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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 1, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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along nicely traffic is good. >> we're starting with breaking news from san francisco of an early morning fire in china town. and tara joins us with the latest information. >> reporter: if you look here it looks like a souvenir shop went up. we're at grant and clay where the fire broke out after 3:00 this morning. the flames did not spread very far. it was contained to the front of the building. we spoke with the battalion chief and the reason for that was because there was a cement wall that pretty much ends after the damage. they had to evacuate the people in the building and knock the
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fire out within 20 minutes, everyone was allowed inside. they were able to knock the fire out quickly. we'll let you know what the arson investigator had to say. and police are investigating a shooting. and we have information about a suspect vehicle. >> reporter: we're on delta fair boulevard and there is a final process of collecting evidence and there is glass on the street there. you can see shell casings being marked with evidence markers here on the street.
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this stretch is shut down and there are two crime scenes they were investigating, we know they are doing some interviews back at the police station trying to figure out what happened here. let me show you video from last night when this all happened and the investigation got underway. this is what we know, officers responded to delta boulevard and when they got there, they then found the victim's vehicle a half mile away just north of bu chanian -- buchanan. and the first man from richmond died, another man suffering injuries. they are trying to determine what happened. and they gave us a description of a suspect vehicle. it is described as a four-door vehicle, possibly a honda or
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chevy, unknown model. gold in, that's the latest we have, coming here live and this area goes between two strip malls, a busy road. this was at 7:45. they have been out here since. they are in the final stages of picking everything up. detectives have been out here. they cleared a short time ago, they are trying to get to the bottom of what happened and figure out who is responsible. live here in antioch. and this morning police are investigating a shooting in east oakland as a homicide. officers say they found a man who was shot and killed near international boulevard. police have not released any information about a suspect. and coverage now to the
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bart contract talks they resume with the clock ticking to a sunday night deadline. the negotiations finally ended around 9:30 last night. there are reports of progress made on several minor issues but it appears the two sides are far apart on salary, benefits and worker safety. leaders admit that time is running out to reach a deal. >> we have four days to bargain and there should be concern. >> we stayed later than yesterday, what does it indicate about the way talks are going. >> ask the mediators, ask the mediators. >> now this a critical day in the labor dispute workers plan to hold a rollie this afternoon and the laters will offer a strike notice if. that 72-hour notice could be later today or possibly tomorrow morning. meantime other agencies are
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preparing to pick up the slack in case of a strike. and the bay ferry will lunch and increase the number from 8 to 13. there will be more ferry runs between oakland and an additional landing at the building to reduce the dock congestion. and a regular bus service but hopes to provide lines depending on the availability of buses and drivers. in case of a strike it will be moved outside. family and friends a toddler are marking a somber milestone in her disappearance. a vigil was held for daphne webb's disappearance. her grandparents asked if anyone saw anything or saw her with her father in the weeks
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before she was missing to contact the police. >> i know somebody somewhere knows something i care if you just drop her off, that's okay. her father did not acontinued the vigil. this morning, same-sex couples tied the knot at the stroke of midnight. >> i honor you. >> gay couples exchanged vows at city hall. weddings in held in county courthouses and the mall of america. and it became legal in rhode island. and two elected leaders are
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memorial daying an tend a 30 year old policy banning gay men from donating blum. the mayor and the vice mayor hosted a blood drive but they did not donate blood because they are openly gay. they denounceed a policy set by the administration back in 1983 that bans gay donors due to an increased risk for hiv. >> can you be in a relationship with another man for 15 years and not donate blood. >> the food and drug administration said screening donated blood is not full proof but the red cross supports changing the policy saying there are many gays who are in one relationship, low risk and valuable donors. a man is behind bars accused of an attack during pride celebrations. it shows a man kicking a woman in the face on june 30th after
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a gay pride party. a tip led to the arrest of a 23- year-old. he was fortunate and did not suffer any lasting injuries. a boy who killed his sister was hidden under a jacket. the hearing lasted and a request was granted for more time. the boy has pleaded not guilty to killing his sister. new this morning the emergency contraceptive plan b will i available starting today. the bill will now be along side other products at most pharmacies and grocery stores. it is now available for anyone to buy without a prescription. last month the government dropped the fight to keep an age restriction after losing battles. and crews will spray for mosquitoes to stop the spread of the west nile virus.
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fogging will start at 11 p.m. and orchard parkway. the county is trying to give as much warning. crews canvas the neighborhoods and deliberated floyers informing the public about spraying and it is not harmful to pets. the fix for the broken bolts is well underway. this project is taking place miles away from the bridge. and we went inside where the so- called saddles are made. they are bending special 3-inch steel plates into something that looks like a saddle. the system will be sealed and surrounded by a concrete casing to complete the fix. when you put them in then you pump them out: >> this is expected to be in
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place in december. there is a chance it could be opened sooner if there is a quick-fix. 4:39. let's go to sal for a look at traffic it is early. >> it is early. highway 4 at the bypass at marsh creek road. there is an iny watch for -- an injury watch. drive slow. let's start off with a look at the east shore and 80 looking nice with no major problems. once you get to the toll plaza you will see it is light. drive early. this is your drive right now. if there is a strike this is the time to do it. keep this here this is when you want to go. this a look now at 280 through downtown. that looks nice right through. 440 let's go to steve.
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a good morning. a little northerly breeze. and the 5, 10, 17, 14 day outlook on the mild side. we had a bigger storm bank. looks like of the coast will get in through the north and sirred up the atmosphere and pachy -- patchy low clouds. yesterday fairfield was at 30 miles per hour. and temperatures and cooler, and 51 and some mid50s. if you don't have any patchy low clouds they are dropping. there are breaks. with that in mind it will be sunny not much of a warm up.
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this pattern is here for a while. a low will hang back for a while. mostly sunny. cooler. 70. 77. warming up going 80 there. 79 and 76 san jose. nice for warmer than a quiet pattern going into the weekend. >> we like quiet. coming up an alert to diabetics the recall of test strips. ground beef and the concern over e. coli. back in the headlines the reason george zimmerman was stopped by police. good morning 24 between
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walnut creek. clear weather, too. more about the commute and the bay weather ahead. look at 'em.
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good morning only patchy low clouds. sunshine for everyone. inland 60s, 70s and 80s. 445 and two workers were robbed and beat non-oakland and they -- beaten in oakland and it is happening more at construction sites. police say two armed men walked up to a site on 70th and international and robbed the workers. they beat the men with their guns. a gun went off but no one was shot. a contractor said the workers are targeted because the thieves see it as a crime of opportunity. today, ariel castro the man who held and abused three him his home for ten years will speak about his life and his sentencing. and he will try to explain who
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he is. and one of his victims, michelle knight, will deliver an impact statement. prosecutors will ask to keep him from seeing his six year old daughter born to another victim. castro pleaded guilty to 937 counts in exchange for life in prison plus 1000 years. george zimmerman is making headlines after being stopped for speeding in texas. >> nowhere in particular. why do you say that. >> the officer conducting the traáfbg stop apparently did not recognize him even after zimmerman asked him if he knew who he was. he admitted to being armed during the stop and was told to put his gun in the glove compartment. he was let off with a warning.
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the food and drug administration issued two recalls, the first is for a glucose test strips used by diabetes patients to measure blood sugar levels. the food and drug administration said that the strips can give inaccurate blood sugar readings. now the strips are sold under the brand names nova max and meter kits. you can check with your pharmacist or doctor or the company web site to get the number of the affected strips. the food and drug administration is recalling 5 0000 pounds of ground beef that may be contaminated by e. coli. it was produced by company out of kansas and sold in 60-pound cases to retailers and wholesalers and the names are not being released. we have the codes for the cases on our web site.
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that's at under web links. a teen is asking the governor to sign a bill that would better accommodate transgender students in school t allows the students to use restrooms, locker rooms or teams based on the gender they identify with. yesterday a 16-year-old ashton lee delivered a petition with 5700 signatures supporting the bill to the governor's office. lee was born a girl but identifys as a boy. >> i was put into a class of pe, it was like only me no one understood what it was like. >> san francisco's assemblyman introduced the bill this year and passed the state senate last month. the office said it could get to the governor's desk by this week. >> survey found half of the bay area workers drive to work alone. that's according to a poll of
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more than 2000 adults by the public policy institute of california. 16% use public transit. 14 car pool and 5% ride their bikes. and the number of commuters driving solo has dropped from ten years ago and there has been a sizable increase in use, when we leave at 3:00 there are more people, people are leaving earlier. >> they should do a study on that. and now 450. now a look at the traffic. >> you know if any of us lived together we could car pool not together but the same neighborhood. >> but we don't. >> let's go out and take a look at the commute now. you know when you have to be at work early options are slightly limited but bart is okay.
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no major problems. they are starting off well. there are no problems as you drive through. and getting getting into san francisco on to the bridge. and looking good. 17 as well. we have a little break and it peeled off now it is only pachy low clouds and three weeks there you barely saw the sun. and pachy fog. we're losing that. and hold the phone. 49. i don't think they will change.
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we'll see if that represents itself. and it is not going to last very long. and washington and controlling our weather but will send back and it will break off and off the coast it will be quiet here. cooler on the lows. and temperaturins i'm warming up today because much of the north bay. and we'll go 80 and, 80s for some. morgan hill and right there for livermore but 76 and 75 san tra cruz. warmer on friday but not much change going into the weekend
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or next week. twit ser being pressured to disclose information about users. the government and the number of requests for confidential data. the next i phone that may replace the need for passwords.
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twit ser getting more pressure from the government to release the private information of users. twitter says in the last six months the u.s. made nearly 900 requests for information. that's 3/4 of all the requests from around the world. japan made 87 and the uk filed 26. could the next iphone come from a fingerprint scanner a developer testing the latest version reportedly tweeted code that appears to show a sensor in new die vies. the technology analyst could be true. it could address the concern that people may lose data but some watchers believe that the sensors are being tested for next year's iphone. and back over to sal. any problems? there is one on bypass road. and other than that that
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traffic is light. at the look like this or 680 south it is a nice drive. let's go to steve. >> we'll few breaks in the fog and sunny today. a little breeds now. some of the higher elevations showing a breeze. moving through to the north. and a normal pattern that's not what we had. we had a bigger fog bank and cool by the beaches. and it looks like it is coming together for a stable pattern. 60s and 70s. there are cooler lows the fog that you can see there, there are breaks in that. that allows to us warm up. >> a piece of that will break off and form off the coast
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keeping our weather stable. lots of sunshine. and 47 and 60s to 80s. these are slightly below average. and 65. that's where they should be. and santa rosa and below average a warm up on friday, not much change going into the weekend. next, a close call. >> our breaking news from san francisco. we are on the scene of an early morning fire in china town.
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we're live be with dozens have to be evacuated where this stand in china town goes up in flames. what we learned from investigators. a shooting left a person dead. i got off the phone with the police i'll tell you what i learned. it is a critical day in the bart labor dispute. what is happening ahead of the sunday night strike deadline. a controversy tied to the tragedy at sfo all ahead.
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thank you for waking up with us on thursday morning. would you ask if i can have a good forecast. i have been asking for that. well, thank you. i defer to him. we have a pattern change. some sun on the coast. 60s and 70s. traffic is moving along you from driving on the bridge you can see it is good. the sunol grade looks good as


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