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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon several people injured and dozens were forced to make dramatic escapes from their balconies as a fire raged through their apartment complex in wedwood city. and no strike but no deal but emergency responders were called to the marathon bart negotiations, the latest on where things stand as the talks continue for more than 24 hours. plus the federal government back open today, why the president sayings even though the deal is done there are no
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winners. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, i am tori campbell, a raging apartment fire in redwood city is now contained but the investigation has just begun. we have team coverage, ktvu's paul chambers talked to people who took extreme measures to escape the fire but we begin with janine de la vega who joins us live from the scene, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, they have been in and out, doing overhaul in the past few hours making sure hot spots are out. you can see this 4th floor is completely burned and gutted inside, earlier today there were incredible flames. from chopper two it looked like an inferno as flames shot up in the air from the apartments. >> something like out of a movie, smoke coming down, coming so fast and so thick.
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it was just like something out of a movie. >> as the flamed raged people inside tried to get out and at the same time firefighters were rushing in trying to extinguish it and make sure every 1 was safe. >> when they first arrived they encountered significant fire on that floor not to mention the people leaving. >> smoke was heavy, the heat extreme and visibility poor a- daunting task for crews, more than 100 from redwood city fire as well as numbering peninsula cities joined forces to battle it which grew to six alarms, it started there, smoke alarms did go off, alerting them. >> the smoke alarm went off a little late but the smoke was so thick i didn't feel comfortable going down the stairs even though i am front and went to the stairs i went to my balcony, they got it under control then but damage was extensive, and 4 people
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were taken to the hospital, two with minor and two with moderate injuries, they were on vacation and not at work, they did not have sprinkles, and they said it would have made a huge difference. >> there is no difference they do save lives and save property, it was not required, when rebuilding comes it will be protected with sprinklers. >> the cause is under investigation, they have conducted searches in the building looking to see if there was anyone left inside, the fire marshal says there is a lot of debris but they are confident nobody died in this fire, live from redwood city, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul chambers joins us from the vacation center. good afternoon, as she said they were displaced, 71 people came here, i got updated and
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was told that no one will be allowed to get in the building, definitely not in side or the parking lot to get their cars so they will stay here trying to figure out what they are doing next. this fire had them literally running for their lives. >> we heard someone screaming yelling help, help, help. >> he first thought someone was being robbed or hurt so he ran up there and was met with smoke and fire there. >> i woke up to the sound of the fire alarm, i went to the front door and i saw a fire coming in underneath my front door in my apartment. >> he says he work up their wife, grabbed their cat and headed to the closest exit, only thing it was 4 flights up. >> i grabbed my wife and we climbed down the balcony and ran out. >> she came from the balcony and another guy did that helped
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by them. >> others did that and others were injured, still they were amazed at what they were seeing a community working together to help others. >> the tan ants were trying to come over the side of the balcony and had ropes and trying to climb down because they needed to get out. >> the red cross wants anyone affected by this fire to know they are here for them at the red morton community center which is the evacuee center on 1120 roosevelt avenue there, the red cross said they will be out here as long as needed and may have to change it from this location, if they have to do that they will also bus and notify those people how to do that. back out here live we did see one person wheeled away on an ambulance, i talked to her and she said she suffers from gas asthma, i am not sure what caused that but we will stay on top of it and let you know what develops from that. >> for more go there. there you can find raw video of the fire, look under the top
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story section. now to the ongoing bart talks to avoid a strike as negotiations stretch into the 27th consecutive hour. ktvu's sal castaneda joins us live from outside the building where the two sides are holed up still, good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: tory, good afternoon. there have been three separate reporter crews here yet 1 set of negotiators for the last like you said 27 hours, let me show you as erica can push into the store, we have just been standing around here waiting for something to happen, have the microphones set up ready to go here hoping to hear something from inside, in fact the negotiations have done on for so long in fact one person may have felt ill, called paramedics, show you this video of that earlier, the latest -- this is the 7th day after that, bart unions and management still trying to hash out that
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deal. the sticking point has been salaries, health premiums and pensions that they -- they also say they want management to address safety issues, now there is a sense that something will get done today because obviously with a 24 hour negotiating session the last thing that we have seen is the mediator come out, george cohen came out and said talks were progressing, as someone came out i happened to yell how is it going and he said we are talking so that is the latest from here, we are going to be here, i am here, he is here and we will stay here and hopefully we will here something today, again we have not heard anything for the last two hours but we are ready to go, live in oakland, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, stay with us for continuing coverage on the negotiations, always here for you on line at or follow us on twitter and facebook for any new developments. there is some good news for ac transit commuters after the governor stepped in to avert
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that strike. yesterday the governor issued a 7 day delay and appointed a board to investigate the dispute. after investigating the board could recommend a 60 day cooling-off period. similar to barts. 3 weeks ago they voted down a second tentative agreement. >> since that point we have not gotten word as to what was wrong with that contract or what more they want. >> we want to negotiate a contract that gives us a raise that after medical payments is a real raise. >> there was a negotiation session last night but so far no new talks are schedule. some people in north oakland say they are frustrated after learning that plans for extra police protection have fallen apart. armed robberies in north oakland, rock ridge and tennis scour are up 34% from a year ago. police were planning to assign a crime reduction team to north oakland to help lower crime in that area.
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but now police say that team will be mostly working in east oakland. >> it simply it was the level of gun violence in east oakland, the murders and the shootings. >> what we want is faster reaction to things that are important, armed robbery, burglary, seems to be important but not fast enough response. >> police say focusing their efforts in the most violent part of oakland should lead to a drop in crime throughout the city. the the neighborhood they are discussing plans to hire private squirt, a meeting tonight there and the meeting is open to the public. more uc berkeley police officers are patrolling campus after a recent rise in armed robberies. police say there have been five robberies or attempted robberies on and around campus in less than a week. the suspects infour of the five robberies had similar
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descriptions. campus police have deployed extra uniformed and plained clothes officers on campus. duck and cover. the great california shake up today. we will show you today's massive earthquake drill. another beautiful day in the bay area. ktvu's mark tamayo will be here to tell you when we might see some changes. and the government is back open today but whale president obama welcomed back furloughed workers he had a few strong words about the shut down.
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the federal government re- opened today after a 16 day partial shut down. president obama this morning thanked government workers for their service and welcomed them all back on the job. he also addressed those who say he and the democrats won the shut down battle. >> now there has been a lot of discussion lately of the politics of this shut down. but let's be clear, there are no winners here. >> government workers who were furloughed or worked without pay will be getting back pay. here in the bay area the end of the shut down means the popular tourist spots are back open. tours of alcatraz started up again this morning. the golden gate national recreation area and meyer woods are back in business, farther away people can now enteryosemite national park for
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the first time in more than two weeks so what did the federal government shut down cost us taxpayers? 24 billion dollars according to an estimate from standards and poors. an economist from moody's puts that in perspective, it amounts to two weeks of unemployment benefits and also the cost of two years of school lunch programs or 33% of what the country spends on food stamps each year. the website for the cover california health insurance exchange has stopped providing one of its services because it was riddled with mistakes, the website has temporarily pulled its on-line directory of medical providers, a california medical association says the site was giving wrong information about doctors. it found mistakes such as on stay trigses labeled as ophthalmologists and the wrong
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doctors described as fluent in foreign languages and might be restored next week. two massage parlors busted for prostitution are back in business, the campbell salons are back open as beauty salons with new names and new owners, however campbell police say the complaints have not stopped. >> we are continuing to get the same complaints that we received before, being that men were -- were going inside the business and parking away from the business to seem to avoid any connection with the establishment. >> ktvu news was unable to reach either of the new owners to respond to these accusations. san francisco police are investigating a stabbing outside a bar. it happened at 2:00 this morning in front of a bar on 26th and mission streets. police say a fight between one man and five others led to the stabbing. the man was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries, several people are now in custody. a man is in police custody this noontime accused of
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crashing a stolen car into a building in oakland. an officer spotted the car around 3:00 a.m. speeding near west mcarthur boulevard and there and crashed later there. police say the suspect was arrested after he ran from the building. >> as the suspect was coming out of the building the officer did order the suspect to stop. at one point the officer did deploy his taser. >> the suspect was injured and taken to the hospital for observation. so did you drop cover and hold on this morning? the great shake out happened this morning at 10:17, an earthquake drill to help people prepare for a major disaster, this event took place in san jose at the tech museum of innovation, here hundreds of children and community leaders practiced how to protect themselves by using the drop
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cover and hold on technique. other drills took place today all across the state and and the world, in fact this year japan, canada, italy and guam joined in the drill. in case you are wondering the drill takes place at 10:17 because it denotes the dates, october 17th, today, which was actually the day of the 1989 loma bringetta earthquake, 63 people killed many died in the collapse there in oakland and collapsed a section of the bay bridge and started a fire in the marina district, the world series between the oakland as and giants also had to be postponed. some castro valley businesses are cleaning up after being damaged by a fire today. it broke out at 9:00 this morning inside a restaurant on the 3300 block of castro valley boulevard. when firefighters arrived heavy smoke was coming from the restaurant and a credit union. they say it was billowing from the roof and out the restaurant's front doors, this
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is what it looks like inside the restaurant. the alameda county fire department says no one was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. san francisco's historic coit tower is closing as part of a make over, today the recreation and park commission is expected to approve a 1.1 million dollar contract for work on it which includes restoring the muriels and is set to begin next month and should re-open by mid-april. the caldecott tunnel there could be opening then. they say they are tentatively planning to open it to traffic on the weekend of november 16th, however we are told that date is not set in stone, the 417 million dollar 4th bore project will allow for two dedicated tunnels in each direction. >> well, another day another very nice forecast.
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we are completely clear once again, just a little bit of some haze but still a very nice afternoon shaping up, in fact temperatures on track already in the 70s, a few lower 80s this average, right now on the maps, that is the camera perspective but you see clouds there around cape mendocino but here nothing but clear skies and looking good for today and in fact through the weekend, forecast headlines for today more sunshine and another day of beach weather, cooler for the coast, tonight clear and cool and the weekend more sunshine, still a nice weather pattern as well, current temperatures 70s in san francisco, santa rosa 73, hayward upper 60s at 68 and livermore reporting mostly clear skies, currently checking in 77, the forecast for today as you can see throughout the afternoon hours on track to reach lower 80s by 3:00 and then cooling off as you would expect as we head into the evening hours. so sunny and warm all week long, this weather system has been moving into northern
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california, so yesterday we had a bit of an off shore flow still in place today but a limit of onshore breeze so with that cooling things off a few degrees coast side but still today mild and warm day and remaining into blaze for friday, saturday and sunday but by next week trim babe a few degrees for monday, tuesday and wednesday, still a long ways out, today though count on more sunshine and temperatures 70s, we will go 76 in san francisco, yesterday san francisco was 80 degrees so you get an idea of a little bit of some cooling there and also right near the immediate shoreline, santa rosa 82, brnt wood 82 and more neighborhoods san jose 80, los gatos 82, santa cruz lower 80s again and san mateo upper 70s at 78. here is a look ahead, your five-day-forecast with your weekend always in view, see temperatures basically a repeat for tomorrow, the beaches could be flirting with 70 degrees and with your weekend always in view of course, we always like to break down the weekend forecast and do have this as we
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do head into the weekend sunshine out there, the key headlines then more sunshine, chilly mornings that has been pretty cool then, upper 30s to 40s to around 50, then into the afternoon hours mild to warm with temperatures on track to reach the 70s to around 80. as you can see a sneak peek for monday still holding on to 80 degree weather, 70s for beaches and 70s near the med shoreline so a quiet weather pattern tori and can see temperatures comfortable, typically cold conditions coast side, too hot inland but finally kind of have the right mix out there, just perfect with readings in the 70s. >> enjoying it, thank you. the opening ceremony of the maverick surf contest is just over a week away, this year's sponsor is body glove which agreed to that according to them. it brings surfers from around the world there. the window to hold the contest
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opens next friday but the day of the contest is only announced about 24 hours in advance whenever big waves are in the forecast. new numbers are out showing bay area home sales are cooling off. plus dozens of shop owners of walnut creek's broadway plaza say they are getting kicked out.
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stock markets mixed as investors get back to focusing
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on cooperate earnings and economic data after washington reached a deal to avoid a default and r open the government, the dow sank lower because of that, a live look at the big board the dow down 27, the nasdaq though up 15 and s&p up 7. bay area home sales cooled off last month according to the realty research firm data 667100 homes and condos sold last month, compared to 8600 in august. the medium price also dropped from 562,000 dollars to 530 thousand, but that is still 20 e-still up 24% from the same time last year. bay area job seekers still have time today to visit a career fair on the peninsula. it started at 11:00 this morning in south san francisco at the san mateo marriott on south and flip boulevard. organizers say dozens of employers will be on hand, including representatives from staples and sleep train, attendees are encouraged to bring resumes and dress for
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success, the job fair runs through 2:00 this afternoon. facebook has loosened its privacy rules for teenagers, the menlo park based company has changed its privacy settings to allow teens to post their pictures videos and other social activities with the world, they have been prevented from such public sharing unless they lied about their age. the move is viewed as a way for facebook to keep up with competitors, such as them, which allow them to post to a broader audience. dozens of business owners at the broadway plaza are give the boot because of a development plan. according to reports the owners of the shopping center told 40 retailers to find new locations by january 31st, without any guarantee of returning after the project is complete. while final approval has not been given, the redevelopment plan calls for demolishing part of the retail space and rebuilding it with an extra
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300,000 square feet. coming up on a special early addition of ktvu channel 2 news at 4:00, we will have the latest on that 6 alarm apartment fire in redwood city and the status of bart labor negotiations plus could california be the next state to legalize marijuana? we will tell you about a new push to get a measure on the ballot that is today at 4:00. then stay tuned watch game 5 of the alcs, the tigers and red sox tied at two games apiece, thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we will see you the next time. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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