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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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police just finished collecting evidence about 20 minutes ago. now, here is what happened. at 1:24 this afternoon, this woman was driving on fern street when she was shot. her car then slid backwards and crashed into a parked car. neighbors called 911. but by the time help arrived, the victim was pronounced dead here at the scene. >> at this time, we're not sure of how many suspects, if we're looking at one or several suspects that are responsible for the shooting. investigators are still on scene. they are talking with witnesses, reviewing video surveillance footage. >> reporter: just before this live shot, we had a chance to run up and talk to a couple of neighborhoods, including the gentleman whose car was hit in this incident. so far, we haven't been able to locate anyone who actually heard the shooting. but we have been told there may have been a small party in the area and that police were collecting beer bottles.
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now, jonna has confirmed the beer bottles may be able to confirm or rule out any suspects or potentially identify witnesses in this case. it has a lot of people concerned, because fern street is supposed to be one of the quieter streets in this neighborhood. san jose police are still on the scene of the 30th homicide of the year. firefighters responded to the creek view inn apartments on lundy avenue at about 10:25 this morning to find a badly injured woman in her 60's. >> i heard that some woman broke in and beat the [ bleep ] out of her. i don't know. >> we've located injuries that are consistent with a physical trauma, physical attack. so the victim was transported to the medical center where she was pronounced dead this morning. >> police would not comment on any possible suspects. investigators did say the victim was not shot or stabbed. an evacuation order lasting
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five hours has been lifted now that a marginal gas leak in alamo has been capped. newschopper 2 was overhead. east bay crews say they were trying to fix a broken water main when a back hoe hit a one and a half inch natural gas line. the water utilities say markings were inaccurate. nearby homes and businesses were evacuated. >> we were shut down. everybody has been evacuated. when i left my office, i figured i'd go shopping for a while at ace, but they were closing down too. >> ever seen anything like this in town? >> nothing like this. >> we're told danville boulevard will be closed for five to seven more hours. we did get a number of calls from residents saying they got an evacuation alert, even though they live far from alamo. a sheriff's spokesman says this is because these residents signed up for alerts in different parts of the county,
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even though they may not reside there. a minivan accident caused another gas leak around 2:15 this afternoon. the underground gas line was capped at about 3:30. the cause is still under investigation. police say the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. emotion and anger from those involved in the case of two women killed at a san francisco jewelry shop. the victims' family spoke today, emotional about their loss. and lawyers defending their alleged killer slamming the prosecutors. david is live with the latest. >> reporter: ken, that's right. we heard from one of the anguished families of one of the victims slain in that jewelry store, as the suspect's lawyer took place against prosecutors. >> the whole family is grieving. everybody cries. >> reporter: the family of lina lim, her sister, brother, cousins and uncle came to court
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to demand justice. >> she has a husband and daughter. >> i want my sister back? >> reporter: lim and coworker khin min were shot and stabbed to death at victoga jewelry store july 12. prosecutors say 23-year-old barry white killed the two women over a dispute involving a $300 piece of jewelry. >> lena was brutally murder. she was almost decapitated. she suffered a gunshot and had multiple stab wounds on her body. >> just based on what i know, it seems to me this young man had a serious mental breakdown on july 12. >> reporter: they alleged prosecutorial misconduct. they described white's alleged actions as brutal and calculating. lim's family wants prosecutors to pursue the toughest defense possible. >> our hearts are broken!
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>> and white is due back in court next wednesday to enter a plea. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. new information tonight about an internet cafe. someone sent us this photo of the business location called the hills. it shows it is back open today. the city says the business is illegally offering electronic gaming, paying out real money. some say the internet cafe is responsible for an increase in crime. >> the area. the san mateo county sheriff's office is stepping up patrols after two recent incidents of peeping. the cases happened at two separate homes on laurel street within the past week. in both cases, a man peered into bathroom windows while women were showering. three people are behind bars tonight, accused of stealing guns from reed's
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indoor range. jorel moreno, tina marie guzman and marcus moreno were caught by police. police say the suspects threw guns from their cars after police began following them. officers say the two men tried to run away, but all three were eventually arrested. and the stolen weapons were recovered. continuing coverage now on negotiations between bart and its unions. as of today, there are just 11 days left before a 30-day contract extension ends on august 4. after that, bart workers could call another strike. talks between bart and union negotiators are continuing. everyone involved has agreed not to talk about what's going on behind closed doors. but the metropolitan transportation commission says it looks like the signs -- sides are still far apart on the issues. they talked about ways to get people around the bay, if there is another strike, including adding more bus service to san francisco and more ferries. new at 6, there was an
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unhappy surprise at today's mt meeting. the cost has climbed from $1.6 to $1.9 until dollars for the tunnel system. that is now leaving the mt wondering how it will pay to build the tunnels. >> it's taking funds that would go from another phase and put it into this earlier phase for the project. >> commissioners also approved the second of three demolition contracts worth $300 million to tear down the existing eastern span of the bay bridge. the teardown will begin soon with an expected completion date of early 2017. a giant 300-foot long boring machine began excavating two tunnels for the subway
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line. it will connect the south of market area with union square and chinatown. it's expected to open in six years. a new lawsuit filed today claims the federal environmental protection agency is not doing its job and children are threatened because of that. a local you called the bay area pesticide action network filed the lawsuit that claims pesticides from strawberry fields and vineyards are a hazard to schools in the area. the suit charges the epa with years of failure to act. >> we're asking the epa to do its job. it has a mandate under federal law to protect children from pesticides exposure. >> vineyard owners promise to comply with all federal laws. google unveiled its latest tablet today, as the competition heats up with apple and amazon. the next version goes on sale
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tuesday. it has a higher-definition screen and double the processor speed of the original. the 16-gigabyte model sells for $239. amazon's kindle fire goes for $199. is the city of oakland is promising brighter and greenerring lights. this afternoon, mayor jean quan and other officials held a news conference in west oakland. the city is converting 30,000 of the old street lights with new led fixtures. we're told the lights will repay their $14 million cost in about ten years. >> because this lighting is brighter, it allows people to feel safer and to see what's really going on and to see the movement, which certainly increases public safety. >> the project started last month in east oakland, where more than 3100 street lights have already been changed out. only on 2, a ktvu field
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poll shows hillary clinton's popularity in california is the highest ever. the former secretary of state is considered a likely candidate for president in 2016. she is held in favorable regard since becoming the nation's first lady. but now, more california voters than ever before have a positive view of her, compared to only 30% who hold an unfavorable view. 13% had no opinion. a bay area teen hospitalized after an accident abroad. >> i didn't speak a word of italian and neither did my mind. >> the costly mistake she made and why her problems are far from over. then temperatures return to the 90's. the heat still in store and when temperatures will start to trend downward. but first, ongoing interruptions at some bay area city council meetings. the shocking allegations uncovered. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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>> theplthat are -- wait a minute! >> there is a battle raging inside richmond city government which also involves members of the public. wild accusations and surprisingly homophobic remarks. john is live in richmond where this infighting has been getting worse for some time now. >> reporter: julie, these are bizarre times here at richmond city hall. last night was the worst, most disruptive meeting the city council has ever seen. and it appears there is no end in sight. the meeting did not go as plans. protesters being very disruptive. >> last night was sort of, you know, the big bang, i mean, the
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worst that it's been. >> reporter: and now the accusations are flying. there is bad blood between the mayor and council members. >> insulting other council members, insulting members of the public. and, you know, egging on, you know, defending those in the audience who are causing the disruptions. >> their objective is to get me off the council. >> reporter: overt homophobia has also made its way in, largely directed at the openly gay council member beckels. >> those remarks have been getting increasingly worse, more graphic. >> reporter: now there are accusations that some protesters were paid to be disruptive. >> they're saying, who do i see about my $5? some of those people were sort of rounded up to come and be a part of the disruption. >> i cannot believe that somebody would think i would
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pay 150 people $5 each. i was shocked when i heard it. >> reporter: he says he wants the disruptions ended but he's voicing concerning about possible dire consequences. >> i see violence coming, against whomever challenges the next person at that council. >> reporter: the next meeting is tuesday might. we will be sure to show you what happens. a state of california is asking the u. u.s. supreme court to block on order to release almost 10,000 state prisoners by the end of the year, in order to reduce california's prison population. however, the state claims that most nonviolent offenders are already being held by counties. >> the court has asked us to identify current prisoners who are the least likely to reoffend and in our opinion, there's no more than 1200 currently in the prison system. >> the state is specifically asking justice anthony kennedy
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to intervene, because he oversees emergency appeals in the west. if a stay is granted, the state will continue with its full appeal. an oakland teenager is recovering after falling through a hotel skylight in italy last month. rob roth learned the accident is only part of what she and her family now face. >> reporter: 15-year-old maya schumacher is laid up in a bed in oakland. what began as a trip of a lifetime ended in near disaster and near financial ruin for her family. >> i learned to be more careful. >> reporter: maya traveled to italy with a young woman's chorus of san francisco for a series of performances. she was in a hotel room. >> i thought that outside was a balcony, but it turned out to be a skylight and i fell through it. >> reporter: this is a picture of that skylight. maya fell 20 feet onto concrete and fractured her pelvis in four places. her mother was home in oakland. >> i got the call that no
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parent wants, which is your child has been severely injured. >> reporter: maya spent the next three weeks recovering in a hospital bed in italy, where a different kind of horror was just beginning. the schumachers' health insurance doesn't pay for care there. >> how much was it? >> 48,000 total, to get her home from italy to children's hospital. >> that's a lots of money. >> that's a lot of money. >> reporter: and the bill from the hospital in italy hasn't come yet. >> i own my home in oakland. and i am looking at having to sell it. >> reporter: friends are trying to raise money online to help with the medical bills. the u.s. state department advises people traveling abroad to first check with their insurance company, and if necessary, buy a secondary policy, because accidents can happen. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> yes, they can open.
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i was in guatemala and fell off my horse. but luckily for me, my hospital bill in guatemala was only $200. >> so plan today. >> you don't expect to do something like this. >> but check with your insurance before you go out of the country. let's check with bill martin and see what's happening outside. the fog is kind of at the coast. it's not really pushing in yet. 97 in antioch. these are the official highs for your wednesday. it's warm. look at this shot. nice fog movement through the golden gate passage there. you see the north tower of the golden gate bridge on the left side of your screen. you see the clouds moving over the headlands. that cool, moist air isn't infiltrating the inland valleys. 91 in fairfield.
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pretty hot. livermore, pretty hot. tomorrow, these numbers are going to be in the mid 90's. it's going to be even hotter tomorrow in the inland valley and we'll maintain this pattern around the bay. tonight, fog comes back in. you knew that. tomorrow, warmer than today. as we head toward the weekend, temperatures start to trend down a little bit. it doesn't get cold, just trends down a little bit, with clouds moving back into the forecast. tomorrow, your warmest day, mid to upper 90's inland. around the bay, lots of 70's and low 80's. as we go to the weekend, look who shows up. low pressure shows up, enhances the marine layer. when this gets here, the fog is going to stretch out and it's going to push inland. that's why temperatures are going to cool. firefighters love this low, by the way. it makes the fire danger a lot less severe this time of year. so tomorrow morning, there's your fog footprint. it burns back quickly. the forecast high in vacaville
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tomorrow, 95. petaluma, 83. you had sunshine at steadson beach today. there will be breaks in the fog from time to time but there will be a lot of it filling in tonight. it will be late morning before you see any sunshine. 91 in danville. tomorrow should be the warmest day of the week. temperatures slide down as the low gets closer. your forecast highs for thursday, kind of what you'd expect. this is what i expect this time of year. kind of a summer pattern. hot inland for thursday. not as hot on friday. then temperatures on the weekend, with this increasing cloud cover, because of that low, temperatures trend down a little more. so you get the picture. we're not talking about a lot of fires right now, and this is why, because of the nice, moist air. the coast has been doing a nice job of keeping us from being too hot. but tomorrow, it's going to pump up a bit for you.
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i'll be back at 10 to update the forecast. coming up on bay area news at 7, on tv 36, president obama makes a new push to help america's lowest-paid workers as one bay area city considers increasing its minimum wage to one of the highest in the nation. the oakland raiders are back at work as training camp gets underway. why these lucky young players got to play catch with buster posey.
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oh, they're so cute! dozens of lucky young ball players got some personal coaching today from san francisco giants' catcher buster posey. the star player is working with the children this week during the buster posey baseball pro camp. posey also talked about nutrition and developing strong work habits. >> how can you not like buster posey? how can you not like the a's with the way they're playing?
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>> yeah. they're doing all right. thank you cards in order for the houston astros. you gotta give the astros credit. it certainly hasn't been easy for the astros to do it, as they take care of things against bud norris, who grew up in marin county. 1-0 lead. houston now up 3-1. eric has got himself a double. the astro lead is cut to 3-2. every one of these games with the astros, a tight one. but coco comes through. not known for his long ball, but he takes travis blackley deep. two-run shot, coco's tenth. the a's have now taking the astros 11 out of 12 times this year. they lead the west by three. meantime, it's back in camp
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up in wine country, napa, california. some of the veteran also come straggling in. two of the rookies are not in camp. still unsigned. one of the guys in camp, chris kluwe, is the new punter. in his first year he is with the raiders, but he is well aware of the legacy of the silver and black. >> this is a "just win, baby" decade. it's the raiders. everyone knows who the raiders are. that's really cool for me to be able to help try and contribute to that and help contribute to that legacy. >> all right. chris kluwe, very outspoken guy. going to be a good interviewer with this team. meantime, the san francisco giants try and get back into the race in the west, if that's possible. they take on the cincinnati reds this evening to finish out a four-game series. that's the sporting life at this hour. >> interesting head gear.
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looks like those google glasses. >> gotta work on his grammar too. they are the hottest tickets in town, and they are free for some bay area officials. we are always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. >> good night!
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