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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> we are live in san francisco's mission district. we follow word of an attempted carjacking and shooting out there. brian flores is getting more information. we'll check in just a moment. thank you for waking up with us. i'm pam cook. >> i still have my boys though. i'm dave clark. steve, how's our forecast? >> the forecast is good. the forecasters -- >> it's going around. >> clear sunny today but the wind is showing signs and very cool. fairfield 60. and many locations in the 50s. anywhere, you can see 10 or 15 degrees spread. it's clear and breezy for some.
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and so far, most of the towards the south and good reason. north is high pressure and. sun coming up and upper 70s, low 80s. up here. >> good morning right now. we look at the commute. not all that bad, so far, getting crowded. you get a bit of a crowd and also, the morning commute is okay on the upper deck of the bay ridge. if you are driving through, the traffic there looks good. if you are driving in western contra costa county, the traffic is getting busier.
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let's go back to the desk. >> we start with breaking news coming in from san francisco. police investigate an attempted carjacking in the mission district. brian flores got to the scene and with us now. what do you know, brian? >> yeah, dave. we are gathering more details but we're on clinton park and valencia. the car was down this alley way more towards clinton park and guerrero. we're gathering more details this morning. what we understand this morning t carjacking and shooting according to san francisco police started around 4:17 this morning and involved some type of town car which belonged to a limousine service in san francisco. we believe the carjacking and shooting started at 18th and mission according to san francisco police. still trying to piece together what happened and the victim in the town car was able to escape
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and ended up crashing somewhere near clinton park and guerrero. we got done talking to police to the driver who was the only one in the car with the nearby hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. it's unclear who the suspects are in this case and exactly what happened. i did take a look at the damage myself a few moments ago. pretty minimal damage to the car. a bit of damage to the bumper and a little damage to the glass as well. working to see what happened as well. the tow crew came by to tow the car away, but it's an empty seen here on clinton park and valencia. investigating what happened this morning, again, a possible carjacking that may have happened around 4:17 this morning. we'll come back later to bring you the latest. live here in san francisco's mission district. ktvu, channel 2 morning news.
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a road rage incident in hayward with what we learned about this gunfire. tara? >> reporter: we're here along interstate 880. what's crazy about the story is the victim was able to drive half an hour after being shot and 9:45 last night here in hayward. the victim pulled over at a hardware store at a parking lot in richmond with the gunfire. you can see the bullet hole and the shooting was sparked by a heated argument and someone driving a white pickup. >> the altercation on the freeway where one shot was fired to strike the passenger and believe in the leg. >> reporter: we're not sure why the victim didn't just pull over. perhaps he was scared. authorities say there was a language barrier, so they're trying to piece together exactly how this unfolded. the victim was taken to the hospital and called chp and
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everything under investigation at this point. live from hayward, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu, channel 2 news. two men facing charges in marin county with a pellet gun in high school. two pellet guns and one modified to look like a submachine gun and the shots fired yesterday afternoon from a passing suv towards several students at the high school in mill valley. the suv spotted and suspects later arrested. the wounded 14-year-old boy was not seriously hurt. 6:06. continuing coverage of the shutdown of the u.s. government. it has shut down one of san francisco's most popular tourist attractions. the historic cliff house. the building, along with the popular restaurant, on national
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park property. the statement on the cliff house web site mentions this morning closure has no word on when it might reopen. the government shutdown having a negative impact national seashore, they're all closed for business. that means fewer visitors at the hotels, restaurants and shops in the area. some already getting cancellations because attractions closed. yosemite national park allowed people with reservations to camp or hotel to stay through the night and got to be out by 3:00 this afternoon. the park's beautiful views and trails are off limits, most stores are closed. last night, president obama met with congressional leaders at the white house. trying to end this government shutdown, coming for you at 6:15, the results of the
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meeting and the next even bigger budget battle that's on the way. a man accused of running a vast online black market for drugs scheduled to appear in court for a detention hearing. ross ulbricht man a web site called silk road under the name dread pirate roberts. he was arrested in a san francisco library on tuesday. tomorrow, a judge will decide whether he should be returned to new york for charges. he moved to san francisco last year to live with a friend in hey valley. >> just sit and drink coffee, talk to people i guess. never spoke to the guy, ever. >> prosecutors say ulbricht also sold hacking software, and forged passports on the web site. pacifica police investigate the video filmed on the hiking trail in the mountain. you can see the woman walking alone and the camera pans over to a man in a black ski mask that can be heard laughing.
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police identified and contact it had man. they believe it's an attempt to get attention and does not appear a crime was committed. 6:07. later today, san francisco supervisors and how police investigate bicycle crashes. the supervisor jane kim after. george shirakawa. a horrific crash with a church bus and a tractor trailer. >> getting word of a crash in bad spot in cast track valley
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area. how it's going to affect traffic in the east bay. >> it's cold out there for some. very low 40s. others sit around 60 degrees, depending on the wind. there's no breeze at all, but warmer today. forecast with the highs. ...quickly followed by skydive.. ...and paris romance. there was a quick interlude... ...then mighty aphrodite. but then the day came: marry me. and she thought and thought and then she chose: freedom trail. there's a deep, rich, enduring color for everything, including love and happiness. benjamin moore. for everything that matters.
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welcome back. time now is 6:11. new this morning, a tragedy unfolding off the coast of italy. at least 94 african migrants already died after a boat with
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500 people on board sank after catching fire near cystly. several hundred people still unaccounted for. the italian coast guard thinks the ship's crew was trying to smuggle undocumented immigrants into europe. in this country in tennessee, people died after a fiery crash involving a church bus. the bus carried a group of senior citizens back home to north carolina yesterday afternoon. they had just attended a religious conference. investigators say the bus veered across the highway median and crashed into an suv and a tractor trailer. >> had a blowout on one of the tires. it caused it to lose control. >> 20 people were on the bus at the time and 14 of them were taken to the hospital. day three of the shutdown stalemate is under way. plans to vote on some programs
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and senate leaders won't sign on. kyla campbell to explain why. >> reporter: a fiscal fight hitting high gear two weeks from today. the u.s. is expected to reach borrowing limit. they need to raise the debt ceiling or the u.s. will default on payments. if that happens, there will be a new recession and the economy would suffer. the democrats worry republicans continue to delay the president's healthcare law by one year. >> all we're asking for is a discussion and fairness for the american people under obamacare. >> the president is not going to sit down and start asking for takes. >> the national reservist to
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get paid on the partial government shutdown. they will not sign on. i'll explain their concerns at 7:15. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues online. you'll find a list of programs impacted by the government shutdown and the federal offices that are closed. just look under our hot topics section. >> 6:14, the new poll indicating indicating jean kwan at all time low. she would have a hard time being reelected. 46% of those surveyed say they definitely would not vote for kwan. only 5% said they definitely would vote for the mayor. the same poll shows residents with crime is the worst thing about living in oakland. taxpayers pay the legal cost for former santa chara
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county's george shirakawa's defense. he told the court he was destitute. he resigned as a county supervisor in march after pleading guilty to several counts of fraud and corruption. sentencing is delayed though because of a new charge filed accusing him of creating a fake campaign mailer that attacked the reputation of an opponent. we could get an update on the case of a morgan hill man accused of murdering ciara lamar. ciara lamar was 15 when disappearing in morgan hill on her way to school. held on bail and the body of lamar was never found. in chico, she was found as a giving person. christina continues to give
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after her tragic death. chico signed up as an organ donor as soon as she was eligible and donated organs saved three lives. doctors declared her brain dead. time now is 6:15. governor brown will sign a bill today to allow undocumented california immigrants to get a driver's license. lobbied for the change so immigrants can drive without fear to be pulled over for a ticket to get them deported. issue driver's license to undocumented immigrants. taxi drivers may file a lawsuit to stop competition from the ride sharing companies. the san francisco association said the taxi will meet today. suing companies like lift, side
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bar, and uber. they voted to regulate ride sharing companies to require they have insurance, criminal background checks, and vehicle inspections. >> do you know what day it is? a connecticut school wants to ban a phrase from a popular commercial! guess what today is? it's hump day. whoo whoo. >> teachers say the popular geico commercial has become a distraction, so they banned students from saying the phrase it's hump day. >> everybody is walking around and saying it's hump day in that weird voice. >> okay, hard to recover from that. the commercial received more than 15 million hits, by the way, on youtube. i can just see hallways filled with middle school students saying that. >> even our newsroom.
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>> yeah. >> i think the connecticut schools look into our newsroom next here. the guy who does that voice, you forget his name. he's from sacramento. he's the sacramento guy. i wish i remembered his name but making good name for himself. let's look at what we have for the morning commute. we have a minor crash in a bad spot or one of the spots that's causing a lot of slow traffic. northbound 23 at east 13th and 580 in castor valley. not a major crash and northbound 101 just a little bit slow in sunny veil. you can look at the bay bridge and 15 to 20 minute delay. in major problems getting up to
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highway 17. that looks good. 6:18: let's go to steve. >> chris sullivan. thank you. well, me and google. and three other people, clear skies, temperatures, it's cold for some. warm for others. clear, breezy, if you have any breeze, temperatures held up, if not, cold out there. breezy in others and lots of sunshine for a while. things look like high pressure will win out. not outrage, not going to get hot hot but nice conditions with the northerly breeze. so far, seems to be hanging out more towards the north and east bay. we'll see if that changes and blustery conditions and a high fire danger to 3:00 on friday afternoon. again, might step out and go it's freezing out and mild to warm and get the north wind
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already, it's not that bad. 47, ukia. no breeze, a breeze. livermore, 49. 43 near walnut creek. i guess there you can say, that's what's going on. reason being there's hardly any breeze at all there. northwest nevada and oakland. that's why they held up. south bay. that's not turned yet. probably will later tonight. photo a collude to be found, that's for sure. low pressure is pretty strong. it's towards seattle and montana and idaho into wyoming. the high said, i don't want like you, but it feels it with wind. that's how it does it. difference in the pressure gradients. it's one where napa is warmer
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than clear lake. upper occupy 70s and mid 80s. downtown oakland can benefit from this temperaturewise and northeast breeze and that makes us nervous and haven't had enough rain yet. windy to breezy and calms down with the wind, sunny to warm and into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. systems, facebook teaming up to help get more information about consumers. the service is for people using facebook on their phone and give access to hotel, restaurant or stores wi-fi network and can go to facebook page for deals and other information and give it is business. 30,000 preapprovals. compared to 1,000 in 2007 and
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then didn't approve loans a and line up financing. could be crucial if they end up with a bidding war with homeowners. time now is 6:21. what the criminals did in oakland and why police say this is happening more often. >> search and rescue team has to figure out what to do when it gets in trouble out on the mountain trail. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university.
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welcome back to ktvu, channel 2 news. hateful words on a truck. the targets are husband and wife on a little league baseball organization in yew yuba city. believe the crime is directly tied to the little league. >> it hurts. you put so much time into the kids and this is how you get repaid for it. >> for someone to come and bully us with the words that are hateful, it's very sad. >> the couple refuses to be bullied and has no plans to step down as leaders of the little league. in the meantime, police still look for suspects. >> all right, pam. time now is 6:25.
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search and rescue team in washington state is not apologizing because they had to call for help for themselves. the explorer search and rescue team went to find two hikers. after they made it 8 miles up the pacific crest trail, one hurt his knee and snow was up to waist and hard for everybody to walk. they were just a half mile from the hikers they had gone when they decided they needed help themselves. >> not a good situation for us. radios died and weren't getting cell service. >> two team members decided to hike back out and able to reach a rescue helicopter which then air lifted with the explorer team with. cross country trip to honor memory of the duty. butch baker and detective elizabeth butler shot to death
6:27 am
in february. to honor their memory, he went on a road trip in custom ford ranchero meeting with police officers around the country. a peace walk is planned in union city. the walk was in response to a gang related shooting on august 25th that killed two men, robert redding and eric estrada connected with the shooting and charged with murder. at 6:30 tonight, community leaders plan to walk from lady of the rosary church to the park. don't be surprised if you hear unusual noises in and around concord. the reason behind the big booms and loud hums later today. >> we are live in san francisco's mission district where people have the possible shooting. we'll bring you the latest on the victims. >> we take you live to the opening bell this morning.
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continue to commemorate breast cancer awareness month. we'll be right back. 5ñ
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welcome back to the ktvu, channel 2 news. susan g. komen for the cure and the nasdaq, why it looks quite different and sounds quite different, that opening bell in new york. they're ringing it remotely from columbus, ohio, for the, what's that called? the president's cup. >> oh. >> so they're ringing the new york stock e change bell from the golf club out there. we'll get you the business news coming up. wall street responding to the government shutdown. >> we'll smile. thank you for joining us on ktvu morning news. thursday, october 3rd. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. >> check in with steve who
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promises the coast is clear. >> that's correct. definitely, no doubt about it. warm towards capito la. others, hardly any wind which is why there's a huge difference. hold amount. it will be sunny and breezy, maybe not for all, but wind advisory to east hills. fire danger for the entire bay area. haven't had enough rain yet. i think the coast warms up more than inland areas. low 80s. here's sal. >> good morning. we have traffic to show you at
6:32 am
the toll plaza that's going to be a delay for you. once you make it on to the bridge, it looks good. the san mateo bridge, 92 exit. typically very crowded here. this morning is no different. once you make it on to westbound 92, it does improve for your ride over to the bridge. if you come into the valley with no major problems, lower peninsula. 6:32. let's go back to the desk. >> we follow breaking news from san francisco. police in the mission district investigating an attempted carjacking and shooting just hours ago. ktvu's brian flores is there to tell us about a limousine involved in this. what happened, brian? >> reporter: dave, the driver
6:33 am
of the town car belonged to a limousine service. we don't know if the driver was the victim or the suspect in the case but it's an empty alley way here on clinton park. just up the street is where the town car ended up this morning, but as we take a look at the video, just shot about an hour ago, police say it may have involved an attempted carjacking and belongs to the limousine company, at least on the markings to the car in san francisco. it came to a stop against another car in clinton park in guerrero. it started roughly around 4:17 this morning. it isn't clear this morning who the suspect is and what kind of car they drove away in but the preliminary info we have is that it made from mission to
6:34 am
here. sfpd, non-life-threatening injuries. appeared to be a bullet hole from the window. we're piecing information on what happened. police say other than the driver, there wasn't other injuries. we're live in mission district. brian flores, ktvu, channel 2 news. also this morning, the chp is investigating a suspected road rage incident that ended in a freeway shooting. ktvu's tara moriarty joining us from hayward to tell us what the shooting victim did right after he was shot. tara? >> we're here along interstate 880. what's crazy about the story is after the victim was shot, he drove for a half hour before he pulled over for help. all happened at 9:45 last night and victim pulled over at a parking lot in richmond following the gunfire in hayward. you can see the bullet hole on
6:35 am
the side of the victim's honda accord and say he was by the screening match between the two drivers. >> there was some type of altercation under investigation but between two vehicles, one being a white truck and the other being the honda accord. >> the victim was apparently shot in the leg and not sure why he didn't just pull over right away but authorities say there was a language barrier. they're trying to piece together why this happened. we called chp this morning. no word. we'll keep you updated. tara moriarty, ktvu, channel 2 news. another possible bart strike. time is running out to reach the dealment one week from today. less than 30 minutes from right now, bart union leaders scheduled to hold a rare early morning news conference. ktvu's paul chambers with more on what needs to happen to
6:36 am
avert another possible strike. good morning, paul. >> good morning, dave. that click is ticking, as you said. both sides met last night. in less than half an hour, the largest union will be out here to give us an update. if we can take a look at video here, we know both sides, as i said, talked last night. we are less than a week, one week mark to the end of the 60 day cooling off period. they say they presented a significant cost-saving counter proposal to bart. lowers their wages which they say will stay the same for 2014 and 2015 and increase a quarter percent for 2016. they also increased healthcare contributions more than 15%. the good news is that both sides came to an agreement on pension and said the press conference will be here at 7:00 and the latest developments and update you on the story as it continues throughout this morning and once again, at 7:00
6:37 am
this morning, bart's chief negotiator for the union and the nciu will give an update on where things stand on both sides and contact bart to find out what they had to say about the latest information. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland police investigate a violent armed robbery at a habitat for humanity construction site. four men robbed the crew at the new construction site at 1:30 tuesday afternoon. police say one of the men pulled out a gun and stole wallets, cell phones and tools from the workers. one of the workers was hit in the head with a gun and police say criminals were robbing construction sites recently because they see it as a crime of opportunity. >> we need people to pay attention to shoes, racial hair, earrings, eyebrows, something that distinguishes the individual. >> habitat and jimmy carter to
6:38 am
tour the site next week. >> charles stewart until oakland until the lucky's grocery store. investigator say he ripped the gold chain and running. the neighbor saw what was happening and wrote down the license plate and sent it to police. time now is 6:37. explosion in concord this morning. don't be alarmed. navy set off fuses and rocket accelerators at the naval station at 7:00. the firefighters will be out there just as a precaution. residents living in north concord may hear a humming noise. the oil refinery are relieving pressure from the lines ahead of a planned shutdown. report it is
6:39 am
refinery reports and scheduled to reopen after thanksgiving. right now it's 6:38. 11 minute delay. why firefighters have such a hard time reaching a home on a fire in san francisco and the warning they have for other homeowners. >> reporter: thieves are smashing windows in palo alto. where they're operating in the city and why watching the crooks is a challenge. >> good morning. it's getting a lot busier out there when it comes to the roads. you see 2:37 towards the road. we tell you more about the south bay commute coming up. >> 20-degree difference on the lows this morning. breeze versus no breeze. we'll have more coming up.
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is 6:45. trying several things to catch criminals. janine de la vega is in palo alto to tell us how these thieves operate and what you can do to protect yourself. janine? >> reporter: the laptops and purses are being frequently stolen. 16 cars broken into in a month's time on sand hill road.
6:43 am
this is one of many spots being hit in the city. this map shows how spread out the auto burglaries are happening. it shows the 61 incidents that occurred in september. that's the highest total for a single month since 2008. police can't seem to identify a pattern to the theft. they're happening during the day, evening, and overnight in various locations throughout the city. one of the spots hit nine times is the city parking garage on bryant street. occurring in commercial areas and quiet neighborhoods. typically, the thief smashes a window and uses a punch tool but in some cases after the smash, use the trunk release to grab valuables stored in the trunk. they track the criminals and take a proactive approach! the patrol officers are increasing patrols in areas where the auto burglaries have occurred in september. our detectives are also out in unmarked cars in clothes doing
6:44 am
surveillance. special enforcement details exclusively in the downtown parking garages on suppression. >> reporter: police say it's been a challenge because auto burglaries happen in a matter of seconds and are a quiet crime. they're operating in the city. they advise, remember to lock door and leave valuables to sight and anyone around cars and acting suspicious. if you see anyone trying to open car doors, don't try to rationalize the behavior. please give police a call. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> all right, janine. time now is 8:44. why it took firefighters so long to put out a deadly fire in san francisco. firefighters were forced to use a power saw, break down the security gate at the home in the sunset district. this is after being given the wrong address as well.
6:45 am
firefighters say both problems delayed their response at least 11 minutes. >> actually took crews, the responding crews about 6 blocks away. >> 33-year-old raymond cee died in the fire along with daughter and grandfather. the firefighters advise to leave key with a neighbor or have a lock box. new revelations from the national security agency raise concerns about privacy. tried to track cell phones in the u.s. including location data. nsa chief alexander said the agency ran tests in 2010 and 2011 to see if it was technically possible to gather smartphone data and said the information was never used. national rifle association plans to sue california as signing the bill with semiautomatic rifles with
6:46 am
detachable ammunition magazines. allowed manufacturers to get around previous assault bans in california. the nra said the bill is unconstitutional and, quote, would make unprecedented changes to california's already unjust assault weapon loss. >> already, pam. time now is 6:45. let's check with tori campbell to see what's coming up with mornings on 2. >> coming up in minutes, a driver in palo alto is randomly attacked, slashed with a knife and forced him out of the car and the new clue police have in the case. social media shows strong but contradicting reaction to the government shutdown and the simultaneous launch of the affordable care act. the winner is san francisco when it comes to the worst urban roads in the country. how much the potholes cost drivers each year. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. back to
6:47 am
you on the morning news. time now 6:46. workers in canada at an oil pipeline construction site found the remains of a big dinosaur. this crew in alberta canada stopped their work and called them scientists and experts. one said finding a fossil that well preserbed and in tact is very rare. not clear what kind of dinosaur it was. research seems to be working to carefully remove the fossil before winter sets in. >> that's really exciting. >> very. >> 6:47 is the time. we understand there's a crash on the bay bridge. sal? >> either on the bridge or right before the bridge. it's hard to see, but we found it on our camera here. i think this is just before you actually make it on to the incline section. it's a motorcycle crash reported in one of the lanes here and the traffic is backing up towards the metering lights. you can see what a big back-up
6:48 am
this is causing already. the metering lights will be slowed way down and we're going to see a big back-up at the toll plaza. i think we have the toll plaza in the run down here and you can see it's at a standstill. they called for oakland fire and medics to come from the oakland side. they should be arriving anytime and should be there. i don't know if they're there or not but the traffic is slowing down. this is, if you take the bay bridge, all of the sudden, it's gone from a good commute to a bad one in a hurry. move to the peninsula and driving on highway 101 to 92. that looks good. no major problems. a decent alternate to 92 to the moment if you're driving towards the bay bridge. 6:48. let's go to steve. apainted you a pretty picture for those of you listening. not watching. there it is. nice day. i know, the wind mostly is my
6:49 am
experience, most people like the wind and that's going to pick up a little bit later. it's going to be clear here, sunny. maybe 5 or 6 days or so. stronger northerly breeze and for some, no breeze at all. for some, it's cold out there. others, it's near 68 degrees. sunshine, breezy and warmer but i think the coast actually warms up a little bit inland areas and on friday. not that high. i don't think we'll see the 90s but a lot of 80s. forth and east bay hills, probably takes the brunt of the northeast breeze and the last event. the high fire danger. 33 up until 47. there's cool readings around and locally, walnut creek said
6:50 am
40. san jose, hayward checking in at 49. for some, a little chill out there. north wind at fairfield, no breeze at all for napa. that's why it's 41. north/northwest from oakland to nevada. still westerly from sfo: south bay, that hasn't turned yet. i think it will be late afternoon and tonight. clear skies, don't have to worry about any clouds. severe clear, as we said. this is moving in and as that moves in to the east and high pressure comes in and right in between. windy up in the hills and probably make it into parts. the coast and the bay, they jump up today and inland temps are still warm but lower 80s, it's that kind of pattern with warm weather for some. that's not the case today. upper 70s and low 80s, mid 70s. around the bay as well. santa cruz, 72.
6:51 am
saratoga and 76, wood side and redwood city, upper 60s to low 70s. warm and windy on friday. warm temps take us into the weekend. >> 6:50. paper to the computer. big change. standardized test in schools and why this could cost local school district. >> two u.s. military academies will face off this weekend despite the government shutdown, boost one u.s. company may have given to make sure it happened. we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. dow jones down almost 80 points right now. half of a percent. same percentagewise for the s&p 500. a lot of worries over the government shutdown, how long it lasts and the businesses and people affected by it. a step towards more secure online shopping. first major payment for the fido alliance, that's the group interested in using fingerprints and other biometrics for people using credit cards. the alliance wants businesses to use truly personal information instead of passwords and to make that process standard across all online shopping sites united
6:55 am
airlines make sure it goes on. the game was inland because of the federal government shutdown so united offered a flight for the air force team and baltimore, maryland, airports for the game in maryland. other game costs paid by known government funding. they sell out and canceling the game. costs the navy academy $4 million. >> wow. california's health insurance exchange working now to correct several problems with the system. administrators took down the enrollment section for several hours. also, they admitted they overstated how many hits they had on the web site in the opening day. it was not 5 million. more like 645,000. they blame that on internal miscommunication. california standardized test may have a big change this
6:56 am
year. instead of paper and pencil, they take the test on computerrers. follows new national curriculum standards but still are worked out and developed. students take them this year just for practice. that means there'll be no individual or state reports on the result and because of that, the federal government is threatening to withhold money from california schools. one out of every 3 high school teenagers in the unified school district may not graduate. that's over 200 kids. they may suspend graduation requirements for 2014. another option is to offer waivers to those who would have graduated under the old requirements. clear surveillance video helped police catch a suspected burglar caught on camera. here's the video. two men break into a home on the boulevard a week ago. an officer saw one of the
6:57 am
suspects near a police station three days after the burglary. his sweatshirt reportedly gave him away. it was the same one worn in the video. the 24-year-old man from oakland and arrested. the second suspect is still on the loose. the campbell massage business in a prostitution sting closed after failing to get a business permit from the city council. angeline's rejuvenating salon on the corner and lost appeal to get a business permit. the council vote came after testifying when he went inside the business for a massage back in june and was offered sex for money. the owner and a massage therapist were both cited. time is 6:57. the oakland a's start their playoffs tomorrow. the american league division series bartowlo lone will start for the a's.
6:58 am
he was suspended last year for illegal levels of testosterone. game tomorrow is 6:30. coming up next on morning news 2. a live update on a violent incident involving gunfire and attempted carjacking and a limo. >> also, breaking news in the bart labor dispute. the surprise news conference set to start in just a couple of minutes. >> we have trouble on the bay bridge. westbound motorcycle crash right at the beginning of the span. emergency vehicles there. traffic is backing up big time. really special. it's like you want to tell the world. shout it from the rooftops. show it off. you just know when you find the real thing. and some designer deals are so sweet you just can't say no. see the real deal. check out all the designers maxxinistas are scoring.
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good morning. we're live here in san francisco's mission district where police continue to investigate a possible shooting and carjacking that happened early this morning. we'll bring you the very latest. >> breaking news in the bart labor dispute. the surprise news conference that's supposed to start in a couple minutes. >> reporter: we're live in hayward where an argument escalates to violence. what's so unusual about this case. >> day 3 of the government shut down. the san francisco


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