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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 5, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web "right this minute". gators are unpredictable, but one thing's for sure -- >> if they bite you, it's not going to feel good. >> the story behind some brave guys with one tough job. >> an ambulance is in an accident, and i guy inside -- >> he's had a bad day. >> how he survived not one but at least two hits.
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>> a company calls a genius move for holiday shopping. >> the question is about what kind of gift they would recommend. >> hey, sarah, i'm -- >> see the custom video to solve your problem. and what do do you when cliff challenging is just not serious. amp the guys did not bring it up to a whole other level. >> thanks. >> time to tackle the age old question how are we going to move these 8,000 alligators from paint a to point b. the answer is hand. they are on the endangered list in an alligator. but you're also seeing works are one by one pick these things up and transfer them. because there are concerns they
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wouldn't sur swiez in they're hold. they were worried they weren't going to make it through the wintertime. >> they're snapping right at these guys. >> these guys have like warning gloves off. >> like gartenning a local of lime and big enough to eat your fat or your arm or fit you were able to transfer every single one of the,000 of these like a day at work. even if you're having a bad day at work, these guys to have pick up an alligator and walk un.
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>> here comes a man walking with his wife. a man didn't realize he was being followed. here he is talking and laughing with his friend with a nice nat. >> he's a nice with the champagne. >> he lefs the be the corky hand sake has. >> she doesn't hit the victim in the head with a suffering change problem. he said but what was the --
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>> police say they don't know, his victims doesn't know. they were visiting him in sweden, they cording to police, they got some video of tv on people and said he went to myself and went to the video and said i believe i'm that man on the video and that's when you start maybe already be. >> you might well to sten it back a bill miss. >> i have two crazy traffic videos. i'll just going to sur rife. everyone rushed, everybody's available. one of those people fleiss across the stage and earns the screen. >> ends up striking one of those
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she suffered some concussions and some bruises. but the i'm is going to be '. >> putting on the brakesstillbad situation getting worse. but it's too late because the car didn't stop intime and then just -- aw! >> it does look like person is talk about brad luck, the ambulance. to tack him to the hospital and again pouia. -- and the accident, you see him trying to to jump out of the
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way and it was too late. he did survived and he was eventually taken to the hospital. >> it may be southern in the summer hemisphere, especially if you're in the waters off of cat gora. doesn't matter how told it is because you're going to englishier surf. >> what? >> yeah, red bull is doing anything better than ledgy driven, they ledge in out. >> tabbing off, you know it cold. they use this ice to features. it's spectacular by beautiful. >> i mean, you go from waters to
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ice. >> you go through the arches of ice, one guy completely shivering on the boat, but the opportunity for him toyag opportunity. dude takes time out of his time to rescue a lizard. >> the hume he had to perform before he sent it back into the wild. and he is singing to pro appreciation with his music video. >> he is in 185 parks state in the oh gore at the see lowers.
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>> from vaksers come pain coach enou enough. simply watch two color blocks or more from here to end. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven!
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[uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out "right this minute".com. great videos all day long. enjoy. >> it's a beautiful day for a ride in australia. you have a guy on board his suzuki. but this isn't about his ride. it's about the animal rescue he's going to -- he chases it a bit and then takes this thing hope. >> home? >> he called himself the lizard king after rescuing this from the middle of the street.
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>> i found a lizard. i am the lizard king. >> i'm really sad because that lizard had a family trying to get across the street. >> the lizard has things on him. thech can be picking of it owe he s hes is u. >> they probably live alone. he wanted his nine minutes of video time to show us the rescue and give us some >> down here, these were very sorts of bugs, they eight snals. you love smals, don't you. i love smiles, number, number,
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number. >> love, love, love lizards because it's prch. >> helping this guy get ready in a very gift idea. >> i'm looky friend. this is a daylight pack from are spray. they were having an rei gift campaign, they cheeded what kind of advised they would create the more of product in the cles us. >> it's just at home on the sale as it is in the industry.
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>> one of our producers tweeted them looking for a gift for a male in their average 30s. i'm i'm really sorry. i fun idea to kroor. >> it went seamlessly and he can listen to music while he walks on down the martin. >> that feels good, right? you almost field video. >> for gift ideas visit or any rie.
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if you think you love your star, watch this come. >> i'd like to call it no big deal. if i never a dlater in, foks for girl and buy. the reason slater did this video, he said he became as an adult he hadn't seen all that his state had to offer. he joined from september of last year and all these stays kress a pun. >> there's too much left to ease my mind. >> the topple gets busted over
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to same about. >> what an awesome way to trip this lip. you gr can go he lists all the different parks and the time for each portion of the video, where he was at this park in a particular moment. just a way if you don't go. >> two people, two pairs of google glass and one romantic vacation. >> they eventually go on a hike in the you're beautiful. it's a very row mant inmantin -
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most of the country is bearing down for a blizzard. so why not show you some nice cliff diving video. these guys are part of the joy riders tv youtube channel having a good old time. >> want to go back in time. >> doesn't it look nice? but all this video is for a plant they have planned. that includes fire.
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thewant to heat up. one of the guys in the crew, daniel rosen berry approaching this cliff with two hairs in his band. he runs off the cliff hes with. >> that flame and heat going right into his face. stopped this jump perfectly as me dips down into the water. >> you good? >> yeah. my entire face was just like engulfed in flame. >> so daniel, the question is did you get htsed if. >> you didn't just go out and
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plan this stuff. there's a particular writ of the bad above the wind was too strong to keep thefire lit, the remaining jb we had luckily we got it. >> we did some testing at a pool our first time at firestones and we had a friend come out who was in clearance and he chose the ropes and from there we moved on. >> why jump yourself on fire and jump off a cliff? >> that sound four lun rush. >> it feel like it's such a. >> sun .
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this man and his 2-year-old son are taking a nap. so roberto thinks it would be cute to play the song "spectrum" and then do this. >> apparently this video was shot early on thanksgiving morning. he had just eaten and was obviously very sleepy. >> the moving of the baby's
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mouth, that's probably the best part of this whole video. >> the can i go what make a sound. >> other than that, it pretty intense. >> it's a basketball patchup between -- the san antonio spurs and --
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let's face it, we're all guilty of maybe once or twice sending a little naughty text to maybe a significant other. >> she admits it! >> who is the last plerson on te planet you would want reading those texts? >> worst.
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it's a deep. i'll brin me. you bring your episode three. techs that are definitely carrying booty calls. >> k being i'd like to use your >> mr. would about like permission to enter. lates, he's going through visiting the say area, taumal
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tra strg can had. >> it's a very romantic place. >> there you see him from his girl friend's perspective. >> it is a pretty good gift but i feel like you're showing us this for a very specific reason, like it's not about the google glass. >> it is about his google glass. >> that ring was a lot better from that pen. >> we're seeing it from her perspective and his perspective. >> i've known i wanted to spend my life with you since before we started dating. pops the question and of course she says yes. >> the kiss is very glad ending
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up the wek past. it's while you were agt under 60 minutes. >> the basketball match was completely impromptu twon to titans of the basketball game. >> and? >> the spite on top of the churn chis championship team. they just won an international championship in argentina. they're kind of a big deal. th this. >> and so he can't afford to go in it the craig, you know what, let's have them play together but to level the playing field a
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little bit, they had the spurs take off their shoes and you do have tony parker and man u begin oberle on this court with this kids. >> they are taller. >> but not faster. and they do get whipped on the court 10-4. >> and san diego was in with the timberwolves and an neighbor neighbor cares work shot. they actually don't even think in in
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live from new york city, it's wendy williams. bill harper is here to talk about his new book and movie with jennifer lopez. plus, the millionaire matchmaker is back. patti stanger is here for the latest "ask patti," and all the latest hot topics. now, here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: yeah! ♪


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