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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 13, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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damage certainly could have been a lot worse. chp saying that tree saved this house. the chp says this started around 3:00 this morning on highway 101 when officers spotted the car going 80 in a 55 zone. they say they tried to pull the driver over, but the driver took off in an industrial park area and flynned around and went in this neighborhood, going around 60, 65 miles an hour. when he tried to make a turn, didn't make it and crashed into the home waking up the family inside. >> we were all asleep, you know. we heard that noise and the alarm went out and then we have to wake up -- we wake up and come out. this is what happened. >> reporter: when we got on scene, the driver of the vehicle was already in the back of the police car. but the passenger was being
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released and agreed to talk to us. he said they were headed to his house and said this when i asked where they were coming from -- >> whereabouts of marin county and -- essentially, it's like, you know, one minute you're doing good and the next thing you are in an accident caught by police. >> reporter: police say the driver is facing dui charges and evasion charges. because the passenger suffered minor injuries he will face charges for that. he's been down this road before. he was convicted of dui back in 20007 before he was -- 2007 before he was 21. he was convicted of a misdemeanor in 2011 and is back in trouble.
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damage remains but certainly could have been worse. live in san rafael, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:05. fire crews still on the scene in san ramon of an early- morning fire. now it started three hours ago on crow canyon place. tara moriarty was the first reporter there and says a lot of police officers are out there now. >> reporter: good morning. there are police scattered throughout this strip mall. that was the starbucks worker who got to work and noticed there was smoke. these are all of the engines you see. here's why there are so many police. let's take a walk. this is where firefighters had to but through the front door when they first arrived. officers are standing guard. the fire broke out at 4:00 a.m. at a starbucks coffee shop. a worker opening the store, again, discovered the smoke at the back of the store and then called 911. firefighters busted open stucco
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on the outside of the wall right off 680. that's where they believe the fire started and spread inside the wall. when we got on scene, there was smoke in the bank and the cheesesteak shop next door. we wanted to make sure there was no fire extension there and made access to the businesses and found out there was no fire extension, just smoke extension. >> reporter: crews were aggressive in their attacks. this is a strip mall. all of these stores share an attic space. so flames can spread quickly. firefighters were able to quell of the fire in minutes. there was quite a bit of smoke. right now investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. firefighters expect to fully contain this week's huge wildfire on mt. diablo sometime
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today. calfire now confirms target shooting set off the fire on the east side of the mountain. neighbors say they heard target practice early sunday afternoon right before the fire started. no word yet on who set off the fire which is one of the biggest on record on mt. diablo. >> come back and see this. very shocking. in the short run, it's shocking. but i think it's a good thing in the long run. >> the vegetation will be able to come in and nature can heal itself. >> mt. diablo park has been closed since the fire started on sunday. it's set to reopen to the public on monday. we may soon find out if prosecutors will file charges against the san francisco rec and parks worker who ran over a mother in holly park. thomas bernosky allegedly hit and killed the woman last
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thursday while driving his city work. she was sun baking with her baby daughter. the man was booked on suspicion of hit and run and has been released. robberies up 25% in berkeley. burglaries up 34%. there have been four homicides so far this year in berkeley. last year there were five in the entire year. the police chief will present this report to city council next week. he says it shows the need for more police officers out on the street. also happening today, the penalty phase in the murder trial of joseph naso continues in marin county. prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case. they want the jury to recommend the death penalty. last month, the jury convicted naso of killing four men during the 1970s and 1990s. he's also suspected of committing at least two more murders. pleasanton police are searching for a suspect who
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robbed a 7-eleven. it happened on valley avenue. police say the suspect tried to lock the employee in the a back room and then climbed over the counter and took money from the cash register. anyone with information is asked to call pleasanton police. a santa rosa woman could spend up to ten years behind bars in a case related to road rage. this is the defendant healther howell. she was found guilty -- heather ho. she was found guilty in connection with the crash that killed jessie garcia. investigators say she was drunk chasing after her boyfriend when she ran over garcia who was another motorist on the charge. the jury split on the more serious charge of second-degree murder. developing news in colorado, raging waters, floodwaters have buckled roads
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and cars have been left underwater. coming up at 7:15, you will get a live report on the new evacuations in the colorado area ordered overnight and when the floodwaters may subside. in new jersey, heartbreak for people living and working on parts of the new jersey shore. a popular boardwalk ruined this morning by flames, flames by 30- mile-an-hour winds engulfed a tourist area of seaside heights yesterday. about 50 businesses over eight blocks were completely burned. these shops are still recovering from supersandy last fall -- superstorm sandy last fall. >> i'm devastated. my heart goes out to all of these people. >> it's staggering to believe it spread so fast and so far from that one store. >> two firefighters suffered minor injuries. now, the fire started in a frozen custard shop. investigators say it then raced down the boardwalk because the
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wind sent embers into the air on the roofs of the businesses and they burned like cans of gasolines. we'll get a live report from that boardwalk later in the newscast. united natural foods, a nationwide distributer of natural and organic foods, has chosen gilroy as a location for a new center. gilroy amayor says the company will bring 500 new jobs to the city. they have dozens of other centers across the state and canada. 7:12. getting a raise. california could have the highest minimum wage state in the nation. some say it will be a boost to the economy. others say it will be a disaster. after nearly two years, a u.s. company will try to upright the costa concordia off the coast of italy. the big risk involved in this operation. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving in some areas like the upper
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deck for the east bay, i should say, of the bridge. and then up get to the upper deck on the other side. no problems but there's a backup at the toll plaza. a few reports of drizzle. but there's a lot of reports of fog. low clouds and fog. so cooler today. will it go into the weekend? for a store near you go to
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for a store near you go to
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developing news in boulder, colorado where thousands of people were told to head to higher ground overnight as floodwaters continue to rise. we're live with a look at conditions there and why the new evacuations were ordered. >> reporter: i want to give you a look at boulder creek. this is an area that is by the library here right in the city
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of boulder. people walk through this area. they picnic all in this area. the boulder creek is something that only goes about 10 feet wide. you can see it's gone violently over its bank. it will continue to rise throughout the day. that's what emergency authorities are warning people about because right now at the moment, it's not raining. but evacuations do continue throughout colorado, especially in the northern part of the state. currently, the national guard is getting up into an area called lyons. that's where residents are cut off. they are getting some high- profile vehicles in that area. their sewage treatment plant is down. there's no fresh water for those residents. they haven't had that for the past 24 hours. now, in the denver metro area there have been evacuations as well. there's water going into basements. they've had to close some of the interstates there. there are records washing out. 12 dams have been overtopped
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and there are roads washing out all over the frog. it's been quite a situation here -- all over the front range. it's been quite a situation here. three people have flied from the flooding. one person -- died from the flooding. one person died after a home collapsed on them. the governor requested assistance. the president approved it this morning. they don't know how much damage we're talking about but we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars at this point, they are saying. back to you. >> more rain expected? >> reporter: that is the forecast at this point. this is a system that's considered a 100-year flood. it's parked right over this area of the state. this is incredibly rare. the forecast is for more rain throughout today and tomorrow and possibly sunday. we might get a break on monday. however, at that point who knows where we'll be in terms of the water because the flood systems, they are completely full and overrunning, as you can see.
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>> yeah, only so many places the water can go. thank you. well, some incredible images behind her and also getting some incredible images of the flooding from pictures in boulder, colorado. but officials actually say stopping to take a picture during a disaster could cost you your life. emergency responders say people have been intentionally wading in the floodwaters to get a shot, probably for facebook, twitter and instagram. they say the waters are full of glass, metal and wires. 7:18. that's gonna -- we're gonna talk about the bay area -- actually, we're talking about the traffic, aren't we? >> yes. >> yes, we are talking about sal. we know about the commute. i was trying to do three things at one time. >> i know what that is like. let's take a look.
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if you are driving to the bay bridge, it looks good getting into the city, the traffic at the toll plaza, though, however is a different story. you are going to see some slow traffic in the area. also, the morning commute if you are driving on 880 northbound and southbound, the traffic there is not bad at all, as you can see. it's moving along pretty well heading south, especially down to fremont. sunol grade still has some traffic because of an earlier problem right here in pleasanton at sunol boulevard. there was a crash being moved to the shoulder. traffic is slow on 580 westbound. let's go to steve. a lot of low clouds, fog. it made a push inland. there are warmer temperatures that have settled in. that's usually the sign the fog will burn off. there's a stronger breeze out of the west. more 50s than 60s. that's for sure. fairfield yesterday was about 12 or 13. it was up to 23. now down to 17.
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oakland has a west wind, so does napa. there's been a component of a westerly breeze for most. san jose north. it's been northwest. the low clouds, plenty to go around. it looks like it's lower than it was yesterday. pockets of drizzle. yesterday it was widespread. even from santa cruz to monterey, if you are heading down there, the fog will burn off and you'll get some sun. 70s for santa cruz mainly. low continues to spin. it's producing a lot of rain in colorado and it's going to continue. now, what happens -- the classic setup is when a low comes into new mexico, the flow around that wraps back around from kansas and starts coming up from lower elevations and starts to lift. you take warm, moist air and you lift it there's the source of the rain. there's denver and boulder. they are getting pockets of rain. they are not done for a couple of days. for us, we're waiting for the low. it will be here in on sunday. mist, drizzle.
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low clouds. breezy. low clouds, fog. sun, some of that misty, drizzly pattern. 80s for some. 60s, 70s for others. but temperatures, it doesn't look like we'll see any warmer pattern than after today as temperatures will start to slide down on saturday and then the low i talked about on sunday is definitely gonna move into the north of us. i don't think it will bring us rain but a cooler pattern. and a little mist and drizzle as well. 7:00 a.m. to noon. also at 5:00 and then the rest of the week looks quiet. maybe some rain in northern california next friday. 7:21. one of the biggest salvage operations is about to begin. engineers hope to tow the wreckage from the costa contoerdia cruise ship which
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weighs 100,000 tons to a port where it will be turned into scrap. 32 people were killed when that ship ran aground. a u.s. company is leading the recovery effort. there's a chance that ship could fall apart during the operation. we're told there's no plan-b if that happens. >> hard to believe it's taking so long to get it out of there. a bay area family homeless for the past two years. >> i wish i could just stay in my house. >> in 15 minute, the young victims of the recession and the disturbing problems schools are encountering nationwide. plus -- taliban fighters attack a u.s. consulate. the new al qaeda threat of attacks here in the u.s.
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taliban fighters attacked a u.s. consulate in afghanistan today. the state department says all
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american personnel at the consulate are safe. the attackers used car bombs and guns in a battle with security forces just outside of the compound. at least three members of the afghan security force were killed along with five of the attackers. the new leader of al qaeda is calling for attacks on the u.s. in an audio message posted on the internet, he called on his followers to plan a large strike on the u.s. even if it takes years of patience to carry it out. he cited the boston marathon bombings on april 15th as an example of such an attack. 7:25. new this morning, secretary of state, john kerry, is in switzerland for day two of the talks with the russians over a plan with syria to give up its chemical weapons. here's some video of secretary kerry and the russian foreign minister in geneva. in a news conference after their meeting today, secretary kerry said the talks have been
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constructive. meantime, today in india, the four men convicted of raping and murdering a woman on a bus, they were sentenced to death. in handing down the sentence, the judge says it sends a message there can be no tolerance for such a savage crime. anger over the attack set off demonstrations across india and propted lawmakers to tougher, anti-rape laws. a man is behind cars in connection with a bloody attack at san francisco's library. 25-year-old clifton moore hit someone in the head. police say the 61-year-old victim was using a computer on the first floor when he was suddenly hit with a chair. several witnesses were able to point out the suspect to police. he was taken into custody. no word on a motive for the attack. city leaders in san francisco are celebrating a new apartment complex for low- income families and formerly homeless people. it's being built at broadway
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and samsun. that's where the ramp to the old embarcadero freeway once stood. the freeway was torn down after the loma prieta earthquake. the new apartments are set to open in january 2015. the b.a.r.t. contract coolingoff period ends in less than a month. what would you would with an extra $4,000 a year? that's what many him mumm wage workers may be -- minimum wage workers may be getting soon here in california. we'll explain. good morning. on the sunol grade, things are lightert than usual because of an accident up the road. we'll tell you what's going on. some areas already have the sun. but there's a lot that have a low cloud deck in place and also drizzle, local drizzle. but what about the weekend weather? can we warm it up or keep it cool? mom?
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it is 7:30. you are looking live at the oakland estuary, it looks like marine layer, as steve would, out there, steve? we'll check in with steve in a minute. good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> it looks refreshing. >> it does. i'm dave clark. let's check weather with steve. a big marine layer layer is in place. it will get helped along by the low which will be here late saturday and you sunday.
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today would be warmer inland. the lows are cooler. no doubt about it. 54, santa rosa. good 7 degrees for some. we had a lot of 60s yesterday and 50s today. there's a decent breeze out of the west as well. san francisco, which has been hovering near 70 actually dropped. 67 for the high. just because the low is 5 degrees cooler. if you are up in tahoe, truckee, reno, you may have to deal with clouds and isolated showers. for us, low clouds, fog, then sun. already some areas have the sun. the morning, mist or drizzle. it's not as widespread as yesterday. but the wefd wind is -- west wind is in place. highs, 60s, 70s, coast and bay. here's sal. right now, traffic is getting busier. we're looking at 880 and the traffic here is not all that bad. if you are driving down to hayward it gets slow after highway 92 as you drive toward
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fremont. we're getting a friday break today. bay bridge, we had an earlier crash at the toll plaza. that's been removed. traffic is backed up for a 20, 30-minute delay. all lanes are open. southbound 680 is a mess out of pleasonton heading all the way down to the sul know grade. this is -- sunol grade. this is because of an earlier accident at sunol boulevard. but this whole stretch is very slow. it's not supposed to be this way on a friday but it is today. speeds on highway 4 and 680, drive time 11 minutes from lone tree to loverrage, drive time, from 4 to lover ridge, 11 minutes. speeds are 19. the minimum wage in california will become the highest in the nation. governor jerry brown is expected to sign this legislation into law. janine de la vega joins us from east palo alto to lay out the plan and tell us what people think of it. good morning, janine de la vega. >> reporter: good morning.
7:33 am
minimum wage work, i spoke to at this mcdonald's said they are excited to hear that the rate could increase to $10. a full-time minimum worker's wages would increase to $4,000. they voted to hike the wages up to $9 and then raise to $10 by january 2016. more than 90% of minimum wage earners in california are 20 years old or older and 25% of california children have at least one parent that makes minimum wage. those are some of the statistics governor brown put out. this is being called a job killer, some people say it will put the economy at risk and hurt job creation. but others say it's needed for the state's struggling workers. >> it seems like it is. people are struggling right now with the economy the way it is
7:34 am
and it seems like minimum wage, where it was, people can't live on that anymore. >> reporter: economists also seem split on the issue. some don't believe it will help poor families because so many low wage workers are secondary earners and not the bread winners. others say any time you pay low- wage workers it stimulates the economy because they will end up spending it. if the governor signs the bill this would be the first increase to california's minimum wage in six years. reporting live from east palo alto, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:34. undocumented immigrants may soon to be able to get a california driver's license. supporters say it would make the roads safer by giving undocumented immigrants who already drive in california the chance to do it legally by getting a license and insurance. the licenses, however, could not be used for voter registration or public benefits. the state legislature passed the bill last night. it still needs the governor's
7:35 am
approval. more than a hundred people were arrested in washington, d.c. during immigration reform protests. women, some of whom were undocumented immigrants, formed a circle right in front of the capitol building. immigration reform activists say they will increase pressure on the government this month and next month for immigration reform. calfire expects to fully contain a huge wildfire in shasta county sometime this weekend. the clover fire outside of redding has destroyed at least 68 homes. that's almost double the previous estimate. sheriff deputies say one man who refused to leave his home died in the fire. one volunteer fire chief has been fighting the flames all week. doug ats can dins raced to save one home after earning he lost one house in the wildfire. >> at that point, i was not thinking about my own fire. i was making sure that other
7:36 am
house didn't burn. there was nothing in my mind but saving the house i was on. >> 8,000 acres have been burned since the fire started on monday. we have new information on a fast-moving grass fire that forced evacuations in san anselmo yesterday. a homeless man is accused of tossing a match that set off the match. newschopper2 flew over the scene. fi crews were able to -- fire crews were able to keep the flames away from homes. police arrested the home las man a short killer -- a short time killer. amber nelson said she was walking home with her neon say adolfo sell celedon when they were robbed. she was punched. her fiance was shot and killed.
7:37 am
>> it's been three years now. there's no major leads and no named suspects in the investigation. >> she said she goes to the spot where adolfo was killed every day. en in his honor. new information about a crash that killed a pedestrian last night in san jose. it happened around 11:00 p.m. on. southbound lanes of highway 101 near brokaw road and mineta international airport. the chp says the driver, a 51- year-old man from gilroy hit and killed the pedestrian who was believed to be in his 20s. the driver stayed there at the scene and was not arrested. at this point, we don't know why the victim was walking on the highway in the first place. 7:37. there's been an arrest in the case of a bull theft caught on -- bold theft caught on oakland. a man stole a laptop from a t- shirt shop on grandavenue. yesterday morning, police stopped a man matching the
7:38 am
machine's description and arrested -- the man's description and arrested him. police say he may be connected to other crime cases in several cities. it's a heartbreaking story about the young victims of the recession. the u.s. department of education has identified 47,000 children living in motels nation wide. the number of kids in public schools has jumped 38% since 2007. the ramirez family is part of that statistic. mom, dad and their boys, 6-year- old bodie and 5-year-old nicholas live in a room at the easy 8 hotel in newark. they were evicted from their home when robert ramirez lost their job. >> they still talk about missing our house, wanting house. >> do you ever have to leave here? >> every 21 days. >> how do you feel about that? >> mad. >> why? >> hotel rules require guests
7:39 am
to leave after 21 days. the family must check out and return after two nights. the dad has a new job. they don't have enough money to pay the necessary deposits. newark school administrators have identified more than 250 homeless students in need of assistance. 7:38. in our continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. labor talks it doesn't seem like much is getting done. ktvu's pam cook is in our newsroom now with a clear message, pam, the b.a.r.t. board of directors is sending. >> yeah. don't expect more money for intervention in the ongoing dispute. that's the message the b.a.r.t. board is selling the union workers. b.a.r.t. management and workers returned to negotiations on monday to try to hash out a deal and avoid another strike. but they seem to be far apart on the main issues. salaries, healthcare and pensions. and the talks have been side tracked over safety. >> safety is just a smokescreen. they don't want to talk about the fact there want a 20 plus
7:40 am
percent increase. >> i think it's unfortunate when people think of those things we're trying to use this as leverage, that's not the truth. >> this will be the first talk since the cooling-off period ordered by governor brown. talks resume on monday. if no deal is reached by the end of the cooling-off period, the unions could call another strike. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, pam. heartbreak for people living and working on the new jersey shore. we'll be live where a popular boardwalk again in ruins this morning. >> i thought it was the perfect thing. why shouldn't they tweet they are going ipo? that's the basis of their basis. >> and more reaction to the tweet eard around the finance -- heard around the financial world. good morning. we have a developing situation in san francisco. we'll tell you more about that. some breaks in the clouds.
7:41 am
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welcome back. an east bay school high school will pay tribute to an american ambassador killed in a terror attack last year. christopher stevens was among four americans killed in libya on september 11th, 2012. he graduated from piedmont high school in 1978. at halftime of today's varsity football game, the school will hold a moment of silence in his honor. they will announce they are renaming the library, the
7:44 am
ambassador christopher stevens memorial library. three friends of the boston bombing suspect are due in court today on charges they hindered the investigation into the attack. they are scheduled to be arraigned on charges of lying to investigators and conspiring to obstruct justice. prosecutors say they tried to hide a backpack and a laptop belonging to dzhokhar tsarnaev while he was on the run. in that bombing, three people died. more than 260 were hurt. and the san francisco giants have announced a very special fund-raiser to support injured giants' fan brian stow. it will take place september 240th during the game against the dodgers. $10 from each ticket goes towards his fund. the san francisco earthquakes may have to wait longer to play in their stadium. another construction delay. and that mines the earthquakes may not be able -- means the earthquakes may not be able to play in their stadium until the
7:45 am
2015 season. the team will announce this on monday. quakes' officials hoped to play in the new 18,000-state stadium by the start of next season. the coliseum is getting ready for some football. the raiders will play the jacksonville jaguars sun afternoon. the as play baseball again there next week. after that, if the as make the playoffs, we certainly hope they do, there will be more work for the coliseum crew. willie brown says he feels blessed and honored to have the western span of the new bay bridge named after him. the senate gave final approval to immediately change the name to the willie l. brown junior bridge in honor of the former mayor and the first african- american california assembly speaker. >> every time i think about it, it's like going across the bridge with my name on it, it's a wonderful experience. >> mr. brown says the next step
7:46 am
is to raise the money for road signs for that name change. but opponents say they are not giving up a fight. one man has already filed a lawsuit claims the state broke its own rules by not seeking a local consensus on it and naming a state structure after someone who is still alive. governor brown, who is also against changing that name, doesn't have the power to veto a nonbinding resolution but he can tell caltrans not to put up any signs noting that new name. happening now -- close to 100 firefighters are mopping up hot spots on the new jersey boardwalk after a massive fire. we're live at the fire scene on the boardwalk badly damaged during the superstorm sandy last year. good morning, chris. >> reporter: well, good morning, tori. still no word on what could have caused this fire. but this is certainly not what folks here on the jersey shore
7:47 am
needed. they last year dealt with hurricane sandy still in the middle of the rebuilding process from that. now, a massive fire, massive blazes took out about four blocks of boardwalk and dozens of businesses. >> as soon as this is over, we'll pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back to work. >> reporter: just as the iconic board in new jersey had begun to heal from hurricane sandy, tragedy strikes again. high winds fueled the blaze that quickly spread through dozens of businesses. >> smoke was blowing down. we never thought the building would burn. it started eight blocks away, and it just rapidly went down. i never, ever thought the building would burn from a fire that started that far away. >> reporter: several firefighters suffered smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. no word what caused the fire but investigators are looking at reports that it may have started at a frozen custard shop and then escalated. >> it's piles of rubble.
7:48 am
piles of char and debris. caved-in buildings, no walls, no roofs. it looks like a bomb went off. >> reporter: seaside park gained national attention after sandy tore through it costing the city millions to rebuild the boardwalk. >> i feel like i'm gonna throw up. after all of the effort, time, resources we put in to help the folks at seaside heights and park rebuild, to see this going on, it's just unthinkable. >> reporter: that was governor christie last night. we're also just a half a block away or so from a governor christie conference. still, no word in terms of what could have caused the fire. he said there is an arson unite on team. the county prosecutors have sent investigators. they are on site. we hope to have more details on what this could have been during the day. i'm chris welch, back to you. there's anger stemming from
7:49 am
a fire that killed 37 people at a psychiatric hospital in russia. victims included patients and a nurse who died trying to lead them to safety. hospital staff say one of the patients was smoking in bed before the fire. this is the second fire at the 19th century facility this year. officials attempted to close down the building due to safety concerns. the government is launching an inquiry into suspected negligence. all right. 7:49. sal is back. you are watching the toll plaza and everything else. >> that's right, dave and tori, good friday to you. let's take a look at what we have approaching san francisco at the toll plaza. it's about a 35, 40-minute delay. this commute started off rough because of a crash that's been long gone now. but it was blocking lanes near west grand. that was about an hour and a half ago already. but traffic is bad. never rearly recovered. we have a big backup. unless you are in a carpool lane or a bus, it will take you a while to get on the bridge. once you get on the bridge, it
7:50 am
looks good in the city. 880 is beginning to slow down on 880 northbound past the coliseum. southbound 880 slowing down to hayward. muni is blocked because of activity at one of the skyscrapers down here. one of the embarcadero towers. there's a window washer's platform hanging precariously off the building. the fire department is there to secure it. but no one can go near it until they do that. 7:50. let's go to steve. a lot of low clouds and fog. pockets of it. it's not as extensive as yesterday. it will burn off sooner. we've had a couple of reports of windshield wiper activity with areas of drizzle or mist. a low spinning off the coast will be here probably until sunday. so looks warmer, not a lot. but a little bit if you are up in the sierra. might to have deal with afternoon buildups and showers.
7:51 am
45 in tahoe. 59 sacramento. still not that warm. starting to warm up with dry air moving in this las vegas and the southwest. yesterday we had a bigger fog bank. you can see some of the cloud cover wrap around. the pain just keeps marching along. they are getting a little bit of a break right now very heavy rain near fort collins. boulder, a foot of rain fell at the national weather service there in boulder. a foot of rain. you put that on top of the rain they've already had, there's more coming. they are not done yet. for us, we're waiting for the low to move in. it won't be today but it will be over the weekend. mist, drizzle. a lot of low clouds in place. the breeze seems to be tailing off more than it did. it's warmer today and then a cooling trend starts. low clouds, fog, some sun, it will be burning off sooner. the morning drizzle or mist
7:52 am
again. temperatures now chloe and i also converse there. she's up in clearlake. she says i think it will be warmer today. novato, 80. 77 san rafael. 80, santa rosa. vacaville, 91. livermore, 80s. low 80s, danville, san marrone known, walnut creek. 70s in berkeley. 70s to low 80s for most. 60s on the coast. 70s and then mainly 70. 76 in the view and also for -- 76 in mountain view and also for menlo park. i think sunday the low gets close enough it will move in and ramp up the fog bank. and that will give us a cooler pattern and then also if you want to make plans for sunday, i would plan on mist or drizzle for the morning. partly to mostly cloudy. by 5:00, partly sunny. but breezy and cooler conditions. we'll take that into monday and tuesday. >> it, steve. eight minutes before 8:00. hear about the eerie
7:53 am
coincidence on friday the 13th on a flight that caused a pause this morning. what the passenger in a car that smashed into a san rafael house had to say this morning. we'll have a live report on how fast they were going during a chase. blam embrace the season.
7:54 am
7:55 am
warm up your home with fall's finest. share all of your favorite t.j. finds... at a price worth posting. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista and see the brands people are scoring. t.j.maxx. stocks are mixed on wall street. several reports out this morning. spending at retail businesses rose just .2% last month. business stockpiles increased by 4.4% in july. and inflation remains under control. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 57. the nasdaq, though, down 4. and s&p is up 2. san francisco-based twitter is going public. the 7-year-old company is taking advantage of a new law that allows it to file confidential paperwork to begin the process for its initial public offering. that means it does not have to
7:56 am
disclose financial information until later in the process. the company announced its ipo filing, of course, in a tweet. >> it's an exciting new technology. twitter has been a critical sort of social force. it has a broader political effect on the world. it's a new communication tool. so i think that changes the way people look at it. >> analysts say the timing of twitter's ipo announcement is closely tied to facebook. facebook's stock price, of course, tumbled after its ipo last year. but this week, facebook shares hit a record high. right now they are trading at $44.14 -- 15 cents which is more than the original ipo price. the federal government plans to declassify parts of a secret report order that ordered yahoo!to turn over personal information to the nsa. yahoo!asked for that court order along with the briefs. that way they say they can show
7:57 am
it objected strenuously but the objektions were overruled. a finnish flight that would make anybody super tish shis think twice, it made a safe landing. flight 666 flew from copenhagen to an airport with a code of hel. some, as you know, connect friday the 13th to bad luck. and the number 666 is associated with the devil. >> yes, it is. >> some publiccal line -- bub lickal lines. ktvu first on the scene of this strip mall fire hours ago. we'll tell you why extra police presence was required. and the chase began on highway 101. but it ended here in the yard of a san rafael home. we'll tell you what happened and what we've learned about
7:58 am
the driver's past convictions. and right now, we do have traffic that's getting busier in some areas. 280 is actually doing well this morning as you drive up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about the traffic coming up. plenty of low clouds. there are breaks. it looks like it will burn off sooner. so a little warmer today. but what about the weekend?
7:59 am
8:00 am
there was a fire early this morning that started at a starbucks. but then it spread. still an active scene. we'll have much more on that in a couple of moments. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. let's begin with a quick look at weather and traffic. a little overcast out there. a lot of it. there are some breaks in it. had pockets of mist or drizzle. but not as much as yesterday. cooler lows by a good 5 degrees on many of these. although we should start to bounce off some of these lows. go 67 in san francisco. down a little bit from the past couple of days. they've been hovering near 70. showers still on the western edge of the low. we're waiting for this low out here. it will be here on sunday. today a little bit warmer but it looks like gradual cooling as we go into the weekend,
8:01 am
especially on sunday. the wind has picked under a little bit. 70s -- picked up a little bit. 70s mainly inland. we have traffic busy in many areas of the bay, it has not alabama lighter. it's showing -- become lighter. it's show signs. san mateo bridge could be an alternate. traffic here looks good. it's slow as you get closer to foster city. i still think it's a better brink than the bay bridge. b.a.r.t., caltrain, no delays. minor delays on the 1 and 41down town because of a window washer's bucket at one of the embarcadero towers that's hanging unsafely, according to the fire department. so they are trying to secure it. those buses are delayed in a slight way. back to the desk.
8:02 am
the chp says a driver who has a dui record led officer os an high-speed chase. claudine wong has been out there all morning. you are back now. tell us about the damage. >> reporter: certainly visible damage out there in this san rafael neighborhood. the crash ended here on tamarack drive. the car came up on the curb, hit the stop sign and kept on going into that fence and into that tree. the chp says this started as an attempted traffic stop on highway 101 but say the driver fled from police and ended up in this neighborhood. there were two people in the car and then we talked to the passenger who said he was not awake for most of it. >> the last 15 seconds, i was waking up. >> reporter: when you woke up, were the police behind you guys? >> possibly. i mean -- the last i remember,
8:03 am
i just -- turned too tight and -- and the next thing you know, running in the back of the house. >> reporter: was your buddy -- were you guys drinking? >> i'm a christian. i don't think. >> reporter: was your buddy drinking? >> i can't comment on that. >> reporter: the chp has identified the driver as patrick mcguire from san francisco. they say he was driving 80 in a 55-mile zen and 60, 65 miles an hour on these residential streets. add to that the blood alcohol level. >> the driver was uninjured. the passenger suffered minor injuries. >> drunk? >> yes, incoxcated. >> reporter: the chp found open bottles of vehicle inside the vehicle. one read saving lives, one beer at a time.
8:04 am
let's talk about mcguire's history. he's 26. lives in san francisco. this morning, he's facing a felony dui charge. felony dui that caused injury and because his passenger suffered minor ones and he's facing charges of evading police and he has a past history. back in 2007 he was convicted of dui while under 21. in 2011 he was convicted of misdemeanor dui. he is this morning right now at the marin county jail facing these new charges. live live in san rafael, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:04. fire crews are still on the scene of an early-morning strip mall fire in san ramon. it started about four hours ago on crow canyon police near interstate 680. ktvu's tara moriarty was the first reporter on the scene and she's back now live with a look at all of the damage there. good morning, tara. >> reporter: you can see where the fire started. you can see how the crews
8:05 am
ripped up the stucco and all of the installation really dissecting it to make sure the fire didn't ignite nearby business. it broke out at a starbucks. the worker called 911. firefighters busted open the stuck ke on stash bucks off crow canyon road and 680 and they made a very aggressive attack. >> we did have fire in the rear walls of the complex and had smoke in several of the units. from what we can tell, there was no extension in any of the units. >> reporter: crews were concerned at first because this is a strip mall. flames can spread quickly. there is a cheesesteak shop, a bank and a pizza place nearby. crews busted through the glass doors of the bank to gain access. there's a very heavy police presence here. firefighters were able to squelch the initial fire within minutes no. a lot of damage. but that could change because they are really riching this --
8:06 am
ripping this apart and investigators will try to figure out what caused the fire. the chief says he thinks this fire whether it was a cigarette butt or what, it was most likely going out here all night and then spread into the walls here. we're live in san ramon, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:05. sometime today, firefighters expect to fully contain the huge wildfire on mt. diablo. calfire now confirms the fire was started by target shooting on the east side of the mountain. several neighbors told ktvu that they heard target shooting early sunday afternoon right before the fire started. there's no word yet on who started the fire. it's now called one of the biggest-ever on mt. diablo. >> come back and see this is very shocking. in the short run, it's shocking. but i think it's a good thing in the long run. >> the vegetation, we'll be able to come in, nature can
8:07 am
heal itself. >> the state park has been closed since sunday but it set to reopen on monday. we may soon find out if prosecutors will file charges against the san francisco rec and parks worker accused of running over a mother in holly park. the man, according to prosecutors, hit and killed the woman last thursday while he was driving his city work truck. she was sunbathing with her baby daughter. the man was booked on suspicion of hit and run and has been released since. robberies are up 20%, burglaries up 30% in berkeley. four homicides so far this berkeley. there were five for all of last year. the chief will present the findings to the council next week saying this shows the need for more officers on the
8:08 am
streets. the penalty phase of the joseph naso trial continues. prosecutors want jurors to recommend the death penalty. last month, the jury convicted naso of killing four women during the 1970s and 1990s. he's also suspected of committing at least two more murders. 8:07. a santa rosa woman could get up to ten years in jail in a murder case linked to road rage. now, the press democrat took this photo of the defendant. that's heather howell wiping away tears during yesterday's court hearings. howell was found guilty of two charges in connection with the crash that killed jessie garcia last year. investigators say she was drunk, she was chasing after she her boyfriend when she ran over gar see seia, who was another -- garcia, who was another motorist on the charge. but the jury split on the more serious charge of second-degree murder. >> there was a vigil for a missing 15-year-old boy from vallejo. he's been missing for almost five months.
8:09 am
he was last seen april 21st. his mother said he was angry about being called to testify in the criminal trial against his former neighbor. that neighbor is ten years older than kai and reportedly told a judge that he has been in contact with kai. kai. >> when asked by the judge if he knew about our son's whereabouts, he said via his lawyer that he had -- he's having ongoing contact with our son. >> kai disappeared days before he was to take the witness stand. his mother said she's especially worried because kai has asperger's syndrome. she's hired a private investigator to try to find him. police are trying to identify a woman found dead in a petaluma creek in willow brook creek near the old redwood highway. they say it appears she had been there for several days. police are reviewing missing person's case right now. anyone with information is asked to contact petaluma
8:10 am
police. families of five missing men in san francisco are scheduled to hold a vigil at golden gate park to call attention to the investigation. family members of shawn city, christian hughes, shawn dickerson, cameron remer and jackson miller say cases involving missing men often get less attention from police and the community. shawn city was last heard from in may when he made a phobe call in golden gate park -- phone call in golden gate park. his family members say he was recovering from a brain injury at the time. a judge says the city of richmond can proceed with the plan to take over troubled home mortgages through eminent domain. wells fargo and deutsche bank filed lawsuits to block that claim. the judge said it's too early to block the plan because the city has to approve a resolution to authorize emmy noent domain. u -- eminent domain.
8:11 am
8:10. there's word of a possible labor agreement for san francisco police officers. the examiner reports the deal includes a multi-year 5% pay raise for more of the police force. but new recruits face -- would be facing a possible pay cut. santa clara county's top health official is retiring today after almost 30 years on the job. dr. marty. he says he considers establishing clinics for people with hiv and a.i.d.s. one of the highlights of his
8:12 am
career. dr. sarakoti will serve as interim until a permanent replacement is made. 8:11. well, new evacuations in colorado because of all of the devastating floods and heavy rains. why thousands have been told to head for higher ground. word of another attack in afghanistan and the target was the united states. good morning. traffic is still busy in some areas. it's getting better as you drive out toward the 238 -- 237 interchange. we'll tell you more straight ahead. well, some pockets of sunshine there. a little bit of drizzle this morning but it looks like temperatures will warm up even with the gray skies. we'll have details coming up. 5ñ
8:13 am
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8:15 am
developing news in boulder, colorado. thousands were sold to head for higher ground. the flood waters keep rising. people are under a mandatory evacuation. thousands more have been told to stay in your home. three neighborhoods in fort collins are being investigated. the evacuation orders followed days of heavy rain triggering flash floods that have killed at least three people, wash ed out roads and bridges. >> we saw the creek beyond our fence rise to the edge of the fence and put in more rock just to avoid seeing this happen. i'm sure the creek is going to be completely redone. it's gonna have a different
8:16 am
pathway. colorado's national guard is helping to evacuate people in the town of lyons. they've been completely cut off by the floodwaters. president obama has declared a state of emergency in three colorado counties. we're getting some incredible pictures of the floods in boulder, colorado. officials are saying the people who are stopping to take a picture of the disaster, they may lose their life. emergency responders say people have been intentionally wading into the raging waters just to get a picture of took, twitter or instagram. there's dangerous items in there such as glass, metal and wires. 8:16. bay area native carlos santana is considered being an honoree. billy joel, shirley mac claine
8:17 am
and herbie hancock were chosen for the reward. in december the president will host and the performance airs on december 29th. nicole kidman had a jarring encounter with a bicyclist who knocked her over. someone with the paparazzi on a bike rode into her yesterday on a new york city sidewalk in front of a hotel. she said reporters she was okay. but tmz reports that she's furious and plans to press charges. the man on the bible was ticketed for riding -- bike was ticketed for riding on the sidewalk, riding with no helmet. colin kaepernick is now featured in a corn maize. this is in patterson, near interstate 5, west of his home town of turlock. this 25-acre tribute benefits his chosen charity, camp taylor which helps children with heart disease. one dollar from every ticket told to go into the maize will
8:18 am
go towards the charity. the 49ers have a big game, a huge game against the seattle seahawks this weekend. we have got a little competition going on with our sister station in seattle on facebook. we're inviting you to show them who has the best fans in the west. go to ktvu on facebook, share our 49ers banner at the top of the page. sal has no question about who has the best fans in the west, right, sal, us being among them for the 49ers? >> we have a lot going on all of a sudden. this new crash that i told you about last time, i think i may have mentioned it at the corner of alemeny near ocean is an injury crash with a driver trapped. it's a busy area. i don't think muni lines run there that will be blocked. but ocean avenue has a bus that runs on it. that may affect muni.
8:19 am
this is east or southeast of interstate 280, a busy neighborhood. alemany at ocean. one person is trapped inside an injury crash there. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound. this traffic is improving a little bit. still a 15, 20-minute delay before you make it on the span. i will show you some improvement on 237. not as bad as it was. it's still a little bit slow. once you get to sunnyvale, it will be better for you. 8:18. to steve. a lot of gray but still areas with sunshine. not as much drizzle this morning. we had some around the area today. i think it will increase saturday night into sunday morning as this low works its way toward us us. as it does it will weaken. another low develops next week in the gulf of alaska. maybe by this time next week, the first rain from the north will be moving into northern california. it looks cool. today we might get a little bit of a warmup. upper 50s, low 60s. lows, we're definitely cooler
8:20 am
than we saw the last couple of mornings. not much of a breeze. have been good gusts for a few locations. santa cruz capitola things like they will be better today. this low is on its way. it's going to get help along by a system coming out of the north. that will set the stage for a cooling trend over the weekend. a little bit of mist and drizzle. a little bit warmer today but then we start a cooldown saturday. it looks like definiteny sunday. i don't think it will bring us any rain. maybe into next week it will. morning drizzle. breezy at times. fog, sun. low clouds it looks like it will burn off sooner. some areas will pop up good. low to mid-90s. 80s for others. temperatures will continue to be a little bit warmer today
8:21 am
than we saw yesterday for many locations very close to it. 70s to 80s. santa clara valley. sunnyvale, 76. a lot of mid-70s to upper 70s on the peninsula. 60s on the coast. and the text end outlook has -- the extended outlook has -- if you are looking to sunday, we might get a cooldown and then monday/tuesday about the same. a wage hike for minimum wage workers in california. the new legislation that was just passed that could make california's minimum wage the highest in the country. embrace the season.
8:22 am
warm up your home with fall's finest. share all of your favorite t.j. finds... at a price worth posting. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista and see the brands people are scoring. t.j.maxx.
8:23 am
8:24 am
the taliban attacked a u.s. consulate in afghanistan. all u.s. personnel are safe. car bombs and guns were used in the attack outside of the compound. three members of the afghan force were killed as well as five of the attackers. the new leader of al qaeda is calling for attacks on the united states. in an audio message posted on the internet, he called on his followers to plan a big attack on the u.s. even if it takes years to carry it out. he pointed to the boston marathon bombings in april as an example of such an attack.
8:25 am
new this morning, secretary of state, john kerry, is in switzerland for day two of talks with the russians over a plan for syria to give up its chemical weapons. there's some video of kerry and the russian foreign minister arriving in geneva, switzerland. in a news conference, kerry said the talks have been constructive. how would you like free airlines tickets. >> a price glitch at united airlines made that happen. the airfares briefly told between 0 and $10 on united website. it's not known how many deeply discounted tickets were sold. a spokesperson says united has not yet decided whether it will honor the tickets. last year, united had computer problems that grounded hundreds of flights. let's quickly go to sal. a scary situation developing with some window washers. what's going on?
8:26 am
>> that's in san francisco, one of the embarcaderos here. i want to show you the live picture. one of these scaffolding ins in one of the buildings closest to clay street here, clay -- you can see that -- i'm trying to get a cross street. on clay street on embarcadero one, clay near battery, this scaffolding came loose and it was hanging unsafely. we told you about this. firefighters went into the building and did add securing to it. but it's unclear what they are gonna do next. some streets are closed below before they get this thing completely safe. no window washers were in the rig at the time. this thing is super heavy. they don't want anybody beneath it until they can resolve the situation. so some streets below are closed. we'll let you know more about this coming up. >> all right, sal. thank you. still ahead -- concerns are growing about yet another b.a.r.t. shutdown next month.
8:27 am
a possibility. the latest message the board is sending out to the unions. the minimum wage rate in california looks like it is about to become the highest in the nation. good morning. on the eastshore freeway we have traffic recovering after earlier problems. it looks good but there's still a backup at the toll plaza.
8:28 am
8:29 am
live pictures in the financial district. look close. there is a window scaffolding. a window washing scaffolding just dangling in the air hundreds of feet in the air.
8:30 am
we understand no one is in it. but you don't want to be underneath that. again, this is a dangerous situation. they are working on it right now. sal has all of the details. stay tuned right where you are. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. sal will be here in a moment. let's talk about your weather. steve is over here. >> thank you, dave. we have a lot of low clouds and fog in place. it looks like its lower compared to yesterday. a sign that warm air aloft has burned in. i think the afternoon highs will be closer to yesterday. maybe 1 or 2 warmer inland. this low will start to move in on saturday night into sunday for a cooldown. just a gradual warmup. had a couple of reports of drizzle. 50s and 60s. a few areas are starting to warm up a little bit. we were a little cooler this morning. san francisco because they were about 5 degrees cooler on the low, i went a couple of degrees cooler than the last few days. a lot of low clouds here. popup showers possible up in
8:31 am
the sierra. fog for us, then sun, morning drizzle. the breeze is offshore. it's westerly. we're looking for 60s, 70s and 80s. these are low to mid-80s. there we go. now here's sal. [laughter] all right. this window-washing thing has become a curiosity. there's also a traffic issue clay near battery because of this rig hanging precariously from a building. one of the embarcadero towers there. this was first reported just after 7:00 from the 34th floor of a building according to the san francisco fire department. as a precaution, clay and battery street is closed. they've shut down 28th through the 34th floor of the building. the muni one and 41 routes are being rerouted. there was no one inside this window-washing rig. but the firefighters put lines on it to secure it better than
8:32 am
it was. but they still closed the streets and are trying to figure out what to do next. the bay bridge is backed up. it will be backed for a 10, 15- minute delay. no major problems. we also have a stalled vehicle southbound 880 at 92. watch for slow traffic there. it's better today than it has been. 8:32. back to the desk. all right, sal. california lawmakers took action on several new bills as they wrapped up the legislative session for the year. one bill they approved would raise the state's minimum wage. it's now on governor brown's desk. ktvu's janine de la vega is joining us live from east palo alto to tell us more about what's ahead for workers and for businesses. janine? >> reporter: well, right now, minimum wage is $8 in california. i spoke with one woman who works here at mcdonald's. she says she and her husband each make $9 an hour.
8:33 am
so she supports an increase. but others worry that an increase will lead to higher prices. the legislature voted to hike the minimum wage to $9 next july and it would raise to $10 by january 2016. governor brown mass indicated he will sign the bill. the move is touted by democrats who say it's needed for the state's struggling workers. but republican lawmakers and some business groups say it would put california's economic recovery at risk and lead to fewer lower-wage jobs. in san jose and san francisco, the minimum wage is already at $10 an hour. we spoke to people about how they feel about other bay area cities going to that rate. the numbers are small. it makes a big difference from $8 to $10. it will add up. going from $8 to $10, i think that would be great for everybody. just san jose. i don't think that's right. one area out of the whole
8:34 am
prayer. >> reporter: here's a look at some of the states with higher minimum wages than california. washington has the highest at 9.19 an hour. oregon, $8.95. vermont is 8.60 be a hour. according to the u.s. labor department, the states with the low rest georgia and wyoming at 5.15. they are below the federal rate. so workers make around $7.25 an hour. if the governor signs a bill, a full-time minimum wager workers' wages would increase to about $4,000 more a year. reporting live from east palo alto, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and a bill that expands the number of emergency exits for limos is also headed to governor brown's desk. east bay state senator ellen corbett proposed the measure after the limo fire kill five people on the bridge. the bill requires there's at least two rear side doors and one emergency rear pushout
8:35 am
window. state lawmakers also approved a bill before last night's deadline that would create an early-warning system for earthquakes. the measure would direct the office of emergency services to work with uc berkeley and the u.s. gee logical survey on -- geological survey on the system. this could produce warnings of at least 30 secretary seconds that a quake is working. undocumented immigrants may soon be able to get a california driver's license. some say this would make the roads safer by giving those without a license the chance to do it legally. the licenses will not work for voter registration or public benefit. the bill still needs the approval of the governor. 8:35. police in pleasanton searching for a suspect who robbed a 7/11. it happened at the 7/11 on valley avenue. police say the suspect tried to lock the store employee in a back room and then climbed over
8:36 am
the counter and stole money from the cash register. if you have any information about this call pleasanton police. a man is in jail in connection with a bloody attack on wednesday at san francisco's main library. police say the 25-year-old man, clifton moore, hit someone in the head. the 61-year-old victim was using a computer on the first floor when suddenly he was hit with a chair. several witnesses were able to point out the suspect to police. he was taken into custody, there's no explanation on a motive for the attack. 8:36. in our continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. labor dispute. both sides will be back in negotiations on monday. but as pam cook reports from our newsroom it will be without board intervention. pam? >> yeah, the strong message from the b.a.r.t. board of directors don't expect more money or intervention in the labor talks. b.a.r.t. management and union workers return to negotiations on monday to try to hash out a
8:37 am
deal and avoid another strike. but they seem to be far apart on the main issues. healthcare, pension contributions and topping the list salaries. >> we've reached the end of our line. we have a 10% offer on the table. the bay area has zero onpy tight for another strike especially when offering 10% to the employees. we're hopeful to avert a strike and we'll work hard to make sure the riders get the service and that our members get representations. >> they may be hopeful to avert a strike. while b.a.r.t. is offering the 10% raise over the life of the contract, the unions are still sticking with 20%. the formal talks presume on monday. if they don't reach a deal by october 10th, b.a.r.t. workers could go out on strike again. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:37. san francisco-based twitter is going public. the 7-year-old company will take advantage of a new law
8:38 am
that lets it file confidential paperwork to start the pro set for the initial public offering. that means it doesn't have to release financial information until later in the process. the company announced the ipo filing in a tweet. >> it was the perfect thing for twitters. why shouldn't they tweet they are going ipo. that's the basis of their business. >> experts say the timing is closely tied to facebook. facebook's stock price tumbled after its ipo last year. this took facebook shares -- week facebook shares hit a record high. san francisco's bag ban is about to hit restaurants now. the city's making sure restaurant owners know that starting october 1st they have to use environmentally-friendly bags and they must charge 10 cents for the dags. doggie bags and soup containers will be free.
8:39 am
john muir health has announced it is cutting jobs for the second time this week. yesterday, the company which runs health centers in walnut creek and concord announced it is offering more voluntary severance packets to employees. they are hoping to trim 200 full-time positions in in addition to obama care. the san jose mercury reports that google has leased an office building in sunnyvale. there are plans to move 1,000 plans. google leased the offices in a five-building complex called technology corners near innovation way and 11th avenue. google also rented 715,000 square feet at the complex last year. walmart is planning to cut down or eliminate completely ten chemicals found in household and beauty products. walmart says beginning in january, it will begin to
8:40 am
monitor progress on reducing the chemicals and apply for its own brand of eco-friendly cleaning products. the company has not said which ten chemicals it will target. 8:39. we're still following developing news from san francisco. live pictures. window-washing scaffolding dangling almost 40 stories over the sidewalk. these are live pictures. stay tuned we'll have more on this in just moments. >> reporter: a fire breaks mouth at a starbucks. fire crews have been on scene for four hours. we'll tell you why police have been called out as well. good morning. traffic is going to be -- yeah, getting better but some areas are slowing down. we'll tell you more about what's going on in the financial district of san francisco coming up. plenty of gray skies out there. some breaks already. it looks like the fog will burn off. a little warmup today. but what about into the weekend and early next week. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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8:43 am
i want to give i a sense of what's going on here. tilt up 44 floors in the sky. there was a scaffolding not secured properly on this
8:44 am
embarcadero building. there it is. if you are looking at it from the ground, that's what it looks like. as we push in, you can see the scaffolding or the -- i don't know what the proper name is, but it's a window-washer's platform was not secured properly. the fire department came up on the scene and they've added some more wires to secure it. but they've told us it might take a few hours for them to properly get this off the building and meanwhile streets below our closed of the they are afraid of this coming down and hurting someone on the ground. we'll tell you more about this coming up. you've been emfa siding no one is in the scaffolding. >> yeah, no one was in it. i think what happened. just after 7:00, someone looked up and saw that doesn't look like. one of the sides is down and then the fire department, the truck company showed up and they've been putting wires on it. but they are trying to figure out a more permanent solution. and also, sal, we've gotten reports that san francisco muni buses on the 41 union routes are being rerouted because they
8:45 am
don't want anyone down below just in case something happens. but looking live at these pictures you can see someone up on the roof trying to move some of the cables around. trying to securely attach this. it's a delicate situation. >> building engineers and the fire department are there. this thing weighs about a ton. it doesn't look like it. if that thing came down, it could hurt someone. the streets are closed until further notice. >> have you heard anything about people who are currently in that building, where they are -- you don't want people walking in and out, obviously. >> no, the entrance near the street below -- you know how the embarcadero has several entrances. >> that side, people are not coming out. some of the people in the office nearby have been moved away just as a precaution. so people who are in -- close to where the platform is have been moved away. >> we understand that's on clay street.
8:46 am
we'll continue to cover this on "mornings on 2" and online as well. 8:45. u.s. consumer sentiment fell to a five-month low in september with americans worried that higher interest rates will put a damper on the housing market. intell is leaving the -- intel is leaving the dow higher. intel's stock right now is up almost 3%, 2329. taking a live look at the dow, the dow is up 62. the nasdaq is down 1. s&p up 3. apple's new iphones are on sale. apple began accepting preorders for the iphone 5-c and the iphone-s. orders happened online after midnight. phones going on sale in the stores on the 20th. uber is giving a lift for the so-called tamale lady.
8:47 am
she's prohibited from selling them at local bars. tonight she will give them away for free to raise awareness and for a brick and mortar shop. you can order her food only by calling uber which will deliver the meals. lance armstrong gave back the bronze medal he won at the summer olympics 13 years ago. he tweeted this picture. he said that bronze medal he won in australia is on its way to the international olympic headquarters. earlier this year, armstrong admitted using performance- enhancing drugs. most of his cycling career. he was stripped of his tour de france titles and banned from competition. want to check in with sal, telling us about the scaffolding situation but there's regular traffic. >> not all that bad. things are improving on this friday. we're finally seeing the light at the end of the traffic
8:48 am
tunnel, if you will. traffic on 880 is a little bit slow. also this morning, weekend, you will see that traffic is backed up but now for a 15-minute delay. definitely seeing improvement here. 280 downtown has been looking good. northbound getting up to highway 17 and so has 101. today has been a lighter day for a lot of the santa clara valley. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. happy friday. a lot of low clouds. still in there. it looks like they are lower today than yesterday. had a pretty good breeze for a while. things have kind of tailed off a little bit. there were gusts 30 miles an hour. also out to the delta. things seem to quiet down a little bit. i'm standing in front of the low which will be here on sunday. today is a little bit on the temperatures and then we'll start to bring it down. this low may open the door for
8:49 am
a stronger system coming in by this time next week coming out of the gulf of alaska. 49 up in tahoe. 57 ukiah, 61 sacramento. low 60s. it was cooler this morning. had a lot more 50s than 60s yesterday. westerly breeze also helped kick it along. it looks like there's breaks in the clouds. so even if i think you have the gray, we'll probably see general clearing. that fog burning off sooner. if you are up in reno watching us, the partly cloudies might wrap bag around. tahoe truckee you will be on the western edge of any thunderstorm activity. the low is on the way. it will set the stage for i think more drizzle late saturday into sunday. especially sunday morning. that will give us a cooler pattern. a slight warmup today. fog, then sun, temperatures, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s.
8:50 am
i think by sunday temperatures will warm down. 77 san rafael. 79 sonoma. 78 for vallejo. 81 for concord. 80s for some. 86 pittsburg. upper 70s, 80s for others. on the peninsula a lot of 70s. 60s on the coast. for those of you who want to check out sunday, it looks like the low will move in saturday night by sunday. by sunday morning with the low they are morning into the north. that will hey lou the system to -- a -- allow the system to move in. 8:50. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. these are live pictures of san francisco, the financial district. the window-washing scaffold, dangling dangerously 40 stories high. this is in the financial district. no window-washers are insighted. this is on -- in site. this is on clay street.
8:51 am
surrounding areas are blocked off. two muni lines are being rerouted for now. crews are trying to secure that scaffolding. the chp says a suspect tried to get away from the police early this morning. hit a tree and a fence outside of a house in san rafael this morning. police say 26-year-old patrick mcguire who has a dui record is now facing charges including felony driving while intoxicated and causing injury to another. a passenger in his car suffered minor injuries. fire crews are still on the scene of an early-morning strip mall fire in san ramon. this one started after -- about 4:00 this morning on crow canyon place near interstate 680. ktvu's tara moriarty has been out there since early this morning. you're back now. what's the latest, tara. well, very heavy fire and police presence out here even as extra security guards were called in here because of a
8:52 am
bank. as we pan to the left, you can see they have the insulation and this is where they believe the fire started on the back side of the starbucks. it spread in the walls. crews ripped out the stucco. die seblthing it to make sure this -- dissecting it to make sure this fire didn't ignite nearby businesses. the fire broke out shortly after 4:00 this morning in starbucks. a worker discovered smoke at the back and then called 911. firefighters busted own the stucco on the outside wall of off 680 and made a very aggressive attack. >> they will peel the building back until they get past the charring just to ensure the fire is out. the reason they do that. there's a lot of small pockets areas that you can't see from the outside. we want to make sure that the fire has not extended and we have completely extinguished it. >> crews were concerned because this is a strip mall. all of the stores share attic space. there's klees steak shop, a
8:53 am
bank, pete zaut shop -- cheesesteak shop, a bank, pizza shop. a very heavy presence here from police. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused the fire. it could have been a discarded cigarette obviously this starbucks is closed as are the other businesses because of the smoke damage. live from san ramon, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:53. it is an epidemic lottery fever in the bay area. the big jackpot that's up for grabs this weekend. mom?
8:54 am
did nana ever give you cheerios when you were a little kid? yeah, she did. were cheerios the same back then? cheerios has pretty much been the same forever. so...when we have cheerios, it's kind of like we are having breakfast with nana... yeah... ♪ yeah. you're so smart.
8:55 am
8:56 am
the bay area lottery fever is heating up. >> that's -- beyond my imagination how much money that really is. >> i will tell you, tomorrow night's powerball jack pott is up to $315. that's a $63 million increase from wednesday night's jackpot. the embarcadero, one of the buildings here. let's go right to the live picture. you can see there is a rebeller
8:57 am
-- repeller there on the side of the building. this person is trying to offlus -- obviously get the wires back onto this scaffolding. first reported at 7:00. the fire department arrived and put some temporary supports. it looks like they have the guy who does this, the guy who repels and they will try to get this takable care of. one of the things we've learned, the streets below will be closed until this is -- until this is fixed. 88 is slow up to the co low see yum. it gets better after high street. if you are driving on -- westbound 580, it's still slow there as well. plenty of low clouds. will burn off sooner for some. it looks like it doesn't last very long. we'll start a gradual trend and
8:58 am
it looks cool. next week looking cool, maybe rain next time this week around the 21st. >> okay. >> okay. >> maybe. we'll see. >> okay. that's our report. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. be sure to watch the news at noon for more on this window- washing scaffolding dangling out of the 41st floor of the san francisco skyscraper. this is at 301 clay street in san francisco. thank you for joining us. embrace the season.
8:59 am
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