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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 23, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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that low cloud deck seems to keep san francisco going. a couple thunderstorms popping up around las vegas but maybe a few in southern california. but for us we are between. a little bit warmer on the temps today. after yesterday's cool down. a lot of 70s inland. a little warmer. that wind is out of the west or southwest and northwest. it's a direction that comes off from the sea breeze. 60s and 70s and 80s. here is sal. right now traffic is doing okay on 101. all northbound lanes of highway 101 and san mateo are open after a deadly accident overnight. the crash happened shortly before midnight on highway 101. chp says a pedestrian was on the road when she was hit and killed. officers say it's unclear why the person was on the highway. but officers say the driver who hit that person is cooperating. now in san rafael chp is trying to figure out what caused a van
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to lose control. driving across all lanes of highway 101 before crashing into a tree and power pole. the crash happened near 101. that is where we find ktvu tara moriarty who has the latest on that crash. tara, you just arrived. what is going on now? >> reporter: authorities are not sure exactly why the man veered off the road. they think he may have fallen asleep at the wheel. he's at marin general hospital right now. if you take a look behind me you can see where the van veered off the road. it actually slammed into a utility pole. you can pan over to the right, there is a big wire that stretches right here. the utility pole was knocked clear off and now it's laying on the ground there. so none of the wires were snagged or anything like that. and then the tree is at that location over there. that is where the van slammed into it. the fire department had to use the jaws of life in order to pry him out of there.
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as far as we know he's a 30-35- year-old man from san pablo bay. he had a washington's driver's license. pg&e is out here right now. this is is 101 southbound. so traffic does not seemed to be impacted at this point. everything is off to the shoulder. that is as far as we know. we will keep you updated. live from san rafael i'm tara moriarty. also this morning we are keeping a close eye on the fire from yosemite. that fire has already burned more than 63,000 acres. now firefighters say they are losing ground. claudine wong joins us. >> reporter: over night has been a critical time for these crews. crews have been out all night trying to get ahead of this
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fire. when cal fire lost talked their crew they were hoping for containment overnight because the fire lays down over night. we should get an update to see if they were able to make fres i want to you you -- the so- called rim fire has tripled in size in the past few days. it's burned more than $63,000 acres. containment has slipped from 5% to 1%. the fire has destroyed two homes and threatening 2500 others. >> it is what it is. yeah. >> are you prepared your home might be gone when you go back? >> yes. >> reporter: in all the rim fire covers more than 98 square miles. making it one of the biggest fires ever. governor brown has officially declared a state of emergency.
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highway 120 is still shut down. yosemite national park does remain open. that is the very latest. we will keep an eye on things. live in the newsroom claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> the fire just on the out skirts of yosemite is disrupting late summer vacation plans. many tourists heading to yosemite has been turned around and going back home. that fire also led to the decision to cancel a popular bluegrass music festival planned for the labor day weekend. exophoria reenforcements may be needed while the fires rage. coming up at 4:50 the help firefighters may be getting from outside the u.s.. stay with ktvu news all through the the morning for more coverage of this huge fire. we will also bring you the it willest on the fire.
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santa clara is alerting students about a sexual assault on their campus. ly say the woman was knock -- police say the woman was knocked to the ground and sexually assaulted. she managed to fight off her attacker and the man ran off. here's a sketch of the suspect. six feet tall, weighing 200 pounds. light brown hazel eyes, dirty blond hair, and wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. meantime there are new allegations against the school instructor accused of child molestation. dylan brianer was -- now police are also saying he took inappropriate the club's director says he under went a
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full background check. he says he is innocent. the man under investigation. 56-year-old ann day alana has been in jail for man that two weeks on a parole violation. he has not been charged in the death of sandra coke. during an interview with ktvu alana says quote even though they haven't named me a suspect, they have treated me like one. we reached out to sandra coke's family why would we or anybody believe he wand to save. now the shooting happened around 7:30 in a parking lot off drake avenue. the victim was sitting in his carp when he was shot. deputies say there was a group of about 20 people at that parking lot at time and asking
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anyone with information to come forward. the accident happened on the corner ofball bow a street and 22nd avenue. just as class was about to get under way. >> my student was leaning on the window. i said come over here. he went over there and good thing i just called him and boom the impact happened. >> luckily no one was hurt. witnesses say the suv hit another car before barrels into the building. they say this is a dangerous intersection because of that hill. a warning that automated flight controls have become so reliable they may actually lure pilots into a false sense of security. that is in the usa today reports problems with monitoring equipment could have played a role in the crash of asiana airlines flight 214 last month and the crash of the ucs
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cargo plane in alabama last week. safety experts recommend pilot training focus on cockpit technology. the ntsb has not yet determined what caused the asiana or ups crash. shut down the government. republicans have been campaigning in their home districts against obama care. back in washington 80 house republicans sent a letter to house speaker john boehner urging him not to push forward any spending bills that include funding for the health law. the fiscal year ends september 20th and new money must be approved by then. this morning a ground breaking ceremony will be held in richmond for an under pass project named after a police officer. 29-year-old richmond police officer brad moody died on a rainy night back in 2008 when he lost control of his patrol car while responding to a call.
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several people who received donated organs for moody will attend this morning's ceremony. oakland police say their latest crack down on local gangs is just the beginning. investigators served ten warrants yesterday as part of operation cease fire. police say the suspect are part of a gang that committed a crime a day. many of which involved -- >> our known violent offenders in the city. we know who they are. they know that we know who they are. >> 17 people suspected in a rival gang were arrested in a
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similar police sweep last march. we are learning more about two more robberies in the bay area where the suspect used a disguise to gain the homeowners trust. one of them was on upland drive yesterday. investigators say a man dressed up as a pg&e worker. while the victim was distracted another person snuck in and burglarized the house. also then in hayward police say another suspect dressed up as a tree trimmer. this on a home on stone wall. the suspect offered to show an elderly woman the work he could do when the two went into the backyard another person went into the woman's house and stole $17,000 in cash and jewelry. 4:40. san francisco may have one of the tough estebans on plastic water bottles. city supervisors will design a way to get people to use the plastic bottles less. they almost ban the bottles at large street festivals and prevent many food trucks and street vendors from selling them. keeping 911 connected in
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the south bay. the legal action they are considering after a threat from emergency dispatchers. breaking down the problem spots. the new upgrades to the 511 traffic system. and good morning. if you are driving on the golden gate bridge any time soon the traffic is going to be moving along very nicely as you head south. lots of low clouds in place. temperatures yesterday cool down. will they stay there or warm up a bit? plus we'll have more on your weekend outlook. mçó4+y?i
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time now is 4:44. the united nations says the number of children that are are refugees from the war in syria has passed to 1 how long. children account for half of the people that have left syria in the past three years to escape the escalating violence. bob filner could agree to resign today if they accept the
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deals of deal. 18 women have accused filner of inappropriate behavior. reportedly under the terms of the deal the city will pay some or all of filner's share of damages in the lawsuit against him. city council scheduled to meet in a closed session around 1:00 this afternoon. two suspected domestic terrorists are under arrest in las vegas. they are accused of profiting to kidnap, torture -- they are accused of plotting to kidnap, torture and sell. an under cover office discovered the alleged plot. they plan to hold a mock trial and execute officers for violations of the constitution. county v news has learn -- ktvu news has learned a police officer was arrested in connection to a molestation
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case. the officer has nod been identified. the special victims unit is investigating the matter. and the police department will only say the officer has been suspended pending an investigation. time is 4:45 on the clock. we continue our coverage of this clock the labor day weekend bay bridge shut down. we are now five days and a little more than 15 hours from this weekend's closure. but avoiding traffic jams may have become a bit easier. the agency that runs the 511 telephone and online service has upgraded its system. it's using real sources of data in addition to roadway sensors. we talked to the washington state company handling the new data. >> it's a big data company. we use crowd sourcing technology to deliver traffic information. we get that information from cars, from fleet vehicles like ups drivers, taxi cabs, and mobile phones. >> reporter: inrix predicts
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traffic next thursday and friday on the golden gate, san mateo, and dumbarton bridge will look like a congested monday morning commute. and of course on we posted an extensive section on the bay bridge. there are routes around the closure which are scheduled to run from wednesday 8:00 p.m. to the following tuesday at 5:00 a.m.. but they hope to open the span as soon as monday night. >> i'm not looking forward to that closure. people say it's not going to be too bad. >> we have done it several times. >> but still it gets a little crowded in some spots. >> i know. the first time i had to deal with a closure was the earth wake quake in '89. >> that was a long closure. >> that was a 30 day closure. [ laughter ] let's take a look at what we have now. we want to talk about some things here. san rafael we had that crash we've been talking about on
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southbound 101. van off the roadway. the lanes are not blocked but you may see slowing in the area. any way traffic is light. we want to move to this deadly crash over night on highway 101. the crash has been cleared but we just want to let you know it did happen on 101. police are investigating how it did happen. what one person was killed as a pedestrian was -- as he was the pedestrian walking across the road. he was killed. still there is an investigation going on. the lanes are open. let's take a look at live pictures. westbound bay bridge that traffic is moving along nicely coming into san francisco. also the morning commute on northbound 101 that traffic looks good as you drive up to the 80 split. 4:48 let's go to steve. >> i remember it well. >> yes, i do too. >> i was looking right at it when it happened. we have a little bit of a bump up in the temps. and that will just allow what we call just in the heights
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today. but really i don't think it will be a push. a little bit warmer. 50s and 60s on the temps. there is a pretty good sea breeze. westerly breeze in place. from the coast all the way to the delta. that tells us the on shore push is there. plenty of low clouds in the bay area. all the way down to monterey. you can see the surge of low clouds heading out to hollister. that is a strong surge. las vegas thunderstorm activity erupting there. it looks like it will stay out of california. maybe far, far eastern part of california. and our low which is near portland right now. you can see where all the fire warnings are for lightning. it's out of california. 44 in tahoe. 62 reno. 56 ukiah. that is not bad. 50s and 60s up and down the coast. one system moves out. morning fog. 60s and 70s and 80s.
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did bump up some areas a little today compared to yesterday. temperatures will continue to be just kind of mild and we will stay right there. it looks kind of quiet. >> all right, thank you, steve. the government may be looking for help outside the united states to help battle the wild fires across the west with large wild fires burning in the yosemite area and idaho. firefighters and resources are stretching thin. they are considering asking canada for reenforcement. they may also ask u.s. military. scientists at nasa ames are getting ready to take a new approach at studying the moon's atmosphere. it's the first spacecraft build to design and test it at nasa ames and mountain view it will float through the thin atmosphere that surrounds the moon. it's expected to collect future information.
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5:52 is the -- 4:52 is the time. firefighters sent us this video of the operation under way on the estuary. fire departments from oakland, berkeley teamed up with the coast guard and chp for the drill. it simulated the rescue of two boats and land rescue. a bay area father has been charged with vehicular manslaughter for a crash that killed two of his daughters. 48-year-old arvin tandal fell asleep while driving on highway 101 in palo alto. it happened while he was driving his family home after an all night black friday shopping trip. his suv hit a chp vehicle parked on the side of the freeway. his 21-year-old and 24-year-old daughters were both killed in that crash. a napa county man continues to fight for his life after being attacked with a pitch fork. it happened a week ago on wood haven court. jennifer powell says she and
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her husband were trying to put their two daughters to bed when their neighbor was having a party and wouldn't turn the music down. after an argument one of the men came after their husband with a pitch fork. >> it's not looking good right now. we are not sure of his future. it's been a hard week. >> authorities have arrested their neighbor on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. they also arrested timothy anderson on battery charges. a south bay veteran is mourning the loss of his beloved service dog. but the pieces were pulled apart yesterday when his best friend was found dead after being hit by a car on the san jose freeway. he says his dog ran off after getting spooked by a noise. the founder of operation field
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paws has asked wilson to temporarily foster and train a one-year-old lab and he said yes. former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez will return to court. he was indicted yesterday for a murder in june. he did not speak but mouthed the words i love you to his mother. he is being held without bail in solitary confinement. congress is threatening to intervene if the nfl does not adopt a new policy against perform enhancing drugs. accuses -- some legislatures say the players union is breaking the promise to implement hgh testing. golden state warriors fans will have a chance to show their team spirit while also getting the chance to appear in a new commercial. an open casting call will be held for we are warriors campaign. it's taking place at the warriors practice facility.
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warriors guard tony douglas will be in attendance to greet fans. is it too early to cheer for the warriors? >> never. one person was rushed to the hospital after a crash in san rafael. we are live on the scene with investigators. what they think may have caused the man to core recent off highway 101. the wild fire in yosemite continues to burn out of control. your friday forecast coming up. a lot of low clouds. will it be on the cool side or will we see a little warm up?
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we are live in san rafael where a van veers off highway 101. we will tell you what we learned about the victim. bad news from the fire lines. why firefighters appear to be losing the fight to contain the fire. plus a new theory on what may have led to the crash of an airliner at sfo. the safety feature that may be getting too reliable. the threatening to shut down the federal government. what issue is pushing 80 republican congress members to
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make the big threat. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. i want to take you out there live to the scene in san rafael along the freeway there. van careened off the road. we are talking to investigators about what happened and the condition of that driver. i'm pam cook it is friday, august 23rd. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. first let's go to steve. >> we have that little low that is gone. replaced by weak high pressure. there is another system coming in here. but still 50s or 60s on the temps and the low clouds making a strong push land again. it looks very similar to yesterday. we'll see the wag head back to
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the coast. really not much change. don't have to worry about thunderstorm activity here. maybe in southern california and las vegas. but that is it. cool, breezy. mostly sunny. a little bit warmer. morning fog lots of sunshine here. don't have to worry about any thunderstorms here. a little warmer inland. breezy at times. again that is out of the west. temperatures very similar to yesterday. just slightly warmer. here is sal. steve, we are still working on figuring out what happened on a deadly crash in san mateo. northbound 101 right in this area here. at 101 at 92 there was a crash that involved a person that was hit over night. the accident happened shortly before midnight on highway 101. chp says a pedestrian was on the roadway when he was hit and killed. officers say it's unclear why the person was on the highway. officers say the driver that hit that person is cooperating with the investigation. meanwhile, in san rafael


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