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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 12, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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police say their officers were surrounding the scene. they saw the suspect run from the building, described him as being covered in blood. they say the suspect then began firing multiple shots at police before ducking into a restaurant where he finally surrendered. police say their officer never fired off a single shot. i asked the police chief why not. >> the suspect produced a weapon while the officers weapons were holstered. we are trained to seek cover first before engaging a suspect. also, you have to have a clear path of fire. there were people in the restaurant. >> reporter: now also these businesses in this block between 7th and 8th on brannon were told to shelter in place because for a while, for a couple of hours police thought there might be a second suspect. again, we now know there wasn't. nonetheless, they set up a perimeter and told all of these businesses to shelter in place.
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when you have what could be an active shooter situation, we want people to secure in place until we come along and tell them that it's safe to exit the building. that has happened on the whole first floor where this crime occurred. those folks have been evacuated. as they clear the rest of the building, everybody else will be told when it's safe to do so. >> reporter: my colleague jana katsuyama spoke to a couple inside the jewelrymart at the time of the shooting. they were there to buy engagement rings. that couple told jana they heard somebody run by and say gun, duck. frightening moments for them. still people we can see working in buildings around here. we're not sure if they're just here still working or if they're still sheltering in place. what i do know is this street is blocked off. doesn't look like it's going to be open any time soon. i'm referring to brannon between 7th and 8th.
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during a normal friday commute, this is a very difficult area to get through because it accesses freeways and exits freeways. so on a normal friday this is gridlock. today this has to be causing gridlock in other areas of the city. if you can avoid this area, do so. to recap, a shooting here at 888 brannon at 2:15 this afternoon left two women dead, one man injured who is at hospital and one suspect in custody. reporting live, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. we continue to follow a developing story out of oakland. 21-month-old daphne webb is on the fbi's website. she was reported missing by her father on wednesday. paul chambers has been following the developments and the search for daphne. >> reporter: in about an hour and a half from now, the community suppose to come together. police have focused their search. today they handed out 200 fliers in hopes of finding the
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little girl. today daphne webb was added to the fbi's kidnapped and missing persons page. chef was reported misses -- she was reported missing by her father. police have arrested him begun. >> i would say this person, could not do harm to his daughter. take care of his mama. his daughters. >> reporter: they say webb, his wife, mother and daphne used to live in this house. webb was always willing to lend a hand. they're shocked to hear the little girl is missing. >> i don't believe he did anything to hurt that baby. >> you know, if i need anything he'll come and he'll help me out. we always talk and for me he's a kind man. he's a nice man. >> reporter: today alameda county's district attorney's office says police made the
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arrest but no charges were filed. the da's office will decline to file charges also. webb will be free to go. >> i believe my dad and i'm sticking by the story. >> reporter: that is one of john webb's adult daughters. today she was in court with her grandmother, webb's mother to support john. but since no charges were filed, he did not have to make an appearance. coming up at 6 you'll hear more from his daughter in my exclusive interview. we have sad new information tonight in the crash of asiana flight 214. a third victim of that tragedy has died. she was a girl, a pediatric patient at san francisco general hospital. >> i can say that she received outstanding treatment from every single person that touched her and we're all very sad for this occurrence today. >> doctors say the girl had been in the intensive care unit in critical condition ever since she arrived at the
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hospital, and that she died earlier today. her parents have asked that no other information about their daughter be released. the kleinup of runway 28 left. the wreckage has been moved. mike mibach here with where it was taken and new close up pictures of what it looks like. mike. >> reporter: when you're right next to it you can actually still smell that burned wreckage. there it is over my left shoulder. the damaged aircraft up close, charred, waiting for its next move. inbound, outbound, flight operations at sfo up and running. all the while, cameras clicked -- >> just insane seeing this. >> reporter: people reacted. >> imagine what it felt like. >> i can't believe i can stand here and see this wreckage up close and personal. >> reporter: to the wreckage of flight 214. the tail, the engines, the wheels. much more now at rest on the
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north side of the airport. >> every built of it looks like it was horrible. it looks like it was the most scary thing these people could have been through. >> reporter: the moment the ntsb said it's yours,. >> reporter: crews lifted the wreckage and rolled it from one end of the airport to the other. the ntsb has parts it needs. now it says it's up to the airline to decide what to do with the wreckage left behind. >> lucky that all the people got out. >> reporter: wreckage lee wanted to see up close. an airplane mechanic, he says he's impressed the 77 # held as much as it did. >> he went up on wing tip when he was there, didn't break off or something. that's amazing. >> reporter: a lot of activity out on run 28 today. more on when that runway could reopen coming up at 6. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. we have a very interesting
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animation tonight showing flight 214's path superimposed over what the path should have been. the animation was created by a computer company. a company that specializes in recreating air crashes. it begins with the triple 7 below 500 feet elevation. the ghost plane shows where they should have been. the animation, as you see there, ends with the plane skidding to a halt before it caught fire. san francisco police chief greg suhr confirmed one of the teenager killed in the crash landing was hit by a fire truck. ye meng yuan was hit while on the ground. she was covered in the foam that was spry sprayed. the coroner is working to determine the cause of death. a blood drive will be held next week at sfo in honor of
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the victims drive will take place monday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in terminal 3 in the baggage claim area. organizers are holding the event to replenish blood supplies after the crash. it will be hosted by the airport. the blood centers of the pacific and the stanford blood bank. we want to say we're sorry. earlier today during our noon newscast we misidentified the pilots in the asiana airlines crash. later in the newscast we did issue an apology. we also apologized on our website and on our social media sites. on behalf of all of us at ktvu, we pride ourselves at getting it right. we have the highest of the standards and integrity. in this case there's just no other way to say it, we made a mistake. so again, for all of us here at ktvu, we offer our sincerest apology. a top white house official could be on her way to california.
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what role janet that poll tower know could soon have with the university of california. >> reporter: janet napolitano appears to be trade the halls for washington, d.c. for the halls of academia. she's been nominated to become the first woman president of the university of california. >> i'm really psyched. i'm really psyched to come to the university of california. >> reporter: bob powell is chairman of the uc economic senate which advises the board of regents search committee. he spoke with napolitano today. >> one of the things she wants to do is go out and visit all the campuses. that's a positive step. >> reporter: lieutenant governor newmany says napolitano's abilities as a leader are more important. >> she was recruited. she was sought after. >> reporter: in a statement, napolitano says quote, i realize i'm a nontraditional candidate. in my experience i have found the best way to start is simply
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to listen. napolitano graduated in 1979 and was the first female valedictorian. uc officials say her experience heading the highly complex homeland security department will prove handy as she fights for funding. >> you get someone with a fresh perspective with on outsider's perspective, but a remarkable capacity to work within governing snugs. >> institutions. >> reporter: her proposed salary has not been made public. three times what napolitano makes in washington. napolitano appointment doesn't become official until she's approved by the board of regents. that's expected to happen at its next meeting on thursday. at uc berkeley, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a veteran san jose police officer has been arrested for allegedly asking for and receiving sexually explicit photos of a 16-year-old girl.
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prosecutors say 33-year-old officer tony had an online relationship with the girl in early 2011. the district attorney says frager e-mailed the girl asking her to send him nude pictures of the girl and she did. the da says fregger knew the girl was underaged. >> crossed the line that is cemented to protect minors from this kind of approach and from adults who try to exploit them sexually. >> the da says fregger worked for the sexual assault investigation unit until mar mar of this year. -- march of this year. fregger is free on bail. cal osha is investigating the death of a janitor. he was found around 10:00 last night inside the machine used to crush card board boxes. that's according to cal osha. she worked with the company for
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5 years and was well liked. according to cal osha, this is the first safety incident they have investigated at this store. a big victory for a south bay family. they sued san jose after police tasered a man and he died. what they achieved and the response from the city. and ever wonder what happens to personal belongings lost or left behind at bay area airports? we go behind the scenes so see what becomes of that lost loot. it is up to the jury, the george zimmerman murder trial enters its final stages. not before more fire works in court. i'm back right after the break. your bay area weekend just arounded corner. how warm it's going to be as you head into saturday and sunday. [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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there are new safety
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concerns for boeing's 787 dreamliners. a fire broke out on an ethiopian dreamliner. there were no passengers on board. no word on a cause. boeing's entire fleet of dreamlinners, you'll recall, was grounded from january through april because of fire concerns about the lithium batteries. in a separate incident, thompson airways reported an unspecified technical issue that prompted another to return to england where the flight originated average at least 7 people are dead, dozens injured after a packed passenger train derailed outside of paris today. many people had to be pulled from the wreckage. a passenger says the train was traveling at a normal speed and wasn't set to stop at station. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the george zimmerman murder case is now in the hands of a florida jury. prosecutors and defense attorneys went head to head in court today making one final
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attempt to sway the jurors. as shannon travis report accident, emotions ran high on both sides of the case. >> why. >> reporter: it was no holds barred between a state prosecutor and george zimmerman's defense attorney friday. each tried to convince a jury how to decide george zimmerman's fate. >> if that defendant had done only what he was supposed to do, none of us would be here. >> he's not guilty of anything but protecting his own life. >> reporter: zimmerman is charged with the second-degree murder of trayvon martin. zimmerman defense attorney mark o'mara asked jurors not to let their emotions sway their decision making. >> it is a tragedy. but you can't allow sympathy to feed into it. >> reporter: the state gave its closing arguments thursday but was given a chance to rebut the defense friday afternoon.
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>> that is to the living we owe respect. to the dead we owe the truth. >> reporter: state prosecutor john guy again claimed inconsistencies in zimmerman's story and says the 29-year-old was on a power trip. >> trayvon martin may not have the defendant's blood on his hands. but george zimmerman will forever have trayvon martin's blood on his. >> reporter: if the jury finds zimmerman not of second-degree murder, he could still be found guilty of manslaughter. shannon travis, ktvu channel 2 news. a man accused of holding three women captive for more than a decade now faces a long list of new charges. a 977 count indictment was filed today against areal castro. in that indictment the former cleveland school bus driver is accused of kidnapping, rape and aggravated murder. murder charge involves
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accusations that castro starved and punched one of the women while she was pregnant. investigators may be closer to solving the boston strangler killings. police today exhumed the remains of long time suspect albert desalvo. dna secretly collected from a relative matches one of the boston strangler's victims. desalvo confessed to the murders but was never convicted. he was stabbed to death in 1973 while serving a life prison sentence. there is new evidence that sprang for west nile virus did not cause any immediate health problems. a uc davis study looked at more than 250,000 emergency room visits in the sacramento area. during and after aerial spraying. researchers found no increase in er visits for ailments linked to the spraying. the mosquito-born illness causes fever. let's talk about our weather. weekend is almost here.
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looking good. >> looking good. as noticed in the first part of the newscast, not talking about fires. air quality is better. fire danger has dropped off. it's been kind of mild out there. the fog off shore is kind of lingering at the coast. we had fog for most of us this morning. here's a time lapse we ran around 3:00. you can see the marine layer. shallower than it was last night and yesterday. temperatures are going to get warmer as that marine layer becomes less prominent. you can see right in the avenues of san francisco you've got plenty of fog. you can see it here. that fog is going to push in again tonight. i have fog out in the richmond and sunset. i have fog pushing out to south san francisco. pardon me. late tonight, early tomorrow morning, fog in 9 bay area counties. temperatures, warming. they burn off the fog more rapidly. forecast highs will be warmer than these. these are the current numbers. 83 in fairfield. 80 in walnut creek.
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the sheet still in the valley. temperatures on saturday and sunday come up a little bit. not going to get hot. today we were 77 in santa rosa. tomorrow we come up to 81. 83 in concord. up to 87. livermore, 84. they go to 89. a couple of low 90s tomorrow. a nice looking day for your saturday. nice looking day for sunday. the fog kind of pushing inland. tomorrow morning, you got -- it's in the bay. but it's not as extensive as it was this morning. you get a quicker burn off. a little more sun. you get a little higher daytime highs. burns back to the coast by 4:00. it lingers at the coast. ocean beach, pacifica. 73 tomorrow in oakland. that's not that warm. 88 in fairfield. that's not bad. a nice mild pattern. fire danger, obviously is always high this time of year.
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won't be as bad as it has been. temperatures next couple days, upper 80s, low 90s. monday temperature, upper 80s there. temperatures kind of waffle. not a lot of variation. either way, bay area weekend is here and things look nice. just like it was today for both saturday and sunday. when i come back at 5:45 we'll talk about the forecast highs as we go into next week. >> thank you, bill. they're back, what returned to store shelves today. they came out early and they came out in mass. what had families lining up. new at 6, her 1-year-old sister is missing and her father was taken into custody on a child endangerment charge. >> just too much. >> the details she sharing with us about the man who raised her. our coverage continues on the deadly shooting inside the san francisco jewelry center and gift mart.
5:22 pm
we're gathering the latest information on the suspect now in custody. these stories and much more coming up new at 6.
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twinkies are back on store shelves tonight, three days ahead of schedule. walmart is selling the first batch at 1600 of its stores. by sunday the retailer says you should be able to find them at 3000 walmarts across the country, if you're looking for them. twinkies and other hostess products have not been produced
5:25 pm
since november when hostess brands filed for bankruptcy. it may be summer vacation, but hundreds of low income families showed up for a backpack drive to give their kids a head start on school. >> we are low income family. i'm a single mom. i have three kids. this is an opportunity our kids stay more confident at school. i appreciate that. >> the families started lining up early this morning outside sacred heart community service. they came to register their children for the charities pack a back campaign. one schoolteacher knows firsthand what happens when children don't start off on the right foot. >> you see when they're not truly prepared to start their year. families facing financial hardships are in a difficult situation. they're not able to afford the things the child will need. >> these are pictures from the
5:26 pm
give away last august. now that families have registered, the charity hopes to distribute 2300 backpacks next month. they only have about 100 backpacks right now. they're asking the community to help meet their goal. netflix is in talks to produce a fifth season of the show "arrested development." the show's fourth season has be a hit for the los gatos-based company. the online streaming service is interested in another season of the cult show featuring the whacky bluth family. netflix has produced other original programming. the founder and chairman of the bose corporation has died. he began his career as a sound engineer. he then went on to create a company known for its compact- high quality speakers and its noise-s anding headsets.
5:27 pm
he had a net worth of more than $1 billion. the cause of his death has not been released. a big decision out of the south bay. >> reporter: a big decision was made by a jury in federal court today on a case where a man died after being tased by police. we'll tell you what it means for the family and the city of san jose. reporter: they're paving the super structure pavement. the pavement is thin. wait till you see how strong it. as fruitvale station makes its debut, hear from the surprising reaction from the head of the bart police department.
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returning now to our top story, two people are dead, a third is hospitalized after an incident at a shopping complex in san francisco. happened about 2:15 this afternoon at gift center and jewelrymart on brannan street. police say two women were found dead infront of the vic toga gold store and a man had been injured. they had been shot or killed with what the chief described as a folding knife. officers say a man covered in blood fired on them before
5:31 pm
surrendering. the chief is expected to hold a press conference momentarily as . we want to continue on here. the family of a man who died in police custody has won a civil lawsuit against the city of san jose. robert handa spoke with the man's children. >> reporter: well, it took a long time for this case to get to the federal courthouse in san jose. today's jury decision could mean changes in the future, including more excessive force lawsuits and how police use tasers. family members gathered, stunned but happy after a jury awarded them $1 million in a civil lawsuit. salinas died in 2007 after being jolted bay taser 6 times in about a minute and a half. the family acknowledged he was high on the drug pcp, but was
5:32 pm
unarmed. said the taser use was excessive and contributed to his death. the jury agreed. >> it was just more of a shock reaction and happy -- ecstatic for my family. >> there is wrongful death out there. a lot of cases aren't proven. we took this to trial. i'm happy we did. >> reporter: the family had been seeking $12 million. the family says it wasn't about money but trying to change or want to police department's use of tasers. >> i think the message is officers are going to be careful about how many times they're advertising people. >> reporter: san jose city attorney rick doyle says the city is disapinted in the ruling and points out the officer who did the advertising left the department and did not make himself available for the trial. doyle says the city is considering an appeal. the salinas family is grateful for today's decision. >> we just wanted justice. we just wanted closure. now my dad can rest.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: at this point the family will have to wait. the city has about two months to decide on an appeal. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a san leandro man has been accused of murdering his wife. police arrested and charged him with murder. officers responded to a domestic violence call on sunday. they say they found a 60-year- old woman dead at the scene. detectives tracked down shipp, who is her husband and arrested him on wednesday. he is being held without bail. bart's police chief is reacting to the new movie about oscar grant released in select cities today. >> shots fired at fruitvale. >> it includes the shooting by a bart police officer that killed grant at the fruitvale bart station on new year's day in 2009. chief said he talked to the director of the movie, richmond
5:34 pm
native, and the chief told us he thinks it is a story that needs to be told. >> i thought it was a good movie. what he was trying to achieve was to show that oscar grant was a human being. i think the movie achieves that goal. >> he couldn't say whether the movie was entirely accurate. fruitvale station opens in select cities today. it opens nationwide on july 26th. back now to san francisco. chief greg suhr is talking at that incident this afternoon where two people were killed and a third was injured. >> one man. two female victims as well. we believe that there were gunshots and or -- we'll have to let the coroner decide. two women are deceased. the suspect exited 888 brannan and went eastbound on the 800 block of brannan where he was engaged by three police officers responding to a shots
5:35 pm
fired call. he produced a revolver, fired upon the officer. he then retreated into a restaurant. additional officers came on scene. more rounds were fired. none of the rounds hit any of the officers. prior to the officers being able to return fire, he discarded the revolver and surrendered. he suffered superficial wounds on his hands. he was taken to the hospital. as well as the male victim from the store who right now is in critical, but stable condition at the hospital. the building at 888 brannan that contains hundreds of people has been -- just out of an abundance of caution. there are about 75 people left to be interviewed to see what they saw or to identify. everybody else has been methodically processed through the hall across the street.
5:36 pm
a 406, which is the most serious call for help an officer puts out, went out on this. everybody came. every law enforcement agency around, certainly from the hall of justice. on top of that we got more help with critical incident response debriefing from the department of public health. the red cross came and is providing snacks and water. we really appreciate it. horrific event. suspect is in custody. we will go forward. >> was it a robbery? >> we do not know the motive for this crime right now. i don't know what the suspect had in his possession at the time of the arrest. it would not have been substantial. something that you would have seen. so hopefully we'll be able to interview the male victim and he can tell us the story. >> what kind of store was it where you saw the victim? >> it's a gold store. >> officers exchanged fire with
5:37 pm
the suspect? >> no officers fired. there were no -- there was no return of gunfire on the part of the officer. >> given the fact he was firing a gun in the middle of the street in the middle of the day, what -- given the fact he was firing a gun in the middle of the street, in the middle of the day, what were the chance nobody was going to be hurt? >> i mean two people died in this event and another is seriously injured inside. so, you know, their families are in our thoughts and prayers. the fact that no officers or other bystanders were hit outside, sometimes it's nice to be lucky. >> do you have any idea about how many shots were fired? >> it's a revolver. i don't know if it's a 5 or 6 shot. so it would be 5 or 6 shots since he emptied the robber. >> women were shot inside that store? the two women were in the same store at the time? >> the two women that were killed were inside the store. >> he was covered in blood, can you describe the scene? >> i can't get into that.
5:38 pm
we're too preliminary into the investigation. >> were your victims, were they employees? were they shoppers? >> the families have not been notified. i don't want to get into that. the medical examiner will remove them. >> two suspects at first, what made you believe that? >> well, we had the one person of interest in custody. we didn't know what we had. we've developed more evidence and also done multiple interviews that leads us to believe there was a lone suspect. >> chief, can you tell us if there's been a history of this type of events here? >> not that i can recall. certainly not recently. >> how did the suspect get in? >> i believe he just entered the building as anybody else would. we don't know that. we're trying to pull all the video evidence to determine what his path in and out were.
5:39 pm
>> do you think he knew the people in 147 in vic toga? >> we did have information that this wasn't his first time at this business within we didn't know if they were known. >> the search is over and the shelter in place is lifted? >> now it's a question of capacity. we only have so many officers to do so much id-ing, so the 75 folks are still inside. as soon as we process the last 80 or 90 that we just walked across the street then we'll get those 75 and then everything has been littled. everybody is safe to do whatever they need to do in the building. it's just that we now need to identify everybody to do a thorough investigation. >> can you give us a ballpark idea of how long this section will be shut down here and what other people in the area should know as far as coming to and from? >> the 800 block is going to be closed for a while. but then again, luckily it's after business hours. we'll reroute the traffic
5:40 pm
around it. >> thank you. >> you have been listening to san francisco police chief greg suhr updating us on the situation near 8th and brannan, near the san francisco design center. an incident happening around 2:15 this afternoon inside the san francisco jewelry center and gift mart. we were told that two women were killed inside a jewelry store. we do not know if the two women were killed with a gun or with a knife. also, a third -- a man is in critical condition this hour. then outside police say they arrested one suspect, one man. there was a shootout outside the jewelry store. officers took that person into custody. that person is now behind bars. the investigation continues. >> they said the suspect when they first confronted him he was out on the street covered in blood. he fired a number of shots at the officers, then ran into a restaurant, fired more shots at
5:41 pm
the officer. then essentially, he ran out of ammunition. at that point, officers took him into custody. 75 people are still inside that building. the building is secure. there is no second gunman. but 75 people are still inside that building waiting to be processed by police before they can allowed to go home. >> that area is still cordoned off. it is going to be traffic congested in that area near 8th and brannan for a while. we're going to take a short break. we'll be back with more right after this. look at 'em.
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the paving of the new deck for the new eastern span of the bay bridge is underway. a unique process is being used to get the job done. tom vacar has the details now about this interesting procedure. >> reporter: the broken bolt problem notwithstanding, all of the other finishing work on the bridge, including paving the span, the last really big job goes on. >> all work is continuing on schedule. >> reporter: the paving of the 2200-foot suspension span is being covered with a special asphalt that contains high strength glue. the asphalt is being laid over steel, not concrete like the rest of the bridge. >> then there's a binder that's mixed in with the asphalt. that helps it adhere. >> reporter: when this paving is down and just the paving, it will weigh the equivalent of 1200 fully loaded semi trailer
5:45 pm
trucks, or 10 or 11 fully loaded boeing 747 jumbo jets. because this asphalt is only 2 inches thick, it will flex with the bridge, last a long time and be simple to maintain if worn or damaged. >> this is a highly durable substance. it'll be easy to fix. >> reporter: yet another development today, a quick fix unexpectedly proposed on wednesday is gaining traction. bridge officials are asking the federal highway administration to review the proposal that would stiffen backup earthquake sports temporarily, making them the primary ones. that would bypass the broken bolts in the hopes the bridge could be open by labor day. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news here. what we just learned moments ago about the one runway at sfo still closed because of the crash of flight 214. also we're going to take you behind closed doors with the tsa and show you what happens to all those things that people
5:46 pm
lose at airports. reporter: blood donations are the gift of life. we investigate a new controversy that some say is discriminatory. preventing some folks from donating. after the break we'll be looking at the bay area weekend forecast. things are going to warm up. i'll show you how hot it could get in inland neighborhoods. ♪ [ male announcer ] when the a.c. goes out in a heat wave, it's nuccio heating and air conditioning that comes to the rescue. at&t helped nuccio put a complete mobile solution to work. mobile routing to send the closest technician and mobile payments to invoice on the spot. where do you want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪
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some breaking news, we just learned that the fourth runway at sfo has now been reopened.
5:49 pm
this was the scene where asiana flight 214 crashed last saturday. now we have learned that the flight -- the fourth runway has been reopened. it happened about 5:05. the airport has been canceling dozens of flights each day and there have been long delays because of the limited operations. now the airport says airlines can resume their normal schedules immediately. actually the first plane to land on that reopened runway was a southwest airlines jet. airport officials said they worked around the clock to get this runway open. if you've ever lost anything inside an airport, you're not alone. passengers at sfo and oakland international airports have claimed hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost or damaged valuables. now as scott mcfarlane tells us -- they want to reunite. >> reporter: we are inside one
5:50 pm
of the hundreds of lost and found operations. child car seats, umbrellas, now tagged to be returned to their owners. dozens and dozens of coats in the middle of summer. some with designer name brands. the stacks of belts and sunglasses. this is just one airport. this is just over a 30 day period. so many people leaving so many things behind come in here. let me show you the secure room. safes, cash and stacks of laptops and ipads. tsa operates recovery centers inside sfo, oakland and hundreds more airports. passengers show up in person to retrieve or they do so by mail. our investigation found this is a widespread problem. about 130 bay area passengers filed claims. some claiming damage items. most trying to find lost valuables. including watch, clothes, medicine, a set of knives, game
5:51 pm
equipment. only some passengers file claims. the tsa says. so much ends up unclaimed in these rooms. in a matter of weeks is sent to the state for sale or charity. >> surprising things you would not think they travel with or forget. >> reporter: as passengers face longer lines at check points and a bigger rush to race through, perhaps no surprise. many airports nationwide tsa is finding 100 lost items a day from canes to keys to cash. scott macfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. the weekend is just about here. we want to check the weather. we go back over to bill in the weather center. >> weekend is upon us. beautiful evening out there. temperatures today were on the mild side. a little warmer saturday and sunday. these were the official national weather service highs today. we got 90 degrees in antioch. that's one of the warm spots. they're coming up tomorrow. daytime highs as we head towards your saturday will be
5:52 pm
warmer. then again on sunday as well. there's the fog right along the coast. that fog, the marine layer is deep. getting up over the coastal hits. good fog coverage tomorrow morning as you head out the door and get going. there are the current temperatures. 83 in fairfield. typical hot spots. this time of year, hard to be 93 in fairfield. this is what you'd expect. temperatures are kind of mild today. fire danger is always high. it certainly wasn't in the news today. we didn't have a lot of fires to talk about. weekend forecast and morning clouds will be there. warm inland both days. nice mild pattern. kind of mild through next week too. overnight lows that just went by. this is going to push this way a little bit. the low is still around. that's why it's not going to get hot. as it pushes this way, modifies that low and brings temperatures up. slightly warmer. today, you liked it? you're going to love tomorrow
5:53 pm
and the next day. in the hot spots you might see some low 90s. forecast fog product then or fog in the morning, you see it up in the napa valley. out into the fremont area. fog burns back. it'll be dense along the coast. fog is going to be hanging out. do clear for a time. did clear in santa cruz. the fog is shallow and next to the coast. it's going to be hanging. 88 in fairfield. that's tomorrow. 93. 89 in livermore. forecast, 82 in san jose. nice looking bay area saturday. sunday numbers, just roll them into -- take these numbers and roll them into sunday. not much difference on sunday. five-day forecast. bay area weekend coming into screw here. upper 80s, low 90s. most of us will be in the mid80s in the warm spots. 88 on monday. then temperatures kind of work their way into a flat zone
5:54 pm
there. when i come back at 10:00 -- at 6:00 we'll update the latest forecast with the latest computer models. activists are speaking out about a ban on gay men donating blood. protests happened across the country today, but not here in the bay area. we'll explain why. here's julie with a look at what's coming up at of. >> we updated you on the search for a missing 1-year-old girl. >> this is just too much. new at 6, the girl's sister talks about the questions surrounding her father in this case. also our coverage continues on that deadly incident inside the san francisco jewelrymart this afternoon. we're gathering the very latest information on the suspect now in custody. these stories and more coming up in less than 10 minutes.
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5:57 pm
activist us today urged the fda to allow gay men to donate blood. for 30 years, since the first days of aids, gay men have been excluded from doing that. a protest in 52 sis, none in the bay area. >> reporter: red cross blood banks declined participation in the gay donor awareness. it was a busy day already. last month it was 50,000 units short. 68-year-old retired pg&e worker is a regular. >> i may need blood at some
5:58 pm
time. i give it because somebody may need blood today. >> reporter: thousands are forbidden from doing this. among the many restrictions, any gay man. >> i'd like to be able to donate blood to help society. and i'm banned from doing it. >> reporter: since the 1980s fda has required a lifetime ban on blood donations from men who have had sex with other men. their reasoning is that those people are more likely to carry diseases including hiv. >> i would like to trust the fda in deciding on behalf of the safety of the recipient. >> it's the quality of the blood that should be the major factor. that could be tested. that seems quite discriminatory. >> reporter: several blood banks favor a one year ban. that boosts reliability of antibody tests. activists pressuring the fda. tests can miss hiv.
5:59 pm
studies are in progress. >> until there's more findings i would think that you would be cautious in terms of allowing certain people to give it. >> reporter: three weeks ago canada relaxed its lifetime ban on gay male donors to 5 years. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6, breaking news out of san francisco where two people are dead, a third wounded in critical condition. after a midday shooting inside the jewelrymart and gift center in san francisco. >> the search for a missing 1- year-old girl stretches into its second day. tonight only on 2, we talk with the little girl's sister about the questions now surrounding their father. new developments in the crash of flight 214. the death toll has now gone up to 3 after a hospital announces a young girl has died from her injuries.
6:00 pm
good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. breaking news out of san francisco. two women are dead tonight and a suspect is now under arrest. this after a shooting at the jewelrymart and gift center. >> that jewelrymart is located at 888 brannan. not far from rei. it's just around the corner from police headquarters. the specific store inside where this happened is called vic toga. noelle walker joins us from outside that jewelrymart now with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: we're at the corner of 7th and bryant. about -- 7th and brannan. about 20 minutes ago the police chief updated the media. let's take a look at what's going on behind me. it's still an active scene. we've seen s.w.a.t. packing up their stuff. what i've also seen is occasionally along the sidewalk we'll see police escorting people from the jewelrymart building. we're told there are still


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