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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 17, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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police have shot and killed a pit bull that attacked an officer. it happened about an hour in downtown san jose. these are live pictures from the scene. a sergeant tells us they were look for a wanted parolee. when the officer knocked on the door he was greeted by someone with a pit bull. the pit bull then got loose and bit him in the leg. reporter paul kim bees will have -- chambers will have a live report at the top of the hour. 1300 long shore workers will not be showing up to work today. ktvu channel 2 news tara moriarty is at the port this morning with more on what this morning and what happened. >> reporter: they told us one of their sisters were killed on the job here yesterday afternoon and in honor of her memory they are standing down
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for 24 hours. there are trucks backed up here and they will continue to line up all day. because of this morning period wham it means is no trucks will be going -- because of this mourning period that means no trucks will be going out until 7:00 tonight. we want to show you the victim 47-year-old jan. they confirmed this was daniel's facebook picture. he drove a tractor from the ship to the yard and vice versa. that is how the the accident happened. on the tractor at 2:45 yesterday afternoon. emergency crews responded. daniels was transported to the hospital. her fellow long shoremen tell me daniels truly lived up to her name joy. obviously there will be an investigation into this accident. we are expecting to talk to union leaders later today.
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meantime 1300 long shoremen will not be coming to work so the port of oakland will be packed as trucks wait until 7:00 tonight to make the deliveries and pickups. live at the port of oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman case has led to yet another confrontation between police and protestors in downtown oakland. this was the scene at frank ogawa plaza late last night. dozens of demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear to come to make sure things did not get out of control. it came after three straight nights of wide spread violence. e.g. fascia blames oakland's political relationship for the protests on the streets. >> we allow them to do what they do any other place. shame on them and the people that are not doing anything about this. >> last night police took one
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man into custody on an outstanding warrant. another man with a boom box was detained for violating oakland's noise ordnance. we have the photo of a waiter that was in a brutal attack. a mass protestor hit him in the face with a hammer. coworkers say the waiter is resting at home. the violent protest in oakland sparked angry comments at last night's city council. >> the protestors if they don't live in oakland, they can't protest in oakland. >> many expressed their outrage for protestors from other cities causing problems in oakland. in the meantime the justice department is now examing the george zimmerman case to determine if federal hate crime charges can be filed. but one civil rights prosecutor says that doesn't seem likely. coming up at
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justice department says is it needs in order to move its case forward. a seattle man who died during a confrontation with police two years ago was remembered during a candle light vigil last night. the mother harding was a-- kenneth harding was among those. the 19-year-old apparently shot himself during an exchange of gunfire at a bay view district transit stop. but the mother says it was police who fired the deadly bullet. there was another demonstration just hours earlier. protestors marched near church and dubois street to show their support for the harding family. police overall say no one was arrested. this evening relatives of a missing girl in oakland will pray for her safe return.
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a candle light vigil for daphne web is set for tonight. that is is where her father reported her missing exactly a week ago. john webb was notably absent during a news conference yesterday held by the family outside of police headquarters. daphne's mom was there but too emotional to speak. >> these past few days have been the worst nightmare of any parent and for me as i be daphne's grandfather. >> they have not identified john webb as a suspect in daphne's daughter's disappearance. time now 4:35. a man accused of a killing rampage will return to work yesterday. barry white made his first court appearance yesterday. he faces 15 felony charges including two counts of murder. shows him shooting, stabbing,
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and killing two female store clerks and wounding the owner last friday over a dispute of $300. the brother of one of the victims is having a difficult time coping. >> i don't know why these people come. [ inaudible ] >> prosecutors say one of the attacks was so severe the victim was nearly decapitated. two walmart stores are opening up in the bay area but not everyone is happy about it. they opened their doors to the public at 7:30 this morning. the world's largest retailer says they will provide 9500 new jobs. protestor plan to be at the pleasanton opening. they are opposed to low wages. time now 4:36 let's go to sal who is keeping an eye on traffic. any problems? >> nothing major right now. we are looking at the commute and it looks like a good start for most commutes now around
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the bay area. let's go out to live pictures. i do want to show you the traffic continues to move along very nicely as you drive on the east shore freeway here. the traffic continues to look very good and no major problems here. traffic is moving along very nicely. the traffic is approaching the bay bridge it looks good on the way into san francisco. and this morning's commute in san jose right here in downtown san jose it looks good northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we still have a pretty good fog bank. you know temperatures have to warm up after yesterday. that was a big cool down. rip roaring sea breeze. there is still pretty good fog. the lows are really mild. we are near 60-degrees on a lot of these lows. the area of low pressure is rotating north and out of the picture. that is allowing high pressure to build in. 60 oakland, hayward, redwood city. even san jose and mountain view. they also report about a little
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reduced visibility and fog. and it's cooler toward antioch. there goes our low. another low was digging offshore. because it's digging offshore that is allowing the high to build in. still lots of tropical clouds out there. warmer weather is on tap. today is that transition day from really cool tuesday it will be nice to mild today. the highs will be building in. that will be today. that will take us into a warm to shot pattern. we will go from thursday to sunday. by the coast it looks like it will stay in the toys and 70s. once again it's an inland warmup on tap here. fog, sun, warmer. mild, mild lows. still a westerly breeze but it's been cut in half. travis was 35 miles an hour. 60s, 70s and back into the 80s. so you had your cool down yesterday. i 42 it was a big cool down, steve. and temperatures will come back up near seasonal averages. it will be warmer on thursday. there will still be fog that will get squashed. as we go to the weekend it looks hot inland.
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temperatures near the bay and coast not too bad. time now 4:38. coming up some are calling it tasteless and disgusting. the controversial magazine cover that is creating a fire storm of criticism online. and a change of heart the expensive fine facing pg&e for the san bruno pipeline explosion. also who will have to pay for future safety upgrades. good morning. westbound 24 that traffic looks good. we'll tell you more straight ahead. look at 'em.
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we have an update to the breaking news we told you at the top of the newscast. san jose police say they are looking for parolee when a pit bull attacked an officer around 3:30 this morning. these are live pictures this morning. the officer was bit in the leg but was able to shoot and kill the dog. ktvu paul chambers is head together scene and will have a live report in 20 minutes. child care worker is due in
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court today on child sexual assault charges. 20-year-old nicholas lhermine was irs arrest -- was arrested on friday. he was alone with the girl. while searching his computer police say they also found pornographic photos of a 17- year-old girl. >> we located images of child pornography we are looking into. we have identified one person in those images and we're looking to see if there is any soar victims. >> lair may could face separate child pornography charges. ohio man accused of holding three women captive is back in court today. the expanded indictment against ariel castro includes 1,000 criminal counts including charges of kidnapping, rape, and child endangerment.
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i the latest issue of rolling stone magazine has ignited a fire storm of criticism on social media sites. on the cover is accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar czar five. where snowden has been hold up for more than three weeks. snowden has said he only wants to remain in russia temporarily until he can make it to one of the latin american countries that has offered him permanent asylum. snowden has been warned about taking any actions that would damage between the u.s. and russia. san francisco based
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electronic frontier foundation has filed a lawsuit to stop the government's electronic surveillance program revealed by edward snowden. under the program the national security agency collects phone numbers, location, and duration of phone calls made by millions of people if the u.s.. the nsa says it's aimed at preventing terrorist attack. >> there is plenty of things that might be important to national security. that are prohibited by the constitution. >> 19 organizers including religious, environmental and human rights groups have joined the lawsuit filed by the electronic frontier foundation. president obama has admitted it's unlikely the republican led house of representatives will pennsylvania legislation before the month long break in august. in a television interview, the president says he thinks many republicans are wrestling with the issue. the president says it's time to stop worrying about politics and dot right thing for the country.
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defense secretary chuck hagel has ordered big cults to pentagon. hagel says he wants to eliminate between 3,000 and 5,000 top staff members by 2019. that will be 20% of the current numbers. the cuts would come from both military and civilian staff members but it's not clear if the order would apply to defense contractors as well. the justice department is not likely to file charges against zimmerman. it would be difficult to prove zimmerman targeted trayvon martin because he was black. prosecuting federal hate crimes processes clear evidence. yesterday attorney general eric holder says the department is looking at all angles before making a final decision. and for the six jurors in the zimmerman trial are distancing themselves from a juror that spoke to anderson cooper about the trial. that juror identified as b-37 says he believes martin hit zimmerman first. and martin played a large role in his own death. four of the other jurors issued
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a statement saying yesterday her views are her own. former secretary clinton says her prayers are with martin's family. >> no mother, no father should ever have to fear for their child walking down a street in the united states of america. >> clinton made the comments yesterday while speaking at the delta sigma convention in washington, d.c.. the case has caused a lot of national heart ache. the state public utility commission is recommending pg&e pay a $300 million fine for the san bruno pipeline blast. that is a turn around from a previous recommendation that required no fine. the new proposal also has pg&e shareholders pay for pipe upgrades. eight people died and 38 homes were destroyed in the explosion nearly three years ago. people who live outside of san francisco will continue to have to pay a fee to visit the
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botanical garden. the $7 fee was put into effect three years ago. it was originally on a trial basis but the city council decided to make the fee permanent to tourists. the fee remains free to san francisco residents. time now is 4:48. let's go back to sal who is keeping an eye on traffic. how is it looking? >> it looks pretty good. i don't see a lot going on. chp is not reporting a lot. nice and early. people who get on the roads will find it. looking good on the east shore freeway here. westbound 80 is at the speed limit from the carquinez bridge all way down to the mccarthur maze. also if you go to the toll plaza it is light getting into
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san francisco for a couple of the cash lanes where there is a small back up. and if you are driving in san jose 280 and 101 and 85 are off to a good start. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. still a lot of low clouds around. the sea breeze is 15 miles an hour less. it's very mild. especially coast and bay. i just heard from my good friend john 62. there is a lot of 60s. i will show you that in a second. the low responsible for our cool down yesterday has gone north. another one developing off the coast. you can see this one is pretty far off the coast. if you are dropping something here you can downstream or upstream with high pressure. a lot of tropical clouds. but temperatures will start warming up. today will be the transition day. a lot of 50s here and 60s. 61 oakland. 60 redwood city mountain view and san jose. inland temps still a little bit
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of a decent breeze but i'm betting it starts to collapse a little built. there is a westerly component but nothing compared to what we had yesterday. san jose has a little bit of a north wind. 40 in tahoe. 55 ukiah. 79 palm springs. low clouds and fog still there. they are just going to burn off sooner and get smashed down on the deck. santa rosa showing reduced visibility here at 4:00 a.m.. 60 ann 70s and 80 -- 60s and 70s and 80s. element felt like that first cold front of the season. it was more of a westerly wind than north wind. weather is on tap for inland areas. it will take us to friday and get back to the 90s. coast and bay looks like 60s and 70s. time now is 4:50. new developments on the asiana airlines plane crash. he was already on the ground it knocked him down and started hitting him with the
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antlers. >> a deer attacks a dog in marin county. he left the dog partially paralyzed.
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the crash might have been caused by mechanical malfunction. the suit also says escape ramps that opened inside the plane blocked the passengers exit. a bay area woman has also filed a lawsuit against asiana airlines. the woman and eight-year-old son suffered back and neck injuries in the crash. the woman says she has been unable to return to her job as a foreign language instructor for the military. the suit is seeking $5 million in damages. more evacuations are under way in southern california as a fire in river side county continues to threaten more homes. the fire has destroyed three houses and three mobile homes in the mountains west of palm springs. about 50 homes are under evacuation orders including camp ronald mcdonald for children. right now the fire is only 10% contained. a warning to people in corte madera. a deer attacked his dog in the driveway last weekend. six-year-old casper is a yellow
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labrador who is currently unable to walk on his hind left leg. the homeowner says deer feed off local fruit trees and has recently become aggressive. one deer frightened his six- year-old daughter. >> and at the same time it's like they caught eyes and the deer jumped up and foaming at the mouth and scared the heck out of her. >> casper's veterinarian bill is $7,000 and counting. casper should make a full recovery with physical therapy. glee actor corey monteith may have been at a high risk of fatal overdose because of his past with drugs. monteith went through a drug rehab program in april. large amounts of drugs can especially dangerous to people out of rehab because their bodies are no longer used to it. we are also hearing from
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monteith's girlfriend and glee costar lea. since corey's passing lea has been grieving alongside his family and making appropriate arrangements for him. upcoming concert is expected to make a is traffic nightmare. there are several other major events happening the same day including giants and a's games. concert goers are being encouraged to car pool or take public transit. time now is 4:55. sal, you listening to the justin timberlake 20/20 experience album? >> i do have it on my devices, yes. so i've only listened to that one song suit and tie. the other songs good? >> yeah. >> i will give it a listen. thank you. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well on 80 westbound. as you head out to the mccarthur maze.
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no major problems as you drive out to the maze. right now it's light. looking at chp's list some of the construction and earlier crashes that were pretty severe overnight have been cleared so we are starting off with a fresh slate. looking a the the peninsula 101 and 280 look very good. 280 traffic is moving along nicely. 4:55 let's go to steve. sal, what can i say? i'm an old rocker. >> i listen to a lot of classic rock. classic rock rules. >> a lot of fog yesterday as you know. big, big cool down. you know something has to change it can't stay that way. well, there is still a lot of low clouds there. it will burn off much sooner today. i went out for a hike yesterday about 30 miles an hour west wind. amazing difference that we had. things will change a little bit today. the low responsible for that is its packed its bags and said i enjoyed my time here.
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very mild lows. 60 rs for some of these. although it's a little cooler as you go inland. still a decent receive breeze there. yesterday was 35. today is 20. it's a lot less. so we will keep an eye on it. there is a little bit of a westerly breeze. we still get the sea breeze. 39 up in tahoe. 55 ukiah. but with the high building in that low moving out, that will allow temperatures to go up. the fog will burn off. 60s and 70s and 80s temperatures yesterday were way below average. so these will be near average. then they will be warmer. we'll get back into the 90s and then it looks warm to hot at least inland. near the coast and bay not that much warmer. >> thank you very much. time now 4:57. the money battle between the 49ers and south bay schools. who appears to have the edge. also we're live on the scene of weaking news in san ho -- breaking news in san jose.
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why police say they were forced to shoot and kill a pit bull.
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shots are fired in san jose neighborhood ending with an officer in the hospital and a dog being dead. we're live at the port of oakland where things are at a
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standstill after a long shoreman dies on the job. we'll have details straight ahead. and another night of confrontation in downtown oakland. the latest clash between police and protestors. good morning everyone it is wednesday, july 1st i'm mike mibach pam and dave have the night off. >> we have another big fog bank. it will burn off sooner. the lows are really mild. there is plenty of low clouds around. inland temps will warm up. here is sal. steve, good morning. right now san mateo bridge traffic is smooth getting out to the high-rise. no major problems on the dumbarton bridge either getting to the peninsula. and if you are driving on the golden gate bridge, you can tell a little bit of different weather. it's not as foggy as it has been. traffic is smooth. let's go back to th


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