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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 23, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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kyle busch puts toyota in victory lane. not too far from the toyota home office as we welcome you to the sprint post race show. we are live from the auto club speedway are for the third time kyle has won this race 29th career sprint cup you victory, and he's only 28 years old. march is his month. he marched to the front getting past kyle larson, the rookie, his brother kurt busch and tony stewart from stewart-haas racing. with michael waltrip, chris myers, glad to have you watching
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with us. a record number of lead changes for this track and this race, 35. in the end kyle celebrating and our steve byrnes is down there. >> chris, kyle busch jumps out of the car and celebrates with his wife, samantha. kyle, yesterday you said -- oh, thank you. that feels good. yesterday you said the fans won, but today you won. tell us how you won this race. >> i think the fans won today, too, man. holy cow. what do you expect when you have a green/white/checkered finish and everyone has to put four tires on. that right there is -- the days of thunder thing there. what do you mean? there's two laps to go. everyone is going to pit. unbelievable day. i can't say enough about interstate batteries, everybody from interstate, m&ms, peanut,
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sn snickers, doublemint, toyota awesome today to be here again in their hometown and of course sprint. appreciate them being here and helping us with our sport, monster energy, nothing greater than this to keep the party going all night long. >> can i borrow your towel for a second? >> no, that's mine. >> to krista voda. >> what a weekend for kyle larson. i want to know, could 0 you smell that victory? here you are battling kyle busch again. talk about the last couple of laps. >> yeah, i thought i wanted to start eighth and the 40 came out. we were in trouble there, or at least not up to the front and i don't know where everybody went, but i somehow ended up in second there and i was right on kyle down the backstretch. it went through my mind, man, i might sweep the weekend here. heck of a day for this target chevy, the guys made some good calls all day. we kept bouncing back and forth between being loose and tight and then finally that last one
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good enough on the short run to charge to the front. hats off to everybody on this car and, man, what a weekend. >> the 42 almost another win for kyle larson. >> tony stewart's running position today looked a lot like a heart monitor. you spun, fell back to 43rd. fought your way back. then you thought you might have a spring issue like va gas. and then what a run to the finish with your teammate. walk us through the final restart. >> i didn't know which lane he had been running all day and what lane he wanted as far as where he wanted to be when he got to turn one. really proud of chad johnson and everybody be on this bass pro mobil one. at the end when we needed it the guys did a great job on pit road. we had some problems early in the day and then kept battling back and about the last 50 laps we finally got the car pretty
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decent. we just didn't have the track position to go with it. sketchy not knowing what would happen but i was glad chad made the right call two weeks in a row. >> some folks thought maybe you might have had an issue back and forth between yourself and kurt busch because of the blocking. he came over, you were high-fiving. a great day for the organization. >> i don't think there was any blocking with us. >> i meant him. >> that's what i'm saying. i never got underneath him like i did joey last year. he just was trying to keep me to where i was pushing, and i was trying to find an open lane. what he it was a little different. i was under joey last year when he was running me down the racetrack. he was glad that we had two shr cars there in contention at the end. we hadn't been a top five car all day. really proud of these guys. >> back-to-back top five finishes for tony stewart. >> tony had won two of the previous four races here, michael, but heartbreak for jimmie johnson. five times he's won here, five times he was second. he led 104 laps, the most of any
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driver. had a tire problem. >> we saw him drive away from jeff gordon. that's something he wasn't able to do all day long on the long run. jeff would close in quickly as the tires got older. this time jimmie was faster. evidently so fast the tire couldn't hold up. >> let's hear from the driver of the 48. he is with our jeff hammond. >> jimmie johnson, it looked like you had the car to beat and all after sudden flat tire. >> yeah, we did an awesome job as a race team and it everything we could to win the race today. unfortunately, something out of our control let us down. i had that feeling i thought we were going to win at my home track once again and just a bummer it didn't work out. spring is calling, this 48 is fast. we'll come back next week to a very strong racetrack for the lowe's chevrolet and hopefully get the job done there. >> thanks. >> heartbreak for jeff gordon. we'll cover his story. looked like he had the race won. but kyle busch, he's now won a race in ten straight seasons including, of course, today. [doorbell rings]
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the faces have changed, the cars, the numbers have changed. the speed, the technology and the scale have changed. >> gentlemen, start your engines. >> the heroes and the villains have changed. >> who's going to win it?
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>> everything has changed. >> this is the great eest day o my life. >> nothing has changed. starting 15th in the number 88 national guard chevy from kannapolis, north carolina, dale earnhardt jr.! >> actually from las vegas kyle busch cut in front of dale earnhardt jr. to gather in the applause from gonzo and rutledge but the puppets here behind the wheel. he led only five laps two different times, kyle busch, holding off kyle larson to capture the win, michael waltrip, as we have our fifth different winner, fifth different race team to start the season. that equals the record in the chase. of course ten the overall record. but impressive perfeormance fro toyota and kyle busch. >> what a run on the lap by kyle
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larson. when he got to turn three he was right on kyle busch and came up a little bit short. >> sam hornish jr. on a day joe gibbs racing had to say, hey, hamlin has to go to the hospital because after sinus infection at the last minute, helping out, jumping in. >> look at danica 14th. continues to show steady progress. great run by michael annett. >> brad keselowski, who said, hey, we might go four or five wide. it will be a crazy day. and wound up the points leader coming into the day, a difficult ride for him. also greg biffle and kevin harvick. harvick an earlier winner this year as well. and of course when had kyle was on with us on the prerace show, hey, it would be nice to win for toyota in this territory. he hadn't had a top five this year, but at the auto club speedway kyle busch and the 18 car is number one right now. we'll have more in a moment. i jy and i said i need something sportier. annnd done. ok maxwell, just need to ah contact your insurance company with the vin number.
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everything they learn making tires for the grueling demands of nascar inspires what they roll into yours. goodyear, the official tire of nascar. and standing by with our third place finisher krista voda. >> a great day for stewart-haas racing. they make the call to take two tires, both tony stewart and kurt busch. it was the right call. you come home top five. you leave here with that almost feeling. >> unreal. the amount of emotions are running well today, executing on pit road, daniel did a great job and this car was fast. and then to race your boss for a win. neither one of us came home with the "w" so we're both upset about that but at the same time it was a genuine moment for tony and i to race and put it all on the line for stewart-haas and i came home third, he came home fourth, congrats to kyle. he won. those guys, they've been fast all weekend. he executed and that's what it took. real happy with our team. kyle it a great job. monster energy, thanks to those
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guys. we'll get it the we're making headway. thanks again to haas automation. >> thanks, kurt. >> he has not finished on the lead lap in the first four races. kurt busch does that today. after five races, this we had to go over 400 miles, overtime, and those wins valuable. kyle busch is now in the chase. >> and jeff gordon could taste that win. he was so close and the caution comes out late and then it all went crazy like brad keselowski predicted. the finish was nuts. >> we hope denny hamlin recovers from the sinus infection that forced him to go to the hospital, created some vision problems so he can get back behind the wheel. you heard from tony stewart. i would be concerned about kevin harvick. he does have the win in the bag. the car just not doing it for h him. >> he has the performance. i want a fast car. if it breaks, we'll get over that. he has the win, that virtually ensures him being in the chase. the he'll get that car more reliable and then will finish races and win more. >> in summation today, things
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had to fall right with all drivers having tire issues. >> think about the restart. kyle busch started seventh on the inside. landon cassill was on the outside front row. that slowed the outside lane's progress so everything went really perfectly for kyle busch. he had the first car on the track with four tires and he took advantage of those tires. >> and toyota headquarters for sales, they were in hollywood back in '57 when they started. they moved to torrence. a victory here for kyle. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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back at the sprint post race
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show. the first victory of this season, so let's check on the toyota let's go places with a look ahead to next week at ma h martinsville, the shortest track on the circuit in virginia. everybody will hustle over there. >> and it's going to be an amazing show. look at the size of the place, a paper clip. a half mile of high-speed car wrestling. they'll be all over one another bouncing on and off the curbs. you'll see contact racing next sunday. >> kyle busch has never won at martinsvil martinsville. seems like he's won everywhere else. the best finish second. he'll go in on a l roll as will we. i want to talk about jimmie johnson and jeff gordon. when you look at martinsville they've won there eight times. they dominate. they had good runs today. they should go in with a positive vibe. >> they dominate this had race today as well. those cars were both fast. jimmie's was fast out the gate. it's disappointing when you have cars like that and don't win. today just had a little bit of
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everything. we never knew how the outcome would turn out due to the fact tires were going flat every 25 laps or so. >> it was amazing the winner never had a tire problem and that's why kyle busch could celebrate. tonight on fox bob's burgers, "american dad," "family guy." next sunday we will be at martinsville. you'll see that on fox. vi at midnight, 9:00 pacific for this week and then next week remember on fox sports 1 90 minutes before the race, we'll have a lot to talk about. will we see our sixth different winner to start the season? for michael waltrip, darrell, larry and mike, krista, steve, matt, jeff hammond, i'm chris myers. kyle busch only leads five laps but the most important ones in a green/white/checker edging out kyle larson to win in california. thanks for being a part of nascar on fox.
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the best production out there right now. [music] >> it is really unique show that combines story teling, motorbikes and some of the greatest stunts and maneuvers on bikes that you have seen. >> best drivers, we are trying to pack everyone's brains in and get their fill. >> we have over 1,000 effects in the show. it is nonstop fireworks, lasers going, lighting. >> the first time you hit the this is what we do. >> we're coming to a sitting near you. come get it.
3:54 pm
like a live action video game. we have incredible stunts alongside challenge marshal artist and hand to hand combat all brought together in a theatrical setting. >> we have the best of the best showmen, dancers. everyone has been hand picked for a reason. >> the guys are so good. there's some gold medalists in our show, and you'll see them. >> i think the great thing is the show we put on together
3:55 pm
with the pyro and stuff adds to it and makes us look even better with all the fire going on. for us it's just fun. >> we've added ninjas, amazing marshal artist, super technical fighting and weaponry. >> this year there's an evil villain, and she's hot. she has an arena of destruction. the second half of the show you go into this gladiator contest where they're forced to fight for their freedom.
3:56 pm
>> this is by far the biggest production i've ever been a part of. it feels like we're in a movie because we're rehearsing and memorizing and acting a little bit and the group training stuff. for me personally i think it's one of the most fun things i've been a part of. >> i always like to say that the pyro alone in our show is enough to pay for the show and then you get the rest. >> i get the chance to remix a lot of the music and we have everything from metal, heavy rock, rock and roll, electronic. we're kind of always on the for front of what music is saying now. >> for the riders, they come in and have to be ready for the rehearsal period. you ride more than you're going to probably right ride before.
3:57 pm
>> we're here. wboy rehearsal coming >> this little buildup of rehearsal, you come in and practice for about two hours and run through it and get into the full swing of things. >> we're at the headquarters and it was awesome. >> we were practicing the tricks. we were so scared and not used to seeing things like this.
3:58 pm
>> . >> the danger aspect is high. there's so much stuff going on and everything is so timed. you could have a dancer running up the landing and five seconds later we're coming up the landing and they're coming off the landing. i do a lot of yelling to make sure we have the right plan to make sure we know what to do. i think it helps out to let each other know what's going on.
3:59 pm
>> i'm actually a good guy this year. i'm not a bad guy. they're trying to bring me over to the bad side, and it doesn't work. i dabble in it and my team comes out and saves me. it's a lot of acting. like everything we do is choreographed. >> when it becomes showtime, for that two hour stand these guys have to be focused, committed and have to trust each other and they have to stay on point until it's over, and then they can relax and have a sigh of relief. that's what it takes. >> i like watches these guys. >> we talked about it, and they put me here. they're on my left and right. it's pretty cool.
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