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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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friday. elevated fire danger kicks in tomorrow morning. it goes into thursday afternoon evening and goes into friday. 25 to 50, it looks close to what we had last time. higher clouds moving in the air, mostly cloudy, partly cloudy, all the observations say partly cloudy. temperatures kind of held up a little bit. 40s, some 50s, had more 50s and 40s, by this afternoon it will be out of here and temperatures will start to warm up in the north bay. san francisco 68 and i've been stuck on that. it looks warmer as i head into the next couple of days. lows move into nevada and everything goes sunny and warmer. higher clouds today, mild to warm. there is some indications of a little north wind. a lot of sundays, a low 80s, right now traffic is doing well around the bay area. as a matter of fact, if you're looking at the commute, it
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doesn't look all that bad. there's a backup, the lights have gone up. it's backed up to the oakland army base over crossing, you may want to get there before it gets worse. no problems on the actual span get nothing san francisco. we're also looking at the san mateo bridge if you want to get over that crossing, it looks good to the peninsula, to the 101 san francisco airport. if you're driving on the bay area road, all the roads we check, it looks good except for traffic on the altamont pass. now, let's go back to the desk, it's 6:01. >> someone smashed the window and broke in last night, claudine wong is there in front of the shop that was hit. >> reporter: let mow show you where this happened. we're near union square. this is the busiest parts of the square. lots of lights, lots of activity even though none of these stores are open.
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let's take you to where this happened. this is the ice breaker store. this store closed at 8:00 last night so no one was here had this happened. we're not sure at this point what they got away with at 11:30 when this smash and grab took place. the police inspectors were out there. there's surveillance video of what happened. we talked to a man earlier who works in the area. he said this isn't the first time something like this has happened. >> i come over in the morning twice and both the side panels have been knocked out at different times. >> in the store across the street. >> yes. >> that's been in the last week and a half. >> about two weeks. >> you're taking a live look back here on post street at the store, he's talking about, if there has been any more out here on post street, things we should be concerned about. they were looking into it, i
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had a call into someone who would be working on those types of cases, planning to hear back from her this morning. boarded and you the investigation continues. claudine wong, ktvu, channel 2 news. a man suspected of killing and shooting a girl is back in oakland this morning. she was shot in july during a sleepover at a friend's home. her relatives tiered up yesterday when they read the charges of the man accused of the shooting. darnell williams told his friends he fired several shots into the house on wilson avenue. two other children and a grandmother were also wounded. >> i get to see no more years with my daughter, and i don't want them to see any more light on the street. prosecutors charged 27-year- old joseph carol for the death of this girl. investigators say he helped plan the gang related attack.
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the they believe suspects were looking for the father of a friend to avenge a shooting. a san francisco constitute student is back in court this morning. prosecutors say he went out hunting for victims. now, he's accused of randomly killing 20-year-old valdez as he stepped off the muni train. he's charged with murder and possession of firearms. bart contract talks are set to resume at 9:30, ktvu. tara has reaction of bart passengers. >> reporter: we ask what they think of another strike in ten days and many of them seem
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quite exasperated. unions offered a counterproposal yesterday. union leaders are complaining about the top negotiator thomas hawk. he's racked up $194,000 tab since talks began this fee. that includes his fee of $350, first-class airline tickets and $3,000 fine dining tab. they say the mud shrunking has got to stop and the talking has to start. >> pain. i don't necessarily agree with their point of view. if i have to catch the ferry, i have to catch the ferry. i'm not real happy about it, i don't think they're trying very hard to come up with something that makes it for both sides. >> the general manager reacted to the complaint, they said if a reimbursement was made for one glass of alcohol, they'll recover payment as a credit
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against a future payment. they only compensate for coach fair. they rejected it last august. they carry 180,000 people each day. progress on one front, about you we still don't have a good idea where we stand with bart. new this morning, just a couple of hours ago a fedex cargo jet made an emergency landing at oakland international airport. the control tower got a call saying the jet was having hydraulic problems. the emergency crews rushed out to the runway in a so-called yellow alert. that plane landed safely, 20 minutes late. just this morning the white house announced president obama is cancelling two stops on his
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upcoming trip to asia because of the shutdown. he's scheduled to leave saturday night. he will travel to indonesia and he's cancelling himself to the philippines. he'll go to the country's place. in washington, d.c., the political steal mate continues with no end in site. the latest tactics by republicans was shut down by democrats. what congressman is giving up his paycheck while the shutdown continues. the interior department shut down the geological survey including the parks office. they'll maintain the website that protects life and property. if there is an earthquake they'll call in seismologists to help with quake related
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work. more than a dozen protestors protested the raising of the china flag in alamada. it was supposed to go through the sister city association. it was to celebrate the national day which marks the founding of the republic of china. there was a similar protest last month. it stopped the city council's plan to raise a flag in that city. they said it would be a show of support for the growing chinese community. critics say that could be seen as supporting the chinese government's human rights violations. 6:08 is the time, bad breakups have been . why one city is worried p why the city may be cozying up to
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corporations. >> good morning, right now traffic is getting busier. especially in some of the key areas in the silicon valley. we'll show you where the slow downs will appear. >> the impact of temperatures, there may be a little bit, but tomorrow will be warmer. we'll explain coming up. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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. the partial federal government shutdown has been going, now, for p 3 hours. hundreds of thousands of people are affected. congress will be focusing on topics other than the budget. we'll explain what will the lawmakers are doing today. >> reporter: there are hearings on capitol hill today. for example, the senate judiciary committee is focusing on surveillance issues. thousands of workers are off the job not getting paid. house republicans tried to fund the government in stages starting with parks, city of washington, d.c. the first attempts failed and they'll try again today. >> it's not about the parks. it's about the affordable care act. so, urge our colleagues to see this for what it is. it's pathetic. >> sonar this week the house
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passed four bills to fund the government. but, they are refusing to chip away at the health care law. i'll be watching live as representatives react to this continued shutdown. i'm working on this story for you at 7:0. some california members of congress are refusing to be paid until the government shutdown is over. the congressman says they won't take his paycheck until furloughed federal workers get paid. dianne feinstein says her paychecks will go into escrow until the shutdown is over. barbara says she'll donate her salary to charity. >> congressman is accepting his as well, barbara is accepting his as well. a new law that could lead
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to jail time is making a new law, it's illegal to post porn photos or nude photos of an ex- girlfriend, lover, with continuity to humiliate. two suspicious packages to force a five hour evacuation. two people have been confiscated. the bomb squad it had to remove it. one was in the parking garage and one in the terminal. >> one of the devices was located, was found near the check point, exactly where i couldn't say. incoming planes were on the tarmac until they could pick up the packages. again the jacksonville airport is back open this morning. time now 6:14, two women paved the way for marriage
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equality in california. they honored chris perry and sandy in berkeley after being allowed the right to legally marry, they filed a lawsuit in defense of marriage act. the u.s. supreme court ruled in the couple's favor. >> berkeley has been a leader in equality for many, many years and we appreciate the commitment of this city to the resident. we he know many couples have benefited. >> they were married in june in san francisco. the san jose city council approved a plan for healthier choices in vending machine. the counsel passed a bill requiring that 75% of the snacks and drinks and city contract vending machines are considered healthy. that's low in sugar, salt and fat content. that law that took effect in
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2006 required half of the food items be healthy. the city may be selling its soul, by selling to corporations mountain dew, the dew tour will take up the plaza this month. he posted on the facebook account, that the city is bending over backwards for cheap bucks. they'll be posting the soda despite its campaign for healthier drinks. a crash in san jose. where is this. >> this is northbound 101. it's in san jose. i'm about to put it on my maps there. you can see that the road centers are slow as you approach 101 ran alam rock.
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it gets better for the trip into the sunnyvale area. the roads are clear. it's acting as a little bit of a roadblock for people who are getting on the freeway. it should be a nice drive. let's take a look at here north of alam rock. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's about a 15-minute delay. not a backup, it looks good into the city. a very good morning. the coolest temperatures are on the coast this morning. i kid you not. it's 45, most locations are in the 50s. a lot of high clouds in the north bay. everyone is in on it tomorrow t there will be a north, northeast wind. fire danger goes up. it's mild and warm. it's mostly clear to the south and clear to the north. there are cooler regions, 48.
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mostly sunny and warmer this afternoon. the higher clouds will move out of the area this afternoon. elevated fire danger starts thursday afternoon. i think we know the drill by now. it does not look to be that strong, but we'll keep an eye on things. there's that bend of high clouds. once it goes by we'll have sunshine today. so long, mostly cloudy and partly sunny. if it's 51 and raining in seattle. they haven't seen it yet. santa rosa will start at 48, high today and sunshine will win out this afternoon. this cloud deck will move east and south. you have 31 in tahoe, there's a lot of them in the half moon bay. low to mid, everybody is close on these temperatures.
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higher clouds will be north and south. partly cloudy skies, partly sunny. i expect it to pick up to the south and north bay. highs will be in the 70s, low 80s. 80 nevada, kent field 75, richard monday 70. richmond 70. alamada, that's the spirit, low 80s, santa cruz 76 and 60s on the coast. 77 redwood city and palo alto. it looks warmer tomorrow. ment coast warms up, we'll take that into friday and there's your weekend looking good. >> this morning's jobs report. more important than usual. the payroll processing company says 186,000 jobs were added by companies across the country. that's 14,000 fewer than most
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economists expected. that could carry more weight than usual because the labor report is due this friday, but will be delayed because of the government federal shutdown. facebook cranking up the number of one type of ad that it has on its news feed. they're running for more ads for apps. they're calling out more sales promotions for new game levels or game apps. facebook benefits because it gets 30% cut in app payment revenue. jury deliberations may start today in a lawsuit against toyota. it's being sued by a family of a southern california woman who died 4 years ago. her camry suddenly sped up. the car crashed and she was killed. the driver was at fault, toyota says, this is the first in a series similar lawsuits filed
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in california courts. the government shutdown, the football team that could be affected this weekend. why this judge gave a convicted murderer a cake.
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. that was had the scene as hundreds of people gathered in a small town in colorado for an emotional vigil. they came to remember five family members killed in a rock slide on monday. a 13-year-old girl, the only purpose to survive after rocks came crashing down on a popular hiking trail. the teenager's father jumped in front of falling rocks to save his daughter. the time is now 6:24, a family of a victim is accusing a judge of inappropriate behavior. the judge sentenced him to 53 years to life. afterwards, the judge presided over the wedding and his hands were uncuffed.
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the judge is reportedly accused of making a cake for the couple. now, the defense attorney believes the judge was hoping that the defendant who has a long history of violence would cause less trouble in prison. electric cigarettes claim to be a safe alternative to smoking. they carry risks of their own. >> this is something that's supposed to be safe and is not. i mean it turned into a firework. renee leslie said she was in bed had she heard something in her house explode. it was her husband's e- cigarette which had been plugged into the computer to charge. the husband herd several reports a week. they stem from batteries that don't have overcharge protection. mountain view police say ecstasy marijuana were all
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found in the amnesty boxes placed around the venue. police say not everyone handed over their drugs though, about 90 people were arrested, most of them on drug-related charges. the first ever blue mass is being held at the dies sees of oakland this morning. all the police officers firefighters and first responders have been invited. at the end of the mass there will be a memorial for those who died in the line of duty. there will be bag pipes and drums leading the procession into the cathedral. it begins at 10:00 a.m. today is the mustaches for kids program. papers teachers and principals will grow facial hair, refrain
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from shaving for a month to raise money. we have learned about a major new development in san francisco. >> we're here at 39 in san francisco. and fleet week won't be the same. we're telling you how local merchants are banding together to bring in local tourist dollars. >> traffic is fetting busier at the bay bridge and in the south bay. >> all indications are that we're in for a warmup after today. we'll have the forecast coming up. ♪
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. juror welcome back to the ktvu, channel 2 news. the company on the right there at the nasdaq, celebrating their recent ipo, it's another
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cloud computing platform company. it's covisant, they went public. of course, a lot of concern among investors here and asia as this government should down. the one positive side, there's the opening bell live this morning. they're figuring, well, the federal reserve won't make adjustments to economic policy so they're responding with positive thoughts and in asia too. >> we'll smile and say good morning to you. channel 2 morning lives, i'm dave clark. >> thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve and look at the record. >> i'm doing my own little cloud computing. cool or chilly, cold for some especially on the coast. it will be mild, mostly sunny, sunny and a little warm. elevated fire danger starts
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tomorrow. there's a slight component of the northeast. the system digs in towards nevada. it does not look like it's going in sierra, nevada. we'll get this at the higher cloud deck. once that clears, we'll see it go from partly cloudy to mostly sunny. a lot of 50s, the coldest temperatures right now 45 degrees. there are cool readings for some. 68 for san francisco. all signs point towards warmer weather 70s and we'll get that north, northeast breeze, no rain expected here until maybe the 18th. it looks solid. it's a long way off. lighter breeze and then it will pick up into tomorrow. high 70s, low 80s, here's sal. >> good morning, we're doing pretty well despite some slow traffic. the traffic at the toll plaza has slowed done. they're get nothing the act
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with traffic slowing town here in downtown and it's moderately heavy. we're looking at the commute on 237. a bunch of traffic on this anchor road merge. you have a window to get ahead of this commute. at the bay bridge it's a 20- minute delay. let's go back to the desk. >> we're following a new development in the labor dispute. we're joined, now, from oakland tara. >> reporter: we've been in contact with ac transit union leaders. they adjust the the latest proposal. it's not the news many people wanted to hear. bart negotiations will be picking up in three hours. bart union did make a counterproposal during a six hour session yesterday. they're complaining about the top negotiator, how he's racked up $194,000 tab since talks
6:33 am
began this spring that. includes his fee of $350, first- class airline tickets and a $3,000 fine dining tab. they say the mud slinging has to stop and the talks have to start and they say it's frustrating. >> it's inconvenient, i don't think i'd give in if i was management. i don't know that many people who have the benefits that they have and then expect more. >> has it been inconvenient for you. >> yeah, it doubles my travel time. >> you're anxious for them to figure it out. >> yes, i hope. >> now, bart's general manager did react to the union's complaints about him, if reimbursement was made, bart will recover payment as a credit against a future invoice t went on to say bart
6:34 am
reimburses for coach fair. as we mentioned they're rejecting last night's proposal. the agency is the third largest transit system carrying 1806,000 people each day. bad news from both fronts and as far as bart goes if another strike happens, it happens next friday. we'll keep you posted, live from oakland, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> our time now 6:434 this morning. the home in flames is on delmas avenue near the parkway. you've been out there since 4:30 this morning. what did firefighters find out there. >> well, flames were shooting out from the top of the house when they got here. the fire was extinguished quickly near the 280, 87
6:35 am
connector. it's been a rough morning for the owner, his wife is in the hospital. the homeowner called 911 after he heard a crackling sound coming from the attic and saw flames. he and three relatives were able to get out of the home safely with no injuries before firefighters arrived. they were able to knock down the flames in 20 minutes and save the home. they did have to break through skylights. it appears the fire started in the attic where a homeowner set up a prayer room where there was a shrine area. >> it was a personal use area that people had access to. there was, obviously, something that was plugged into the wall socket. we're going to do an investigation and find the actual cause. we can clearly determine that it was not malicious. >> there were no working smoke
6:36 am
detectors inside. >> they were concerned that the homeowner decided to stay in the house because there was no power on yet. they made sure he wasn't going to light candles and install smoke detectors in the house. they're still going to be investigating the cause of the fire. >> time now 6:35, the federal government shutdown is having a ripple effect, 3,000 people work in the federal building in downtown oakland. they have been told not to come to work. it indicators to those workers, the shops, they're hurting. >> i hope it doesn't last long really for everybody's sake. >> this is the way i feel. we're not -- i can't respect either one of them. they're not working as a team and they're not playing fairly with each other. >> the business owners say they
6:37 am
can handle having fewer customers for a day or so, but if this drags on for and week or more their business also really suffer. >> more fallout from the government shutdown, overnight campers at yosemite national park have until tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. to leave t tourists are being turned away, governor brown says no state money needs to have the parks open. >> they're changing the venue of their wedding ceremony. the two were scheduled to get married on saturday. they closed that memorial and they were told they cannot set foot on the property. >> she can't set foot on it with a wedding dress. one way or another we're going to be husband and wife and nothing can stop that. >> the couple says they'll have their ceremony at the same
6:38 am
restaurant as the reception and they're trying to let their wedding guests know about the change of plans. it could also side line football teams from the armed forces. the army and navy and the air force will have to cancel the games pause of the shutdown. they've temporarily suspended sports competition due to lack of funding and legal concerns. they're scheduled to play at boston college and air force is to take on navy. they're looking to proceed with the game. fleet week attracts millions of tourists to the bay area every year, but this year fleet week is being downsized because of the sequestration cuts that happened last year. we're live in san francisco with how the local businesses are trying to find other ways to bring in these tourists and their money. >> a million visitors each year, it's a large chunk of change for local merchants and
6:39 am
fisherman's work, without some of the events, some of the merchants are banding together to try to bring in tourists dollars during the slow month of october. it will not include the screaming jets of the blue angels, but it will include fireworks. they're putting together four consecutive saturdays where firework shows will be taking place. the shows are expected to begin at 8:30 at night with the first show this saturday. it's unclear how much it will cost the merchants, but they hope it will bring in an october show as mentioned. it will be the first and you'll wharf fest. organizers say it will be family friendly, a chowder competition and as you can imagine, this has been a difficult start for businesses here. as we take it back here live, not only do you have the
6:40 am
federal budget cuts, the government shutdown is affecting the tourist alcatraz as well. we hope to talk to the local merchants as well as talk to tourists to see if they've noticed a change. i'm brian flores channel 2 news. >> a little girl missing for 25 years, why the police have decided to reopen the case of amber garcia. >> a story in union square, a store is targeted by smash and grab vandals. you'll hear from one man who was a victim in this same area. >> you can see a live picture, this is not stop and go but more cars on it. >> we'll have a little bit warmer weather and more so tomorrow. we'll tell you what those high clouds mean and if there is a
6:41 am
north breeze on tap.
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. welcome back. time 6:43 this morning. they're looking for smash and grab thieves who have targeted a store in union square tonight. you're showing us the damage out. >> reporter: let me show you
6:44 am
where this happened. there's lots of activities along here. this is ice breaker, the store that was targeted. this is the plywood window that was smashed by these vandals who came here at 11:30. the alarm went off, the police were called, called the manager and they cleaned it up and boarded it up. we talked to a man who knows exactly what that's like to be a victim of vandals. >> reporter: they smashed your windows? >> smashed and grabs. >> reporter: do you still park on the street? >> absolutely. >> he says it's notgoing to stop him from going around life as usual. they helped board everything up. she says this is part of this. she came and it wasn't a huge mess, this is one window
6:45 am
grabbing something quickly and taking off. there's been a lot of surveillance cameras added here recently. it should help deter this kind of crime. you'll hear from her coming up on mornings on 2. claudine wong ktvu, channel 2 news. the 7-year-old amber schwartz disappeared from the front home in 1988. they confessed to -- he confessed to her murder from death row. he died a month after confession. the police chief says the case deserves a fresh set of eyes and the benefit of forensic science. it's welcome news to amber's mother.
6:46 am
>> i think they would like to have the answers and the child back in shape whatever that is. >> there's no new evidence to contradict the confession. a research team is being formed by the class kids foundation. the goal is to help families of missing children and organize search efforts. this was formed by the father of polly klaas. this 12-year-old was kidnapped from petaluma and she was killed. the first officer when she was kidnapped, he was on the scene says he'll never forget. >> it haunts you, you won ter if you could have made a difference if you got there earlier. >> there will be a public
6:47 am
memorial at the park will be set up for polly klaas. that was her favorite playground. >> hi, tory. >> coming up in minutes on mornings on 2, it was a joke, a bizarre explanation that he said he tried to rape his high school teacher at knifepoint. a fire that started last week is still burning 20,000 bails of hay. coming up the new concerns the blaze is causing and the new estimate for when it will be out. another flap over flags in the bay area, this stopped the raising in san leandro last month. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2, back to you on the morning news. >> the time is 6:47, let's bring sal back. >> we turned the fan off. >> we're getting kind of here, there you go.
6:48 am
>> now, we're all calm and, yes, dave, it's getting more crowded on the bridge, actually as would he get to the 7:00 hour, highway 4 is getting crowded. we're coming up on the peak of the commute. we've seen this pattern and unfortunately after the last part of august, all of september and now october, this has been superslow coming up to the willow pass. i can imagine what it's like if there's a bart strike. there's been a little bit more crowded, a 15-minute to 20- minute delay. it's beginning to get more crowded although it is not stop and go. remember we had problems on 101 but 101 is busier than normal. >> a lot of high clouds, a beautiful sunrise here, patchy low clouds.
6:49 am
we're in that betweener here. it will be closer and then tomorrow all eyes will focus on a northwest breeze and higher temperatures. it's mostly sunny and a little warmer today. temperatures will come up a logical bit. santa rosa, 81, 82, we'll have 75, 80 today. we'll go 74 today. elevated fire danger, this is red flag warning, it starts 30 afternoon. i'm just letting you know, we'll see a similar pattern of what we had a week ago. we have clearing skies and that's when the little north whipped will kick in. north bay may warm up a little bit more than others. we're waiting for this system to dig in and that will give us a north, northwest wind. for us after the high cloud deck it will be partly cloudy
6:50 am
in the morning and mostly sunny, high clouds, mild to warm, not much on the breeze, the higher elevations are in the surface, kind of a push, inching up a little bit. we see 60s, 70s and more coming up on mornings on 2. >> 6:49, bay to breaker is under plans for ownership. it's one of the more colorful events in the country. >> a world series run, why two more ideas on the table may convince the a's they should stay in oakland.
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. welcome back. 6:52 is the time, market is down with the day 2 of the government shutdown. dow is up 104, nasdaq and s&p also down for 10 to 15 points for most of the morning so far. dodge is recalling trucks and suvs. they're calling these trucks. they both have problems with their instrument panel displays. the problems are different. there are no injuries reported because of the problems.
6:54 am
hyundai making a special offer to workers who have been furloughed. workers who buy or lease a car this month won't have to make payments until january and those who own a hyundai financed through the company won't have to make payments until they go back to work. they're trying to help workers when they need it the most. >> the time is 6:53, they want to help the families who tied on the old eastern span of the bay bridge. we showed you carol, she was allowed to go to the spot where her son was killed by a drunk driver. they're offering the same opportunity to other families who want to go out and say a final goodbye. they'll allow anyone who lost a loved one to go to the closed bring during a special memorial ceremony next month a vigil scheduled for tomorrow to remember a mother, a young mother allegedly run over and killed by a city worker.
6:55 am
the neighbors created a shrine there for christy. she was killed last month. she was sunbathing at the park with her 11 month old daughter and her dog. her husband shared these photos, he's grateful for the support of friends and strangers, but he's having a hard time raising his daughter. >> she was texting her husband a picture of their daughter playing in the grass. she texted that picture before the incident happened. >> now, a city employee, a gardner is accused in the accident. he was suspended without pay. no charges have been filed against him. this is thomas, the case is still being investigated. his lawyer says he's depressed and that the incident has taken a heavy toll on him. all schedules are scheduled to resume at uc berkeley this
6:56 am
morning. crews have been working around the clock to restore power after a power outage to a dozen buildings that have been without electricity monday night. they've confirmed that the theft of copper cables caused an explosion and power outage across the entire campus. five people suffered injuries in that explosion and police are still looking for the copper thieves. at 10:00 this afternoon, 8 tsunami sirens will be tested. the sirens were installed from mess da dare owe to pacific a two months ago. federal office of emergency management says it will be tested at full volume. it's scheduled to last three minutes at 10:00. the owner is sharing his vision for the future of one of the city's best-known events.
6:57 am
he's casey wasserman of the ceo and talent management company. he bought the money for an undisclosed amount of money from aeg. you'll hear city officials thoughts about the event. >> he says it's to be fun and clean. there will be post race improvements to make sure everybody is safe. while the oakland a's get ready for their playoffs against detroit, they're trying to convince the a's to stay in oakland. while the a's owners wants to move to south pay, oakland leaders say they've found a wealthy investor to support a coliseum city plan which expands the current site towards the airport and builds up to three pro stadiums. there will be a second site
6:58 am
next to jaquelin and square could be ready in months. the city is caught up in a's fever. >> we're getting ready for friday and i think the momentum is building, you know city hall will be green, all of the terminals and the cranes have been lit up and green too. >> first game friday, it's sold out. it's only about a thousand tickets left for game 2 on saturday. >> coming up next on mornings on 2, the clock is ticking for another bart strike deadline next week. we have big news about another transit story. >> the government shutdown leaves for a change in plans for president obama. stay right here with us.
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we're live in oakland where contract negotiations for b.a.r.t. and a.c. transit seem to have stagnated. we'll tell you what we've just learned from a.c. transit union leaders. >> reporter: we're live in san jose, where a fire broke out earlier this morning. we'll tell you about the discovery that firefighters made after they put the fire out. developing news from the white house -- the government shutdown leads to a change in plans for


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