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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 1, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. it's happened again another shooting in a normally peaceful marin county city and this time there were several bystanders nearby when the bullets went flying. >> this is a very unusual crime for san rafael, very brazen, obviously. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes a bus link downtown shock by shooting the restaurant in downtown san rafael was opened for business after 1:00 this manager when a shooter walked in. ktvu's debora villalon is live
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where police still looking for that gunman. >> reporter: this restaurant is dark tonight. normally open until 2:00 a.m. with a bar and karaoke and 20 people were inside, when the shooting happened. 4th street san rheal san rafael is a hub. >> the gunman came in the door and walk up to the victim and shot him multiple times and turned and run out. >> reporter: all people saws with an hispanic man in a black hoody and his victim a 31-year-old san rafael man. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's wild. wild. >> reporter: some wonder if the shooting was gang-related and that tension is worsening. >> nothing publicized as flatout gang violence.
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so i think maybe it's making a little bit of resurgence. >> tomorrow, okay? sorry. >> reporter: the restaurant remains closed all day, drinks and plates left behind after customers bolted and the tables in disaarray. >> tomorrow we will open again. >> we're not going toll rate this. it's very, very unusual for this type of crime to occur anywhere in san rafael, let along the downtown. >> reporter: but the nearby canal area has seen four shootings in two months most recently monday in gang-related gunfire from a teenager and before that shootings on february 4th and 15th and a daytime drive-by in september. >> i work out of that area and i go through that quite often. it's gotten worse. >> reporter: this resident says he has his guard up lately. >> it pushes me away, you know what i mean? it's spooky, especially with the children and what not. >> reporter: downtown restaurants tonight though as busy as ever.
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>> the people will keep coming, just one incident and they are going to scare nobody off, i hope no. >> reporter: in the past hour victim is still in verse condition and investigators are asking witnesses to come forward and say many of the customers in the restaurant did stick around this morning to give statements. reporting live in san rafael, debora villalon kutv channel 2 news. developing news with the ukrainian military on high alert after russian troops took control crimean peninsula. president obama calling russia's move a "breach of international law." president obama and-secretary- general are calling on ruizain president vladimir putin to begin dialog with ukrainian leaders. crimea is home to several russian military base and putin says he has the right to protect the live and health of
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ruizain incidents what he called "ultranationalists." >> reporter: without a shot being fired russia has seized control of crimea, russian troops their uniforms strip of insignificant insignias granting president putin formizing the de facto military take-over. he says he called onerousia for assistance and he will no longer answer to kiev. all manders should take order president had he only, those who disagree, please resign. >> reporter: the ukrainian prime minister put the army on full alert, but curbed
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cushioned his response on the streets, violence crimean versus crimean as pro-russian demonstrators emboldened by the thousands of russian troops broke into government buildings. supporters of the new government in kiev found themselves beatin and bloodied. a majority of crimeans are ethnic russians, for some, military presence is seen as providing protection in a time of political instability. but others say this is textbook cold war russia, invading a country after an appeal by leaders installed by the kremlin and in this case, exploiting a weak government that is turning away from moscow and towards the european union. >> the russian military must stand down, aspirations of the cameane people must be respected and political dialog must be allowed to continue. >> reporter:
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president obama is accusing russia of a breach of international law. in a 90-minute phone call the president urged putin to pull russian forces back to their crimean bases. nato will meet in brussels to discuss the crisis in ukraine. >> a navy fighter jet crashed in nevada. naval authorities say the sea hornet was on a training flight before it crashed 70 miles east of the naval air station at fallon. the faa team can carry two crew, but there is no word on how many people were on board or if they survived. gray skies ore much of peninsula in san carlos astormy weather continues over the bay area. parts of the region saw mild weather and blue skies, but here you can see people held on to their umbrella as they went about their day. >> in southern california
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mandatory evacuations are in effect for glendora and azusa. a massive mudslide as you can see in the pictures covered much of the town of altadena and los angeles county where heavy rains have created a muddy mess. >> high surf is causing erosion in the malibu area. a high-surf advisory is in effect until tomorrow night for los angeles county. that storm is the very same one that pelted the bay area yesterday with rain. >> our meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking that storm. >> the main storm slides to the south a lot of moisture being thrown closer to the bay area and as a result, even within and hour or two talking about raindrops approaching the region. this afternoon we picked up a little more since then and you get the general add a few
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hundredth of an inch for santa rosa, napa and fairfield. the south bay, close to san josi and boulder creek, heavier rainfall this morning producing rainfall in the order of nearly 2". on live stormtracker 2 we have the rain showers, scattered showers in the bay area. decreasing snow showers out towards the sierra and in southern california, snowfall to heavy rainfall to minor flooding basically covering a good portion of the southern parts of the state. here is a closer look at our radar. not much coverage except except up in the north bend. this is the radar loop over the past one hour. closer inspection, here is the most recent image for glen allen the not much in it the way of rainfall, but this will be a key many our forecast for tomorrow. coming up at 10:35 we'll break
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down your sunday shower chances and the timing of norm storm that is developing for the five- day forecast. thank you, mark. even with a good soaking this week, california is still in the midst of a drought and today the governor signed a emergency legislation aimed at provide something relief. more than $687 million will go towards drought relief. with the bulk of that money set aside for conservation and water management projects. about $50 million is earmarked for those directly affected by the drought. this week's storm certainly a work sight. bay area water district officials say we are far from being out of woods and we checked with east bay mud and they tell us that they received 1.5", not nearly enough to fill their reservoirs which are right now at 62% of capacity. can you stay up-to-date with the latest weather conditions with the new ktvu weather app, available for both apple and
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android phones. a pounch in the east bay affected thousands of customers including the oakland airport. the elements went out around 8:40 this morning from an area stretching east to the oakland hills the pge says at its peak the outage affected almost 68,000 customers. the utility says power was rerouted by 10:30 this morning and there is still no word on what caused that outage. the highway patrol says a driver of a truck fell asleep this afternoon in sonoma county, hit a power line that cut off power to customers. the accident happened this afternoon near madrone road. the roadway was closed for about two hours. oakland police tonight are investigating a possible connection between two crimes. after a badly burned body was found today in an apartment complex. this is the same complex in the fruitvale neighborhood with a 77-year-old woman was found
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dead earlier last month. ktvu's katie utehs talked to neighbors rattled by the two cases. >> we field it's not random rockingham a gruesome early morning discovery has unnerved people who live along oakland's 34th near foothill boulevard. >> that is what the danger is, you don't know where you stand. >> reporter: around 4:15, firefighters extinguished a burning body. you can see them looking down from a neighbor's roof towards the body located between a fence and apartment complex. lieutenant jordan says homicide detectives arrived shortly after. >> they treated it has a suspicious death. >> reporter: they say that the bodies with a man and today residents that we spoke to think it's connected to an earlier homicide. >> people are scared. >> reporter: responding to a welfare check in early february police found 77-year-old susan pham bond and dead and a
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male relative was also inside and uninjured in what police initially called a home- invasion robbery. >> that is something that they are active looking into that it may be connected. >> reporter: this is an open homicide investigation. an autopsy for the badly burned male body is scheduled for monday. neighbors also tell me a woman arrived on-scene this morning, spoke with police and cried hysterically for about half an hour. police would not say how she is connected to the case or if they had obtained any leads from her. they are asking the public to come forward with any information. in oakland, katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. an suv slams into a house and we learned that nobody was behind the wheel and the vehicles with stole. >>. >> other possible security
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breach investigated. >> a risky rescue, how a man's lunch played a key role in saving an injured dog stuck on a busy freeway.
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. >> a strange chain of events sent an suv barreling into a home in oakland, damaging several cars in the process and what makes it all stranger no one was behind the wheel. crash caused extensive damage
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to several vehicles and house it crashed into. it happened in the 400 block of coolidge in oakland's dimond district. katie lee patti lee. >> well, she lives down the block and walked over to see the damage caused by that runway suv, a car she told me she report stolen last week. totaled cars, wrecked lawns and downed street signs a path of destruction on coolidge avenue. >> it's really scary. this is weird, a very weird crime. >> reporter: john delaney thought a earthquake had hit, but found a chevy tahoe buried into their home. >> pretty clear that someone had purposely put the fuel on this thing and sent it down the hill. >> reporter: the delaneys volunteered as
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crime prevention organizers and say this incident highlands what they are up against. >> random acts of terror and this is terrible. >> reporter: terrible are a silver lining. no one was physically hurt. and one crime was solved. >> i heard white tahoe and our white tahoe was stolen sunday night. >> reporter: after watching ktvu at 6:00, helga koleman walked over to the delaney's home to look the photos of the scene and suv was definitely hers. >> i recognized the indian blanket, my husband's brief case and the bible. >> reporter: coleman plans to tell oakland police now that her stolen car has been located they can focus on finding the people responsible for all of this damage. and for wreaking the havoc today, something that she says is only lucky that no one was physically hurt. live in oakland, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the recent rains may be to blame for a massive sinkhole in santa cruz, that is now closed part of a scenic street. the sinkhole opened up near the
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intersection of west cliff drive and woodrow avenue. it appears to be near the sidewalk and drops down to the ocean below. traffic is being diverted around the area and part of the west cliff drive is closed. there is no word on what repairs will be made or how long that street will be closed. feeling a little under the weather? you are not alone in california a gallup poll reports that most people reporting having the flu in to 13 live in california, nevada and new york. california is the only state to be one of the top-10 states with the highest daily flu rates every year since the poll started in 2008. the poll found people in environment, north dakota had the lowest flu rates. in the bay area new new flu deaths reported this week. santa clara leads bay area with the most death. a 15th victim was reported earlier this week. new troubles for sears, the
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retailer is investigating a possible security breach. officials with sears say they are actively reviewing their systems, but so far have found no information indicating a breach. it's not clear what prompted the security investigation. according to bloomberg news the security review is still at an early stage and pinpointing a cyber attack can take weeks of the sears is already coping with years' of declining sale and looking to reenergy sales with a focus on echief meteorologist. it appears that a reaction to spike lee harsh word of gentrification came in the form of a spray can and a rock or two. somebody painted "do the right thing on lee'sliehood home in brooklyn. vandals painted the stairs on lee family home as well. incident happened days after the filmmaker spoke out about wealthy new residents moving into the area and dismiss the other residents. the owner of the home says she
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believes that lee's remarks prompted that vandalism. yellowstone was established back on march 1st,1872 making it 142 years old. the park stretches between montana and wyoming and is home to geysers including old faithful, bears, wolves, bison and elk. the idea of national parks started with yellowstone and there are now about 1200 such natural areas in more than 100 countries. for those hoping to hike yosemite half-dome's this summer, permits are birch out through a lottery system with only 300 hikers allowed to use the cable system each day. if you are interested in getting a permit you need to make a request on the website between now and the end of march. those who are choosen will be notified next month. the harsh winter weather has taken a toll on airlines. just the first two months of this year, united airline was forced to cancel 22,500
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flights. that is four times the number of canceled flights cared to the same time the year before. the world's second largest airline says the cancellations are expected to affect tess bottom line and while unite was hit the hardest because it has major hubs in cold weather cities, such as chicago and newark. >> a bay area park that is closing for a year and the work that will be done before it re- opens! three people rescued after being trapped by a rare avalanche and what may have caused the dangerous slide. the best of the best, yelp named it's top-100 residents and half are in the golden state. the possible explanation for california's impressive showing. is storm not 2 is moving out of is state, but we're not going completely dry. tracking the timing of another storm that could be pushing into the forecast area in our five-day forecast. ♪
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state media in china reporting that more than 10 knife- wielding attackers killed at least 27 people at a train station in the southwest words per minute part of the country. and that as many as 130 others are wounded. chinese authorities calling it a terrorist attack by ugihur separatists from a province about 1500 miles away. the xinhua news agencies told that police shot four attackers and arrest a fifem. at least one person that was killed in a huge chain- reaction crash that happened in morning on an icy aaa in denver. rescuers pulled the violents from the wreckage and load them into ambulances, there is word that at least 30 people were hospitalized including childrenment according to one victim, people were just trying too fast for the snowy conditions. >> it three people are recovering after a rare avalanche in an urban area of
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missoula, montana. snow slid down mount jumbo into eye northeast missoula neighborhood. >> we weren't sure what happened and then all of a sudden here comes from the fire department banging on our doors. >> officials say heavy snow on top of a weak layer of snow may have cause the,000. witnesses say they had no idea what was going on. freezing weather in the northeast has turned the thunderous roar of niagara falls into a soft trickles. parts of it are frozen. researchers say more than 88% of the great lakeses are now covered with ice. the night sky above parts the united kingdom were shimmering. the lights are called the aurora borealis, also known as
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the northern lights. a desperate search to find a missing northern bay man. >> hundreds of thousands of gold and gems gone in a flash. investigators say it didn't happen in the store. >> you could call it a ricky rescue for man and beast. a man put himself in danger to try to save an injured dog stuck on a busy freeway and how some quick-thinking led to a happy ending for both. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek.
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can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ . police on the peninsula are searching for four armed men who made of with hundreds of thousands of dollars in high- end jewelry. the robbers targeted a new york jeweler doing business in the bay area. >> cristina rendon spoke with that jeweler about the frightening experience outside of a san carlos store. >> reporter: a new york jewelry supplier is out nearly half a million
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dollars after precious jewels were stolen from perfect right from his hand in san carlos. the 43 years old want remain anonymous, but tells me was headed to geoffreys a diamonds and the operator of the store are no idea about the robbery until after it happened. >> we had just closed and it didn't have much to do with our store. the person who was robbed was coming to our store, but not here yet. >> reporter: the jeweler crashed walnut street when a group of masked- mens shouted threats at hill from a silver suh and one man got out and point a gun at him and stole his briefcase. >> that is where he parked his car and if he parked his car somewhere else and if he was followed he might have been robbed then. >> reporter: the jeweler thinks he was followed to san carlos and says his briefcase had diamonds and, gold and other high-end jewels valuing upwards of $400,000. the san mateo county sheriff's office needs the public's help to track down the four suspects last seen in a silver honda pilot with paper license plates. >> we are working this case
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diligently like now and we have a pretty good track record with arresting bad guys and hopefully we'll efind the people and take them off the streets. >> the jeweler says it is okay, but makes him think twice about doing business in the bay area. he thinks that the area between burlingame and redwood city knows it's unsea so for suppliers and he knows he is not first jeweler to be robbed and won't be the last. san rafael police asking for the public's help to locate a at-risk elderly man, 93-year- old robert davis end been seen hence he drove away from the restaurant in costa concordia madera. police say davis suffers from a medical condition and may become disoriented driving in the heavy rain. they are asking bicyclists and hikers and others to keep an all right out for him or his severely toyota. >> maybe the car left the road. we just don't know. and we really want to locate
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him. >> now robert davis was last seen driving a vehicle similar to this one, a 2001 silver toyota camry way california license plate of 4sey056. >> police in berkeley say they are investigating their first homicide of the year. that is after officers say they found a man friday morning dead many his apartment on addison street near the intersection of san pablo and university avenues. a police spokesperson says investigators found evidence of a homicide. victim is described only as a man in his 50s. his name has not yet been raced. >> a college student with ties to the bay area will remain julieed on east coast until his trial. yesterday's a federal judge reversed his earlier decision to free 18 -year-old vladislav miftakhov. the student is accused of building bombs in his central pennsylvania apartment. the judge changed his mind
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after learning that miftakhov was on probation. congresswoman pelosi spoke with the progress and success and renovation of the tenderloin neighborhood development center kelly cullin community. the community transformed the historic ymca building on golden gate avenue into new housing for the homeless. >> i'm here to say thank you to all of you, not only for what you have done, but the individual people and the care and the housing that it will mean for them and the respect and the dignity that it brings to everyone. but also for making this a model for the nation. >> the $9 amillion project was funded by the american recovery and reinvestment act. the kelly cullen community building is complete with 172 efficiency studios. and less that two hours it will be slow going at caldecott
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tunnel as crews close the lanes. the third bore of the tunnel will be shut down from midnight to 5:00 tomorrow morning. crews will be removing an old highway seen that was replaced when the tunnel opened. drivers will be detoured to surface streets in oakland. eastbound traffic is not expected to be affected by that closure. a popular san francisco park get a $13 million makeover. the shovel were out foreground breaking ceremonies at dolores park of the over the next 13 months, rues are remove the tennis courts and construct new restrooms and other improvements. a park bond measure passed by san francisco voters in 2008 is paying for this project. work is expected to be finished by spring of next year. the popular restaurant review site yelp has compiled a list of 100 top places to eat in the u.s. and the findings are based on yelp reviews. the restaurants that have the most good reviews from the people made the top-100. about half of them are in california. that could be because
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california just happens to have the most yelp users. a two-daydream for bargain hunters started this morning at the oakland museum white elephant sale. hundreds lined up today outside of the museum warehouse. it's the 55th year of the event. sharp-eye shoppers had their pig of a dizzy array of everything. >> there is a little bit of everything, kayaks and bicycles and pieces of art. there is furniture and you name it, we have it clothing, tennis has u-dishes, towels. >> the ad mission is free and a free shuttle from the fruitvale bart station and the sale continues tomorrow from 10:00 until 4:00 p.m.. you will want to take a look at this video. a dangerous dining experience. customers at a southern
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california restaurant got a lot more than they barge yipped for had a wave comes crashing. >> showers moving south, but we may not be completely dry just yet. our meteorologist mark tamayo tracking the times of possible showers forker sunday. >> you can get ktvu news to go on our cell phone. download the ktvu app and watch all of our newscasts live. be connected anytime, anywhere.
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. that is a sightseeing trip you are bound to remember. high surf along the santa
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barbara coast created some pretty scary moments at observeside restaurant. customer as moby dick restaurant an stearns wharf were staring at the waves when one of them crashed through window. you can hear that glass break and customers screaming. nebs were a bit rattled, but nobody was hurt in the incident. >> they are pretty lucky, but a wave that strung can do some damage. >> it certainly can. >> and we'll check in with mark tamayo who months a lot about waves being a surfer. >> well, the shower activity beginning to diminish. lots of cloud cover even a few scattered and heavy downpours over the bay area. we'll keep the clouds in the forecast for the second half of the weekend. as far as rain showers southern california finally getting a break. you can see some activity moving to the norm and east of the bay area. right now the camera not
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coverage, not a lot to show you. this is beginning to basically dissipate as well. so starting off march with a few light rain showers. remember february though, very active month. these are the rain totals. san francisco over 5". you can see the amounts very impressive as well for san josi, livermore and hayward at 2.37". for tonight, partly to mostly cloudy skies. lots of cloud cover out there right now. we could still hold on to the chance of light showers for the overnight hours. we'll be tracking a few very spotty showers. tomorrow a few showers and looks like we'll be tracking more shower chans in the extended forecast. overnight lows first thing sunday morning starting out the day in the 40s to right around 50 degrees. san francisco 54 and san josi
10:39 pm
around 50 degrees. the short-term forecast model show you the clouds and possibility of a few pop-up showers. here we are at 7:00 a.m., we'll put this into motion. 12:00 and not a lot of coverage, but still the chance of a light shower or two. and probably by late in the afternoon we'll have partly cloudy skies and partly cloudy skies for tomorrow night. heavy rain is really been focus focused down towards central and southern california and some of the rainfall totals for los angeles over 3" of rain. cal poly san luis obispo 2". >> this weather system continues to move out-of-state. so we have that chance of a shower for tonight. this other guy develops offshore and more clouds and a few scattered light pop-up showers paying us a visit. the forecast model putting it
10:40 pm
into motion through sunday and into monday we're tracking more shower chances. monday developing just offshore and into tuesday looks like probably just clouds with a slight chance. looks like another system moving in more organized by wednesday. here is your forecast for tomorrow, 7:00, cloudy skies and partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s. the mild weather pattern remains in place. san francisco 61. san josi, 64 and morgan hill, 65 degrees. here is look ahead, your five- day forecast. we're starting a brand-new month with least a few scattered showers out there. a few spotty showers tomorrow. a chance monday and we'll have to keep an eye on wednesday. we could be tracking more rainfall especially in the north bay. it's nice to see the weather pattern change with a few wet weather systems paying us a visit, but nothing too severe at least in the five-day. >> golfers are none for playing in any kind of weather, but in wisconsin it was fishermen who took the price
10:41 pm
for ignoring the elements. the annual freeze your butt off fishing tournament, that what it's called. anglers trying to catch the elusive walleye. organizers say the high temperature was only 3 degree above 0. >> those are some pretty dedicated fishermen. to a hart warming story out of texas as a dog stranded on the highway gets a little help from stranger. we'll show you that cute little lab right there in the middle of the eastex freeway in houston. as the man moves towards the dog, it runs away. it's pretty scared of it's only after the man pulls out a sandwich that that lab gets in the man's truck and the two were off to the spca. >> so you gave up your lunch to save a dog-pretty much, pretty much. >> i could see she was thankful and happy to be in a safer environment. >> the vet check out that dog and said she had several bone bones as well as internal
10:42 pm
bleeding, but underwent surgery and expected to be okay. >> that man is a hero in my book. >> yes. >> coming up both the a's and giants experienced unpredictable results in the cactus league game. >> and it's march and that means march madness and a couple of bay area teams making a late surge to the big dance.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to saturday night edition of sportswrap. two regular-season games remain before the pac-12 tournament, which means that cal is running out of time to prove it belongs in the ncaa tournament. nothing happened this weekend in arizona to improve the bear's chances. arizona state also positioning for a seeding in the conference
10:45 pm
with tournament in las vegas. bears able to happening around for the first half largely due to the efforts of jordan matthews, who hit 14 points. the bears trailed by 5 at the half. then it was all sun devils in the second half. shaquille mckissick with the scoop won't go, but barness hustles to keep it live. the sun devils win 78-60 as the bears lose back-to-back games in the desert. they are now tied for 5th place with colorado in the conference. asu all alone in 3rd. >> in past years there was an element of intrigue when st. mary's playbook. that gael in


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