football field? can anybody catch you? >> not at the moment. not at the moment, but it is going to be an exciting year for us. >> you are a 29-year-old rookie, and what is this like for you now? >> i didn't play college football and i really didn't know what i wanted to do until i got out of college. i wanted to bring my speed.
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my opportunity is good, but i have to stay disciplined and do what they want me to do. i'm in a good situation. >> just tell them to run straight, and air it out. >> he tells me that. he tells me, you just run straight. a passenger takes a taxi driver on a ride when a friendly cab ride quickly turns violent. the tipoff that led to an arrest. plus, remember the guy who went around the world in 80 jobs? he nearly lost his idea? >> well, guess what, an update. >> here how the company is paying look at 'em.
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ing in the direction that he needs to go assisting the cab driver. this happened in nashville, tennessee. what turns out to be a nice cab drive turns violent. he is according to the cab driver holding a knife at the cab driver's neck as he is robbing the driver of the cash he has made on the route. he also takes the cab driver's wallet according to reports. >> okay. >> don't turn on the lights. give it to me. give me the money. put it in park. >> and other reports say that the man tried to steal the cab. >> get out of the car. >> but he could not get it to start, so he fled on foot. now, this dashcam video was released because the police didn't have a suspect in mind, and they wanted the public's help. once this was released, it led toon arrest. police arrested jimmy ray farrell, 34 years old and convicted felon. people recognized him and police
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charge him with a warrant for aggravated robbery. >> he had the mug right up there in the camera, and you could not have gotten a clearer picture of the guy. >> the cab driver was not injured, but shaken up, asl ima >> give me the money. okay. man. it stinks to have your idea stolen and that is what happened to turner barr, and you might remember this video. i showed you this video "around the world in 80 jobs" and something that he has been doing since 2011 and traveling the globe and i told you he harvested agave to make tequila, and really cool stuff except for the company named adecco put out a similar video with a guy doing similar jobs and they also called it "around the world in 80 jobs" and exact same thing, and it is like turner's idea was
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stolen right out from underneath him. the guy even drove the tuktuk in thailand, and so guess what? there is a update. adecco said that we have spoken to turner and come up to the agreement to make it right with him. sometimes corporations can make mistakes, and we are sorry, turner. >> to find out about this agreement, we have turner barr joining us from new york "right this minute." tell us the latest? >> well, adecco stepped up to the plate and positive resolution. i actually suggested on the site directed to them and proposed in an open letter, hey, companies make mistakes, big companies and small companies and it is important to fess up to that and move forward and create a positive outcome. compensate me the same amount of money that you paid the advertising firm to make your video and the whole campaign ba basically, and drop all of the pursuit of the trademark and lastly is a $50,000 donation no the save the elephant foundation
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which is a foundation close to my heart, because i worked there at one of the latest travel jobs. >> they did all of that? >> they did all of that. >> how did you feel about that? >> i felt good about it, and happy about it. i wanted to show young entrepreneurs there is a different route, and this is obviously case of copyright, and if you have a trademark, you should do that, but sometimes the case is not as clear-cut. >> turner, how much did social media have to do with the decision from adecco? >> i think it was huge, because in the first two weeks i pursued it on my own and i didn't get anywhere. i felt led astray and to have the voice of other people echoing that this is not right, and it is a win-win all around for everybody, including the elephants. >> yes, yes. ♪ >> i'm grabbing a beat. >> i showed you alex farnham's instagram rap. ♪ fire's hot and dudes
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everywhere ♪ >> it was cute and charming and we liked it. >> he didn't need the rap song, because the photos were entertaining by themselves. >> in tend, he suggested -- >> go to my site. >> and so we suggested "right this minute", and he delivered and this is the "right this minute" instagram rap. ♪ i'm talking about "right this minute" ♪ >> we have our own rap? >> from alex farnham no less. ♪ what are you talk about? ♪ ♪ what are you talking about ♪ did my homey say ♪ meow ♪ >> that is good. your costume was a big hit there. ♪ you are scared now ♪ quail man to the rescue
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>> that is well done. >> great rhythm and lyrics. i have to say this man is talented. he needs like a record deal. >> if you want to see the entire "right this minute" instagram rap head over the "right this minute."com, and click on the best of rtm or you can see it on our mobile app. professional golfer rory mcilroy -- >> and he is going to take on the robot. >> i want to challenge you to see if you can hit as many balls into the washing machine as me. >> find out who has a washout. >> and did you see that? >> see what the little beatster is next.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. rory mcilroy, number two golfer in the world, and you can say he has beat his fair share of dudes out there on the pga tour, but can he beat this golf laboratory computer controlled hitting machine that talks a lot of smack. >> i would like to challenge you to see if you can hit as many balls into the washing machine as me. you up for that? >> i will give it a go. >> i would have expected more confidence. >> and a driving range filled with different sized washing machines. rory is going to take on the robot. >> oh, it is moving, too.
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>> and the robot moved it. >> that is what you are up against, buddy. >> the contest continues here. >> are you kid manage ding me? >> rory nails that one. >> robot is currently down. >> and the robot swings back and nails it. >> oh, the eagle has landed. >> and now they go for the big one. you can see the giant washing machine back there about 300 yards away. error i have g rory is getting pretty close. >> there she goes. >> that looks good. >> come on. how did you like those apples, rory. >> smack talking robot. not a fan of that. >> and for the final stunt, they raise the washing machine up into the woods. >> tiger woods would have been home by now. >> oh. looks to me like rory would have
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made the final shot. we have a couple of pet videos for you. we start with a parrot who wants the straw. apparently, when it is out of the cage, the favorite toy is a straw. you can see he goes the town with this thing. >> it is almost like he is not sure what to do with the straw. bite it in half. try to drink out of it. is it a weapon? >> i love how the human trying to take it and it knows and tries to move away. but what is funny is that the human kind of gets up, and the parrot will not let it go, and then it is like a little show, a circus. but what i love is the dismount. the dismount is like, i'm going to do a 360-spin thing and impress everybody. from one pet to another, this thing was posted on the my channel by pam w. you see this? did you see what ran by? >> i don't know, chihuahua? >> well, it is some kind of dog
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that is running back and forth and i love how stinky is thinking, i have to get the toy involved. we don't know what stinky is, until you see, oh, yeah, it is a dog. definitely a dog. i like how when he gets the toy, he slows down, but he keeps going. >> pretty soon, there is going to be a track laid in the ground. >> he is going to wear it out. wear a strip in the carpet. it's the greatest show on earth. so great that it makes you say -- >> i want to run off and join the circus. >> well, beth troutman and i did. >> see what kind of shenanigans we got ourselves into. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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just $3.33 a case. and pick up cheerios for just a $1.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. when it comes to drifting, what does a four-door sedan car have that a semi doesn't? not much, 1,100 horsepower and top speed of 134 miles per hour. the driver is kind of good. >> that is a cool stunt. >> the guy jumps off, and everybody is a-okay. there he is against a segue. >> that is serious control against a big piece of machine. >> check out this move. of all of the ones that we have seen, this is definitely his best one.
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>> if you are going to drift, do it like a big truck driver, because it is much more macho and manly instead of a 4-cylinder honda civic. do it like that. talk about some skill. this is the king charles troupe as part of the ringling brothers and barnum bailey circus. put it together and you will have these guys riding around on unicycles playing basketball, and it is amazing, because they have been part of the circus since the late '60s. when you see this, you say, i want to run off to join the circus. well, beth troutman and i did. beth and i met with joe, mike and trad of the king charles troupe in phoenix. they are in town for the circus and teaching us how easy it is to ride a unicycle.
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>> put your feet on the petals level. sit on the seat. you want to be comfortable to balance and then rise up. >> you roll into it backwards. >> is that is the key to it. >> they make it look so incredibly easy, and it is so incredibly not. >> i have you there. >> whoa! >> how did that feel, man? >> nice and easy. i got you. i got you. >> riding a bike without it. >> it was awkward, right? >> more than awkward. it was very difficult. did you ever do anything like one pedal or two? >> wait for it, gail. >> what! >> i'm taking it. i'm taking it. we got the do a couple of other fun things as well. i managed to ride the mini bike
9:58 am
and doing pretty good for a while. you might have some circus freak in your background. >> and the face plant. >> did you get on the clown car? >> i had my eye on that thing since i walked in. >> now i'm jealous. that is cool. >> they were very kind to lend me the keys to the toy dump truck. >> he was a great driver and drove me for like half an hour in circles until i turned green. >> i tried to make her puke and she was up there doing the pageant wave. get out and see the ringling brothers and bar num and
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crystal geyser.
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crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. >> announcer: it's time for "the wendy williams show." today, reality star bret michaels. we've got the scoop. plus, wendy goes wild when animal expert dave mizejewski stops by with some wild friends. and get ready to meet our "guy candy" bachelor. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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