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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 7, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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sooner. the new state law being introduced today following the death of audrey pott. el nino could be making a come back. it could bring a lot of relief for the record breaking drought but why it's not all good news. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. very active scene this morning in san jose. a house fire. we are actually following a number of fires this morning. janine de la vega is down there in san jose. alex savidge at another fire. we understand another one is on -- something else is on fire in that location. but we will tell you this location there was something at that house that kept firefighters from getting to the people inside right away. we will take you back to that scene in a moment. thank you for joining us it is
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friday, march 7th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's go to steve. >> thank you pam and dave. we have mostly clear skies. temperatures starting off in the 40s. some of that fog favoring san mateo coast. it will be a nice day today and nicer tomorrow. some of these higher clouds will head toward mendocino county and lake county. here is sal. >> all right. we do have traffic. that is going to be doing very well at the toll plaza. you may have heard of a crash earlier at the toll plaza. that has been taken care of. there is no problem on the
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bridge getting into san francisco. and by the way, there are no problems on 880. as we look at the commute here on 880, the traffic continues to look very nice. passing the coliseum in either direction that is northbound 880 on the right. coming through as you can see the traffic in the east bay is off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. we are following developing story from hayward. a large fire just broke out in a carport near the scene of another large overnight apartment fire. ktvu alex savidge was out covering that other fire when he smelled smoke and you saw flames from this fire. what is going on? >> reporter: here's the situation. this is an apartment building here where a fire broke out late last night. several people jumped from a window to escape. and a short time ago a new fire broke out here. basically on the backside of this apartment building. you can see the hayward fire department just arrived here. let's get to the video. huge flames pouring from what we are told is a carport at an
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apartment complex that is on the backside of the building. again it burned earlier in the evening. we saw a lot of neighbors they were running. ma of them went out and hopped in their cars and they were all moving their cars trying to get them out of the way here as this new fire broke out. again the fire department just got here a short time ago. in fact, we were the ones that were here. several news crews out here. we were the ones that called this fire in. the fire department just got here. they are trying to get this fire under control. again a second fire that has broken out here. very close to. just over a back fence in fact from the apartment building that burned late last night. so we will bring you back out here. hayward fire department is here. we will try to gather some information. but we do understand this was a carport fire. you can see the smoke here coming from that fire. we will get new details on this fire. for now we are live in hayward alex savidge ktvu channel 2
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news. >> as alex just told you that fire is right near another fire in hayward that started late last night and a child is among the people who barely escaped the fast moving flames. it started shortly before 11:00 last night on an apartment on seventh street. a three-year-old child was thrown to safety from a second story window to a neighbor down below. three adults were forced to jump. >> it was scary. it was like fire, fire. and then we see the top of the roof. >> there were no serious injuries. investigators have traced the fire to a kitchen in one of the units. we are also following a breaking story. two people burned in an early
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morning house fire. janine de la vega is at the scene where crews are still there as we can see a very active scene. >> reporter: firefighters were able to knock down most of the fire. most of the damage is in the back of the house. firefighters had to saw off these metal bars that you see. the security bars on the front of the house. they originally told me they may have thought that prevented the people who lived inside from getting out. but fire captain and came up to me and told me they did have release bars from the inside so they could have released those bars but for some reason or another that wasn't activated. let's go to video. here is cell phone video taken by a neighbor where flames were shooting up in the air 20-30 feet high. the next door neighbor said he woke up to popping sounds and screaming. this was all taking police next
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door. it all happened at 3:45 this morning. the fire was in the back of the house. so there was some sort of structure there. we are told by firefighters it ended up collapsing while they tried to get inside. we know two people a man and a woman ran out of the garage area before fire crews came and they were badly burned here is what the next door neighbor had to say. >> they came running out of thage they were screaming. yelling call the fire department. one of them was holding their arm and crying. >> reporter: both of the victims were taken to burn units and we don't know what their condition as of now. we are told it was just some serious burns they are dealing with. right now firefighters are still on the scene. they are mopping up. fire captain told me he peeked in the windows at the back of the house and said the fire did
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jump from sort of outdoor structure to the house and a lot of the rooms there are gutted. they are waiting for a fire investigator to arrive on scene to start investigating to figure out what caused this fire. we are stay on top of it and give you an update when we get one. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. happening today a news conference at saratoga high school to unvail audrey's law. a bill for cracking down on cyber bullying. it's named for audrey pott. the 15-year-old student who committed suicide in 2012. with one week after getting drunk and passing out at a party and three classmates were sent to juvenile hall for sexually assaulting her and taking photos of her. the proposed audrey's lieu would make it legal to prosecute minors as adults and make cyber bullying a felony in some cases. student was killed by a
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freight train. police say the eighth grader ran back on to the tracks to pick up her cell phone she had dropped. this morning's funeral begins at 10:30. two teenage boys being investigated were last month's water bottle attacks that injured several people. the chp says the boys threw water bottles from a pickup truck targeting as many as ten vehicles including two school buses. the incidents happened in and around santa rosa. investigators say the boys were identified by finding the owner of the pickup truck. neither suspect is cooperating with police and the investigation continues. time is 5:08. the city council will allow private companies to sponsor city programs and pay to put their names on city owned facilities. the council says it's a way to offset the cost to programs like the thursday night concert series. two of the council members said no on the proposal. they say is they are not comfortable with letting companies buy the names of city
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parks. a group of senate democrats in sacramento calling for strict new rules to make it illegal for state lawmakers to accept free tickets for concerts and sporting events. some include a performance by hip hop dance crew at a las vegas casino, disney land, and mixed marital arts fighting event. the state lawmakers that accepted the most free gift including travel last year includes rob bonza. $15,300. phil ting $14,900. and luis alejo $14,100. now to the california drought. the alameda water district is considering enforcing one of the toughest restrictions in the bay area to date.
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the report is the board may declare an emergency water shortage. punishment may include fines and jail time. but that will be in the most extreme cases. time is 5:10. california may soon get relief from the record breaking drought. climate experts predict el nino may be brewing later this year. that could bring a lot of badly needed rain next winter here to california. however, meteorologists say a lot could change between now and then. >> at this time it's way too early to determine if we are going to have a strong el nino or weak to moderate. so it's one of those things that we are definitely watching. >> now globally the return of el nino could mean warm, hot temperatures later this year. that could also mean billions
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of dollars in food crop losses around the world. back here at home clear skies in oakland predicted for tonight's first friday. thousands are expected to turn out for the monthly music and arts festival which was rained out last month. the street festival spans a five block area. bat kid did get his night at the oscars after all. five-year-old miles scott and andrew garfield took part in a mini oscar ceremony. here's a picture of the two in their tuxedos. the bat kid and spider man were supposed to make a joint appearance but the segment was pulled at the last minute. garfield also accompanied miles to a trip to disney land. >> so you took care of him. >> spider man and bat kid. love it. time is 5:11. another pedestrian hit in san francisco. we'll have all the details for
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you. also why san francisco's police chief now comparing the situation to if a much bigger crime. >> a suspected child molester arrested in the peninsula has two kids and social media helped put him behind bars. >> good morning. we are looking at traffic that is getting busier by the moment as we look at highway 4 you can see traffic is getting crowded. >> nothing busy about the weather just cool and clear for most. there is patchy low clouds. we will see if this pattern will hold into the weekend. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 5:14. the two men that pled guilty to beating bryan stow are facing new federal charges. a grand jury has indicted them for possessions of firearms. those weapons include assault style rifles. last month norwood and sanchez pled guilty to the attack at dodgers stadium that almost killed stow nearly three years ago. the case of a 16-year-old boy accused of setting another teenager on fire at an ac transit bus are heading to trial. richard thomas set 1-year-old -- 18-year-old sasha fleischman's skirt on fire.
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>> people talking my client. >> thomas is being tried as an adult facing charges that could land him in prison for life. he is due back in court on march 20th. police in san mateo say social media and two very brave kids help them catch an accused child predator. the police posted an alert about a man soliciting a girl for sex on north claremont street. two 12-year-old girls saw the alert and man's photo on facebook. and identified the suspect as alberto. >> and they recognize the individual from previous contact. they in turn told officials at the school that they go to and the school reported it to us. >> he turned himself in to police. he is now in the san mateo county jail facing several charges. investigators say this case would have been harder to solve years ago before social media
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became popular. a man from los angeles county is denying any connection to bit coin. that is despite a news week cover story identifying him as the creator of the wildly successful digital currency. he admits he has done classified work for the u.s. military and several big corporations. however, the 64-year-old man says he never even heard of bit coin until a news week reporter contacted him three weeks ago. >> the reason i'm here is to clear my name that i have nothing to do with bit coin. nothing to do with developing. i was just an engineer doing something else. >> news week still claims it has solved the mystery of exactly who came up with the concept of bit coin and the magazine is standing by its story. 5:17 is the time right now. let's check back in with sal. i know you are following an interesting situation on the bay bridge. is that all clear?
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>> yeah. we had a wrongway driver this morning on the bridge. fortunately that driver did not cause any major damage to herself or anyone else. thanks to the quick action of chp that got out there in front of her and basically stopped her. she has driven five, six miles or maybe longer before it was detected. let's take a look at -- and this is the freeway where it happened. 880 north and southbound. we see traffic is moving okay. i do see flashing lights up there. whenever i do that, we start looking around to see if anything is going on that we don't know about. let's go to the toll plaza. that is light. there have no major problems coming into san francisco. i want to check out the 580 freeway. it looks good. driving down to the fremont area. not a bad commute. san mateo bridge traffic looking good across over to highway 101. let's go to steve. sal. >> yes, sir? >> we spring forward on the clocks. >> oh is it that weekend?
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we are losing an hour of sleep? >> yes. now when i run for president, it will be one time all the time. >> i agree with you. i'm voting for you. >> no need for daylight savings. especially when you get up at 2:30 in the morning. we do have clear skies expect for patchy low clouds. a few high clouds to the north. and over all it will be a nice day. temperatures a little cooler here this morning. noticeably cooler. when i went out, i said brrr a little chill there. more 40s here 37. a couple low 50s or soft 50s if you will. temperatures will warm up. nights are a little shorter. days a little longer. few high clouds. 26 in tahoe. 41 ukiah. 40s and 50s to 61 down in san diego. over all high pressure will deflect all of this to the north until sunday. and then we will see increasing clouds saturday. it will be the best day of your weekend. clouds will roll in on sunday. probably will be a slow process but we will cloud it up on
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sunday. today and tomorrow. expect for patchy fog. 60s and 70s. it will be sunny. to the north it will be mostly sunny. rain develops in the north bay. probably later in the afternoon and evening. and maybe carrying into early monday. mostly sunny today. chilly morning. a couple layers here. high clouds north bay. highs 60s near 70. but most locations in the 60s. i did put that in there for antioch and gilroy. 68 los gatos. 68 redwood city. looks good on saturday. a little chilly in the morning and then clouding up on monday. rain develops to the north. and then after that tuesday and wednesday look sunny and warmer. >> all right. last day of the week for wall street as well. i want to take a look at the numbers. a little bit of a mixed picture yesterday by the time the closing bell rang this morning the futures indicate a pretty good opening. slightly higher across the board. of course the situation in ukraine certainly on the eyes of investors.
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apple lost its request to block the sale of some samsung smart phones in the u.s.. apple did not provide enough evidence but the samsung phone features are big enough draw for consumers to warn a permanent sales ban. a did win a judgment against samsung over patented technology on the older smart phones and both companies are headed back to court later this month. facebook changing your news feed. this picture is what it looks like now. facebook says it wants the web version and mobile version to match. here's a look at what it will look like. photos will be bigger. there is color changes for the links on the side. during testing users said it was more difficult to navigate. time is 5:21. new information about a bay area teacher accused of very
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serious charges. why school officials missed critical red flags. >> all those families were told the bodies were never recovered. >> putting names and faces to the pearl harbor attack. the recognition that may be coming more than 70 years later.
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welcome back. time is 5:24. three graves at a national second e cemetery are marked unknown. but now a man who survived the 1941 attack thinks he knows who
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is buried there. ray emery who was also a historian has spent years collecting and analyzing documents. he thinks 21 sailors listed as missing from the uss oklahoma when it sank during the attack they are the ones buried in the five caskets in the three graves. >> every grave has a story to tell. really. and it's sad that what they did is grave makers. >> 15 u.s. senators sent a letter to chuck hagel asking him to order lab to examine the remains. 150 members of the national guard transportation based out of san jose are waking up in the comfort of their own beds this morning. guard members returned home yesterday after being gone for a year serving in afghanistan.
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the returning soldiers have missed birthdays and milestones and now they get to check up. >> he's a whole different person. he is half the size. >> she is wonderful i love it. >> the patriot guard riders greeted all the members from the flight into san jose yesterday. the chapter leader says they wanted all the returning soldiers to know a grateful nation was waiting for their safe return. time is 5:26. for the third time in a month there was a physical confrontation between a fan and a coach or player at a college basketball game. the latest happened last night during this game between hawaii and santa barbara. the hawaii coach was arguing with the refs about a technical foul when a fan came out of the stands and started yelling at him. hawaii players pushed the fan away. he was later arrested by campus police. if he is a student he may well
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be expelled. a terrifying incident happened at a ben go game in the south bay. coming up the armed robbers accused in a bold and brutal crime. >> and some scary moments for people in hayward apartment complex just a short time ago as a carport erupts in flames. but will hear from one of the people who's car was burned in this large fire. >> on the sunol grade we do have traffic that is getting busier and coming up we will also tell you about what 580 looks like on a friday coming in from the altamont pass to the main part of dublin. >> skies are mostly clear. a little bit of patchy low clouds but it will be sunny and nice today.
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good morning. welcome back. just about 5:30. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. these are live pictures. we're in the middle of all of these fire trucks following breaking news from hayward. firefighters putting out a huge fire at a carport. it is on the same street where an apartment building caught fire just a coup hours ago. the ktvu alex savidge is right there talking to the fire victims. he will have a live report in a couple minutes. friday morning, march 7th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 5:30. friday morning. so what is the weekend going to be like? let's check with steve. >> we have mostly clear skies. some patchy low clouds. but over all clear and a little
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chilly. a few high clouds to to the north. that fog is favoring the san mateo area. but other than that, it's pretty clear out there. and temperatures are cooler and a lot more 40s than we have seen most of this week. we've had a lot of cloud cover. but with the lack of that temperatures are allowed to cool off. temperatures look pretty good today. mostly sunny. right where they should be. and we'll fall into that category. occasionally higher clouds. over all a nice day. here is sal. steve, good morning. so far so good when it comes to the morning commute. we've had a couple early incidents that were taken care of rather quickly which is good news for us. let's take a look at the bay bridge. there is a ten minute drive time. a little bit of slowing at the toll plaza. but a little less than ten minutes across that span and we start counting at the toll plaza area and we are basically getting you across to the stay. this is a look at 880 north and
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southbound. you can see the traffic is moving well. taking about five minutes to get from downtown oakland. 580 traffic a little bit slow the altamont pass. as i pull back there is a not a lot going on. 880 the same thing goes. no problems gettings down to fremont. i have someone that tweets me and says what about highway 4? well here you go. westbound highway 4 it is doing well. there was a minor crash right near summersville road. it's on the shoulder. but there is not a lot of slow traffic out there. if you want to go, sir, go now. 5:32 let's go back to the desk. we continue to follow breaking news out of hayward. we first reported at the top of the hour two huge fires now just a short distance apart. ktvu alex savidge is joining us from the scene of the latest fire with incredible video. alex tells us you smelled the smoke from the scene of the first fire. >> reporter: yeah. we were out here covering the fire from last night.
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it happened about 11:00 inside this particular apartment building right here. it's on 7th street. we started to smell some folk. my photographer said do you smell something burning? so we hopped out of the truck and that is when we looked over and saw smoke and flames coming from the backside of the apartment. what was burning was the carport. i will show you the video near. this was just before 5:00 this morning. it was a carport at an apartment building that is a couple doors down here on seventh street. and the flames were huge. this fire really got rolling here. by our account this was not official from the fire department. just us looking at the scene and assessing the scene. we saw about eight cars that were burned in this fire. some very anxious moments for the people who live in that complex. we watched them as they were running out of their apartments as we were coming over to the fire and many people were hopping in their cars and doing whatever they could to move their cars out of the way of that fire. listen to one woman here who told us here car was burned in
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this carport fire. >> my car is a '98 honda and it's really my first car. so he is more sentimental than anything. and what was in the car. i live out of my car. so everything was in my car. >> reporter: and no one was hurt here. that carport area is sort of separated by a driveway from the apartment itself. although there is a home that is fairly close to the carport as well. things are sort of jumbled in there in the back area. obviously there was concern for the firefighters about this fire spreading beyond just that. but no one hurt as far as we can tell. we are still waiting to get an update here from the fire department especially when it comes to the cause of that fire. the fire just a couple doors away last night and now this fire some folks think it seems auspicious. we will talk to the fire department about exactly what was going on here this morning. how the second fire may have started here in hayward.
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live in hayward alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> that carport fire just down the street from the fire that started at 11:00 last night that alex mentioned. that started at an apartment on seventh and c streets. a three-year-old child was thrown from a second story window and caught by a neighbor who was standing on the ground. three adults jumped to safety. there were no serious injuries. amazingly. the red cross now helping to provide shelter to about a dozen people living in that apartment complex. a person is in the hospital this morning after being hit by a car last night in san francisco. it happened on vaness and turk street. we don't know their name or have any details. the investigation continues. meantime the latest accident comes as the city of san francisco is getting ready to spend millions of dollars to make it safer for people to walk the streets. yesterday there was a presentation of recommendations from the walk first initiative.
5:36 am
san francisco's police chief says pedestrian safety has to be a top priority this year. >> year to date we've had more people killed on the streets of san francisco in vehicle collisions than we have by homicide. it is a problem. >> so far this year five pedestrians have been killed in san francisco. the safety plans call for $17 million to be spent to improve 170 locations around the city. happening today a state senator says he will unvail audrey's law. legislation aimed at cracking down on the cyber bullying that played a role in a high school student's suicide. tara moriarty is joining us from the school with more on what the new law proposes. tara. >> reporter: in just four hours jim bell as well as the santa claire ram county district attorney and audrey's mother will be introducing the new legislation at the saratoga library. this comes months after three high school students boys were
5:37 am
punished in juvenile court for photographing and sexually assaulting 15-year-old classmate audrey pott and sharing the text messages. some say the punishment was not harsh enough. audrey's law would make it crime easier to charge an adult court with harsh penalties. it it would make cyber bullying a crime. it would be illegal to post the offensive material online and share it or show it to friends. now audrey killed herself in september of 2012 one week after she drank too much vodka spiked gatorade at a house party. she woke up to find offensive messages written on her body. she later wrote quote my life is ruined. i'm in hell. the whole school knows. my life is over. coming up we will tell you what happened to those students charged in her case. live from saratoga i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:37. four suspected armed robbers
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are in jail this morning. they are accused of terrorizing a bingo hall in santa clara. that bold crime happened wednesday night at the aqua maids bingo hall. the suspects pretended to be bingo players for several hours before suddenly pulling out guns and grabbing a huge amount of cash. witnesses say at one point they attacked a 78-year-old woman for her bingo earnings. the arrests have not made the bingo players feel any safer. >> there is too much money involved. for our protection as bingo players they should have armed security. >> police say the woman who was attacked in the bingo hall was pistol whipped. we have no word right now on her condition. students and staff at a school in oakland are heartbroken after thieves made off with thousands of dollars worth of computers. it happened at joaquin miller elle men tear school. investigators say thieves
5:39 am
climbed over a fence, broke a window, and stole about $35,000 worth of computers. >> it's a shame that people feel like they have the right to come into a school and rob children of their technology or anything that supports their education. >> three years ago volunteers helped raise the money to purchase the 25 i-macs. time is 5:39. last month we told you about water leaking into the new eastern span of the bay bridge. now we are getting a close look at those leaks. engineers found 900 leaks. and a gasket behind the bolts could allow water in if it's not properly tightened. water could be seeping in through tiny cracks in the caulking. now bridge officials say dehumidifiers can help guard against the leaks and help keep the bridge safe. there are five dehumidifiers that are placed in various
5:40 am
locations on the new span. it was lights out on the western span of the bay bridge as the light show known as the bay lights marked its first anniversary. the 25,000 lights went dark for ten minutes. just giving everybody a chance to reflect on the impact of the piece of public art and what it had on san francisco. the lights are supposed to continue out there until next year but now there is a push to keep the lights on until 2026. candle stick park is living to see another day. the united soccer federation has announced the mens national soccer team will play an exhibition game may 27th. it's part of the world cup tune up. they will also play in new jersey and florida in june before heading to brazil. this will be the final scheduled game at the iconic stick before it is torn down. time is 5:40. old fashion police leg work trying to catch two armed
5:41 am
robbers. coming up in 25 minutes dramatic surveillance video this may be used to prosecute the suspects. new information about the richmond schoolteacher accused of child sex abuse. why the school may have missed some critical red flags. >> good morning. right now traffic is actually doing very well on highway 101 coming up to the 80 split. we will give you the drive time from san francisco to the airport exit and a look at bay bridge. >> cooler this morning. we do have areas of low clouds but it won't stop us from having a sunny nice day.
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time is 5:43. the russian parliament votes to support any people in ukraine on becoming a part of russia.
5:44 am
yesterday president obama spoke for about an hour with russian president vladimir putin by phone. president obama set a referendum announced by prorussian authorities would violate international law. the referendum scheduled for march 16th would ask the people if they want to break away from ukraine and become a part of russia. >> any discussion about the future of ukraine must include the legitimate government of ukraine. in 2014 we are well beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of  democratic leaders. >> however, russian president putin calls the new ukrainian government ill legitimate. he says russians cannot ignore the protection of other russians. oscar pistorius trial. there is video of pistorius
5:45 am
arriving at the courthouse. in the courtroom today a former girl friend of pistorius testified he carried a gun with him all the time when they were dating. and slept with a gun by his bedside. he said he killed his girlfriend in his home by mistake. thinking she was an intruder. prosecutors say he intentionally killed her after an argument. there is new information about the richmond schoolteacher accused of child sex abuse. on wednesday police arrested ron ginto while he was teaching seventh grade students at his new job. now he began work there just months after being fired from the making waves academy charter school. ktvu news has learned that dismissile came while police were investigating charges that ginto sexually abused several students there during camping trips. and he was preparing for another overnight trip with students when he was arrested. >> something that wasn't
5:46 am
disclosed in two or three weeks he was going to take a group of kids on a field trip over night to yosemite. >> the school board 39 president is vowing improve the background checks. time is 5:45. oakland mayor jean quan in her state of the city address says oakland is headed in the right direction. last night she delivered her third state of the city address. it was in front of a packed audience in the city council chambers. topics include keeping the city's three sports teams, falling unemployment, and drop last year in violent crime. mayor quan says the new class of police academy graduates will help lead the way in public safety. >> most of them are people of color. almost half of them speak a second language, and we've had the highest number of women in the history of graduates. 19%. that is above the national average right now. >> mayor quan is also launching a new campaign to get more
5:47 am
people to move to oakland. she hopes to bring 10,000 new people to the downtown and uptown oakland areas. this was seen as an important speech for mayor quan. it is her last state of the city address before the upcoming mayoral elections. it's now 5:46. i want to check back in with sal. how does it look? >> it looks okay. the traffic continues to move along very well. let's go out and take a look at what we have with san francisco. if you are leaving the city trying to get down to the airport, it should be a ten minute drive for you. nothing more than that. traffic is looking good coming the other way up the peninsula into downtown san francisco. at the bay bridge we still have a ten minute crossing. a little bit of waiting at the toll plaza. once you get on the bridge, it is a nice drive. the drive time is between 10-15 minutes. i would say it's closer to 10 at this point. if you are driving in contra costa county some slow traffic on highway 4 in antioch. after that it does look good
5:48 am
all the way out to concord. otherwise a minor crash. the traffic is always slow. 80 looks good from health care lease to richmond. if you are driving past if you get on the freeway after summersville road, you will be in much better shape by the way on highway 4. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. fog, a little cooler on the lows. mostly sunny today. about the same on saturday. don't forget we spring forward on those clocks. today looks pretty good. although the lows are much, much cooler. we lose most of that cloud cover. patchy low clouds. generally around san jose. also along parts of the coast and higher clouds to the north. they are circling the wagons. mid 40s north bay. livermore down to 43. a couple 50s around. half-moon bay is at 48. a little cooler. over all though on the lows
5:49 am
that is. the highs will warm up. 26 in tahoe. 35 up in reno. 41 ukiah. there are chilly readings. one system goes through. this next system will be held off the coast. e cause me. i have to cough. i've had this bug all week long. sunday next system will move in here. rain develops to the north. today looks good. chilly in the morning. you know when you talk for a living. it makes a difference. 60s and 70s on the temps today. we will see the same tomorrow. clouds roll in sunday. again spring forward. >> thank you, steve. just 15 minutes ago new job
5:50 am
numbers and the report is better than expected. employers added 175,000 jobs last month. that is up from 129,000 in january. on the news it looks like the markets are responding favorably to that report. there is concern and confusion over the announcement that the owner of albertson's is buying safeway. we are told the safeway name won't go away and it's popular rewards card program will remain at least for now. he say there is are no plans to close stores. business expert tells ktvu news she expects layoffs to eliminate duplicating jobs. workers suffered when the company owns albertson bought the chain in 2006. >> it was debt mental to our membership in terms of layoffs and our reductions and loss of welfare. and we don't want to see that
5:51 am
repeated at safeway. >> albertson says the deal will lead to a wide arrange of items for shoppers. safeway and albert southbound's would combine for 2400 stores making it the second largest chain behind krogers. time is 5:51. deadlines for ride sharing companies. letters going out. safety warnings about what they have to do to keep getting a permit. >> plus put a lid on your swim suits. the new health warning. [son] she has no idea.
5:52 am
[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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welcome back. new details about an fbi investigation into bay area cold cases of murdered women. dating back to 1976. the ktvu first told you that federal agents and local police were reopening an investigation into the unsolved murders of six women. the fbi is now forming a joint task force to investigate the so-called gypsy hill murders. five women were killed in san mateo county with a sixth victim in reno. one woman was convicted in that case. now we have learned dna belonging to a man connects the six murders. >> forensic evidence, means and methods, president timing of it
5:55 am
all, the profile of these victims. they all match. >> now that task force will canvas neighborhoods in the peninsula. they will be looking for leads. ktvu's coverage of this case continues online. you can go to, scroll down to the hot topics. you will find the complete fbi news conference announcing cold case task force. despite an increase in home burglaries, police are reinsuring the community it is still a safe place to live. police chief announced at a special meeting last night that two men are in custody in connection with a home invasion monday night. an 80-year-old woman was die tied up. her home ransacked. she was not hurt. but now they are asking for more police connection. >> we are responding very proactively. as soon as something happens we had the officer's swarm the neighborhood. we put every investigative officer on it. i think it just shows how proactive our response is.
5:56 am
>> dublin as a population of about 50,000 people. and 51 police officers which is slightly above average. the police chief says burglars are often entering through unlocked doors and windows. the world health organization says stop eating so much sugar. the who is releasing new guidelines with a recommended maximum daily amount of sugar of about 25 grams. that is about six teaspoons. just imagine a single can of regular soda has about 40 grams of sugar. the current research has tied high sugar consumption to high blood pressure, type two diabetes, and risk factors for heart disease and stroke. it was another close call for a local american idol contestant mk. >> emily. mk you are safe. >> san francisco's mk will live to see another week in the competition. three girls were in the bolt to three again this week.
5:57 am
emily second idol contestant sent home. phillip phillips made an appearance. you can watch american idol every wednesday and thursday night right here on ktvu channel 2. the move by the city of mountain view to get more corporate sponsorship of city events and why some city council members say it's a bad idea. >> mom woke me up and said she heard some noise. so i looked out my window and saw flames. >> house fire turned into a crime scene in the south bay. we'll have a live report on the new information we just received about the investigation. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a commute that is still looking pretty good. this is an approach to the richmond san rafael bridge. as you can see it is very light. >> skies are mostly clear. some patchy low clouds around. higher clouds. over all a little cooler morning. what about the afternoon highs?
5:58 am
5:59 am
it was extremely frightening. i was shaken and don't know what to do. >> two huge fires just a short distance apart in hayward.
6:00 am
the most recent fire started one hour ago. >> we are live in san jose where an early morning fire has now turned into a crime investigation. two people were badly burned. we will tell you what a fire captain just told us about the investigation. enter >> we're live in saratoga where audrey's law will be unvailed today in the wake of a teenager that committed suicide in part by cyber bully examining >> also the weather may be giving us a break soon from the record breaking drought. what could happen later this year. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. we are on the scene of a numberover fires this morning from late night and early this morning. this is in the south bay and ktvu janine de la vega has been there all morning long and she just received some new


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