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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 23, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos, they're on the way, right "right this minute." >> deer in the streets as some bad tempered bulls are -- >> running loose among these people. >> one of the craziest events ever. >> [ bleep ]. a police officer goes off during a traffic stop. but it's no rookie. >> he's a 12-year veteran. >> why a cop could lose his job for losing it on the job. >> who was in the car?
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nothing wrong with a marriage proposal at the mall, but -- >> there's something a little off about this one. >> the real story behind a match not made in heaven. and it's the heart-stopping rescue of a kayaker. >> he got ahold of that rock and he's just holding on. >> meet the hero who saved a friend from a 60-foot waterfall. >> he gave me a high five. he's like, nice save. this is footage shot during a festival in a small spanish village. all of these people are within an enclosure and bleachers were set up around the outside. but this bull is running loose amongst all of these people. that is a recipe for disaster. >> he can climb the fence. >> ah! >> you see the bull gore this man with his horn. gets him down on the ground and is relentless with this man. >> let me show you another video of this exact same event.
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this video is getting a lot of attention in europe. you'll notice this bull is completely relentless with this man. he gets him with his horns in his torso and in this man's leg. and ends up pushing this man against the cave. officially they grab this man to safety as other officials calm this bull. the reason this video is getting so much attention that man is 41-year-old peter main, the former british soldier on vacation with his wife and stepdaughter. had always wanted to do something like this. but as a result of this attack he had to get 150 stitches and staples to close up the wound on his leg and on his torso. he was immediately rushed to the hospital after this event. and is currently unable to travel because he is right now in a wheelchair as a result of these injuries. now, his stepdaughter was just outside of the cage. as this is happening she says he
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was pose for a picture at the time this happened and he wasn't aware the bull was close by. >> this festival happens every year. back in 2011, this same bull killed a man. here's yet another video of the same event. you can tell this is a different bull. this bull is white. watch this bull. it travels up the steps designed to protect these people. >> a whole group of people. >> this happened more than once and people continued to go do this. i hate to sound super callous, but this is what happens. the police chief in pellam, new hampshire, wants one of his officers off the force. part of the reason has to do with these videos. in the first one you will see and hear police officer you screen stall yelling and creaming at a female, 23 years old, suspected of dwi apparently after she crashed her car. >> who crashed the car?
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you're going to go to jail if you don't tell me who was in the car? who was in the car? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> get in the car! >> in this one he was trying to figure out if there were other people in the car, if somebody else was behind the wheel. this is during a traffic stop where officer stall pulled over two teenagers who were reportedly unharmed. both cuffed and laid on the hood of the cruiser. it's hard to tell but it's being reported he held his firearm up to the back of the head of one of these teenagers. the video with the girl pulled over is from 2013 but the other video from two teenage sers way back in october of 2007. the police chief says this guy should be dismissed due to conduct unbecoming an officer. says the guy has issues with anger management, abusive power. 12-year veteran on the force in pellam. currently serving a suspension and has been suspended for four months but the police chief
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wants him gone for good. there has been a public hearing to determine what will happen with officer stall. a decision will apparently be made sometime in september. the defense team for officer stall says, look, you're judging a 12-year career on a force based on a few seconds from a few of these videos. a few seconds of these videos doesn't define this guy's career as a 12-year video. >> the woman who had allegedly drinking and just wrecked her car, i can see how these videos could be prejudicial but if they have a collection of incidents he's going to have a tough time when the police chief wants you gone. >> the conduct the continuing. termination is the only answer here. traffic is all bagged down on this toronto highway for a good reason. check out that vehicle fire in the opposite lane of traffic. lots of black smoke. heavy flames. as the car passes by -- >> oh, yep. >> boom. >> right when he's filming. right when he gets next to that
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thing. >> incredible timing that he captured this moment. >> oh! >> explodes right when we go by. >> the good thing is there was no car on the other side that was immediately next to it when it happened. >> yeah. it's not a big explosion but enough to give you a bit of a stark as you're driving by. i like that. this next video all about timing is well. this is a small market in a brazilian village. these two guys pull up on a motorcycle. the guy gets off and probably getting some chip or something. >> he thinks. that's which he looks like he's there for. he was there to rob the place. went in with a gun but he met a lot more than he thought because this is a wake forest video. >> oh! >> the gun fell out of his hand when he hit the pavement. >> then his buddy just left him. he took off on the bike, it looks like. apparently somebody threw this guy right out the window of the market. here it is again. >> i want to meet that store
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clerk. >> the guy who did that. it was like, uh-uh, not many my store. >> just like when uncle phil used to throw deejay out of the house. >> he doesn't need to convict him. farmers are everyday heroes because they grow the food we eat and they're also helpful in an emergency. an elderly man misjudged where he was driving and ended up getting washed into a river. it wasn't emergency services who first got to the man, it was a local farmer. he saw the guy out there so he took his tractor out there. chained the car up because he didn't want the car to get further washed away into the river and then helped the man crawl out and sat on the roof with him until rescue arrives. >> that's quick thinking, too, on the guy to chain the car to the tractor so it doesn't get more unstable. like this guy trained for this. >> he even took his jacket off and gave it to the man until emergency crews arrived. he was rescued by helicopter,
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lifting the guy out. and 7 news reporter in australia did talk to the man. >> how are you feeling, mate? >> good. thank you. >> farmers are selfless people. >> after the emergency crews left, he just took his tractor and went back to work. >> that tractor will go through anything. a motorcyclist enjoying a ride faces a big bump in the road. >> oh, boy. that was a bear. >> it was a black bear. >> the dart and dash no one saw coming. and he's a drummer like no other. >> and this guy knows,000 jam. he's proving, hey, i'm not like everybody else, therefore, i can. >> see how he rocks out on "right this minute."
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i know a lot of you out there are heading back to school. you're probably excited about the weekend. >> it's that time of year. if you want to drop some knowledge on maybe like your classmates or your teachers or even the lunch lady --
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>> you can drop video knowledge by heading over to and click on the top ten viral videos. >> you can find all the best clips from the week in one place. just click. >> you will be the coolest kid in school. here at "right this minute" we know a thing or two object proposal videos. we've seen lots of them. there's something a little off about this one. got a happy couple walking through a mall in dubai, and suddenly we see a little trio. dude grabs the microphone. >> i just have a very personal message for a very special girl. we met three months ago. >> met three months ago? >> please tell me the woman mopping the floor is part of this proposal? >> no. >> here comes something else he can't control. >> you're my cutie pie. >> one of those kitty trays that goes to do the little circles around the mall for the kids, right through the middle of this proposal. keep watching.
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>> i just have one question for you -- >> he gets down on one knee. >> you truly make me the happiest person on earth. >> oh. >> you've got to be kidding. this is fake. totally fake. >> you may be on to something, nick. a lot of people think this is real but we believe this is brilliant viral marketing campaign. go back toward the beginning of the program and see the train. you see fine dark chocolate. not so sweet. and you also see a banner for bornville in the background. bornville is known for doing ads like this. >> and not so sweet. this isn't so sweet of a proposal, the fact that a guy gets crushed by a yeukulali at the end. >> too perfectly good. lizard likes belly rubs.
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♪ >> they released this video hoping to remind all drivers to drive defensively. >> oh, boy. that was a bear. >> it was a black bear. and this motorcyclist was riding. >> at pretty high speeds. when you see this guy collide with the bear. apparently that bear was scared out of weeds by that passing train. look at the video again. you will notice that train passing at the exact time this motorcyclist is climbing down the road. >> like you were running over a rabbit. probably 200-pound animal collision. >> a solid animal as well. the bear ran off unhurt. the rider in this incident
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suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. they say 15 to 20 bears are hit every year on this same stretch of road. when responded to the scene it was a one-vehicle accident. when police reviewed the vehicle they noticed the rider had gone from 0 to 87 miles per hour in 20 seconds. the speed was a factor in this incident, and that could be why he wasn't able to slow down in time for the bear. but either way, that bear just came darting down. >> out of nowhere. it's the cookbook video with a hot model. this cookbook is called mother's milk. >> i would try it. >> see the cookbook stirring it up, next "right this minute." and still to come, it's a hot dude with an ugly toe. >> a little bit gross. i am going to warn you. >> a real case of athlete's foot. and matters get worse as a kayaker in trouble heads for a
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60-footdr 60-footdrop. >> this pushes kayaker number one, david fusilli, into rescue mood. >> hear him explain how ♪ too big. ♪
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too soft. too small. ♪ mmm! ♪ too happy. ♪ [ male announcer ] at progresso, we've got a passion for quality. because you've got a passion for taste.
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this is a kayak rescue some people are calling basically perfect. >> i'll be right there. >> david fusilli is in the yellow kayak. brent is the guy in the green kayak and they're about to go
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down this 20-footdrop. >> 20 feet? >> david fusilli nails it but brent is in trouble. >> oh! >> you can see he got ahold of that rock and he's just holding on. this pushes kayaker number one into rescue mode. he makes his way over to the sides. he anchors his kayak. they've already gone over the 20-foot waterfall but it's really important that david rescues this guy because there is another drop, a 60-foot waterfall. that football is basically a bag with some rope in it. as you can see here, he's only got one chance. he makes the catch but then david has to pull this guy in. look, here's another angle somebody captures. look at that. here's him being pulled to the rescue. after the rescue is executed
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david is like, you know what, i didn't have a problem with the 20. i'm going do the 60. to tell us about his awesome rescue, we have dave fusilli "right this minute" via skype. you started the rescue effort, did you realize there was something you could do? >> these are skills that have done before so it wasn't something totally out of the ordinary for me, however, the 60-foot waterfall was definitely a different experience. >> how dangerous would it have been for him to go over that waterfall without his bolt? >> there's a possibility that he would have been fine. maybe he would have been unscathed. maybe he would have hit the bottom of the river and broke something. it's impossible to tell what could or would have happened if i didn't get to him right away. >> how does it feel to have people calling this a perfect rescue? >> it kind of was. i mean, i still can't believe that it all worked out like it did, like getting out of my boat, even when i was out of my
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kayak, having the rope in my hand, threw the rope and brent had it in his hand, i still wasn't convinced or sure that i could pull him fast enough so that he wouldn't swing down and still go off the water fall. i'm just thankful that everything turned out as well as it was. it was funny. he gave me a high five. he was like, nice save. embattled new york jets quarterback mark sanchez, a lot of people in new york don't like him as a quarterback but he's rocking a f ing ing a fumachu r rocking a pretty injured toe. this is video that mark himself posted on to instagram. this was before some minor toe surgery. so if you think that this is maybe tmi for mark, wait until you see the video that came after this one. he took his nail off? >> looks like they took the entire thing off clrks , which pretty disgusted.
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would you save that in a jar? >> i hope not. >> sell it to a fan. sign it. >> i don't know if jets fans would buy it. >> have we come this far? is this what people crave and want to see? >> is this what it's become? it's been that since the beginning. >> i'm going to film this. >> it's rumor and basically true that rex ryan has a foot fetish. i wonder if he's spending time on mark's instagram. >> he might not start this year. >> this is gross so we can't show you everything but we can on our website. go to and click on best of rtm. flying high to fight the flame. >> what's a little different about this, you see this very small speck right there. that is a lead plane. >> this flight is one big game of follow the leader.
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i've got two videos that really make the case for bicycle, especially if you're commuting to work. this guy rides his bike to work every day in moscow. and is a very crowded city. exactly. in this video he is whipping through traffic that's at a complete standstill, dipping in and out, splitting lanes. he passes a motorcycle. he goes whizzing right by. taking the risks, but saving gas. >> getting a workout. >> off to ireland where this guy
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is going to cruise down mount langster. he reports when he gets up to 57 miles per hour. >> on a bike. >> yeah. but watch him whip by some of these hikers and pedestrians. >> watchout. >> you've got to probably have a bunch of bugs on your face by the time you get down. if you have a helmet or goggles or something, bugs all over you. forestfire are affecting different parts of the world. in croatia, lots of times you have to bring in firefighting aircraft. this is a beachgoer. and in comes a plane. this plane is an air tanker, or a water bomber, if you will. you see it come in, glide right over that water, filling up its tank with water from this source. and then heading out to fight that forest fire. this isn't the only plane that comes through.
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here comes another one, right passed these folks who are just out enjoying the sunshine. >> good use of resources, too. the water right there. might as well use it to put out the fire. >> we're going to head back here to the united states. the rim wildfire near yosemite is still burning. this is a different view of fighting this fire from the air. we're actually inside the cockpit. but what's a little different about this, something you don't get to see a whole lot, see this very small dot of speck? that is a lead plane. the plane directs the activities of the air tankers by physically leading the air tanker on a drop run. we're seeing this lead plane guide this air tanker, this water bomber, to the site. >> it's like a pace car. >> yeah. >> wow. >> it's kind of like the lead bird in a flock of birds when they're going in that "v" formation, it's like, follow me. everybody go this way. which is obviously helpful because that lead plane knows what's going on on the ground.
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dean zimmer likes to rock. ♪ he's not like everyday drummer. >> my name is dean zimmer. a rock drummer. i've been playing drums about 30 years, at least. >> dean zimer is a drummer. he's self taught. he said when he went to school, they didn't have a music teacher, a music cralass. >> i just started playing on my legs and just moved on to the drum set. >> and this guy knows how to jam. he's in a band with his roommate, and the list of who they've opened for of who's who of rock. >> foghat, eddie money, stix, paul rogers, kansas, and thin
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lizzie quite a few times. >> this is drummer one and dean zimer. >> the mean dean drumming machine. >> watch when he gets into studio with greg. >> dean is a song drummer. a lot of people can play fast and can show boat but being music musical, that's something that you -- you've got great ears and you're just so musical. >> he is a huge inspiration to other people, people who think, hey, i'm not like everybody else, so therefore i can't. he's proving, hey, i'm not like everybody else, therefore i can. pretty remarkable. ♪ that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. erybody.
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i'm beth troutman. this sxweinternet is full of vi but we've got the best one for you "right this minute." most people would be terrified to do this. >> she's sticking her hand down the mouth. >> meet the brave lady who knows how to unhook a shark. >> very successful. >> oh! a guy attacks a car while a girl inside -- >> does not seem to react at all. >> the russian driver with nerves of steel. it's a new plastic surgery trend that is -- >> weird to look at. >> but can the


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