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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 12, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we find the best videos of the day so you don't have to. let's takes a look at them "right this minute." >> a corrections officer gets fed up with a suspect. >> and knocks him out. >> hey! >> what set off one violent chain of events. worried drivers spot this poor dude -- >> hanging from the edge of that home. >> see why calling 911 didn't do much to help him.
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it's dash cam video that -- >> will open your eyes. >> how a woman survived the crash but boy is she steamed. and he goes in for a kiss but she gives -- >> the old nice to meet you hand shake. >> the story behind the video that launched a dating debate. >> no wonder he got the handshake. >> a marion county corrections officer could be facing jail time. it all has to do with this video from back on october 8th. you're seeing charlie broderick, a corrections officer, bringing in a dui suspect, james duckworth. >> you're dragging my [ bleep ]. >> he kind of has some words for the suspect here. then a suspect points out another officer and says -- >> this guy right here is doing his job. he's doing his job. his doing his job.
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>> no. >> yes. you're the one acting up. >> he calls the other officer a gentleman, he's kind of having some words with broderick. but here's the moment that's in question. duckworth, the suspect, kind of goes to spit, maybe get something out of his mouth. >> hey, you don't spit at officers. >> that's when the broderick slams duckworth's head up against that concrete wall and knocks him out. he's knocked out for a few seconds and they call for a spit mask. pay attention to the wall when they pull his head away. there is a lot of blood on this wall, opened up this guy's head. they do call for a nurse but you can see duckworth slumped over. he's gaining consciousness and beginning to inaudibly communicating with officers. now the officer has been charged
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with battery and is on paid suspension and could be put in jail for up to one year or a thousand dollar fine. no word on any charges against mr. duckworth. >> i'm about to show you a dash cam video that will open your eyes. this woman is driving along a rainy roadway. watch what happens. she gets bit out ofship as she's going around the turn but i want you to pay attention to her face. she rolls her car. face doesn't change. then she puts it in park when the whole thing is over. >> she didn't have time to make a crazy face or scream or anything, it happened so fast. >> had no reaction whatsoever. her friend posted a video and
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said she was okay. there were lots of comments on video about it and said they were both amaused by them. >> now this video comes from saudi arabia. see the two wheels? the berm runs out and both the cars behind that truck are damaged because of this accident. >> what happened? >> we missed the shot. guy freaked out. for wheeatever reason, some dop was driving on the berm. >> get out of the way. >> firefighters and paramedics responded to some 911 calls in arlington heights, illinois
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because of this. >> do you see in the distance hanging from the edge of that home? looked like a man hanging christmas lights lost his footing and knocked the ladder he was on over. >> now 911 calls started coming in because people saw this guy just hanging there from the gutter. >> call 911 and run out there and put the ladder back up. >> was it so cold they couldn't get out t car and help? >> le me tell you ectlt was going on here. if you get a closer look -- >> it a prank. >> it's a christmas decoration! >> but neighbors thought this fella had fallen. the back of the guy's jacket says "griswald." they came to the scene at 10:00
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in the morning on tuesday to help this guy out only to find out it's a stuffed jacket. they've done an awesome job because the lights are half strung. >> i wonder how many people did stop and try to fix the ladder for somebody? >> buddy hang on, we'll get it. >> part of the fun of owning and driving a super car is going really, really fast. but when you're confined to the streets of london like the cars in this video, if you can't do much and you're revving your engine, that is the fun of it. >> we see a lot of these videos coming out of london, super coarse making a lot of noise. >> did i see a mustache on one
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of these cars? >> yeah. >> you got a nice super car. don't put a stupid mustache on it. >> i think it's cool, kind of funny. >> the police show up and in this case they find themselves kind of amazed. kind of a purring kitten from what we heard earlier. the cops got a chuckle, revved their ligengines. don't know what kind of tickets they wrote but the cops at least got a laugh. >> a lizard walks into a bar. >> people got a limb nervous. >> you heard of bar fly.
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he's like a bar lizard. >> and for some, christmas can be a lonely time. ♪ ♪ >> as you can tell, this is a "silent night" parody. >> see the funny take on feeling left out.
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today's animal videos are brought to you by the letter l.
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they're both a couple of dropins. we start in australia where this lizard was noticed this parking garage. so people were getting a little nervous. >> why, he's so cute? >> they say he was looking for food and a little love. since this is a bar, this is his date. >> he was just going to pick up chicks at the bar. >> instead of a bar fly, he's a bar lizard. >> this is brought by the letter l so i'm getting that's a lynx. >> yup. they think it's a young one but it's going up to the window
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saying are you going to invite me in? >> you can all tell a lynx because it has the hair extenders in its ears. >> they say a lot of rabbits have been released io the wild nd that's where you'll havelinhav havelinhave have lynx population. >> christmas is the celebration time, right? >> but what if you don't celebrate christmas. ♪ ♪ >> as you can tell, this is a silent night parody. it called "lonely night." the reason it's a lonely night, the kids are jewish. they don't celebrate christmas proper, they celebrate weeks
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before. ♪ as christians sing all day, i snack on dry toast and sing jingle all the way ♪ >> hey, whenever i can get a gift, i'll celebrate that holiday. ♪ ♪ >> i think this is a good message if you have a casual family party on christmas night -- ♪ i found my christmas tree and threw it away ♪ >> invite your jewish friends, right? >> absolutely. >> we've seen a ton of videos on the show. never seen a race like this one before. >> oh, that's awesome. >> here is a race full of crashes but, yes, you do notice that they are all using the
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barbie power wheel jeep. >> the battery powered kids toys that were really awesome when you were like 4. >> they definitely don't fit an adult. >> the guys over at busted knuckle posted this video. apparently this is a race every year in alabama. the tires are modified. instead of losing tires, they're losing wheels. >> i think you can only do like one run because they're pretty much detroyed. >> this is all -- this year the winner took home $270.
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this year the only injury was a dislocated shoulder. >> kids do the talking, adults act it out. >> so what do you want for christmas? >> see what santa should know next "right this minute." >> and still to come, he lost a bet so now he's got a long 24 hours ahead of him. >> we get to watch christians spiral downward into complete delirium. >> what his friend put him up to that's making his miserable. but luke is putting on quite a show until a fight steals the lime light. >> he wasn't going to have it. >> find the smooth way he plays peacemaker. >> y'all shake hands. i like peace for my show.
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well, you had a nice date. time to deliver the girl back to her door and here comes that defining moment in your young dating life. do you go in for the good night kiss? it is captured on camera. looking a little rebuffed. oh! he brushes back her hair, tries to go for the kiss. she gives the old nice to meet you handshake and quickly gets into the front door. dude there just feeling like he crashed and burned. >> poor guy.
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maybe it was a bad date, though. maybe there were no sparks. >> is it real? it looks a little acted. >> it does look a little suspect. we believe we found the original posting and the original has this bug in the right-hand corner. if you go there, it's a home security company. now we don't know for sure if this video is fake or not but, boy, oh, boy, does that little bug in this link ck to the company bring up quite a bit of speculation. >> if you're thecompy, here is jus cdit caught on our security cameras or here is something that could happen if you're like a possessive father, hereies something that could be caught on our cameras. >> either way, many of us can identify with this moment. many commenters saying how could
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the guy even try a thing? a lot of guys saying they can feel the pain, man. tell us what you think. >> boston terrier enjoying a toy. is the toy good? is it good? is that your toy? okay. are you a mommy's girl? okay! ♪ >> this is a video from a philadelphia concert. apparently in this moment he's rapping one of he is songs but then he abruptly stops. hey, hey, hey, cut the outside drums. hey, homey, new york, listen,
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listen. >> he's talking to two guys apparently starting a fight in his show. home boy, come here. come here, dog. >> he called them toward the stage where he's at. and check this out? >> hey, y'all cool? i get that. you chill? calm down, calm down. y'all shake hands, man. i like peace at my shows. >> i like that he's a peacemaker in this moment. it would have been a lot easier to look oot security and say "those two, out." >> i do hope he doesn't let them stay in the front row, though. >> up doesn't want to reward bad behavior. apparently the scuffle is because one of the guys was messing with the other guy's brother. but the fight was stopped and show continues. >> way to go lupe. >> dude is cooking up a plush
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santa in the microwave. >> but that's not all. he's going to have a lighter strapped to his body. >> see why st. nick won't be looking so jolly after t
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well, nick, i'll tell you what, we're coming u on the big college football bowl season. but the best bowl of them all already happened, the fisher bowl. arizona western college versus military. punts are supposed to go forward. joe maddox. the wind gets the best of it to about the 6 yard line and bounces into their own end zone. that's a safety. i don't know why people aren't
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talking about this. new mexico military went on to win 3 -16. this is bad, bad stuff for old arizona i want everybody else to keep in mind this is merely a plush cause representation of santa. >> maybe a word of advice for santa claus. do not strap a lighter to your butt and get yourself into a microwave. >> would be true for possibly anyone. >> the microwave known as lee. in goes santa. >> i'm still shocked after other vid we've seen of lee in action. >> ptn us his remote
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control, a long broom handle tied to another broom handle. poof. there goes the lighter and then this really eerie zapping sound. >> sounds like he's being electrocuted. >> lots of flames and soon after flames engulf the entire microway, the microwave shut off. >> santa killed lee? >> no. that's a safety issue. after everything cools down, it's going to start. and then is what santa looks like after. does it go without saying don'ttory this at home. >> yeah. >> because of a bet i made with that man, i have to spend the next 24 continuous hours inside of that walmart. >> this is christian davies and he lost a bet with his buddy.
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since he lost, 24 hours in wool mart, without a break. >> i'm not okay with this. this sucks. i'm very unhappy. >> but doesn't walmart close? >> no, a lot of them are 24 hours. >> when you need a flannel shirt, you need it, doesn't matter what time of day. >> we get to watch christian's spiral downward into complete delirium. >> sucks. >> bad attitude. you could watch dvds, i'm have some great muirment. >> this is terrible. >> think about it, they're 24 hours. >> it's just hitting me that, like, how much time i have. >> you're in these bright lights which start to get to houston.
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>> he finally decides i'm going to go to the garden center to get some fresh air. >> it's close. but he just shopped around, bought stuff and returned it to kill time. >> all he ended up buying was one of those zebra cupcakes. i got one of those little deborah cookies. it was a little bizarre but we figured he gets prayed to what was done to me. >> that will do it for us [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, serve coffee everyone savors.
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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we've got the great videos that you've been looking for "right this minute". >> a clerk manning the window at -- >> a romantic motel. >> how a surprise guest left her terrified. see that statue on the church? well -- >> that is no statue at all. >> what happens when a guy with a camera


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