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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 18, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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had coming up. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve, is it cooler this morning? >> yes, it is over there clear skies, the breeze has tailed off at the surface and we still have some decent gusts, 65 san francisco, and starting off 50 degrees up north, up towards sierra nevada and 37 half-moon bay, hint of a breeze at the napa airport and fairfield had 31 in vacaville and if you are headed out towards that direction, otherwise things are quiet north and east and it looks like it is going to be this way for a while. except for a few high clouds, sunny and nice, a cool morning,
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very chilly, 60s and 70s, santa rosa has 75 and morganville, 73 as well and coming up, temperatures, we'll see if they stay here or warmup, here is sal. we are looking at a commute that is not bad, we are looking at the commute on the richmond san rafael bridge, it is moving along well if you are driving over to marin countyp and also westbound bay bridge toll plaza, that traffic looks good and the drive time is less than 10 minutes all the way across. i don't see a lot of road sensors that are turning red looking at the peninsular 101 getting down to the airport, that is a nice drive all the way to san mateo. now it is 5:01 let's go down to the desks. developing news into a suspicious early morning fire at a market in oakland.
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just before 3:00 on mcarthur boulevard, on 82nd avenue there were actually two fires, and the other was in the back. that is raising flags at that fire scene. >> not only are you having a fire at two distinct scenes but it is locked up and secure and we have forced entry and that in itself is beginning at two separate locations at a secure building. >> they are trying to keep them from spreading to other buildings and nobody was hurt. investigators were still trying to determine the cause of an early morning fire. this one started at 12:30 near island way. several homeless people were inside that boarded up building when they arrived at the scene when nobody was hurt. the fire crews were able to quickly put out the flames. a suspect is accused of a
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setly hit -- deadly hit-and-run crash that killed a mother and four grown children. police arrested him and he is the driver of the pickup truck that veered off, jumped the sidewalk and killed the woman sunday night. police received a tip from chp late sunday and that led them to the suspect and a chevy pickup truck. >> fortunately it gave us some leads which actually turned out to be the vehicle we are looking for. >> 46-year-old yolanda was killed in sunday night's crash. she had been live, on the street sometimes staying with friends. she obtained this surveillance video for pushing a shopping cart just moments before she was killed on willow pass road. the investigation into a deadly hit-and-run crash on a busy freeway this month has taken a strange turn.
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live in oh lack now, you have exclusive surveillance video, good morning, tara. we are very close to where the deadly accident happened and we now know a authorities have released surveillance footage and it shows somebody stealing a car and the car's owner chasing him. let's take a look at that footage. this is taken from a home security camera after the owner gets his car on army street, a jeep stops, the driver gets out and puts on a hooded sweatshirt and a few minutes later, walks up to the honda, after a few seconds, gives us a sign that he has hot wired the car. >> he shows that black honda getting stolen on the street while it was parked. >> the honda drove away and the owner was trying to get back his car. the men followed down city streets and down on to 880
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where they crashed killing the mini-van driver and of the suspect ran from the crash and the sechew powell is -- so much a is asking for -- chp is asking for help finding him. a dramatic close call with a train as he ran across the tracks at city station. janine joins us with this video and a warning from caltrans strand. if you can see there is a pedestrian from walkway and after you watch had this, you shake your head in disbelief that somebody would take that risk. . >> reporter: you can clearly hear the warning signs a train is coming in the background.
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then just as the train approaches, a man runs across nearly getting hit. this was posted on the blog and these people went across in the down position. they are highlighting this close call to prove to people it is just not worth it. death happens each year on the tracks and they are not only horrific to most people performance enhancing but watch out -- watch out to expect the trains at any time. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news. the man accused of trying to run over two pulse officers is due back in court this morning. jeffery is tied to the incident ten days ago on florida street. he tried to back his car into
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two police officers. officer adam shaw was shot in the arm during that incident and it's possible his partner may have accidentally wounded him. he is being used as a fall guy from 2011. he owned a store and killed two people in another store. he reportedly considered them rivals. he is charged with two counts of murder with a firearm enhancement. another recall is linked to a slaughter house and they are accused of selling beef that came from cows that had cancer. it is sold at stores across the country and has an establishment mark of 18951.
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health officials say it is from the rancho feed being corporation that recalled thousands of bounds. it will make it easier and trails will be upgraded as the well. they filed a lawsuit claiming the national park service excluded people from access to public areas the national park service has five years to make the upgrades for disabled visitors. happening today, they will protest saying they are not being paid for all the hours they will work and the rallies
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come days after two other states sued mcdonald's. they sued. and now they are -- >> now they are asking the state to raise the minimum wage per hour. he was not able to raise enough money to get the measure on the ballot. and the port of oakland is backing a plan to build a new waterfront baseball stadium for the oakland a's on the site of a shipping terminal. next month they want to lay the proposed work at howard terminal. howard terminal which is north of the square is too far away from bart and it would cost too
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much money for end an environment. tall cleanup am the city will make 'announcement at noon today. she said it will improve quality of life in all neighbors and reduce costs. according to the public works, the city spends more than $20 million a year on cleaning up graffiti. all right, pam, time now 5:10 we have new information at a bay area house fire. three high school students jumped into action while they walked into an east bay house. it is starting off well as you look at the san mateo bridge, which is taking 11 minutes to cross. coming up, drive times coming
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up for some of the other bay area crossing. and any of these clouds going to pay a visit, will we keep it sunny or a little warmer? [doorbell rings]
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(baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can. . welcome back, now to our continuing coverage of the missing malaysia airlines flight. they now learned that the abrupt turn was programmed by
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somebody in the cockpit. aviation experts say somebody typed 7 or 8 key strokes into the cockpit computer. they say it is usually something pilots do to avoid bad weather or congested air space. just two hours ago, they say the search area continues to expand. >> entire search area is now 2.2 4 million square [inaudible]. this is an enormous area. >> reporter: china has not found any links to terror suspects or passengers on the missing plane. they are looking into the backgrounds of all 239 passengers and crew. russian vladimir puntin said crimea should be part of russia.
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he said sunday's referendum after they voted to leave ukraine proves that in the people's hearts, crimea has always been part of russia. they approved a draft bill for amnesty of crimea. two hours ago, vice- president joseph biden arrived in poland. the vice-president is scheduled to meet with polish leaders and later today he is scheduled to meet and they are nato airlines. they are defending its nato allies. another shooting claims a communication break down showed down the emergency response. the communication between the commanders and s.w.a.t.
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teams responded to the shooting. and they prevented an even bigger tragedy. they are targeting adults who buy alcohol for minors has led to over 500 arrests. they call it a shoulder tap operation. they put teenage decoys out there and told them to ask people to buy them bear 9 said no but one person did not. >> in a way it is good because it shows there are not many people willing to offer alcohol to minors. >> reporter: now the people who were caught doing that faced
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fines. as well as community service. 122 people were arrested or cited right here in the bay area. [ music ] >> in san francisco people kept a close eye on st. patrick's day celebrations and this one was held on front street. police blocked off the streets. at least one person was arrested for public intoxication. 5:17 is the time let's check in with traffic this morning. i have to say i am glad i didn't go to that or i would be sleeping so we are here we are here. traffic is doll well and let's start off with that they are
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moving along well getting onto the upper deck trust bay bridge and they are holding less than ten minutes and it is not a bad drive at all. and driving from the coliseum is taking less than five minutes and things are still not completely at come come compassty. remember these. i have distant members risk of the -- memories of the royal exchange. all right, pull the your thinking caps on, guess where the coolest places are on our panel coming up. i will give you 10 second. we will wind up with 60s and
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70s. a few cloud but 39 half mean bay, if you are headed a 80, keep that in mind. otherwise san jose, clear here, and a couple of clouds in this area. yesterday i do believe the high is 32 degrees and that was the coldest st. patrick's day since 1942. i mean it is just incredible how the system is off to carolina towards the planes. my goodness and then season
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ably coal tim -- cold temperatures. chilly start show, cool for system, and come a morning, it looks like a good clear start, 75 at the and 65 -- for alameda, everybody is pretty close, 65 in san francisco, low 70s in palo alto parkings mountain view and then we say overall a really quiet pattern. this was the first policy making meeting as chair of the
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federal reserve. they will have several decisions to consider. they will expect to wind down the bond buy back plan design topped stim how late the economy and it will share interest rates. wall street journal said they could come with a variety of acts that would put amazon in direct competition with comcast and apple television. time now 21, the ceo says they are make -- them making changes. this comes as a new recall was just announced. and it could be good for your health. the plans that that could include weight lots.
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-- weight loss.
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. yesterday they had a 4.4 magnitude quake, this is virus you' all, you can see -- viral, you can see all of the shaking and both the anchors got under the desk and once the shaking was over, they did continue the newscast. that quake by the i was centered 15 miles northwest of
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downtown los angeles. well a personal trainer filing a lawsuit, eight years ago, 44-year-old chloe johnson changed herself from a man to a woman. now she can not compete unless she competes against women. they say she still has a genetic make up that gives her an advantage overwhelm. >> i was shocked that said i had to register and compete as the gender i was born at. >> she has been female for a long, long time. >> her husband is suing for 2. $5 million and the first hearing is scheduled for july. an oakland toy company has reached a settlement over the use of music.
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goldie locks and beastie boys, that video went require roll and the -- viral and they filed lawsuits and terms of the settlement not being made public, it is not clear if they are still suing. the natural sugars from from that plant protect add group of mice against type two diabetes believe it or not and the mice were divided into seven groups. one received plain water and the others had various sweeteners including those guy the a gave plant. it showed a reduction in clue close levels and it could be
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used as an adult turntive sweetener. a student speak out from jail. yes they were using his knife, they say she was struck sunday night and we will tell you about the tip that helped to break this case. good morning, we are looking at a commute which is off to a doesn't start and we will tell you what it is like getting into sap fran and is that a theme for the rest of the week or are warmer days ahead. booooorrk - it's beef and pork!
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. we are taking this live, this is the sign of a deadly hit-and-run crash, all morning long, a suspect has now been arrested. alex savage will -- alex savage -- alex savage will tell us about a tip coming up in a few minutes. thank you for joining us, 5:30 is the time and it is pretty quiet. a little cool out, maybe cool for some, maybe a couple of 30s
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and 40s. clouds visiting and it will be sunny today also on the coast, slightly warmer we bottomed out and not a dramatic rise and temperatures are stuck for most of the week. there will be some 40s and 59 at noon, lots of sunshine, some of that cloud cover, reno, not for us and if anything there will be a cloud cover for us. 51, a hint much president, and -- hint of a breeze, so lots of sunshine to go around sunny and nice. a cooler morning especially closer to the coast, no fog or anything, back to a few mid- lower 70s things are getting on
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the road, there are definitely more than those in san francisco. traffic here is looking good and the drive time between here and the coliseum is checking in at about 5 minutes may be a little less. we got word of a crash on 680 and we are looking at the camera in our area and they have dispatched a fire truck and chp is on the road. i will let you know what happens no. next 3 inform minutes, let's go back to that in a few minutes and tell us about about a tip which led to that arrest. testimony jumped onto the sidewalk and hit this woman as
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she was driving in the area. officers took 29-year-old tyler larson into custody at his home in antioch and investigators believe he was behind the wheel of a black chevy silverado pick up that was involved in this deadly collision just before midnight. that truck veered off at 5th street slamming into yolanda. she was the mother of four grown children who had been living on the streets off and on lately. her family told us they are relieved and police have made an arrest -- arrested. they caught the crash shortly after four. >> we had a lucky break.
5:34 am
for the knitly -- fortunately chp had some leads and had contact with a vehicle which turned out to be the vehicle we were looking for. they gave us a stipulate this afternoon -- >> and chp gave concord a list, cop cord officers went into custody there. el man police believe wasn't behind the wheel 29-year-old tyler larson is faced with a hit-and-run charge and has been booked into jail. detectives in campbell are still trying to determine what happened sunday night.
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ivan dewas a junior. and then if he says he only used his wife when several other teens jumped him. >> the whole time i was getting hit in the head, getting kicked in the head and hit in the head with a bottle, and i was in fear for my own safety. >> what reasons did the guy have to stab my brother. >> they arethey are looking into sharp's defense : >> a man accused of kill his we have. she was the mother of a 14-year- old and 8-year-old girl. now on friday, her oldest daughter returned home and found her mother's body. police say she had been shot to
5:36 am
death and they are looking for the silver toyota 4. caltrans shared some drat drat matt particular -- dramatic video as as a man ran across the tracks to beat the train at the station. you are talking to people this morning who say they see this happen all the time, janine? >> they weight dark witnesses it, this close call you are about to see was taken right here at station. oop. >> -- at the station. you can clearly hear the
5:37 am
warning signs of the train and just as the train approaches, the man crosses nearly getting hit. it points out these people went across a flashing crossing gate and they are trying to prove to people it is just not worth it. >> when they seed a train coming, they think it is not going to hit me and they just run across. >> deaths happen on the tracks. they are reminding people never to go around the gates and watch out for a second train and to expect a train on any track at any time and back out here live, you can see the sign is clearly posted and it is a
5:38 am
271-dollar fine for going around the date when it is down and caltrans wants you to keep this in mind, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a house fire over the weekend was set on purpose. whoever set the fire also likely stole a car, an audi a- 4. the homeowners why not there -- were not there at the time. investigators were looking for an audi and anybody with information on the case is asked to call police. 76-year-old man is being
5:39 am
credited from rescuing two women heard loud booms. three teens were in the neighborhood and and recovering from burns firefighters are still trying to figure out how that fire started. a proposed measure to repeal measure on the november ballot, it was aimed at overturning 209. it aims a factor in the admissions process however democratic lawmakers are repealing that banned and that's klein i don't -- including leyland lee. there was a vie long cop -- violent confrontation and on
5:40 am
tuesday students clashed with officers. the protesters were demanding the removal of a special trustee and also they were protesting to pay their fees in full, during that time, the chancellor is scheduling many for frum ups -- forums. now the city selected repairs to any of its 279 wells due to contamination but that has many people concerned. >> the guy in charge are supposed to be saving so the guys are supposed to be term saving it and will not
5:41 am
saturdays and nick with concerns are asked to call the water problems from the they are saying the process has been temporarily been put on hold testimony of the calm's water was also damaged as well and we may not have enough. somebody is thinking of hitting the big jack pot, the big dreams many people have as the megamillions jackpot keeps climbing. wal-mart is trying something new, how used video games will do this.
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now coming up if you take public transit why why you may have a special dayful on and we have a continuing of a kind of a cooler pattern. the great american novel.
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. police are investigating a homicide, it happened shortly before 10:00 and investigators are still there at the scene. when the police arrived they found a man who had been shot. ktvu channel 2 news brian flores will be there soon. meanwhile, a fairfield teen
5:45 am
accused of biting off his son's nose was in court. he had his family and friends in the courtroom showing their support. he faces charges of child abuse, child endangerment. he said he was angry his baby's son would not stop crying. the mother angelica riggins was not in the room. >> i didn't see no anger that morning, no stress that morning, he was up playing with the baby. >> now children's hospital in oakland tried to reattach the baby's knows but doctors don't know if it was a success. the baby also suffered a brain hemorrhage and a fractured skull. they are facing terrorism charges. nicholas was strike to be
5:46 am
arrested just short of the canadian boarder is he a student in stockton. he never entered basic training because he lacked minimum qualification. and casco stores is part of an investigation into powerful pain killers. they plea of costco in roseville and fairfield may have a number of record keeping violations for hydrocodone pills. they are highly a dill did i have. some 40,000 pills were up a accounted for. it includes chevy traverses
5:47 am
buick anarch cade whys. -- arcadias. there is a problem with side airbags and g mc savannah and the chevy express vans. also the cadillacs may over heat and even catch on fire. well gm says it is a result of mary bar resident for for internal review. they have not discovered they would follow-through on ignition switch and the switch recall shows general motors needs to move faster to fix potential problems. >> something went wrong with this process and terrible things happened. as a mom with a family of our own, this really hits home for me. >> they continue to have a
5:48 am
string interest of bad headlines and they are putting more of an engineering focus that gm has had in the past. >> 5:48 we want it check in with sal. >> how is the commute, sal? >> well, it is transit driver appreciableation day. although we are thinking about it ,if this is a look, there is a little bit of await, it is about a 15 minute drive time between the toll plaza and san francisco exit so right now traffic is not all that bad. this is a look at highway 4 and you can see traffic still looks good and that accident we talked about on highway 4 ended
5:49 am
up being manor so it is not -- minor so it's not causing any problems on the interchange. mostly clear skies except for a system clipping the eastern part of the state covering right over moreno, and it is actually near the coast. going for 71 beautiful degrees and there are some high clouds in southern california. 47 in half-moon bay and why would that be because they have a hint of a north breeze. fair healed northerly at second, otherwise clear skies,
5:50 am
8 in how kind and 50s and of 0 -- 60s from l.a. down to san diego. it will be sunny and nice. cool morning, lots of sun and santa rosa 75, they get that north wind and that's the only reason i did that. 74 sonoma 71 venetia, sol -- sol alito as well, bring lip oakly, antioch, shout out 74 for gilroy, milpitas cupertino, d.c. and pacific. i have not heard from brandon
5:51 am
early, brandon what is going on over there. we say hello to spring, not as warm and it will still be sunny. >> thank you, steve. consume fur prices and because of prices for food and huesing. they want to well into the old customers and trading ideas giving customers for trading in older electronics. and into the recreation area, the four things that will be upgraded all because of a lawsuit. and going uncover to recover stolen bikes. the complicated sting operation
5:52 am
involving bart police. [doorbell rings]
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. time now 5:54 the rolling stones canceled their show after the death of their long time partner. it was a suicide and scott was
5:55 am
$5 million in-debt in her fashion business. mix jacker is flying back and the rest of their tore could now be at risk. a two-year-old is i have a alive - is alive after a shark bit her. she is being treated for serious bites on her hand. if only a few result in death with shark bites. he will not fly another flag over st. hall. they are have it in pleas of  the other. the chinese flag is a symbol. they brought it to the council meeting and one council member said it was about foreign
5:56 am
culture and the mayor disagrees. >> to do it at city hall is a mistake and it no longer becomes members celebrating culture. after hours of debate, they decided it was an issue they can bring up as a vote on a case-by-case basis but he will not allow any other country's flag other than our own to fly above city hall. the south korean is honoring those from the korean war. and ofand they will account the ambassador. the woman who wishes to be unidentified told us here on ktvu channel 2 news that she saw a craigslist ad for her
5:57 am
$900 bike soon after it disappeared. now posing as a potential buyer, she came back with the help of bart police. >> i started looking at the bike, i did my hand signal and two seconds later, he was in cuffs with an officer on either side, it happened so fast. >> bart took him into custody and they recommend you have photos to assist in the recovery. an investigation into the deadly hit-and-run crash into a freeway, it has taken a strange turn and this could read that a break-in this case. and it is a whole new ballgame, the big meeting is set for next week.
5:58 am
we will tell you more about the weather. >> we'll see if the weather continues into today and we have sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way.
5:59 am
6:00 am
. good morning, we have breaking news, the manhunt is over. live in oakland where there is a strange twist to a deadly crash, we will show you new news video that backed up their series. plus a new round of lotto fever this


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