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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 27, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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> hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman and great viral videos are coming your way "right this minute." >> rescuers try to reach a panicked deer in a parking lot. >> but it's not exactly easy to catch this thing. >> see the struggle to save him and the amazing ending to make a grown man cry. >> a street performer is doing a show when a guy grabs him and starts choking him out. how the attack by mr. swim trunks didn't stop there. it the latest in a web series
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that has people saying -- >> why? >> see why john eats carrots over and over and over. >> and a 16-year-old's christmas gift is about to be unveiled. >> what could she be getting? >> the touching story behind one cool ride. a wild male deer was stuck in a parking lot outside of the school. so they called the wildlife department to catch the deer. it's not easy to catch this thing. as you can see, this thing is loose, it's active and it does not want to have any human contact but they need to catch it because it's injured. and watch.
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and after they catch it, it is not happy. >> boy. >> oh, this kills me. >> you can hear its grunting and screaming. they need tho catch this because it has a split lip and it needs to be touched up. they sedate him and they stitch it up right in the parking lot. they have all they need. >> the amazing thing is they were able to perform the operation successfully. >> they also give him a long acting anti-biotic and pain medication. >> they really put a lot of effort into this. >> and it's enough to make a grown man cry, meaning this guy. >> that's why we do what we do. >> that's why we do what we do, i love that.
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>> this must feel like an alien abduction. i remember a net, i woke up in this beautiful field and my my lip is fixed. >> ought of the gold coast of australia, we got this video, you see one of those street performers, like a cowboy statue, you see a kid there, you try to distract the statue, see if you can get him to move. watch who does pay him a visit. this shirtless guy in swim trunks goes up behind him and starts choking him out. dave, the street performer said it was getting hard to breathe, had to fight his way out of there. this guy with the tank top and his family members step in to try to break nings up. this guy helping out the street performer. that's when he's racially insulted. >> what a meat head. >> what a jerk. >> he's angry at the street
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performer for doing nothing but hi job. >> so you don't like street >> you don't have to stop. this isn't the guy's first altercation. same street performer, doing his thing and shaking hands and then this guy comes off and keeps touching him. he gives the guy a wet willy. this guy has more patience than me because i would have lost it at this point. you're just trying to do your job to the point where watch what the street performer does. >> he was just waiting for the guy to come around to the front of him. >> they did catch up with shirtless guy after this incident. 41-year-old guy arrested, charged with serchl thingveral . >> two things in russia. you will not believe what happened. >> so the usual from russia.
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>> yeah. up see this van pull into the screen and then out of nowhere this. >> what was that? >> watch again temperature see if you see this coming. the van comes into frame and then, boom, it just breaks into a million pieces. >> it looks like he goes up on annel vator. >> that is an entire construction site on the lane this driver is on and basically the driver runs head on into it. >> do we know what happened to the driver? >> the driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the construction workers were shocked but nobody suffered any injuries. >> and this one the driver is approaching a white car up ahead. the driver gets out and gets right in the lane where a big truck is coming. and you're wondering, what, you're going to get hit by the truck! do you notice what he was actually doing? he was saving the life of a
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pigeon! there was a bird on that lane. that kind, nice driver decided to pull over, get out of his car because that day he was not going to allow carnage to happen on the streets of russia. >> yeah, but he was risking creating a whole lot more carnage if that truck would have swerved into the other lane. >> that truck did swerve. he could have caused a whole lot of damage. >> i wonder if the dude hits the bird himself and then he got out of the car to try to move the bird out of the road. >> bird lives another day. >> maybe. >> i think it's official. i think we have reached the end of the internet. >> strange. bizarre. >> this is from the john eats carrots youtube channel and that's exactly what you're seeing. john eating carrots. while listening to a podcast.
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>> and that's it? >> yup. john described this channel as john eats carrot as the premiere carrot eating series, the show thattin lo unlocks the passion eating carrots. you can see his most recent carrot eating video, number 249 and, yes, every one of the other 248 videos john eating carrots listening to podcasts. >> and they're all 28 minutes long? >> all 28 minutes or some are hours long. and it's just john eats carrots. he also has john drinks water where he drinks water. and get this, one of the videos was five hours long and he drank 1,000 bottles of water.
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and he has a channel john wraps things in duct tape. >> who sat there through the five hours of video. >> i want to know which one of our producers approved this one. >> it's shot through this fish eye lens so you feel like you're watching this man eat carrots through a peephole. >> i can't believe we've come up with that much to say about this video. can we stop now? >> we're puzzled. >> family of raccoons decide to shack up in this garage. >> it took a mirror to figure out where they are. >> see the sly eviction to get them back into the wild. and it's an ad showing off a cool gadget that's sure to impress. >> hey, pretty lady. >> hey. >> this video is getting a lot of attention not because of the product. >> what's got people watching and talking.
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ththe e ununmimiststakakabe that reminds us ththatat l lifife e isis d .
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this one will make you angry, that's for sure. a woman pulls up in a cab. you can see as she gets out of the cab, she pays the driver. then watch this. looks like she's about to go into her place out of nowhere. one attacker comes up and the worst part is, he's not alone. this woman is apparently trying to fight back. he's trying to rob her, trying to get into her purse.
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as the struggle continues, he throws the purse around the corner to his accomplice. they're off screen for quite a while. you see the man with his buddy, with the purse, show back up as a car shows up, blocked from view. looks like they take off in that car. the majority of the attack does take place off camera. according to one report, authorities were able to track down one of these guys, a 24-year-old. apparently that guy is going to spend the next two months in jail after this attack. >> absolutely horrible. >> yes. >> a rotting garage proved too tempting for a family of raccoons so the humane wildlife services were called in to evict them but it a hugh main eviction. you can see the raccoon hiding in the roof of that garage. here's the interesting thing. they have bins near but they're
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like, well, garage, playground, why don't we just go? these humans have this garage open, why don't we go in there. it took a mirror to figure out where they are. >> it like if i don't move, they won't see me. >> they sealed up part of the roof so they couldn't get in but they also put in one of their one-way exit. you can't check in after you checked out, so to speak. here come the raccoons and they say, hey, look at this door, let go through it! >> it locks behind them. >> i like to see how they did this. they didn't stress them out. >> these guys had a den nearby. so they just went back to their den and didn't need to be relocated. >> vacation home closed up. >> this is a commercial for a product that some people think is pretty cool.
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so three people on a lift, they're skiing in some resort somewhere. guy gets a call and he's got his galaxy gear watch, no big deal. >> dude with the galaxy watch, the other guy with just the smartphone is making a fool of himself. >> hey, pretty lady. >> it's cool. >> it's cool technology. >> this product getting a lot of attention not because of the product. it because the video sucks. >> hey, what's up? >> we were just talking about how lame the acting is, the story line is so predictable.
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it's like oh, yeah, the guy with cool gadget gets the girl, the other guy that doesn't have it makes a fool of itself. but because the video is so bad is why it's getting ai tension. >> bad by design? >> i think so. >> hey, pretty lady. zat cla >> it's a classic camaro and one guy's dream to get it sold. >> and hear why dad's gain is one guy's loss. >> plus adventure in the deep blue sea. >> what a different world to be able to experience.
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closed captioning provided by: time is running out, folks, to vote for the best videos of 2013. >> we want to know what you
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think. >> head over to and click on best videos of 2013. >> hit the web and make your vote count. >> what is a cooler gift than an original song? that's what danny did on christmas for his dad. and danny here is performing his song. the title of it -- ♪ you never used to know the difference between the bass and treble clef and it isn't hard to tell you i like you better deaf ♪ ♪ if i run out of anything to say, i could just mumble and you'd usually go away
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♪ the conversation was subject to a wider range of your interpretation ♪ >> that's actually funny and sweet. >> and very thoughtful, too. write the music, write the lyrics and perform it so well. >> it makes everybody smile on christmas morning. >> i liked verse three. ♪ now i've reached a point where it hard to make a rhyme ♪ but the song needs another verse to reach a fitting time ♪ if i had been writing it for old deaf dad, i might have left a phrase or two unfinished ♪ >> good job by danny. a nice gift. >> yeah, well done. >> we'll put the entire song "i liked you better deaf" on our web site or click on our mobile app. >> it's going to be an internet classic. >> he's opening his present.
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>> that's your present. open it. what's in there? you got your ball, you got your ball! stay. stay. get it. >> while many of us are shoveling snow, slogging through ice and mud and slush, others decide to take tropical vacations this time of year. this is the trip of axel and troy. they're in the bahamas. they're pretty good with their gopro 2 diving. they got a heck of a view with all different types of sea life. the reefs alive with all colors
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and fish. >> and look at all those sharks. >> they're swimming right around their head and they don't seem to be scared at all. >> this was the first time they did any type of shark diving. they said it was a wonderful experience. when you're out with divers on trips like this, they know what to do. it fun to watch. >> as beautiful as the sharks were, i'm really impressed by the plant life down there. look how vibrant and yellow and blue. >> they say they were surrounded by about 40 caribbean reef sharks, it was an incredible experience. >> it the kind of video -- >> where you don't even have to say much. >> why this
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all right, girls, let's go down to australia, down under for c.j. wells moore's video, showing off his brand new pro skates by siba. those are brand new. very lightweight inline skates. >> it's kind of cool to see this because most of these stunts we see are either bikes or on skate boards. we don't get a lot of inline skaters. >> it's. >> i'm glad they're making a comeback. in the 90s and it will be cool to bring them back again. >> they went away because they looked like that and everybody was like i don't want to look like that. >> you just wait till you see me, a helmet.
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>> we're a couple of days past christmas. so as you can imagine, lots of people uploading videos, getting gifts. this is one of the best free actions on the planet. >> you can tell the young girl with the blindfold is in the frame. little brother takes something and puts it in the young girl's hand. and she quickly realizes what her gift is. >> nice. >> she hugged it. she hugged the car. >> she did hug the car. >> but the story behind this is what makes this so awesome. this is 16-year-old noelle. she just turned 16 a few weeks ago. she's actually the daughter of one of our fantastic producers, chris. the car that she got is a tweef mercury grand marquis. >> nice. big boat.
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that's a big old car. >> noelle lost her great grandmother she's so excite, he hugs everybody. even more special, great grandpa was there to see all of this. >> a huge harry potter fan so even the keefe chain just gets her very excited. >> yay! >> every now and then there are videos like this one where you just don't even really need to say much. >> hey, matt. you hungry, matt? >> sure, tom. >> here's a sandwich, tom. >> what the hell's in it? >> cheese. up know i don't [ bleep ].
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>> are you sure? >> how dare he? my addiction to cheese started when i was just a little -- ah! >> thanks, steven. that was enlightening. and now -- not to cheese slap someone, this is a very important public service announcement. >> could become the new viral internet trend, cheese slapping. we started it right here with these guys. >> i hope it doesn't. >> that's going to do it for us here on "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody everybody.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman and it's time for the best videos of the day "right this minute." >> it's a fireworks show so people start backing away. >> you would think. keep watching. >> the story of one crazy display that had them running into the mouth of danger. double angle dash cam. see people in a car who know they survived one mega near


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