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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 14, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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for the second night protesters take to the streets of oakland denouncing the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. in a move that many find offensive demonstrators set fire to the american flag. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we begin with breaking news, tensions rose tonight in oakland after protesters tried to block motorists in downtown oakland. the group which has been
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relatively peaceful all day were told the disperse less than an hour ago. >> the group has been rallying in regard to the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. we begin with deborah villalon. >> reporter: a lot of anger, a lot of anguish over the verdict and you can hear and see it right now at 14th street and broadway. for the second night in a row about 100 people are ignoring police orders to disperse. they are circling the intersection. this is what remains of a march of 500 that started about five hours ago. sanford florida is some 7,000 miles away from oakland.
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but for this crowd the trayvon martin story feels local. reminiscent of young unarmed oscar grant shot by a cop convicted of manslaughter. now watchmen george zimmerman walks free. >> we're all americans, we're all human and we should all be angry. it was a travesty, zimmerman was guilty, he should have never been carrying a gun. >> reporter: many brought children, the trial a teachable event. >> it doesn't matter who they are. they still are powerful, they still are awesome. >> reporter: this march picked up supporters with every park, every street it passed through. oakland police officers trudging alongside and keeping pace at the front and back.
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at blocked intersections drivers honked their approval. after a two hour trek this was the home stretch. only about 100 of the demonstrators remained who blocked broadway. setting an american flag on fire in the intersection even as march organizers urged control and caution against vandalism. >> we don't want that. we don't want anybody to do any violence or destroy property. but there is a life that was gone and you cannot put a property value on a life. trayvon will never be back. trayvon will never be back. >> reporter: at sunset, protesters turned more defiant here ignoring police orders securing the intersection. marching in a circle and they are here at this hour. police are not enforcing their order to clear this intersection. they are simply keeping a watchful distance about a half a block awayful of course we know that last night it wasn't
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until after 11:00 that some of the splinter groups who identified as occupy or as an that -- anarquy groups started conducting vandalism. we'll keep an eye on how this goes. deborah villalon, ktvu news. protesters set dumpster fires in oakland this morning. this is some of the vandalism deborah is mentioning. other demonstrators told us they were frustrated by this violence and said it did not serve their cause. still dozens of windows were broken in downtown oakland, sears and at the courthouse were all smashed. in addition vandals sprayed graffiti with angry messages in several buildings and bus stops in the area. one family took special precautions to try to protect
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their building from being damaged. if owners of the camberts restaurant stood behind their gates. oak land police did not make any arrests. some of those who rallied peacefully said what's most important is their frustration over the zimmerman verdict is heard. >> zimmerman was told to stay in the car. he didn't listen. he still followed the person, he had a gun. it's disappointing he walked away with nothing. >> reporter: a few proit'sers said they were angry that zimmerman will walk free while nfl quarterback michael vic was sentenced to prison for 23 months for running a dog fighting operation. others said they were disappointed with the racial make up of the jury. the jury was made up of six women, five of which were white. more details now oakland major jean quan reacted to the
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protest saying a small group of people gathered in downtown o akland. sadly some dishonored trayvon's memory. jade hernandez is in san francisco, and she tells us that people gathered peacefully there. >> me and a lot of my friends, we were really upset. we all cried last night because just nothing has changed. >> reporter: with two nephews in the south she fears for them. >> one is nine he's a sweet, smart young man and i know that you know the justice system just doesn't work for him. >> reporter: clearly these protesters felt the legal justice in florida failed.
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>> many people are angry and they should be. because what has happened is wrong. >> reporter: this woman is a member of the group san francisco which organized today's rally and last night's impromptu march in the castro district. >> people were coming off the sidewalk, people were seeing us on their balconies coming down out of their houses and joining the demonstrations. >> reporter: today's protesters also decided to march, downtown. all the way to union square passer bys watched. there were some who compared trayvon martin to oscar grant. >> it just doesn't change. >> we don't want anymore oscar grants. >> reporter: or verdicts they say tainted by racial biases. >> we have to water or seeds. >> reporter: demonstrators marched to market wrapping up a
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rally at 6:00 tonight. it remains peaceful throughout. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2. large crowds demanded justice for trayvon martin this evening in union square. zigzagging through streets to avoid police lines and shouting no justice no peace in support of trayvon martin. there are reports that some protesters vented their rage with bottle throwing and that police made several arrests in new york city. we want to show you a live picture from los angeles where there's a demonstration under way and there are also reports of protesters clashing where police. you can see a crowd there gathered on the sidewalk. we understand this is in the crenshaw district of los angeles. there are also some demonstrations in hollywood as well tonight. this group is gathered on a freeway overpass in l. a. police say the protesters have
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been generally peaceful but that some splinter groups have been aggressive. officers say they've been blocking roads and throwing rocks that's what the protesters have been doing according to police. police said they made at least one arrest. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> for who? >> trayvon. in sacramento, dozens of people who were upset about the zimmerman acquittal gathered in front of the courthouse. last night about a dozen people gathered outside of city hall. today's protest was organized by the group occupy sacramento. police say it was a peaceful protest with no arrest or property damage. >> robert zimmerman says his brother is slowly adjusting to freedom and said he was never quite the same after that deadly shooting. >> i tell you that when this happened, george was not the same. he was completely a somber person that was not himself. >> reporter: robert zimmerman praised the martin family for asking that the jury's decision be respected and says there
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were no winners in the verdict. zimmerman has defended his brother from the shooting through the trial. the justice department responded to calls from city rights leaders toáerd and said it will restart a federal investigation into the shooting with possible separate hate crime charges. and our coverage continues throughout this newscast. we will be monitoring those bay area protests and bring you coverage throughout the hour. a little later at 10:30, we will have another live update from the scene of the trial from sanford florida. a group of survivors from the crash of asiana crash 214 returned home to china. 21 students and teachers who survived the accident were reunited with their families. they were all from the same school and were traveling to a summer camp here in the u.s. three girls from that school died after the crash. more than 180 people on board that boeing 777 were injured. bay area blood banks
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organized a blood bank tomorrow to help replenish the blood supply that was used on the victims from the asiana crash. appointments are strongly recommended but walk ins are welcome based on availability. our coverage continues online on just control down to our sfo crash tab for the very latest on this story. a large search today for daphney web, the missing toddler from oakland. westerly fell you why search teams were looking through this preserve area today. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> reporter: walking off the job. the accusations these workers leveled against a popular restaurant chain inside a bay area airport. and a community that hasn't seen a homicide in years is now coping with a murder investigation. why police say the public shouldn't be concerned.
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back now to that breaking news that we're following in los angeles where demonstrators denouncing the verdict of george zimmerman have been clashing with police. we've been watching these pictures coming into our newsroom and you can see a large crowd that's gathered blocking the roadway. some splinter groups have been
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aggressive. we will have more on this coming up a little bit later. the search for an oakland toddler leads police and volunteers to an east bay park. ktvu's alex sadvidge was there and tell us about the park's possible connection to the case. >> reporter: search teams headed today into the leona preserve area in the oakland hills trying to find any signs of daphney webb. more than 30 volunteers took part and they came here because daphney and her father would often come walking in this area. >> it's relatively close to the residence so this is just an area that we're searching and we're pressing forward in trying to locate her. >> reporter: daphney has been missing since wednesday since her father told police that she was taken from their suv.
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daphney was left in their suv with his mother who has dementia. >> like i said i'm not going to talk about the investigation right now. the biggest portion of what we're going to try to do is try to find daphney webb. >> reporter: investigators are looking into several areas. in the meantime they're combing the area around the apartment where daphney lived with her father not far from here. >> reporter: the volunteers know how important their help is. >> it's an opportunity to try to assist. >> reporter: daphney's father has said he had nothing to do with his daughter's disappearance. police are looking for
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clues after a teenager was shot to death. police responded to calls of shots fired in east san jose. when officers arrived they found a 17-year-old boy inside a car with a single gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police say they don't know yet whether that shooting was gang related. vallejo police arrested a woman last night accused of abandoning her 1-year-old son in a gas station restroom. officers arrested 22-year-old joia hukill. she was arrested on charges of child abandonment and child endangerment. police in rockland are
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investigating their first death in six years. it happened after an argument between the victim and zachary catchmar. the victim's son and this ár catchmar were friends. kachmar was arrested on murder charges and booked into jail without bail. and workers at subway stores walked off. the workers accuse subway of unfair practices. for allegedly not complying with the city's living wage ordnance. >> other restaurants are expected to not retaliate against workers for speaking
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out. subway and jamba juice have no, -- have not been complying with that. labor talks are scheduled to resume tomorrow between b.a.r.t. management and the union. the two sides are still far apart. the union is planning on meeting with its members tomorrow morning before negotiations begin sometime in the afternoon. the two sides have until july 24th to come up with a deal. texas governor rick perry said he didn't think such reform was going to play a big role in the policy of the presidency. >> i disagree that the idea that there's one piece of legislation is going to decide whether an individual is going to get to the white house is a little bit out of the realm of
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the reality. >> reporter: governor perry said lawmakers in washington should ask texas how that state deals with illegal immigrants. perry says that shows him the federal government isn't interested in keeping illegal immigrants out of the u.s. >> i don't think the will is in washington, d.c. to secure the border. >> house republicans have said they are not interested in a comprehensive immigration law and prefer to consider a series of bills that could take months to reach final votes. democrats accuse republicans of using a filibuster to block appointments. >> i have been the leader for about the same time lyndon johnson. during johnson's tim, one filibuster, me 120. >> the president has had 1,420 of his legislations confirmed, only four defeated. he has not lost one single
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member of his cabinet. >> the president has set up a meeting the special meeting on tuesday. anyone who hasn't finished by the end of december will have to start all over again. the new system will condense five tests into four. they will be given on computer instead of on paper. more coverage of the breaking news that we're following, those protests happening right now in oakland. plus hollywood rocked by the sudden death of glee star cory montre who admitted struggling in the past with drugs and alcohol. nelson mandela may be moved out of the hospital. what his family now says about the nobel prize winners health. and clouds already pushing back into the bay.
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returning now to breaking news in oakland where protesters are now on the move after a mostly peaceful day of demonstrating. our crews on the scene are tells us protesters are starting to use spray paint and spray graffiti on some buildings. this is a live picture on broadway in oakland. they were blocking 14th and broadway right near frank agawa plaza and city hall. but the crowd has now moved and is headed up broadway toward upper broadway in fact, it looked like at one point we were watching this feed come in that they were walking right by the sears building which had been vandalized last night with several windows smashed in that building and one report sears said replacing those windows was going to cost something like 20 or $30,000. we're keeping an eye on these
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protesters. we're seeing the flashing lights on police vehicles. police officers are also following these people around. officers out of their vehicle. the crowd doesn't look very large, maybe a couple of dozens or so. looks like police are trying to keep the street clear. we understand that 13th and broadway has reopened so vehicles are able to get through that big intersection in the heart of downtown oakland. now this group is on the sidewalk off the street. so police are apparently trying to keep them some what contained to the sidewalk area so they can walk about there. but try to keep them out of the street so they don't disrupt traffic. we will continue to monitor this throughout the rest of our newscast. if anything significant happens we will pass it along. many fans of the tv show glee are mourning the death of actor cory monte who died at the age of 21.
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vancouver police found the actor dead. security equipment indicated he returned to his room alone. but canadian authorities have scheduled an autopsy for tomorrow to try to determine how he died. we do know he has struggled with substance abuse and recently spect -- spent a month in rehab. his girlfriend lea michelle has asked for privacy. a military spokesman says that right now 81 detainees are still on the hunger strike. 45 detainees are still being force fed. most of the 166 guantanamo prisoners have been held without a trial. in iraq a wave of explosions and attacked killed at least 40 people today. the the attacked occurred in
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predominantly shiite areas. violence has spiked since the start of ramadan on wednesday. the time where they focus on charity. washington is not referring to the ouster of morsi as a coo. u.s. law would make it difficult to give aid to a regime who came to power from a coo. and in spain today was the final day of the running of the bulls in pamplona. an australian woman was gored when she was gored by a bull. only two other women have been gored. encouraging reports tonight
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about the health of former south african american mandela. former president umbeque says that he believes doctors will soon allow mandela to return home. the last official word from the south african government is that mr. mandela is in critical but stable condition. thursday is mr. mandela's 95th birthday. people across britain are on baby watch as the royal due date arrives. the dutchess of cambridge are about is about to have a baby but there's no word yet that she's about to go into labor. officials say they will announce the birth via the internet. the baby will be third in line to the throne. our coverage of george
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zimmerman continues. with the possible plans zimmerman has for his future now that he is a free man. a well known bay area musician attacked while performing in the east bay. the connection to the zimmerman trial. map
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the whole situation with trayvon martin is definitely hit home for everybody. this could be my brother, this could be our sister. from that moment in new york city to right here in the bay area, angry protests and displays of solidarity following the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial continue to happen. in fact, as people took to the streets, president obama urged americans to respond peacefully to the not guilty verdict. even as he referred to the killing of trayvon martin as a tragedy. gara teney is live in florida.
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the epicenter of this case that has touched a nerve of race relations here in america. >> reporter: there certainly was anger, outrage and sadness. it was dominating here outside the courthouse last night when the verdict came down. much of that carried over into the protest and rallies here in sanford toáerd. but -- sanford today. but then they became peaceful. this as george zimmerman was enjoying his first day in freedom. this after the jury found him not guilty. he spent the last year and a half accuse of murdering trayvon martin. now george zimmerman is declared innocent and free. robert zimmerman says his brother is beginning the long process of reentering society. >> resting, today is the first day of george's newfound
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freedom. and there's a lot of decompressing he must do. >> reporter: trayvon martin's family is now trying to come to terms with the verdict. >> there's no reason for this to happen to any other families, no one should have to go through this. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: in greenville south carolina -- >> we are. >> we are. >> trayvon martin. >> trayvon martin. >> reporter: new york city, m iami and in chicago, protesters taking to the streets. some trying to make sense of the verdict. >> i am looking forward to the day that we can move forward together. if a white guy kills a black guy or a black guy kills a white guy, we don't say because of the color of their skin. >> he was just a black guy walking. >> the department of justice must act now. >> reporter: and heather here in sanford, many of the religious leaders were taking
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this as an opportunity to begin the healing process and encourage all of the churchgoers to continually pray for the trayvon martin family. reporting live, garrett tenney. one of the members of the 1960s group the chambers brothers was attacked last night during a performance. 43-year-old deana lin potter climbed up on the stage after lester chambers announced he was dedicating a song to trayvon martin. she then screamed it is all your fault. you can go to for more on the protest, just look for the tab on the ktvu page. and a friend of 32-year-old
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efren carillo tells ktvu the supervisor is now in a 30 day rehab program. the supervisor was in his socks and underwear when a woman called saying that he tried to break into her home. carillo released a statement following the event saying that arrest was alcohol related and that he was taking immediate steps. and this less than stellar ceremonial first pitch. >> that is really, really bad. all right, not so bad though is our weather meteorologist mark tamayo will join us with a look at when you can expect to have some warm weather and what your workweek looks like.
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well a bit cooler today across parts of the bay area. that will be the theme in the short term. bigger changes expected in the five day forecast. as far as temperatures this afternoon they rangeed from the chilly low 60s in pacifica and san francisco. 94 in antioch, concord topped out in the upper 80s at 87. this was a time lapse looking out toward the bay. you can see the low clouds already in the increase. mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of the bay. here's the storm track. that will be at least the trend over the next four to eight hours across the bay area. here's a closer inspection right now of the current fog pattern. showing you some 50s, lower 50s in santa rosa, napa. fairfield 51. we have been dealing over the
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last few days with a shallow marine layer keeping the dense fog right in the immediate coastline. what's happening right now is deepening. it's going to transform that cooler marine air well inland for tomorrow. that means most of the area on track to reach the mid-80s tomorrow. overnight lows look at this 49 updated in santa rosa. the forecast low of 49. lots of low 50s for san francisco, free -- fremont and san jose. high pressure has been in command of our weather for the last three days. this beginning to back up a little bit. this area of low pressure in command of our weather with that monday and tuesday more low clouds and fog. a bit of a cooling trend especially on tuesday. that will be the coolest day of the week and we begin to bump up those numbers by wednesday, thursday and friday. here's our forecast model shows us this. patchy fog well inland so this is 6:00 tomorrow morning for the morning commute. and then for the afternoon hours the clouds pull back to
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near the shoreline once again. our weather story is not changing too much here. patchy coastal fog even a few patches in san francisco for the afternoon hours. stinson beach 62 degrees. right around the rim of the bay upper 60s to lower 70s and head inland. you will find more mid- to upper 80s out toward antioch. forecast high 73 in the afternoon. santa cruz lower 70s and san francisco 62 degrees. here is a look ahead your five day forecast. we cool things off into tuesday. basically the two coolest days, mondays and tuesday and wednesday we begin to warm things up and once again healther and ken. - - heather and ken. we've had a break in the hot weather for the last few days but it is going to make a come back at least in the long range. >> thank you, mark. >> sure. we have an update now on
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breaking news in oakland. the protest over the verdict in the george zimmerman case. we have some physical confrontations here. you can see what appears to be shopkeepers closing their grates to try to keep the demonstrators out of their businesses. we're watching this video for the first time as you are. so this has just come in to ktvu channel 2 newsroom. you can see oakland police in the middle of the street. a lot of this activity has been taking place at broadway and 20th street. that is where the sears store is located which was vandalized last night and we saw more crowds gathered out there today. we've also been monitoring twitter and i've seen one tweet that a reporter in a local newspaper was attacked. she said in her twitter report that she had been attacked by a group and was trying to get away from the scene. we've also had reports that oakland police have ordered the crowd to disperse. here you see confrontations between protesters in the street and motorists trying to
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get through intersections. that was one reason police were trying to clear the area. it was affecting transit as well. this all started at 4:00 this afternoon with protests in oakland and san francisco and in oakland it's still going on. we've been watching them, our crews have been in there filling us in on what has been taking place. as ken mentioned this all started out relatively peaceful. we were told a crowd of 300 people started at frank ogawa plaza and started out into the streets of oak -- oakland. for a few hours it was peaceful and we've seen it erupt into what it is now. we will of course be keeping an eye on this for you and have much more on mornings on 2 starting at 4:30 a.m. now we're going to a completely different subject
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here. awkward transition. the call me maybe singer may have earned the title for the worse first pitch ever. carrie botched the first pitch. the canadian pop star threw up her hands and was immediately forgiven. so good for her. she tried. >> yeah, she did. that's terrible though. i'm just saying. as a former softball player that's terrible. two local players are at it to the all star game. they can probably throw a lot better than that. >> i hope so. >> the oakland a's beat the sox. the red sox in typical fashion, that's next.
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good evening everyone, welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the a's got a chance this weekend to see how they shape up. they have to like the way it turned out. oakland goes into the all star break after taking two out of three over the red sox. bartolo colon looks for his 13th win of the year. dustin pedroia with a shot to left scores jacobi elsbury. and that scores mike carp. 2-0 red sox that was it for colon. he couldn't get the win but his teammates made sure he wasn't a loser. josh donaldson hit this shot to left. the reaction from werthman is all you need to know. win number 17th for donaldson. they we -- they went to th


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