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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 8, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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counting coverage of a one-year-old boy who died while he was sleeping next to his father in his home. they believe that he and his father were targeted at a relative's home yesterday morning. the gunman fired through a back window killing both victims >> it's unacceptable that we have children shot while they sleep in their bed >> oakland's police chief announced plans to crack down on gang members through something called operation cease fire. it -- police say thomas was gunned down in a cycle of violence connected to his
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cousin's death. that cousin was shot and killed saturday morning. police arrested him on tuesday and investigators think that the shooting followed a dispute between the two. friends, families and neighbors held a candlelight vigil for the toddler. the mother cried that her son never had a chance to grow up. >> her plea came hours after city leaders say they're looking for local youth the double shooting is a number of high-profile cases.
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an update on the missing people in the area >> we are following developing news from southern california, a wildfire continues to rage out of control near the community in riverside county 20-miles east of palm springs. at least 15,000 people have been ordered to evacuate. so far, 3 people have been injured which includes three firefighters. there is zero percent containment. the santa clara health department is reporting the first case of west nile virus this year. a woman in her 30s recently hospitalized turned out to be
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infected with west nile the health -- department will look where mosquitoes breed a gentleman's club is slated to open downtown. it's been revisited. they worry it will bring in more crime such as prostitution. fans of the san francisco 49ers have been waiting for this day ever since the heart-breaking loss in the super bowl. they will play their first game tonight. they will take on the broncos, the 49ers are remembering the last day at candle stick by remembering great moments and players of the past. >> and there is no batter place to watch a game than in the
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stadium. the nfl released the rules detailing the changes in response to recent events like the boston marathon bombing. -- there are now forbidden items. when it comes to powerball, we're out of luck >> we have 58. the number 5, a lot of people were watching that last night as the powerball reached $448 million, tickets matching all six numbers were bought in minnesota and new jersey. the numbers, 58, 5, 25, 30 and the powerball number 32. >> i still care because i want to win. >> we all do. time now is 4:37, let's keep an eye on traffic.
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let's look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is light. there was a fire on north idaho street in san mateo. we'll have a live report in the next hour. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. there was an earlier sigalert, but that has been canceled. we'll keep you updated. >> steve, a lot of water on the roads this morning. a pretty good drizzle and the low is making a move and it's not the low clouds and drizzle, look what is wrapping around. we have a low cloud deck and a partly cloudy deck and some could, maybe some afternoon buildups in the lake, napa, it's been a cooler pattern.
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once we get a little sun, some locations are popping up a possibility of thunderstorms. up towards shasta. the if you get some sun, it will pop up. the sea breeze is less today. keep an yay -- eye on that for fairfield. finally moving in around the cape and that could give us interesting developments, the days are long and we get some instability. some sun, more sun to the south. a mild muggy pattern and it's not tropical but there's a lot of moisture in the air. the humidity is up. we'll see some 70s in areas that should be warmer kind of mild with this humidity
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in the area. it does look quieter for the weekend. thank you. 4:39, southern colorado trying to dry out this morning after that. heavy rain flooded play your roads and briefly shut down two highways yesterday. some places got nearly 2" of rain in just 2 hours. >> coming up. an amber alert for a missing teenager has been extended. the desperate search for the girl after her mother was killed. we know that buying a house is expensive, but an there's a city where the average price is a million dollars
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could be some thunderstorm activity, highs in the 80s. police in oakland are investigating two separate shootings last night, in all three were wounded in the gunfire. the latest happened on eastman avenue. police tell us that two people were hit by gunfire they're both expected to survive. we have video of another shooting in oakland about two hours earlier near 102nd street. a young man was shot several times he was rushed to the hospital where he's listed in guarded condition. it's not clear what led up to the gunfire. friends, coworkers of the missing oakland woman say they will keep looking for clues today. they posted pictures.
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she disappeared after telling her teenage daughter she was meeting someone about her missing dog. her sister fears foul play >> we know, it seems certain now that my sister was abducted and we are appealing to the public. >> her sister also says police think coke met someone in a coffee shop in oakland. officers searched her home and followed leads in west oakland where her car was found. her two cell phones were recovered in north oakland and in richmond. the amber alert for a missing 16-year-old girl has been extended from california to now oregon and washington. hanna was kidnapped by a close friend of the family who was suspected of killing her mother and possibly her 8-year-old
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brother. in recent months, he told hanna he had a crush on her and made other comments that made her feel creeped out. >> the gentleman that was a friend of ours for a long time has taken everything. >> the body of hanna's mother was found in the ashes of the home along with the body of a boy. it could be ethan. they believe he may be heading to canada. the school chief is caught in a potential scandal. xavier was the superintendent from 2009 to 2012. the school district is now being investigated for possibly skewing test results from the time he was in charge. a second investigation will not be conducted
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in a community, a man was arrested on charges that he siphoned fuel from school buses. investigators say he stole about 500-gallons of diesel. they say he created an elaborate system that transferred fuel from buses to his truck. richmond faces legal action against its plans to seize mortgages. the plans to force sales of properties and sell it back to a lower price to homeowners would hurt seniors. the average selling home in santa clara is now a 7-digit number. the average price now tops one million dollars that's up 15% from this time last year. prices of higher homes skew the
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average. >> although the average price is that high, i don't want buyers to dispair and think they're out of the game. there are plenty out there for the grab. >> some county residents say it's still too high. the only choices are to rent or move to another county. keep a check on tesla stock today. the electric car company reported $26 million in profit, earlier than analysts expected. they thought they would lose $19 million. tesla posted last quarter. sales jumped 17% in premarket trading we're keeping an eye on that >> we can breathe a little easier today knowing that sal is here
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i want to let you know that there's a problem in oakland, southbound 880 just after oak street picking up the road work. but the traffic is a mess heading south out of the area. it is stopped and in fact, it's stopped and looking bad all the way up past 980. it's the second day in a row that they have done this. yesterday, they picked it up later. today they're picking it up now. it's a backup heading south down towards the oakland airport. be aware of that. it's almost gone. this is a look at 80 westbound heading out to the macarthur maze. traffic looks good. going to the toll plaza. a little built of drizzle or something on the camera lens, that will go away on its own. traffic is moving on 280.
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off to a good start in the santa clara valley. >> it is associated with this low making its way inland between the bay area and looks like sonoma county and you are definitely in line this afternoon for a little bit of cloud buildup and maybe some thunderstorms we have a lot of low clouds in place and there's been a cooler pattern. temperatures will rebound pretty fast. they bottomed out, but the morning drizzle. 60s and 70s for many and the possibility of thunderstorms and elevated fire danger. parts of lake county, things could get interesting. 50s, 60s, they're very mild lows the sea breeze has been cut in half that along with the low end, kind of interesting, but
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further south, i think you'll get some more sun and north, you'll get some clouds. temperatures still well below average. they're getting close. one more day of possible thunderstorm activity until the low lifts north, that will allow warmer weather to kick in. the driver tossed out, pulled out of the window. 22 people suffered injuries, one person in the semitruck was killed. passengers say that the bus driver was reversing and backing up on the highway after he missed his exit and police say they are investigating that crash just horrendous. >> incredible video coming up, new information
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welcome back. we have new information on that
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shark sighting in the san francisco bay. the 4-foot shot was spotted near krissy field on tuesday. ktvu news obtained these photos which created a lot of interest. the shark's body dark on the top, light underneath. marine experts say it could be a great white or a closely related salmon shark. >> occasionally they may venture in underneath the bridge but it's not at all common. those two species can be very similar in appearance, especially when the animal is under water. >> similar in appearance but no salmon shark has ever been linked to a human bite. great white attacks are of course rare but marine experts say that you are safe from sharks in and on the waters of the san francisco bay at this point. how about finding a shark on a new york subway train? a passenger snap add photo of a small dead shark on the train. the shark was still wet at the time. the subway shark coincides with shark week on the discovery channel, but cable network
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denies any involvement saying shark week is all about conservation, not leaving dead sharks about. that's odd. time 4:54. let's go to sal keeping an eye on traffic. >> hello, brian. we have good news here. the last time i showed you a traffic jam on interstate 880 and they picked up the road work and just like that the traffic has improved quickly. it may take a few more minutes for it to all go away if you're at the very end of the line but it is improving as they picked up that road work. 880 northbound near the coliseum, want to take a look at that. this traffic is moving along nicely and there are no major delays as you approach high street. 580 westbound, we had a little road work still being picked up not causing a huge traffic jam but there is a little bit after jam as you drive into dublin. after that the drive to castro valley looks pretty good. at 4:55, let's ge to steve. our -- go to steve. our low has been giving us
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a cool pattern. i think i'll take a little hike here. so it's moving around mendocino. that's giving us the low overcast and drizzle and very cool temperatures. maybe some thundershower activity later today. it will be close. average temps 83 today. 74. concord 88, 75 way below. livermore 88 and 77. san jose should be 82, 75. so you know somewhere down the road we have to start warming up. the forecast concerns today are lightning strikes and the possibility of elevated fire danger from some of the thunderstorms which could develop. that includes parts of mendocino county. really mild. the low clouds come roaring right back n. a couple of things going o. low cloud deck and afternoon clouds building up. i think this could be very, very intriguing later this afternoon, especially in the north bay as that system finally begins to move n. 60s, 70s or upper 70s for smrks very low 80s. temperatures continue to be below where they should be but they are showing signs of warming up but not probably
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till saturday and warmer into the weekend. >> thank you. yahoo is changing its logo every day through the end of the month. this is today's new logo. you can see it there. you like? >> nice font. >> the company began yesterday to feature a different logo on its home page every day. at the end of the month, the company will decide which one it likes best. the real new logo will be unveiled on september 4. two things that will stay the same, though, the logo will still be purple and still have an exclamation point at the end. >> i think the idea is they're getting people to the site to check out the logo. so that's probably working. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, a sacramento movie theater evacuated. the threat that led to a major police response. we'll be right back.
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. a family is bound and robbed, man is death. why this is not the first time someone posed as a utility worker. how far apart the parties are in the bart talks.
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thank you for waking up with us. >> i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> a new day, weather and traffic. steve is there. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> a lot going on. >> are you getting complaints about the wet weather. >> most people like it. most there are some out there want it a little warmer over by the coast. it has been tough. today is not bad the low moving in. a lot of low clouds and 60s and 70s. 24, steve, as you drive between walnut creek and there is no roadwork. a nice drive if you are driving on to 580 and oakland. we're looking at the commute. and this commute looks good. it is 5:00. back to dave and pam. police right now warning the public about two


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