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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 26, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. it's time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." it's a viral video rematch as an angry ram tells a motorcycle -- >> thou shall not pass. >> what happens when the rider makes a run for it but so does the ram. a guy arrested for dui starts beating the walls -- >> with his big stupid head. >> why that is definitely going to leave a mark. a tough marine gets a surprise gift. that is a onesy. the moment he gets what his wife
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is trying to tell him. and the prankster drops out a sock puppet. >> but it looks like a furry rodent. >> why most people are not furry friendly. >> what guy will forget about ali/frasier? because this is the rematch that people will talk about for centuries. you remember this, though, a couple weeks back this video went crazy viral on all networks. marty motoring up this hill when he comes across this ram and has this face-off. the ram won. he had to turn around and high tail it out of there. the ram chased him. guess what? they're at it again. same guy, same ram, same mountain. >> what does marty do to this ram that made him so angry?
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>> thou shall not pass. >> [ bleep ]. >> looks like he maybe even killed the engine. wow. >> this is like get off of my mountain. >> there might need to be a rubber match after this because marty is the victor this time around. watch. >> oh. >> oh, oh, oh, he gets away. >> the ram is still in hot pursuit. you better hope he has a clear trail ahead. if he has to slow down for anything, that ram is right up his butt. >> it was a late night smash and grab in the community of belle isle in florida. you have guys overnight at the dpas station up to no good. you see them break in and they're after money and cigarettes. they go behind the cash register. they had a crow bar and they got into the office to take money from the safe. they broke into that using a sledgehammer. >> they clearly had a plan here
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because you can tell they all went separate ways right when they went in there. >> they got away with thousands of dollars and they caused thousands of damage. but we got this video from wftv. the station says they've covered damaging robberies at the store three times this year. >> i say, oh, my god, again? not yet we pay off what the damage happen a couple months ago, now happen again? >> this guy's just trying to make a living and these people are coming in and ruining his store. >> hard to stop, too. they were in and out in like a minute. >> robbery not as well organized, but police in philadelphia are looking for these guys. you got three guys walking up to a chicken restaurant in philadelphia. two guys walk in, and when they walk in, they see the woman handing her money to the clerk inside the store and right there, snatches money out of the woman's hand. the guy with the woman runs after the guy.
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>> honestly, looks like they're out there looking for an easy target. >> but they were clearly seen on video. so philadelphia police are looking for all three of them. >> from the what were you thinking file, this is dash cam. car stopped at a red light. light turns green, but just then you see a woman off to the left walking directly through this intersection. she's on the phone. >> she's on the phone. >> running through the intersection like, gee, if i don't see the cars, they won't see me, they won't hit me. watch her again. her phone arm kind of blocking her peripheral vision on the side that the cars are coming from. >> did that van run over her foot or that truck? >> yessy. it looks like it clipped her shoe, rumbling and stumbling through the intersection and managing to keep the phone up to her head the entire time.
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this guy also, what are you thinking? apparently he's in a police station. he's been arrested possibly for driving under the influence. police officers here trying to get his i.d. number. they're asking questions, is this your i.d.? are you the one driving? he's insistent i wasn't the one driving the car. then what? he just beats the heck out of the wall with his big stupid head. i would say that's impressive before i say anything. >> if he didn't have a hangover after the drinking -- >> i've got a really bad headache. i don't know why. >> grab your hankies, guys, because there's a hold on sweet on the way. this is a marine who just return ared from an at-sea period. his wife surprised him with a little packet. >> is there a note? >> no. just take it out. >> watch as he pulls the package
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out of the envelope. >> that shirt's not going to fit him. >> you're absolutely right, that's a onesy. on the front it says "daddy's hero." that's cute. >> no. >> yes. >> seriously? >> this amazing marine's wife surprised him with this just as he is about to leave on deployment. now, the great thing, the baby is due the same month he is due to come back from his deployment, april of 2014. >> but the best part about this video is cole, the dad-to-be's reaction. >> no way. woo! >> he can't control his emotions. it's so fantastic to watch. >> like he just scored a touchdown. >> woo! oh, my god. >> i love you. >> it's a chair throwing party and this guy's winning. it's not just one chair. he goes and gets a stack of
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chairs. see why the chairs are flying on "right this minute." and these guys are getting out of the plane upse wn. >> how does that feel? you know, you're like is the blood rushing to your head? >> yeah. it's a heads-down kind of group next.
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hey, don't forget there's an app for rtm. get it on your ipad, android. then watch videos any time,
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anywhere you are. cameras catch bad behavior no matter where you are in the world. first, in vegas, you see two guys over here sitting at the slot machines. then this guy here in the black comes up, looks at first like he's having a conversation with these fellas, but no, watch what happens. >> what did he do? swing at that guy? >> according to report hess had a knife had his hand. so he actually cut this man's face, and then left the casino and headed out on the strip. las vegas police released the surveillance footage from inside the casino because they want people to help identify this man. >> i'm surprised he made it out and got away because i feel all you have to do is make some kind of ruckus at the casino and there's a million security guards. >> our next video was shot in malaysia. we've got a store owner and worker who are being threatened by two potential robbers. that man who is wearing the helmet according to reports is carrying some kind of weapon.
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this other man is being led back into the store by yet another suspect, but these guys are not going to let these suspects get away with anything. even though these guys seem to have weapons, they both start fighting these guys and trying to fight back. then this guy in the light-colored shirt runs off screen and starts throwing chairs at that guy. not just one chair. he goes and gets a stack of chairs and continues throwing them at these suspects. another person comes in and tries to aid. i don't know if this is another worker or someone just on the street. >> this is crazy. >> they fought just hard enough that they scared these weapon-wielding guys out of the store. >> andes mountains in chile. a beautiful setting to go sky diving. >> oh boy. >> what? >> this is a spectacular beautiful video. suiting up, ready for a nice big jump. when they do, they've got this move where it's head first. not like they're floating taking their time.
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they're going head first kind of dive bombing the andes mountains. looks cool. >> how does that feel? you know is the blood rushing to your head? >> yeah. >> how does that make your brain feel? >> almost looks like they're bungee jumping with a really long cord. >> eventually they have to flip themselves up right? >> yeah, they do. maybe just the sensation of being head first that feels extra cool. >> you can't see how close the ground is. what if you wait too long? >> i know, i know, i know. but you're just looking up at the sky the whole time, you don't know how close the ground is. you could -- into the ground. >> you have no perspective really on how fast you're falling and how quickly that ground is coming. maybe it just feels like swimming. >> i have a feeling these guys know nothing about fear, don't even feel fear. this is all about the adrenaline and the fun of sky diving.
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>> i love this prank because it involves a rodent. let's see what ed is up on venice beach in california. >> do you know if there's an animal shelter around here? >> i have no idea, sorry. >> you don't know? sorry. he's all right. he's all right. >> he's walking around with a puppet, but it looks like a furry rodent. and it's not engaging some people. >> oh, my gosh. >> unbelievable. it looks like he has a sock puppet. you can tell that it's a puppet. i mean, he go overs the guy's shoulder, you don't know what that is. he sees something furry. >> what it is supposed to be, like a gopher? >> half fur and half otter. >> i don't think anybody's heard of them before. >> it seems like some people aren't really fazed by this thing. i think that's just par for the course on the venice beach boardwalk. >> it's not me, it's him.
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sorry. >> it's a little real or fake time that will leave you saying -- >> wow, pretty good. >> three videos, one question and everyone gets to play. >> if that video's fake, keep running on the wheel.
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it's our favorite part of our monday here on "right the minute." time for some real or fake videos with our dear friend matt dreidel. >> i love you guys. you're looking beautiful today. >> thanks. let's hop into some real or fake videos. >> the way is to roll your rs. and the louder you can do it the better. [ making bird sounds ] >> so real it's awesome. >> i never knew that sound came from a bird. i've not heard that sound before, but i didn't know it was a bird. >> wow. pretty good. i think i maybe thought it was a primate of some sort. >> it's the kookaburra. >> what do you think? >> i should let my background do
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the talking for me. >> might as well. that's real stuff right there. >> video number two. ♪ ♪ singing do wa diddy diddy >> that's "do wa diddy" by the exciters. ♪ look fine look fine >> i think it's real it. just runs out of batteries. >> totally real. having technical difficulties. somebody could have messed this up. but you hear the guys cough from behind the camera, which makes it seem like it's not an effect added post video recording. >> i guess i'll go with you guys and say it's real. >> all right. video number three. >> no, fake. >> i'm no gun expert, but many gun experts will tell you that guns aren't designed to just randomly go off when they fall.
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plus the sound of the firing gun sounds like it was shot outside in like a cave or a canyon. it ek oes around. not in a room like that. >> you would have heard it hit something. so it would have fired and there would have been some ricochet and some other damage, some other noise. i don't think you would have heard the one gunshot like it was fired in a range. >> see, that got me believing it was fake. i wasn't thinking completely fa fake, but you turned me over. >> definitely fake. >> when in doubt, you just ask. >> if that video's fake, keep running on the wheel. >> fake. >> real or fake, aka, yogurt knows best. >> she goes head to head with herself. starlet.
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♪ >> when the mail comes at the food beast office, you never know what these guys are going to get. they get sent all kinds of crazy stuff. on this particular day -- >> menthol tobacco vodka. >> they get two bottles of vod xap one tobacco flavored and one menthol tobacco flavored because we know some smokers prefer the menthol. and this has a name as well. >> ivanavich. if we tacrack this open, we eac take a sip. >> sweet cigarettes. >> sweet cigarettes is pretty accurate. >> that was the tobacco flavor.
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>> i have a feeling this is going to taste the way vegas smells. >> it doesn't taste as bad as i thought it would. >> then they go on to the menthol version. >> if i could take a shot of that instead of brushing my teeth, i would do it. >> they take the bottl upstairs to the people that don't know what these bottles contain. >> lemon? >> taste like redman chew. >> that guy was right on. >> these guys think the menthol kind of tastes -- >> almost like a listerine, scope, minty. >> my mouth tastes the way it used to after i finished a cigarette. >> doesn't it like sit in your throat. >> i feel disgusting. >> so many flavors of vodka out there, i'm surprised it took them so long to come up with tobacco. boot in the water. lots of theory about this one. >> i think he's on his way to a date. >> and a close call with bears. plus more moose theory. >> he gets up to his pits.
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>> see when animals tap through on "right this minute." unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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this is scott. he's a baseball player with the melbourne aces. he's also a bowler. here he's going to marry his two passions, base bowling. boom. >> what? >> oh, well now he's got a split. that's a 7/10. >> that is a 7/10 split. no way he can hit it. >> he throws two balls? >> he throws two balls. >> he's out of here. >> that's awesome. but i say no way. i say fake. >> really? >> two balls at once. that part is the most impressive to me. >> because the beginning where he throws at all the pins and there's just a split standing, i could see that. but i mean, somebody could be down there hitting those things. i can't accept the reality of it. i'm going to categorically say fake. i don't have proof. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i want to believe it. i don't know. if this is real, this is incredible.
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>> guys, this is the best web series ever. pretty bold claim, right? but i think they're on to something. the best web series ever is a completely crowd-sourced web theory. they're depending on the creativity and innovation of filmmakers everywhere. let me show you episode one. you might recognize this guy on the right, one of our editors, conrad, one of our awesome editors. >> we may recognize him. you're not going to. >> you see nervous. >> i am a bit. >> talking to my roommate after the people that just left. >> well, the evil you know and all that. i think so. i'm just taking another look. >> let me see. i, the undersigned, do hearby agree to following list of rules. >> there's a pretty odd
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stipulation in this roommate agreement. >> no businesses are allowed to operate from the house, this includes but is not limited to production of pornography, making methamphetamine and prostitution. >> so the guys behind this web series, they created episode one. and now completely different film crew, different actors, th they are creating the next episode in the story, so they take the story where they think it should go. nand the next episode completed by someone different, so you're depending on the web community to keep the series going. >> this is cool. it could go on for years. >> these kids have started at just the right moment in time to do this. >> and they're currently looking for someone to make episode eight. if you're interested go to the best web series, click on the participate link, read all the rule, then you can submit. rat really wants back in the
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cage. ♪ >> i'm calling this wild animals! in twin lakes, utah, a beautiful area, picturesque. oh, look, what's in the water. it's a moose. ooh. stares a little bit, then he's like, mm, walks right on by. also passing through is this mama bear with her two cubs. they're by the shore in the national park in alaska. >> this is an extra, extra level of danger here. the moose could be dangerous, but we're talking about a bear and her cubs here.
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>> that reminds me of that line in "ghost" when whoopi goldberg goes -- >> molly, you're in danger, baby. >> but these people don't move. boy, you see just how big that mama bear is. but you know what i love the most? somebody had to grab a selfie with a bear photo. >> i can't believe they stayed there. the bears noticed them but they kept looking at them. >> probably the coolest thing you'll ever see. >> that's it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. now at 5:00, firefighters
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finally gain ground against the raging rim wildfire. >> uncovering new details about the victims. some of whom were children and the risk they face every day in their neighborhood. >> the golden state warriors new home across the bay could cost $44 million more. the controversial plan that could pay for it. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm frank somerville. preparations are underway tonight for the long anticipated closure of the bay bridge. this is a live picture here of the brand new eastern span. we are counting down the minutes until the closure, wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. you can see a little over two days left until the bridge closes. ktvu's tom vakar with new information about a possible early opening. >> reporter: the bridge will actually close at 8:00 p.m.
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on wednesday, open 5 tuesday morning at the latest, but likely earlier, like maybe a day before. at least to the folks we met today, it appears the new bridge is now preferable to the existing one. >> i feel like there's a lot of history in the old bridge, it will be sad to see it go. but i think it's a good thing to open up the new bridge. it will be safer. >> i'm hoping it is going to be a lot safer. if there was a quake to ever happen, i would hate to be on the bridge. >> the fact if it's more earthquake safe, that would be nice. the old bridge is not really stable and structurally sound. >> the truth is i don't mind waiting. i'll wait as long as it's safe. >> reporter: the main job on the bridge today and tomorrow. >> it's more staging. the bridge is pretty much, except for the connections, it's done and ready for
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traffic. >> reporter: weather looks fine. >> that's one of the reasons labor day is so important, historically, the weather has been good to us. >> movement around the region in past closures has been slower than usual, but it has not come to a stand still. most trips are going to take a little longer, but i do not anticipate gridlock. >> for special events, such as the pride event in oakland, folks that would be going to those events will go regardless. >> reporter: coming at 6:00, i have news of yet another cracked bolt and how worried you should, or shouldn't be about that. >> has created a survival guide to help you get around the bay area bridge closure this weekend. look for rm


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