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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 6, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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is responsible and called for deopportunity and necessary pressures against the culprits of this crime. the organization of islamic cooperation general secretary has called the attack a blatant front to all religious and moral values. which requires a decisive action. so in the coming days i will continue to consult with my fellow leaders around the world and consult with congress. andly make best case that i can to the american people as well as to the international community for taking necessary and appropriate action. and i intend to address the american people from the white house on tuesday. the kind of world we live in and our ability to deter this outrageous behavior will depend on the decisions we make in the days ahead. and i'm confident that if we deliberate carefully and choose wisely, and embrace our responsibilities we can meet
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the challenges of this moment as well as those in the days ahead. so with that let me take questions. . hopefully in time for you guys to file back home. that indicates some of the additional countries that are
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making public statements. last night we had a good discussion, and i want to give president putin credit that he facilitated i think a polarring of views on the issue. here's how i would describe it, without giving the details or betraying the confidence of those who were speaking within the confines of the dinner. it was unanimous that chemical weapons were used, a unanimous conclusion that chemical weapons were used in syria and the norm has to be maintained. that these weapons were banned for a reason and that the international community has to take those norms seriously.
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i would say that the majority of the room is comfortable with our conclusion that assad, the assad government was responsible for their use. obviously this is disputed by president putin, but if you polled the leaders last night, i am confident that you would get a majority who said it is most likely, we are pretty confident that the assad regime used them. where there is a division has to do with the united nations. there are a number of countries that just as a matter of principle believe that if military action is to be taken, it needs to go through the un security council. there are others and i put myself in this camp as somebody
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who's a strong supporter of the united nations who very much appreciates the courage of the investigators who have gone in and looks forward to seeing the un report, because i think we should try to get more information, not less in this situation. it is my view and a view that was shared by a number of people in the room that given security council paralysis on this issue, if we are serious about up holding a ban on chemical weapons use and an international response is required and that will not come through security council action, and that's where i think the division comes from. and i respect those who are concerned about setting precedence of action outside of un security council resolution.
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i would greatly prefer working through multilateral channels and through the united nations to gethis done. but ultimately, what i believe in even more deeply because i think that the security of the world and my particular task looking up -- out for the national security of the united states requires that when there's a breach this brazen of a norm this important and the international community is paralyzed and frozen and doesn't act, then that norm begins to unravel. and if that norm unravels. >> you have been listening live to president obama holding a news conference at the g20 summit in st. petersburg
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russia. he has been speaking out about why he feels a military strike on syria is necessary because the syrian's government's use of chemical weapons against its own people. kyla campbell will be monitoring the press conference and what happened when president obama met with vladimir putin, just about an hour ago. we'll have more right here on mornings on 2. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> we are listening to the president talking about syria, but we are looking live at a scene, a major fire in a car lot in martinez. firefighters face obstacles before they can get close enough to fight this fire. we'll have more in homes. i'm brian flores. >> i'm tory campbell. dave clark is off. it's going to be heating up steve. >> that's correct, we have much
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cooler lows. there's a lot of low 50s, mid- 50s. and clear skies, hardly any breeze whatsoever. temperatures will start off cool and warm up pretty fast. even san francisco, i'm going 78 for a high. a patchy low clouds around and also monoterra, but pacifica, clear skies and now, things can change, but overall it's looking warm to hot inland. the coast looks like they're going to warm up, especially warm towards santa cruz. patchy fog, 5 to 10 degrees. it's not going to be record setting heat. it will be warmer than we have seen for a while. 70s, 80s around the bay. 90s inland. >> steve, good morning, we are looking at the bay bridge. traffic is backed up at the toll plaza. we had an earlier stalled vehicle and they pushed it to
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the side. something that's new. looking at 880 north and southbound, the traffic is moving well. the raiders do not play here. they're playing away. you don't have to worry about coliseum traffic. 580 westbound, to the dublin gray you can see traffic moving along slowly once you get to castro valley. at 7:07, let's go back to the desk. developing news of a spectacular fire in martinez. flames engulfed a used car lot on peach tree. we are at the scene with a possible cause of the large fire. >> reporter: good morning, yes, we have better access to show you just the damage left behind by this fire on this side, you have all these cars that you can see were gutted by the flames. this was a building that was used to rehab wholesale cars and then they were sold to dealerships, that's why you have so many cars here. i want to take you around to
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this side of the building. if we can walk around here, we can show you what's inside this door over here because this was office space in here, and then in the far back was the residence. there was a man who rented a living space back there and fire investigators just told me it appears the fire did start back there, possibly in a kitchen area. there was a report that someone was cooking around the time this fire started. so that is being looked at as a possible cause of this fire. let me show you what the fire looked like when it was really going. at 3:15 this morning, this is what firefighters saw when they got on scene. 3/4 of this building up in flames. they had some trouble getting close because of downed power lines but very difficult. they didn't want to put firefighters in any danger. the people inside the building when the fire started a man and woman were able to get out safely. there is no need to go in there to make any kind of rescues, but they did have to take a somewhat defensive position outside the building until pg&e
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could come and town off the power and they could -- turn off the power, and power was turned off shortly after there and they had most out by 5 this morning. now, in terms of what happens next, we've talked to the owners this morning. they say they bought this building about a year ago. totally redid it. it was supposed to be eventually used as a used car lot, and then partially used as residential. now they're not sure what's going to happen from here. but again, the new information at this hour is that it does not look like this is suspicious in any way. it looks like this could have been a kitchen fire. as you can see, a big mess left behind, as you take a look back here at the damage. one thing i did want to mention is there's a fire station just about a half block up from where we are, but it's a fire station that was closed because of budgets cuts. firefighters tell me the -- that delayed the response time by two to three minutes.
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one of the impacts you're seeing because of fire station closures is that it did take them two to three minutes longer to get here when they got the first call. >> it's 7:10. this fire at a recycling plant in stockton could burn for days. the fire began around midnight east of downtown at weber avenue and it's burning a large pile of card board, paper and wood. firefighters say the burning pile of recyclables is about 60 feet deep and they cannot get water to the center of it. >> i can't put enough water on it to pen strait -- penetrate that material. i may be able to darken it down and send anybody home, but by the time we picked up the hose, it would be going again. >> it's sending smoke across nearby highways 4 and 99. firefighters say they have it under control and can keep it for spreading but they may be
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fighting flames into the weekend. new this morning, a messy car crash sent several people to the hospital and causes a water main to break in the south bay. we are live from the scene where an elementary school nearby is now without water. >> reporter: the school district is working to restore the water at terrell elementary. they are hoping to do that in the next several hours. you are looking at broken pains, the water main that a car crashed into. police will be investigating who is at fault and why some people ran away after this happened. police say at around 3:00 a.m., this car transporter was traveling southbound on pearl avenue near clarkson when it turned into the school and clipped a lincoln town car. it hit a water main and the driver of the transport were not injured. three people were inside the lincoln and police say some of them went running. >> one person remained with the
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car. one person went into the neighborhood here, to the east, and one person went into the school. we found the two people that had fled the scene and all three people are currently at a local hospital. >> reporter: this is video of one of the men that police found who appears to have been hiding in the bushing near the school. he was laying on the ground and he was injured. he and the two other people who were with him are suffering from moderate to minor injuries. police are investigating whether to call the accident a hit-and-run because they're trying to determine who the driver was and if that person was the one who actually stayed at the scene and didn't try to run. the school district is bringing in porta-potties. i have been told they are bringing in bottled water for drinking. they're estimating that this damage caused to the water main is going to take around 5 hours to fix, but, again, they insist that school will be opening up 8:00 a.m. today. reporting live from san jose.
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7:13. president obama is still talking in a news conference from the g20 summit in russia. and the president once again is calling for military action in syria. kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. news room. the president says he'll dress the american public on tuesday. >> he says he needs to make the case to the american people and the international community to use military strikes against syria. he's talking in russia, we're going to take a live listen in. i knew this was going to be a heavy lift. our polling operations are pretty good. i tend to have a pretty good sense of what current popular opinion is, and for the american people who have been through over a decade of war
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now with enormous sacrifice in blood and treasure, any hint of further military entanglements in the middle east are going to be viewed with suspicion and that suspicion will probably be even stronger in my party than in the republican party. >> and as we've heard president obama say again, no boots on the ground in syria. it would be military strikes. he's trying to get people on board with that. we also learned that president obama met with russian president vladimir putin today. putin says the conversation lasted 20 or 30 minutes. they disagree on things but their conversation was constructive. the white house confirmed the meeting between president obama and putin but did not provide details about what they talked about. president obama says international leaders are on board with the military strike and many want to wait for the united nations to release the findings of its investigation in syria. we are learning more today about the military action the u.s. could take in syria.
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i'll be working on that story for you at 8:15. live in washington, kyla campbell. >> the president has told the pentagon to expand the list of targets in sere y. that's -- in syria. that's according to the new york times. ahead of a threatened military strike bit u.s. there are reports that the administers is now considering using military aircraft in addition to cruise missiles to attack targets in syria. members of congress are getting an earful from constituents who do not support u.s. military action in syria. this is video of senator john mccain back home in arizona yesterday at a town hall meeting. people there lashed out at mccain for his support of a vehicle on syria. die an feinstein believes people would have a different opinion if they had seen the evidence of chemical weapons that were used that she has seen. >> there's no question what's coming in is overwhelmingly
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negative. there's no question about that. and they don't know what i know. they want heard what i heard. >> now, there is also word today that the obama administration is considering deploying u.s. military trainers to help increase the capabilities of the syrian rebels. any training would take place outside of syria. possibly in jordan. >> and news this morning that russia has been sending warships to the sea for possible evacuation of russian citizens from syria. increased naval presence have increased fears about a larger international conflict if the united states makes air strikes. president obama has canceled a trip to california on monday, so he can stay in washington, and authorize the military strike on syria. the president was scheduled to speak at an aflcio conference in los angeles and attend a democratic fundraiser. it's 7:17. we want to check in with sal,
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and see what's happening on the south bay. right now, the south bay commute is getting busier. it's not all that bad. you will see slowing as you get to highway 237. the traffic is going to be slow here from downtown milpitas area all the way into a zanker road and 101. we have been looking at the commute on interstate 880 in oakland, and yes, the raiders aren't playing. jennifer says the a's are plague this weekend and she is right about that. the a's are plague, but there's -- playing, but there's something about raiders crowd. the traffic is moving along as you drive past castro valley, with no major delays. a little bit slow on 880. you see the sensors from haywood to union city to fremont heading south. let's go to steve. under mostly clear skies, this is a nice shot, photo journal viscid from the elementary school bank -- from
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the embarcadero. and there's really not a lot. hardly any breeze. no breeze here and i'm hard pressed to find one. calm conditions and warmer temperatures. a little bit of patchy fog. i think it's running into resistance. the weekend looks warm to hot. not go to last too long. warm early next week. then we'll turn cooler again. i'll show you that coming up shortly. more low 50s or mid-50s. san jose 55. santa rosa 51. dense fog near monoterra. a couple reports coming in. there's a lot of clear spots. when fairfield's breeze goes under 10. that's tells you everything you need to know. it's going to warm up fast. there will not be a howling offshore breeze. there's still following there. we are going to pick up a northerly breeze. the lows in the pacific northwest, portland in 24 hours picked up an inch and a quarter
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of rain. it's all or nothing and that's continuing to rotate up there towards seattle and then the tropical clouds i'm speaking about, visiting kabul, so we'll keep an eye on that. 47 in tahoe. officer todd clark from the finest pleasant hill police department also sent me a twitter picture from quincy who had clear skies. a 40-degree reading. temperatures in the mountain starting to cool off. high pressure is building in. it's going to squash that fog and chew it up. 70s, 80s and then some low 90s inland. again, not a huge difference in temps. do you buy that 93, yes, i'll buy it today, it's 93. napa 91. 80s around the bay. low 90s for livermore, pleasant and mother began hill. 88 -- morgan hill. and cooling starts on tuesday. thank you very much, as police in san jose announce an arrest on his mother's murder, a young man puts on a brave
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face. >> my mother is unreplaceable. there's no one like her. >> what we know about the suspect accused of killing the well liked schoolyard monitor. also, the car speeders hate to see getting a whole new look.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time 7:226789 a sinkhole opened up on a street in oklahoma city, swallowing a car. it happened yesterday in the downtown area. the sinkhole was about 20 feet wide and full of water. the two women who were inside this red car managed to climb out of the window. they were not hurt. a water main break in the area may have caused the sinkhole. 7:23. you may do a double take the next time you see a chp parole car in your rear view mirror. they are replacing the cruisers with something that looks like
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an suv. chp officers are the first in the bay area to make the switch. the chp says the fleet of ford cars was overdue for a trade in. more than half of the cruisers have more than a hundred thousand miles. a shoplifting suspect who reportedly assaulted police police officers in novato was chased to san rafael where he was arrested. according to police yesterday afternoon, novato police responded to a call of a man and woman shoplifting at the vintage oak shopping center. when police arrived, the man ran, fought off police, got in a car and tried to run down an officer. police chased the car down highway 101 to san rafael where it crashed and the suspect was arrested. a firefighter in fresno is expected to make a full recovery after a frightening incident. he changed from a rescue work to a shooting victim in one instant. firefighter was shot in the leg while responding to a call of a person in distress yesterday morning. investigators say the shooting was a tragic mistake by the
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homeowner who believed he was being targeted by criminals. the wounded firefighter was first called to the scene by paramedics who were having trouble getting into the home. >> oftentimes we have to force entry into someone's house because they're inca patassed or not anal to -- incapacitated or not able to open the door for us. they were taken by surprise and incredibly lucky. >> the firefighter was hit by a single gunshot as he walked by an open window. doctors say his wound is not serious. it's 7:25, the search is on for a stolen pup. what witnesses say they saw just moments after this dog disappeared from his owner's home. we're live in san francisco, where a city worker truck strikes a young mother and kills her. we just spoke to a neighbor. we'll tell you what she has to say about the park rules. and on the golden gate bridge, traffic is moving along
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relatively well. the fog is not there. should be a very nice drive to southern marin. the chamber of commerce day already, if you're visiting, usually like this. we'll have the forecasted highs coming up.
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once again, you're looking live at president obama, speaking at the g20 summit in
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st. petersburg russia. president obama has just refused to say what he would do if congress does not approve military strikes on syria. also, this morning, russian president vladimir putin has said that his country will continue to back syria in the case of foreign military intervention. and that is something that has raised quite a few eyebrows this morning, a story we'll continue to follow throughout the day here on ktvu. good morning, welcome to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm brian flores. dave clark is off today. steve paulson with the warm up expected this weekend. that's correct. we start off with much cooler lows, that's for sure and more 50s, low to mid. low 60s and more 50s than anything else. everything points toward a warm up. it will kick in more so tomorrow and we're going for today as well. 78 in san francisco. there's hardly any breeze whatsoever. there is a little bit of fog,
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mainly going parallel along san mateo coast and sonoma and santa cruz look good. patchy morning fog, a lot of high pressure and that will take care of it and chew it up. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer and a cooling trend early next week, and sunshine and warmer temps, 80s and 90s in through the inland areas, here's sal. >> steve, we have a problem that's just developed here on the commute. just hearing about a truck that's stuck on the treasure island off ramp from eastbound 80 and we're going to follow that. this is a look at the bay bridge westbound. you can see traffic westbound is looking good. just when westbound traffic was beginning to look good, east stadium, as i'm speaking o -- i'm trying to zoom in on my maps. let's talk about the commute. we're going to another place here, 880. just remember the a's have games here this weekend at the
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coliseum, but the raiders are away. the 49ers are at candle stick and that could cause a problem for the bay bridge. now, i was talking about east 80. you can see that the road sensors showing slow traffic east 80. there is a stalled truck on the east 80 off ramp right here in this area, as you get off at treasure island, the truck was coming up and could not make the turn. it is fully loaded and stuck. chp is waiting for a tow truck and it's going to slow traffic. 7:31, let's go back to the desk. >> san francisco, a city recreation and parks department worker faces a felony hit-and- run charge after his maintenance truck struck and killed a woman sunday with her young child. tara moriarty joins us live from the bernal heights area and you just spoke to a neighbor. >> reporter: that's right, she lives across the street from the park and where the accident happened. she didn't see the accident unfold, witnesses did and they told her that the truck was actually driving right behind me in this direction where those people are with their
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dogs. there's a little path that you can't quite see. he was driving in that direction when he took a right hand turn and went down the grassy hill there and struck the woman right where those flowers now rest. the 35-year-old woman we understand that she had recently moved here from europe. we were told she was lying on a blanket enjoying the sun on a beautiful san francisco day with her 8-month-old baby girl and her dog when somehow the city worker driving a pickup truck hit her and then took off. luckily that baby was not hurt, and this all happened right around 2:30 yesterday afternoon in the bernal heights neighborhood. crews rushed the woman to san francisco general hospital where she later died and neighbors say they want to know why a city worker is driving on app grassy area that is often filled with people and pets. >> in this case, it was a deadly shortcut. we're all just really really upset about it. she had a baby. she was a young mother, you
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know, you think about that family, go out, the husband maybe goes to work, comes home, gets a call. his life has changed forever. >> reporter: now, they found the maintenance vehicle. and tell us the worker has been with the agency since 2006. reck and park general manager issued a statement calling it a devastating day for all. supervisor david campos went with investigators as they knocked on doors looking for surveillance video. they will be looking at what rules and guidelines there are for park vehicles, this simply cannot ever happen again in the city of san francisco. live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu. 7:33. a big rig driver is recovering from severe burns after his truck caught fire near fremont. it happened at 8:00 last night
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on interstate 680 near shareton road. flames engulfed the cabin, sparking a grass fire on the side of the highway. the chp shut down two lanes and it took five hours to clear the mess. the driver suffered burns to his face and hands and was air lifted. a suspect has been identified as the victim's family makes arrangements for the funeral. law enforcement sources say the suspect is a 43-year-old man named oscar aiolla. they did not say what the relationship was to the victim to reina figueora. she was found dead inside her minivan. her son is glad a suspect has been caught. >> he's going to be behind bars, hopefully for the rest of his life. but it's never going to bring back my mother. >> reina figueora worked at an elementary school, where
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students have drawn up posters in her honor. time 7:34 and the sheriff's office in east contra costa county is warning about a phone scam by a man pretending to be a police officer, now, the man making the phone calls says he is lieutenant stevens stevens and tells people they have warrants out for their arrest. he demands that they make a payment over the phone toddler their warrant. several people -- to take care of their warrant. several people have fallen for the scam. another scam targeting people in palo alto. someone is calling people and saying their utilities bill is overdue. the person threatens to turn off the power if they don't pay by credit card over the phone. the city of palo alto utilities department says if you get a similar call hang up and call their customer service line. pg&e has opened a state of the art gas pipeline control center in san ramon.
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the $38 million facility is part of the gas upgrade in the wake of deadly pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno three years ago. the control center is at the san ramon by shop branch park. and uses high tools to give realtime information about what's happening with the utilities natural gas system. happening today, contra costa county launches pilot program aimed at easeing the burden of firefighters while protecting the community. fire crews took on responsibilities due to budget cuts cuts and station closures, large fire trucks, currently respond to all medical calls. but for the next 90 days, some of the low level calls will be handled by a two person medical teem. >> 80% of the calls are medical, and you have to remember that there was a time when 100 percent of our calls were fire. we added a service. >> the medical squad will operate out of a fire station
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in downtown walnut creek. the department is testing the idea in order to free up firefighters to focus on the height of the fire season. the medical squad will cost the fire district about $200,000. the u.s. forest service knows how the rim fire may have started. the fire has been burning for several weeks in and around yosemite national park. investigators say it appears an illegal campfire set by a hunter is what started the fire, not a marijuana grow as had been previously reported. the hunter has not been identified and no charges have been filed so far. the fire has burned more than 246,000 acres and is now 80% contained. berkeley city leaders had an opportunity to tour the ruins of the a tuolumne city camp is a total loss. they are refunding those who have paid for reservations and they are looking for another camp site that they can use next year. for now, it's too early to tell where that camp may be.
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an oakland man does not have much time to live. before he dies, he hopes his broken heart can be mended. charles butler senior is making a public plea to help find the person who killed his son. police say charles junior was shot and killed just before christmas two years ago after an argument following a fender bender. >> i'd hate to leave this world not knowing, you know, that they have been caught or serving their time or being punished for what they have done. >> a $25,000 reward is being offered for information to find his son's killer. police in burling game are looking for two young dognappers. a 5-month-old french bulldog was stolen by two girls when it wandered from home. a witness told police the girls were walking with the dog and claimed to own it. anyone with information is asked to call police. this morning, a muni driver
7:39 am
is nursing stab wounds after he was attacked by one of his passengers. it happened wednesday night on the 31 balboa bus. police say 47-year-old david choy as the driver was trying to kick him off the bus for causing a disturbance. muni says the driver was taken to the hospital and released later that night. well, the questionable greek yogurt that chobani was pulled from shelves has turned into an official recall. it was a common dairy mold that caused bloating in the containers. some people reported feeling sick. the company says it has fixed the program, anyone with expiration days between september 11th and october 7 october 7th should throw it away. contact the company for a full refund. 7:39, the kind of bacteria in a person's digestive system may determine whether they are thin or overweight.
7:40 am
the report could explain why some people have a harder time losing weight than others. the research linked some kinds of bacteria in the gut to weight gain and unhealthy metabolic changes in mice. that raises the possibility some kinds of bacteria could be used in the future in personalized fat fighting therapies for people. eric spalwell is holding a conference tomorrow to help people under the affordable care act, also called obama care held at the glad tidings church from 2 to 4:00 p.m. there will be health experts on hand to tell people about their options and financial assistance available to purchase health insurance through the covered california health marketplace. time now is 7:40 and get excited, the nfl season officially underway and it started on a rather exciting note. the denver broncos hosted the super bowl champs, the baltimore ravens, still hard to say that. the game started 33 minutes
7:41 am
late because of a lightning storm, but after 3 punts to start thing off, peyton manning, threw a record tieing 7 touched 7 -- touchdown passes, something that hasn't been done in 43 years. san francisco 49ers preparing for their season opener at candle stick. they will battle the green bay packers. they defeated them on the road and defeated them again in the nfc divisional playoffs. this is the 9ers last season at the stick before they move to levi stadium in santa clara. watch the game this sunday right here. mean tile want the oakland raiders will face the colts in indianapolis this sunday. terrell prior has been named quarterback. the homeowner is against the jackson jaguars. not only will people likely want to cross the new eastern span but pam's going to be here in a moment with a look at the big events happening over the
7:42 am
next few days. and the monthly jobless report just came out this morning. why it actually complicates a big decision, the federal reserve will have to make later this month. and we have a problem on the lower deck of the bay bridge, if you're trying to get to treasure island, but the upper deck looks good, we'll update you on what's going on. sunshine, fog on the coast, but everything says sunshine and warmer temps will prevail. we'll have the forecasted highs on this friday coming up. blay
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well, another picture that we're looking at right now, but the stock market moves sharply lower as investors work for a mediocre jobs report and monitor the simmering tensions
7:45 am
over syria. markets were down over a hundred. the dough was over a hundred at one point. right now it's coming back a little bit. the dow down 46. the nasdaq down 3. s&p down 1. the market also may be reacting to the august jobs report. the unemployment rates slipped to the lowest level in nearly 5 years. it's now at 7.3% but actually for all the wrong reasons. the labor department says hiring has slowed so more americans have stopped looking for work. they're not included in the jobless numbers and that could affect the federal reserves decision on whether it should reduce the bond purchases it has been making to stimulate the economy. just checking right now on facebook stock is up over 2%, 2.3% right now. it had hit a 52 week high trading slightly above $43 early this morning. right now it's at 43.60. facebook stock had sold for $19
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at one point and has more than doubled in price this summer. time is 7:45 on the dot. do you have any plans for the weekend. there's a long list of big eventings, but that could mean a long line of cars. pam cook is in the studio with what's happening and will bring people to the new bridge again. pam, good morning. >> this is the first weekend since the new span of the bay bridge opened, so a lot of people will want to driver over and see for themselves. >> we want to take you to the san francisco water front, keeping an eye on this as steve pallson is telling us this morning, it's going to be a beautiful weekend. you can see a beautiful sunny start to the day. finally getting nice summer weather in the city, so that always brings people out as well. and if the allure of the new bridge and the weather isn't enough, there is also a long list of big events happening in the city this weekend. we've been talking about the america's cup finals, beginning tomorrow, the race getting even more attention after that controversy involving team oracle usa.
7:47 am
the international jersey, docked oracle two races which means they have to win eleven races. racing schedules get underway at 1:15 along the san francisco water front. and the giants are back in town. they have games tonight, tomorrow night and sunday at 1:00. against the arizona diamondbacks and the 49ers play at candle stick on sunday afternoon. and they play the green bay packers, which is also a big draw. a lot of packers fans everywhere you go. we talked to chp a moment ago. they say traffic heading on the new sky way into the city could be as crowded as rush hour in the morning. officers asking people to be patient and leave some extra time to get to where you want to go. toyota over to sal. you know -- i want to go over to sal. they want to warn people not to be in a rush. >> be patient. that's good advice. let's talk about using your patience on the bay bridge heading out of san francisco.
7:48 am
there is a stuck truck eastbound interstate 80 at the off ramp, right there at the offer ramp. give yourself extra time. if you're trying to get to treasure island and do this, you can't do it because of the problem there, the stuck truck that didn't quite make that tight turn, eastbound traffic may be affected. westbound traffic is not. let's go out and take a look at what we have with the westbound traffic. it's lighter than usual on friday, a smaller delay at the toll plaza. 5 to 10 minutes there. no problems by the way if you're on 280 northbound, but we have had slow traffic up into the valley all of a sudden, not only on 280 but on 237. checking to see if there's a new crash here. i don't see one on 280 here. i'm just looking around, but traffic is very slow heading up on 280 getting to the 17 freeway. 7:48. let's go to steve. >> home tomorrow, 2:00, portland state. >> it's going to be hot. >> it's going to be a hot game.
7:49 am
we have clear skies. that's why i mentioned it. there's another game tomorrow night, san jose state and sanford. 8:00 tomorrow. clear and warm. 8:00 at night, we'll get back into the 70s but looking for 90 degrees during the day. it will be warm if you're heading there to any of the games or events this weekend. we have the low in the pacific northwest northwest, rain to portland, more rain in 24 hours than they had all of july and august. much cooler lows this morning. that's one caveat. we don't have a north or northeast wind. hardly any breeze at all. a hint of one for oakland airport but anything under 10 is just a sure sign it's going to get warm to hot. patchy fog, kind of parallel to the coast. mainly on the san mateo coast and there's good rain, in seattle, and portland, over an inch and a quarter as we talked about, so the low is making its impact there a lot of tropical clouds that continue to filter
7:50 am
in. a low working up the coast next week. i think there are little changes taking shape for tuesday or wednesday. until then, it's lots of sunshine and patchy fog. patchy coast fog, it will be warm. a good 5, 10 degrees, high pressure is building in. this is different from the pattern we had all summer long. this is building in from the pacific. that case gives us that little bit of northerly breeze. it's trying to kick in. not there yet. this is old fashioned high pressure kicking in and giving us a warm up here. 80s and 90s away from the coast. 60s, 70s and 80s. but warm to hot on the weekend. monday, if we don't top out there, a cooling trend on tuesday. >> steve, thank you very much,. a public health care in new hampshire has expanded to massachusetts. five patients who underwent surgery at a cape cod hospital may have been exposed to a rare brain disease. doctors there were using the same potentially contaminated medical equipment found in a new hampshire hospital. one person in new hampshire has
7:51 am
died of the rare degenerative brain disease. at least a dozen other people in new hampshire may have been exposed. the u.s. birthrate has hit a record low. nearly 4 million babies were born last year, and researchers say it's the lowest birthrate since records began taking place in 1909. researchers say a major reason for the drop is the economy with about 22% of couples opting out of having a child due to money concerns. teen birthrates hit a historic low. it is 9 minutes before 8:00. the centers for disease control and prevention is issuing a warning after finding a big jump in the use of electronic cigarettes among young people. the cdc says the use of e gets among middle and high school -- e-cigarettes among middle and high school students doubled in 2011 and 2012. they produce water vapor instead of tobacco smoke. but young people think e- cigarettes are safer than smoking. >> if kids get hooked on
7:52 am
nicotine because of e- cigarettes, that may make them lifelong smokers, not just of e- cigarettes but of traditional cigarettes. >> e-cigarettes still expose users to nicotine, which the american heart association calls an addictive drug. the food and drug administration does not regulate e-cigarettes but is looking into the possibility of regulating them. coming up, a fire engulfs a car lot in martinez. at the top of the hour, we'll give you a live and up close look at the damage and pinpointing a possible cause to the early morning fire. a bike from the bay area share program gets stolen days into the program. how the suspected thief was shamed on twitter.
7:53 am
7:54 am
last night dozens of people held a candlelight vigil and
7:55 am
peace march to remember 18-year- old carlos and daniel garcia sanchez. they were gunned down by suspected gang members who mistook them for belonging to a rival gang. >> they were awesome coworkers, hard working. every day that showed up here, even if they were early during the shift. >> a funeral for one of the victims took place yesterday. these were the first two homicides in union city since 2011. two men, ages 19 and 22 have been arrested and charged with murder in these cases. each reportedly accuses the other of pulling the trigger. the bay area bike share program has become quite popular. 3000 people have signed up in the first week. nearly 700 of these bikes a docked at automatic situations in redwood city, palo alto, memberships range from $9 per
7:56 am
day to $88 per year and users get unlimited rides up to 30 minutes each. however, police say this is a photo of the first stolen bike in the program, along with the first suspected thief. the sfpd, antibike theft squad recovered the bike and posted the photo on twitter. it looks like the thief used toilet paper to cover up the bike share logo on the bike. and they tweeted news about the recovered bike. they responded with a "thank you and promised to pick up the stolen bike. 7:56. police in the los angeles area are investigating a major scandal at four of the regions most financially troubled schools. a dozen school workers are charged with helping to steal thousands of textbooks for a book buyer and selling them back to the schools. investigators say a long beach businessman recruited the workers to take thousands of books from schools in los angeles englewood, lynnwood and bellflower, the workers which included two school librarians were allegedly paid $200,000
7:57 am
each. coming up in in our 8:00 hour, a south bay elementary school has no water. a car crash took out the school's water main. what's being done to keep classes in session. a car lot in martinez goes up in flames. where it started and what investigators think happened. and you're looking at slow traffic building for the last part of the commute. on the upper deck, though, it looks good into san francisco. well, except on the san mateo coast, that's the only fog we can find. everything says sunshine and warmer temps. we'll have the friday and weekend forecasted highs in about 5 minutes. ♪ five
7:58 am
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like the subway club, sweet onion chicken teriyaki and even the italian bmt. with tons of $5 footlongs, we need an entire month to celebrate. so hurry in! ♪ at subway good morning everybody, you're taking a live look at the scene of a major fire at a car lot in martinez, we have been there all morning long as firefighters face real obstacles before they get close enough to fight that fire. ktvu's claudine wong will have more on that in moments. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm brian flores. >> i'm tori campbell. dave clark is off today. we begin with a quick look at weather and traffic this hour. sunny and hot steve. >> getting there, unless you're right on the immediate coast. temperatures will warm up inland, 80s and 90s. still patchy fog. we're not getting offshore breeze. looks nice to warm to hot over the weekend. won't last too long.
8:00 am
early next week we top it out. and tropical clouds coming in by the middle of next week. 50s on the lows. we're starting to see warm up. temperatures were noticeably cooler this morning than we have had in a long time. clear skies, no breeze at all. hardly any breeze that i could find. 78 in san francisco. i think we're out of the gate pretty fast under mostly clear skies, rich a couple hours ago said it was clear at ocean beach. concord, inland areas, low 90s. not going to be 105 or anything like that but there will be 90s as temperatures go over average. low up in the pacific northwest, not having much impact on us anymore as high pressure begins to move in. patchy low clouds, hit and miss on the marin coast, and parallel to the san mateo. a much lighter breeze. temperatures inland will begin to warm up. 90s, 80s, closer to the bay. here's sal. >> steve, we have had a couple of issues on the bay bridge. we have an accident, actually reported on that new span westbound somewhere along that span. and news chopper 2 is just
8:01 am
about to pull over here, and you can see there is something right there on the right hand side. it looks like some sort of a crash or some sort of something pulling on here westbound. it is blocking the right lane. there's a tow truck, a couple of tow trucks trying to get off and trying to get that thing out of the bridge but it is causing slow traffic. it could cause slow traffic as well at the toll plaza. they will slow the metering lights down and as we pull out news chopper 2 is going to something on the other side of the island, we may come back to that coming up. let's go to the san mateo bridge, and the san mateo bridge is slow. could be a stall out there. look how slow it is out there. all of a sudden it's at a standstill and looking at my chp list. i don't see anything, certainly something is wrong on the san mateo bridge, just trying to figure out what it is, and this morning, we're looking at that truck, eastbound 80 at the bottom of the treasure island off ramp. it's wedged in there, and traffic is not getting onto the
8:02 am
island in san francisco. let's go back to the desk. word deadly weapon or returning -- word developing or returning to developing news of a large fire located near numerous businesses. claudine wong has been on the scene since 4:30 this morning. i understand investigators may have traced the fire to a possible source. >> reporter: yes, they think it may have started in the kitchen. they're saying nothing suspicion about the fire. the damage is extensive. we take a look at this side of the building, there is on the far left one wall that still stands. that was actually an office space that wasn't rented out. then in the front, you have a bunch of cars. these cars were all parked at a wholesale car business, and then on the other side of all these cars was another part of the building. this was actually where you're looking at up front is the office space and behind it was a 1 bedroom apartment. now, let me take you to video
8:03 am
from earlier this morning. this is about 3:15 this morning. viewers sent the video as flames took over the structure. it took an hour for firefighters to get it under control and downed power lines, another half hour before the fire was out. the owner of the building didn't know what happened until he turned on ktvu this morning. >> we're shocked, watching tv and seeing your building burning down. i mean, you know. so i called a tenant immediately, and, you know, came down here. >> now, it appears at this point that the fire started in the 1 bedroom apartment. the investigators say it's likely in the kitchen where there are reports that the the tenants may have been cooking. the battalion chief out here gave us a look at the damage inside. >> there's no roof, you know, gone straight to the walls give you any indication of paths of fire or how hot it got. >> it does. we have an investigator inside. he's obviously looking at what we call the alligatoring, which
8:04 am
is the dark on the wood from the burn. that will give you an indication of where the fire came from, how hot it was when it burned through here, how quick it burned through. the fact that you have no roof in the building at this point is significant that it had a hot fire come up underneath it and collapsed all the roof structure. >> reporter: back live at peach street. here's another live look inside what is left of this building. the owner says they had just renovated and rewired the entire structure. he bought it a year ago as an investment. they spent the last hour out here basically just taking a look at the damage and really what's left, which is not much. the investigators just got a chance to also talk to the tenants inside who were able to get themselves out of the building safely. fortunately no one hurt but certainly a lot of damage. live claudine wong ktvu. there's also a developing story out of southern california, explosion leveled one house and damaged a couple
8:05 am
others in a riverside neighborhood. the fire began just after 4 this morning. investigators say there is no evidence of foul play and the home that was destroyed was vacant and had been under construction for a month. firefighters were caution because of fire from the natural gas line as well. they had to wait for the line to be shut off. this fire at a recycling plant many in stockton could be burning for days t. began around midnight east of downtown. it's burning in a large pile of card board paper and wood. the burning pile of recyclables is 60 feet deep and they can't get water to the center of it. >> i can't put enough water on it to penetrate that material. i may be able to darken it down and send everybody home. by the time we picked up our hose, it would be going again. >> the fire is sending smoke across highways 4 and 99. they say they have the fire under control and can keep it from spreading but they may be fighting the flames into the weekend. it is 8:05.
8:06 am
school just began at an elementary school in the south bay that now has now -- no running water. janine de la vega joins us at the scene to let us know what's happening now. >> reporter: the school is waiting for the porta-potties to arrive. there's a little bit of a delay. the water has been shut off at the school. contractors are out here digging where that water main was broken because a car crashed into it. the contractor here says that the water should be restored in about 4 to 5 hours. police say a car transporter was traveling southbound on pearl avenue near clarkson at 3:00 a.m. when it clipped a lincoln town car. it crashed into the water main at school. there were three people inside the car. one man stayed at the scene, but a man and woman ran away. the man was found injured hiding in the bushes. a woman was found in a neighborhood across the street.
8:07 am
all three were taken to the hospital. the fire department shut off the water to the school. san jose unified says the water main will be temporarily fixed in the next several hours. we want to try to keep things as normal as possible. and although we have a few concerns going on right now, we're going to make sure the students have what they need, they have the restroom facilities, they have water, they have hand wash stations and aside from that, we just hope that, you know, we can bridge the gap until everything is completely fix. >> reporter: san jose unified says while they wait for porta- potties to arrive, children will be allowed to use the restroom and they will deal with cleaning up the bathrooms later. officers are trying to determine whether to call this a hit-and-run because it's unknown who the driver was and if that driver was the one who stayed at the scene. all three of those people suffered minor to moderate
8:08 am
injuries. officers suspect they may have been under the influence of alcohol. and back out here, live, the facilities manager says again, this is a temporary fix being done on the water main. a permanent fix will be done tomorrow. and from the pair that i spoke to out here that have dropped off their children at school, nobody seems to be too terribly concerned just because they know porta-potties are coming in and bottled water will be brought in to be used to wash hands or if the children are thirsty. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. 8:08. santa rosa police are investigating a shooting of two groups outside a popular restaurant. it happened at chevy's fresh medical examiner -- chevy's fresh mex. the argument started inside and moved outside. one person pulled out a gun and fired shots in the parking lot. no one was hit.
8:09 am
police have not made any arrests and they are encouraging witnesses to come forward. san francisco's police chief is warning that the city risks more crime if it tries to dodge a request from the federal government. the u.s. asked cities, not just san francisco to jail some undocumented workers who could later be deported. but the board of supervisors is now considering a proposal that would stop the city from honoring these immigration holds. police chief warns that some of the people in custody are suspected of violent crimes like rape and murder. local community and religious leaders are gathering in san francisco tonight to support what they say undocumented workers. today's rally is at the federal building begin at 5:00 p.m. activists are raising awareness about two women who have lived in the u.s. for over a decade with children in the country as well. they are scheduled to be deported next week. today marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of
8:10 am
another for homeland security chief. it's her last day on the job before she takes over as president for the university of california system at the end of the month. napolitano spent five years as head of homeland security. and speeding up responses to natural disaster and she says her biggest disappointment is the inabout to push through a comprehensive immigration bill. howard jordan has ended his 24 year career with the department. today's oakland tribune reports the city has approved jordan's disability retirement. this comes four months after jordan abruptly stepped down as chief citing an undisclosed medical condition. several sources later told ktvu news jordan had been called to a meeting at city hall just before he announced he was stepping down. there is new information about the b.a.r.t. labor dispute. today's san francisco examiner reports b.a.r.t. management was close to
8:11 am
offering a contract more in line with union requests last month. but management reportedly decided to back off after the 60 day cooling off period took away the incentive to strike a deal right away. b.a.r.t. and the unions still appear far apart during this midway point of the cooling off period. >> the two sides aren't really interested in, you know, coming together. the mediator can't tell us what proposals to put across the table. the two sides need to do that. if they're not willing to do it through a mediator, they may not be willing to do it face to face. >> it's the worst bargaining i have ever seen. clearly intended to push us out on strike. >> there have been no face to face negotiations since the cooling off period began and the two sides do not plan to meet on the main issues for another two weeks. time now is 8:11 and we're continuing to follow a shocking hit-and-run case in san francisco. it involves a city worker and a wok killed while sunbathing -- woman killed while sunbathing
8:12 am
at a local park. leaders from europe, asia and the middle east have come together to say that the international norm against chemical weapons be up held. >> the results of president obama's campaign to get international support for a military strike on syria. good morning san mateo bridge is still recovering after a couple stalled vehicles. looks better now. a little bit slow heading to foster city. some fog on the san mateo coast, but that's about it. it's already retreating off the marin coast and not much of a breeze. temperatures warming up but how much unbelievable.
8:13 am
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time 8:14. president obama spoke from the gt-to-summit last hour. -- the g20 summit last hour. ten members joined the u.s. and they stopped short of explicitly calling for military action. as ktvu's kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. news room, president obama says there needs to be a strong international response. >> reporter: president obama said he would prefer working through the united nations but he said other countries need to support military action against syria. >> my goal is to maintain the international norm on banning chemical weapons. i want that enforcement to be real. >> reporter: president obama called syria's breach of the international ban on chemical weapons brazen. he talked to reporters after
8:16 am
meeting privately with russian president vladimir putin for 20 or 30 minutes. he has been a roadblock for president obama's plan. putin said they disagreed but their meeting was constructive. president obama will try to rally support at home. he said today he has a well deserved reputation for taking seriously and soberly the idea of military engagement. >> i was elected to end wars, not start them. >> he will make his case to the american public next week. president obama said he will be speaking from the white house on tuesday. live in washington, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. it is 8:16. president obama has told the pentagon to expand the list of potential targets in syria. that's according to the new york times. the paper says it's in response to the movement of syrian troops and equipment ahead of a threatened military strike by the u.s. there are also reports that the administration is now
8:17 am
considering using military aircraft in addition to cruise missiles to attack targets in syria. the meanwhile, members of congress are getting an earful from constituents who do not support action in syria. this is video of senator john mccain back home in arizona yesterday at a town hall meeting. people there lashed out at mccain for his support of a strike on syria. the full congress will be back in session on monday and what to do about syria will likely top their agenda. this morning, president obama refused to say what he would do if congress does not approve syrian strikes. and the u.s. has intercepted an order from an iranian official instructing militants to attack the u.s. embassy and other american interests in baghdad in the event of a strike on syria. that's according to the wall street journal. reportedly the message was intercepted in recent days. it went to iranian supported
8:18 am
shy identity shy -- shitite groups. president obama has cancel add trip to california on monday, and will stay in washington. the president was scheduled to speak at an aflcio convention in los angeles and attend a democratic party fundraiser. drivers in central and eastern contra costa county will see something new on highway 4. caltrans is turning on metering lights to railroad avenue in pittsburgh. willing be metering lights on highway 242. they will be green next week. the meters will start regular operations during the morning commute on the westbound side the following week. the eastbound evening commute traffic lights will starting sickling red and green the week of september 24th. time is 8:18. let's go to sal keeping an eye on traffic and i understand there's a gravel spill. >> that's right. it's in fairfield, eastbound 80
8:19 am
on red top road, causing a bigamies for traffic where it -- a big mess for traffic where it normally isn't messy. there's a gravel spill. they have a couple lanes, the right lane is coned off and traffic is a mess. you can see the traffic here. i'm just going to pull back on the maps here to see how slow it is the whole way, pretty much right here through fairfield. please give yourself a little extra time as you drive through. let's go to live pictures now, this is a look at bait bridge. despite the stalled truck on, still a 10 minute delay. nothing major. we have look at 237 westbound. this traffic here is moving along very slowly as you pass 880. now, let's go back to steve. >> sal, thank you sir and mainly clear skies. not much of a breeze. already temperatures until the mid-60s. brian up in cloverdale. cloverdale checking checking in
8:20 am
with 66. 66 in brentwood. on our way to warm weather and a little bit of fog on the coast. you have heard it's going to get warm to hot. heading to the call game tomorrow, 2:00, portland state, it's going to be hot. tomorrow night, san jose state and stanford, will be warm and clear. not as hot. during the day probably close to 90 degrees. palpalpalo alto. quiet weather. high pressure noses in and it's going to give us a little bit of a northerly breeze. all summer long, it's been the high pressure in the four corners building in and the coast is still dealing with fog. a little bit of fog there, there is a different pattern than what we have usually see. cool lows considering where we've been on the lows. a good 5 to 10 degrees cooler. they will start to rebound. a bite to the morning air. fairfield at 2 miles per hour. anything under 10 is usually a sure sign they're going to get warm to hot.
8:21 am
calm conditions, sfo. everything is in place here for a pretty good warm up. some of the temps in the higher elevations aren't that warm. i expect them to be over the weekend. some of the fog disappearing off the marin coast and i think it will disperoxyl off the san mateo -- disappear off the san mateo coast. if you're heading to portland or seattle, you might want to take an umbrella because it's raining in fact, really good rain. an inch and a quarter plus in portland. 54 ukiah, not that warm yet. 63 in sacramento and as the low moves out, it's going to eject out of the pacific northwest today, that allows high pressure to build in, and everybody the coast should get in on lots of sunshine and temperatures warming up. 90s to the interior, we'll have upper 90s tomorrow. 70s and 80s closer to the bay, but looks like a beautiful day if more on the coast, if it's not today, it will be over the weekend as temperatures warm up. keep it there until monday.
8:22 am
looks cooler on tuesday and cooler the rest of next week. thank you very much. george zimmerman's wife stood by him throughout his murder trial. now she's filing for divorce. in about 15 minutes, the reason she's decided to leave him. and a tragedy caused by a toy. the investigation that's now underway in new york. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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find your career success in the bay area. it's halloween time and disneyland is ours! going down! boo! with haunted mansion holiday... space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit trick or treat. welcome back to mornings on
8:25 am
2. time 8:24. the largest inactive volcano discovered on earth. this is a digital image that shows what a looks like under the pacific ocean, 1000 miles east of japan. it covers 120,000 square miles. in comparison, montaloa, active on land it 2000 square miles. it's a different shape than the other underwater volcanos. a high school football team was sent running for safety after the bus they were riding on caught fire. it happened during rush hour in portland oregon. firefighters say it started in the engine in the rear of the bus and quickly spread. >> got all the kids off the bus and started trying to get gear off. and once the bus caught fire, we got everyone away. >> interesting, it's raining there. not much of a surprise in portland, though. right now it's unclear what started the fire butt driver
8:26 am
was experienced experienced and is -- but the driver was experienced and is cooperating with the investigation. no one was hurt. a new york man has died in a tragic accident involving a toy helicopter. police say he died after the remote control helicopter struck him in the head. police say he is believed to be the one who was flying the helicopter. the incident is still under investigation. an event takes place tomorrow to honor an oakland girl who has been missing for months. daphne webb was 21-month-olds when her father says she disappeared outside a convenience store in july. other family members had not seen the toddler since june. at 11:00 tomorrow morning, a motorcycle club will host what it calls a love run for baby daphne. it starts in oakland and ends in vallejo. and. and a peace walk will be held in oakland to encourage residents to take part in the operation serious fire program. tonight's walk begins at 6:30
8:27 am
at allen baptist temple church. similar walks will be held each friday night. warnings about con artists stealing people's money. scammers are trying to do victims over the phone, which communities are being targeted. we're live in san francisco where the coroner has just released the name of a young mother killed in a bernal heights park. we'll tell you what we learned about the city worker accused of running her over. highway 24 looks good driving over to the lafayette area and into oakland. walnut creek and oakland looks good but you'll see slowing in oakland. it's been a long foggy summer on the coast. everything's pointing toward sunshine and a warm up today. we'll have the forecasted temps in about two minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. time 8:29. you're looking at the new span of the bay bridge this morning. we have been talking all week about the traffic congestion. this week probably won't look different. it's shaping up to be a busy weekend in the city. we'll have more later in the newscast. good morning. i'm brian flores. dave clark is off today. steve's here and it's going to be hot this weekend. it's going to be warming up fast here. inlander areas, coastal, mostly sunny. a little bit of fog by the san mateo coast and the low in the pacific northwest is doing a rain dance. not for us. much cooler lows this morning, now we're seeing mid 60s already. san francisco, everything looks good to go for sunshine, a patch or two of low clouds and most looks to be retreating. 70 a high of 78 degrees.
8:31 am
a beautiful day not only in the city but much another coast. -- on the coast. 97 tomorrow. patchy fog. 5 to 10 degrees warmer as high pressure noses in on the pacific and that's going to allow a little puff of a northerly breeze which means temperatures heading up. cooler next week, but lots of sun and warmer temps today for you. that's good, i like that. the west bay bridge, you can see traffic that's slowing down a little bit at the toll plaza. you can see there's a little bit of a back up there. it's not a big back up, but it certainly is a little bit of a wait here between 5 and so minutes. it has improved quite a bit, though. moving along and taking a look at the san mateo bridge, that has improved after a couple stalled vehicles on the high- rise were removed, but it caused slow traffic and still taking a little bit of time to unwind. looking at a gravel spill still east 80 at red top road, driving to sacramento, leaving the bay area, going to tahoe for the weekend. you may want to put it off for
8:32 am
a bit until that clears up. 80 westbound in vallejo looks good past american canyon road and down to the bridge. and the east shore freeway, we haven't had a lot of slow traffic in richmond. a little bit slow on 80 as you pass the richmond park way. 8:31. let's go back to the desk. in san francisco, a city recreation and parks worker faces a felony hit-and-run charge after the maintenance truck struck and killed the woman sunbathing with her child. tara moriarty joins us live from the bernal heights area with new information about the victim. >> reporter: the coroner just released the woman's name. she is 35-year-old christine spanamer of daily city. based on witness testimony and physical evidence, we have been able to piece together what happened. we understand the driver was coming down the road where the man was walking, and veered off of it on to the grass, you can see the tire marks still there. he decided to go down this graysy way and take a right.
8:33 am
-- grassy way, and take a right. didn't see the woman, and then he headed off to the right over there. neighbors that we have been talking to this morning say they are horrified but this accident was bound to happen because they had made complaints to reck and park about this particular worker on numerous occasions. the woman was lying on a blanket at holly park enjoying the sunny day with her 8-month- old baby girl and her dog when the city worker, driving a pickup truck hit her and then took off. luckily the baby was not hurt. now this all happened before 2:30 yesterday afternoon in the bernal heights neighborhood. crews rushing the woman to san francisco general hospital where she died. makes say the city workers should -- neighbors say the city worker should not have been driving on the grassy part. >> driving as fast as he has along the path, driving over the grass. no reason it should have been going. people have complained numerous
8:34 am
times. we have had to stop him by jumping in front of the truck to get him to stop and slow down. >> one of the cameramen found the maintenance man in a city vehicle. a spokesperson declined to identify the worker and says he has been with the agency since 2006. reck and park general manager issued a statement calling it a devastating day for all. supervisor david campos went door to door with investigators looking for surveillance video yesterday. he says the board will be looking at what rules and guidelines there are for park and vehicles and says we can't have anything like this happening again in the city of san francisco. now as far as the worker, we understand that he did lose a daughter recently in a car accident and we're trying to gather more information obviously about the victim and her family and we'll bring you more on our noon news. live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. you may do a double take the next time you see a chp parole car in your rear view
8:35 am
mirror. erer replacing their county victoria, with more like an suv. chp officers in the solano county are the first in the bay area to make switch. the fleet of cars was over due for a tradein because more than half have over a hundred thousand miles. a shoplifting suspect was arrested. according to police, yesterday afternoon, novato police responded to a call of a man and a woman shoplifting at the vintage oaks shopping center in novato. the man ran, fought off police, got in a car and tried to run down the officer. they chased the car down on highway 101 where it crashed and the suspect was eventually arrested. it is 8:35. a man suspected of killing a schoolyard monitor in san jose is scheduled to be in court today and charged with homicide. law enforcement sources say the suspect is a 43-year-old man
8:36 am
named oscar aiola. they did not say the relationship to the victim, reina figueora. she was found dead inside her minivan on tuesday. her family is planning her tune corral. >> we're trying -- her funeral. >> we're trying to be strong everywhere we go. we start thinking about it, it just tears us apart. >> she worked at selma o linder elementary where students have drawn posters. she is working with the mexican consulate granting her wishing to be buried with her father in mexico. a phone scam by a man pretending to be a police officer. the man making calls says he is lieutenant stevens. he tells people they have warrants out for their arrest. he then demands they make a payment over the phone to clear the warrant. several people have fallen for the scam. if you get a similar call. do not give any personal information. instead, contact law enforcement. and another phone scam is
8:37 am
targeting people living in palo alto. the city says someone is calling people and says their utility bill is overdue. the person threatens to shut off the victim's power if they don't pay by credit card overt phone. the city of palo alto utilities department says if you get a similar call, hang up and call their customer service line. pg&e has opened a new state of the art gas pipeline control center in san ramon. the $38 million facility is part of the utilities gas system upgrade in the wake of the deadly pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno nearly three years ago. the control center is located at bishop ranch office park using high-tech tools to give realtime information about what's happening with the utilities natural gas system. contracontra costa county is launching a program easing the burden of firefighters while protecting the community. fire crews took on more responsibilities due to budget cuts and station closures.
8:38 am
large fire trucks respond to emergency medical calls. >> i would say it could run anywhere from 8 to 15 calls because it's going to be serving such a large area. it will be busy. >> the medical squad is operating out of a fire station in downtown walnut creek. the department is testing the idea to allow firefighters to concentrate on the height of the fire season. the medical squad will cost the fire district about $200,000. george zimmerman's wife is leaving him. shelley zimmerman is filing for divorce after 7 years of marriage. she said once he was acquitted of killing trayvon martin, he's been verbally abusive toward her. while she stood with him through the ordeal. she's normal -- apple is getting ready to unveil a new store at the shopping center in palo alto.
8:39 am
scheduled to open tomorrow at so a.m. the 12,000 square foot store will replace the 9-year-old store at the mall and that's # 7 times bigger than the current location. and there's a new report apple is testing iphone designs with larger screens. some of the tests are on 6-inch screens. it's an attempt to lure in a wider variety of smart phone users. the larger screens likely would not be able until sometime next year. next week apple is expected to show off the next generation iphones. diana nyad is home after her record setting swim from cuba to florida. she was greeted bay crowd of friends at los angeles international airport when she returned home. she says finally achieving her goal of making the 100 mile swim without a shark cage or
8:40 am
fins, will be the final ocean swim. she will swim in charity fundraisers and swimming pools. two men from the bay area are in new orleans for the annual just for men national beard and mustache championships. the competition kicks off tonight, and a parade tomorrow morning. tyler templeton is participating in his first competition in the full beard category, and napa resident brian whirly earned a 3 3rd place metal in the english mustache category. 20 minutes before 9:00. nasa is inviting the public to nasa conference. they are invited to a launch party tonight in honor of nasa's latest moon mission. a robotic spacecraft nicknamed ladee will go to the moon to investigate lunar dust. the event is free but you'll knee to remember serve a space.
8:41 am
it's scheduled for 8:30 our time. we are one step closer to the future of commercial space travel. yesterday, virgin galactic had a test launch and climbed from 42,000 to 69,000 feet over the mohavi desert. more than 500 people have signed up. 2 hour flight costs 200,000 a seat. >> because i can afford that. time is 8:41. coming up, a busy weekend in the city by the bay, and the long list of big events could mean a long line of cars in san francisco: we have new information and new developments in this martinez fire here at this used car lot. fire crews back on scene after things have flaired up once again. and i just talked to the people
8:42 am
who were inside when the fire started. you'll hear from them coming up. good morning, right now traffic is beginning to wind down for the friday morning commute. still seeing some signs of a late drive to work. already warming up pretty fast and the fog is losing out quickly as well. temperatures even on the coast will warm up. we'll have that forecast for you
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
a bit of a roller coaster on wall street. stocks opened higher and fell sharply. traders keeping an eye on the simmering tensions over syria and a jobs report. and speculation of weak unlimit numbers would encourage the fed to keep up the bond buying program to stimulate the economy. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 28. the nasdaq up 8 and the s&p up 5. time is 8:45. have you driven over the new bay bridge event. you may want to wait. pam cook to tell us why and the advice from the chp. >> this is the first weekend so a lot of people will want to drive over to see it for themselves. we are live along the san francisco water front this morning with the older section of the bridge.
8:46 am
it's already warm and sunny, even in the city as steve paulson has been telling us. we're finally getting nice summer weather in the city and that always brings people out as well. along with the nice weather and a beautiful new bridge, there is a long list of big events this weekend. the america's cup finals begin tomorrow. the race is getting even more attention now after the controversy involving team oracle usa. as we know in the last week, they were docked two races and they have to win eleven races to keep the cup. racing gets underway at 1:15 along the san francisco water front. giants in town, tonight, saturday night and sunday at 1:00 against the arizona diamondbacks and 49ers are playing at candle stick on sunday afternoon and they play the green bay packers. always a big draw, a lot of packers fans around. we spoke to chp this morning, and officers have some simple but important advice. plan ahead, you know, expect traffic. leave a little bit earlier than you probably normally would.
8:47 am
>> and back out live to the water front this morning, we don't want to forget sammy haggard, the red rocker also in the city performing tomorrow night at the america's cup pavilion, that venue by the way, holds 9000 people. still seats available out there if you want to head out. good news on the new bay bridge. chp points out the shoulders are wider. there is room to pull over. let's check in with sal our traffic expert with other advice. >> i can't drive 55. >> yeah. >> usually it's 45 nowadays because i'm getting older. good morning everybody. let's look at what we have. traffic is still busy. we have some problems still. this is a look at 680 southbound. a crash at gregory lane. the problem is it's affecting the northbound direction and traffic in both directions between concord, pleasant hill and walnut creek is going to be slow. we're going to move over to the fairfield area, still have a
8:48 am
gravel spill eastbound 80 at red top road and the traffic is going to be slow as you drive into fairfield out of vallejo, going the other way, it's not all that bad. as a matter of fact, westbound 80 looks good to the carcinas bridge and into richmond. live pictures, showing you the traffic at the toll plaza is backed up for a 5 to 10 minute delay. and if you're driving in san jose, it looks good, northbound 101, san francisco looking good approaching downtown. there's only one way to rock. see there. he's gone. i can't drive 55. that was good sal. clear skies, a little bit of fog on the coast. not much, already starting to go north to south to say good- bye. temperatures will be warming up fast. we're looking for sunshine and warm temperatures to begin. although it was a little cooler this morning. a little bit more than the 50s and the 60s. today that patchy coast fog. not much left. warm to hot over the weekend. probably lasts until monday and tuesday and beyond of next week, does look cooler with
8:49 am
tropical clouds. a low in the pacific northwest giving those folks rain is losing its grip on us. that's allowing temperatures to warm up as high pressure builds in. 80s yesterday and 70s. 92 san jose from 78 to 87. starting to warm up a little bit. not too warm. i did see 66 in antioch. mid-60s elsewhere. hardly any breeze whatsoever for most locations. the fog retreating and beginning to disappear. it's good to go toward santa cruz and monterey. that tells us things are quiet here. as we talked about, that low in portland, gave them more rain in one day than they had in all of july and august and still giving them a pretty good wet pattern up there. about ready to move toward the east, a lot of tropical clouds especially toward south of cabo and la paz. and we'll see. already 89 in palm springs. 85 las vegas. monterey says 57 but 75 san
8:50 am
diego. the low moving out and highs moving in. anything left tomorrow will get wiped out fast. temperatures on their way, coast bay and inland temperatures. inland is not the problem. looks good this weekend. 60s, 70s, 80s and also 90s. temperatures should top out to 97, 97. cooler on tuesday. time now is 8:49. let's get you updated on some of the top stories we're following right now. when there's a breach this brazen. of a norm this important and the international community is paralyzed and frozen and doesn't act, then that norm begins to unravel. >> president obama continues his push for military action on syria from the g20 summit in russia. the president said this morning that he will address the american people on tuesday. we have just received the
8:51 am
picture and the name of the woman who was killed while sunbathing at bernal park heights in san francisco. she's identified as 35-year-old christine sovenmeyer of daily city. the worker driving through the park is facing felony hit-and- run charges in her death from yesterday afternoon. the water is shut off at terrell elementary in san jose following a car crash into a water main. officers suspect the people in the car may have been under the influence. crews hope to restore water in four hours. portable toilets have been ordered. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire at a car lot in martinez. the fire damaged the lot, home, office space and several vehicles. claudine wong is at the scene where she just talked to the people living there. i understand that the fire may have flared up again. >> reporter: it did flare up a little bit and they had a fire crew out here putting water on it. i want to show you something handed to me by the fire investigator. they believe this started all
8:52 am
in this tiny little pod where apparently the residents were cooking potatoes. take a look at the underside of this pot, though, ask that is actually the grate from the stove. it burned so hot, it actually left an imprint in the bottom of the stove. but if you take a look at just the size of this pot, again, cooking some potatoes, this is all it took to create this behind us. the fire investigators say, look, kitchen fires some of the most common causes for fires, but the devastation is pretty remarkable. i want to show you what this looked like when firefighters got here. what they saw when they arrived on scene was nothing short of an inferno. 3/4 of this building that is a commercial and residential mixed use building was on fire. they had downed power lines, a lot in front of them. the two residents got out okay and we talked to them a short time ago about what they were doing. the woman who was inside said
8:53 am
she was asleep when the fire broke out. >> i fell asleep on the couch, and i woke up because i smelled something burning probably, and i didn't know where he was because i had been asleep, so i was calling his name. >> reporter: she said the fire was in the kitchen when she got out. the other man wholived here was out walking the dog. she got o the fire quickly spread. it's all wood construction and with the vehicles in front of the building, that caused the fire to take off. the man who was out walking the dog says he's in shock by what happened and he's not sure what he's going to do next. >> we have nothing at all nothing. i don't have any relatives in the area. i don't have a wallet anymore. >> reporter: he has now decided that he and the woman living here are going to stay with friends until they can figure out really what happens next. damage estimated at almost
8:54 am
$200,000. it was a mixed use commercial and residential. there was a one bedroom unit where the couple livered and the rest was used -- lived and the rest was used for a wholesale auto dealers. and nothing left there. the owner of that business has been out here trying to figure out what happens next for him. pretty remarkable if you consider that this is all it took to burn down this building. live in martinez, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> amazing and seeing the marks. thank you. it is 8:54. it's the first weekend with the new bridge. sal will be back with a last check on friday morning traffic. unbelievable.
8:55 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time 8:56. let's go to sal, keeping an eye on traffic. i saw a couple problems on the san mateo bridge and bay bridge. >> getting better, not cleared completely. we have slow traffic and we want to mention it's going to be a popular weekend on the bay bridge and the back up at the bay bridge toll plaza is not big, but 880 getting up through downtown is going to be slow with a little bit of a crowd there right now. talking about the toll plaza back up is slow, remember there's a 49ers game on sunday and there's a lot of stuff going on in the city otherwise as well. san mateo bridge, traffic is slow getting off the bridge at 101 in foster city. let's go to steve. a little bit of fog trying to hold on on the san mateo coast. sunny and starting to warm up
8:58 am
fast. it will be warm to hot right into the weekend, early next week and looks cooler tuesday and beyond. >> have a good weekend. that is our report for the this morning, thanks for making ktvu your choice for news. be sure to watch ktvu channel 2 news at noon for more on the america's cup final and all the big events in san francisco this weekend. thanks for joining us.
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