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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 11, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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president obama leads the nation in marking this 12th anniversary of 9/11. the somber ceremonies taking place from coast to coast this morning. >> reporter: major crash has closed the birobb -- closed
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thebyron highway. and more violence early today in benghazi, libya. what happened exactly one year after the terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate. this morning, across the country, people are stopping to remember the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. this is a live look at ground zero where family members are reading the nails of some of the victims who died 12 years ago this morning. right now, a -- on the senate floor -- this is a live look at the senate floor, where they
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are about to take a moment of silence. >> precarious challenges. use our lawmakers as instruments of your peace bringing hope where there is despair and order where there is chaos. we pray in your great name. amen. >> amen. >> i pledge allegiance tonight flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all. >> the clerk will read a
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communication to the senate. >> washington, d.c., september 11th, 2013, under the provision one, i hereby appoint edward j. markey, from massachusetts to perform the duties of the chair signed patrick leahy. >> under the previous order, the leadership ership time is preserved. under the previous order there will now be a moment of silence to pay tribute to the americans whose lives were taken on september 11th, 2001.
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[moment of silence] >> you are listening right now -- that was a moment of silence being held in the u.s. senate to remember the attacks that happened 12 years ago today, september 11th, 2001. there's senate majority leader harry reid on the right and at the left, a musician playing at ground zero, a ceremony going on there where the names have been read of many of the victims who died in the world trade center as it collapsed 12 years ago. there are certainly a lot of events going on today to remember what happened 12 years ago and where we are now.
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it was approximately exactly at this time, 7:03, california time, when the military command center learned from the white house of flight 93's hijacking and also flight 93 crashed during its -- into pennsylvania, the field there as it was heading to san francisco. so we're gonna be following all. these events going on. that was a look at the memorial that's at ground zero that was opened two years ago, certainly a lot of events going on there today as well. once again we'll be continuing to follow the events throughout the day here on ktvu. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. >> we're back here at home. we're gonna check weather and traffic for you. first we're going to steve. >> we have a cooler pattern. it started yesterday inland. it will continue today and then bottom out. i will tell you, temperatures coming up tomorrow. inland temperatures, strange counties in lake county. 93, 98, it will be cooler there
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today. 82 in livermore after yesterday's 85. oakland, 72 and san jose, 79 after yesterday's 82. very mild lows this morning. mainly -- only a couple of 50s. that's around san jose, which is usually one of the warmer locations. low clouds in place and also a few high clouds wrapping back around from a low down the four corners from the sierra nevada. cooler, windy at times. mainly higher elevations. i expect that to pick up later once the low cloud deck burns off. 60s, 70s by the bay. plainly low 80s inland. here's sal. we're looking at the byron highway, steve. it's been closed because of a jackknife big rig injury crash that happened going on two hours ago, very serious injuries. two people were flown to hospital trauma centers, one to john muir, one to oakland children's hospital and the rest were transported by the ground units on this highway. this crash did occur two hours
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ago. still closed. no sign of when they are going to reopen. even the fire department is still out there. we are expecting this to be done for the morning commute. you have to use other freeways instead. might want to stick to the main roads. this is a popular shortcut but not this morning. let's take a look at the bay bridge. it's backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. there was a problem on the west side of the bridge in san francisco with a minor crash. it really did slow traffic into the city. if you are driving in san jose, northbound, 280 is et going busy out of downtown all the way into the cupertino area. back to the desk. new this morning, richmond acity council has voted to move forward with the unprecedented plan to use eminent domain to buy struggling homeowners under water mortgages. we're live with the details. alex? >> reporter: it's an idea to
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help struggling homeowners facing foreclosure. the debate over this controversial plan certainly was heated last night. more than 300 people turned out for the city council meeting. a huge turnout here. such a large crowd that they had to move the meeting into the richmond memorial auditorium. things didn't wrap up until early this morning. that's when the city council voted 4-3 to move forward with the plan to possibly use eminent domain to seize under water mortgages as a way to reduce foreclosures. cities often use this to take over private property for public use. richmond is using that power to acquire mortgages with negative equity, and then restructure the loans so they are affordable for homeowners. richmond's mayor has been leading the charge hoping to take over 600 mortgages and hopefully keep those people in their homes. some on the city council worry doing it this way would cause credit to dry up in richmond
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and ultimately homeowners. >> as long as the city has this potential eminent domain, we're not gonna get financial institutions willing to lend the city money. >> it's not an option to stand on the sidelines waiting for the next wave of foreclosures. that's the risk that is really confronting us. >> reporter: under the mortgage relief plan set in motion, richmond would set up those need be to be rescued. this idea has the critics, includeth national association of real terse, and quite a few large banks as well. some those banks have already filed a lawsuit trying to block richmond's plan from taking effect and a federal judge will hold a hearing on that lawsuit tomorrow in san francisco. we're live this morning in richmond, alex savidge, ktvu
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channel 2 news. 7:03. developing news in libya, a powerful car bomb exploded at a foreign ministry office in benghazi. it blew out the side of the blling. it damaged a bank and also injured several people. the car bombing comes one year after the attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. as for the attack that killed stevens, u.s. officials believe several extremist groups were involved. the washington post reports several sealed indictments have been issued. so far no arrests have been made. security is tighter at american embassies around the middle east on today's never of the benghazi attack and also the september 11th attacks. chris stevens graduated from piedmont high school here in the bay area as well as uc berkeley. he joined the foreign service in 1991 after going to law school at uc hastings and then
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practicing as an attorney. the school board members in piedmont will vote tonight on a plan to rename piedmont high school's library in honor of chris stevens. he will also be remembered with a moment of silence at a home game on friday. 7:10. happening now -- the san francisco fire department is holding a september 11th remembrance ceremony. this is the mission district. coming up at 7:30, we'll give you a live look at how firefighters are honoring the 343 members of the new york fire department who lost their lives 12 years ago. [bell tolling] >> aboutage hour and a half ago, president obama, vice president joe biden, first lady michelle obama and dr. biden all observed a moment of silence on the white house
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lawn. that's the time the first hijacked plane crashed into the world trade center. the president then attended a memorial at the pentagon. he participated in a wreath- laying ceremony to honor the 184 people who tied when american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon. other observances -- a flag- raising ceremony at the college of marin at 10:30. the la fayette flag brigade's 123th annual remembrance at highway 24 and 680 in la fayette at 4:00. another event at oak hill park in danville starts at 5:50. 7:12. the grocery store chain fresh thmeans store closures. out. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is in san jose with more on what customers can expect. good morning, janine.
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>> reporter: good morning, tori. well, people that i spoke to this morning hadn't heard that fresh and easy was closing some locations. many of them were curious to find out if this one here in willow glen wood. they have 15 locations in the bay aread and market themselves as a small grocery store that sells food. the parent company tessco announced they are selling and they expect to close stores in arizona, california and nevada. they won't say which stores will be closed. but the chronicle reports the bayview district will close and so will at least one in san jose. customers at the willow glen store hope that store won't be affected. >> this store has a lot of traffic. i shop here a lot. it's very busy there. why the chain didn't make it, i don't know. it's convenient. they have good food. >> reporter: analysts call
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fresh and easy a troubled grocery store chain. it's been that way for a while because the store has struggled to make a profit. it's unknown how many employees will lose their jobs. but tessco says they will project 4,000 jobs. this store here is expected to open in the next 45 minutes. we plan on trying to see if we can catch some employees to see if they know more information. we also have a call into the main corporate offices. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. we have continuing coverage of the crisis in syria. talks got underway on a u.n. resolution calling for syria to turn over control of its chemical weapons. they've already hit an impasse. kyla campbell, live in our washington, d.c. bureau to tell us why russia is objecting to the measure. kyla? >> reporter: russia reportedly objected to making the united nations resolution mill tear
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lirl unforcible and objects to blaming the attack on the syrian government and making those responsible go before an international criminal court. the obama administration did expect hurdles when president obama spoke to the nation saying he is giving diplomacy a chance. but he wants the u.s. military to the maintain the current posture and be ready to strike if the grove -- negotiations fail. >> i believe our democracy is stronger when the president acts with the support of congress. i believe that america acts more effectively abroad when we stand together. >> reporter: closed-door briefings continue on capitol hill this morning to get the latest classified information on syria to u.s. lawmakers. now, secretary of state, john kerry, prepares to meet with russian officials to negotiate these resolutions. i'm working on that story for you at 8:15. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. at the moment it appears
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the president lacks public support for a military attack on syria. just 47% of americans surveyed from a cnn poll say the president made a convincing case for the attack on syria in his speech last night. 50% say they remain unconvinced. more than 300 people packed the commonwealth club in san francisco to listen to the president's speech. many said they found it to be eloquent but say it may be a case of too little too late. one syrian american says he's disappointed the president did not take a stronger stand while others remain unconvinced. >> he was good. he was forceful. he gave a very good speech. but i don't think it will change anything in washington. >> some at the event said they would like the focus to be on humanitarian aid for refugees rather than a military solution. at, we've posted more of president obama's speech.
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just look for the special crisis in syria section under hot topics. 7:16. when congress does vote on possible military action in syria. every member of the house and senate will probably be there. but the san francisco chronicle is reporting many congressional representatives from the bay area don't always show up to cast votes. congressman george miller of martinez, according to the report, missed 64 votes this year. congressman mike honda of san jose, according to the report, missed 53 and jackie speier of hillsborough, according to the report, missed 51. jackie speier says she missed votes in recent years because her home was flooded. she was also taking care of two ster nanly ill -- terminally ill patients. in documents released yesterday, the nsa is admitting
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to accidentally putting 16,000 numbers on an alert list. that means the incoming calls of those people could be monitored. the owners of those numbers have not been reasonably effected to a terrorist. now, according to the documents, a judge said this is a flagrant violation of the law. nsa officials say releasing these documents means it is admitting it made a mistake and is trying to fix it. a common practice by airlines to reduce negative publicity about accidents is backfiring thanks to social media. these are photos of a thy airways -- of a thai airways international jet. airline officials say the numbers were removed. they say this is --
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sal, you've been busy from the moment you walked in. i know you are watching the byron area as well. but you are watching thetop -- the toll plaza and everything else. >> i want too show you the toll plaza. it's backed up -- i want to show you the toll plaza. it's backed up for a 20, 30- minute delay. they had to slow the metering lights down because of the other side of the bridge. there was an accident blocking the offramp on treasure island. an accident on the skyway and toll plaza on the treasure island offramp. those have been cleared up. but traffic is still moving along slowly, especially on the other side of the tunnel. let's move along and take a look at the livermore valley. we have slow traffic coming in over the altamont pass to 580. it gets better by the time you reach the dublin area and highway 4 is very slow from the bypass all the way to pittsburg. let's go to steve. a lot of low cloud deck.
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60s, coast, bay. 50s around san jose. there's plenty to go around. it's really lifted up today. a strong low, i will give you a better look at it here, coming back in cloud cover. some of that will drift over the north bay and east bay. 61 ukiah, 61 sacramento. 43 in tahoe. 70 in las vegas. but they did dip to 69, the first time in 106 days, their temperature has gone below 70 and there's a lot of cloud cover and rain. there's been a lot of rain in arizona. 60s for almost everybody. 59, san jose. other locations are already at 64. i think the napa airport has been stuck there all morning long. 20 miles an hour in fairfield. 30 around 1500 feet not far away from mt. diablo. some areas have cranked up at the surface. once that low cloud deck burns off, i expect the breeze to pick up. low clouds, again making pretty good push. mist or drizzle.
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here comes some of the higher clouds again back off the sierra. a big low. i mean we're getting rain from arizona, new mexico, denver, salt lake city. this is a pretty impressive low for this time of year. you can see the cloud cover and the rain spinning over arizona, flagstaff, back over las vegas. some that is heading into the sierra and then starting to move right off the mother lode heading towards us. an interesting pattern. fog, fair, breezy. temperatures coming down even up into lake county. some of that cool air finally made it, i know to middletown yesterday, 60s, 70s, and 80s. temperatures are dipping a good, 15, 20 degrees compared to two days ago. it looks like today is the coolest. warmer tomorrow. friday we continue the warming. it doesn't last long. the weekend looks cooler again. >> thank you, steve. 7:21. firefighters become crime victims while they are out on the fire lines at mt. diablo. some of the things stolen from their firehouse can never be
7:22 am
replaced. a hairy situation for the next 49ers' game. what that means for colin kaepernick and a promise that he made.
7:23 am
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these are live picks from new york city. people from all over are pausing to remember the victims of 9/11. today is the 12th fleafer of the september attacks -- anniversary of the september 1th attacks. family members are reading the names of the 9/11 victims aloud. there will be a ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania, right here. this is where flight 93 crashed. yesterday, lanterns were placed out there to honor the passengers and crew of flight 93. they fought back against the hijackers of the plane before the plane crashed. flight 93 was on its way to san
7:25 am
francisco. california could become the first state in the nation to ban lead bullets for all types of hunting. a bill is headed for the governor's desk in sacramento. supporters say the bill could protect wildlife that feed on the remains of animals killed by lead bullets. opponents seethe proposed law as banning hunting in california. one measure of tightening gun situations would require someone to store a weapon who cannot have one because of illness or a felony. another would threaten a licensed therapist from owning a gun for five years. the two sophomore quarterback stars of the made a bet and it's raising eyebrows.
7:26 am
>> good became on sunday. >> whoever loses should shave an eyebrow. >> okay. hopefully you don't like your eyebrow. >> you heard him, colin capper knick, this promotional -- colin kaepernick, this promotional idea, they say this bet was not a serious threat. i don't know. the game is coming up. we'll find out soon enough. >> some say they could digitally take it out. a lot on the line for sunday. we'll continue our coverage of this morning's september 11th member. find out how firefighters in san francisco are marking this sad anniversary. we're live near mt. diablo where firefighters are banning the upper -- are gaining the upper hand on the morgan fire. we'll tell you what crews are doing special this morning inside their briefing. it's still busy, especially on some key commutes around the bay area as we look at 280.
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"mornings on 2" will continue after this.
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♪>> robert j.emmell. >> today marks the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. you are looking live at new york city at a morning ceremony on the 2-year-old plaza site, the site of the world trade
7:30 am
center, relatives were sighting the names of the nearly -- citing the nails the names of the 3,000 people who died. it was at this point, at 7:28 in the morning, the north tower of the world trade center collapsed. >> wow. >> that happened an hour and 42 minutes after the impact to flight 11 meaning thing about had burned during the whole duration of those attacks. something that all of us -- >> we remember. >> we remember where we were that day. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we're gone check your weather and traffic. >> we start off mild, dave and tori. temperatures, 60s. many locations never went below 64. a little brie breezy to windy in spots. there is -- there's a cooler pattern that established itself yesterday moves into today.
7:31 am
it looks like a rebound on the temperatures tomorrow. yesterday we had temperatures coming down 17. livermore went from 102 to 85. 72 oakland and then san jose 79. crazy temperatures in lake county. anywhere from 93 to 98. 99 today in clearlake. 64 napa. had a report from dana and closer to downtown, also 64. it's really mild for some. oakland as well. san jose is the lone outpost there at 59 degrees. everyone else in the 60s. a lot of the cloud cover from the slow in the desert southwest is coming back in from the sierra. a little cooler today. the winds picked up for some. it's kind of tailed off. i expect that to tail off. 60s and 70s by the bay. here's sal. good morning, steve. we're looking at traffic that's still pretty busy all over the place. i want to mentionbyron highway is still shut down near bruns wood because of a crash that did -- well, jackknifed one
7:32 am
truck and sent people to the hospital. they are still doing an investigation at the scene here. someone in the minivan was seriously hurt and they were trapped inside that the minivan was one of the -- where one of the people was seriously injured. three people were taken to the hospital. two were taken in air ambulances. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge, 30, 35- minute wait because of earlier problems on the span. this morning's commute is slow in livermore still as you drive from 580 over to the altamont pass and the dublin grade. it looks okay. you will see traffic at the castro valley y and now it's 7:32. back to the desk. crews are making progress on the big fire in mt. diablo. in the last 30 minutes, we learned new information on containment and when firefighters will have the fire
7:33 am
completely surrounded. tara moriarty joins us live now from the fire command post in dublin. tara? >> reporter: we're here at the base camp where nearly 1400 firefighters are and about a half-hour ago, crews had their briefing before heading up the mountain. they had a moment of silence to pay tribute to the victims and firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. now, we did receive an update this morning. we want to pass that along to you, as tori mentioned. this fire is 70% contained. they have lowered the number of acres burned as well to 3,133 acres. calfire has lifted the evacuation order for dozens of families out of their homes and yesterday on mt. diablo, we got a much closer look at the blackened hillsides an downed power lines. right now, crews are in the mopup stage. >> within the containment lines there will be hot spots on the ground and so sometimes it's just little pockets of ash that are super hot. so the crews will make sure all
7:34 am
of those are picked up. so that way if we have any more winds that it doesn't blow across the containment lines. >> reporter: at the summit, the fire stopped just shy of the mt. diablo area. crews were able to hold the fire back. this fire has burned more than 3200 acres on the eastern slopes of mt. diablo. no homes were lost and there have been no serious injuries. that's the good news. right now, we are seeing a lot of the crews walk out of the building where they just had their meeting. it looks like it's just wrapped up. everyone will start heading up the hill. we're live in dunn lynn, -- dublin, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the search continues for suspects in a shocking crime tied to the mt. diablo fire that is sparking outrage across the country. >> we're thinking they pried this door open here. >> authorities are looking, to
7:35 am
the thief or thieves who targeted two walnut creek fire houses while crews were out on mt. diablo fighting to save items. the list includes firefighters' wallets, watches, ipads and even wedding rings. >> once you go out there and protect other people's property, you come back and find your own was broken into, it's hard to take. >> a burglar tried to break into another firehouse but was scared away by a firefighter. 7:35. lighter winds are helping firefighters battle -- in redding battle a wildfire that's already destroyed 30 houses. the clover fire still threatening more than 300 buildings near happy valley in shasta county. officials say it's burned almost 6800 acres. it's forced the evacuations of 600 people. now, 30 homes were damaged in addition to the 30 homes that
7:36 am
were destroyed. william romero lived in one of those burned out homes. >> worked really hard on the house, you know, and just finished it recently. now it burned. so i don't know. >> she's gotta rebuild her life. now, people say it was obviously a frightening time. the fire is 30% contained this morning. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it's 7:36. happening now, fire stations throughout san francisco are honoring the brave first responders and victims who lost their lives during the attacks 12 years ago today. ktvu's brian flores is live at san francisco's fire station 7 where a ceremony is underway. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. the ceremony just ended about ten minutes ago. it was a somber ceremony. for many, the firefighters here at station 7 as well as the 43 other stations throughout san francisco today. if you know anything about the firefighters you know there's a
7:37 am
close bond between them even though they may be in different cities. as these firefighters remember the attacks that killed 340 of their colleagues in new york city 12 years ago today. as we go to video, you are looking at some of the newest cadets, 48 members of the provisional class 11 a. they stood at attention during the ceremony this morning. it began at 6:58. the cadets started to line up in front of the flagpole here at station 7 and then a short time after that, they rang the bell at 6:59. that was the exact time the south tower of the world trade center collapsed 12 years ago. that was local time. the fire department also rang a bill for three chimes each. at 7:00, they lowered the station's flag at half staff to observe a moment of silence. a lot of firefighters remember where they were and what they were doing 12 years ago today. we spoke to joanne hayes white
7:38 am
about what she remembers. >> it was a surreal experience. i was watching a replay of "the today show" as the events were unfolding. in some ways it seems like a long time ago. in some ways it seems like yesterday. i'm here today. we have 43. some stations have 4 members. >> reporter: and at 7:02 this morning there was a recognition service where those cadets, those newest cadets read the names of 343, again, new york city firefighters who lost their lives during the attack 12 years ago. i spoke with joanne hayes white about that. she said it's important for the cadets to know the sacrifice they are making but also about the hard work that firefighters go through. as we take it back out here live, you see the flag here. it will remain at half staff throughout the day. coming up on "mornings on 2," we'll speak to more firefighters and try to get one of those cadets to get their take on what they remember 12
7:39 am
years ago during that fateful day on 9/11. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:38. san francisco is remembering the somber anniversary with the tribute at coit tower. as you can see, the tower was lit up to honor the victims. union city has a flight 93 memorial event scheduled for 10:00 this morning. the memorial in sugar mill landing park on the corner of alvarado niles is dedicated to the 33 passengers and seven crew members who died 12 years ago today aboard united airlines flight 93 that was heading to san francisco. the city of hayward approved finals plans for a 9/11 memorial on d street. it will include four statues for the four planes hijacked in the attack. about $150,000 are still needed for the project. it's estimated to be completed by september 11th, 2015.
7:40 am
about two hours ago, eric holder marked the september 11th anniversary at the justice department in washington. >> this annual observance has always been about much more than the pain that was inflicted and the buildings that were destroyed 12 years ago today. it's about the extraordinary life that binds us together. >> now, holder thanked the first responders who saved lives and risked and lost their own lives that day. then he observed a moment of silence to honor the nearly 3,000 people who died. in pennsylvania, a new visitors' center to honor the victims is a step closer to reality. yesterday, these relatives of flight 93 victims were at a groundbreaking ceremony for that new senate. the passengers and crew of flight 93 fought back against the hijackers on 9/11. flight 93 was headed here to san francisco from newark, new jersey. that building by the way is expected to open in late 2015. we'll have continuing coverage
7:41 am
of all of today's anniversary flight of 9/11 throughout "mornings on 2." 20 minutes now before 8:00. a box found on the side of the road in fremont turned out to contain human ashes. it was found sunday evening by a man near the creekside village apartments. he called police after seeing the label of a crematorium on the box. inside the box was the name of the deceased and the date of death. police used that information to locate the family of the deceased and return the ashes. it is 7:41. we're following developing news in benghazi, where there's been an explosion this morning on the anniversary of the attack on the u.s. consulate, one year ago. after the big unveiling of two new iphones why apple's stock is tanking this morning. good morning. right now, the commute is still pretty busy all over the place. but on the golden gate bridge, it looks good through marin. we'll tell you more about
7:42 am
what's happening in the north bay. plenty of of low clouds but they are up there high today. high clouds coming off the sierra nevada for kind of a double-whammy cooldown. we'll explain -- coming up. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop! [ pop ] but press them flat, add sauce...
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stocks opening mixed on wall street threatening to end the market's longest winning streak since july. investors wait to see if the situation with syria can be resolved peacefully. the dow is currently up 41. the nasdaq, though, is down 21. s&p is down 3. and right now, apple's stock is down 5.5%. wall street is reacting to the release of two new iphones
7:45 am
yesterday and controversy over the fingerprint sensor on the iphone 5-s. privacy advocates have raised concerns about the sensor which can be used in place of a pin number to unlock the phone or make purchases from the apple store. apple says fingerprint data will be stored on a processing chip and not in the cloud. also third-party app developers will not have access to the data. apple released a cheaper iphone. the iphone 5-c and prices start at $99. u.s. airways is defending the planned merger with american airlines in a court filing, u.s. airways argues the mermger would create $500 million in savings for consumers annually because the combined company would be in a better position to compete with delta and united. the justice department has filed a lawsuit to stop the $11 billion deal between the parent companies. justice officials say the merger violates anti-trust
7:46 am
laws. we're following developing news from bib -- lib ba. a powerful explosion rocked the city -- libya. a power explosion rocked the city. claudine wong has more. >> a car bombicks ploepedded in benghazi, exactly one year after an attack killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. i what i want to give you a look at the pictures. that bomb blew out the side of the building. among the rubble were file cabinets and computers. a bank branch suffered damage. passersby were slightly wounded. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. the timing of the attack, however, being noted this morning. its with one year ago today that an attack in benghazi killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens. now u.s. officials are releasing new information about who they think behind it --
7:47 am
think was behind it. according to the washington post, several field indictments have been issued but no arrests have been made yet. that's leading to frustration. the post citing counterterrorism officials saying it's still unclear when the plot was happened -- hatched and who was behind it. stevens garage waited from piedmont high school and uc berkeley. he went to law school and  practiced as-- as an attorney. he will be remembered with a moment of silence at a home game on friday. reporting live in the newsroom, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. residents in north concord finally have answers about loud
7:48 am
noises on monday night that shook up a lot of people. officials at the oil refinery in concord now say their crews were repairing a leak that included burning off excess gas. that caused a loud noise that continued for hours. neighbors feared for their safety. >> it was like a jet engine, a volcano and locomotive altogether at once. >> we were not aware at the time the sound was carrying as far as it did. >> some neighbors want to know why a warning did not go out to the community. it's possible more noise from the refinery could continue into friday. >> wow. can you imagine that? >> be a little scary. >> i know. hey, sal, have you had a chance to catch your breath? it's been slow every place. >> it really has, dave. we've been reporting a lot of serious crashes all morning long. i want to mention that byron is
7:49 am
still closed on bruns road. pretty serious crash. we have pictures coming up. right now i want to focus on the san mateo bridge getting off the peninsula. some people are still using that bridge instead of the bay bridge. give the bay bridge time to settle in. when you get off the bridge and get to san mateo on the peninsula, you will see slow traffic on northbound 101 as you drive up towards millbrae and get up into san francisco, northbound 101 slows near third street. we had an earlier crash west 80 at 9th street. that's gone. traffic has been slow on the upper deck of the bay bridge. moving along and taking a look at marin county. it's slow from novato near highway 37 and pockets all the way down to about the civic center, and then it breaks free and gets better after you pass the green bray area. let's -- greenbrae area. let's go to steve.
7:50 am
very cloudy and mild morning. some locations never went below 63. the water temperatures are about 57 to 60. it didn't take much. mainly san jose in the south bay find of the only spots that dipped into the 60s. plenty going on in the desert southwest that continues to flex its muscles. it's sending in cloud cover back towards it looks like the east bay. 43 in tahoe. low 60s, mid-60s for some. temperatures on the coast, mainly towards the 60s. 59 san jose, yet, 63, fairfield, walnut creek, livermore is in there. 64 in napa. never again the temperature, i don't think it got below at the airport. i know it didn't. 62 santa rosa. even half moon bay, 61. san francisco, 63. i saw 63 at el granada. southwest 20 at travis. it was gusting to 23 earlier. there is a component to that. overall, we have a lot of low clouds. this will be a cooler day.
7:51 am
you can see the combination of the two doing a dance here. partly cloudy, opinion day. temperatures will -- partly cloudy, partly sunny day. temperatures will cool down. salt lake had some rain. that low has been giving arizona some rain. las vegas which finally dipped below 70 for the first time in 106 days this morning. here's some of the cloud cover moving off the sierra towards us. we'll start a warmup tomorrow. mainly 70s and 80s. 60s, 70s. kind of humid. if you do anything you will notice the humidity factor is higher. the warmest day appears to be
7:52 am
friday. big news for grocery shoppers. how the sale of fresh spwm easy will affect the -- fresh & easy will affect the commute. and george zimmerman detained. what happened moments before police got there. ♪ ♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather?
7:53 am
for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
7:54 am
7:54. the family of a woman who fell to her death from a roller coaster at a texas amusement park is suing six flags amusement parks. rosa esparaza fell out of her seat while riding the texas giant. the lawsuit claims the safety security light system failed during her ride. the family is seeking at least a million dollars damage. the ride is expected to reopen this weekend. police in florida releasing the dash-cam video of george zimmerman being detained on monday after a dispute with his estranged wife and father.
7:55 am
>> keep comin'. >> there's zimmerman. you see police ordering him to walkwards-- backwards. his wife called 911 saying zimmerman was threatening her and her father with a gun. support for stricter gun control laws is being blamed for the recall of two democratic senators from colorado. the recall election was held after senators john morse and huron were the two senators. >> this is the result. that's okay. we'll fight another day. fight, fight, fight. they may have won the battle. they haven't won the war.
7:56 am
people are dying for people and we need to see that. >> guron was recalled by 56% of voters. a russian-spaced capsule has safetily returned to earth. the soyuz capsule spent 166 days space in space before landing in kaz land -- landing. more than 200,000 people have signed up for a one-way ticket to mars. the company says the largest with the largest number of applicants, the-- was the u.s. the process to choose applicants will continue for the next two years. >> would you do that? >> i don't think. 20 years. >> yeah. >> be a little bit older. that's quite a decision. hundreds of bats swarming a
7:57 am
bay area elementary school. what's going on here and are the school kids safe? an historic move by the richmond city council overnight approving a plan that will hopefully keep people in their homes and prevent foreclosures. we'll tell you about the unique approach the city is planning to take -- coming up. good morning. still pretty busy out there for this wednesday. we'll let you know more about the south bay commute and how that's slowing down everywhere. a little bit of sun. but a lot of cloud cover has kept mild lows for many locations. afternoon highs on the mild side or cool? [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, a super low price on breakfast. honey bunches of oats is only $1.88 a box. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case.
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make it a triple scoop. dreyer's ice cream is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
7:59 am
only at safeway. good morning. 12 years ago today, the united states was attacked by terrorists on september 11th. you are looking at live pictures of the u.s. capitol in washington. the lawmakers, members of congress are walking out, gathering on the steps of the capitol and in just moments they will start to sing the song "god bless america." this has become a tradition after the 9/11 attacks. you see the members of congress. you see nancy pelosi down in front. >> john boehner right there in
8:00 am
front of the microphone. harry reid, mitch mcconnell, the leaders of both houses of congress down there as some of the members stream down the steps to wait and sing the song "god bless america." a tradition on 9/11. good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we want to give you a quick look at weather and traffic. steve? thank you. breezy to windy in the higher elevations. a lot more in the low cloud deck today. it's up there around 2200 feet. a pretty good push inland except for parts of the south bay which is in on the sun. the only 50s would be the peninsula and the south bay. everything else stayed in the 60s. cooler pattern started yesterday. san jose from 59 to 62. a lot of 62, 63s or 64s. i did see a a 9 near redwood city and also palo alto. 62 in san francisco. a high of 68. not only the low cloud deck which pushed out towards the delta, but some of these high
8:01 am
and mid-level clouds wrapping around from a strong low giving us partly cloudy skies mainly north bay and east bay. cooler inland. the winds will pick up once the clouds burn off. here's sal. all right, steve. we're looking at traffic that's going to be -- well, it's going to be a little bit slow in some areas. it still has not recovered. we're looking at the video. i'm showing you the video of buy ron highway -- of byron highway. we had a crash there. that sent several to the hospital. as a matter of fact, a couple of people went to the hospital by air ambulance. you can see that traffic is going to be stopped there and -- even those these pictures were taken earlier. it's still affecting traffic on the highway there on byron highway. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is going to be busy as
8:02 am
you drive at the bay bridge tacoma. there are no major problems there. the traffic continues to move along relatively well and my maps have failed. let's go back -- well, i can still see the south bay here, northbound 101 and 280 are still very slow. 8:01. back to the desk. happening now -- across the country, people are stopping to remember the anniversary of september 11th. these are live pictures from the steps of capitol hill. members of congress are gathered. the u.s. army band quintette. there's a chaplain in front who is speaking. >> give peace and healing to those who mourn and love their loved ones. we thank you for the international response to a great american tragedy. all your children of goodwill
8:03 am
could see the horror of actions by men who would presume to act in your name, causing so much death and destruction. may your spirit of peace and justice continue to fill the hearts of people of all faiths, races and nations. help us to recognize your creative love in the lives of all who share this beautiful planet. be present with us this day as we gather again on our capitol's steps. bless the men and women who serve this great nation in the senate and house of representatives. united then and united today and our shared citizenship, they've been given great responsibility by their fellow republicans. may their show of unity portend
8:04 am
a hopeful future of concerted effort to do what is best for the united states. may they be confident in the knowledge that all americans stand behind them legislation, and billing a vibrant economy into a safe and secure future. may all that be done this day and the many days to come. amen. >> amen. 12 years ago, our nation was shaken, our hearts were broken and our country came together. all of us remember where we
8:05 am
were when the twin towers fell and the pentagon was struck, when flight 93 was brought down in pennsylvania. all of us remember the horrific images of that clear morning, the destruction and devastation -- >> we're listening live to nancy pelosi speaking live from the steps of the u.s. capitol as members of congress gather, they will be swinging god bless america on this 9/11 anniversary. we'll check back to hear them as they do that and we'll stay on top of this story right here on "mornings on 2". new this morning, just hours ago, the richmond city council became the first in the nation to approve using eminent domain to buy up hundred of underwater home mortgages. alex savidge is live in richmond rue -- now to tell us what this means for homeowners.
8:06 am
>> reporter: many say the banks are not willing to help the underwater homeowners. this is a controversial idea. it prompted some heavy debate during last night's city council meeting. we'll show you the scene. the meeting stretched late into the night and early in the morning. early in the morning, the city council voted 4-3 to move forward with the plan to possibly use eminent domain to seize underwater mortgages. cities normally use eminent domain to take over private property for public use. but richmond is using that power to acquire the homes with negative equity, restructure the loans. they hope to take over 600 mortgages and hopefully keep those in their homes. some worry using eminent domain in this way will do
8:07 am
harm. >> >> we are going to stand up to wall street and for our community. >> reporter: under this mortgage relief plan set in motion last night, richmond would set up a coalition of cities interested in helping to rescue struggling homeowners. the mayor believes there are a lot of other cities that will follow suit. the idea has critics including the national association of real teres and several -- real realers -- realtors. a he arive who is hoping homeowners facing foreclosure told me this morning this vote by the richmond city council is a huge victory. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:07. there's a new effort to find the killers of a man in
8:08 am
berkeley on this third anniversary of his death. two gunman shot him as he walked home with his fiance near adeline and emmerson. it happened blocks from their home near the ashby b.a.r.t. station. so far there's only a vague description of the two gunmen. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. a woman seen on video as she apparently abused three dogs in san jose has been arrested. ktvu first brought you this story monday night after a bystander recordrd the woman yanking and kicking three dogs. she was walking in south san jose. animal control told ktvu the woman was arrested at a homeless encampment on capitol expressway. a pleasanton mcdonald's manager has been arrested accused of robbing his own restaurant. police say he wore a mask when he allegedly ordered his workers into a freezer last month and stole cash.
8:09 am
he's accused of robbing another restaurant in san mateo earlier this morning. police say he was taken into custody in san mateo after he was recognized by police in his car. he was allegedly confessed to both robberies. the penalty phase in the trial of convicted killer joseph naso continues today. yesterday, nay so's former neighbor -- naso's former neighbor testified that he tried to rape her decades ago. naso said she was per jurying herself. he -- perjurying himself. he was convicted last month. prosecutors have been trying to convince a jury to pick the death penalty. they are expected to wrap up their face on friday and next week it will be the defense's attorney. a marin county teenager accused of attempted murder will be tied to his chair during his upcoming trial. 19-year-old max wade is accused of shooting at a couple in mill
8:10 am
valley last year. he's also accused of stealing the lamborghini of celebrity chef guy fieri in 2011. there was some concerns that wade would try to escape during his trial. so he will be tied up to his chair by his ankle so the jury won't be able to see the restraints. opening arguments are set to begin next month. a colony of bats has taken over a building at glen cove elementary school in vallejo. this is cell phone video of some of the bats flying away. district officials tell us about 500 bats are living around the a building. they say the bats are not inside the building but are living in the trim on the outside. >> we immediately scramble people and make -- you know, to confirm that. it was confirmed there's nothing in the classrooms. no danger to students. >> a memo was sent home to students on parents on monday. county health officials say bats are not a danger to people unless they are living in the
8:11 am
same direct space. 8:10. a grocery store chain used by a lot of bay area customers will be closing some of its stores because of financial problems. ktvu's janine de la vega joining us live now. you have new information on which of the san jose fresh & easy stores are closing. janine? >> reporter: dave, the manager here at this willow glen store says they will keep their doors open but the manager of the store on saratoga avenue says they will be closing. the store will only be opened for one more week. fresh & easy's parent company announced they are selling 150 stores losing money in the united states. 50 stores are expected to close in california, arizona and nevada. the only stores that we know of so far that are closing are the bayview district's store in san francisco and the location i mentioned in west san jose. anlifts say the u.k.-based chain was never embraced by the
8:12 am
public when it debuted and it struggled to make a profit. the willow glen store has fans and is surprised other locations are closing. >> it's a neighborhood store. a lot of people who shop here, i'm sure enjoy shopping here for the things they got. you know, i shop here because it's got great produce and fresh food. >> it's unknown how many employees will be out of work. but tessco, the parent company, says it will protect at least 4,000 jobs. fresh & easy's corporate offices will not release a complete list of all stores closing. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. 8:12. making progress on the big fire in mt. diablo. we have new information on containment and also the search for the cause of the blaze. also, a push for peace. president obama delaying a call for a military strike on syria. so what happens now? we'll bring you a live report from washington, d.c. good morning. right now, traffic is moving
8:13 am
along pretty well on 280, slow. a little bit of sun. that's on the peninsula and the south bay. there's a lot of cloud cover elsewhere. not only low clouds but also high cloud.
8:14 am
8:15 am
continuing coverage now on the situation in syria. president obama is pausing for his push on military strikes to
8:16 am
give diplomacy a chance. richt now negotiations are -- right now, negotiations are underway to force syria to give up its chemical weapons. kyla campbell is in washington, d.c. to explain the shift in the president's stand over the past couple of weeks. kyla? >> reporter: tori, first president obama said a military strike was needed and it seemed imminent. then he said he would get congressional approval and now we wait as diplomatic resolutions play out. >> chemical weapons were still used by the assad regime. however, over the last few days we have seen some encouraging signs. >> reporter: president obama is conditionally endorsing an offer from russia that would put international inspectors in sirah to seize and destroy deadly chemical weapons. russia is already objecting to making this enforceable. the obama administration says syrian leaders are only considering giving up their poison gas because of serious
8:17 am
threat of u.s. military intervention and our military must remain ready to strike if the president gives the order. president obama said he asked congress to postpone a vote but still wants their support in case military action is needed. secretary of state john kerry is preparing to negotiate details of a resolution. he's heading to meet with his russian counterparts in switzerland tomorrow. back to you. the president faces a lock of support of americans. 47% say the president made a convincing case for a strike in syria in last night's speech. 50% say they remain unconvinced. at we've posted more of president obama's speech. look under hot topics. a bill aimed at improving limousine safety is headed back to the state senate for a vote. it's the result of that deadly limo fire on the san mateo
8:18 am
bridge in may that killed five women. the legislation requires limos to carry fewer than ten windows. drivers would need to instruct the passengers about the safety features at the beginning of the trip. the bill passed the assembly yesterday. we don't know when the senate will vote. the western span of the new bay bridge could have a new name as early as yesterday. last month they voted to name the span the willie l. brown junior bridge. the senate is expected to vote on it today or tomorrow. according to the san francisco chronicle, not everyone likes the idea. the chronicle says governor brown says he doesn't have anything against willie brown but he thinks the bay bridge should be called the bay bridge. a lawsuit accusing google of vite lating privacy -- violating privacy laws is
8:19 am
moving ahead. the street view project was accused of collecting people's personal information transmitted over wi-fi. google said it was a mistake. the court ruled it was a violation of wiretap laws and priorcy lawsuits can move ahead. happening across the country, people are remembering the 12th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. we look at capitol hill where members of congress are remembering this day. it was 12 years ago today the plane hijacked by terrorists slammed into the twin towers, as well as the pentagon and a field in pennsylvania. right now, a brass, the u.s. army band brass quintette will be playing and members will sing "god bless america." ♪
8:20 am
♪ [ applause ] >> that's one of many events going on today. that's become a tradition to remember september 11th. also you could see a flag unfurled at the pentagon before the president took part in a private ceremony for victims' families there. of course, at ground zero in new york city, many family members read the names of
8:21 am
nearly 3,000 who lost their lives that day. in shanksville, pennsylvania, the names of passengers and crew of flight 93 being read at another ceremony. as we see members of congress turning around and heading back in the capitol hill. for me, probably the most touching commemoration takes place at dusk when the two beams the light shoot up in the sky in lower manhattan to remember what happened -- >> where the towers used to be. >> yes and that will happen at dusk today. sal is back watching our commute. >> that's right. good morning, once again. let's take a look at what we have now with the morning commute. starting off in san jose, we have slow traffic on 280 getting out of the downtown san jose area and heading up into the cupertino area. i want to show it to you on a map. you can see for yourself here that northbound 288280 is what we're looking -- 280 is what
8:22 am
we're looking at. it's slow way up to the capitol expressway. pretty much up to sunnyvale. we have a bad one going there and the traffic continues to be slow on 885. 101, the peninsula, that's slow as well. we also have slow traffic on the san mateo bridge and slow on 880 as you drive south. b.a.r.t. minor delays. caltrain no delays. >> a look at the bay bridge backed up for a 15, 20-minute delay. >> let's go to steve. a very good morning. very cloudy morning for many. there are breaks favoring the south bay. very mild for many. temperatures really have not changed too much. about 61, 6 5. fairfield, 20 miles an hour. west at concord. there's a component of a sea breeze in place. san jose, southeast. livermore has a westerly component. the low cloud deck being helped along. the higher clouds are spinning.
8:23 am
santa cruz, 65 yesterday. big, big, big low here producing rain from albuquerque and denver and salt lake city. some of that all the way back into las vegas, continues to rain into arizona. here comes some of the cloud cover. it's going over the sierra back to us. low clouds is up there. breezy, cooler, inland. 60s, 70s and 80s. down about 20 degrees for some compared to monday. so today looks to be the coolest day and temperatures will rebound a little bit on thursday. friday does look warm. it will still be mild to warm. even cooler on sunday. >> it, stev -- thank you, steve. a san jose man says thank you to the police officer who saved his life. >> he saved my life. i had to thank him, shake his hand or something. >> their special reunion and why both say it was so important. and san francisco firefighters are honoring first
8:24 am
responders to died while trying to save others. >> brian hickey. >> ryan bilcher this the bacon e diet?
8:25 am
8:26 am
this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant a man who had a heart attack on monday at mineta san
8:27 am
jose airport had a chance to say thank you to the police officer who saved his life. 43-year-old frank noon -- nunez is still in the hospital recovering. when nunez collapsed, the officer used that defibrillator mounted on the wall to revive him. >> proud moment for me to be able to save someone's life and be able to communicate with them afterwards. >> he saved my life. i had to thank him. i had to shake his hand or something. it means a lot. >> you bet. >> officer dale is a 23-year police veteran with the san jose police department. he says he's trained other officers on how to use automated defibrillators but this is the first time he used one in an emergency. 8:27. firefighters become crime victims while they were out saving homes on mt. diablo. how some of the things stolen from their firehouse can never
8:28 am
be replaced. >> reporter: we're live near mt. diablo where firefighters are putting out hot spots right now. we'll tell you what fire officials biggest worry is right now and it's not the fire. right now, approaching the san mateo bridge it looks good. but when you get over there to the peninsula, you will face slow traffic on highway 101. a few pockets of sun. there's a lot of gray over the bay. there's a pretty good westerly breeze. >> that means cooler today. we'll have the cooler forecasted highs in a couple of minutes.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> danielle cal law -- cal
8:31 am
lohan -- callahan. >> family members reading aloud the names of the victims of september 11th. the 12th anniversary of september 11th. a very somber moment in new york city and ground zero. all across the country, people are remembering the attacks that occurred on american soil 12 years ago. again, these are live pictures from the memorial. we'll check back on the world trade center for you a little bit later on. we say good morning to you from "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> we're gonna check weather and traffic for you. first we're checking with steve. kind of gray out there. >> a lot of gray. we also have a little bit of sun. a couple of 50s from palo alto, menlo park to san jose. but generally it was gray skies even some higher clouds coming off from the sierra nevada. there will be a loot more low clouds. the wind has picked up. it's kind of tailed off a little bit. temperatures will rebound
8:32 am
slightly tomorrow. we've definitely maxed out. temperatures came way down for everybody except clearlake. today we'll go 90. livermore was 85 down to 82. a lot of 60s here. amazing how similar the lows were except around san jose. they were around 60 to 64. san francisco, 68 today. a lot of low cloud deck there. you can see some of the clouds zipping back around from east to west coming in from the sierra. low clouds, gray skies, fair, by that i mean a few high clouds. breezy and cooler. the wind will pick up when the cloud deck burns off. here's sal. it's been a busy traffic morning. >> it sure has. we don't get a lot of breaks on wednesday. northbound 280 slow traffic getting into the valley as you drive up to the cupertino and sunnyvale area. people are trying to get around
8:33 am
any way they can. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's been slow, although it's been recovering getting on the new span. i want to mention the peninsula is slow this morning as you drive up north to south san francisco. northbound 101 approaching the 380 interchange is still okay. got word of a brand-new crash in marin county. southbound 101, this is a crash southbound, 101 right here at the 580 interchange. let me do this better. there you go. right there. the traffic is already backing up as you drive down to san rafael. it will be quite a haul in marin county. at 8:33. let's go back to the desk. all right, sal. fire crews in mt. diablo, they are making progress on the fire out there. an hour ago, we found out new information on the containment and when the firefighters will have it completely surrounded. ktvu's tara moriarty joining us live. you're at the fire command post in dublin. there was a special ceremony out there this morning, tara.
8:34 am
>> reporter: that's right. firefighters are excited about getting this fire contained fairly shortly, very somber sort of feeling around here as they reflected on 9/11 before they headed up the mountain side. they took off about 20 minutes ago in a caravan. we saw them leaving here. they shared a moment of silence at their briefing earlier. >> we gather here this morning taking a moment, taking a moment of silence to just give you thanks for the lives each of us have for the spirit that you have in us but remembering those that lost their lives 12 years today. >> reporter: then it was back to business. we did receive an update this morning. the fire is 70% contained. they have lowered the number of acreage burned to 3,133 acres. calfire has lifted the evacuation order for dozens of families out of their homes.
8:35 am
yesterday, on mt. diablo, we got a much closer look at the blackened hillside and downed power lines. fire officials say the fuel beds have been very dry this summer. >> the fire behavior firefighters have seen across the state of california and the western united states has been extraordinary. it's another level of complexity for our firefighters when they are out there fighting the fire. and then you add wind, low humidity and heat. it makes for a tough battle. >> reporter: monday night, winds whipped embers across morgan territory road threatening homes. crews were able to hold the fire back. the morgan fire has burned more than 3200 acres so far on the eastern slopes of mt. diablo. no homes were lost and there have been no serious injuries. keep in mind, rainy season is bearing down on us. there's the potential for mudslide. the chief is very concerned. he says that his crews are gonna be working very hard to try to prep the mountain for
8:36 am
the winter. we're live in dublin, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. investigators still searching for the cause of the mt. diablo fire. but there's one possible cause we've been hearing about since the day the fire started. several neighbors told ktvu, there heard target practice gunfire -- they heard target practice gunfire before the fire was reported and sparks may have set off the fast- moving flames on that very hot afternoon. investigators are checking on that and several other possible causes. well, this morning, the search goes on for suspects in the crime tied to the mt. diablo fire that is sparking outrage across the country. >> we're thinking they pried this door open here. >> authorities are looking for the thief or thieves who targeted two walnut creek fire stations while the crews are out there battling the mt. diablo fire trying to save homes. the list of stolen items at one of the fire stations includes
8:37 am
wallets, watches, ipads and even wedding rings. >> as soon as i looked around , something didn't look right. my ipad was missing. they rummaged through my bag, took my watch and ring. >> firefighters say someone tried to break into another walnut creek fire station but was scared away by the fire captain inside. the contra costa fire district is reviewing all of their security at the fire stations. 8:36. we have new information now on the clover fire that is burning near redding. more than 500 buildings are now threatened near the small rural community of happy valley in shasta county. 30 homes and 50 other buildings have been destroyed. another 30 were damaged. fire officials say 7,000 acres have burned. that's a 200-acre increase over last night. some 600 people evacuated including a blind man who rode a motorcycle to safety. >> i grabbed my daddy's truck
8:38 am
and stuffed it the fullest i could get it and took off on my son's birth bike mind you. i'm blind. >> he said it was the scariest ride of his life. the fire remains 40% contained. stations all over san francisco held 9/11 member services remembering the behave first responders and the victims who lost their lives during the attacks 12 years ago today. brian flores is live at san francisco fire station 7 where there was a ceremony that wrapped up not too long ago. brian. >> reporter: when i spoke with the firefighters this morning, they say it's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since the 9/11 attacks. that's why every year since then, they've held a ceremony so that they will never forget the sacrifices their colleagues, the victims and their families made. the ceremonies started at 6:58 this morning with fire officials standing with 48 members of the newest fire
8:39 am
cadet class. at 6:59. that's when the bells rang to signify the exact time of the tower collapsing. and then they lowered the flag to half staff and observed a minute of silence for the lives lost. we spoke to the firefighters here at station 7 and they say since that time, they've changed their outlook on their career and their life. >> just to appreciate for me at least, for me to appreciate the time you have with your coworkers. we all know that at any time we can be called to a huge emergency and we may not return home. >> jeffrey e.fujot. >> and at 7:02. those cadets read the names of the 3 had 3 new york -- of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives. chief hayes white says it was important to take part in the
8:40 am
ceremony so they realize the hard work involved. you can see the fire station 7, that flag will remain at half staff as well as the other stations throughout san francisco. several lives remain effected, including myself. i lost a friend of mine. she was a junior at santa clara university. she was on united flight 93, 12 years ago. i will never forget her and she will always remain a shining light. we're live in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco's coit tower also part of the september 11th anniversary tribute. this morning, the tower was lit up beautifully to honor the 911 victims. union city has a flight 93 memorial event set for 10:00 this morning. the memorial is in sugar hill landing park. it's dedicated to the 33% and 7 crew members who died -- 33 passengers and seven crew members who died on flight 93, bound for san francisco.
8:41 am
the city of hayward approved final plans for a 9/11 memorial on mission boulevard near d street. this is what it's gonna look like once it is completed. it will include four granite statues for the four planes involved in the attack. about $150,000 still is needed for the project. it's estimated to be completed by september 11th, 2015. make sure you stay right here with ktvu channel 2 all through the day for all of our coverage of the events marking this -- marking this somber day. more violence in libya. what happened one year ago after the attack on the u.s. consulate? still looks good heading out to the maze. but you can see some slow traffic out there. [ wo] my family already thinks pillsbury grands are amazing...
8:42 am
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traders on the floor of the stock exchange observed a
8:45 am
moment of silence. apple's stock is down almost 6% trading at $466. right now, the dow, though, is up 88. the nasdaq down 10. s&p up 1. 8:44. we're still following developing news out of libya this morning. a pourful explosion rocked the city of benghazi. claudine wong is live in the newsroom to tell us what we know about the bombing and why the timing of it is notable. >> reporter: well, security in benghazi has been heightened but today more violence did rock the region as the car bomb there went off exactly one year after an attack there killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. this is the blast that targeted the building that once housed the u.s. consulate. the bomb blew out the side of a building. among the rubble were fire cabinets and exrs-- computer eexrs. -- computers.
8:46 am
we're told computers are still running. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. but the time something being noted. it was one year ago today that the attack killed stees stevens and three other americans. according to the washington post several sealed indictments have been issued but no arrests have been made yet "the post" sighting counterterrorism -- citing counterterrorism officials say there's a large gap they are trying to fig out when the plot was hathed -- and by whom. they are trying to figure out if the date september 11th was chosen in advance or if it was just an opportunity. chris stevens graduated from piedmont high school and uc berkeley. he went to law cal at cal. the piedmont school board is going to vote tonight on a plan
8:47 am
to rename piedmont high school's library in his honor. he's also going to be remembered with a moment of silence at a moment game on friday -- a home game on friday. students and faculty are remembering a beloved professor who died in a fire in berkeley. former students say andrew goodwin was a brilliant teacher who lived music and pop culture. the co-founder of the media study's department was working on a book about the impact of led zeppelin and even taught a class about the band. goodwin was killed when a fire broke out in his apartment early yesterday morning. >> i wish i could say thank you for what you have taught me. it's unfortunate that i haven't gotten the chance to say thank you to him. >> officials at usf say plans are in the works for a
8:48 am
memorial. 8:47. sal, you are working on something right now, aren't you? >> no. i was just thinking about how led zeppelin has affected society. i would have loved to have taken that class. >> that would have been perfect. >> awesome class. hopefully he'll be teaching it where he's going, in led zeppelin heaven. let's take a look at the commute. it's not been an easy wednesday commute. we've had all kinds of small things and one major prob -- one major problem on the byron highway. the toll plaza commute backed up for a 15, 20-minute delay still trying to get on the bridge. also this morning's commute on 880 northbound. it's slow as you drive up to the coliseum and it continues to slow up to the downtown oakland area. on the peninsula, we've had slow traffic as well. 101 is slower than 280 in case you want to use 280 instead. san francisco still looks slow from third street and in marin county, southbound 101 right at
8:49 am
sir francis drake, the crash is backing up traffic to novato. just when you thought you were out of the woods, it was slow. >> a lot of low clouds in place. in fact, being lifted up by an area of low pressure has definitely sent the low cloud deck. a lot of gray skies. the only cool temperatures are about from palo alto to san jose. after that everyone was in the 60s. there's still a lot of 60s. some areas such as napa never did drop below 64. west to southwest 20 travis, west at concord, west, napa, west oakland. there's a component of a sea breeze in place. that along with the low cloud deck and higher clouds coming from the sierra nevada, kind of wrapping back around. circling the wagons around us with low clouds and some of those high and mid-level clouds. a very, very strong low.
8:50 am
it's raining in the texas panhandle all the way in new mexico, denver, salt lake city. some of that continues down to las vegas and much of arizona has been dealing with off and on rain. here comes some of that going from east to west. fog, it fair, that's what i mean. some of those i here -- higher clouds. windy at times. once the low cloud deck burns off, the wind picks up. a lot of the humidity in the air. kind of muggy. 60s, 70s, mainly low 80s for some. to mid-80s. overall, this looks to be the coolest day and a warmer weather will return a little bit on thursday, more so on friday. thank you. 78:50. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories -- today is the 12th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. nationwide, people are pausing, remember the victims events are taking place here in the bay area and all of over country.
8:51 am
early this morning. the richmond city council, became the first city council in the nation to prove using eminent domain will help struggling homeowners by buying up underwater mortgages. and the drivers, expect delays on byron. the chp is trying to clear this crash involving several cars and a big rig. it happened before 5:30 this morning near bruns road. several people were hurt out there. two of the people were airlifted to. hospital. >> it's nine minutes before 9:00. a big change could be just around the corner for one of san francisco's busiest streets. why the plans for va van ness avenue have ignited a controversy. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
8:52 am
8:53 am
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8:53. there is a new plan to add bus lanes to van ness avenue. but not everyone likes it. members of the municipal transportation agency want dedicated bus lanes on two of the six lanes of traffic. that means all of the left-hand turn lanes except for broadway would be gone. the mta says this is gonna speed up mass transit and increase ridership. but some say this will cause more traffic problems. >> i think it has a lot of problems. you are gonna try to narrow the problem down to two lanes instead of three. people coming over the golden gate bridge passing through the city, they will get stuck in
8:55 am
deep traffic. >> that plan would get rid of bus stops and parking spots along van ness. the city hopes to have this plan in place in less than five years. residents in north concord finally have some answers about the loud noises on monday night that shook off a lot of people. officials at the tesora oil refinery say their crews were repairing a small leak in a propane pipeline that included gushing off excessive -- burning off excessive gas. that caused a loud noise. neighbors feared for their safety. >> it was like a jet engine, a volcano and a locomotive altogether at once. >> we were not aware at the time that the sound was carrying as far as it did. >> tesoro apologized for the disturbance. some neighbors want to know why a warning didn't go out to the community. it's possible that more noises could continue into friday.
8:56 am
8:55. the busiest man in the bay area, sal, your hands have been tied. >> the commute just got word from the viewer of a new crash in sunnyvale. i haven't seen it pop up on the screen. i have no doubt it's there. it looks like -- well, it still has not popped up. 85 in sunnyvale is what the viewer told us on twitter. we've had other things that are indeed there. southbound 101 in marin county as you drive to sir francis drake, the traffic is terrible because of a two-carmineor injury crash backed up from novato heading down across the bridge on 80 westbound from hercules to richmond, that traffic is getting better with slow traffic in richmond. when you go to the east bay, look at 880 and 580, they are heavy trying to get into oakland. the metering lights are on. 280, 105, 85 are still slow.
8:57 am
we still have the crash on 85 reported in sunnyvale that a viewer just told us about. be cautious if you are driving in any of those areas. let's go to steve. a lot of gray skies. parts of the peninsula are getting some sun but it will be cooler, breezy today. warmer on thursday and friday and then cooling on the weekends. >> i'm liking the coolness. but not the grayness. [laughter] >> well, you can never win. >> no, you can't. >> thank you. >> you bet. as we go, we want to take you back live one more time to the scene there at ground zero in new york. family and friends of those who died at the world trade center 12 years ago today have been reading the names of the 3,000 victims. others have been milling around leaving flowers in memory of the victims. one of the reflecting pools on the footprint of one of the towers, muse musicians have -- musicians have been playing
8:58 am
music. they've been doing this since 2001. they've been holding similar events at the pentagon and also near shanksville, pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed as some of the passengers took over the -- stormed the cockpit and forced the hijackers to crash the plane. that's our report for this morning. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. be sure to watch the news at noon. we'll leave you now with president obama leading the station in a moment of violence for the victims of 9/11.
8:59 am
9:00 am
hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. if you want great video, we got 'em, "right this minute." >> a good time goes mega viral, but this is not just another rambunctious college party. >> students getting smack get smacked down by riot police. >> a guy under surveillance deserves a -- >> goofball of the week award. >> what has homeowner steamed.


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