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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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covered with smoke. >> a series of explosion at a gas plant. the bart strike five days away that's all ahead. welcome to a new day, it is july 30th. and we want to start with traffic and weather and for that we turn to steve with the weather on this tuesday. >> welcome back. welcome. >> we have not much change on the weather. a lot of low clouds to sunshine for some and foggy and cool for others. temperatures close to yesterday's reading. 60s to 80s. good morning, this a look at 680.
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the morning commute on 4 westbound is doing well. now back to the desk. we have breaking news from san francisco where dozens of pot plants are found in a house. and an investigation is happening now. >> reporter: no one was home and the firefighters had to force their way in. they went in through the garage here and you can see now it is covered with a tarp. they could tell this was a marijuana growing operation when they got in. there were probably 60 or so pot plants found inside. the fire was called in this morning by a neighbor who smelled smoke here on tucker
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avenue. firefighters faced several challenges. the people had bypassed the electricity meter and they could not shut off the power. >> this is a common "kuhns for us now. another hazard is the way they barricade the home. they put the plywood over the skylights. so it makes it a trap for firefighters. >> in the end no firefighters were hurt out here. and the police were called out here as well. they came and seized the marijuana in the home. it is unclear who was living at this place although a neighbor said she saw a lot of different people coming and going and saw a person walk off -- walk away before firefighters arrived. you can see the damage.
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this is the debris. police will be out here to gather evidence and figure out who set up the pot grow here in visitation valley. live in san francisco, alex savage,. and new this morning, vandalism at radio tower caused it to collapse. and we're live with a look at what happened. good morgue, tara. >> reporter: good morning. the to you ser down the road here, and we're -- basically where the road ends is where the radio tower was. we'll show you the tower. one cut through the guidelines. they were cut on the tower possibly with bolt cutters. it collapsed from the lack of support. the damage is valued at $1
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million. perhaps they were after copper. we called the regional police department they are looking for any information about who may have done this. the to you ser on a list of fcc towers and used for radio purposes only, according to the dispatcher. we're trying to get information about how it may impact services if at all. live from san ramon. we are following developing news in central florida 167895 workers who were missing are safe following a series of explosions at a plant. sef reason being treated but no deaths have been reported. investigators are looking into what caused the explosions and the fire at the plant northwest of orlando. more than a million pounds of propane was being stored at the site. >> it was orange it was covered
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in clouds. there what a fire. a large giant fire ball. >> they evacuateed a half mile around the plant. no one who lives near the plant was hurt. and flossie is downgraded. maui was hit by the winds. the weather service said it is now a tropical depression. the storm and flood warnings are canceled now. the people should still expect rain and windy conditions today. the bay area felt the impact as flossie. we talked to the united customers who flights -- flights had been canceled. six were canceled. one woman could not fly out until saturday which meant cancelling her trip to see her best friend. >> i was bummed, i cried for a bit and on the phone.
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>> another couple was trying to get to hawaii to see the wedding. the bride and groom were there but the guests were stuck. we checked in with the three major airports this morning, this what we found out. sfo canceled 9 flights. oakland reported three. san jose canceled four. so far today there is no word of any cancellations or delays. 5:05, coverage on the threat of another bart strike. contract talks between management and unions resume this morning. but the union leaders say the sides are far apart on the key issues. they are five days away. there was little sign of progress at the bargaining table when the talks ended yesterday afternoon. how confident that you will reach an agreement. >> they are getting there. >> our union has raised issues to not address the issues of
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the 23% they're asking for of the fact they don't pay anything for the pension and they pay little for their medical. >> and the contract extension expires on sunday night. leaders say the issues of pension, salary, medical benefits and worker safety are not being addressed. management stays would have to raise fares 18% for three years to meet the union's pay demands. that would be on top of approved fare hikes to pay for a car. leaders say they are sceptical about the calculations. and stay with us for coverage of the bart strike threat. we'll bring you the latest as it develops. thank you. 5:07. let's bring sal back. are you taking care of your friends. >> good morning to you. let's take a look at the
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commute. >> that is looking pretty good no major problems here if you are driving to the toll plaza getting up to the area. you from driving into san jose, this traffic is looking very nice. now to steve. >> well a pretty good fog bank, hazy skies some of that southerly direction and brings up some of the smoke and so we have hazy skies once the clouds break off and we have a breeze. and to the north. that's about it. a lot of low clouds in place they will burn off slowly and head back to the coast. not much of a change as we talked about. it has moved past randall in hawaii. he said cloudy. rains moving through. brisk winds but most it looks like will be winding down.
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they're about ton i know at 3 to 6 inches. maybe some of the mountains had higher amounts. it looks like things are just about done here. our low will sit off and move through but not until probably the end of the week. 50s on the temps. and north bay. doesn't matter. 22 out of fairfield and westerly breeze and concord in there. and a south wind and that continues. that in mind and the temperatures in the mountains and 55 for sacramento and 68 fresno which is not too bad. the low clouds are in place. higher clouds but the tropical clouds that gave the storms are gone for now. and mostly sunny a little haze. and by the coast 50s and 60s. 70s for lows near the water.
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upper 70s. and. >> those are below average and i think we bottom out and a parm up for the inland temperatures. grave sites are robbed. coming up. why some think more than one person may have been behind the crime. a grand bargain to republicans what he will trade to get investments and job creation. and westbound the bridge. traffic is good heading out to the peninsula. more straight ahead. mom?
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welcome back. make that 5:12. the president will tell us his plan to create jobs during a speech in tennessee at an amazon distribution center. and we're live in the washington, dc news room with the details of the plan and how the bay area may be affected. >> reporter: the president is proposing to cut corporate tax rates in exchange for middle class job investments. the president insisted that the tax reform had to be coupled with tax reform but he is dropping that demand hoping to break the stalemate with republicans. the president wants the corporate cuts to be coupled with spending on a job creation program like informing -- manufacturing or community
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colleges. he is using an am son warehouse as a backdrop. the company is looking to fill 7000 jobs in 13 states and the warehouse operations. it has locations in tracy and patterson. the president has offer -- the president's offer will not be the last one he makes. what the officials are saying about the president's plans ahead of the budget deadlines that are looming. live in washington. new developments this morning in a head-on crash between the trains in switzerland. authorities have recovered the body of one of the drivers. authorities say that two dozen passengers were hurt in the collision and 31 miles southwest of the bern e. yesterday the accident comes in the wake of the derailment in spain and paris where seven people died.
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police in washington are trying to figure out if the woman who splattered green paint on the cathedral may be connected to two other incidents. she was accused of defacing chapels. they want to know if she splattered the point at the memorial. and paint was also found at the smithsonian. talks will resume in washington between the israelis and palestinians after they sat down to dinner with the secretary of state. >> thank you this is very, very special. we don't have much to talk about at all. >> he met with the israeli and palestinian negotiators yesterday before lofting the state department dinner. the sides are far apart on a host of issues and settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. talks will be held over the
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next nine months. details that jp morgan chase manipulated the energy market. the commission accused the banking giant of using 8 different strategies to boost their profits n one of those the commission accuses jp morgan of duping the electricity officials into paying 999 per megawatt hour during the early morning hours when the rate was $12. the allegations come ahid reports that it could settle the claims for $500 million. the suspect in the last year's mass killing in san francisco's is due in court this afternoon. he is accused of killing five people here the san francisco city college in # 012. there are a lot of unsensed'ss in the case. and they could reveal a motive.
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after hosting, livermore will not put its ring in the hat for next year t decided to back off because of the demands the race had resources and the impact it had of downtown business. the council voted to withdraw 100,000-dollar fos support the race. officials say it's not unusual for a city to take a year off. and the commute is just getting started. >> we are looking at the traffic here heading out to hayward. and it looks good heading south. there are no problems through and traffic is moving along well to 92. let's move along to live pictures. i want to show you 880 here and heading south to hayward on the
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right. traffic is good. it is light all the lanes are open. 5:17. let's go to steve. >> well still lots of clouds on the and what we had yet at this time. the locations say cloudy. temperatures will start off 50s and 60s. san francisco going 64. we'll see upper 60s and 70s. mid-to-upper 70s and out to brentwood. and 185 for a lot of the locations. you get the idea. a little warmer and to clear lake. and there will not be much of a change. the low clouds are there. mainly the westerly breeze. haze coming up. we'll have to deal with the few high clouds. fog, sun, breezy. cool to mild to warm. depending on your proximity. if you get that breeze or not.
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80s to the interior and fairfield and warmer. 60s and 70s around the water. and just a slight temperature difference a cool pattern. cooler on thursday. the low is through. that allows temperatures to climb up for the weekend and not that much. >> thank you, steve. today is the start of the federal reserve's policy meeting. investors hope the chairman and his colleagues will signal when they will slow their stimulus program t sun likely when it -- it is unlikely when it will do the bond issue. oversees markets closed up. japan and china regained yesterday's losses. south korea and hong kong recorded gains today. new zealand and australia had small losses most european markets started the trading day
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up. the closing numbers on wall street down. julie's rally is slowing. the dow dropped and the nasdaq lost 14. the time now is 5:19. born without kidneys a baby beating the odds. how the miracle baby is making history by fighting for her life. next, a straight out of the movies got more expensive. the updated ul value of the jewels stolen from a show in france.
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we're learning jewelry is worth a lot more than thought. and the french prosecutor say the value is $136 million. that's double the first estimates. one gunman got passed a locked door and held up three security guards and three other people. he ran off and disappeared into a crowd. a employee at sfo is accused of stealing luggage from peoples who flight was diverted after the asiana crash. shawn crudup was seen giving bags to his wife. his wife returned clothes to a nordstrom which she got cash.
5:24 am
they were discovered when the victim got a call from her personal shopper. >> she asked how the vacation was and by the way why did you return the clothing. your sister returned them. >> she said i don't have a sister. >> he pled not guilty to grand theft and burglary charges. his wife will be arraigned next month. they are looking for the second woman on the video. and a series of thefts from the oak wood park memorial cemetery. they were taken from the cemetery. the stolen items are worth $1000. the families affected suspect that more than one thief was involved because so many items were taken. flowers, pictures and statues. a miracle baby is what we're talking about now and it may be the first to survive a diagnosis that was considered
5:25 am
fatal. doctors at the children's hospital are treating abbey butler. she was diagnosed with potter's syndrome, born with no kidneys at 28 weeks. she weighed 2 pounds and 12- ounces. her mother is jamie herrera butler. she received special injections because there was no amniotic fluid in her womb. >> she is the first to receive the therapy to be able to survive to the point where she can receive dialysis and has a chance at long term survival. >> she said she was told the baby would probably die but she chose to pray for a miracle. doctors say that the baby will continue to get dialysis then she has to wait for a kidney transplant. time is 5:25. let's turn over to sal and how traffic is looking. i get to sit with you today.
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>> you're back. that's great. the traffic is looking good. it is good around the bay area as we look at i-280 coming up to 17. it has been a nice drive moving all the way through. no problems by the way, if you are driving on 17 from santa cruz over the hill to san hoe as you jose. and now here is steve. >> areas that were clear san jose and it is cloudy. clouds on clouds around. if you enjoyed yesterday's weather today is to your liking as well. 60s and 70s. thank you very much, steve. 5:26. still to come more from about the taxi drivers preparing to rally at san francisco city hall. the demands for the mayor and why they say a lack of action could put passengers at risk. after 60 years a hero comes
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home. we're live at the airport where a bay area family will be on hand to receive the remains of a veteran who was missing in action. firefighters knock down a house fire only to find five rooms filled with pot plants. what the operation posed when the morning news continues.
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welcome back this is the morning news. the time is 5:29. traffic and weather let's get to steve. we're seeing the same. >> we're stuck. and some areas get the clouds some locations to the 70s and 60s or upper 60s and 70s. sal? westbound 24 is good. you can see the crowded conditions. between walnut creek this is a look at 80 westbound as you drive in through berkeley and it is a nice drive. and let's go back to the desk. we're on the scene of breaking news and there is an illegal marijuana grow. and how many plants were discovered and how they found them. alex. >> reporter: the police have come out and seized all the marijuana that was found in the home. now they are trying to figure
5:31 am
out who was running this pot grow. when the first firefighters came up here it was locked up, nobody was inside, crews had to force their way in through the garage. they could tell it was a marijuana growing operation a chief out here said there were probably 60 pot plants found inside along with the grow lights and two small bags of marijuana ready for sale. it was stalled in by a neighbor coming from the home on the 100 block of tucker avenue. the flames were knocked down but it was a challenge because windows and lights were edouard boarded over. and the electrical set-up was hazardous. >> a grow operation is dangerous. the way it is constructed is altered it creates different pathways for fires.
5:32 am
windows are barricaded and the electrical is a hazard for us, we cannot shut the power down. >> in the case pg and e had to turn off the power. no firefighters were hurt here. it is unclear who was living at this home a neighbor said she saw a lot of people coming and going from the place. she says one that is one of the renters here was here right before the -- right after the fire started and walked away before the crews pulled up on the scene. you can see extensive damage in the home and a large pile of debris. and the police were told they will be back here to gather evidence inside of the police and they are trying to track down the people who set up the
5:33 am
operation. live this morning. today the remains of a soldier who died in the korean war are being returned to the bay area this morning. we're live at the san hoe aairport to tell us about the home coming -- homecoming that's taken 62 years. >> we should start seeing more activity here at the airport. and the riders and members of the services organization will be on hand to welcome the family of the korean war veteran. his body will be here at the airport this morning. this is a special homecoming for the family. the sergeant from san francisco was a pow and classified as missing in action. and they collected from families. they are doubt until he would
5:34 am
be found. it will be emotional and the united services organization which offers support for active and retired soldiers will be on hand as well. >> what a sacrifice, that's all you can say. here at some point in his life he was an ordinary american that was drafted or joined the military. ended up in korea serving his nation and 60 years later he is coming home. what a change altering his path of life. >> reporter: his relatives will be among those at the airport this morning. they spent the day looking at his awards for bravery which include as bronze star and purple heart. he will arrive on a flight at 7:0 # this morning. he will be buried at golden gate national cemetery thursday and next to his brothers who were veterans. coming up in the next half
5:35 am
hour, you will hear from his family. live from san jose airport. today a judge will announce whether bradley manning who gave government documents to wiki leaks is guilty of aiding the enemy. he gave 7000 documents to the web site. he entered a guilty plea to lesser charges. he is facing 20 years in prison. if the judge hands down a guilty plea, he faces life in prison without parole. it does not matter the outcome the supporters are planning a post verdict rally. they will gather at market and powell streets. and he is a hero and does not deserve to be convicted. they say he did not release the information with evil intent. >> it is outrageous that a whistle blower who gave information for the public good will be facing that.
5:36 am
>> the manning trial started at the beginning of june after waiting in jail solitary confinement. he released the documents because he believed they would not damage the united states. and new this morning an investigation into a shooting in berkeley after a man says he was shot walking down a sidewalk. police say it happened near oregon and dorr streets. police are still investigating but they do not believe he was raindomly targeted. and oakland council members are working on safeguards to reduce the risk of privacy abuse at the planned data center. that announcement comes in response to privacy groups which worry about the proposed center. under the plan there would be hundreds of live camera feeds and other tools under one roof. police and firefighters would monitor cameras placed at streets schools and other locations across the city.
5:37 am
the council will take a step on cracking down towards demonstrators. they will consider banning weapons of destruction. it would make it a crime to carry hammers shields and other potentially dangerous items. it is after the violence that followed the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman case. and a waiter was hit with a hammer during the protests. 5:37. two women facing off in a run off election to replace george sh russian parliament orawowa. and he resigned in march he pleaded guilty to lying on campaign reports and gambling with taxpayer money. the polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 at night. a low voter turnout of 20% is predicted. unions representing taxi
5:38 am
drivers are calling on the mayor ed lee to crackdown on ride sharing companies. the cab driver's association and taxi cab workers will hold a rally at noon today at san francisco city hall. law bans ride sharing for profit. and the companies like lift, uber and side car could pose a safety risk because they claim to be exempt from inspections and insurance requirements. officials at sfo made 7 citizens arrests for ride sharing drivers this month. they come after officials said cease and desist leaders to lift, side car and uber back in april. officials say ride share something not allowed at sfo. they are being arrested for trespassing. the time is 5:38. if you are heading out let's turn to sal and if it will be a smooth ride. >> it will be more most. again let's go out and see what
5:39 am
we have now with the morning drive if you are driving on the east shore one of the busiest in the bay area. better today than yesterday in the richmond area. so far so good to the maze. the bay bridge getting a backup now in the cash lanes. fast track are okay. we're getting to the point we may see a backup as we approach 6:00. and this is a look at the livermore valley and 580 traffic. it is slow coming in. and when you get into livermore itself, it looks good to dublin. now to steve. >> lots of clouds for most. decent sea breeze, hazy skies, 50s and 60s along the coast and in san francisco you get the 60s and the 70s. north and south but some locations inland which have been hot last couple of weeks and months on the cooler side
5:40 am
they will be to the inland areas. not bad. we are looking for a low up here to play into the weather. spin in a few high clouds, keep the machine going along. and probably wednesday into thursday. our temperatures are stuck and if you are stuck in the fog then you are not going to warm up 50s and 60s. and a lot of rain and 3 to 6 inches and there may be more in the mountain areas. and overcast 72 now and light rain and it has moved through but made a good path over the islands but it looks like after today. it will be better, 35-mile per hour wind. it is access rating out of the area. today is the mainly the last day but i think that the big island things are going to calm down today. 50s and 60s. and the cloud cover i don't think the lows will change much. 40s up in the mountains. 80 on the desert and not shabby
5:41 am
there. but that low will give us the breeze, low cloud deck. sunny and breezy around the edges. the winds are variable at times and it is on shore. 70s for some and other locations 60s and 70s. santa cruz and a tough couple of days a lot of low clouds the 80s. not much change we bottom out on the temperatures and a slight rebound. we'll warm up. and it is one of the most anticipated ipos involving a bay area company. coming up the new signal that twitter may be betweening to go public. a move that goes against everything good will believes but the concern forcing locations to ditch some items. good morning highway 4 bay point it is getting more crowded on the way to concord.
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. good morning. low cloud neck place and a decent breeze. hazy breeze well away from it. welcome back good morning to you. here is a look at some of the top stories we're following for you. an early morning house fire san francisco uncovered a marijuana grow operation. now the fire started in visitation valley and firefighters say five rooms in the house were filled with pot plants and equipment. police are not sure who lives there and the investigation goes on contract talks between bart management and unions will resume but union leaders say they are far apart on all the
5:45 am
key issues and the new strike deadline is just five days away. the president will be traveling on the economics today. he will speak at the amazon distribution center in tennessee. the white house says that the president will introduce new ideas for overhauling the corporate travel creating jobs -- tax and creating jobs. and good will of san francisco says that a bed bug problem is costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. it is throwing out dumpsters full of donated items. workers reported possibly seeing bed bugs at the warehouse in burlingame on friday. and it is affecting a warehouse in san francisco so items there have been sent to a landfill. >> 80% of the funds for all our programs and services come from the sale of donated goods. when this happens it shuts down the operations, it has
5:46 am
implications for us. >> it uses the money from the sales to train people in need and help them find jobs. it is now implementing tougher scrutiny. an e-mail prompted us to investigate what was happening. if you have an idea or a report e-mail us the i reports at and new this morning, ten police officers from three departments are on administrative leave now after a deadly shooting that happened in salinas. >> they are from the police department. one from the chp and a sheriff's deputy. now the shooting happened friday when they tried to pull over a known person. he opened fire on the police and led them on a chase. they fired back. the suspect died at the scene. tonight a town hall meeting will be held for survivors of a deadly apartment fire in
5:47 am
redwood city. 100 people were displaced after the fire. it was at the hall mark house apartments. one man was killed, 21 others were hurt. officials are hosting tonight's meeting. they are giving a update on the cause of the fire. they want to see what people who were displaced need. it starts at 7:00 p.m. tonight at the fair oaks community center. the preliminary hearing continues for three former penn state officials accused of covering up sex abuse charges at the university. the men accused of not reporting jerry san dusy molesting a boy in a shower claimed they didn't know about it. yesterday a star witness testified that the head coach was critical of how the school handled the case. the hearing will decide if there is evidence to send the case to criminal court. a top official for the public utilities commission will keep her job. the assistant general manager was under investigation for her role in awarding a no bid contract to an east bay non-
5:48 am
profit which she chaired. the head of the agency concedes ellis made mistakes but he said she has accepted responsibility and there was no intentional wrongdoing. 5:47. a soldier is talking about a battle in afghanistan earning him the medal of honor. take a look at the video that the fighters made of their attack on a outpost on october 3rd, 2009. eight americans died in that fight. the staff sergeant is being honored for his bravery. he shares the award with everyone who is fighting that day. >> i'm grateful for the service of the soldiers i fought with that day and would like to take a moment to express my sincere condolences to the families of no, sir who did not make it back. >> he will get the medal of honor on august 26th. another survivor of that attacked received the medal of honor in february. it is amazing people survived out of that.
5:49 am
5:48 let's go to sal and see it traffic is picking up. >> it is getting a little bit more crowded to answer the question. let's go out and take a look at the pictures. more people are on the road now and the that's what you see and north the other way getting up to the toll plaza area or to downtown oakland. and it looks like there is just a bit of a backup here. i see flashing heights here. a stalled vehicle. but it is backed up all the way out to the end of that parking lot for the lanes. and it does look good from hayward to union city. 238 is only 13 minutes. this is as good as it will get. it may be heavier later. and the santa clara valley.
5:50 am
now let's go to steve. >> thank you. a lot of low clouds and san jose is clear. up here right up there. and that's controlling our weather. if you like that you will like this week. there will not be much of a change. we have a big fog bank lifted but i'm in front of it right there. until that punches through we're kind of stuck on the temperatures. 60s and 70s. low clouds. there are a couple of fires towards fresno and river side. a lot of the haze and southeast wind in the santa clara valley. winding down but not before 3 to 6 inches of rain. quieter today and it looks like now starting to fall apart a couple of reports of people tweeting me and the brisk wind is moving through there. things will be better today. 50s on the temperatures.
5:51 am
and livermore 56 and san jose. 56 in san francisco. mid-50s. 60 and 70. down on the desert you expect that. a few high clouds and the breeze a westerly breeze. there are a few locations to parts of the peninsula. and so fog and clouds. breezy. 80s low to mid. 70s. 72. redwood city. 72 and some low to mid80s in the valley and gill roy. these are below average. not much change. the coolest will be thursday. and then a little warm up on the inland temperatures. >> thank you. a new sign twitter may be going public in the near future. it has posted a job opening for a financial reporting manager on linkedin. it will file the preliminary
5:52 am
prospectus when the company goes public. and twitter's ceo said it is not focusing on a ipo and commenting on the job listing. keep an eye on facebook stock. the shares will start the trading day at the highest level at more than a year. they will close at 30.43 yesterday. that's the highest price since the day after it effort tad trading publicly and less than 7% from the ipo price of $38. stock is up 33% this year. the time is 5:52. did you know they are coming. >> they're coming to the bay area from around the world to play baseball. why players are converging on the east bay and why that excitement will last for a week. the reason bay area skies have not been so clear. the warning about what you may be breathing. and can you wake up with us every morning and the top stories that develop while you were sleeping and sent to your
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plenty of low clouds and the temperatures not much of a
5:56 am
change from yesterday. 60s, 70s and 80s. a health alert has been issued after our air is polluted. the alert was issued saying the coast and central bay have the highest levels. you can see the hazy skies that we took yesterday. and they are expected again today. now we want want to show you two fires that are burning one near glendale and right now the fires are said to be just two percent contained. this very burned 21,000 acres and more than 100 homes have been evacuated and hundreds more are set to be on the list. and time is 5:56. protesters say they will stay camped outside of the berkeley post office until they are forced to leave. more than 100 protesters gathered in front of the building and the service will shut down the building and sell it. protesters say the build something a civic treasure and houses murals that should be available to the public.
5:57 am
and 5:56. and a park in livermore hosting the first intermediate world series today. >> we're excited. they represent north carolina. >> she is happy. >> livermore is hosting ten teams from around the world. a parade went through downtown. latin america takes on puerto rico this morning at 9:00. river more will make millions of dollars and making hundreds of dreams come true. >> out of the one we get to house this. >> pleasantton will represent district 57. the local team plays george town's league from michigan tomorrow. tomorrow night at 6:00. the championship game, that's on monday, august 5th and televised live on espn 2. 5:57. now to sal and see how things
5:58 am
are moving along. >> we're looking at 280 northbound to the interchange. you will see traffic that looks good up to 17. no major problems on the sunol grade. so far so good on the way to the south bay. now back to you. and live coverage of the story we have been following for the past hour, a radio tower problem in the east bay. what caused that to youer to collapse. new developments in the search for survivors after a propane plant exploded into flames. stay with us. good morning lots of gray skies. and temperatures staying about the same. the forecasted highs in two minutes. ♪ all right, let's go ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate
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it is a trap. a dangerous situation for crews in san francisco. the criminal activity that posed a big problem for firefighters. his family thought his remains would never be found. they were after 60 years a veteran is coming home. we'll have a live report from the san jose airport. the sky was lit up orange and covered in smoke. several explosions at a gas plant


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