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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 7, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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cooler. 40s on the temps or very low 50s. but again these are five, six degrees cooler than we have seen in the last couple of days. enjoy today and tomorrow. it looks like clouds will roll in on sunday. i think there will be rain to the north. ice 60s and 70s. and also on saturday near 70. but increasing clouds on sunday. rain develops for the north bay. mostly sunny today. high clouds to the north. patchy fog but there is a little chill in the morning air. 60s to the north. here is sal. traffic is doing okay. we do have a problem. we had an accident northbound 880 at broadway in oakland. traffic is recovering. you can see chp is up there trying to clear the lanes. oakland fire department was there for awhile too. and we are still seeing a little bit of activity in the area. it is not all that bad but you should be aware of it. also at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light coming into
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san francisco. a live look at northbound 280 in san jose it's okay. at 4:30 let's go back to et desk. we begin this morning with breaking news in the south bay. crews are battling a house fire in san jose where two people we understand were burned. ktvu janine de la vega is live at the scene with what is happening right now. janine. >> reporter: we are in east san jose. they have knocked down this fire. it is in this back of this house. we do know that two people were inside the house and they suffered bad burns. to get more information on what is happening right now and how this all started, we go to captain reggie williams with the san jose fire department. when you got here the flames were really raging. >> yeah what we have is an exterior fire. firefighters had a difficult
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time accessing the structure. if you look at the building it had security bars throughout. we had to use our rescue bars to remove the people. we did have two residents that were badly burned and take tonight local burn center. we have knocked down the fire. we have searched the property. there is no one else inside the building. we will be heading into the mop up phase. again we don't know what caused this fire. the cause is still under investigation. we should have our arson investigator in route. >> reporter: and it was actually another stricture that was be-- structure that was behind the house. >> yeah the first reports stated it might have been an attached structure. but again we don't know exactly what it is. when we got here we saw 20-30- foot flames above the roof line of the house. again if you look at it, there are security bars even on the edge that lead down the side.
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>> reporter: thank you so much reggie williams. dramatic its cape from another fire in hayward as several people jumped from a second story window. alex savidge is live with how a small child made it out. >> reporter: a child was thrown from one of the second story bedroom windows here at this apartment that caught fire late last night. he was thrown down to a neighbor who was waiting on the ground and caught that child. i was told it was a little boy.
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he was not hurt. the adults trapped in that burning apartment were injured trying to make their escape through that window. a man and woman were put on the stretchers and taken to the hospital. firefighters say they were hurt as they jumped through a bedroom that was 25 feet off the ground. this fire started just before 11:00 last night. inside one of the second floor units at this apartment building on seventh street near c-street. caught by the neighbor was taken to the -- a neighbor that went downstairs described the chaotic scene. >> i ended up with a baby and the black smoke started coming out the front window. it was really bad. >> reporter: the unit that caught fire here was heavily damaged. the three other units in this building had smoke and water damage as well. everyone who lives in this
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building has been forced to find a new place to stay. this fire appears to have started in the kitchen. at least it does not appear to be suspicious. alex savidge chest ktvu alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. the junior high school student was killed by a freight train that was passing through martinez last sunday evening. the eighth grader ran back on to the tracks to pick up her cell phone she had dropped. this morning's funeral begins at 10:30. also happening today there is a news conference at saratoga high school to unvail audrey's law. a bill aimed at cracking down on cyber bullying. it's named after audrey pot who committed suicide in 2012 a week after pictures were taken
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of here passed out and naked at a party. time is 4:35. there is concern and confusion over the announcement that the owner of albertson's is buying safeway. we are told the safeway name won't be going away and the popular rewards program will remain for now. although there are no plans to close stores, business expert tells ktvu she expects layoffs to eliminate duplicating jobs. >> it was debt mental to our membership in terms of layoffs and reductions and health of welfare. we don't want to see that repeated at safeway. >> albertson says the $9 billion deal will lead to a wide arrange of items for shoppers and safer products. they would combine for 2400
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stores making it the second largest chain behind krogers. now to the california drought. the alameda county water district is considering enforcing one of the toughest restrictions in the bay area to date. the board may declare an emergency water shortage next thursday. restrictions would include limiting irrigation and banning homes and businesses from watering lawns on consecutive days. violations could lead to fines, possibly jail time. but that would be in the most extreme cases. jean quan says her city is heading in the right direction. last night she delivered her third state of the city address. topics including keeping the city's three sports teams, falling unemployment, and decline in violent crime. the new class of police academy graduates will help lead the way in public safety. >> most of them are people of color. almost half of them speak a second language, and we've had
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the highest number of women in the history of graduates. 19%. that is above the national average right now. >> quan is also launching a new campaign to get more people to move to oakland in hopes to bring 10,000 new people to the downtown and uptown areas. this was seen as an important speech for quan. as it was for her last city of the city address. time is 4:38. dramatic surveillance video could be used as evidence for two men in an armed robbery. it shows them terrorizing a liquor store and shooting his weapon into the air. the two men hit about 20 stores and shops since december. investigators caught the suspects last week by examing crime patterns and staking out several targets. >> the suspects seem to be ramping up their level of violence. we know robberies of this type will continue to ramp up. >> surveillance camera on a
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sheriffs department helicopter photographed offices chasing down the suspects. they are still looking for more possible suspects, witnesses, and victims. time is 4:39. today a letter will be sent to alabamaer telling them they have -- uber telling them they have 60 days. there was a hearing to address safety concern zs a the ride share industry booms. last month we told you about water leaking into the new eastern span of the bay bridge. now we are getting an up close look at those. engineers found 900 leaky gaskets.
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water could also be seeping in through tiny cracks in theing near the steal traffic barriers. it was lights out last night on the western span of the bay bridge. as the light show marked its first anniversary. the 25,000 lights went dark for 25 minutes to give viewers the chance to impact the piece of public art has had on san francisco. candle stick park is living to another day. the unit soccer federation has announced the men's soccer team will play an exhibition game at candle stick on may 27th. it's part of the team's world cup tune up. the u.s. will also play in new jersey and florida in june . 4:40 is the time. it wasn't what we planned but that kid did get his night at
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the oscars. coming up at 5:00 how spider man came to the rescue. good morning. right now we are looking at a commute that doesn't have that many problems as we look at the bay bridge. there is some road work up there. right now traffic is moving well into san francisco. skies are mostly clear and it's noticeably cooler. but what about the afternoon highs? will they be a little warmer and can we keep these to the north? when i was living without insurance, it was very scary.
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always good to see that. 150 members of the 1,113th national guard transportation company based out of san jose are waking up in the comfort of
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their own beds they returned home yesterday after being gone for a year serving in afghanistan. the returning soldiers have missed birthdays and milestones. now they have a chance to catch up. >> she's a whole different person. he's like half the size he is now. >> it's wonderful. i love it. i can't wait to spend time with them. >> welcome back. the patriot guard riders greeted all the members on the flight into san jose yesterday. the chapter leader said they wanted all them to know a grateful nation is waiting for their safe return. russian parliament is waiting -- to become part of russia. president obama spoke with russian president vladimir putin on the phone for an hour yesterday. it would ask pee if they want to break away from ukraine and
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become part of russia. >> any discussion about the future of ukraine must include the government of ukraine in in 2014. >> but russian president vladimir putin calls the new government ill legitimate because it's the result of an unconstitutional coo. he says russia cannot ignore request for protection from ethnic russians. oscar pistorius is back in court after a difficult day at his trial yesterday. this is video of pistorius arriving at the courthouse yesterday. he broke down after the questions from a doctor. prosecutors say he intentionally killed her after an argument. at 4:46 there is new information about the richmond
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schoolteacher accused of child sex abuse. on wednesday police arrested ron ginto. he began work there just months after being fired from the making waves academy charter school. ktvu news has learned dismissile came while police for investigating charges that he sexually abused students during a camping trip. students and staff at a school in oakland are heartbroken after a thief made off with thousands of dollars worth of computers. it happened at joaquin miller elementary school earlier this week. >> it's a shame that people feel like they have the right to come into a school and rob children of their technology or anything that supports their education. >> three years ago volunteers
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helped raise money to purchase the 25i-macs and much of the student's school works were on the computers as well. let's check in with sal. hopefully a little quieter. we've had very busy traffic. >> yeah. i want to show you something. if guys in the control room can bring up the maps. i have something to tell you here. we had a car go through the bay bridge the wrong way. check this out. it came through the toll plaza and got on to 880 going the wrong way and went all of this distance until right here where chp ran a traffic break. there was a collision. that person was injured but no one else was seriously injured. i saw this on the way into work here and traffic was briefly stopped on 880. we have a picture of 880 in the oakland area where the accident happened. it has just been cleared. last time i showed you a lot of police activity but they just got out of the way. and fortunately no one was
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seriously injured. it could have been a really bad wreck but chp was on top of it. that is pretty scary thing to have a car going the wrong way on the freeway. let's go to the toll plaza now. westbound. you can see traffic is doing very well. it's nice and early. is there someone backing up there? look at the bottom there on the right. is someone backing up out of the car pool lane? that is just -- that is awful. you are a bad driver, sir. my goodness. all right let's move along. yeah northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. the traffic is moving okay. steve, please help. >> sal, that is the only gear they could find. >> i guess. [ laughter ] we have a little bit of fog but otherwise clear skies. it's a little chilly out there. just so you know. we've had very mild lows. that snot the case this morning. it will be a beautiful day
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unless you are up points north and then you might get more in the way of partly cloudies. for local areas here it will be nice. i don't think the fog will do too much. more 40s and 50s. a couple days these have been 56-57. now they are more 45-46. over all high pressure says i think i will show up for a couple days. that will be friday and saturday. 27 in tahoe. 10 better for reno. 40 ukiah. 61 down in san diego. let's take a look. our next system is poised to move north but drag across. saturday looks to be the best day of the weekend. sunday night especially into early monday. member some rain north bay. 60s for the most. turning cloudy on sunday and rain develops late afternoon evening. maybe for everybody early monday. but that is early monday. today and tomorrow looks good.
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i think it will be sunny santa clara valley but it's a chilly morning out there. temperatures in the 60s. near 70 degrees. these are pretty close to average. right about where we should be which is around 61-67. everyone is right in there. about the same for tomorrow. we will see increasing clouds on sunday into monday. the san jose sharks had a special guest at last night's game against pittsburgh penguins. fans cheered for polina edmunds. she dropped the puck at last night's game. >> and she did get out of the way. >> good. it was a close call for mk noblet. three girls were in the bottom three but it came down to emily
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or mk. she is the second idol contestant sent home. season 11 winner phillip phillips made an appearance. you can watch american idol every wednesday and thursday night right here on ktvu channel 2. >> yes. 4:52 is the time. emotional pleas to keep people safe in san francisco. the new plans to protect pedestrians and how much it's expected to cost. the first we heard of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were from mark.
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if they knew that their fight wasn't intended to land. >> a new documentary about a 9/11 hero was sold out in san jose. it's called the rugby player. the life story of mark bingham. it follows his close ties with his mother. they died fighting back against the terrorist that took over united flight 93.
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>> i realize that there are things that i need to stand up and fight for because mark can no longer do it. i need to stand up against islamist terrorism and poor security. >> the director says the film makers are trying to secure a distribution deal so they can bring bingham's story to a wider audience. the city of san francisco is getting ready to spend millions of dollars for those walk the city streets. that was made yesterday. san francisco's police chief says pedestrian safety must be a top priority this year. >> year to date, we've had more people killed on the street in san francisco than we have by homicide. it is a problem. >> so far this year five pedestrians have been killed in san francisco. safety plans call for $17 million to be spent to improve 170 locations around the city.
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police in berkeley are offering a $15,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the person who killed a man inside of his apartment last week. the man's body was found inside of his home on addison street. few details about his death have been released. an investigation is still under way. anyone with information is asked to call the police department. we are learning more about an fbi investigation into a bay area cold case dating back to 1976. now ktvu first reported federal agents and local police were reopening an investigation into the unsolved murders of six women. the fbi now forming a joint task force to look into the so- called gypsy hill murders. one woman was convicted in that case. now wee have learned that dna belonging to a man links the six murders. the girl scouts and barbie are sticking together.
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at least for now. they rejected calls to cut ties with the doll companies. the girl scout's business partnership with barbie celebrates a flawed role model for the girls. >> that is good. we like barbie at our house. coming up we are following breaking news. two hurt in a house fire. janine de la vega is gatherings information at the scene. we'll have a live report on what kept firefighters from getting to the people inside. >> vegas show and ring side tickets to a fighting match. these are some of the gifts given to bay area lawmakers last year. the new law that was just introduced to stop it. >> good morning. san mateo bridge traffic looks good if you are driving out to the high-rise. no major problems are going to check out all the bridge traffic and let you know. >> skies are mostly clear. it is a little cooler this
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morning. afternoon highs are cooling off. charles not having coverage stressed me out. i literally haven't been to a doctor in 15 years. i had a car accident when i was uninsured,
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and i declined medical assistance because it was gonna be too expensive. as a result, i deal with back pain on a pretty regular basis. after it had built up for so long of not having insurance, i couldn't believe that it was just that easy. it was just nice to have a plan that was a reasonable monthly premium. i'm in because i don't want to put a price on my health. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at we are live in san jose where firefighters just knocked a fire that left two people badly injured. we'll tell you what may have prevented them from escaping
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sooner. the new state law being introduced today following the death of audrey pott. el nino could be making a come back. it could bring a lot of relief for the record breaking drought but why it's not all good news. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. very active scene this morning in san jose. a house fire. we are actually following a number of fires this morning. janine de la vega is down there in san jose. alex savidge at another fire. we understand another one is on -- something else is on fire in that location. but we will tell you this location there was something at that house that kept firefighters from getting to the people inside right away. we will take you back to that scene in a moment. thank you for joining us it


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