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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 8, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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homeless camp nearby. we'll tell you both sides of the story. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are looking at right now -- >> we're back in albany again. >> yeah, where there is a controversy over people doing exactly this. camping out. and these are some of the people protesting a move that could happen shortly. we'll have more on that in just a moment. welcome back it's tuesday october 8th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave. let's check your weather and traffic. steve one more nice day you think? >> pretty nice day. looks good know. changes tomorrow. a system just beginning to move in in the northern part of the state. we have clear skies here, a little chill in that morning air, a little bite for some. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. mainly in the 50s though for some but 30s, 40s to 50, clear skies, mostly sunny, a little
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cooler. some pop-up clouds in the north bay later on. 42 in santa rosa. 42 napa. 49 oakland airport. there are some 50s, a lot of low to mid-50s. clear skies here but here comes our system inching in. we'll be clear for a while. that system already producing some cloud cover and it's on its way. the main impact will be tomorrow, san fransisco 76 yesterday, 68 today. it is going to be cooler. i think you'll notice it and the low is 53. yesterday it never got below 58. a cold morning for some. a little cooler out there on these afternoon highs. today will be nice a lot more 70s or very low 80s. temperatures starting to take a little dip here. 60s, 70s closer to the water. here's sal. we have a report of an overturned vehicle on the oakland side of the caldecott tunnel westbound 24 near highway 13. this is an overturned truck just before highway 13. there's debris all over the place, and now the chp and the fire department are arriving on the scene. watch for slow traffic coming
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into the tunnel. 24 so far looks okay on the lafayette side, but that should begin to slow down if that accident is there for any length of time. we also have word of a new collision in san jose, northbound 101 just south of tully road, that one just came in as we were speaking here. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. there's a little bit of a backup there, about 5 minutes before you pay the money to get into the city. we also want to mention that traffic is going to be okay in san fransisco along northbound 101. 6:02. we're following developing news in san fransisco. police are busy investigating the suspicious death of a 7- month-old baby. investigators say the baby's mother brought the baby in to san fransisco general hospital early this morning. that baby was pronounced dead short time later. it's not clear how the baby died but police say the death is suspicious. alex savidge has been out there since 4:30 this morning. he'll be telling us more about
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this mysterious tragedy at 6:30. the clock is ticking and thursday night is the b.a.r.t. strike debt line. however there is a major new development in this labor dispute, new hope for a settlement when negotiations resume at 9:30 this morning. today's talks come after the most encouraging sign that the two sides may be moving closer to a deal. tara moriarty joins us now to explain. >> reporter: union leaders say they will not be issuing a 72 hour strike notice. we're not sure what to make of this. in the past union leaders have always given a strike notice. now last night negotiators left this building in oakland. you can see them there. both sides remained very tight- lipped because of a gag order that the media has put into place. experts say silence about closed door talks is an indication that a deal is closer. a 60 day cooling off period
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requested by governor brown is set to end at 11:59 thursday night. >> we do not want a strike. we want that to be made perfectly clear. we understand the disruption. we understand the impacts on everybody in the bay area and we want to be clear that we are not intending to do that. we want a deal. >> by law the union does not have to give notice. they did say that all options are still on the table. insiders tell us while both sides have agreed on pension issues there's a lot of work to be done on wages, health care, safety issues and the contract length of three years versus four. if the strike does happen we'll tell commuters what they can expect in our next half hour. live from richmond i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. the san fransisco bay ferry is getting ready to expand service if b.a.r.t. workers walk off the job friday morning. they will announce its schedule for increased service across the bay in the event of a
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strike. you'll remember bay area commuters packed the ferries during the last b.a.r.t. strike in july. the san fransisco bay ferry is getting ready and b.a.r.t. is working on the contract negotiation again begin at 93 this morning. we're going to stay with us here, ktvu all morning long for continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. cat contract talks. time is now 6:05. new this morning, firefighters still battling a great fire in felton, in the santa cruz mountains. it started about 3:45 this morning. 2 acres of grass has burned. the flames were reportedly near some buildings as well. firefighters in santa cruz county also in aptos. they're investigating a destructive fire that damaged two homes earlier today. first reported at 1:00 on redwood drive. there's no word of any injuries but that fire briefly forced an
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evacuation of the neighborhood. so far there's no word on what caused the fire. happening right now, about two dozen people in albany spent the night on the streets to protest the city's plan to remove homeless. at the albany bulb. brian flores joins us now with what the city plans to do about it. >> reporter: good morning. as you can see about 25 people sleeping right now. many of them protesters. but they're upset about the city's plan to remove as you mentioned the homeless from the albany bulb. city officials say sometime this month they will remove people off the property. in an effort to show what it would be like if that happened protesters decided to show what it would look like if they did that. they camped out on the streets. many have camped out in front of the california bank and trust in albany to show support for 60 people that have taken residence along shoreline park protesters say the city needs to hear why the albany bulb is
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so important. >> if they want to kick out their homeless people they should have somewhere else for their homeless people instead of sidewalks or other towns. >> reporter: from the city's standpoint officials say they're working to relocate the homeless through a partnership with the nonprofit berkeley food and housing project. the city says it's an on going situation to try and find compassionate services for the homeless. they're hoping to turn it into a thriving recreational area. as for the protesters here that remained overnight, but it's unclear how long they will stay. we're live in albany, brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:07. affordable housings advocates are fighting plans for a mass eviction in san fransisco. the san fransisco examiner says as many as 300 people on market street may be evicted because their units violate city code. the city says those buildings are only zoned for commercial use and many of the locks don't
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have windows. the tenants are forced to move out, it will be one of the biggest evictions in san fransisco since the is 1970s. a sanford university student accused of driving drunk and causing a deadly crash is still in the hospital. the chp says he will be booked as soon as he is row leased. 24-year-old zachary katz drove the wrong way and hit a taxicab head on. 62-year-old pedro sole soldevila died in the crash. another passenger and taxi driver were hurt. a bay area law student is facing felony charges in connection with a hit and run crash in oakland. that happened just after 12:30 saturday morning near the main library on 14th street in downtown. police say 26-year-old megan zeto confronted a group of graffiti taggers and tried to hit them with her car. she hit 25-year-old james rhoda
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who was not part of the group. he was seriously injured. zeto was arrested shortly after the crash. she is a student at hastings college of law in san fransisco. time now 6:08. hundreds of federal aviation inspectors will be back at work this week. the faa told them to come back to work after being furloughed by the government shutdown. most of those inspectors monitor the work done on the fleets of the major airlines. the faa says it could recall more of the inspectors if it thinks they're also needed to keep the traveling public safe. the second week with no end in sight, coming up at 6:15, who the american people are blaming for the stalemate. >> governor brown has vetoed a bill that would have allowed undocumented immigrants to serve on a jury. supporters say it would includes jury pools and allow immigrants to have more rights
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and responsibilities. critical critics argue allowing noncitizens deprives defendants the right to have their case decided by a jury of their peers. >> if you've been driving or walking near san jose's airport you may have smelled something. why some are worried about their health and how the airport is responding. >> san fransisco cans have complained about the noise and the mess left behind by people who steal from recycling bins. now the city has plans to deal with that problem. >> right now traffic is affected by a couple of different crashes. on the golden gate bridge the traffic does look good headed to san fransisco. >> kind of cold out there for a few. a lot of 40s, a few upper 30s. temperatures will be nice today but they are coming down in advance of a system which will be here for a big change tomorrow.
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time now 6:13. new this morning, firefighters in san fransisco investigating a vehicle that burst into flames. it was found early this morning on mar view way in fair view court near twin peaks in san fransisco. there's no word if anyone found in that vehicle. police are out there. as you can see they're gathering information. we're going to bring you the latest info we get as soon as it becomes available. testimony continues today in the trial of max wade who's accused of attempted murder. he's charged with trying to kill a teenage couple in a
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drive-by shooting in mill valley last year. prosecutors say wade was attracted to the girl and was angry she was with another boy. yesterday the teenage girl took the witness stand claiming wade fired several shots at them at close range. somehow he missed. he's accused of stealing the car of celebrity chef guy fieri from a san fransisco dealership in 2011. san fransisco police will keep an eye out for people who are stealing from recycling bins. people who live in some of the neighborhoods complained about the noise and the mess left behind by thieves searching for metals and glass in those blue recycling cans. they've given police the trash pickup schedule for neighborhoods all over the city. the police are encouraging residents to call the police if you see someone picking through your garbage. the u.s. is dealing with two potentially damaging
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dilemmas, the partial government shutdown and reaching the debt limit. the senate is putting together a plan to includes the debt ceiling but republicans don't appear to be budging on demands. kyla campbell joins us from our washington d. c. bureau to explain who americans are blaming for this fiscal fiasco. >> a new poll released by cnn shows who people blame for this partial government shutdown. 63% of those polled blame republicans. 57% blame democrats, and 5 3% blame president barack obama. today marks day 8 of the partial government shutdown, and the sunshine now just nine days away from reaching its borrowing limit. the democratic led senate is introducing a bill today to includes the government's borrowing ability by $1 trillion. house speaker john boehner says republicans won't agree to raise the borrowing limit or end the partial government shutdown unless the white house agrees to some spending cuts with no new taxes.
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>> it's time to have that conversation before our economy is put further at risk. >> he doesn't apparently want to see the government shutdown end at the moment unless he's able to extract concessions that don't have anything to do with the budget. >> house republicans and democrats are each holding their own news conferences in about 45 minutes. i'll be watching them live and rounding up reaction to this budget battle. ville that story for you for 7:15. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. the government shutdown is also having an impact on small businesses that rely on spending from federal workers. the owner of city bloom flower shop in oakland says sales are down 20% from a week ago. because most of the customers work at the federal building across the street. >> a lot of the people that come in to just buy flowers for themselves, for their desks. >> it feels lonely and it feels
6:17 am
very hut hurtful. >> the house has passed a measure to retroactively pay hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers, but many say they don't know how long they'll have to wait for those checks. time now 6:15. there's another controversy brewing over the name of the washington redskins after president obama said he would consider changing it. the o'neda indian nation is now making a push to have the redskins name changed. president obama said if the name offended a sizable grown up of people the team may want to consider changing it. >> it's about the way our children are affected by the imagery of washington's name and mascot. >> now the oneida indian nation plans to meet with the national football league next month. 6:17 is the time. let's check in with sal. unfortunately some crashes in contra costa county, more than one? >> yeah, more than one. we have one on highway 4, one
6:18 am
on highway 24. the one on highway 24 is in alameda county. one on highway 4 though is definitely in contra costa county. westbound highway 4 at summersville road word of a big rig crash. big rig crash in one of the right lanes with another car. it doesn't sound like the injuries are too severe. however you will see slow traffic not only before but after the crash. highway 4 is already off to a very slow start, and even though it's not in contra costa county, this will definitely affect you if you drive from orinda to alameda, westbound highway 24 near highway 13 is a car that went off the oath road. the lanes are not blocked with this crash. the car flipped over off the road. let's go to live pictures now. i want to show you that traffic is going to be okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for about a 15 minute delay before you get
6:19 am
into the city. northbound 280 in san jose, that traffic is moving along pretty well. we talked about it just earlier, news chopper 2 has found the car that went down a cliff near twin peaks and ended up catching fire near one of the residential neighborhoods there. the police have closed off one of the access roads to twin peaks. they're doing their investigation right now. it's not heavily traveled time. we'll let you know if this affects a lot of people. this is the road that goes up to twin peaks area and not too many people are using it at this time of the morning. good morning. yes, yes, we have clear skies, system inches closer. it's already in the northern part of the state. it will give partly cloudy skies to the north bay in a couple of hours. it's clear right now. chloe in clear lake said clear as well. temperatures 40s and 50s. warmer than yesterday. we have a lot of low 40s. 70s 83 again yesterday, not today. 70s and 60s. 68 in san fransisco, napa from
6:20 am
85. we'll go 70s today, 79 livermore and palo alto from 83 to 77 today. san jose, we'll go 76. a lot of sunshine, at least farther south. they'll pick up partly cloudy skies. clear skies except for a patch of fog. here comes our system. turning cloudy up there, but again we have a ways to go before it starts to reach us. it will by this afternoon. 32 in tahoe. 46 in reno. and 43 in ukiah. 42 eureka and santa rosa. 45 in walnut creek and 46 half- moon bay. there's been a lot of upper 40s or low 50s. it's a cooler morning for most. it's mainly the upper low which is headed right towards the sierra nevada or just to the west of the it. the colder air on its way and snow for the sierra tomorrow morning. we'll extend that into wednesday afternoon, for us it will be a colder breezy day and
6:21 am
it's going to stay cool and breezy. the system will be long gone by thursday. sunny, nice today, partly cloudy later on towards the knot bay. a cold morning for some, it will be a little cooler. about i don't think brentwood oakley. upper 70s for many, 60s to 70s closer to san fransisco, oakland and the bay. upper 70s for a few, 60s and 70s on the coast, and then tomorrow colder and breezy now. i mentioned maybe a few showers could be san jose south late wednesday. i think it's more likely going to be off to the valley. breezy, cool thursday. the mornings will be cold, dates sunny. the number of americans late on repaying loans inched up during the summer. slightly more than one and three quarters percent of all loan payments are more than 30 days overdue. that's below the 15 year average the the group tracks loans in eight categories, including car, student, and personal loans.
6:22 am
now that he is not the ceo of google anymore, eric schmidt has time to write a book. that book will be called "no adult supervision required." the book is scheduled for release a year from now. schmidt remains executive chairman of mountain view based google. just about 6:22. there was gunfire in vallejo, what we're finding out about app overnight shooting. >> and a mail carrier refused to deliver mail about obamacare. but his bosses say that doesn't really matter. really special.
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and some designer deals are so sweet you just can't say no. see the real deal. check out all the designers maxxinistas are scoring. t.j.maxx. welcome back to the channel 2 morning news. construction crews beginning to tear town the new jersey boardwalk that that was destroyed by a massive fire. one of the boardwalks along the coast there. officials believe damaged electrical wiring sparked the fire. it burned a section of the boardwalk that had been spared by superstorm sandy last year. time is 6:25. a fresno mailman was fired after throwing mail in the trash rather than delivering it. now a man living at a fresno apartment complex says he
6:26 am
watched the mailman walk over to a trash dumpster outside his building and throw in things. jerry dill says he went to the trash bin. he saw stacks of envelopes with the affordable care act logo on them. >> it was amazing. i mean, i looked down in there and there was a bunch of people's addresses and names and addresses. and right away i knew that this was absolutely wrong. >> now dill's reported that to the post office. the mailman says he dumped the mail because he was running late. they wanted get back to the post office on time. all of the mail thrown out will be delivered to by a different mail carrier, and there's an investigation underway to see if that mailman has thrown out mail other times as well. starting this week, the new $100 bill, the fill bill still features benjamin franklin's portrait but it's resigned to make it more difficult for counterfeiters. one obvious difference is the three dimensional blue ribbon.
6:27 am
some banks will get the delivery today. later this month, the royal family will chrisen prince george and plan to mark the occasion with a special minted coin. this is the first time a coin is being produced to mark a royal christening. there's new information on the asiana air crash. what pilots say cause that had deadly crash last july. >> and homicide investigators called out to san fransisco general hospital this morning to investigate the suspicious death of a baby, what we're learning about this young victim. >> good morning right now traffic is affected by, well, a peculiar situation in twin peaks where a car has gone over the side. we'll tell you more about that coming up.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. jumping up and down. they are from the ymca ringing the bell and they are there at the nasdaq celebrating the ymca is actually opening up, there's the opening bell. live state of the art facilities in coney island and the rockaway beach part community devastated by superstorm sandy. these are kids from the public schools in the rock away area. it's going to bring jobs and they're going to help the community there. that's something the ymca is announcing there. we'll have all the business news coming up. >> you wanted me to sing that ymca song. >> i wanted you to dance it. >> i will smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu morning news. it's tuesday october the 8th 8th i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's go over to steve. change in the weather tomorrow steven. >> pamela that is correct. >> you're not going to dance or
6:31 am
sing either? >> i like my job, pam. i think it's not a good idea. we have mostly clear skies here, a hint or two of fog. a system is getting closer and it's going to give the north bay partly cloudy skies later on, partly sunny, we start off cold for some, clear skies, cool, cold to mild, some 40s, low 40s, mostly sunny, a little cooler though, but some of these pop-up clouds will be developing over the hills in the north bay later on. 42 santa rosa to 59 antioch. there's a big difference in some of these temps. one system moved out yesterday, it really didn't do too much. today will be sunny for a while. we'll see clouds moving in to the north. the main source of our change will be right there. today sunny, nice, clouds in the north bay, a little later, cooler today on those afternoon highs. a lot more 70s and very low 80s. 60s, upper 60s low 70s around the bay. >> steve good morning. right now we're looking at highway 4. it's very slow in contra costa county westbound. it's also been slow from
6:32 am
antioch westbound coming in from way back near the bypass. so highway 4 is going to be slow, and i do think we have that. there it is. you can see how slow it is coming up from the willow pass grade. the whole thing is slow all the way through. highway 24 is getting busier. getting up to the tunnel. we have a crash on the oakland side near highway 13. it's not blocking lanes but it you been coa distraction for you on the way down to oakland and the 589 and the interchange. also we're looking at news chopper 2. these are live pictures of news chopper 2. a car went over the side and caught fire. although they didn't find anyone inside the twin peaks area of san fransisco. it came down near that reservoir there, very close to suit row tower. our news chopper 2 is there. haven't been able to find the driver or anyone associated with the vehicle. the fired is there with -- the fire department is there. this is not affecting traffic too much. it may be affecting the access
6:33 am
road to twin peeks. it's not super crowded up there. we don't have a lot of traffic impact. let's go back to the desk. we have developing news from san fransisco. a 7-month-old baby has died. the police say it's suspicious. ktvu alex savidge is at san fransisco general hospital. you've been out there since 4:30 and there are a lot of questions about this alex. >> reporter: certainly. the medical examiner determined the death of this child was suspicious. the 7-month-old baby brought here to san fransisco general early this morning by its mother. it's unclear exactly what was wrong but the child was later pronounced dead here at the hospital. a little while ago we watched as a car related to this case was towed with a squad car following behind. we do know the baby arrived here at the hospital just about 12:30 this morning. the medical examiner called out a short time later. police are only saying at this
6:34 am
point it's a 7-month-old baby. we don't know if it was a boy or a girl, and the cause of death at this point remains unclear. we did see search detectives here at the emergency room this morning gathering evidence anding it interviews. police officers have also secured a house on monterey boulevard off 280 in san fransisco. crime scene tape was put up across the front entrance there at that location and police are saying that that scene is connected in some way to the death of this baby. they won't say exactly how. merchandisehomicide detectives are interviewing the baby's mother and talking to other family members. again, trying to get a better sense of what was going on earlier this morning, what was wrong with that child and how this 7-month-old baby ended up dead. live in san fransisco, alex savidge channel 2 news. new from vallejo. police are investigating a shooting that happened outside the roadway inn on mare poe is a street. we have very few details from the police right now. we do know someone was shot.
6:35 am
stay tuned we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them. there's new information now in the asiana air crash last july. the pilots have told federal investigators that a problem with the jet's speed control system was a major factor in the deadly accident. so far the ntsb has not uncovered any mechanical or electrical problems with the twin engine jet prior to impact. instead the agency is focused on why the pilots reportedly failed to check the air speed until it was too late. the clock is ticking towards thursday night and the b.a.r.t. strike deadline. however, there's a major new development in this labor dispute. there's new hope for a settlement when negotiations resume at 9:30 this morning. today's contract talks come after perhaps the most encouraging sign that the two sides may be moving closer to a deal. ktvu tara moriarty explains why in this live report. the union leaders announced last night they would not be issuing a 72 hour strike
6:36 am
notice. what does that mean. it could mean that a lot of b.a.r.t. passengers are caught off guard on friday or it could be something more positive. since the unions have issued these notes in the past it could mean the sides have closer to striking a deal. both of the negotiators left the building quietly because both sides are remaining tight- lipped because of a gag order the mediator has put in place. silence is usually an indication that a deal is closer. a gag order earlier this summer didn't make a difference at the bargaining table. a 60 day cooling off period is set to end thursday night. a b.a.r.t. spokesperson explained white talks last night didn't go longer. >> there's costing issues that need to be looked at, research on both sides and so that's what we'll be doing. >> we do not want a strike. we want that to be made perfectly clear.
6:37 am
we understand the disruption. >> reporter: the unions do not have to give notice and said all options are still on the table. insiders tell us while both sides have agreed on pension issues there is much work to be done on wages, health care contribution, safety issues and the contract length of three versus four years. if the strike does happen b.a.r.t. says it's going to be using bus shuttles as it did earlier this summer. live from richmond i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. contract talks and you can get updates by going to our channel 2 web site time now 6:37. today san carlos city leaders go before the california public utility commissions which oversees pg&e. they will talk about growing safety concerns about a natural gas pipe that runs across the city. on friday san carlos declared a state of emergency. they got a court order for pg&e to shut down that pipeline. san carlos asked for that court order after getting a copy of
6:38 am
an internal pg&e e-mail. an engineer expressed concern that pipe could cause an explosion like that disastrous blast in san bruno three years ago. in just about a couple hours from now, former president jimmy carter will help build some homes in san jose. yesterday he was in oakland lending a hand to families in need there. it's all part of habitat for humanity. mr. carter says if he was still in the white house he'd be working with lawmakers to get more federal funding for affordable housing. he also said the income gap in the u.s. has increased to levels where people in the middle class they're just like those classified living in poverty when he was in the white house. about two dozen people in albany spent the night on the streets to protest the city's plan to evict homeless people living in a camp. brian flores joins us now from albany with what the plan is and what's being done about it. >> hi pam good morning. yeah, we're on the corner of solano and santa fe.
6:39 am
as you mentioned about 25 people camped out overnight here in albany. a brisk evening to spend the night. they wanted to show what it would look like if the city decides to remove homeless at the nearby albany bulb. city officials say sometime this month they will remove homeless people living at the albany bulb off their property. the group share the bulb decided to show what it would look like if that happened. many have camped out in albany to show support for the 60 people that have taken residence along the shoreline park. protesters say the city needs to hear why the albany bulb is important to keep as is. >> at a time when there is such a critical housing need to replace that with a recreational park is really poorly timed. >> reporter: there is also a pending lawsuit filed against the city in regards to this. the plaintiffs claim the city
6:40 am
has not done enough to provide affordable housing. for the city their response is they say it's an ongoing situation and they'ring trying to find compassionate services for the homeless. officials are hoping to turn the bulb into a thriving recreational area. that is in connection with the mclaflin east shore park. the people here say they will be leaving this morning. there are more events planned in the future. time now 6:40. just hours ago a truck slammed into a san jose apartment building. what the police are telling us about this crash and also the driver. >> one win away, how the oakland a's are preparing for game 4 of the american league division series. >> we're off to a rough one this morning, we have a lot of crashes out there to slow your commute down. i'll tell you where the latest one is straight ahead. >> after another day yesterday of temperatures mainly in the 80s today changes are brewing.
6:41 am
there's a little system on it way. we'll have the impact on the forecasted highs coming up.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:43. new this morning, people sound asleep in one south bay apartment complex were startled awake just hours ago a truck slammed into their building. the driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel. janine de la vega is in san
6:44 am
jose now to tell us more about it and also show us some of the damage. good morning janine. >> reporter: good morning dave. this is one of the two poles that was knocked down. it's a speed limit sign. that's when a pickup truck slammed into it and slammed into this apartment building here on camden avenue. it also hit a gas meter you see right down there below and firefighters worried there was a leak. police tell us at about 3:40 this morning, the driver of a pickup truck was traveling northbound on camden avenue when he crashed into three parked cars and slammed into the apartment complex. no one was injured inside the apartment but the owners were not happy to find the damage done to their car. police say the driver of the truck who caused the damage told them he fell asleep at the wheel. >> he fell asleep. he said he was real tired. >> i don't know. i'm sick of my cars getting hit, i'll tell you that and the
6:45 am
police say it's just a problem. >> reporter: the driver of the truck was interviewed by police but not arrested. the gas to the building was shut off and inspected. we know it bent an outside line. we know a pg&e work crew was supposed to be out here after 7:00 since the gas was shut off. they are trying to find out if there were any internal leaks this side the building. there's no worry that anybody inside is going to be affected by the gas since it is shut off no. back out here -- now back out here live there is still shattered glass and debris, as well as a pole. there was also a hydrant that appears to have been knocked down as well. the good news is despite all of this damage, nobody was hurt, and the damage to the actual apartment complex seems to be minimal. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news.
6:46 am
later today the oakland a's will battle again against the detroit tigers in game 4 of the american league division series and ktvu's sports reporter fred inglis is there in detroit where the a's could finish it today. that'd be great. good morning fred. >> reporter: good morning pam, and welcome to a very sunny detroit michigan. we're at comerica park where yesterday the a's jumped ahead into the playoff series with a 6-3 victory. as you can tell in the newspapers here, detroit free press is saying it all. we actually saw some offense yesterday in that 6-3 win. we saw three home runs by the oakland a's including brandon moss' big shot that gave them the lead for good. it was a game of excellence on pitching defense and clutch hitting for the a's. the detroit tigers in a major
6:47 am
slump, their big star miguel cabrera injured, playing hurt. they have to be frustrated and i think we saw it in the 9th 9th inning when brett balfour and victor martinez had expletive words exchanged. it was a lot of testosterone thrown around there. nothing was really physical. nobody got thrown out, but you can tell that this tiger's team is frustrated and grant balfour tried to explain what went on in that 9th inning. >> i look up to get the ball and the guy's staring at me so i just said to him, hey, if you got a problem with me come on out. don't just stare me down. he came out, whatever you want to call it. what are you going to do it. >> ballbalfour's balfour. he's crazy and we love him. he's going to get the job done
6:48 am
for us. i don't think it was a big deal. i think it's two really good ballplayers having a little discussion. >> reporter: they expect a very sunny and clear day. they call it severe clear here in michigan. the game will start at 2:07 your time. of course then this is the game that will be an opportunity for the a's to clench their first playoff series since 2006 when they did that in the first round against the minnesota twins. it would be great revenge if you will for the a's to do it here because this is where the tigers have beaten them in four games in 2006 it was the tigers who beat them in five games last year in the first round. it is a game in which the oakland a's figure that dan straley another young pitcher will be able to keep them in the game long enough to get some scoring, get some offense. the key here for the a's so far in this playoff series not so
6:49 am
much that they've had a lot of fan support here but that they've been able to calm the fans down here, 48,000, and you didn't hear them much at all yesterday as the a's won that one 6-3. we'll have more later in the next hour. looking forward to today's game 4. reporting live in detroit fred inglis ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:49. let's check in now with tori campbell to see what's coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning dave and pam. coming up in minutes another high school tempered teacher arrested for molesting a student where he works and when he's due in court. >> oakland wants to create its own gun laws, how these measures could help keep guns off the streets. there have been more than 4,000 armed robberies this year. >> a new casino in the north bay opens in less than a month, and now there's concern the new
6:50 am
attraction could turn the already crowded 101 nearby into a gridlock nightmare. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. back to you on the morning news. 6:49. back over to sal who's been covering a couple of little traffic problems. some accidents as well. what's going on sal? >> yeah, actually we've had a couple of traffic problems adds you mentioned pam and dave. i want to take a look at the commute now on some of the live pictures you can start to see that traffic is getting slower as you drive through on 880. it's not stop and go but it's more crowded as you drive up to the coliseum and beyond that to downtown oakland. also the morning commute is going to be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. that looks like a 15 to 20 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. if you are driving on the south bay commute i can say that traffic is going to be busy here. let's pull back a little bit to see the roadways and the road sensors. the slowest traffic on 101.
6:51 am
let's go to steve. thank you sir. a good morning under clear skies, a little cold out there, no doubt about it for most locations. not widespread but there's definitely a chill in the morning air. yesterday was a very warm day, a little cooler over by the coast. mild to warm, san fransisco 76. today 78. today livermore 87. yesterday 79. and palo alto 73. temperatures still be pretty good, but they're starting to inch down. they'll continue a pretty good plunge tomorrow. lead edge of the system is getting closer. one system went by yesterday, really didn't do much. we are waiting for a dynamic and strong low to take aim at the sierra nevada by tomorrow. 43 ukiah, 42 in eureka. there's some cold readings on the coast. it's chilly and cold i miss the fog. that's little bit of fog towards monterey and santa
6:52 am
cruz. 41 novato. 42 santa rosa. it is cool. the system is on its way. we'll go sunny to partly cloudy later on today. sunshine for most. then some clouds popping uply up later on. that will give them some snow. we'll get the colder air and breeze. sunny and nice today, 70s for many, for most locations or a few very low 80s. pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood in there, oakley, danville 79. 76 martinez, i know it's a cold morning for many. there will be a lot of 70s as temperatures will be inching down, 60s on the coast, upper 60s san fransisco. tomorrow colder breeze, there could be a few pop-up showers. most of this looks like it will be to the east of us. breezy and cool on thursday. cold mornings but sunny and nice as we head into the weekend. >> okay. steve time now 6:52678952.
6:53 am
the outbreak linked to foster farms chicken that has made hundreds sick. >> and changes to the caldecott tunnel, what drivers will notice this morning on the commute. [ woman ] dear chex ce, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex.
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back to the ktvu morning news. 6:55 is the time. dow jones down a little bit.
6:56 am
so is the nasdaq and s&p 500 up a bit. japan's finance manager pressing the u.s. to resolve. tesla stock up about a dollar a share. tesla cars are still safer than conventional ones despite the video showing the model burning on a seattle highway. the ceo says the battery in the car that burned was punctured and that the driver had time to get off the highway. tesla's stock had dropped about 10% in the days following that video. the founder of starbucks also encouraging ceo's of other companies to push for an end to the federal government shutdown. he does not think republicans and democrats are equally to blame for the standoff but says both are responsible for coming to resolution. last year starbucks used its cups to encourage washington lawmakers to come together and find a solution to federal budget issues before going over
6:57 am
the fiscal cliff. the agriculture department says raw chicken processed at three foster farms plants in central california is the likely source of a salmonella outbreak. 278 illnesses have been reported since last march. this outbreak has spread to 18 states but most are in california. foster farms says its products are safe to eat if you handle and cook it properly. also in f you drive through the caldecott tunnel you're going stow something new this morning. according to the mercury news, caltrans will turn on new traffic lights in the third bore about 10:30 this morning. they're going to stay green for the next ten days while the crews test ten new inner tunnel traffic signals. if you've been anywhere near the san jose airport recently you may have noticed a strange smell. the the mercury news reports the ammonia like smell is likely to be jet fuel. that's because the direction of the wind usually changes this time of year causing aircraft exhaust to be noticeable when
6:58 am
driving on highway 101. airport officials say short- term exposure to the smell should not cause any health problems. all right our time now 6:57. coming up for you on mornings on 2. we have developing news, police investigating the suspicious death of a baby taken to san fransisco general hospital a lot of questions around this tragedy. >> possible good news in the b.a.r.t. labor talks, what the union decided not to do that could be an indication of a deal in the works. stay with us. we'll be right back. with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs, cheese, roll 'em up, and bake. lookin' hot, c-dog. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. but press them flat, add sauce... and some pepperoni and cheese... and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop!
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7:00 am
>> reporter: san francisco police investigating the suspicious death of a 7-month- old baby. how that child ended up at the emergency room. >> reporter: we're live at the richmond b.a.r.t. station where the countdown to another strike has begun, but could a union avert the strike? hear what some passengers have to say. the partial government shutdown goes on as the debt ceiling deadline looms. what could help the government avoid a default. and what the pilots are saying was a major factor in that asiana flight. "mornings on 2"


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