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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 28, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic now. >> now this system is starting to chew up that deck which came roaring. the low is mainly it's impact is up in the sierra nevada. breezy a windy. the low itself will stay up. they will get to only 50s and 60s. snow around 5,000 feet. le will be colder tonight and tomorrow. san francisco which the low
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clouds are amazing to come that fast. so a cooler breezy day. light rain, sprinkles east and south. 50s and 60s. >> we have a couple of bridges. the roadways are clear and in marine with did have an earlier accident. this once of the bridges that is under that high wind advisory and we have for the convenient a and golden debateen
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gate. the wind is bopping around there. make sure you have both hands on the steering wheel this morning. >> thank you, high winds toppled trees and knocked out power to thousands of bay area homes overnight. you are live in antioch where a tree fell down on a house. you are live on the pass. i can't believe high winds knocked over night. >>reporter: still very some windy conditions out there. we are at 205 and mountain house. very windy out here. you can see rigs hitting into the bay area. the high winds knocked out several big rigs. they were over turned. we have a video of a truck
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driver and his wife. they were in route from los angeles to liver moore when their big rig flipped. we are working to find out more information. a worker tells us that conditions overnight was pretty treacherous. >> it's pretty bad. usually we get a few hours of high winds but nothing like today. >> we'll oh continue to update you throughout the morning if there are any areas experiencing high winds. we will continue to monitor that. in the next hour we'll be trying to find other locations where truck drivers have pulled over to the side of
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the road because of the wind conditions. we'll try to get words to them about the conditions overnight. for now we are live. >> high winds september a tree crashing downright through roof on a house last night. alex is there now. >>reporter: quite a close call. a tree in antioch on this home toppled by the strong winds last night and a portion of that tree came crashing right through home. this is near 6 and l in antioch. you can see what happened. a large branch from a dead oak tree fell right through the roof. a man and baby were in the bed in that room and the branch actually hit the man and he had scratches on his arms and back
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and had to be treated by paramedics. the baby was not hurt but the mother was clearly shaken. >> i saw my boyfriend and he was hugging my baby. he got out and i saw his shirt was ripped off. it was scary. i freaked out. >> contra cost a firefighters came in and removed that branch and later today contractors will be here to repair the hole. last night we were told by firefighters that they were responding to a number of wind related calls. obviously some clean up for a lot of people in this area.
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>> well dusty winds in emeryville. fortunately no one was hurt. next on breaking news this morning. san diego police are investigating an accident involving a pedestrian. >>reporter: yes, pam, we just got here. i was able to get some details over what happened. they have tape here because they are investigating this deadly accident in what appears to be where town homes are located. you are looking at an suv there. that vehicle pulled into that woman. we are not sure what she was doing there. initially they got called out
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because at 2:45 police got a call to do a welfare check because they were told a woman was crying. they were performing cpr and unable to save her. the victim was in her 20s or 30s. as far as the person driving the car they believe she was a female from san jose. they believe she was drinking and she is being interviewed at the police station. they are still trying to find out who this victim is whether she was a resident of that town home. we'll continue to monitor this situation and let you know more. police in vallejo still searching for the gunman who shot eight people. a group of friends from san francisco were driving in four separate cars when one of them got a flat
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tire. this surveillance video shows them pulling over into a side street. that's when police say a white suv pulled up and someone started shooting. a 19-year-old man died at the scene. candles have been laid there in his memory. a man is in serious condition in san francisco after an officer involved shooting in the marina district. this resulted in a fight at pearson street. they said a man with a gun pistol whipped another man. the man ran from police and they found him hiding in the bushes and they were forced to shoot when he refused to drop the weapon. >> i drove around the corner and
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heard the gunshots. >> later that man sout treatment. they are investigating whether he was a victim of a robbery. happening today the munis is testing a line on the 5 fulton lane. it's going to be during peak hours during fulton street and nine% of 9% of customers will need to walk a block. two bart workers went to inspect a track 9 days ago when they were hit by a bart train. their taking a look
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at a high tech system for bart workers. the alarm is sound and vibrant when it's close. a man accused of killing a woman. he was accused of manslaughter. he veered his parked work truck and he hit kristin as she laid with her baby. he swerved to avoid hitting a dog. coming up, new information on the staff members who allegedly walked out on their patients. >> also, the latest glitches on
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the obamacare website. >> today the end result will be a rather cool day.
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the wild side. lou reed died yesterday in new york at 71. remember the velvet underground in the 60s. he had a solo career. lou read died of complications of a liver transplant. he was called the father of indy rock. drivers can expect winter driving conditions in the sierra. a wind advisory is in effect until 4:00 this afternoon. up to 8 inches of snow and chains are required up to the donner lake interchange. more information about the obama administration about telling more about the number of people who have been able to sign up online for
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health care coverage. they are due to appear on the committee on wednesday. she is expected to get complaints from the public about the roll out on the website. the latest tonight on the website and the problems the network service provided by verizon. also obama will attend the new center, his attorney general he is accused of wireless wiretapping. cohen is replacing robert. they want answers about the latest round of reports about the u.s. spying capability.
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the u.s. agency monitored the calls of 35 world leaders including those this france and germany. the documents were leased by former contractor edward snowden. >> i think the revelations from snowden and secreted that have been revealed are doing significant damage to our bilateral relationships. >> i think the president should stop apologizing. i think the nsa has saved thousands of lives throughout germany and europe. >> this started in 2002 and they say president obama was aware of it. the nsa is denying the president new anything. today workers will start a
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voting period. members of the employees change the salary last month that affects their health coverage. the union says the uc is trying to intimidate it's workers. saul is off but tara is here and you will spend a lot of time talking about the winds for this morning's commute. >> can you hear it how welling houlg last night? let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge where it's foggy. the earlier wind advisory here was canceled and no problems at the bridge. the bay bridge, is difficult.
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be careful on the golden bridge and it's also quite windy. you see we are doing a pan of the city. if we take a look at our maps, liver moore is getting backed up and in the south bay the freeways are fairly clear and along the peninsula with highway 85. let's check in with steve. how is it going? >> great. we have a system in the sierra nevada that has a 1-2 punch. there is some very light rain around san jose, and mountains. a lot of it is not showing up on radar. partly cloudy although some areas are clear. breezy. not as bad and yesterday.
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things are a little bit better than yesterday. cooler monday. highs for us 50s and 60s. up in the sierra the wind advisory is going until 4:00. it looks like rain is trying to turn into snow in shasta. 41 eureka and if it wasn't for the breeze, we will be colder tonight and tomorrow. you are getting colder air in warmer waters in monterey. there to radar doesn't pick it all up. 40s for some, 43 napa, 50s for others. i don't expect it to change too much here. the breeze is there. we don't have what we had
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yesterday afternoon. there is our low. the wrap around could give us a shower or two mainly in the south. cool and windy at times. 60s or 50s? it doesn't matter. roll the dice. 62-morgan hill and 50 santa cruz. it's that kind of a pattern. clear skies for halloween this thursday, pamela. it will be nice early and the temperature will drop fast. the nighttime temps will cool down quickly. the title of the best selling car in the world.
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this morning toyota reports selling more cars than general motors. volkswagen sold more than 7 million vehicles. the competition is likely to remain intense. the man jailed for michael jackson's death is now a free man. what dr. conrad did at the stroke of midnight and the time he spent behind bars. >> and more on the world series. you know a lot of people will tell you
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>> welcome back. twitter city road show starts this week. twitter is not the only company getting ready. the new york stock exchange wants to make sure they handle the high volume of trade. based on its expected ipo price, there is a new report twitter will save $55 million in taxes because of the deal with the city of san francisco. the world series now a tie at 2 a piece. johnny born and raised in petalunma.
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they beat the cardinals 4-2 last night. >> i was fortunate enough to put a swing on a good pitch. >> game 5 of the world serious tonight you can see that game right here on channel 2. coverage begins at 4:30 hundreds of business leaders will be joining warrior fans for a special event in downtown san francisco. they will attend the first warrior tip off lunch. warriors are teaming up with the san francisco chamber of commerce for this event promoting the bay area's pro basketball team. the warriors begin this week. they plan to move to a new arena by 2017.
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>> the latest investigation involving a bay area nursing home and workers walking out. we'll have a report for you. we are live in san jose where police are on the scene of a deadline accident. we have the latest information on the investigation. high winds. cameras in effect near 880. we have more on traffic ahead. i think the weather is not going to be a very warm sun and more or the sierras.
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>> good morning. we are watching from san jose, a pedestrian was killed. investigator are there and we'll have more on just what happened in a couple of minutes. >> it's monday october 28th, i'm dave clark. >> let's check in with steve paulson. >> that island depression.
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we have know in the sierra nevada. there are some areas where the colder air over t the waters is giving us some cold air through the mountains. it was fascinating to see from the weather standpoint. it's going to be 50s and 60s. it's going to be a cooler day. partly cloudy. i will mention some afternoon showers. 40s and 50s on the temps. tomorrow night it's going to be very cold. san francisco took on some sun. a cooler breezy day. not as windy. windy at times until that low
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gets down to the 50s. >> we have a high wind advisory in effect at the bay bridge at the golden gate. that might happen a little bit earlier this morning. we are not seeing too many break lights. this is a look here at our maps. you can see an overview as we zoom here on the antioch area. it's looking pretty clear. there is a red patch and as we look at the pleasant ton on area. it's not too bad. >> we have breaking news from
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the south bay cht police right now investigating a tragic incident that involves a pedestrian and an suv. what happened? >>reporter: well, we've learned an arrest has been made. a 27-year-old female was the driver of that suv that you can see there behind me. and police are telling us she is suspected of driving under the influence. they are looking over evidence. police were call here to weeble way in san jose after they heard a woman crying about 2:30 this morning. they found woman laying in the driveway of the town home with serious injuries to her body. cpr was performed but she died later at the scene.
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police tell us the woman backed the suv into the garage and the woman is suspect expected of dui. the victim is between 20-30 years old. it is unknown if she's a resident of that home where she died in the driveway. we know this is the 34th traffic fatality. we do know this tape will remain up because if they continue to investigate, they just got here in the last 20 minutes. it's most likely they will stay here on scene. reporting live. high winds were a real problem over night. look at these pictures. they caused a lot of damage, top pling trees and big rigs as well.
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those winds toppled at least 6 big rigs over night. a woman was hurt. the advisory is for the all the bridges. a tree came down on a roof of a house overnight. a man and his child were sitting on the bed where that tree came through. >>reporter: a tree in their backyard here, we can go down to the side of the house to show you where this is. this tree is an old tree they have had in their backyard for some time. a good portion of it broke off last night and toppled over because of those strong winds and came crashing right through the roof of this home. this happened about 6:30 last night on 6th and l street. this large branch from a dead oak tree fell
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through roof. a man and baby were on the bed in that room and the branch did hit the man. he had scratches on his arm and back and had to be treated by paramedics. the baby was not hurt. the mother she was in the other room and she was surprised by what she saw. >> i was in the bathroom and i heard a big sound and i heard the baby scream and got out of the bathroom. >> the firefighters came in and removed the branch from this room. contractors will be repairing a hole in the room today. firefighters tell us a number of calls were reported due to high winds. state water officials are
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warning us that are a sign that water conservation measures might be required to get through next year. they are not declaring a drought at this point, but if 2014 is another dry year, that's where we are headed. last winter was the driest in california. most of the water comes from the sierra snow back. the second meeting about gang violence will be held. the mayor's task force on gangs will be at the community meeting. they are going to find out what is going on in the neighborhood and what the city is doing to control the gangs. this meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. and will continue through november 14th. we are finding out about a death in castro valley. they found 14 of the
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patients abandoned after staff walked out. they are considering filing elder abuse against the old owner of the facility. >> how do you abandon them. we are talking about human beings here. >> we spoke to the lawyers, the lawyer is only saying his client is getting out of the nursing home business. also new this morning, san jose police are asking to find an at risk missing woman. this is a picture of 83-year-old tran. she has been missing since sunday evening. she was seen yesterday. she is 5 feet tall weighs about 100 pounds and only speaks vietnamese. anyone who see's her is asked to call police. a trial set to begin this
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morning in san mateo county for 49er ray harris. he is accused of assaulting his boyfriend. the former tackle admitted he was gay and said he kept his sexuality a secret during the pro football career. he played 5 seasons with the 49ers and one with the raiders. >> at 1:30 he'll be testifying about stealing a lamborghini. he was upset the girl did not have romantic feelings towards him. antioch will enforce a sales
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tax to assist the police force. it will add more officers and double the current staff of 23 workers. it will also pull the county out of it's current financial crisis. homeless advocates planning a sleep in to protest san francisco new park hour proposal. at 9:00 tonight participants will meet at dolores park. right now san francisco parks are technically opened all night but supervisor wiener has made a proposal to change the hours from 5:00 a.m. to midnight. there are 22 parks in san francisco. a training event wraps up this morning. for 48 hours about 50 thousand police have been involved in this event from all over the country
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practicing how to respond to 54 different emergency scenarios. that helps first responders prepare for any possible situation. a number of displays will be at lefty oh dowels bar in san francisco, anytime a police officer retires, the bar puts up the spurious and shoes from every horse he's ridden from service. today is a retirement service for jeff roth. he's been a san francisco police officer for 32 years. tonight the loss altos historical home on chris drive could be name as one of the city's historical resources. it is where steve jobs built the first 50 apple one
5:42 am
computers. commission meeting starts at city hall tonight at 7:00. there was gunfire in san francisco's marina district. why police say they had no choice to but to open fire in one of the busiest cities in the state. a school shooting. >> and we no longer that that wind advisory in the golden gate bridge. >> snow in sierra nevada. we'll look at light rain towards monterey. we all have our little tricks.
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people are warned about windy conditions in the sierra snow is already falling as we see. >>reporter: along interstate 80 at king vale off ramp and drivers are chaining up or locking in their four-wheel-drive or turning around. you can see the snow is continuing. below the 5,000 foot level in blue canyon. checking some of the canyons around the resort there is some snow. on the side here we'll show you how we have on the ground it's 4-5 inches. it's light a fluffy. that gives you an occasion
5:46 am
interested indicationan interested indication how cold it is here. live here at king vale. sending it back to you. thank you. classes resumed today in a middle school after a deadly shooting. counselors already there to talk to students. police say they still don't know the motive and they don't know if the shooter chose his victims. >> now they are going after prescription drug use. the family lost
5:47 am
their son troy and their 7-year-old daughter to a driver who was drunk on vicodin. the driver convinced the hospital to prescribe him pills. it's called dr. shopping. >> it never goes away. you just learn to live with that. >> now, the pack family lost the campaign. the pack patient safety act would require doctors to submit to random drug test and to prevent lawsuits. they hope it's going to be on the november 2014 ballot. the doctor convicted of playing a role in michael jackson's death was released from jail. he walked out of the los angeles county jail after midnight. he served half of his
5:48 am
sentence. a jury found him guilty of providing a deadly dose of professor: follow -- you have some good news this morning? >> the golden gate bridge are no longer under wind advisory. and the alta mont pass are under the advisory. the only one under the advisory is the bay bridge. it will be just after 6:00 this morning. if we take a look at our maps you can see it is a little bit slow going here right along a hospital curve in this portion. if we go over to 80 you can see there is some
5:49 am
traffic. we want to mention some scrap metal was found on 880 southbound. be careful of that. the traffic looks good. >> thank you kindly. good morning everybody. what a change. this is a good thing. as you just saw brian, who looks very good on the snow report. that's very good on the sierras. the very cold weather on the ocean waters is around santa cruz on the monterey peninsula. this is a good thing for those of you who e-mail me or tweet me and you always talk weather. you know i answer you back. where is our rain? is the model is correct, november starting to look good. we'll see. it looks like things are changing
5:50 am
in our favor. today partly cloudy and partly sunny. it's going to be robust and rather cool today. sierra snow. high's in the 50s and 60s. the snow in the sierra about 10 inches. it's around 5,000 feet. 30 in san jose, 40 eureka and 47 in sacramento. it's definitely cool. it's starting to enhance a little bit. contra costa county a little bit for that. right there salinas is starting to pick up. there in between they are getting some breaks, truckee says snow and that can change in 5 minutes. 40s and 50s in the temps.
5:51 am
san jose gust i saw about 38. the impact is up in the sierra for us. a cool and breezy rain. showers possible. windy at times but not as bad as yesterday. 50s and 60s in these temps. everything looks good for thursday for halloween, but it's going to get cold pretty fast. warmer weather but it's going to be cold. some possibilities for rain. thank you. apple reports fourth quarter earnings this afternoon and will talk about the clues about the 5c. some say the cheaper model is not a hit because the $100 discount
5:52 am
is not enough. it counts for half the apple's profit. >> so far the news curved phones from both companies only available in south korea. they are making a new design that provides a more comfortable grip. >> the gasoline is down. san francisco is paying about $0.10 cheaper in the bay area. they continue prices to continue dipping through the month. one of the busiest bus lines is starting to get busier. transit munis is expanding and the reason why. bad weather and a desperate search for a missing teenager in
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strong winds have postponed the search for a boy off the coast of england. the royal national lifeboat
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institute was forced to stop searching and danger to the crew increased. that storm has interrupted air and travel. more than 40,000 people without power. forecast is supposed to get worse before it improves. we are learning about a case in brooklyn. he is accused of killing his wife and a one-year-old boy. chen had been staying with the family for a week since saturday night and they heard arguments in the home before the murders. a man is due in court today on charges he stole wire. he is accused
5:57 am
of stealing more than $500,000 worth of copper wire. he says the copper wire was not stolen from the construction site. when he was arrested at the stadium is expected to enter a plea at today's court appearance. the 49ers have another win. they beat the jackson jaguars in london. kaepernick he ran for two touchdowns and through for third and frank gore added to the score, he added two touchdowns. 49ers again won 42-10. this is a biweek. the team will get a chance to recover from jetlag. look as this quarterback, he ran 93 yards for a touchdown.
5:58 am
>> that's incredible. an nfl record. the longest run by any quarterback and raiders history. raiders went on the to win the pittsburgh steelers 21-18. we have strong winds and live records on the damage. plus the bart maybe changed now after the tragic death of two workers on the tracks. >> we have a wind advisory in effect. this is the 101 in san francisco. >> it will be breezy today but temperatures not very warm. and more on the sierra getting some much needed snow.
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we are live in san jose where a woman has died in a driveway after being struck by a car. we'll tell you what we are learning about the driver. high winds have left one stretch


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