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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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clouds. lake county and a little bit up towards clover dale and lake community and i don't think much of northern napa. redwood 56 for everybody and again not a cold system and that's for sure. we will continue to see this cloud thicken up and it will drop south throughout the afternoon and evening hours. it continues to be well to the north, and the theme looks like that is the pattern for us cloudy rain, not even much towards santa clara valley and if you are caught to the north, near 70s for morgan hill. we are doing traffic as we are talking about the bart situation. map machine.
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if you take bart from the fremont line if you don't want to deal with the delays, you don't have to think about driving early. we also are looking at the bridges, san mateo and dumbarton bridge traffic looks good all the way to the peninsular. service from fremont to south hayward was shut down after a person was hit by a train. they are still at the accident scene trying to determine what happened. alex? >> reporter: good morning to you, yes, no trains are running between union city and south hayward and there is still an active investigation going on.
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we are in dust you' all -- industrial parkway. the train that hit them was headed north approaching the south hayward station. now the train involved had 11 passengers on board and all of those passengers were interviewed at the scene and then they were put onto another train. they don't know at this point how the victim wound up on the tracks. all the tracks are fenced in. we don't even know if it was a man or a woman and still it could be several more hours before this investigation wraps up and that it is what we were told by bart police. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is no if you are visit between -- service
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between hayward and fremont. there is limited service to san francisco from the bay fair steak. jean guantanamo bay has said there is a there is -- want has talked about the service center. it blasted last night's decision which creates a 24 hour systems facility. it includes surveillance cameras and shots spotters they are afraid it will charge us and not the entire city. they are remembering a popular
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8 8th grade student. they were mourning the loss of jenna betty. she tried to retrieve her cell phone from the train tracks sunday evening. family and classmates are remembering her, she meant so much to so many. >> jenna was one of the best friends i have ever had. i doesn't think i could ever replace that. >> there will be another emotional ceremony later this week and there is a stun did i new development at transgender high school student. he was sexually assaulted by three boys in the school bathroom. they don't know why he made up the lie and he could face
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charges for filing a false report. it could prove for the latest wake-up call with a school district with a troubled history. >> we do have harassment and individuals who get confronted every day and we need to look into that. >> just last month teachers at hercules high overwhelmingly approved a vote in the schools prints pill are you has led to fights in a rack. an attorney for lynn spalding is filing a claim. she went missing from her room september 21st. 17 days later her body was found in a locked stairwell. her family is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.
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they are looking being for a woman in her 80s. it was known as a quiet pain inhood he besides her boyfriend. the woman was able to free herself and make it to a neighbor's home. there have now been four burglars in the last --bergs and resident answer are trying when they consider getting into the house. >> they are now warning nerve about the increase and they will hold. >> public safety hall meeting sunday night. teenage girl said she was aggressively globed in broad daylight at the regional trail
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880. the girl said she was walking down the pathway when a man passed by her and came from behind and assaulted her. she called nine 911, they launched an assault and still it as are has not come through. during the days scary. i don't know where that person came from. >> police have not received any similar assaults in the area. the man is described as white. 185 pounds with a black mustache and beard. he was wearing a royal blue shirt and basketball shorts at the time. fremont police are looking for a man who broke into agrees are you storm and stole a vending
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machine of lottery tickets. they showed a man pushing it right out of a store on mission boulevard. the store was missing most of the cash and those tickets have been flagged. now to continuing crisis in ukraine. russia is violating by accepting troops. a comment wad made and the russian president said he has the right to send them into another area. >> i don't know maybe vladimir puntin has a different set of lawyers making it a different set of intern its, he
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previously hoping to push a diplomatic situation to the crisis. prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be in the bay area. his meeting follows another meeting with president barack obama monday. they will sign an agreement to expand cooperation. the president is also scheduled to visit and the world's newest is docked in philadelphia and is set to be fully committed. and that was used to prepare to storm the cockpit and prepare a take over of the plain. this is how the ship was given
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its name. they spent the 100,000 on water. that is double what they spent. the city usually receivers 78 5% its water and police are asking if and they could decide to race rates by this summer. san francisco public has has a policy banning google glass. the high tech high ware ware was not allow. >> others said it made them uncomfortable. >> it is the person's natural right to use the product where
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they see fit and it is also others rights to say we choose not to serve you as you are distracting other customers. >> that bar also takes google bust. the actions rangers are taking them to accounts -- discover it. bart system may play a role in the system and find out why they are not running on a certain line and find out why they may put more people on the bay bridge. the rain we are not sure will make it this far south. when i was living without insurance, it was very scary.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:44 this is south of the south hayward bart station. last night a train hit and killed a person and as of now there is no service between the hayward station. there is also him ted service from the pay fair tender as well and we will have a live update at 5:00. president barack obama called for $3.9 trillion in spending. he increased it for spending in education public works and job training and ends tax breaks for the wealthy. they don't like it and house speaker john boehner said it is his most irresponsible budget. the budget calls for $37
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million to help restore the bay and more than 3 million for the border crossings in missionco and would bored it from 445, i had ward snow dap, he will take part in a southwest festival. what the community can do against mass surveillance. edward snowden is still in russia where he was granted asylum. he faces espionage for leaking classified information about surveillance programs. one of the biggest airlines is now strictly enforcing its carry on luggage policy. they will no longer tolerate oversized bags on board their trains. they will be stopped to check their bags in.
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united is trying to make sure there is enough room in overhead bins for all of its passengers. they are getting some good news about the gold coins they found on their property. the they are up to $10 million but they may have come from a theft at the u.s. mint building and if that was true, they would be considered evidence. the coins would be late may and early group. he said they will donate some of the profits to charity and the rest will allow them to keep their property. >> not foot news. that's right we have no service between fremont and south hayward so the first steaks you will go to is
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hayward so you should go to the bay fair station. alex is covering this story and this is because of a police investigation and we will have more details at the top of the hour if you are not taking the sap make matt matt or the dumbarton if you are trying to get out that way by driving let if to photograph. some of that will drop pert north and a better opportunity, generally around an inch, cloudy conditions, then it will spread south into early and a lot more cloudiness, it is taking aim at us and we are
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getting the moisture funneled in from the southwest. we have some rain to the north and also around clover dale and -- clover dale and it focuses to the north and we have a really milded pattern and we are under close -- cloudy skies and book ends for 55. and after that, it is not much of a south but nothing too great here. they are sliding slowly south, 60 to near 70-degree on obviously, upper 60s did go
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70ss. sunday clouds and rain moves back in north. thank you, steve. we have details about the burned body near the oakland complex just a scene. his owner stopped by for a drink.
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. we have more details on a murder/suicide. police say a 60-year-old woman shot and killed her mother before killing herself. their names have not been released and they have not released any information about a motive. we are learning more about a burned body in oakland. it was found on 34th avenue. he has been identified as richard fang. this is the same complex where she was killed in a home invasion. she was richard's aunt. she was the property manager and he was council. they are paying for a newly
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created police officer position. now the social media giant will play for three years to fund that position. they will fund it for an additional two years and it will be based in the bell haven neighborhood and they will be working with public schools on things like facebook. >> the police chief says the social media giant put no conditions on its offer. the neighborhood he oar she will not be a facebook cop. facebook is negotiateing to buy tightened air space where they can fly for years and they would use it to buy internet access. facebook is not commenting on
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that report. banned on bottled water will go into san francisco after they held a taste test for people who lived in the city. >> is this tap water? >> city leaders let them see if they can tell the difference between tap water. most people could not tell the difference and that was the point the supervisor was trying to make. supervisors unanimously approved selling small bottles of water on the property and they require they build more drinking fountains where people with refill their own bottles. doctors are freely describing medical marijuana and the new proposal will
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require a primary pre--- pre- cringes. -- pre-description. only on 2, is he known for refusing to talk to the media. martian lynch spoke exclusive live about the great highs and lows in his life. growing up in north oakland he saw friends get killed starting at the able of five. he is now helping other kids through the family foundation. >> i hope i can give them a sense of hope you know something to believe in and something to have faith in. >> lynch holds a football camp his goals include expanding foundations and finishing with a degree in social welfare. and they went into effect
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at the s ap center and they now have to go through metal detectors, there are also bag searches in effect and the national league is requiring arenas to hold security. he is defending his decision to bring a tiger into a bar. john basil is raising a siberian tiger to be part of his wildlife education center. he took him to uncle richie's bar and people panicked and called police at the site of the extra large cat. >> he was walking the streets like it was a normal thing like it was a dog. basil said he was there only for 15 minutes because people were making the tiger grumpy
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and at no time was anybody in danger. >> i don't know tigers were allowed to cruise around. we want to show you live pictures from the fremont bart station and as we have been talking about, there is big problems because of an ongoing investigation and we do have team coverage on the delays. they are set to go dark tomorrow and the point the artist is trying to make. good morning, traffic is moving along well on bay area bridges including the golden gate bridge, and we'll see if the bart service interruptions have any effect. some rain to the north and it makes it this far south.
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. we are live in fremont and it's already starting to be a tough morning for commuters, there is no service and we will tell you what the alternatives are for people in the east bay
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getting into the city. the city of oakland makes a controversial decision. and live on the bay bridge, the lights will go out, all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning we want to take you out to the fremont bart station, this is a live station apt the stations this morning and we have live team coverage and it all stems from an investigation so we will take you back out there and get a check on that investigation and on the service delays this morning. it is wednesday, march 5th, i


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