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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 2, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. you want great videos from the web, we've got them "right this minute." an abandoned dog is covered in matted fur until rescuers remove 3 1/2 pounds. now meet the doctors behind this touching story of shrek. >> he's recovering. he's getting better day by day. >> hey, hey, hey. >> firefighters face a big problem with a stubborn blaze because -- >> all over their heads. >> see the rush to contain one
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dangerous situation. >> a bus rider's accused of cutting in line. >> that's when things got out of hand. >> what he did that's so disgusting. >> i want to bite him. >> plus want a 42-inch flat-screen tv? we've got the buzzword for your chance to win. and this dude pulls the scary compliment prank. >> nice haircut. >> that's so evil. >> why you may feel bad for laughing, but you will laugh. >> you got a really good looking hair -- oh! >> look at this adorable, beautiful little white pooch. how could you not love this face? but a short time ago this is actually what this dog looked like. let me tell you the story behind this dog. his little name is shrek. dr. brenda goff, a veterinarian, has a farm. she quickly came to get the dog but took him back to her clinic. and they went to work.
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removed 3 1/2 pounds worth of matted fur off this poor little guy. >> and they helped bring him back to health. >> the clinic sent out e-mails, facebook notices trying to find the owner of shrek. a tip came in saying that there was an illegal puppy mill close to dr. goff's farm. not only did they save shrek but 12 other dogs living in these deplorable conditions. this doctor happened to be working with dr. goff when this story unfolded and he's the one that put this video together, put it on the internet, and it has gone viral. right this minute via skype, we have dr. ernie ward, the man responsible for getting this story out there and dr. goff and shrek. now, first of all, dr. goff, how is shrek doing? i see him there. he looks a little sleepy. >> he's doing well. he's recovering. getting better day by day. baby steps.
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with his behavior, there's no doubt he came from a puppy mill. i'm just so thrilled with the positive outpouring of positive support hoping it has positive changes to shut down these puppy mills. >> unfortunately, due to the attention, the investigation by the spca officer, these animals were removed from these deplorable condition ks and now they're sheiking god, loving, caring homes. had a horrible start to his life not only did he have a good finish but brought 12 others along with him. >> the fact that you put together a minute-long video that you had a hand in getting this story out there? >> i feel really privileged in my position. if i can shine a little light on a hero like dr. goff and her efforts with her veterinary team, then i'm going to do it. >> is shrek looking for a home or dr. goff are you going to keep shrek? >> i'm working on my husband,
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but i'm pretty sure it's a sure thing. >> responding to kenwood. overhead. three people on the roof cutting a hole in the roof and flames showing. >> early reports say that some roofers using a torch to repair a roof may have caused this house fire. the roofers also then cut a hole in the roof to try and put it out before firefighters got there. that caused some big problems for the firefighters. >> we got to hold off. >> once they start using the tool, they realize this fire is pretty much all over their heads. immediately you see hot glowing fire. >> oh, no. >> yep. >> the house is vacant, but it looks like it may have been newly remodeled. when remember i said the hole in
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the roof caused a problem for these fire fighters. if the roof was intact, they would have been able to stick a hose up in there and steam out the fire. but since the roof was open, it wouldn't create the steam. they had to essentially chase this fire from room to room, tearing down the ceiling. and using the thermal imager to find the fire. >> if you own this house, this is a heartbreaker. you just remodeled, you're getting the roof redone. and now everything is absolutely ruined. >> they claimed about 175,000 to $200,000 damage to this home in burbank. let's go singapore where an incident was caught on video. this guy here is being accused by all the other passengers at this bus station having cut the line. >> now, when they confronted him, he said, i was already in line. i left line to go get a soda,
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but then he came back. and that's when things got out of hand. >> they're calling him out. then he starts acting all erratic. >> he spit in her face? >> he totally just spit in her face. then he gets mad. she wipes it off. ignores him. but everybody is watching what he's doing. he walks back at her, starts talking to her and spits on her face again. >> i want to fight him. >> yes. >> amazingly everybody stays very cool, calm and collected around him. eventually you do see a guy wearing a badge, the back of his vest says security, so i'm assuming he is security for the bus station. >> remarkable how everybody else is in this. >> amazing that nobody beat this guy up. but according to reports this man in this video has been charged and will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
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and faces several thousands in fines and days in jail. >> everybody, guess what? we are giving away 42-inch flat-screen tvs. >> whoa, beth, that's big. and perfect for watching rtm videos. >> that's right. you're going to need our buzzword to win. you also need to be 18 years or older and a u.s. resident. >> that's coming up in a bit. the rtm flat-screen tv giveaway. if you have long hair, this is a risk you probably didn't think of. >> we were called to a rescue and found that the victim was trapped because her hair was rolled underneath the vehicle. >> her hair's trapped between the ground and the roof. outside the roof of her vehicle.
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>> wow, yeah, you can see that her hair probably with the momentum of the car rolling over, blew out and just perfectly landed under the car and pinned her there. >> so california highway patrol was able to shut down a few lanes of traffic and then the san diego fire rescue team showed up here. they actually used the jaws of life to sort of lift the vehicle off the ground, then also some blocks of wood to kind of prop the vehicle, to elevate the ford focus, then eventually able to kind of get her hair out from underneath there. >> this is something i never ever would have considered. >> you land directly underneath the car. think about it, if you've ever had your hair pinned, with somebody laying on it. >> it hurts. >> so if you're pinneded in edi crushed car with your hair underneath? >> a weird scenario which is what the battalion chief from
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san diego fire and rescue grace yomani said. >> no, these rescues aren't routine. >> they had to figure it out as they went. you do see them get the girl out of the ford focus and on the stretcher on her way to the hospital. >> what could possibly go wrong here? >> what? what are the chances? >> when elevator rides go very wrong. and dude rock climbing with. >> no rope, no harnesses, no helmet. >> no gear, no problem, unless you have a slipup. ♪ ♪ (it's alive... it's alive!) make your halloween come to life. twizzlerize your tricks and treats with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. laura's being healthy and chewing her multivitamin. with one-a-day vitacraves for women! it's a great-tasting gummy multivitamin designed for women with more calcium and vitamin d.
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a video lesson on you guys on how not to climb a rock. oddly this rock climbing lesson on how to not climb a rock is coming from a professional rock climber. in fact, he's considered one of the most accomplished solo free climbers in britain. he has a book that just hit the internet called "fierce of the
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dawn dawn." there you see the rock climber preparing. >> it's a free climb. >> no rope, no harnesses, no helmet, nothing. >> to top all that off, this is an e-10, which is one of the most difficult rock climbs. >> that's okay. if he's a professional and this is what he does, go for it. >> this guy is a pro. and up he goes. i don't know what he's grabbing on to. >> all looks to be going just fine to me. why is this rock climbing gone wrong? oh, no! >> oh, no. >> well, that would explain it. >> he lost his footing completely. and he wasn't grabbing on with both his hands, so he had nowhere to go but down. >> oh. >> but the amazing thing, watch this, he pop ps right back up and kind of walks away as if he didn't just fall off of an e-10. >> does that look 35 feet?
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>> it was 30 feet. and unbelievable completely uninjured, unharmed. everybody likes getting a nice compliment. >> yes. >> a beautiful thing, right? what if you're not expecting the compliment? kind of like this. >> sweet shades. >> hey! >> whoa. >> sorry. >> one of my favorite videos. scary compliment. sneaking up on people, saying something nice when they don't expect it. >> you got a really good looking hair -- >> i think he about killed that woman in the stripes. as funny as the scary is, their compliments are equally as funny. >> i'm so sorry. i have to tell you you have a really good looking hairline. >> you have a really good looking hairline from the back. >> what does that mean? scary, creepy, this guy in the glasses has no idea what's going on. >> wow, you have a nice haircut. >> what?
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>> it's so simple, too. just scaring people but not by saying boo, but saying, i like your shirt. >> wow, you guys are great friends. >> you scared me. >> they're not mad at you. they're kind of just confused. >> you guys make really good friends. >> you guys make really good friends. >> see, that's a weird compliment. >> so strange. >> that's a supercool computer. oh, sorry. i'm sorry, what kind of computer is that. >> toshiba. >> she even says toshiba. >> awkward! >> you want to see the entire video, head to our website. you can watch it by clicking today's show or watch it on the mobile app. you know when you get in the elevator with your dog you got to be real careful because dogs will get away from you. that's what happens in this elevator. you see the pug and its owner. the dog goes in like it's supposed to, but the woman kind of bring ps s it back.
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there's a man holding eggs. >> then the door closes, the dog doesn't get in. he's holding it trying to help the dog and hold his eggs at the same time. the go dog goes up and the dog falls. >> what are the chances carrying a bill pallet of eggs. the most random course of events. a tray of eggs dump all over him is ridiculously funny. it looks like the halter on the dog break away pretty quickly. it didn't look like the dog could be hurt. about dog could be strangled, but i want to think i want it to be fake. this guy doesn't get to make his omelet. >> he didn't have any eggs, it would have been much easier.
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six seconds is all it took to become a hit. >> they are wearing sumo suits. clearly they're having a ton of fun with them. >> hear the story behind the viral vibes. >> people coming up, taking pictures at work with me. >> and we'll reveal the buzzword you need for your shot at a 42-inch flat-screen tv.
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there's a lot of fun to be had in just six seconds. ♪ these are brothers justin and zach. and they're dancing. and they are wearing sumo suits. zach is in the blue one and justin is in the green one. clearly they're having a ton of fun with them. >> yeah. that's moving. >> here's another video. this is zach now wearing the green suit. and he's dancing to "earthquake" by dj fresh. i want one of these now. >> a running man variation almost. >> these videos suddenly became a viral hit. and to tell us all about these videos, we have zach with us this minute. >> nice move, zach. >> where did it come from? you saw people did it? >> i had one more vine where the
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guy had the red on. i just bought them because we always wanted one. we made a vine and it blew up. i always wanted to use a vine and i used that to get some likes. >> what do you think about all the attention you're getting from this? >> it's crazy. my brother has his own space. he has 12,000 followers when he only had a thousand or so. i've been getting a lot of attention. people come up taking pictures with me at work. pretty crazy. >> you guys are doing some crazy moves here. >> i thought they were going to pop. see how crazy i am. i walked into kroger and walmart, i wasn't even wearing nothing, no smile on i had face. seeing people's reactions is funny. talk about a living nightmare scenario. this group of guys were diving off the coast of new zealand. brent palmer's one of them. they dive down. all things are just fine. but immediately they start experiencing some pretty rough currents under the surface.
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he explains that. >> once we got underwater we realized there was quite a current going and a bit of a washing machine. >> rough conditions. they expected to be down for 90 minutes but after 45 minutes they decided to call it quits. and they sent up their marker buoys. but once they got to the surface, they realized they were in deep trouble. there was no sign of their boat. the current swept them away. the islands are 600 miles away from everything. there's no one around. it's desolate. so now what? >> i'm panicked for these people. >> the one thing that saved their butts -- >> introducing the nautilus lifeline. the world's first marine rescue radio. >> you can use it as a marine radio and talk to boats nearby and call for help. if you're in deep do-do, you can send out an emergency beacon to
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boats anywhere like 4,000 miles away. and it did save these guys' lives. >> there are no other boats in the area. we're 600 miles away from any help. the only thing that got us out of that situation quickly was the fact that skip had the lifeline. >> everybody owes that guy a beer or two or ten for taking that thing along with them. >> there's no better way to watch rtm videos than with a brand new 42-inch flat-screen tv. >> time to give one away. you need the buzzword, you must be 18 and a u.s. resident. >> if you are using a mobile phone or tablet, go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on that mobile ling. >> time to reveal today's buzzword. it is -- touchdown. >> get over to right this minute and click on the win a flat
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we all loved when canadian astronaut chris hadfield was the commander on the international space station, but now he's back on terra firma, and he's got some funny videos of an astronaut getting used to earth. we start with this video, an astronaut going camping. he may be able to be an astronaut, but he's having a hard time setting up his tent. this is him going driving in his uniform in a compart car.
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he opens the door and climbs -- oh, wait. his pack is not fitting. so he tries many ways to get this this car. i like that he scratches his helmet. he's thinking. >> you can't break the seal. >> he has a video series and a book, an astronaut's guide to life. i think i might want to buy that one because chris hadfield, fun guy. the video i'm about to show you is insanely awesome. check this out. no, you're going to love this. this is really cool. the person sky diving right now is a woman, a lady, katie hanson. there we see her coming down. in the back. this car is driving. because -- >> do it. coolest thing ever. >> how cool is that? >> that's impressive. releases her parachute, lets it
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fly behind her and drives on. >> she might be a bond. >> james bond. >> or just jamie. >> we get to see her angle as she's flying into the car. we do see the driver is looking back to help her out. he grabs on to her when she finally lands. there she is getting superclose. you can't forget that these guys are going really fast, not just the driver in the car but she's flying down at really high speeds. >> next time put the car on cruise control and get into the driver's seat and take off. >> that would be serious bond stuff. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time.
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