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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 24, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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gunshots fired into a passing car. a 66-year-old woman is dead after being shot and killed while driving down a street in the middle of the afternoon. good even, i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. from all accounts, it's another senseless shooting in a city that has seen more than its share. last weekend in oakland, an 8- year-old girl was killed during a sleepover. today, a 66-year-old woman gunned down as she drove on a residential street. this afternoon's shooting happened on fern street. we learned the victim lived
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nearby. new information from patty lee, she learned where the victim lived, and has been talking with her stunned neighbors tonight. >> reporter: her neighbors tell me, judy salman lived here alone. she was known as the pet nanny. a professional pet sitter, both well known and liked in the area. remnants of judy saloman's life. they cannot believe she was the target of a gunman as she drove up fern street at 1:30 this afternoon. her car crashed into this parked vehicle. >> at this time, we're not sure of how many suspects, if we're looking at one, or several suspects. >> reporter: police say beer bottles left at the scene may be use. as evidence. because the shooting took place
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next to a cemetery, multiple cameras in the area may have caught what happened. >> that's what investigators will be looking into. the sequence of events of what happened. >> reporter: police say they can't speculate about motives. but neighbors say they can't imagine saloman's death was anything other than being at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> well, this is oakland. you now our murder rate every year. but it's just shocking to be this close proximity. >> reporter: on saloman's door is a note, letting them now a tan chihuahua and other animals have been removed from this home. today's killing comes just one week after 8-year-old alicia carradine was killed. in that case, someone rang the
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doorbell, then opened fire. now to san francisco. it took police just minutes to track down suspects in another brazen killing. this took place about 4:30 this afternoon. the shooting left two people injured. exclusive video of a group of suspects being detained. >> reporter: i learned that after the shooting, they needed gas. in fact, they stopped at the 76 station, just up the road here at 17th and potrero. that's where they were spotted, and followed here to 9th and brannen, where they were ultimately arrested. this busy, south of market intersection, partially blocked during evening rush hour. four men in handcuffs. one detained in a squad car. the other sitting on the
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sidewalk. this is video made from the san francisco police, less than ten minutes after gunfire erupted in the bay view. this man who didn't want to be identified, lives on rivier avenue. he got a call from his daughter, warning of a shooting on their block. >> she said there was shooting all around the house. >> reporter: when the gunfire finally stopped, a man and a woman were found shot. both were transported to san francisco general. their conditions are unknown. >> it's scary. >> reporter: amber hall lives nearby. says she knows the female victim. she believes the two men who jumped out of the vehicle and fired off as many as ten shots were aiming for somebody else. >> that hurts. she's like the neighborhood mom. she's too nice to everybody. >> reporter: after injurying two people, and riddling several cars, they drove off.
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once the driver saw investigators he took off, only to be caught a few blocks away. >> really getting ready to move. it's getting ridiculous now. >> reporter: amber hall's vehicle was hit on this same block on friday. they're looking into whether these two incidents are related, and if they're gang related as well. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to the south bay, where san jose fire investigators are looking into whether a tractor sparked a three acre grass fire this evening. it started at 6:00. crews quickly put ott the flames, we're told several tractors were cutting grass in the area when the fire started. an update now on an internet gaming cafe that abruptly shut down yesterday after our news crew showed up and started asking question:
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when a crew went inside yesterday. were playing games on computers and winning money. we asked the manager about the legality of machines that offer cash payouts. the manager then told everyone to leave and closed down. the city attorney is considering filing an injunction to permanently force it to close. a natural gas leak that prompted evacuations in contra contra costa county has been capped. an east bay mud crew ruptured the gas line this morning. crews shut down danville boulevard for most of the day. the water utility says markings that indicate where crews can dig and are supposed to prevent such accidents were inaccurate. homes and businesses in a 1,000- foot radius were evacuated. >> everybody has been evacuated. when i left my office, i thought i would go shopping to ace for a while, but they were
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shut down too. >> the county sent out automated land line calls to advise them of the evacuations, but that phone message was apparently sent to people living way outside the area, and that created more confusion. the u.s. coast guard is down playing environmental concerns from a burning gas rig in the gulf of mexico. here's a picture of the fire and part of the rig collapses off the louisiana coast. the coast guard said the affected area will be nothing like the bp oil spill disaster. 44 crew members were evacuated yesterday when the natural gas started leaking. president obama today promised to focus the rest of his time in office on helping middle class americans. the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. it hasn't increased since 2009. in california, it's $8 an hour. san francisco has the highest minimum wage in the nation at $10.55 an hour. the president says working
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americans deserve a living wage, and an economist at uc berkely agrees. >> no one who works full time in america should live in poverty. >> increasing the minimum wage at the levels we've seen the past 20, 25 years has not resulted in decreases in employment. >> reporter: in berkely this evening, people attended a rally for a higher minimum wage, as the berkely labor commission discussioned whether it increase the minimum wage to $10.55 an hour. door to door mail delivery could be a thing of the past. a house committee is proposing the u.s. postal service phase outdoor to door delivery and shift to neighborhood cluster boxes. those options are said to be cheaper, and could potentially save the financially strapped agency $4.5 billion a year. despite a public outcry, the postal service says it is moving ahead with the plan to
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sell the downtown historic berkely post office. a group will try to come up with a legal strategy that would prevent the building from being sold. the california highway patrol and nine states launched a crackdown on traffic accidents along interstate 80. this effort is designed to save lives and runs through the end of the month. >> reporter: the highway patrol has been using the twitter hashtag i-80 crackdown to educate people about a crackdown all along the i-80 corridor in many states in an effort to cut down on the number of accidents. >> this is a good spot. >> reporter: the officer works in a mobile office. watching the world go by at 50, 64. >> just like fishing. sometimes it's really boring.
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>> reporter: and sometimes it's 80 miles an hour. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: if you see the lights of this highway patrol officer in your rear-view mirror, it's likely part of an i-80 crackdown this month, to keep drivers from becoming the next statistic. >> the problem with speeds has become so prevalent. >> reporter: there is a push along the 20 miles of i-80 to reduce accidents. in california, one person dies on i-80 every eight days. 4% are from distracted driving. 22% are speeding. 27% alcohol related, and in 30% of the deaths, the victims weren't wearing seat belts. >> almost every day on i-80. >> you see an accident almost every day on i-80? >> yeah. >> nobody's using their, or driving under 65 miles an hour. >> it's 75 to 90, especially in the morning. >> for the next week, they hope
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seeing patrol cars on the side of the road will make drivers think. >> most people tend to get complacent when their driving. pay attention. >> reporter: and for drivers who don't pay attention, someone else with lights and sirens are. >> driver, pull over to the right. >> reporter: so this i-80 campaign running through the end of the month. the advice is good to keep in mind, every day of the year. noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. the search for a woman missing from brantwood has shifted to the city of oakland. police say the car was found near lake merritt today. the family of the 80-year-old woman says they last spoke with her yesterday afternoon. she is described as latina. about 160 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. police say she has trouble walking and suffers from early stages of dementia. >> analysts are calling new
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numbers from facebook impressive. the one specific area of technology that seems to be behind the boost. >> tomorrow, we have some of the warmest temperatures of the week. >> plus, a ktvu special report. >> they're public servants. not privileged. >> the extravagant perks for bay area public officials, and their excuses for not paying like everyone else. >> & % f0 so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence.
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i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars. anyone who placed bets on the new royal baby being named george is a winner tonight.
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it was announced today. they named their newborn son, george alexander louis. britain has had six kings named george. there is one way the prince's name did not follow recent royal tradition. he only has three names, kneeled of the four names his father, and grandfather have. the u.s. house of representatives narrowly turned down a challenge. it allows the nsa to continue collecting data on hundreds of millions of phone calls. the senate passed its own bill to keep interest rates on college loans down this fall. the rates could go up after that, if the economy improves, and if interest rates rise. the house passed a similar bill, and now the two must be reconciled. stanford has just been
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named the best university in america. forbes magazine released its list of the top colleges. stanford was number 1, pomona college was number 2. it's the first time two non-ivy league schools, and two pacific schools are at the top of the list. forbes says the three universities have higher retension rates, and graduates have high average starting salaries. uber is offering its low cost option. the uber x version is made up of mostly hybrid cars. the company claims, uber x costs 10% less than taxis. riders can hail uber's on demand service through the app. clipper cars can now be used to pay for more than a ride on mass transit.
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the cards are accepted as payment at parking garages. it's part of a pilot program. before you can take part in the program, you'll need to add parking value to your account, which is different than cash value. prime seems for sports, an concert events, and they're all free. an especially luxurious one in one big bay area city. it's tonight's special report. >> reporter: taking the family out to a ballgame in oakland, notice cheap for oscar ramos, his wife, and two kids. >> walk away for $44 for seats that are like nose bleeds, you know? >> reporter: a price even tougher to swallow. government officials have the best seats for free.
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>> i'm just the smaller person here. >> reporter: when the rolling stones played oracle arena this year, documents we obtained show 40 ticket worth more than $600 a piece went to government officials who didn't pay a time. they have access to football, basketball, and other events at the coliseum in oakland. those seats are found in not one, but three luxury suites in each venue, reserved for the city. made up of the same city and public county servants. >> what point do you decide to say, enough is enough? >> reporter: judy is the senior fellow in government ethics at santa clara university, and a former mayor of santa clara.
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>> if you have 60 seats that are not being paid for on a regular basis, it may seem like a small number, but ultimately, it not only affects the bottom line, but it really impacts public trust. >> reporter: oakland's not alone. more than 1,000 tickets went to public employees at candlestick park in san francisco last year. the biggest user was mayor ed lee, with 122 tickets. his office says 80 of them were for under-privileged kids. pete constant took 170 free tickets for sharks games and other events, but gave virtually all of them to community groups. >> the corner three, got it! >> reporter: according to public records we obtained using the california public records act, those who most frequently get tickets in
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oakland are dezley brooks. none of them would talk to us on camera about it. but in an email. santana's spokesperson says only 20 were for personal use. we found officials frequently report the purpose of the tickets is to provide incentives to employees. nadler says that's simply the legally required language, and often nothing more. >> those are just words. that doesn't really mean anything. >> what about the notion this is just how it's done. this is business as usual? just because everyone else does it, doesn't mean you should. >> we would like two tickets to the 30th, as good as we can get. >> reporter: they don't expect the rules of the game to change for them. when it comes to the tickets to the big games and exclusive events. >> if you're not, you're basically out of luck, that's just the way it is.
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>> reporter: in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> we're posting our special report on the ktvu facebook page. if you have an idea for a kate special report, message us. the temperatures from today, it was pretty hot inland, 94 in fairfield. 85 in santa rosa. temperatures today generally warmer than they were yesterday. check out the fog. it got below 1500 feet. that's the inversion squishing down. that's why temperatures inland got so warm. the inversion is going to pinch a little bit more tomorrow. get shallower. forecast highs tomorrow are going to be three or four degrees warmer than those inland bay valleys. even around the bay. we're going to find more upper 90s than we saw today. a warmer day tomorrow. as we head into thursday, things change around with the five-day forecast with your weekend in view.
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we'll talk about that at 10:45. look for a bit of a cool down. warmer tomorrow. in an effort to increase safety and save money, thousands of streetlights will be upgraded in oakland. mayor jean quan showed off the bright idea at the corner of 18th and adeline. the $15 million project is expected to pay for itself in just 10 years. a san francisco socialite is found dead. also tonight at 10:30, investors cheer facebook. why challenges may still lie ahead for the social media giant, and it's stock. >> emotional outbursts from the family of a murder victim as the accused killer in a jewelry rampage faces a judge.
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a minivan crashed into a
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house in oakland's chinatown this afternoon, taking out a gas meter and triggering a small gas leak. residents of the home were evacuated, along with several nearby homes and businesses. police say the driver appeared to be disoriented, and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. oakland police are thanking the public for helping track down a suspected carjacker. the man was arrested late this afternoon after a short chase. police say he ditched the car near 19th avenue and foothill boulevard in east oakland. neighbors helped direct officers to his location. the white lexus had been carjacked earlier in the day. >> the man suspected of killing two people appeared in court. the attack happened earlier this month inside a store at the san francisco gift center and jewelry mart. the defense lashed out at prosecutors, and one victim's family could not contain their
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anguish. >> reporter: raw pain, and anger from the family of 51- year-old lina lim. >> i want my sister back. >> why they kill her like that? he's still living. >> reporter: lim and khin min were shot and stabbed to death. lim's family came to court today for the second appearance of barry white. he killed them and injured the store owner over a dispute over a piece of jewelry. he's charged in the murder, and attempted murders of the store owner and six police officers. >> he should have the courage to face the families like us. >> reporter: white's only word in court was an agreement to put off a plea until next week. >> they want to conduct their own investigation as to what
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happened on july 12. part of that will certainly be an examination into this young man's health. >> reporter: white is due back in court next wednesday to enter a plea. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. a san francisco socialite has been found dead in an apartment in the small town of gardnerville, nevada. amber marie bently was just 34 years old. she was known for her jewelry and flamboyant fashions. nevada police say she had been dead for a few weeks. but there was no sign of foul play. a former president shaves his head. we'll show you his new look and the reason he did it. at 10:45, a teenager's 20-foot fall. we investigate way the accident may spell financial ruin for her family. >> in news of the world. dozens killed after a train derails. new information suggests it was
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going more than twice the posted speed. >> and a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app. push the live icon, and watch all of the news live on your device. >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by sleep world.
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facebook's second quarter earnings beat wall street expectations. facebook shares are up more than 18% tonight to almost $31. ktvu's maureen naylor is live to tell us what is being credited for that growth. >> reporter: analysts called today's earnings both surprising, and impressive. saying the social media giant's new ventures in mobile and in new ads is working. as of last month, facebook had 1.1 billion people using its social media service monthly. the san jose woman says her eyes lately are being drawn
10:30 pm
elsewhere. >> now that there's newer things that we can use, like for example instagram. everyone's on instagram, and more people are on it than facebook. >> reporter: the revenue in the 2nd quarter few 53%, to $1.8 billion. and points out mobile advertising just unveiled last spring, already accounts for 41% of its ad revenue. lisa is a managing consultant with socialize, mobilize. >> mobile is a growing means by which people can sort of reach the consumer. i think people are realizing, more people are spending time on mobile. >> reporter: facebook's financial status update is liked by analysts. several users told us they're moving elsewhere. >> i don't use it anymore. >> why? >> it it's just kind of become
10:31 pm
repetitive. it's just not entertaining anymore. >> reporter: today, mark zuckerberg said teen facebook usage has been steady in the last year and a half. facebook notes more than half of last quarter's revenue came from outside the u.s., and canada. reports live in menlo park, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. apple had one of its best days so far this year. it's stock rose more than 5% in its biggest percentage gain this year. this comes after the company reported quarterly earnings beat market expectations. apple also noted strong sales of cheaper iphones. the broader markets were mixed. the dow dropped on reports from caterpillar. the nasdaq was up a fraction. twitter is now apologizing for creating fake tweets by real users to promote its ad
10:32 pm
platform. this is the example that twitter used, but the comments from the three users at the bottom are actually fake tweets from real twitter users. twitter has apologized, and says it was a mistake, and not a company practice. google has reportedly agreed to expand its current office space by 25%. bloomberg is reporting, they are set to sign a new lease for 350,000 square feet at its current location. the said to be the biggest for the city in 2013. we learned more details about san francisco's free wi- fi projection. the installation is set to begin in december. the service is expected to be up and running by next spring. the supervisor behind the project says it's a win for everyone in the city. >> there's going to be no tracking personal information. so it's truly the best of the best in terms of free wi-fi.
10:33 pm
no strings attached. it's simply to benefit all san francisco residents. from some of the free wi-fi areas include alamo square, and deloris park. google is donating $600,000 to cover the cost of the installation. in news of the world tonight, in spain, at least 77 supreme pied in a -- people died in a high speed train derailment. the train was traveling 110 miles an hour. but the speed limit was 50 at that location. many people were on their way to annual religious festival. officials are working on the assumption, this was an accident, not an act of terrorism. in india, the principal of a school where 23 students died, was arrested today. she's the woman with the green sorry over her head. she was in hiding since dozens of children got sick eating lunch. tests showed it was contaminated with a pesticide. officials said she bought the
10:34 pm
lunch ingredients in a shop owned by her husband, who has also fled. in russia, the attorney for edward snowden brought him a change of clothes at the moscow neighborhood. but doesn't bring him documentation to get through. the lawyer also gave snowden a copy of the novel crime and punishment. a former high school coach remains behind bars, after he pleaded not guilty to charges he molested three girls. barron edwards faces 39 felony charges, including rape, and aggravated sexual assault on a child under 14. edwards coached football at kennedy high school and basketball at dianda high school. his bail is set at $34 million. the oxford english dictionary is about to change how it defines the word
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marriage. the definition of marriage will change to include same sex couples in future editions of the oxford english dictionary. former president, george h.w. bush has a bold new look. he shaved his head in solidarity with a 9-year-old boy battling cancer. he is the son of one of the secret service members. he also made a donation to patrick's leukemia treatment. mr.and mrs. bush lost their second child to leukemia 60 years ago. a sea lion is back where he plongs. the marine mammal center released a sea lion. he was captured last sunday in monterey, because there was a large rubber band wrapped around his neck. it cut into his skin about an
10:36 pm
inch. when he appeared to be healthy, he was released back in the ocean. a lawsuit over california strawberries. later the allegation that they're not doing enough to protect people from pesticides. >> the complete bay area forecast, including the weekend ahead. >> in three minutes, a san jose woman attacked in her own home. one theory about a possible suspect. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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a santa rosa man is facing a murder charge after calling police to say he had just murdered his wife. he directed officers inside where they found the body of 64- year-old virginia catano. police say it appears she had been strangled. the city of santa rosa will file more than $1 million to settle a lawsuit of a mentally ill man killed by police. she called to say her husband was having a manic episode, and fired a gun into the ceiling. he moved toward them, and they shot back. back in cement, a federal jury determined police had not acted
10:40 pm
in self-defense. a judge later overturned that verdict, but did not dismiss the suit, leading to the recent settlement. san jose's homicide total ticked higher. officials tries to figure out who attacked and killed a woman in her apartment thismorning. ktvu spoke with shocked neighbors about who might be involved. >> reporter: the creek view in, filled mainly with people who have known each other for years. neighbors were stunned, when someone called the san jose fire department, to say one of the residents, a 62-year-old woman, who lived here alone, seemed to be in distress. >> she was laying on floor and they were doing cpr. her stomach was very extended. when they brought her out to the emergency vehicle, they were still doing cpr. >> reporter: they later confirmed, she had been assaulted, but not stabbed. >> we don't have any suspect
10:41 pm
information. >> reporter: neighbors say they believe they do. the victim had someone staying with her this past week, but had left abruptly. >> this was a person who used to live in this building, i'd say 3 to 2 years ago. she was sent to jail for home invasion in those apartments. >> reporter: while police investigate, neighbors mourn the loss of a friend. >> she is one of the elders that lived in our complex. it's sad that, you know, she's gone. >> reporter: neighbors told us the name of the victim, but it has not officially been named by police. there were 23 at this time last year. in san jose, robert honda, channel 2 news. google says it's new nexus 7 is set to go on sale next week. google unveiled the second generation tablet today in san francisco. it still has a 7-inch screen, but is thinner, narrower, and lighter. it also has a higher definition
10:42 pm
screen, stereo speakers, and double the processer speed of the original. it will sell for $229. that's more expensive than the original, but cheaper than the ipad mini. chrome cast plugs in the hdmi outlet on your television. it can be controlled by an android phone or computer. it costs $35, and is on sale at best buy, this bay area teen fell 20 feet, and fractured her pelvis. >> it was really scary. >> why her insurance won't cover the medical bills. >> when you can expect temperatures to peak. >> and suing over strawberries.
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we're new to town.ells. welcome to monroe. so you can move more effortlessly... we want to open a new account: checking and savings. well we can help with that. we tend to do a lot of banking online. you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely... and feel at home more quickly.
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chase. so you can. the cost of a house fire
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remains under investigation. flames broke out just after 5:00 a.m., investigators believe it started in a backyard shed, and spread to a nearby granny unit. from there, embers caused damage to a neighboring home. firefighters were able to extinguish the flames in less than an hour. no one was injured. a group of bay area environmentalists are suing. they say pesticides at strawberry vineyards are drifting into classrooms at nearby schools. >> i'm not very happy, or okay with that, because you can't smoke around kids. so why should you be able to spray pesticides. >> the vineyard owner is promising to comply with all environmental laws. the epa has not commented on the lawsuit. an oakland teenager is in the hospital after she fell through a hotel skylight on a
10:46 pm
trip to italy. as ktvu rob roth reports, the girl and her family are now facing another nightmare. >> reporter: 15-year-old maya shoemaker is laid up in a bed at children's hospital in oakland. what began as the trip of a lifetime, ended in near disaster, and near financial ruin for her family. she went to italy for a series of performances. she was in a hotel room her very first night. fully thought the outside was a balcony, but it turned out to be a skylight, and i fell through it. >> reporter: this is a picture of the skylight. >> i got the call that no parent wents. which is that your child has been severely injured. >> reporter: maya spent the next three weeks, recovering in a hospital in italy. the shoemaker's health insurance doesn't cover
10:47 pm
overseas medicare care. a special gurney had to be in place. >> how much was that plane trip home? >> 48,000 total. to get her home from italy to children's hospital. >> that's a lot of money. >> that's a lot of money. >> reporter: the bill from the hospital in italy hasn't come yet. >> i own my home in oakland, and i am looking at having to sell it. >> reporter: friends are raising money online to help with the medical bills. the u.s. state department advises people traveling abroad to check with their insurance company, and if necessary, buy a second policy, because accidents can happen. a $5.3 million restoration project aims to transform the shores of a popular alameda beach. the park district plans to distribute more than 82,000 cubic yards of sand on the shore of crown beach. the goal is to restore the area to what it was 26 years ago.
10:48 pm
the project is set to begin this september and should take about two months to complete. if you're waiting to purchase your ticket to this year's outside lands music festival, you waited too long. all 65,000 tickets have been sold for the week of august 9 through the 11. this is video of last year's van. outsidelands announced today that for the third consecutive year, the event has sold out. acts include paul mccartney, red hot chili peppers, and willie nelson. and the sunset tonight, a beautiful one like last night. that fog i was talking about. check it out. here's the north tower. the golden gate bridge. that inversion got shrunk today, it weekend down to 1300 feet. that's the fog pressed against the hills. when it does that, of course you see the temperatures in the inland valleys warm up. we had highs today that got into the mid-90s, easily in
10:49 pm
some of the inland bay valleys. fog along the coast right now, but sticking along the coast. inversion has gotten thicker, and it will as the night goes on. but the not going to get thick enough to have that big push into the contra costa county area. that mean's tomorrow's daytime highs warmer than today. you see a little bit of a break at the golden gate bridge. but that will fill in, in the next few hours. tomorrow, a lot like today but quicker burn off of the fog. daytime highs will be a solid five degrees warmer. the warmest day of the week, most likely will be thursday. there's the fog foot print. working its way into the livermore valley. it just will burn off really rapidly tomorrow, and more sunshine and subsequently, temperatures are going to increase. watch for fog along the coast the next few days. tomorrow, the warmest day, there's your balance between the heat in the valleys, and
10:50 pm
the cool at the coast. today was warmer, certainly warmer than the earlier days this week. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. temperatures impacted by a weak low pressure system. 98degrees in clear lake tomorrow. the warmest day. 93 in fairfield. 93 in walnut creek. 96 in brentwood, and some of these numbers could go warm. 92 in gilroy. 93 in morgan hill. foggy along the coast. the sunshine broke out at ocean beach, it broke out in pacifica. i think you will see sun tomorrow as well. a little less fog, and a warmer day. warmest day tomorrow. friday, a little more fog, a little cooler. on the weekend, the low kicks close to us, and just the marine layer takes it above 1,000 feet, and gets it up to 2,000 feet. that cools us off for saturday, sunday, and monday. a good thing about the deal on
10:51 pm
the weekend, it gives the firefighters a big break. they love that pattern. the folks that live for the fire departments around here, when they see that, they can relax a bit. >> thank you bill. >> sweden's team artimus is back on the bay. the team said it was a perfect day on the water for their new ac72 catamaran. they also say there's still work to be done, and hope they can race, starting august 6. they will inspect the boat overnight, and make any adjustments they need, before deciding whether to sail again tomorrow. it was not smooth sailing again for the giants. >> it's looking pretty bleak right now. it looks like sweet revenge for cincinnati. they of course, had the season ended by the giants last year. this time around, big red machine, putting an end to anyone seriously believing the giants are playoff caliber.
10:52 pm
pulverized by the reds. 1 own early in the game. brandon phillips, a liner to center. a perfect example of why this team's going in where. joey votto able to score all the way from first. next batter. jay bruce, just ropes one down the right field line. another run is in. the rout is on. the giants can't get any decent starting pitching. gives up 6 runs. in the 9th, just finishing it up. 8-3. back to the business of picking on the astros. you can now make it 11 out of 12 into the victory column against houston for the athletics. the a's aren't finding these guys to be a bunch of pushovers. 1st inning, john joso will take him deep. now down 3-1 in the 7th, eric
10:53 pm
sogard takes him the other way. an rbi double. cutting the deficit to 3-2. the inning continues against former oakland a, travis blackley. he is taken deep by coco crisp. that is a two run shot. puts an end to the astros upset hopes. the a's win it, and still leading the west by three full games. it is on in napa. the raiders hit town. day one of training camp. and team u.s.a. on a role. gearing up for the cup. sports part 2, on the way. what makes the sleep number store different?
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of course no one really knows what to expect from this year's raider, because no one really knows them. the learning process begins now, as plenty of faces made their way to training camp in the napa valley today. the team's top two draft picks, unsigned. however, the new talkative punter, chris cluey makes his way to camp, well aware of the raider history. >> this is just win, baby. decades of excellence. everyone knows who the raiders is. that's really cool for me to be able to help try and contribute
10:57 pm
to that. and help contribute to that legacy. meantime, team u.s.a. giving everyone the boot of late. 10 straight victories. landon donovan, two goals, and an assist. that's a look at his second one there. 2-0. next up, gold cup final vs. either panama, or mexico. those two teams will play in chicago on sunday. boy that program has improved immensely over the years. that's the sports life for a wednesday night. thank you mark. >> thank you for making ktvu, channel 2 news your choice for news. >> the ktvu morning team will have all the overnight news, traffic, and weather. right here starts at 4:30 a.m. until 9:00. we're always available at, twitter, and your mobile device. have a great night. >> good night. ♪ [ music ]
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