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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 15, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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the first homicide of the year. authorities say he's armed and dangerous, tonight investigators in alameda county are looking for the husband following the shooting death of his wife. new details with patty lee in castro valley with more on the person investigators are looking for. >> reporter: tonight, the head of the homicide unit told me that he is asking a warrant for phang me, and the status will
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change from person of interest to suspect. investigators are looking at 46-year-old me in connection with his wife's shooting death. the head of the homicide unit of alameda considering him to be armed and dangerous. >> we're actively looking for him, trying to develop leads and get him into custody asap. >> we caught up with sergeant dixon as he closed up clothes for the children, now in protective custody. >> they're doing as well as can be accepted and we wanted to get some of their belongings to try to make life feel as normal to them as possible. >> that will be difficult. the 14-year-old was one to find her mother's body yesterday. >> she did not know that it was her mother at the time. she said there's a lady dead in my house. >> the sheriff's deputy said they've responded to several domestic violence calls over the past few years.
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the tenant in the downstairs apartment, is news to them. >> i was totally shocked. they just seem like an all around regular family. >> reporter: the sheriff's department thinks they are still searching for me. they do think they will have a warrant signed by the end of tonight. the deputy told me he has not reached out to investigators or contact his daughters. reporting live from castro valley, patty lee. >> and here's a look at 46-year-old mi. he should be considered armed and dangerous. he's thought to be driving a 2013 silver rav 4, and that car may have dealership plates. it is still technically winter, but it was pretty hard to tell that today. >> it was beautiful. nice and warm, pleasant breeze outside. a lot of people decided to enjoy the day outdoors. here's a look at what it looked
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like from our ktvu roof cam. >> in castro valley, it was shorts and t-shirt weather at the farmers market. shoppers enjoyed clear, sunny skies and balmy temperatures. the sun and heat were out in force across the area. >> mark tamayo joins us to tell us where a record was broken. >> temperatures up a good 5 to 10 degrees yesterday and one record up in the north bay, santa rosa topped out at 80 degrees. look at all 80s towards san francisco, and antioch. we had some patchy fog develop near parts of the coastline. put this into motion, a few high clouds paid us a visit. clouds have cleared out over the coastline. there could be a factor for
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tomorrow morning, some patches in the area. and sunday, also the updated five-day forecast, we'll let you know if we have rain chances coming up, in the coming week. a time honored tradition crowds of people to the san francisco today. the annual st. patrick's day made its way up to the civic center, and organizers invited a contingent lgbt community, sponsored by the irish community community. >> new development in the
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missing malaysian airlines flight. passengers and crews it appears someone deliberately shut off the communications system and diverted the plane with questions about who was in charge of the cockpit when the plane disappeared come new information that boeing 777 flew more than seven hours after it last contact and its at kud rad altitude altitude radically descended. it was just south of the southern tip of viet nam. the plane blew back over malaysian, and they had focused their efforts there, but look at this. if the plane flew aware, it could be way up here in central
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asian or as far south as the indian ocean. the new information brought renewed criticism about this investigation. >> malaysian police searched the homes of the pilot and copilot to clues of the whereabouts of flight 370. some say the move is long overdue. >> for them to wait this long to look into the pilot's home is really in excusable. >> they had electronic data that shows the plane was flying a strange path. >> this movement is consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane. >> those erratic altitude changes suggest to me there was some sort of struggle going on from within a fire to maybe a struggle to possible high jackers. >> they believe after
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communication was cut off the plane flu west over the malaysian peninsula and went northwest or southwest over the indian ocean. experts continue to criticize the investigation. >> how do you make heads or tails? >> the malaysian authorities make no sense of their investigation. i think they're just grabbing straws. >> 53-year-old captain shaw has been with the airline for 13 years described as a flight buff who built his own flight simulator at home. friends say he's close for his charity work. and hamid has flown for malaysian airlines for six years. they once brought her friend into the cockpit against airline regulations. >> and it was another day of waiting for the families of 239
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people on board malaysian flight 370. authorities who say it was intentionally brought down, have more. >> society and the word, i think we shouldn't react with hatred and revenge. >> she says she is still holding out hope for a miracle that her son and the loved ones of all the others who are with her will return live and well. police are on the look out for four young children taken by their parents. police say the children and their parents, felix and taarres were last seen friday afternoon in a boyar heights neighborhood of los angeles. police say the children, enrique, justin, and 1-year-old twins were with their maternal grandparents when the parents arrived. >> they went to the residence of
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the grandmother and they forcibly took the children and left the location. >> police say the grandparents had legal custody because of domestic violation from their father. they're in a possible gray or purple pt cruiser, paper plates and a right rear missing hub cap. and a collision happened at about 5:20 on highway 12 of farmers lane, the chp says the driver admitted he was looking at his cell phone when he plowed into the toyota going about 65 miles an hour and the toyota was stopped. two women died, two men in the front were hospitalize said. the identities have not been released. police have not said yet what charges the pick up driver may face. >> and the uncle says the oakland teen is moving her arms and legs and seems to know
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what's going on her. she was said to be brain dead after undergoing tounsil surgery. he had said she tosses and turns and knows that her family is there. her family had moved her to an undisclosed care facility just over two months ago following a legal a little. oakland's mayor joined forces to try to prevent crime in east oakland. they conducted a town hall meeting to hear concerns. community meetings are good in strong neighborhoods where people are willing to talk to police and crime continues to go down. >> crime is going down. we're seeing good drops this year in shootings and also drops in robberies and burglaries. things look like they're working. it's a little early to tell. we're encouraged by the results
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we've seen. >> fewer homicides and sexual aggravated assaults, but robberies went up 15% last year. the san jose fire department made an unusual rescue this weekend. firefighters answered a call about a pet if a peculiar situation. the small dog you see in that picture gotten a you paw stuck in a bathtub drain. firefighters had to dig under the house and tweeted these pictures of the recovery. and how a pair of men were able to make off with an entire atm machine from a north bay gas station. >> and what it took to save a kayaker who was pinned for hours, but first. >> it's not a weekend to push your luck, how the greenest of holidays is bringing out the flashing red lights.
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the luck the irish held out in chicago. there had been concerns large chunks of ice might get in the way of the traditional greening of the river. to the relief, the mercury rose and the ice melted just in time for the plumber's union to drop the dye as scheduled. chicago's just one of the many cities getting into the spirit.
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a pub crawl is being followed up by a checkpoint. >> reporter: this started with in the past hour on. they've already screened about 90 cars and they've arrested one person for dui. st. patrick's day isn't a major holiday like new years but seems to invite some major drinking that starts early. it's been a sea of green all day from north beach to the tenderloin as the pub crawl lunched its way into the evening. >> i started at 9:30 a.m.. >> and by 5:00 that's how many drinks? >> it's a day cabs are busy, bouncers, too. >> it's going to be all night. it's going to be all night. >> probably like 37. >> as long as they have money
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and they're awake they're going to spend it this & drink. >> which is why chp tweeted this urging don't drive buzzed, don't let your luck run out. san francisco and several other bay area cities will screen and patrol for intoxicated drivers tonight and over the next two nights. eight of ten drivers involved in dui deaths on st. patrick's day were tested at twice the legal limit. >> i don't know if you call it binges, but it is a longer event. you're starting with a parade, running until 2:00 in the morning. that's a longer time so there's more actual socializing. >> it's a drinking holiday for us. >> this bell fast native says this holiday gets more buzz here than his home hand. >> i'm proud of it. it's nice to see americans like irish people. >> we're all safe. they're protecting each other.
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it's about okay -- honestly you need your buddy. grab your buddy. >> reporter: and gordon's buddies were definitely going to drive him home. a designated driver, cab, ride share, all of those cheaper and safer than getting behind the wheel and risking lives. ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are looking for witnesses following a stabbing in a popular park. the stabbing happened around at doleres park. it appears an argument may have led to the stabbing. they have no information yet but if anyone witnessed it they should give police a call. and it was only a matter of minutes for two men to steal an atm at about 4:00 this morning at the 76 gas station on arnold
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drive near sonoma. someone had forced open the doors of the convenience store. >> the sheriff's diagnosed it was pried open and then in and strapped up an atm all in a matter of four minutes. they were in and out. >> the thieves loaded the atm on a van and drove off. the van and the burglars got away. and a cal train spokeswoman says a man was hit about 120 while the last southbound train of the night just north of the aatherton nation. the man's identitiace not been released -- identity has not been released. this is the 3rd cal tran fatality this year. and a pickup truck was on fire on interstate 580 in dubland. the truck caught fire after it stalled in the slow lane.
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and honda is recalling odysse vans. they have a fuel pump that could increase the risk of a fire after cracking. there's no risk of fire or problems, and the company is offering interim repairs with permanent repairs expected by this summer. and saturday cool outing, we first told you about it yesterday. more than 100 students checked at the exhibits at the lawrence hall of science. the biweekly program is designed to get children excited about science, technology, engineering and math. roxanne ray says it's working and kids look forward to their saturday class. >> they love to learn. they love to be engaged. they love to be constantly learning new things and exploring new environments. and i don't think that adults give them enough credit for
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that. >> later this year, the students will explore the california academy of seasons and the exploratorium both in san francisco. and someone? silicon valley -- someone in silicon valley say someone has a 201 millyour dollar policy is more than -- million dollar policy has more than doubled. he or so is a billionaire. the firm says it's actual 24 policies underwritten by 19 different insurers. there's no word on the exact amount of annual premiums, but it is said to be in the single millions. megamillions have another big jackpot. the prize has joan to $400 million -- grown to $400 million. the rules changed by lowering the odds of winning with the top
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prize. and people gathered for a flash mob in hopes to see prince. they danced to prince's songs outside the fox theater where the 80s icon is playing tonight. it quickly sold out after being announced wednesday. when goingling goes bad, how a -- googling goes back, he was searching for himself online. and the vital vote and the crisis in ukraine and crimea. >> and a dramatic rescue and help ending in southern california. >> and most of the bay area in the clear right now. the cooling areas tomorrow for your sunday forecast and a warning if you're heading to the coast.
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. now to our continuing coverage of the crisis in
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ukraine. officials report russian forces seized a natural gas plant that lies outside of crimea. the move reported by the ukrainian government comes hours before they're set to vote on a reverend up whether to annex to russia. more violence on the streets of ukraine. and the local offices of national security services was rushed and two people were killed and several were wounded between a clash between demonstrators and their opponents. and heavy weaponry rolled toward crime follow. and kerry is in kiev calling for the u.s. to provide long-term military assistance to the ukraine saying it is the right and decent thing to do. mccane spoke as poles were being set up. the u.s. and other western
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countries say the referendum to annex crimea violates national law. and david renner has died. >> how about if we make the people in congress wear patches of the lobbyists who own them. >> he never stopped working and he left a few jokes behind for the after life including instructions to put $100 in small bills if his sock just in case he needed to tip. he appeared a record 158 times on the tonight show and often replaced johnny carson as host. he died today at his home in new york from cancer. he was 78 years old. >> hikers in southern california being warned to watch out for rattlesnakes. three times the number of calls have been received on trails and backyard says compared to last year and the reason is pretty
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simple, rattling arees are coming out earlier. you can get rid of wood piles which draw mice and rats which are the snake's preferred prey. and a rescue of a rider and her tennessee walking horse, fell about 100 feet as they were riding along the pacific trail as they were riding along the angela's national forest yesterday. the horse had a fractured skull. a helicopter crew hoisted the animal using a specialized harness. the horse flew about three miles before getting back on solid ground. dakota is expected to fully recover. >> i'm glad to have a happy ending for her. what a trooper. and showing how bald can be beautiful, why people were taking it all off for a good
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cause. and rebuild is a theme of this weekend's republican convention and what they plan to do about it. >> it's hot stunts by a bay area radio station. the reason why it's playing the hit song " it's getting hot in here ". ♪
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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". a stormer stanford professor who became the first african-american female secretary of state while the california republican today. condleez are a warned it. john sasaki has more from the convention. >> a ball room full of
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republicans jumped to cheer for a former secretary of state. >> we are will believers in the power of the private sector because it is the private sector that is creative and innovative and risk taking. >> rice was the day's keynote speaker. >> when i hear people talk about in equality, when i hear people talk about the 1%, social mobility, i say to myself, in the united states of america, we were never jealous of each other's success. >> audience members were obviously impress. >> we were focused on the economy, we're focused on getting education to our children. >> here in california, democrats dramatically out number republicans. >> we are a party in the state of california that need some rebuilding. >> in fact, the word rebuild is even part of a convention theme. >> this is a party that has been in decline for almost a quarter
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of a century. you start by setting goals and building back one election at a time. >> party still have serious trouble connecting with minority voters. >> strong politics matrix. >> that's politics matter. >> when you go into the intercity they want the same thing. >> tomorrow, the candidate gets for governor all get to talk to the audience hoping for support. more details on those candidates they are tim donly of san bernardino county, and a u.s. department treasury official, and andrew mount and glen champ of fresno county businessman. they were added at the last minute. a palo alto man googled himself and discovered he was on
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the state's new most wanted web site. police were looking for 27-year-old christopher viatoffa for firing into the ground a gun at a party. the wanted felon used good judgment when he turned himself in. authorities launched the california most wanted web site in december. rescuers in sonoma plucked a kayaker out of the russian river when strong currents pinned the woman kayaker against a tree. it took her friends two hours to get help. the henry 1 helicopter got the woman to safety. she was taken to the district hospital and taken for rib injuries. an alert fire crew spotted a fire at a historic restaurant before it got out of hand. they saw heavy smoke pouring out
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of the restaurant. they believe it started in an offense exhaust pipe. and passengers above a tourist excursion got a lot more than they paid for. according to the coast guard, steam bill lowedowed out of the boat. the world war ii era watercraft was towed back to shore without incident or injury. the young and old lined up today in the east bay to get clipped for a good cause. the annual st. baldric's foundation raises money for childhood cancer research. it started this morning, at oakland hospital, and this year's event raised more than $130,000. 190 people came to get their heads shaved including 20 women.
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>> you decide to sign up, you get people to sponsor you and then you come in, shave your head and your money goes strictly to funding pediatric cancer research. >> along with raising money for a good cause, people say they wanted to participate to show solidarity for children fighting cancer. a bay area radio station is getting a lot of social media buzz for playing one song over and over. ♪ [ music ] %sm . >> this stunt has a lot of people talking. that's probably what the station wants. they're reportedly switching from latino hits to an english language contemporary format. until then, it's all nelly ought
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time. >> can't believe that song is 12 years old. now a hero's welcome. the olympic champions who returned home today to south lake tahoe. >> will your sunday be just as sunny as it was today? mark tamayo joins us with what areas will be cooling off tomorrow. >> and a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go on your cell phone. download the ktvu app. click on the live icon and watch all of our newscasts all the time. be connected any time, anywhere.
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. a winter wonderland in wisconsin has drawn an estimated
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100,000 visitors. the ice caves in lake superior offer a stunning look at the frozen heart of mother nature. springs dripping through porus sand stone create the ice cicles -- icecicles. >> there's a really weird pinkish hew. >> i guess we thought we were kids for a minute. >> the national park services tomorrow will be the last day this season to visit the caves because they are starting to melt. >> that is very cool. >> no icecicles anywhere around here. >> we have completely the opposite weather here. let's check in with mark and see how warm it was. >> yeah, that ice melted pretty quickly. we had some 70s and 80s, and basically a repeat for tomorrow. we're going to increase that and
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cool off a little bit. right now a few high clouds heading up to the north. developing up to our north and west, we have an increasing swell. just a heads up if you're heading to the coast tomorrow. waves increasing out of the west and northwest. a high surf advisory, around 10 to 15 feet. we had some patchy fogging develop coast side and we could have a repeat at least with that fog trying to redevelop over the next few hour. santa rosa, 54, oakland 57, mountain view at 60, and livermore at 61, mostly clear skies. that is the headline at least in the short-term. here's our live cam looking toward the bay bridge in san francisco out in the distance. nothing but clear skies for your saturday night.
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tomorrow we're going to cool off a little bit coast side. next week a sun/cloud mix, cooler but still a dry weather pattern. the rainfall we need not showing up just yet. overnight lows to start out your sunday morning in the lower 40s. high pressure we're talking about in the summertime months. now, as a result, inland neighborhoods, upper 70s to 80. an increase in that on shore wind. the possibility of some patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning. here's our forecast model, keeping the bulk of the fog offshore for tomorrow morning. and into the afternoon hours a big temperatures range once again, 60s coast side, 70s around the bay and temperatures
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inland. the warmest locations in the upper 70s to 80 degrees. this weekend of winter will wrap up on the warm side. oakland 74, lower 80s toward walnut creek, danville and pleasanton, san jose in the supper 70s, freemont, 70, and pacifica 65. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, tomorrow will be a warm one. monday we increase fog and cool things off. no major changes. we're going to wind up the last few days of winter with a fairly quiet weather pattern. maybe spring could be a little more active. tomorrow we're going to enjoy the sunshine and temperatures near 80 degrees in a few spots. >> another nice day to get outside. >> yeah, just a day to go for a high school, picnic, anything
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you want. >> we'll see what happens, mark. thousands turned out to give a hero's welcome to three winter olympic champions. there they are, anderson, bowman and hannah teeter were the focus of the attention. anderson for snow board freestyle and bowman for freestyle skiing half pipe, and hannah teeter who lives in the area won gold at the 2006 games for her half pipe snow boarding but got edged into 4th last month in sochhi. congratulations. and the oakland a's lose two key pitchers, how how long they may be out. >> sports wrap is next.
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. good evening. thanks for joining our saturday night edition of sports wrap. just 16 more days and they play for keeps. today, the two bay area baseball teams played a total of three games including one lopsided affair against each other. barry bonds didn't give his message across against the a's in scottdale. a run allowed this spring until he gets tagged for seven runs in 2 and 2 thirds innings. a three run homer for volt. he's battling 462 this evening.
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and tommy malone may have to out because of injuries and other things. a's win 8-1. giants fans you can feel excited about hunter. he rips another home run, his 3rd in two days. four hits for the giants today. the giant's other split squad beat the mariners. juan perez get this is pitch, 12 giants batters hit safely in this game. they beat the mariners 13-6. san francisco's now 11 and 6 this spring. oakland's other split squad hosted seattle and this feels like a cake walk. each team collects 17 hits. this is brandon moss who takes coby lewis out on of the park. josh redick, he expects to improve from last season's 12 home run total. texas gets out of phoenix with a 16-15 win. a's pitcher a.j. griffin is go


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