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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 6, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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tonight's breaking news happening right now at yerba buena avenue. where firefighters are fighting a fire near the bay bridge. and that fire has been burning for 20 minutes. >> good evening i'm gasia
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mikaelian. >> and i'm ken wayne. you can see from above the fire, there's a fire boat in the bay putting water on that fire. deborah villalon is live with more about the fire and the effort to put it out. >> reporter: it's been a real challenge here ken. and taking a live look from chopper. two it looks a lot better than when we first got here. the good news i'm told that this is a brush fire and that no structures are threatened. and even though san francisco fire have not been able to give us a containment status, they're making progress. and it started just before 8:00
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and it's being fueled by very dry eucalyptus. this is very dry combustible eucalyptus tree and the fire has created that chimney effect where it burns up the hill. at one point they were shooting flames off the road leading off the freeway. this is the freeway you get off the bay bridge and you go down yerba buena island to treasure island or the coast guard station. when the sparks were flying and the threat of spot fires is very real, san francisco fire did rush hoses in, and get on top of that but that's not the first spot fire we've seen because embers have been flying and they've been very much
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challenged bringing fire timbers in. this bridge is supposed to be a fire break which of course they don't want to see it cross the road. there's a lot of electrical and tower equipment up there, communications equipment. so they're going to take a real stand to keep any damage from occurring there. i can tell you that i just spoke with mariam siez which is the director of calfire. she was able to tell us there's no effect and no danger for residents of ti. reporting live on yerba buena island, deborah villalon. >> thank you very much for the very late education on that fire burning in yerba buena -- latest on that fire burning in yerba buena. we do want to turn our
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attention to mark tamayo. >> we're wrapping up a very warm weekend with temperatures in the low to mid-80s right around san francisco to the bay bridge itself. we've been watching this camera out toward the bay bridge. you can see the activity, the fire continues but they're getting a better handle on this. as far as a closer inspection of the island. we've been watching greater terrain. here's a closer look, you get an idea the vegetation just looking at some of the studies. 31acres of eucalyptus on this island. that may have been the course of the fire this evening. as far as the fire conditions not a big factor right now. we have temperatures, we will take a look at those right now currently in the upper 50s. still pretty warm out there. winds out of the north to northeast. that is key. because we have no marine influence, no fog, no breeze. we have a light wind out of the north to northeast. wrapping up a very warm weekend
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across the bay area. even the fire danger, the high danger has expired. fire danger remains right up there. we want to give you one more live look over that fire. on yerba buena island. we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. within the last hour a minor earthquake shook parts of the bay area with a lot of people saying they felt it. according to the usgs, the quake struck at 9:26 tonight. it was centered two miles northeast of berkeley in the east bay hills. we've heard reports of wine glasses rattling and hanging lamps swaying but no word of any damage. now to our coverage of the oakland a's big play off push and they're in detroit in the best of five series against the tigers. >> fred inglis is live in the motor city which has become a
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familiar sight for the a's. fred. >> reporter: it is a rematch of last year's alds. we arrived to detroit about six hours ago and we were treated by rain. it has since stopped. neither team practiced here at comerica park today. in fact, the tarp was on the field all day. they do expect more intermittent rain tomorrow. they're going to expect cooler temperatures. we went downtown to greek town, we were looking for a's fans. it was very quiet. we didn't find any a's fans, we didn't find any tiger fans either. but this place will be rocking at 3:00 when game three is expected to begin. >> very different than we started our place where last year we were here. but you know there's still a lot to be played out. but i think just now the
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history between the two teams it seems like each and every game we play them, there's a little more to it because of the fact that we have played them a few times and each game seems to be hard fought. >> to be honest to you, these have really been two fantastic play off games. they really have. 2-1 run games. we haven't scored a run for 17 innings most of that is a credit to oakland's pitching. >> it's not going to be so foreign. be in there in it. last year it's one of those things where you pull those from those things, you pull from the last two games that atmosphere. it's a good learning experience to watch the guys throw as well to pick things out of that. >> reporter: as we said this is the second straight year these teams met in the american league division series. the tigers won last year's series three will have two. the a's lost both of those games last year here at comerica park. but just late -- in august,
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late august they won three out of four games here. they scored 33 runs in that game. they no longer feel that comericka park is a doom. we will be here live after the game to tell you all about it. reporting live in detroit. fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to give you another line up for what's ahead for the a's. game four is set for 2:00 on tuesday. if a game five is necessary it'll be thursday in oakland. you can show your oakland a's pride. we posted this badge on our facebook page. just visit our page and click share. coming up in 10 minutes how last night's oakland a's game put coliseum workers to the test. and crews are starting to
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shutdown a leaking gas pipe. line 147 runs underneath intertate 80. some say pg & e should have taken action sooner. >> reporter: a normal sunday at soccer but some parents are wondering if the city just dodged a bullet. megan stern just recently learned of e-mails questioning the safety of a 4-mile pipeline. >> that's a huge -- there's house that is sit up here. we're sitting relatively on it right now. >> my reaction was the same as the city managers, what in the bloody blazes is going on here. >> reporter: a judge ordered a
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temporary injunction. >> we have safely operating pipeline today. >> reporter: pg & e says it had to consider how other gas lines would be affected because customers won't be directly impacted. it says the pipeline is safe. but after the disaster in san bruno that killed eight people and destroyed homes, people here want more proof not just promises. >> it's unfortunate that we had to pull the alarm sort to speak. go to court, get an in injunction. >> reporter: the city of san carlos will review its state of emergency in about 30 days. eric rasmussen, ktvu. firefighters are getting the upper hand on a fire fight
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that forced the evacuation at the pendleton base. that's where 230 people were forced out of their homes. but as of 5:00 tonight those residents were allowed to return. firefighters say at this hour this fire is just 15% contained. more than two square miles of brush have burned and two buildings have been destroyed. no word yet on what sparked that fire. firefighters in marin ran into a fire. crews from many departments responded. low winds and high humidity helped keep the flames from spreading beyond a quarter acre. there were no injuries. a fiery crash in san jose left one person dead and two others critically injured. the crash happened just after 2:00 p.m. the fire department tweeted this photo of the scene. they said a 2006 infinity suv
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split in half after hitting a utility pole at blossom hill road. the male driver was pronounced dead at the scene. twao -- two female passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the cause of the crash has not been released. a 60 day cooling off period between b.a.r.t. and it's unions expires october 10th. b.a.r.t. management and the unions are set to start talking again tomorrow. yesterday b.a.r.t. and sciu members debated the length of the contract. the unions want a three year deal. b.a.r.t. wants four years. b.a.r.t. says there's an $89 million gap only compensation. however that gap has come down and the two have come to an agreement on one part of the pension issue. the property in contra
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costa county the team's owner is reportedly considering for a brand new stadium. from abortion to searching your smart phone. the controversial case as the u.s. supreme court is set to hear as it starts a new turn. habitat for humidities biggest volunteer was in the area. how former president jimmy carter was honored. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪
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we're turning now to that breaking news we told you about at the top of the forecast. that's a fire that's burning at yerba buena. this is a side effect of that fire. and the fire fight that's going on. major traffic troubles on the bay bridge. in fact, you are looking at the back up that's happening on the eastern span. we were looking at this shot just a few seconds ago. you can actually see an accident that took place right in the middle of that span. keep in mind traffic was already backed up as fire officials had a couple of lanes closed on the bay bridge. as they were trying to maneuver some of those fire fighters equipment to the fire that was burning at yerba buena island. a mayor traffic mess tonight on the bay bridge. a lot of people heading back to the east bay from candle stick park. also a lot of people heading into the city as well where traffic is moving okay tonight. major traffic troubles here on
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the eastern span on the bay bridge tonight spanning from the fire that's burning in yerba buena island. we will continue to follow this situation. former president jimmy carter and his wife are helping celebration the 30th anniversary of their service project. jana katsuyama has more on mr. carter's call and what we're doing tomorrow. >> reporter: 15,000 people were here to celebrate the partnership between the carters and happen -- habitat for humanity. a warm welcome for former president carter and his wife. carter says one of his greatest pleasures has been working with volunteers to build homes.
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>> we try to have enough volunteers to finish a home on a week. but that week on tuesday brad pitt as a volunteer. we finished all of our houses by thursday. >> reporter: in recent years the carters have helped build homes in haiti and minnesota. >> all people on earth are equal and a basic human right is to have a place to live that's why i love habitat. thank you. >> reporter: habitat says it's an honor to have their biggest volunteer here in oakland. >> we really need to have more people learn about the need in those communities. >> reporter: the carters plan to help in oakland. one volunteer says he tries to volunteer one week every year
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since learning about habitat in college. >> i led a field trip and was hooked. >> reporter: the former president carter are expected to help out at a home on tuesday. we're live in oakland, cara liu, ktvu news. more details now on what the carters will be doing here in the bay area. the former president and first lady will help construct new townhomes in east oakland. then on tuesday they'll help seniors and veterans help older homes in san jose. security is extremely tight. just last week as we reported here on ktvu news armed robbers held up volunteers and workers at that oakland site. the raiders are taking on the chargers at home in a rare late night game. the time was shifted because of the a's game last night at the coliseum. crews had less than 24 hours to
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change the coliseum from baseball to football. this is a time lapse of the converge. the crews started as soon as the a's game ended. >> we did more than 14 hours. some people did in the 20 hour range just to get it done. >> reporter: this is the tightest turn you've ever done. >> yeah this is definitely the tightest turn we've ever done. >> reporter: oakland coliseum is the only stadium in the country to host both national baseball and national football team. raiders owner mark davis toured a parcel of land at the
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closed concord naval weapons station. now to our continuing coverage of the government shut -- shutdown that has now heading into two weeks. boehner said he will not allow a vote to -- >> the president's refusal to sit down and have a conversation about this is putting our nation at the risk of default. >> are you saying if he continues to refuse to negotiate the country is going to default. >> it's the path we're on. >> reporter: democrats say republicans are making unreasonable demands and that the president is willing to talk once the shutdown has ended. >> i don't think it's fair to say there's no reasonableness on the democratic side.
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what we've seen is demands, unless i get my way that we'll bring these terrible consequences of shutdown or default. those kinds of threats have to stop. >> reporter: meantime defense secretary chuck hagel has ordered defense workers back towork tomorrow. today the annual red mass at the cathedral of st. matthew blessed the upcoming work of that court. inside the sermon denounced the highly politicized management. including lawsuits about the affordable care act and access to abortions. justice ruth ginsburg said she has no plans to retire and she says she isn't worried about the republican president replaces her in 2014 because she thinks the democrats will win. more details now on the court's upcoming cases.
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the issues include whether a the court -- how much authority police have to search smart phones. how much power the president has to fill key positions without senate confirmation. and whether oklahoma can limit the use of certain drugs prescribed for early term abortions. sharks in lake tahoe? why people don't have to be afraid before diving in. plus -- >> three time indy 500 winner dario franchiti crashes. the move that sent his car airborne. >> one sneaky little passenger. how a 9-year-old boy in a flight to las vegas has sparked an investigation. some changes under way coming up how much of a temperature drop you can expect for tomorrow. the coolest day of the week and when showers resurface on the five day forecast.
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we want to return now to that breaking news on yerba buena where fire crews are still fighting a fire. you can see a fire boat spraying fire on the remainder of that fire. the fire has now been contained according to deborah villalon who has been talking to firefighters on ybi. the fire has been limited to 5 acres. no structures are threatened but it did create quite a traffic mess because there was large flames of ybi and that really slowed down traffic. traffic is still backed up on the bridge. but the good news is the fire is mostly out. they'll still be out there for some time mopping up. but fire crews seem to have gotten a handle on the fire at ybi. a crash in the grand prix put dario franchiti in the hospital. the wreck happened in the last
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lap of the race when franchiti's car was slammed and went airborne into protective fencing. pieces of debris flew into the grand stand injurying 14 people. franchiti is married to actress ashley judd. the couple announced they were divorcing in january. and now authorities want to know how it happened -- investigators say last thursday the boy who was a run away boarded delta flight 1651 for las vegas. the flight crew became suspicious and contacted las vegas police who met them when the plane landed. the trip has many people questioning the effectiveness of airport security measures. >> all of this since 911 has been to keep us safer and it has. but still we have gaping holes and this is a perfect example of it. >> delta and the transportation
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safety initiative say they are investigating the incident. the child has been turned over to child protective services there at the twin cities area. something may be lurking in the usually tranquil waters of lake tahoe. no word who will be starring in the film. granting a 19% tax break for film makers who shoot their movies in the state. city parks off limit. why there's a push to close san francisco parks at certain times. cover california leaving some vulnerable. taking action the announcement by some of the biggest youth organizations to combat a growing health concern among very young players.
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scammers have found a new target, covered california. the program has not been opened a week and already a warning. >> reporter: hundreds came to this health fair in hayward today to sign up for coverage under the affordable care act. ellen leslie were told her family could save hundreds of dollars. >> yes it's a very good option. i'm not covered now. because i have preexisting health conditions. >> reporter: while the health care overhaul promises coverage for millions of americans, undocumented immigrants are not eligible. and immigration advocates fear many don't know they are included leaving a gaping hole
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for scammers. >> they find out that it's really not true that they don't have that kind of access. >> reporter: gabriel hernandez director of the hayward day labor center is warning undo you meaned workers not to hand over money to anyone promising health insurance. a pair of state lawmakers who held a forum on the affordable care act today encouraged potential enrollies to be cautious. >> be careful. if you are looking for help, go to a trusted source. >> reporter: confusion about the new law can lead to potential enrollies to be scammed. they want to stress that enrolling for coverage is free. a proposal to close state parks at a certain hour will be
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voted on tomorrow. supporters of the legislation say it would keep homeless people from living in the parks and reduce crime. critics say the ordnance criminalized the homeless. a new coalition of sports organizations are working to address the dangers of concussions among young athletes. the coalition includes pop warner and usa football, hockey and basketball among others. the newly formed national sports concussion coalition says it hopes to provide parents, coaching and players with the latest facts about concussions and player safety. the cdc reports each year 175,000 children are treated for sports related traumatic sports injuries including concussions. the republican national hispanic assembly met this morning to talk about child
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care and unemployment. the safe top ranking latino say it is gop is paying attention. >> those are all latino issues and those are issues the republican party is taking on and that's different than before. >> the party says it's making a consorted effort to win over asian american and pacific islander voters as well. the man known as the conscious of the food movement was in the bay area this evening calling for compassion for farm animals. gene bower says even though many consumers are outraged over animal abuses in so called factory farms those consumers often unknowingly still buy those products. he says many factory farms don't want the public to see how they treat their animals and use deceptive labels to make consumers think they're cared for bettser betts --
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cared for better than they are. >> retailers are able to increase prices. >> he suggests shopping at farmer's markets and talking directly to the farmers to learn more about their operations. now to a story you will see only on 2. oakland students determined to restore a piece of public art. taggers usually leave their mark on the remember them sculpture. as quickly as volunteers clean up the faces carved in bronze, more graffiti appears. now 45 students with the invision academy along with the advisors supervision are removing that graffiti. >> it takes 15 minutes to
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destroy it. >> reporter: activists are depicted on the monument including rosa parks, and cesar chavez. in addition to the graffiti removal, those students are also picking up trash then giving impromptu tours. describing the significance of the heros depicted in that sculpture. a fire boat continues to douse water on the island and extinguish the last remaining flames. four acres the fire is contained. >> also our meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the weather conditions out there for you.  he'll have your workweek forecast coming right up after the break.
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another look at that breaking news at yerba buena island. news chopper 2 is over the scene and that fire is mostly out but there's still a huge traffic back up. that is creating a huge bottle an -- creating a huge bottleneck. we're continuing to monitor it and we'll keep you posted. a very warm weekend once again across the entire bay area. lots of 80s out there even for pacifica and san francisco. 88 to 98 degrees. some changes you probably noticed a big batch of high clouds moving in throughout the day today.
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right now we have partly cloudy skies. with that it's not going to be completely clear still scattered high clouds paying us a visit for tonight and into tomorrow morning. here's our forecast headlines. it is cloudy out there. we'll show you the temperatures in a little bit. here is our camera looking out toward the bay bridge once again. we're watching this with if yerba buena island. partly to mostly cloudy skies right now. our cooling trend begins. still warm out there. the warmer locations will be well above 80 degrees. beaches into the mid-60s. we do bring a chance of a few scattered showers across the bay area and even some snow showers out toward the sierra. snow levels coming down. that's how cool this upcoming weather system will be. current temperatures dropping into the upper 60s. oakland 67. san jose 68 degrees right now and the plan for tomorrow shaping up like this. as we do head into monday. temperatures on track to reach the mid-70s by about 4:00 monday afternoon.
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so temperatures tomorrow everybody coming down a good three to 6 degrees. at least from today's highs. overnight lows pretty chilly up into the north bay for santa rosa, napa in the lower 40s. san jose 50 degrees. in livermore 48. high pressure offshore this was the key over the past few days. of course we have the scattered high clouds moving in. this cooler weather system moved in over next tuesday, wednesday. this will be the source of cooler air and eventually more clouds on wednesday. i was talking about the weather chances for tomorrow. we have the high clouds moving in. same deal into tuesday. look what happens into wednesday. at eight -- 8:00 in the morning. we have showers basically to the east. snow levels in the sierra coming down to 6 feet. santa rosa 79 degrees. vacaville at 81. we're showing you 70s and head inland and you will find low
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80s. these temperatures checking in right around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. san francisco will go at 70. tuesday we'll cool things off. wednesday the coolest day of the week and the chance of showers. we begin to warm things up with your weekend always in view. possibly 80 degrees by sunday. but this is an interesting time of night. one week we could be talking about high fire danger and excessive heat. the next sierra snow. lots to talk about. coming up next, the raiders take on the chargers in a rare late night game. >> and the 49ers defense boy it comes up big time as they stun the texans. sports wrap with joe fonzi is next. peppack cheese, mushroom,
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jalapeños, bacon, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu.
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good everyone, welcome to this late evening edition of sports wrap. the 49ers looked more like the team we expected to see. the defense made up for his absence. on houston's very first series schaub's look says it all. that's a fourth straight game in which he's thrown a pick that went for a touchdown. half of the quarter was done when the had the 49ers offense finally got their hands on the ball. more problems for schaub and the texans in the second quarter. again it's brock who create as turn over when he tips it to himself. for a second interception that led to an anthony dixon score.
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strides in from the two. the 49ers took a 29-0 lead to the locker room. the two teams traded field goals in the third quarter. then the niners put it away. to vernon davis who tight ropes the sideline and heads off on a 68 68-yard score. kaepernick just six of 15 in the passing department. but big credit to the 49er defense and the running game 34- 3 the final as the 49ers improved to 3-2. kaepernick not concerned about personal stats. >> i think this team is getting their confidence back. our defense played amazing. our offense played well. we got a win. >> their d line is good. that's probably our best front we went through all year so far. our line they filled up and they got the job done. >> i didn't expect the run. he's a fast guy. he caught the ball. that


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