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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 23, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it is time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a chopper in a wicked freefall has people thinking -- >> we are going to see this thing blow up. >> the surprise ending when it finally hits. it is one tough rescue after folks at a convenience store. >> you hear a cat in the wall. >> what they discovered three hours and a lot of holes later. >> we found you, baby. we found you. >> i'm here to say i'm sorry.
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>> this is not the average apology from a guy who is worked up over -- >> the right to bear arms. >> and get yourself some more. >> what this guy does for a living is a raising a lot of eyebr eyebrows. and an under the sea goes viral. >> oh, my. shut up. >> he knows a good performer when he knows one. >> meet the girl who made a dolphin laugh. >> we made a special connection and i want to see him again. at first glance this may look like a helicopter performing aerobatics or something. this is in russia near sochi. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that thing crashes, and you will see bits and pieces of the helicopter flying up into the air. this thing splashes down into the shallow water.
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a lot of people standing by who rushed to help. according to the news, two people actually crawled out on their own. one being the pilot, and another being a tourist, and both were not injured in the accident. >> what caused the accident? do we know? >> well, right now we don't know, but according to life news, there could be some malfunction with the helicopter or it could be pilot error. i think that maybe what saved the guys is that the pilot was able to slow this thing down the closer to the water. it did sort of land upright, and so it was good. a scary moment if you were in the helicopter or on the shore. when i first saw this video, i thought that we were going to see this thing blow up. when a police officer behind you, the lights are on and the sirens are on, generally, it means to pull over. well, 22-year-old josiah terry did not, and in the video that
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we found on greenville, he led police in a high speed car chase in south carolina reaching speeds of up to 85 miles per hour in the suv that you see in the screen which are also two other passengers. you see other cars coming in their direction in the opposite lane. this is a two-lane high wway th are on. >> in is a scary sight, because he is looking awfully close to the yellow line. >> at this point he is veering to the left trying to get on a bridge to get away and before you know it, he hits a guardrail and then disappears. >> oh, boy. >> he ended up crashing through the guardrail down into a railroad bed. the accident ended up killing the 22-year-old driver of the car. >> you said other people in the car with this guy, so he put their lives at risk, too. how are are they? >> at this point, there is no word on their injuries, but they survived the accident.
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>> it never ends well when you try to run from the police. i don't know why that hasn't conne connected with a lot of people who get involved in the car chases. >> yeah, he was going very fast. if you notice, it is not a well lit bridge, so he probably misjudged the turn and it was not difficult obviously for him to crash right through the guardrail. when you have a cat stuck in the wall, and you are in los angeles, who are you going to call? of course, beth, it is s.m.a.r.t., the special mobilized rescue team who works with los angeles animal rescue services. this is a convenient store where they hear a cat in the wall. what have we learned? they drill a hole and stick in a camera to find where the cat is, and they drill multiple holes trying to find the cat. finally after three hours of work, bingo. >> there he is. >> we love you, baby. we love you. >> that thing is looking like what took you so long. >> oh.
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>> that is how you get a kitty cat out of the hole. >> how in the world did this cat get into the wall of a convenient store? >> chasing a mouse probably. >> well, besides walls, cats are notorious for getting stuck up in trees. and in washington, a cat got stuck up a tree because of a bear, so instead of the fire departme department, they called a tree service. this is matt mabrey, and he makes quick work to climb up to get this cat down. >> that is a smart side business, and if you work for a tree service, make some cash on the side res kug cats. >> you see the cat right there, and luckily the cat did not move farther up the tree, he would have had a tougher climb. he reworks the ropes and kind of gets down there. >> and when he gets down there, he lets the cat out of the bag. >> no, beth, the cat isnot let immediately out of the bag.
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>> we will take him se ak bag. >> but what happens is that the cat will get out and climb back up another tree. >> yes, that is right. go [ bleep ] yourself and get some more. >> you are looking at gilbertson police chief mark kessler and listen to what he is saying. >> well, i upset a few people the other day. i'm here to say i'm sorry. okay. i didn't mean to upset anybody or insult anybody or hurt anyone's feelings. >> it sounds like chief kessler is making an apology, right? he is apologizing for a video he posted on july 14th. >> i want to make this video today, because they are at it again. they just don't know when to quit. and neither do we. kerry says u.s. will sign u.n. treaty on arms regulations despite lawmakers' opposition. >> in that he is talking about
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secretary of state john kerry, and he's speaking about the u.n. arms trade treaty. >> a treaty that was approved by the u.n. general assembly back on april 2nd. chief kessler believes that the treaty will limit his right to bear arms. >> secretary of state john kerry, that piece of [ bleep ] traitor, and who is he to decide what we can and can't own, and who are the u.n. to decide what we, the american people, can own. >> that is the video that upset a lot of people, because he uses profane words in reference to our secretary of state, and also people are offended, because this man is a public official, but now, let's go back to the apology that he wrote. >> for all of the people out there who cried and cried and about oh, i use profanity, go [ bleep ] yourself and get some more. >> well, maybe the message has
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been sent by chief kessler, no, he comes back for more. >> go [ bleep ] yourself again. >> and he comes back with another firearm. >> you. >> and this guy is the police chief and trying to be a youtube character. >> the right to bear arms is sacrosanct in the u.s., and no president republican or democrat is going to stop that. >> and he is calling the people he is supposed to serve names. >> and the apology video is getting more attention than the one he used to call tout secretase -- call out the secretary of state. >> did you get that? a mom forgets a child in the back seat of the car. the mom is in the store not realizing what is going on. >> the big warning that this video is aiming to get across. a kayaker notice a fin nearby. >> but once the shark notices
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so you are kayaking off of the coast of ireland having a great time fishing, and then you look beyond your kayak and you ss in the water and a freaking look. >> look at those fins. >> yes, they belong to a shark. the kayaker decides to paddle, but once the shark notices him, the checking out is in reverse. >> he had an underwater camera, too. >> i know what a shark looks like, and if i'm in a little boat a kayak, i don't need to get close. >> it is a little different and it is not the great white shark, but it is a basking shark. so it is not really interested in humans or other animals, and
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they eat plankton and they are the second largest fish in the water. >> if i knew it was a basking shark, i would have wanted to get close. >> did you notice the gills, because it made it look like a piece of industrial equipment. >> yes, a suit of armor. >> and the shark ended up following the kayaker for ten minutes, because if you notice here in the shot, it got smart and it was using the current being created by the ki yayak t feed. >> yes, right into the throat. >> it is like a distinct dentist right there. >> and i would have kayaked away. but he got close and look at the amazing shots. >> lk at the cool face. he kind of looks like karl ma when thkayak stops, it stops, too. >> he bellied up to the buffet, y'all. >> and when the kayak went, so did the shark. cat learns how to twirp.
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♪ i have a video warning for all parents out there, for all people who are caretakers of young children. this is a video put together by red castle production, and it has one very clear message. you have a woman multitasking and gets out and walks into the store, but notice what is specifically going on inside of the car. here's a young child in the back of the car. this is a film, a psa about the dangers of vehicular heat stroke on young children. it has become a serious problem. as parents multitask more and
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more and become busier and busier, and sometimes the parents just forget that their child is still in the back of the car and then something like this can happen. as mom is inside of the store not realizing exactly what's going on. >> she just forgot. >> she just forgot. >> i know that this is a film here, but it is even making me nervous, and i want her to get back out there to the kid. i hate to say it, but i have covered a number of these stories where this happened either the child dies or is seriously injured. >> in this film, they break through the car window and the mother comes out of the store and then realizes what has happened, and of course, is devastated. in the most recent case, police say an 11-month-old baby died in a car in birmingham. just this summer alone some reports say as many as 20 deaths have been reported as a result of this vehicular heat stroke. it only takes 15 minutes for life threatening brain or kidney injuries to begin inside of a hot car. >> caught on video. two eagles fighting on america's
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birthday. >> wow. >> the eagles are fighting eagles on the 4th of july. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> this boat incident, wow. >> a small boat takes on a big wave, and let's just say that it does not go so well. see the wipeout blowing up the web. . plus the dude is fired up with a fire krcracker. >> and his buddy is going to light the firecracker while it is in the dude's mouth. ♪ ♪ ♪
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got a couple of boat accidents to show you guys, and you will be amazed that nobody was seriously injured in these. we start in norway and you can see the two sailboats and coming up to the bridge. and it has the mast up. will it make it? >> i don't think so. >> nope. watch what happens. the bridge comes down and the mast is broken in half, and falls on the port side and none of the people on the boat were hurt. >> were they trying to beat the bridge closing? >> it looks like they were trying to beat the bridge closing or maybe weren't paying attention, because the other boat made the turn and said, we will avoid that. >> that was slick boating by the other boat. they like hit the brakes, if there were brakes. >> the person who caught this video said that he knew that something was going to happen, because he saw that the boat was
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going full speed towards the bridge and he said that something bad is going to happen, because the guy is not going to make it, and the guy didn't. this boat incident, wow. this video is from november, but it is just going viral. here, you will see the boat, and these guys are not far enough out to sea, and too close to shore. so they are getting knocked around by waves. that one wave almost pushed them back the shore, but then here comes another wave. will they maket? nope. o g jumps out, and it is wiped out b they were going to fall into the water and could not help themselves. >> they will have to reload the boat, and it looks like they have the snorkel gear and all of the stuff in the water. >> i hope they didn't have the cell phones on them. usually, if you pay a visit to sea world, the dolphins entertain us, and not the other way around except in this video from fun dip productions. using bonnie perform iing.
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look at the one dolphin who seems to be quite amused by bonnie. >> oh, my, shut up. he is loving it. >> and as she is doing this impromptu show for the dolphins, you will see the air blow out of the dolphin's blow hole. >> it is showing how advanced they are in that he stops and says good show. >> he knows a good performer when he knows one. bonnie is a performer at universal studio, and to tell us more about the awe some video, we have bonnie with us, via skype with us "right this minut minute". and tell us about this, was the dolphin interacting with you before the camera started to rolling? >> well, there were other moments that happened that was a small bit of the magic that happened this day. this dolphin was just as special as the moment. you could see the bubbles blowing and i kept doing what i was doing. >> what do you think that he liked about your performance? >> well, dolphins can appreciate
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you for sure, and a lot of people when they are view ing the creatures tend to basically put their face up against the glass. the trainer said that they can see you as clearly as you see them. and so when they see you, they will experience it. >> how long did this last? >> 3:00. >> i am a mime as well. when he came up to the glass, i started doing this, and he started blowing the bubbles. >> could you hear any sound coming from the dolphin? >> no, but you can see from the glass the bubbles. i asked, what that means and they said that you made him laugh. that is how they laugh. it was a definite special connection and i want to go see him again. venus angelic takes on one mouth watering challenge. >> this is the extra sour cry
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baby challenge. >> i'm going to put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth and then see what happens. >> see if these babies are enough to make the living [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce,
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fresh from our farmers. this week, fresh local sweet corn from g&s farms is just 8 for two dollars. at safeway, ingredients for life. ♪ here we are at [ bleep ] comic-con. >> this is a 60-second wrap up of what comic-con is about. >> it is [ bleep ]. >> and greg benson is hilarious and so we know that greg benson
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at comic-con is going to be hilarious. >> and the [ bleep ], and the [ bleep ]. >> and we know that -- >> and lines and wherever the [ bleep ] i am. >> this is the signature video. he did this on the cruise ship. >> the indoor pool. this is the center of the lawn. [ bleep ]. >> this is what he does. >> it is funny, because it is a lot of cool stuff and he acts like he is mad about it. >> that man and [ bleep ] spartan and [ bleep ] silver thing and [ bleep ] tom cruise. >> you have to give it to him to get that close to tom cruise. >> and [ bleep ] ant eater and what the [ bleep ]. >> the guy in the blue leotard. >> oh, bull p[ bleep ]. get over it. >> the coolest comic-con ever. >> we can't say that we condone this one or suggest to try it at home, but sometimes it is fun to laugh at the stupidity of others. this is one of those times.
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this is a video from slap yo self production, and this guy's name is jamie here in the blue h hat. that is a firecracker in his mouth. a black cat firecracker. and his buddy here with the cigarette is going to light the firecracker while it is in the dude's mouth. >> oh, this is so stupid. >>this is attempt number one. >> oh, my gosh! >> that is a false alert, because it fell out of his mouth before it exploded, because it exploded on the ground. so they are going to do it again. >> they do it again? >> yes, you have to try it again until you succeed, if you call this succeed iing. >> let me see. >> did it burn his lips? blow out a tooth? >> well, he did keep it in there until the thing exploded and surprise, surprise, e he has damage to the lip. you can see it is bleeding a little bit. >> oh, man.
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>> he burned his lip. >> that is so stupid and he is lucky that is all he got, a busted lip. >> i hope no one else ever tries this. >> do not try this at home. let these guys do it. >> he doesn't just provide you with beauty tips and ways for you to look like a ball jointed doll. angelic also does challenges, and this is the extra sour cry baby challenge. >> this is the challenge! >> oh, the extra sour cry baby candies that make your jaw lock up here. >> and she has moved on to the world of eating challenges. >> i am going to put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth and then see what happens. >> she is doing all right, you know. >> she got all of them in at the same time and not spitting them
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out. >> no, she is just putting them all in her mouth, and keeping all of the gum balls in her mouth. >> that is a lot of gum regardless if it is sour or not. >> it is weird to watch her do this, because of the frog costume, and something weird with the floppy frog hands and the mouth full of gum or jaw full of gum. >> if you wonder what this feels like, she describes it. >> it is like some little furry animal with a big thing clinging it to and like the fur to it. and then -- >> eloquently put, yep. >> yeah. that's our show. we will see you next time, that's our show. we will see you next time, everybody. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch?
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with qualifying bundles. i 'm beth troutman and if you are looking for great videos, this the show for you, "right this minute." some snorkelers are getting cool underwater footage when sudd suddenly. >> these guys almost turn into whale food. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> and now, hear what it is like at the center of shock and awe. >> i had no idea it was a whale. >> firefighters trying to reach a man pinned under a trolley, but can't figure out -- >> the best way to go about it. >> the ingenious solution that finally freed him. >


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