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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 5, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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shops. it's important everyone is in place. >> reporter: much of the preoh opening work was detailed stuff. >> tickets, money, escalators are working and elevators. there's a lot of checks that go into place. >> reporter: the trains will get their first real workout come monday morning when the regular commute starts. over the weekend they are busy, it is usually far lighter than during the week. coming up at 6, more on the startup. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. so how are all the bart workers being received? debora villalon live with what passengers are saying. >> reporter: this station is a hub for all the lines. we've been watching the rails up there, watching the trains run in and out. the four days of turmoil, not
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the focus now. it's what bart customers have been waiting for. the sounds of normalcy. the chance to step on to a train once again. >> happy fourth of july. i was really happy. >> are you worried it might happen again? >> no, i think it's going to be good now. >> the battle is not over. the job is not done. >> reporter: with a truce, both sides admit they weren't anywhere near negotiating their way out of picket lines and gridlock. how close is a contract? >> close enough we'll be able to get there. >> we have withstood the assault and attack by bart on our members. >> reporter: the new clock is already ticking. you could strike again? >> we could. this is not a cooling off period. this is a a period to let bart know they have 30 days. >> reporter: passengers would rather saver the moment than
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stress about the future. >> this is huge. this is huge. >> reporter: worker, their pay docked the past week, seem relieved too. >> it's great to be back at work. >> reporter: everybody smiling? >> yeah. okay. bye. >> reporter: as the system gets up to speed, if there are resentful passengers simmering and tempted to lash out, bart has a warns, don't. at 6 we'll look at what happens to anyone who harasses a bart employee. reporting live in oakland, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. bart is running limited chatter buses for people who took the bus into san francisco this morning. we were there in freemont where communitiers started lining up before 5:00 a.m. many had heard the bart strike was put on hold, but say they're worried about the future >> after 30 days, i hope they
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change their mind not to do this again. this is really horrible. makes us so miserable. >> reporter: ac transit continued to run additional shuttles today. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the bart strike as negotiations continue. just go to you can find updates on our facebook and twitter pages. the union representing ac transit workers is trying to hammer out a new contract. one of the sticking points is a number of safety concerns for bus drivers. the union poled this photo on its facebook page showing a broken window on a bus. a union spokeswoman tells us someone threw a rock at the bus. in addition to safety, the union is making demands with regard to salaries and benefits. no word how close the two sides are to reaching an agreement. six unions representing thousands of workers got back to the bargaining table.
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workers from parks and recreation, libraries and parking enforcement held a strike on monday. they say their pay has been cut by 25% over the last five years. police, fire and other emergency workers are not involved in this contract dispute. if new contracts aren't reached today, sides will continue on monday. continuing coverage on a wind whipped fire that burned in the north bay late last night. that fire on mount tam is contained. firefighters are still out checking for hot spots after a flare up late this morning. this is the first time a significant fire has burned in that area in decades. mike mibach live at the base with what's happening there. >> reporter: couple fire engines, a water truck, still on want to ridge behind me about a quarter mile away. firefighters continue to mop up. if those crews were not up there late this morning, we could have seen one flare up absolutely take off.
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the time? just before noon. the call on the radio. >> starting to pop up. i'm sure that's not the only one. >> reporter: smoke on mount tam. teams went into action and started digging a line below the fire. fire captain. >> coming from down below it's the safer tactic we utilize. when we come from up top we're working against the topography and it fuels. >> reporter: it's up top yards away above ked kent woodlands you can see charred vegetation. >> we got several calls from friends that could see the flames above basically just above our house. >> reporter: >> this is the area we believe to be the origin. fire investigators are determining what caused the start of the fire. >> reporter: cutting back the vegetation over the year ace long some of the rims played a
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huge role. >> the winds had the brush been of a greater size, it would have pushed embers over the ridge and into mill valley. >> reporter: it was one of the embers, quickly knock down. the mountain has not burned significantly in decades. >> i think people do get nervous. when is the big fire going to happen. this is a great wakeup call to a lot of people. >> reporter: the marin county fire department says the cause of last night's fire is still under investigation. it has ruled out that fireworks were definitely not the cause. firefighters are going to remain on the mountain to make sure there are no flare ups tonight. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. in contra costa county, firefighters are looking into what may have caused a fire that killed a couple and left their son with severe burns. the causes that have already been ruled out at 5:15.
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a fireworks show gone wrong has left three dozen people injured. police said an explosive went off knocking over other mortars which fired into the crowd. 36 people were hurt. 4 of them seriously. their injuries include burns, shrapnel wounds and being trampled by others in the crowd. it almost seems like the america's cup can't catch a break. one team is threatening to sit out. that's not all. david stevenson is in the city and tells us why the time trials had to be canceled. >> reporter: a difficult day as things got ugly with the r weather and among the teams. a uc davis band tried to brighten up the day for disappointed fans hoping to see the big boats. high winds meant the sailing
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vessels couldn't participate. many fans spent the day just lounging on the ground. >> i think it's a pity. >> stay patient. stay with us. be prepared for quite a show of sailing. >> reporter: race organizers and skippers waged an on shore battle at a tense press conference. >> if you don't turn up, you don't win races, you don't win points. >> reporter: the race director clashed are the italian team over new regulations added after the death of a sailor. >> change of a rule one week before the event. >> reporter: team luna rossa says it may not compete because a new rutter regulation favors the american team. that propertied trash talk. >> can play as many games as you want. at one point you have to race. >> sponsors want to seat boats sailing. you have to think the sponsors aren't going to pack up. >> reporter: spectators are
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disappointed. >> it's like cutting off your nose to spite your face. >> it's a shame. it's such a great thing tradition. >> you wanted to see them race. see the boats. all the legal stuff is sort of gets in the way. >> reporter: team new zealand is protesting new regulations but say they'll sail. an international sailing jury is set to rule monday on the dispute. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. weather may not have been good, but i think a lot of people are probably glad it's cooled off. >> mark, what a change compared to what we've been dealing with. >> we have been talking about triple digit heat. we have an advertise in this big dropoff in temperatures. more on shore breeze. yesterday we had triple digits. look at big dropoff in temperatures. neighborhoods coming into the 70s to lower 80s. not even 90s on the maps this
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afternoon. so significant dropoff in temperatures inland as we increase that on shore breeze. latest right now, you can see with our clouds, banking up near parts of the shoreline. some of the cooling with an increase in the depth of that marine layer. that'll be a factor as we head into the overnight hours. more coverage for tomorrow. cooler temperatures for parts of the bay area for saturday. right now we are in the 70s inland. yesterday at this time we were talking about triple digits. san jose, 72. san francisco in the upper 50s. the wind speeds have been cranking out. especially toward fairfield. 24 miles an hour. coming up in about 10 minutes we'll look at the giants forecast. also the overnight fog forecast. we'll highlight the warmest weekend day. san francisco police are looking for a man who shot three people overnight. the shooting was reported about 1:30 this morning. police say that a man came up to a group of people outside
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and started shooting. a 34-year-old man was shot and has life threatening injuries. a 22-year-old man was shot in the lower leg and a third victim was grazed by a llet they are expected to survive. new developments in a double homicide. today 21-year-old jermaine girl wase was arraigned on two counts of murder. they went to a wing stop restaurant. investigators say the two had words with another customer and ran into the restaurant's freezer. when two wing stop employees went to check on the two men, police say girly opened fire and killed both workers. a second suspect is still on the run. happening now, faculty, students and staff are vowing to fight a decision stripping city college of san francisco of its accreditation. a group called the save ccsf coalition denounced the decision on wednesday by the accrediting commission. that's the organization now under fire by supporters of
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city college who accuse the accjc of violating its own policies. city college has one year to appeal the decision. if that isn't successful, the school could lose its public funding and could be forced to shut down. robbed and assaulted. new at 5:30, why police want you to look closely at video of an attack on a woman at a popular san francisco event. this 2-year-old is one of hundreds of kids killed when a car backed over them. why is the federal government delayed putting new car rules into place to stop these kind of accidents. a couple killed in a fire in the east bay. what investigators say may have been the cause. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub. i love avocado so much i started a facebook page. oh, you should post a picture of my new earrings. those would go perfectly with this sweater i'm knitting. [ male announcer ] show your avocado love! try it on the turkey & spinach or subway club.
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offduty oakland firefighter spotted a fire sparked by fireworks. this happened at a home near 8th avenue and 11th street. fire crews say the fireworks started the fire in garbage cans in the backyard. >> there were several structures connected through windows and doors. it was on the very rear. >> no arrests have been made. police are interviewing the homeowner and another man who lives at the house. pg&e was called out to disconnect illegal wiring where the grow found. in richmond, an early morning fire killed a couple and left their son with severe burns. investigators say they think fireworks may have started the deadly fire. >> reporter: this is cell phone video obtained by a neighbor who lives across the street and did not want to be identified. this was around 2:40 friday
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morning of a converted garage turned living area that caught fire. a family of three lived inside. >> i'm so disappointed to see this happen in my neighborhood. i live just right down the street and i see these people practically every day. >> reporter: the contra costa county coroner's office identified the couple. their son in his 20s has severe burns and is in critical condition. the homeowner we spoke with says he rented the home to the family of eight about three years ago and had no idea that some of the family members converted the garage into a living space. >> there was having party and they say the neighbor was trying to stop them. somehow just kept going and it happen i think 2:00 last night. >> reporter: despite having an electrical cord running from the main house to the garage, investigators say electrical did not cause the fire. the family partied until the early morning hours on the
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4th. investigators are looking into causes. >> in the rear we have the same cigarette butts, alcohol and remnants of fireworks into the rear and around the vicinity. >> reporter: as for the rest of the family who lived in the main house, they didn't want to talk and are currently staying can close family friends nearby. investigators are looking into whether the son was the one who lit the fireworks. they believe his parents were inside sleeping at the time. in richmond, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. the chp released numbers from its maximum enforcement period. from wednesday night through 66:00 this morning, 564 drivers were arrested for dui statewide. eight deadly collisions were reported. 75 dui arrests were made and one person was killed. the maximum enforcement period ends late sunday night. we have new developments and a happy sending to a story
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we brought you. a glass shop in berkeley has its stolen delivery truck back thanks to an alert viewer. this video was shot yesterday outside alba's glass. a man breaks in and drives off with the truck, which was loaded with glass. after our story aired, a ktvu viewer spotted the truck and called us. we called berkeley police. truck has been returned. a lot of people are asking questions about our report on the marin county fair. we told you about the county's new clothing guidelines. actually, we'll get to that story in a minute. let's go over to weather first. if you're going to be outside, today was the day to do it. not sweltering hot like it's been. >> big change in temperatures for today. probably noticed it on the order of 20 to 28 degrees. that cooling trend. it has arrived. just in time for today. right into the weekend. here's our live camera.
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lots of cloud cover this morning. there's the fog bank. this will increase in coverage for the overnight hours. i suspect we will have mostly cloudy skies, even for inland spots as we head into saturday morning. temperatures, not too hot inland. mild. go outside for a walk. san jose, 72. downtown san francisco in the upper 50s. 59 degrees. giants play this evening. dodgers in town. partly cloudy chi skies. it will be breezy. winds around 25 miles an hour. temperatures only in the upper 50s. right around 58 degrees at first pitch. over the past week, we've been talking about a shallow marine layer. what has happened, deeper marine layer transporting bay wide. this will be the key as we head into saturday. overnight lows in the 50s to
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around 60 degrees. mostly cloudy skies and areas of low cloud and fog. san francisco to start the day, 53 degrees. san jose, 58. livermore in the upper 50s. satellite, thunderstorms from yesterday have moved out. basically they were right around the sierra. there is a weather system that will move in, reinforce the cooling as we work into the saturday forecast. temperatures for tomorrow, no triple digits. no 90s. warmest location, barely making it up into the lower 80s out toward fairfield and antioch. morgan hill at 80 degrees. oakland, 69. san francisco, 64. clouds in the morning working back to the shoreline. skies becoming partly sunny. i suspect wind speeds will pick up again. especially right around midday. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. no more excessive heat
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warnings. we will boost the numbers up by sunday and monday. by tuesday warmest locations near 90 degrees. we cool things off by wednesday. coming up, if you have more triple digit heat on long range weather maps. let's get back to the story about the marin county fair. earlier this week we told you about the county's new clothing guidelines to make sure there is no gang messaging going on. we mentioned baseball caps and jerseys including a's gear. we want to clarify a lot of people are wearing those hats and jerseys at the fair as you can see. it is allowed. but, here's the catch, if the fair thinks behavior is inappropriate or of concern or that the clothing is gang related, the fair will have the right to ask you to remove it. more turmoil tonight in egypt. >> they are going to put up a fight. and it's probably going to be pretty ugly. >> how president obama is responding to the violence overseas.
5:22 pm
found sitting on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the face. the reason police think the man was a victim of road rage and why it's still a mystery as to where the shooting happened. new reports unconfirmed that poisoned meat balls are showing up in san francisco neighborhoods. i'll tell you where. >> these stories and more coming up new at 6. ♪
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in iraq a suicide bomber
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killed 15. guards stopped a woman near the exit as people left after sunset prayers and she detonated the bomb. 32'res were hurt. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. there were new and violent clashes in egypt between supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi and their opponents. there is increasing concern. >> they are going to put up a fight. it's probably going to be pretty ugly. >> fighting broke out earlier between hundreds of protesters in cairo. at least 30 people were killed. hundreds more were injured. five of the dead were morsi supporters who were shot while chanting, down with military rule. egyptian soldiers deny they were the ones who opened fire. the military removed morsi from power on wednesday. he white house sources say that president obama has ordered agencies to review whether a freeze of more than $1 billion
5:26 pm
in aide to the egyptian military is necessary. >> presidential waiver power, even if it looks like there's a prohibition in almost every case the president can waive the prohibition under the law to continue to provide assistance. >> a u.s. senate academy is set to investigate whether financial support should be withdrawn. neither california senators feinstein or boxer nor any of the bay area's representatives are on record as supporting a cut off. a close friend of nelson mandela who visited him says the leader was conscious and responsive. people continue to pay tribute to mr. mandela. outside a hospital where he's reported to be in critical but stable condition. the close friend says mr. mandela needs a machine to help him breathe, but denied reports the leader is in a permanent vegetative state. a stunning attack on the streets of san francisco.
5:27 pm
>> disturbing surveillance video. why police are asking you to take a closer look. an east bay teenager giving back to children in need. his random act of kindness enhow firefighters are also lending a hand. new developments in the george zimmerman murder trial. the key witnesses who took the stand today. ♪ roundup
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the woman in this surveillance video there at bottom of the screen has already be attacked and robbed. but what happened afterward takes your breath away. we froze that surveillance video. it's at the very center of an assault investigation. one of the attackers next moves is extremely brutal. new at 5, cara liu live in the city here police are pointing to the video. >> reporter: that video you're about to see may be disturbing. the violence played out in this heavily traveled neighborhood near market and de lo res. video shows what happened to a female victim after a group of about five people robbed her of her purse and smart phone. >> victim down on the ground already. and then you have the suspect coming back and kicking the
5:31 pm
victim. force in the face so violently it knocks the victim out. >> oh god. >> reporter: we showed the clip to folks walking near market street where the crime happened sunday morning. >> that's not acceptable. >> best thing i can say is once again just make sure you're watchful and careful. >> seems like the sort of thing that happens. i'm really shocked. >> reporter: three people were arrested the morning of the crime. >> it appears that some people are acting as lookouts possibly. they're pacing and looking around to see who is around, maybe if the police are coming. >> reporter: investigators still need help identifying the person who delivered that final kick. the victim is at home recovering. police tell us the group may be behind other unreported robberies and assaults around market street after pink
5:32 pm
saturday events wrapped up. police do want to hear from any other potential victims. live in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. family and friends are mourning the loss of a couple from campbell who died while hiking in the hot utah wilderness. ulrich wahli and his wife patria sha were visiting the wave. the couple had a permit to make the hike on wednesday when temperatures exceeded 100 degrees an they were apparently overcome by the heat. their bodies were discovered yesterday. continuing coverage now of that raging arizona wildfire that killed 19 elite firefighters. significant progress has been made. the yarnell hill fire is now 80% contained. full containment is expected by next friday. a memorial service is set for tuesday near prescott, arizona to remember the 19 fallen
5:33 pm
firefighters. right now two bay area red cross emergency response teams are on the way to arizona to help people affected by the wild fire. the teams left this morning. their red cross response vehicles can feed up to 3000 meals a day and the volunteers will help people who left home without necessities. >> we'll be very busy. as well as hydrating the fire department, police department and anybody around the scene. we'll be very busy, i'm sure. >> they're set to arrive by sunday and plan to stay for two weeks. nine bay area volunteers have deployed to help. part of diablo road is closed because of a large water main break. in fact, diablo will be closed for the next several days. a 48-inch water main broke last night at the intersection and flooded the area. some homes were without water
5:34 pm
service for a time. some downtown businesses complained about low water pressure. it's possible the roots of a falling tree are what caused the break. the prosecution has rested in the george zimmerman murder trial. the defense is making its case. family members of both trayvon martin and zimmerman took the stand today. >> an emotional close to the week in the george zimmerman murder trial. the prosecution rested its case, but first trayvon martin's mother took the stand listening to an audio tape of a 911 call the night her son died. in the background you can hear screams. >> yelling help. >> yes. >> reporter: then a gunshot. >> what is your -- >> there's gunshots. >> gunshots? >> yes. >> reporter: the shouting stops. >> ma'am, that screaming, or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am?
5:35 pm
>> trayvon benjamin martin. >> reporter: as the defense presented its case, george zimmerman's mom also testified that she recognized the screams as her son. >> do you know whose voice that was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> and whose voice was that? >> my son george. >> reporter: who will the jury believe? earlier in the day martin's brother testified he admitted he wasn't always so sure it was trayvon martin on that tape. >> you had talked to a reporter about whose voice it may have been; correct? >> yes. >> you said that honestly really hadn't listened to it, i've heard it, i would think it was my brother, but i'm not positive. correct? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: the medical examiner testified saying trayvon martin had no chance of surviving that shot. >> it is my opinion that he was
5:36 pm
still alive, he was clearly in pain, he was still in suffering. there's a new twist today in the murder trial of aaron hernandez. the grand jury in the case will now hear from a connecticut man who says he lost an eye after being shot by hernandez. alexander bradley has file add civil lawsuit against hernandez claiming hernandez shot him in the face. the judge ordered him to appear. >> relying on the statements of a lawyer that these crimes are strikingly similar to the crime in the hernandez matter. >> aaron hernandez is accused in the shooting death of his friend odin lloyd. boston university is suing apple, asking a court to stop sales. the school is claiming patent infringement. they say that a bu professor filed a patent in 1997 on a
5:37 pm
design for an electronic semiconductor. the lawsuit claims the three apple devices infringe on one or more claims of that patent. hundreds of dollars, too much to pay for potentially life saving technology? hear from one devastated father who made a deadly mistake and why measures are on hold. how an east bay teenager and some firefighters are giving back to children in need. investigators are calling it a hate crime. what a city councilwoman from northern california found on her front lawn. ♪
5:38 pm
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a little dog in florida took a harrowing ride over the fourth of july. a couple was driving to the beach yesterday. they'd gone about 10 miles when the engine began running rough. they looked under the hood and they found a small dog that was trapped between the steering mechanism and an axel. a fire department rescue team carefully pulled the pup out. they took him to a local animal hospital. he is said to be doing just fine. three police officers in southern california have been placed on administrative leave as outrage grows over the deadly shooting of a dog. the officers were arrested the dog's owner for getting too close to s.w.a.t.
5:41 pm
action on sunday. the dog lunged at officers. the shooting has more than 4 million views. the officers have received death threats as a result. a spokesman said the officers were placed on leave for their own safety. police are investigating a hate crime against a city council member. councilwoman nancy young came out of her house and found a -- someone rang her doorbell. when she woke up the next morning that's when she found the swastika. >> it was a message that i'm talking to you. it's not your husband. it's not your son. it's not anybody else. i'm talking to you. >> someone also left rocks behind the tires of young's car. she has no idea who would do such a thing or why. a new york man was charged today with trying to extort money from paula deen. the fbi arrested 62-year-old
5:42 pm
thomas george pakalis. agents say he threatened to go to the media with statements he said deen made unless he gave him $250,000. the extortion comes after deen was dropped by a dozen companies. her business deals began falling apart because she admitted to using racial slurs in the past. >> what's holding up legislation that could save children's lives. >> you cannot stop the flash backs. >> hear from a father who killed his daughter by accident and why technologies that could have helped save her is still being debated. it's been months. a controversial quote on the martin luther king memorial still hasn't been fixed. the new promise from the parkssy. a big dropoff in temps for today. where the fog will be first thing tomorrow and a warmest day of the weekend.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
federal regulators have put off acting on new car rules designed to stop runover accidents. >> reporter: 2-year-old autumn, one of the more than 100 people killed after being accidentally backed over by a car or truck. her father recently told me. >> i live that moment and you cannot stop the flashback. you can't stop the replay
5:46 pm
button. it plays back in your mind. >> reporter: congress passed sweeping new law in 2008 ordering the u.s. transportation department create new rules. improve the field of view to reduce this threat. but the time table for the rules has repeatedly flipped. >> since the bill passed, 400 children have died. >> reporter: it has again. a letter we obtained this week announces they will be ready to put new rules in place until january 2015. one hang up? what equipment to require. should it be better mirrors? should it be cameras? so many of us have seen those already. the u.s. transportation department says it's done a lot of studies but needs to do many more. the auto industry is installing cameras as standard equipment on many new cars and trucks. a spokesperson is quoted as saying this should be a consumer decision.
5:47 pm
the price of new cars could jump if new rear view technology was made mandatory. perhaps by hundreds of dollars. it's a safety rule that's been debated for years that will continue to be debated until 2015. new numbers from the federal government show america's employment picture is getting brighter. the labor department says the economy added 195,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate held steady at 7.6%. analysts say this is great news for california where the unemployment rate dropped to 8.6% last month. >> california has improved a lot coming from almost 11% unemployment a year ago and is now just above 8%. this will be a good sign for californians who are looking for jobs. it's a sign of steady progress in the labor market. hiring has been good in the
5:48 pm
leisure and hospitality fields. fewer jobs in manufacturing and government. it was a positive day across the board. the dow was up 147 to close at 15,135. nasdaq rose almost 36. the a&p was up more than 16. we have new word that a controversial misquote on the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington could be corrected this summer. visitors today cheered that news. critics say a paraphrased quote made the civil rights leader sound arrogant. the national park service planned to correct the quote. that was delayed by the cherry blossom festival and scheduling problems. the king family says it's time to act. >> i think it's lost its meaning. the paraphrase took away from
5:49 pm
the true intent and the spirit of what he was trying to say. >> the park service hopes to fix the problem in time for the 50th anniversary of the i have a dream speech in august. pope francis cheer cleared the way for pope john paul ii to become a saint. a woman was cured of a brain aneurysm after praying to the late pope john paul. pope john the 23rd will be sainted without a second miracle after pope francis waived the rules today. bay area weather, we saw a dramatic cooldown today. that's exactly what you told us to prepare for. >> just in time for the weekend. it has been a very long stretch. nearly a week out there with temperatures at or above 100 degrees. that has all come to an end. we have more fog to talk about. stronger on shore breeze. take a look at the temperatures this afternoon. the upper 70s to low 80s.
5:50 pm
san jose, mid70s. san francisco, only in the low 60s. right now the maps, just patchy fog. out toward half moon bay. that fog bank will increase in coverage. i suspect lots of overcast to start out your saturday morning. winds have been picking up as well. some of the latest reports out of the west. southerly wind in concord at 16 miles an hour. more wind speed to show you. sfo, winds out of the west at 18. san jose, 15 miles an hour. forecast headlines. increasing fog late tonight. gusty winds. tomorrow, morning cloud cover. no major heat. extended, we warm things up a bit. no major heat waves in the forecast. this area of low pressure will drift. the key headlines, more fog and gusty winds. especially to the coast and near the bay for tomorrow.
5:51 pm
with the stronger on shore breeze, inland neighborhoods on either side of 80 degrees for tomorrow. lots of cloud cover to start out the day. upper 60s to near 70 degrees. here's our forecast model showing you an increase in some of the fog late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. 6:00 tomorrow morning, lots of overcast. put this into motion. clouds back near the shoreline. more sunshine innland. look at numbers and colors for tomorrow afternoon. upper 70s to around 80 degrees. basically the immediate coastline. upper 50s. santa rosa in the upper 70s. tomorrow will be the coolest
5:52 pm
day. san jose in the up ore 70s. 78. freemont, 74. san francisco, 64 degrees. patchy fog even into the afternoon. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. your weekend rapidly approaching. we do warm things up on sunday. trend into monday and tuesday. warmest locations inland. no triple digits. cool things off by wednesday. want the cooler weather? i think you'll like the weekend forecast. >> the temperatures look nice. thank you. it is the surprise of his young lifetime. how the oakland fire department teamed one a 13-year-old so his good intentions could turn into real results. possible blow back for bart workers? not so fast. the big penalty awaiting any vengeful riders looking to take our their strike frustrations. a dog nearly dies after eating a poisoned meat ball. the rumor explaining why they may have been left out.
5:53 pm
reports say even more meatballs have been scattered these stories and more at 6.
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5:55 pm
the oakland fire department is well known for its random acts of kindness program. a program that helps children and those in need. this week they turned the tables. giving a young teenager a chance to make a big difference in his own community.
5:56 pm
ben has been raising money for charity. holding a garage sale and foot race in preparation. >> i wanted to incorporate firefighters. i've looked up to them. >> reporter: ben thought he was going to hand over a check to the fire department's random acts of kindness program. at the station firefighters had a different plan. a trip to home depot to buy gardening supplies for the east oakland boxing association community garden. >> you're going to spend $2000 and then we're going to station 20 for lunch and then we're going to go to east oakland boxing and you'll deliver and see where your money went. is that okay? >> that's amazing. >> reporter: off they went aboard a vintage parade fire truck. home depot employees gave ben his own orange apron. he set off on a shopping spree. >> you mix in that organic soil. >> reporter: they loaded up carts with rakes, mulch and other supplies. back at the station, ben tried
5:57 pm
out the fire pole. >> give it a big bear hug. there you go. very slow. >> reporter: then it was off to the boxes association where a crowd of children helped unload their new gardening gear. and ben experienced the simple joy of giving. >> we raised about 1200 for random acts and they decided to spend it on you guys. so this is all yours. >> you can really improve people's lives just by doing individual random acts of kindness every day. >> nice job. ben's bar mitzvah project raised $1200. oakland firefighters kicked in $800 and home depot donated a miter saw. a federal appeals court
5:58 pm
ruled that california lawmakers improperly stopped funding certain services provided to low income residents. the state eliminated coverage for services including dental care, chiropractic care and optometry. the centers for medicare and medicaid services did approve the move. the appeals court said only congress can change the terms of medicaid coverage. new research sunlights that staying mentally alert and active throughout your life can help reduce your risk of dementia. a six year study published in the journal of neurology found people over the age of 55 could slow the effects by 15% if they remain mentally active and stimulated on a daily basis. finding a sustainable hobby is a great way to stay mentally active as you grow older.
5:59 pm
the first bart trains rolled out of the station across the bay area a few hours ago after a four-day strike. workers and riders say it's bittersweet. >> they can come up with anything yet. we still give them a chance to come up with it. >> i'm appreciative and still a little angry. just relieved. >> . >> regardless of how frustrated the strike has left you, bart is warning there are major consequences if you hassle bart workers. ktvu has learned new information about poisonous meatballs found in san francisco. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. bart trains are up and running. not everyone is happy about it. why it's only temporary
6:00 pm
averted. we have team coverage. crews explaining what it took to get trains into position and who is on them now. first, resentments are lingering. debora villalon live at the west oakland bart station with how bart hopes riders can put that behind them. >> reporter: it's been a nightmare week. endless lines, hassles. bart and its workers hope riders can forgive, if not forget. tough to wash away the worry of the past week. but that whistle signals the end of the stretch for this working mother of three. >> my boss had to pick me up for work. plans got canceled because we couldn't travel to where we need to go. i'm happy everything is back up and running. >> i want to tell the riders that we regret the inconvenience. >> reporter: union regret is temperby


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